Topic: 20 year Anniversay--Lets Settle Down

As we look back on the two decades since Season 1 premiered on Fox a lot of us has been watching some of those episodes.
I did notice an interesting trend that affected three of the four. That being: Its time to Settle Down.
There was at least one episode in Season 1 where at least one of the four were seriously thinking of settling down on a parrallel earth.

Auturo wanted to remain on "Weaker Sex" world and might have had the election results come in sooner...
Rembrandt was staying on "The King is Back" earth. It was all he ever wanted to be famous and loved by all.
Wade was thinking of Lottery World as a place to settle. 
This issue never came up again after the first season. There were strong arguments to remain on Azure Gate Bridge world but when confronted with the choice, everyone wanted to leave.   (Even Wrong Auturo)

The only one that stayed true to the mission of finding their home was Quinn.  The one who got them in the mess in the first place. maybe he felt a responsibility to the others and took it upon his young shoulders to make sure "they got home."

I always thought that was interesting.


Re: 20 year Anniversay--Lets Settle Down

But you could look at it another way the other Quinn who gave him the last clue to the formula actually got them into the mess in the first place. He appeared later in another episode completely messed up(cannot remember the episode title)
Thought this character was quite interesting

Re: 20 year Anniversay--Lets Settle Down

Actually, it doesn't happen until season 3, but Quinn was ready to settle down (for the wrong reasons) in Slither.