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I appreciate you posting this SliderQuinn.

Just to add to this, I'd encourage people to listen to this:
https://soundcloud.com/youarenotsosmart … ebroadcast


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good lord.


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Surf Dance Chris wrote:

I really hope new SlidersCast comes out soon.



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ireactions wrote:

So... the X-FILES comics are pretty much over too. The once canonical SEASON 10 - 11 comics were unfortunately sidelined by the Revival removing SEASON 10 - 11 from continuity. IDW published a tie-in X-FILES comic set in the Revival continuity, but without the cache of being canonical, sales sank like a stone. The series was cancelled (with an ending) on #17 and replaced by some two-issue mini-serieses: X-FILES - JFK DISCLOSURE, then X-FILES: FLORIDA MAN, and some novels and comics in the ORIGIN line featuring Mulder and Scully as children (who never meet). The next is two issues of X-FILES: HOOT GOES THERE... and then IDW doesn't plan on doing any more comics. They wouldn't stop if the sales were there.

It's strange how the show's resurgence on live action TV not only killed THE X-FILES as an ongoing TV franchise but also killed a series of comics and novels. Usually, a TV revival raises the profile of the tie-ins instead of crushing them flat.

Just last week, I was thinking about ordering the vol. 2 of season 10 (I have vol. 1) and maybe getting the volumes for season 11.   At some point, I probably will, but I do agree the series coming back subverted the comics.  Because they just don't align with where the happenings of the series, especially this finale (for late buyers like me).


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interview with chris carter

http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/tv/the-x-fi … he-x-files


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Funny, but def seems like a diff. one.  Especially given the new york address.


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Sole Survivors, Stoker, Slither and This Slide of Paradise are tragic.  What a waste of money and episodes.   I thought the season started off pretty well.

The Fire Within to me is terrible.  It also starts out pretty good imo but then just gets awful.  I like the location they used though (the old factory). 

And Exodus Part 1 is good.  Again, the second part gets ridiculous.  Rickman really was as bad as the Kromaggs for sliders.


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Tracy worked with Gale Anne Hurd for an HBO project in the 90s called Dark City (matt has the script -- https://earthprime.com/sliders-scripts-collection).

Gale wrote/produced Terminator (and also was married to Cameron).  So it wouldn't be that shocking if he had made a set visit at one point and they knew each other back then.


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I loved it.  I did see it in a really nice theater, so I am not sure if this colored my opinion but I've been surprised by the mixed reaction.


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ireactions wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

**assuming** 'recent' is within the last five years, this is basically why jerry did what he did ^.  to excite/spark fans and media and maybe something happens.  because what other option do you have when nothing else has pushed it into existence?

I suppose I wouldn't have Jerry do anything differently today -- but we as fans need to be clear on what the situation is and not mistake wishful thinking for actual reality. As someone who is friends with two actors, I would say that actors, due to their work, often have trouble separating reality from the imaginary. They often talk in terms of what they'd like to do rather than what they'll actually do but will conflate one with the other. They mean no malice by it.

As consumers of their content, we should know to distinguish actual news of a revival from speculative chatter no matter how well-intentioned and loving it may be and know the difference between the creator who longs to restore his series, the actor who hungers for the career he let slip through his fingers through his youthful stupidity and asinine unprofessionalism and the studio that (for now) probably finds SLIDERS too convoluted to bring back when they could just commission an original show about parallel universes.

I respect the strategy if that's what he was going for but the flip side as you mentioned is I think there's a lot of people who are getting their hopes up, particularly because even what was said in the article was misinterpreted and presented in other venues as something much more definite.  And so there's people who will be in for a let down and then get jaded at the possibility of anything ever happening.

Fans who've been following this stuff a bit more closely can probably put this in better context.

We all wants to see the team together again so to think it will happen, when it doesn't is particularly hard for folks who grew up on the show and have an emotional attachment to it.  Jerry does have an emotional attachment to it but more in a work way than a personal way.  It's different when you are a consumer than a creator.

Anyway, I have not had the heart to communicate this sort of warning elsewhere but there's some information gone awry (that isn't even the true to the content of the article).   But who knows, maybe the plan works.  Or maybe he's really telling the truth and this is legitimate.  I just know the word 'recent' has been used loosely before, so I'm interpreting this through that prism.


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**assuming** 'recent' is within the last five years, this is basically why jerry did what he did ^.  to excite/spark fans and media and maybe something happens.  because what other option do you have when nothing else has pushed it into existence?


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TemporalFlux wrote:

The point at which a film makes a profit is mysterious, and most studios manipulate the numbers enough to claim publically that no film ever made profit.  The modern rule of thumb seems to be that a film must make three times the production budget to just break even.

https://www.quora.com/Why-does-a-film-h … e-a-profit

Yep, 3x is what I had in mind.  This is why it can be difficult for studios to even greenlight a $5-10m horror film.  The marketing costs are just so significant that all of a sudden it forces it to make a ton of $ at the box office to drive a profit.

There's a film in theaters called Upgrade now that's a sci-fi film.  It's production budget was $5m (for some reason it's reported as $10m).   It's a terrific film but they didn't really spend a damn penny on marketing and relying on positive word of mouth has only brought it to $10m in box.  It shows how important marketing can be.  But now I guess we are way off topic.


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pilight wrote:

Kangaroo Jack, as Down Under was eventually called, actually did decently at the box office.  Made $90M on a budget of $60M.

This sort of stuff gets complicated but often times the budget listed is the production budget.  The marketing component is usually a substantial part of the equation toward the overall budget - wouldn't be surprising if it was at least $15-25m for that production budget.

Then you have to deal with the fact that the studios only get about 50-55% of the box office.  Home video revenue (rentals/dvds) and tv licensing maybe was ~$15m in this case.  They may have made a small profit, lost some money or just broke even.  It wasn't a good outcome while it didn't competely bomb either.


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it's a legit outlet that really interviewed Jerry but I think if anyone ever gets to the bottom of what "recently" was will give us a better sense of the story.


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I started watching this again late last night.  I was shocked by how relevant it is to some of the themes of today.  And Cleavant was incredible.

I definitely recommend people revisit this one.


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It's pretty cool he's been so successful in another industry, and in one that is rather niche (yet he has risen to among the top).


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ireactions wrote:

Shall we all agree upon a schedule to monitor Sabrina Lloyd's blog for any signs that she's joined a cult? https://motheringaroundtheworld.com

we don't have to worry about her.  good head on her shoulders.


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https://www.fastcompany.com/40558899/wo … d=51809407

JRD always believed in the power of television and its impact.


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Informant wrote:

All true.

In some old school debating situations, they'd force people to change their perspective by having them argue for the side that they don't agree with. I try to do this sometimes. Every so often, I'll even help out the person that I'm arguing with, because they're not making the best argument for their side. It's an interesting exercise, because we don't usually force ourselves to answer the hardest questions about what we believe.

That's a good practice.  I don't think it's the key or anything (because I think blindspots and just different incentives is what causes us to see things so differently) but it's good way of getting people in a different mode of thinking, which can cause them to discover new logic for something.


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Informant wrote:

That's true. I think that the media obviously does treat the two parties differently. Whereas the people who said crazy things about Obama were painted as conspiracy theorist, anything said about Trump is regarded as legitimate news. For example, the birthers. Yeah, I never expected to find out that Obama was born in another country and couldn't be President, but there were legitimate questions to ask about why he wasn't required to show his birth certificate when it was requested (proving eligibility is something that even McCain had to deal with) and why he spent millions of dollars specifically to avoid showing it.

Most likely, it was because it made his detractors look insane, and that worked in his favor.

On Twitter, Erica Durance made a post about the whole "animals" thing. After is was proven to be fake news , she acknowledged that, but pivoted to say more bad things about Trump. So while the facts of the situation were tossed, "points" were still added to the "anti-Trump pile". Does that make sense?
And while this isn't significant on it's own, that pile of hollow hatred keeps growing with more and more instances where facts are thrown away while emotions are retained. I think that contributes to the overall toxic political climate in the media and on social media, whereas a more balanced disagreement/dislike would be more realistic and more productive.

And I've definitely done stuff like this in the past, calling Hillary a psychopath, or joking about "Pinky and McCain" back in the day. Hell, I make jokes about Trump too, because he makes me cringe all the time. But I do try to avoid getting so deep into irrational hatred that I can't find my way back to objective reality. A lot of the people I've seen online are way beyond the point of objective reality, and they react with pure hatred if you try to bring facts into the conversation.

But I guess the riots and lootings have died down, so... That's progress. smile

There's a saying, every villain sees themselves as the hero. And just the same, they see their counterparts (who some view as the 'good' guy) as the villain. 

People have their own rationality, and everyone thinks they are objective.  There's very few people who say, OK, I admit, I don't see the world through an objective lens or things as they actually are. 

In my opinion, some people are beyond reasoning with, and there's no point in trying to have an intellectual debate with them, because they are never going to move from their position, because ultimately, their agenda is going to help them rationalize whatever conclusions they want to arrive at.  Otherwise, the people not in this group need to be able to say things you don't agree with, and even miscommunicate them in an unsophisticated, non-PC way, without being attacked for their initial positions.  There has got to be listening and explaining why both parties feel as they do, because I guarantee you both parties haven't lived an issue the same way and have something to learn from each other.  But you know, there's no point in even engaging with folks who don't listen or say stuff that simply defies logic, or shows they are in a set agenda, and are not going to move anyway.  Because those folks are not gonna likely change, and it's better for people who are open to change to invest their time in any intellectual debate if there's going to be any sort of progress.

But the moment someone says something blasphemous, they really start to lose me.

One of the hard things about this country, and why our discourse is so poor, is because we are beginning in a situation where we have so much diversity, both in populations and the differences between our states, that there are a lot of competing incentives, and someone is going to catch the short end of the stick, no matter what, at least in the short term.  This is why we have so much trouble agreeing on the role of federal vs. state government, imo.  And it is hard to have a productive debate, where someone is going to always lose, given these circumstances.  So things become heated.


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What probably happened is someone in the media who didn't see the actual video and context of the quotes just saw the words in transcript and ran a story with it, because people in the media are under a tremendous amount of pressure to get a lot done in a little amount of time (and making very little money for it).  This sort of thing can happen with a president who has built a legitimate reputation as making ill-conceived remarks.

So the media makes a massive mistake, who don't like him to begin with, and what happens is people who support him, and don't like the media, point to this one instance, latch on it, and weaponize it.  They use it to undermine the credibility of the media, and while their point is true to some degree, they use it to color the situation worse than it is.  Because they, like the media, have an agenda.  And cannot shed their bias, no matter how hard they try.


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I liked Downsizing.  Yea, parts of it didn't really work...at all.  But I liked that it was trying to be different.

On another note, this is impressive:

http://www.newsweek.com/expanse-save-am … ans-934620


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Chris Carter doesn't want the X-Files to end.  Why would he?  It's his universe, his characters.  He may have done other projects in the past but this is really representative of what he is interested in, especially after a fairly long break from it.


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Most people would agree Season 11 was better than Season 10.  But not for business.  It's interesting because from some of the analysis I have seen, what hardcore fans want and like from X-Files -- including comedy stuff -- is not what the casual audience wants and expects.


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Gillian is not changing her mind.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

the silence since the last update is worrisome. hoping for the best.

He retweeted an ad for Bar Rescue (which I didn't realize he was on as a contributor) yesterday.  He might've done it with some down time or it might be required in his contract, but I wouldn't think that he'd be on Twitter, retweeting Bar Rescue, if things were really bad.

So maybe things are better?

I just came here to post that! smile

Got to be a good sign.


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I'm nervous.


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the silence since the last update is worrisome. hoping for the best.


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Please keep his daughter in your thoughts... sad


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very unfortunate. i hope everything turns out ok.


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thanks Grizzlor!  smile

Enjoyed hearing his comments.


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Maybe ask him how much the casts from both shows (or crews) socialized/interacted on the lot or in vancouver.  Or if they were very apart.  I remember the video of Jerry O'Connell shooting hoops on the lot and David and I believe Gillian coming by.


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Sorry, I didn't meant for it to appear as a response directly to you Informant.  Just was a general thought on my part.


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I don't know how anyone around her let it get to this point with Allison -- and perhaps they didn't have control -- but if they didn't, then it's not someone who we can act had no culpability and didn't keep willfully imposing criminal acts.  Like, don't treat her like a little girl if she truly was responsible for these crimes she is being charged with.

Don't act like it was all Reiner and she had no agency.


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and now quinn just tweeted about it!


it's surreal to me that this was a topic of conversation a year ago here, and now, wham. national news story.


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Doah! sad


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I enjoyed these podcasts:  http://xfcast.libsyn.com/season-11-41-l … uggle-iv-0

http://xfcast.libsyn.com/season-11-40-c … truggle-iv

Not that the criticism hasn't been valid, but it's very supportive of the finale.  I liked some of the discussion of the perception of casual fans vs. the online ones as well.  I wonder how much FOX thinks of this, and Carter.


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FYI -- BBC America is airing a X-Files 3-day 72-episode marathon, which started earlier today.


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I've seen Leah's show, yea.  I understand that whole thing.  This?  Not so much.


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i find it all extraordinary confusing. without putting a lot of time in to try to understand.


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Informant wrote:

Star Trek did that too. It took fans a while to realize that Picard wasn't there to replace Kirk, but once people caught on, they enjoyed it.

Good point.


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One thing you have to give George Lucas credit for: when he brought back Star Wars he was doing so to introduce it to an entirely new generation.  And it is highly commercially robust today as a result of that decision.  Something like X-Files is clearly not being brought back with the idea of folding those younger than even 30 into the mix.  And so it's audience keeps dwindling, especially as older fans move on from deep, serial drama.

If X-Files was rebooted, you could try to make it palatable for a younger generation.  But then someone would complain.  As they did when Lucas brought back Star Wars.


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Generally speaking, it seemed like a large portion of fans liked it, but those that didn't -- including likely Gillian -- were disappointed in how Scully moves on from William so easily.  Gillian is a mother, I don't think she bought it.  And many fans were super attached to that boy.

It didn't bother me, but I definitely am not the hardcore female audience of this show.  It's a valid perspective, one that I don't think Chris Carter understands.  It's not clear who the show should be trying to appeal to.  I just love it either way.


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and X-Files is still f'en going! 

or maybe not.


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March 22, 1995, our beloved show debuted.


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loved the finale!

(agree on david, gillian imo has been better, but that's over now).