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Informant wrote:

except that if Comey took anything Trump did as an attempt to sway an investigation, he was obligated to report it. He didn't.

I certainly think that's an issue.  I'm not sure what he was planning, but it should be addressed if this escalates.


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pilight wrote:
Informant wrote:

Are we talking about discovering the truth here, or are we discussing finding any excuse to get rid of Trump? If it's the first option, people are putting the cart before the horse. If it's the second option... Have fun with that.

There appears to be plenty of proof to convict Flynn.  If it's as bad as it looks, it becomes a game of what-did-he-know-and-when-did-he-know-it with Trump and other senior officials.

The obstruction of justice thing in itself could be the end. Whether he did or not is open to interpretation - assuming he said what the Comey memo indicates. If there is the political will to get him out of the way,  folks in congress could decide it falls under obstruction.


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Informant wrote:

Are we talking about discovering the truth here, or are we discussing finding any excuse to get rid of Trump? If it's the first option, people are putting the cart before the horse. If it's the second option... Have fun with that.

Any politician is motivated significantly by the ability to move their agenda. With all the chaos going on, which I think is disrupting getting things done, surely at a certain point if they feel there's enough of a smoking gun AND they won't get too much flack from their constituents, I think they will make their move.


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The ride would be so much smoother for republicans with pence or ryan but they need the political capital to get rid of trump or the citizens in their communities will have bone to pick with them.  it doesn't hurt that trump is losing supporters, i guess. at some point it may reach a tipping point, and republican congress acts.


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Midseason 2018!


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http://deadline.com/2017/05/timeless-re … 202092878/


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Really sorry to hear that. Pets are as much members of our family as humans are.

Is it possible whatever caused the skin infection just became worse? I also wonder if he had a wound and then caught something at the vet.

It's so sad to hear about your dog, my condolences.


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ireactions wrote:

The only concrete piece of info I have about this upcoming story arc -- it involves aliens having infiltrated the Trump administration.

Chris Carter isn't really involved in the comics. For the comic book SEASON 10, Carter consulted on the first five issues. Writer Joe Harris wanted the villain of SEASON 10 to be a teenaged William with telekinetic and psychic powers, taking control of the Colonists and Rebels with a new faction called the Believers. But Carter vetoed this, saying he wanted William saved for THE X-FILES III if it ever happened.

Carter also provided some guidance so that Harris could steer clear of any plots that would contradict a future feature film finale. But we got a TV series instead, Carter had a different vision for THE X-FILES on TV and the comics became part of an alternate universe that wrapped up (somewhat abruptly) before the comics shifted to the Revival universe (with the same writer). While Carter's name is on the covers and he has an Executive Producer credit and he reads the comic scripts, he's not driving it creatively.

Anyway. Joe Harris and I are of very similar mindsets politically and creatively -- his X-FILES comics are essentially the X-FILES version of SLIDERS REBORN (obsessive love letters to the legacy and history of an unfinished TV show), right to the point of using the same title in our stories where icons of 90s sci-fi TV take on Donald Trump.

So, keeping with that, I imagine a situation where Mulder's old friend, Senator Matheson, recruits Mulder and Scully to investigate potential sleeper agents in the White House administration. It's revealed that the sleepers are actually the fire aliens introduced in THE X-FILES #1 (2017) that have been taking over human hosts for some unknown endgame, and Mulder and Scully find themselves forced to protect Trump and his staff from an enemy only they can fight, wrestling with the conflicts between their beliefs and their duty.

Continuing with the conceit that Harris and I think the same, I'd never have the sliders -- or Mulder and Scully -- defeat Donald Trump. In fact, I think it would be critical that Quinn, Mulder and Scully end completely beaten but score some sort of symbolic, moral victory.

Thanks for the info. It sounds interesting. I don't think it will piss anyone off, though it's clear with the Resistance title he's taking a subtle shot, and I would imagine Chris OK'd it.

I once had heard a really good interview with Joe on one of the X-Files podcasts.  Would you happen to have a link or know the podcast name of the latest interview you mentioned?


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They'll probably make it about the Trump admin covering up Aliens or something. If they do take on other stuff (eg Policies, the Russia stuff etc), I think they'll get a surge of PR and praise, but my hunch is the feeling over time might be that it ultimately veeers too much into a territory folks don't think the X-Files should be operating in.


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ireactions wrote:

Well, it's happening. Currently, it looks like FOX is renegotiating the comics licence with IDW and this five issue arc is conceivably the final set of TXF comics from this publisher.

Wow, some move. This may be a stupid question but do we know anything about Carter's politics?  I know he ran a surfing magazine so I can guess but from what I've seen he's always steered clear of commenting directly on it.


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Given x-files' ties to fox, a mass audience network with viewers everywhere not to mention all of the other stuff (murdoch, fox news), its hard for me to believe even the comics would explicitedly mention Trump or be over the top obvious insinuating it.


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Informant wrote:

I'm not sure that's necessarily true. From December 2015 to April 2016, Gillian was filming The Fall (a series that she had a prior commitment to). Then she was signed onto American God, which started filming around the time that The Fall was finishing. I don't know how involved she is with American Gods, but her being committed at all would make it hard for them to schedule The X-Files.

So she has really been busy since they filmed the original revival, and since they didn't sign her or David to multi-year contracts right away, she really had no choice but to pursue other work while others worked out the X-Files details. I'm sure that she was negotiating for more money as well, but that goes hand in hand with her being a steadily-working actress.

She was booked for The Fall and American Gods for a long, long time, and it still took all this extra time for them to finally reach an agreement on X-Files.


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My hunch is Gillian was holding out on $ and perhaps finally gave in. It took so long for them to get a deal done, and lo and behold they are filming this summer. It does not sound like a "scheduling" thing to me as had been the official word during negotiations.

Yea FOX definitely wanted to do it. With enough episodes and at the right costs.


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Yep!  Supposedly they may try to fit it into the fall, although I don't see that happening.

Hopefully the rush into production doesn't affect the quality.


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Excellent job guys! Thanks for another great episode!


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Yea, I was familiar with the existence of the comics (and some of the other X-Files media being put out). wink It's great to see Gillian and David voicing some of these stories.


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I love that they are doing that. Makes the weight for a new season a bit easier.


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Very cool Matt! Definitely great to see.

Happy 22nd everyone!


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It's on one of the broadcast networks.  I saw the first episode, was pretty decent.


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I saw episode 10. You are right, I did get some Game of Throne vibes. It looked well done. But I heard the pilot was difficult to appreciate.


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Informant wrote:

That's a shame. I grew up watching his show. sad

Didn't we all smile


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I loved that scene.


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Informant wrote:

Depends on your perspective. smile


I more meant from everyone's perspective (outliers excluded of course)


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Will it get worse or better?


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H&I used to be military focused, but they revamped. Would be nice if we got Sliders reruns on it.


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Informant wrote:

Okay, so...

Obama tried to legitimize the oppression in Cuba, and ended the US policy which allowed Cuban refugees to stay in the US and become citizens. Now they would be shipped back to Cuba like other immigrants. This seems to fly in the face of not just liberal immigration views, but you'd think that liberals would be upset about not allowing refugees in. Even more so than the Syrian refugees, because we are pretty much the only hope for the Cubans who flee their country on dinky rafts. Cuba hasn't gone through a big change where everyone is free and happy now.

It would seem that Obama's decision to end the refugee policy was a political tantrum, because too many Cuban-Americans pissed him off during the election and Cubans tend to be more conservative once they get here. You'd think that all of the celebrities who are upset about Trump's refugee policies would have been equally upset about Obama's... Except, they weren't. Nobody cared when we turned our backs on the people fleeing Cuba. Nobody cared about sending them back after their attempt to flee.

So, I have a hard time buying all of this outrage over how uncaring and how un-American Trump's policies are. The fact is, none of these people really care about refugees or humanity. They care about their fad issues. Hating Trump and supporting Muslim immigrants is in style this season. The red carpet at the Oscars this year is probably going to be all about how well people can match their politics to their shoes. They won't want to over-accessorize with jewels, because it would take away from the flare of their pseudo-intellectual outfits.

I can't stand people who pretend to care, or who pretend to be offended, or pretend to be outraged. I hate fakeness.

My understanding is Cuban refugees are now treated like any other refugees.  They are still able to apply for asylum, we *basically* just don't automatically grant them it anymore because we are now treating Cuba different.

I don't take any issue with the change in our relations with Cuban.  As a country, I don't see them as a threat to U.S. national security and the move was made with the thought that we could better influence them by having relations than the approach that didn't seem to change much.

I really wouldn't put Syrian refugees and Cuban refugees in the same categories.  I've seen a lot of photos of dead Syrians, what is going on there seems far more serious.


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Some may disagree, but I enjoyed this article: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/15/opin … .html?_r=1


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Transmodiar wrote:

It's back on Hulu, by the way.

It never left smile


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Good news. Thanks for posting.


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http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/remote- … 201953719/

Podcast with a fox exec. 15:38  Talks about unknown status of x-files.


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Transmodiar wrote:

Just looked at "Rules of the Game" for some research and a popup made it very clear it will not be available after December 31.

Ugh, looks like you are right.


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Travelers on netflix from what I've seen so far is definitely worth watching.


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I think the verdict was the ones released by Universal Home Video (starting in 2005 with the dual dimension season 1 & 2 release... ending in a release of all seasons individually in recent years) had the best quality. The quality I believe was said to be the same for the DVD re-releases of seasons in recent years as it was in the original releases.

The Mill Creek release in October of this year was lower quality (at a more affordable price). The file sizes are more compressed than they are on the Universal Home Video releases.

As an FYI, it doesn't appear that Sliders is leaving Netflix, but I guess we will know on Jan. 1. It is no longer listed in the "leaving netflix" articles that have come out lately.


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Informant wrote:

If the person who makes that discovery is easily duped into selling a multi-billion, or even multi-trillion dollar idea after decades of seeing this storyline play out in film and television, they don't deserve to see their invention out in the world.

You know the Google guys tried to sell their tech for $1m?


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The more recent 'Leaving Netflix' articles don't have Sliders listed as departing, so hopefully it is in good shape on that front.


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Yep. No x-files for a while.  Very nice.


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Yea. There's an arrogance there that didn't shift.


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Surf Dance Chris wrote:

(And still charge so little and do well)

They actually had to do a 1.5b debt financing to help pay for the original content they plan to produce, and I don't think they are profitable since starting to do a lot of original programming.

Some more info in this article: http://www.lawyerherald.com/articles/31 … -costs.htm

Either way, like anything, they are banking on being able to eventually turn the corner.


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I think there's a decent chance this still gets re-added.

If they did re-add, I'd really like a better quality than what's on there, and the two episodes that are missing added. I find it much easier to watch on netflix than using the dvds, since I like to just marathon it on in the background on continuous play.


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Grizzlor wrote:

Nice to hear it's still on track, and the delay is in fact Gillian's schedule. Quite ironic that she's the one with the gigs now, and not David!

Is that being reported anywhere? Because I'm not seeing anything.

If you're referring to something from those SEO sites that do long roundups on its status, that's not really legitimate, and is just old news. There are a number of them that come up when you search X-Files.


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ireactions wrote:

Ah, sorry. Well, I stand by my position. There's too much money to throw away here. Negotiations may stall, actors may wander, but THE X-FILES is coming back unless Gillian responds to my tweet to tell me otherwise.

I certainly hope cooler heads prevail, but at the very least, 2017 seems out of the question, and if we get a season 11, it's conceivable it wouldn't be until 2019.


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That's an older quote. At the time, it looked like things were in motion.

The site is just an SEO play.


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Gillian has been booking stuff like crazy, so I take this pretty seriously.


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Looks like negotiations for season 11 have hit a snag, and its not clear what may happen.
https://thexcastblog.wordpress.com/2016 … 11-glitch/

Sad, since both sides were originally pretty bullish on it.


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Welcome (back)!

Yes, there's still folks out there supporting it / engaging with it.


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Interesting to see this come to fruition. Christopher Leone gave an interview about it a couple of weeks ago and said some stuff on twitter, so I had expected this. Interesting FOX choose someone else to be the no. 1 guy but still cool Christopher was able to pull this off. It seemed like he worked hard for it.

Grizzlor, you're a legend wink


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Anyone remember the movie 13th Floor? It's free on some cable providers now through one of the studio/content owners on-demand channels, and I watched it this weekend.  Pretty good, and has some Sliders-like elements.


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Informant wrote:

I didn't! Actually, I've been having some pretty bad back pain and haven't been able to sit and do any writing/editing/reading work. I came to open a tab and remind myself to read it, saw your other post and replied to that without mentioning that I hadn't been able to read your pages yet.

I'm working on figuring out a way to be able to do some work, but I haven't found a tolerable way to sit yet.

Not sure if this will help you at all but you may want to check this out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FA5SGG/re … amp;btkr=1

There's also a cheaper version here https://www.amazon.com/Mind-Over-Back-P … 0425087417