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Transmodiar wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Since fans have no other content they will be getting on this 25th anniversary

That is absolutely not true. wink

Oh...  I stand corrected!


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ireactions wrote:

CORY: "It just shows that ireactions' strengths are in writing Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo -- and if those four characters aren't on the page in some form, his style just falls apart."

This is not a bad strength to have!


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Since fans have no other content they will be getting on this 25th anniversary, I certainly hope all of the sliders websites and communities will promote this as the de facto cannon.   Not many people bothered enough to provide an alternative, only one person did and at the very least that effort should be celebrated.


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Just a couple of months away from the anniversary...


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ireactions wrote:

I've never seen VOYAGERS, but Tom and Cory covered the entire season of the show in REWATCH PODCAST, so I can bluff my way through any conversation about it. (My God, Jeffrey is constantly crying! Hey, why is there so little backstory on the Voyagers and their organization? Phineas is so loaded with charm. The last seven episodes are a bit weak, aren't they?)

I forgot that Cory & Tom covered this series.  If I have a chance to get into it, I'll listen to their podcast along the way.


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"Voyagers", a tv show from the early 1980s, and a bit of a predecessor to Sliders, is available on the NBC streaming app/website.  I've used that app in the past a lot (they have "Amazing Stories") but didn't see this on the platform until now.


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ireactions wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

She definitely handled it poorly but ebay could have at least given her a heads up as not everyone has the funds to lose a sale like that.

I can assure you that I warned her and did so before asking eBay to intervene. I sent her a message quoting passages from eBay's specific policies, including:

  • "Even if you specify no returns accepted, under the eBay Money Back Guarantee, the buyer can still return an item if it doesn’t match the listing description"

  • "In some instances, we may not require that an item be returned to the seller"

  • "For example: if the return request was opened because the item was not as described"

  • "Or if the seller did not provide a return shipping label"

  • "This User Agreement, the Mobile Application Terms of Use, and all policies and additional terms posted on and in our sites, applications, tools and services (collectively "Services") set out the terms on which eBay offers you access to and use of our Services."

I seriously doubt she didn't know she was selling a 16GB item as 32GB because she refused to apologize for it and insisted that she wasn't responsible for the accuracy of her own ad when eBay policy is pretty clear that ads have to be correct. I think she was angry that she got caught. And angry to discover that selecting "No returns accepted" would not prevent consequences for fraud.

I told her that she could either give me a partial refund to cover the cost of a microSD expansion or she'd pay out the cost of the sale, the cost of the shipping, and the cost of the return shipping. She refused, shrieking, "No returns! No refund!" I reset and reboxed the laptop for a return and contacted eBay.

After eBay refunded me and told me to keep the item, I told both eBay and the seller that I'd still return her laptop even though eBay's terms no longer required me to do so. I just needed a prepaid shipping label.

She replied, "He wants to return it! He pays for shipping!" eBay responded to say, "We advise you not to pay for the shipping." She responded to say that she'd sue if I didn't return the laptop and would sue after I returned it if she wasn't happy with its condition.

At this point, I ran out of patience and had a lot of data entry to work on, so I decided to reopen the box and get to work on my $0 laptop and not worry about this person who seemed pathologically incapable of taking responsibility for her mistakes or taking action to amend them and who thought it was a good idea to threaten me when I had (a) the money (b) the item and (c) less and less reason to return either with each new threat.

Sorry to hear that.  Some people are entirely unreasonable.  And though it's not common to run into them, you never know what you're gonna get with these sorts of things.


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Sounds like Ebay didn't have much patience with the seller.  The seller definitely seems pretty obnoxious about it all but I could imagine it was frustrating for her if their listing tool provided the wrong spec and she assumed it to be correct.

You'd think they would have at least warned her that if she didn't provide the return label, she'd lose the full value of the sale.

She definitely handled it poorly but ebay could have at least given her a heads up as not everyone has the funds to lose a sale like that.

And Ebay should make it clear with their list tool, especially for products that can have variants, that the specs might not match and the seller should review them.


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Have you gotten a chance to see the play?  How is it?  I had seen a few times he was involved with it, and that it's a new production.


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This is awesome...


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TemporalFlux wrote:

Just watched the premiere episode of a new NBC show, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”:


I really enjoyed it.  It’s not anything ground breaking - just a quirky female lead in kind of a mash-up between Eli Stone and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  It’s also set in San Francisco and even had a passing joke about parallel realities.  But I think what really hooked me in was her family.  For the past four years, I lived that with my father; and it just really caught me off guard seeing that all of a sudden in this crazy little show.  They’ve got a fan in me.

I like it too!  Which was surprising since there were some reviews a couple of weeks ago (I believe they gave some press the first few episodes) and it was really panned.  But the pilot certainly was enjoyable imo.


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https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/da … yX2gPzMOv/


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

It's been really great so far!  I think we lucked out with a pretty great little girl.

And I tried to sell Quinn really hard, but I was vetoed smile


The great thing about sliders is so many unisex names.  Quinn. Wade.  Tracy. 



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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

So I know we talked a bit about my wife and me trying to have a kid.  Well, I wanted to announce that last week, she gave birth to our daughter!  Just wanted you guys to know that 1) so you didn't feel so bad about what happened before and 2) so you won't worry if I'm not here as much in the next few weeks smile

Wow!  Congratulations!  Hope you are enjoying fatherhood!


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There's also a push from the Henson Company to bring back Farscape.  And of course at one point Quantum Leap (the creator wrote  a feature script).  And we know there was a Sliders push from the original group. 

Battlestar Galactica made it back in part because Sam Esmail is so respected.


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Lately I've been checking out an anthology series on Hulu called Dimension 404.  In the way Orville had some Sliders vibes (as a procedual) this feels too a little like what a modern Sliders might feel like (though it's anthology without reoccurring characters)

If you have access to Hulu I recommend you try it a bit.


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ireactions wrote:

I expect that I shall celebrate the fifth anniversary of the twentieth anniversary of SLIDERS by finishing up a website for SLIDERS REBORN five years after it first came out.

That sounds like another meaningful contribution and a very appropriate way to recognize the anniversary.


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March 2020 will be the 25th anniversary of the show's U.S. premiere.

It would be cool if there was some way fans could find a way to commemorate it.  Given, it clearly doesn't look like there will be any more from the brand/original characters in an official capacity.

Maybe folks here have some ideas of what could be done.


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Awesome, Grizz.


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Welcome Kliss.  It is awesome to have you.

An underappreciated reason why SLIDERS hasn't made it's way back is at a fundamental level, it is an expensive show to do well.  Even with today's CGI.  It narrows it's opportunities.  You need a lot of locations, and most of these shows are kept at a reasonable budget by not having a lot of locations and having a lot of fixed costs for the "world" they operate in.

If Sam Esmail had wanted to do Sliders instead of Battlestar Gallactica, I am sure we could have had it back.  A proven tv guy who carries a lot of weight.  But for most, if not all, the cheesiness of the last couple of seasons lowered the brand to the point where the current talented folks in Hollywood are less likely to want to be associated with it.  It's obviously not seen as "cool."

And it doesn't really fit as a broadcast net show - it just isn't broad enough.  SyFy is a natural home for it, but you have to overcome the expense issues, and you need a very credible tv person behind it with a vision that will help it overcome all of the other projects in that vein coming to SyFy (who has limited resources -- just look at how they had to walk away from going to series with the Tremors/Kevin Bacon project).

So much of the tv business has changed over the last five years... it's certainly made it more complex. Yea, streaming would be a possibiity for it because they can do some larger budget shows but then you'd need the creators/showrunners who are seen as credible in Hollywood to want to do "SLIDERS" rather than "TRAVELERS" or "TIMELESS"  or "COUNTERPART" etc etc.

With something like the Peacock network the challenge is, would the amount of viewers SLIDERS bring to it justify the cost?  A reunion movie would be $2-3m  A series would be $15-$25m (or more) in production costs.  There's still somewhat good brand awareness of what sliders is for folks 35+ to say 55 who might care but it's just not big enough to really support those costs on name alone.  So you'd need to start fresh (story wise), with an incredible vision, and a respected tv showrunner to believe, yes, this could earn it's money back.  And then that goes back to the brand issues again, where the people who could produce that would rather do their own thing.  Not to mention, if you aren't just using the original story premise/format/characters, it really becomes it's own thing, different enough from SLIDERS where even with the awareness of that brand, it's not necessarily worth it  to put a story in that "package" and box it in like that.


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Classchic1 wrote:

Hi! I'm new here and a brand new fan to Sliders. I was actually introduced to the show through a recent college assignment and fell for it ever since! So I've only seen seasons 1 & 2 so far and from what I've come across...Arturo dies in season 3?! I'm not looking forward to that episode. But I'm really curious, what episodes would any of you advise for me to watch from seasons 4 & 5?

very cool! is your professor a fan?


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Nice, well-preserved interview. Seems like tracy was enjoying the experience of Sliders heading into season 2.



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very cool.


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tom2point0 wrote:

Like the title says! We're moving onto our next show, Seaquest DSV! I've only ever seen a handful of episodes while Cory has seen the whole thing so Im not sure what to expect.

I AM trying to find some fansites for the show but there is NOTHING out there so far that is akin to EarthPrime or the sites we found for Lois And Clark, Quantum Leap, and Voyagers unfortunately.

Anyone here a fan of the show and know of some resources? Thanks in advance if you do!

Oh wow!  I am glad you are doing this.

Can you believe Seaquest got a re-master, blu-ray release, and Sliders didn't?  Why?  Because Seaquest is a Spielberg project.... probably someone of importance requested it be done.


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Jerry O'Connell will be doing a taping soon for two weeks of "The Jerry O Show" -- a daytime talk show.

Seems like a test for a permanent series, or perhaps something they are keeping in mind if Wendy Williams decides to stop hosting (she is producing the Jerry O Show).


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O.G. wrote:

I made my own copy of the Free America Underground t shirts (statue of liberty holding an m16) from part 2 of the pilot

very cool!


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Grizzlor wrote:

Yea man, I'm in NJ!  Last weekend I hit up the X-files mini-convention near Chicago, called X-Fest 2.  They had multiple guest star Larry Musser there.  I of course tried to jog his Sliders memory, as he played Jake the handyman a few times in S1.  He didn't recall much, in fact, he swore he was Quinn's dad!  He was partially correct as on one of the worlds, Jake DID marry Mrs. M!  LOL.  Super nice guy.


Ah cool!

He was definitely Jake smile 

I've heard of X-Fest.  What was attendance like?  I think I emailed them once, telling them they should have a little sister subconvention for Sliders fans at the event.


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syfy cancelled Deadly Class (which did decent for them) after just  one season (they didn't own the show).  And they axed Happy as well (which did well on netflix but not so great on syfy).  So they are starting to move away from their bigger bets, and probably go back to cheaper stuff.  And only stuff they own if it has any sort of expense to it.


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Just to add to the list of other failed sci fi on network tv... Minority Report, Terra Nova, Extant, Almost Human, The Reverie. 

The stuff that seems to work on broadcast network tv that might be considered sci fi seens to be more the 'spooky'/mystery stuff (Fringe, X-Files, Lost, which isn't really sci-fi).

FOX is taking another stab at sci-fi though. Surprisingly.

https://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/281123/ … lease-date


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ireactions wrote:

Yeah, you could be right. I'm not sure what to add, but what you write about broad and hardcore sci-fi prompts a memory of Temporal Flux's impeccable wisdom. TF once remarked that FOX struggled to market SLIDERS. FOX was thrown off by how SLIDERS was a science fiction series and FOX couldn't figure out which demographic to sell the show towards or how to make it fit the category of action-adventure -- except, to TF, television that works has only one meaningful genre, one significant element above all: characterization.

Professor Arturo is a genius who failed to gain recognition for his brilliance; Wade Welles is a dreamer who failed to find direction in life; Rembrandt Brown is a musician who failed to hang onto his 15 minutes of fame; Quinn Mallory is a failure who failed to create anti-gravity -- but he may have discovered something else instead. Whether it's broadly science fiction, hard science fiction or a romantic comedy/workplace dramedy/mockumentary/mumblecore/improv/whatever, it can exist against in-depth or subtle science fiction. What really matters are characters that the audience care about and want to invite into their living rooms on a weekly basis.

Yea, TV is all about characters.  And Sliders really nailed that.

To me, SLIDERS, even today, would be difficult to pull off on network television.  I think part of FOX's struggle was that they were trying to hit numbers that something of SLIDERS' ilk was not really going to capture without out-of-this-world creative execution (which would require incredible skill and luck).

It's not meant for network tv, and even though the Orville got a renewal, thanks to strong VOD numbers, that barely is as well.  Look at Timeless, too. Sci-fi on network is tough.   That new, formulaic 911 show on FOX beat out the latest X-Files ratings.  And the latest X-Files became more niche than what it once was (which was more Twin Peaks-ish).

I guess I am saying, there is a place and audience for SLIDERS, but it's not on network tv.  The appeal of a show, even if it's broad sci-fi, isn't broad to the point where it's easy to get the numbers those networks were and are looking for.  Sliders in it's original form would have been perfect if Netflix at the time (a large audience, but not an ad-supported model, rather premium).  But that middle ground didn't exist.  And a lot of households didn't even have cable (which pushed series budgets on cable, like sci-fi's, down).

A lot of the appeal of the original sliders was the teamwork and chemistry between the cast, and viewers who like odd, quirky things. Who like to think differently.   I think as well as it did in lasting three seasons at about eight-and-half million viewers, the market for what most executions of it could deliver wasn't going to be big enough to do the 11m+ FOX probably wanted because it's very hard to change a market.  Viewers are who they are.  It really needed the in-between model we have today for television programming for it to have been sustainable economically back then.


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Just to clarify what I mean by broad:  TNG, Orville, Sliders, Stranger things, The Magicians to me are broad sci-fi.  Whereas something like Happy, or Blood Drive or Channel Zero, Defiance or more hardcore genre shows.  I tend to think they've leaned too much to hardcore stuff.  They should focus more on pulling in channel surfers, imo.


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Apparently, there's a new episode: http://sliderscast.com/?podcast=sliders … -acid-test


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ireactions wrote:

Well, it can come down to quality. I recognize that networks think in terms of ad revenue and audience demographics and points and yes, that's all very important, but the public image of the Sci-Fi Channel: they produce poor, underbudgeted projects funded at the bare minimum that actor and crew unions will permit, and when shows aren't massive, LOST-level successes, they don't give their shows any support, make no effort at marketing and won't put in the work to make their shows good or even known to the public. Syfy, post rebranding, has maintained the same reputation.

BATLESTAR GALACTICA challenged it thanks to multiple producing partners to aid in financing the show, but even after that, Sci-Fi/Syfy continued to produce financially malnourished projects like FLASH GORDON and PAINKILLER JANE. Shows that built a following like THE EXPANSE and DARK MATTER were cancelled with no concern for closure.

Over time, whatever audience Syfy sought saw them for what they were -- a network with neither investment nor loyalty in their shows or viewers. A network so indifferent to their flagship series SLIDERS that they let it end on a cliffhanger. And audiences moved on to shows produced with something resembling love and care and commitment both creatively and financially.

In recent years, Syfy's limited investment has been taken up with the studios assuming the cost of producing shows like WYNONNA EARP and CONTINUUM. Syfy airs them and earns ad revenue but sees nothing of the projects' gross profits in streaming and international sales. Syfy tends to do better with shows they don't own. Syfy's brand identity is hopelessly entangled with the slapdash horror movies that David Peckinpah would rip off for Season 3 of SLIDERS and reflects the Peckinpah attitude of indifference and negligence.

Well, in fairness to SyFy, they have showed a willingess to spend at times.  Defiance being one of them.  Krypton.  That George Martin series (that went nowhere and  they burned off).   12 Monkeys was not cheap, even if it wasn't big budget.  Let's call that medium.  Channel Zero and some of the other stuff, Happy, both weren't low-budget.

And, they did go through a phase with some big, expensive miniseries.

Frankly, I think part of their issues are that a lot of their big bets imo at least tend to be more niche, and specific.  Obviously, they are a genre networks, so I can see where it'd make sense to them, but I think they have to be broader in their flagship series.  Stuff that folks outside of hardcore sci-fi fans can get into. 

I can see the argument for the opposite direction, but I don't think that's worked for them, and I am not sure they have always been great at making programming decisions in that area.


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An interesting article:
http://www.cancelledscifi.com/2019/05/2 … -casualty/


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I watched this show once on youtube 3-4 years ago due to its similarity to Sliders.  It's great to see you guys doing a podcast about  it, I'll definitely subscribe.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

If it does get axed, I hope someone (Netflix, Hulu, maybe even something like Disney+) picks it up.  It's too good to lose.

Yea, I hope so.  I think FOX may have an exclusive with Seth MacFarlane though so not sure what options they'd have or who owns Orville (might be FOX).  Also Fox/Disney own a lot of Hulu, so maybe that'd be an option.


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I've given through PayPal to places but not patreon. Still, it always intrigues me when I see some of these podcasts with fairly big followings, and of high quality content, but so few actively contributing.  I think people are super reluctant to give out of any sense of 'support' if they are getting most of the content free anyway.


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Definitely worried about the ratings with this one and how it impacts its chances.  In the end, live viewing, especially on network shows, so often requires such stupid subject matter...  911/hospital/detective stuff.


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Out of curiosity, does anyone here subscribe to anything on Patreon?  And if there are creators whose work you engage with frequently, but don't support, why?

I'm just curious because it always amazes me how some stuff with seemingly loyal, hardcore followings... sometimes for underserved, specific content, manages to snag such few patreon subscriptions.  It doesn't seem like people feel the need to support stuff just for the sake of doing so.


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To our Texans.  Meet JRD this month


https://www.visitfrisco.com/media/cvb-r … t/tpf2019/


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ireactions wrote:

I'd like you to put a Mill Creek SLIDERS disc through your Xbox One and smart TV and let us know the results. I'm sure they're terrible. You can't upscale standard definition detail to faux high def without having some SD level detail to upscale in the first place.

I will give it a shot.  I've never been to upset about Mill Creek's product, however, because I don't think their product was aimed at big fans (like a collector's edition, or a first-run of the complete series might).  I think it was just a wal-mart, casual audience release ("hey, i remember that show!  oh it's only 20 bucks for the whole series? OK!").  Where DVD releases go to die after their studios have fully monetized the official, first-run releases.

The hardest thing is watching older titles, with smaller audiences, get the HD treatment.  Because they don't have special effects, and were often edited on film. 

Looking back, I wish someone had captured The Hub broadcasts somehow, because they seemed to be upscale and the cleanest image we had seen.


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ireactions wrote:

I bought a new TV. I’m starting to realize that as TVs get better, SLIDERS DVDs look worse. The first TV that I ever bought was a 32-inch 720p Samsung with gorgeous backlighting, saturation and black levels. SLIDERS looked solid with my PS3 upscaling the video to 720p thanks to the great contrast and colour.

A couple years later, my mother’s old CRT TV blew, so I gave her my Samsung and graduated to a 39-inch 1080p Dynex (a generic Best Buy brand). After a bit of calibration, it was alright — the higher resolution gave it a bit of a boost over the Samsung, but the black levels were a step down, the colours less rich, and SLIDERS on this screen looked a bit fuzzier, not because the TV was poorer but because the larger scale showed the flaws more.

And now, eight years later, my mother’s insistence on leaving her TV switched on and paused while she goes out for the day has led to hideous burn-in and backlight damage. In contrast, my 39-inch Dynex looks perfect. I gave her my 39-inch and bought a new RCA 55-inch 4K TV.

It’s okay. I was a bit alarmed at first at an odd cloud of grayness over any dark images on the TV — it’s LED clouding — but lightly brushing against the clouding with a microfiber cloth removed it completely. More disturbing were the various patches of darkness against white images, but the THX calibration tool let me reduce it from distracting to unremarkable with backlight and contrast adjustments. It's a low-quality, budget TV, but with some calibration, the results are good: the colour and the contrast are amazing.

The darkened libraries of SHADOWHUNTERS look dark while still being able to see the individual shelves and tables; the sands of STAR WARS look sun-drenched but never oversaturated. It was neat to realize that this high contrast, perfectly lit image might not be the filmmakers' intention and to set the enhancements to a midpoint.

Unfortunately, regardless of the settings, my SLIDERS DVDs look ghastly on this modern TV. There are jagged edges around all the people against the backgrounds. I switched off the dynamic contrast enhancements and lowered the sharpness and the result was another fuzzy, ugly image. The image gives the impression of watching the episode through the wrong pair of glasses. What was acceptable as standard definition upscaled on a 39-inch screen is unwatchable on a 55-inch screen.

It’s unfortunate. SLIDERS is no longer something I want to watch on my TV; it’s become a show to watch on a 10-inch tablet because it looks so awful in the home theatre. It’s kind of astonishing to me that the standard definition DEEP SPACE NINE looks adequate on my TV while SLIDERS, likely produced on similar materials, is a visual abomination and not because of the film or video quality but because Mill Creek overcompressed the episodes on too few discs.

DEEP SPACE NINE's standard definition detail can be upscaled; the SLIDERS DVDs have no detail to upscale. Fourteen discs is too few for 88 episodes; it should have been a minimum of 24 discs.

It's funny you mention that.  I have a small old tube 4:3 tv in which the dvds look pretty good.  As they don't expose the issues, and also have no black bars.

I was able to get the pilot looking fantastic with an XBox One that upscales, a smart tv with it's own technology to upgrade the picture, and then using open source software to do a faux hd conversion.  I am not sure how the non-pilot episodes would perform under those circumstances though since it's a more compressed source.


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Very interesting how Project Blue Book -- X-Files meets Mad Men -- is alive and well (renewed for three seasons and very successful for the History Channel) and yet, the reality is, X-Files won't come back.  Unless it can find a home on a FOX/Disney owned premium subscription streaming service one day in the future.

The "buzz" matters, as does the live ratings of the silent majority.  Hardcore fans liked quirky X-Files, the general public wanted monster of the week. 

In the end, too many casual fans were put off by S10 not being what they wanted and then Carter killed the 'buzz' by pissing off female fans in the S11 finale.  It lost all hope of being a live show for FOX. 

Personally, I liked S11 (and 10) but we are where we are.  I fit more into the general audience than the hardcore group in the sense I don't recall the original mythology well (though love the show closer to the way the hardcore fans do than the general public).


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I don't like Family Guy either.  I actually hate shows like that, ha.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Did people expect a full-fledged comedy?  That seems silly.  I mean, maybe they wanted Galaxy Quest.  What the Orville is has never confused me.  But it's live ratings are dropping.  So who knows what it's fate will be.

From my memory, it was marketed more of a comedy than anything else.


I feel like it even played a bit more for comedy than this shows, but it seems like every line of dialogue in that trailer is a joke or played for laughs.  I'm guessing Fox marketing assumed that they were going for the same audience as Family Guy?

well, I think they figured audiences new MacFarlane through Family Guy.  So yea, played up those elements.  It really was never intended to be a comedy.  More like sci-fi adventure with comedic elements.  The best of all worlds!


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Did people expect a full-fledged comedy?  That seems silly.  I mean, maybe they wanted Galaxy Quest.  What the Orville is has never confused me.  But it's live ratings are dropping.  So who knows what it's fate will be.


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To me, Orville has a lot of the same spirit of Sliders S1.


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When the video and images first came out, it appeared to be an ugly level of disrespect by a particular individual.  But when the full video circulated, it became clear what we had created in our head in building a context to what we saw was false.  Any one who called out the kid should (a) make their audience aware the situation wasn't what it appeared to be (b) say they are sorry for getting it wrong (even though I think the assumptions that were made originally were not unreasonable -- we go about life everyday having to make quick assumptions and most would have drawn the same conclusion in this case.   It's just a situation here where it turns out a portion of the frames can tell a different story than what all the frames do.

Even those who watch all the frames may remain upset at the kids' behavior, but, it was really one kid who was roasted initially for this.  He's got a life to live, and while I wouldn't say, "i'd like my son to act as he did", I also would not say anything he did rises to the level of being called out nationally, or moreover, all that different than how most kids would react in that situation.

So what is disappointing to me, is that the people who complained initially are not doing the right thing and correcting the record.  That is the right thing to do.  For truth's sake, having a commitment to it, and so this story can go away and the kid have his *life* impacted by it less.  Some people are still complaining about the kids.  Guess what, teenage kids are basically the worst when it comes to behavior, so they were acting as teenage boys often do; and moreover, they are taking cues from adults, so if  you don't like the MAGA hat, complain about it to adults, not kids who have worn it based on the permission structure many have given them.  And no, not everyone sees it as bad or offensive as you do, either.  People have different opinions about these things.  I am not saying that doesn't mean there isn't a time to be sensitive to how others feel about symbols, or slogans etc.  But there are times too when that is less clear.

Anyway, we are a broken country that needs to get it's house in order, and I am not sure lunny politicians filled with hate, or only commitment to their own party, is the way to get us there.


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One of the guys who wrote those comics is actually a showrunner now for Fear the Walking Dead.  And previously he was with that ABC fantasy one about all the disney characters.  The name escapes me.  So there was some talent behind it but I guess it wasn't everyone's cup of tea.

edit: Once Upon A Time


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Pretty cool... Sci-Fi Zone/Horror Channel in the UK has added the series to their regular rotation.  8pm weekends and mini-marathons on Saturdays.   I doubt that the image quality will be upconverted or any better than we've seen on the past, but it is still impressive to see its syndication run continue after all these years.