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and now quinn just tweeted about it!


it's surreal to me that this was a topic of conversation a year ago here, and now, wham. national news story.


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Doah! sad


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I enjoyed these podcasts:  http://xfcast.libsyn.com/season-11-41-l … uggle-iv-0

http://xfcast.libsyn.com/season-11-40-c … truggle-iv

Not that the criticism hasn't been valid, but it's very supportive of the finale.  I liked some of the discussion of the perception of casual fans vs. the online ones as well.  I wonder how much FOX thinks of this, and Carter.


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FYI -- BBC America is airing a X-Files 3-day 72-episode marathon, which started earlier today.


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I've seen Leah's show, yea.  I understand that whole thing.  This?  Not so much.


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i find it all extraordinary confusing. without putting a lot of time in to try to understand.


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Informant wrote:

Star Trek did that too. It took fans a while to realize that Picard wasn't there to replace Kirk, but once people caught on, they enjoyed it.

Good point.


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One thing you have to give George Lucas credit for: when he brought back Star Wars he was doing so to introduce it to an entirely new generation.  And it is highly commercially robust today as a result of that decision.  Something like X-Files is clearly not being brought back with the idea of folding those younger than even 30 into the mix.  And so it's audience keeps dwindling, especially as older fans move on from deep, serial drama.

If X-Files was rebooted, you could try to make it palatable for a younger generation.  But then someone would complain.  As they did when Lucas brought back Star Wars.


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Generally speaking, it seemed like a large portion of fans liked it, but those that didn't -- including likely Gillian -- were disappointed in how Scully moves on from William so easily.  Gillian is a mother, I don't think she bought it.  And many fans were super attached to that boy.

It didn't bother me, but I definitely am not the hardcore female audience of this show.  It's a valid perspective, one that I don't think Chris Carter understands.  It's not clear who the show should be trying to appeal to.  I just love it either way.


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and X-Files is still f'en going! 

or maybe not.


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March 22, 1995, our beloved show debuted.


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loved the finale!

(agree on david, gillian imo has been better, but that's over now).


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Torme & James Fox's UFO documentary 701 has a bit of an ETA as to when it's expected it will be shopped to buyers.  Fox estimates another year and a half of editing, then they will look for distributors.

He recently visited Australia, here is a talk he gave in which he explains when he first got called by Tracy to collaborate.

I didn't watch the video through but he mentions the project has picked up steam lately.  I am not sure if Tracy is still contributing in the process as I know at one point the intention was to make the project half documentary / half scripted feature but the scripted part ended up not happening, I believe.


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Casting is super duper hard for younger agents.  But if you can do it, you have a shot.

There is something like 300-400 scripted series on tv nowadays, far less than when David and Gillian were cast, so getting top talent is a bigger challenge.  Though it looks like the X-Files budget is pretty high. I'm really impressed with the amount of locations, etc, they have had in recent episodes.


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Congratulations man!!!


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I've enjoyed this season.  Not having much in the way of season arcs has been felt but I think there's been a lot of creativity.

I know Gillian is done but I think they should have her as a non-field agent in the future.  Skinner type.  Assuming the ratings are good enough for FOX to want to spend the required budget of this series.


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thanks Ian!


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Anyone paying attention to the new Stargate launch?


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Informant wrote:

Keep in mind, the streaming option is becoming more and more popular all the time. The normal ratings hardly seem relevant anymore. (and I say this as someone who fully understands why the ratings should drop like a rock)

Oh yea, I fully understand that. I'm really just looking at it compared to the new norm. That said, I'm sure the DVR is pretty decent for the show. Here's the live ratings:

https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/x-fi … ni-series/

https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/fox- … n-ratings/


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That's true, in the 90s there wasn't so much room for niche stuff.  At least compared to now.  But yea, Supernatural would be a good model.  Though hard to complain with 11 seasons.  And hopefully more.  That said, it seems like a lot of the public has dropped off of X Files for whatever season.  Season 10 just didn't appeal to them and I guess the premiere episode this year didn't help. It's not doing bad for a show, but for what it is, not impressive.


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So glad to see Chris Carter fighting back on the calls to close out the series just because Gillian is done
http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/the-x-file … -anderson/

I'm not sure how FOX will feel though. That's the irony here.  The ratings have been just above average and this show isn't cheap.


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I'm glad someone else here liked the film.  I've never had an experience in the cinema like it, and I'm very confident I never will again.


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Justin Marks also did Rewind for SyFy a few years ago- it didn't go beyond pilot but it was similar to time tunnel, a little sliderish as well.


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I really enjoyed the episode.  The quirky X-Files stuff tends to do it for me -- I think David does that humor especially well, and Gillian provides great contrast.


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They made less mythology this year than MOW. In fact, I think it's 8 MOW, two mythology. That's what people wanted.  I think on balance, fans probably will like this season.  The narrative is a bit different now because a lot of hardcore fans hated the premiere.  But as this season wears on hopefully people will like what it delivers, and want to see if continue. Scully was a special character, so it might not be as great, but I think they can do fine MOW without her, too.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Well doesn't Disney own it now?  Wouldn't it be up to them if they want to bring it back or not?

Disney bought the movie studio but FOX Network I believe is still separate, as is News Corp.


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ireactions wrote:

... I don't believe.

I don't believe Gillian Anderson. She's repeatedly claimed she was done with THE X-FILES; she said she was done in Season 7, again in Season 8. After I WANT TO BELIEVE, she said she was done with THE X-FILES on TV. She said she was done after Season 10. And now she's saying she's done after Season 11. She's said a variety of things: she wanted to spend more time with her daughter, she wanted to play other roles, she wanted to avoid a TV schedule -- but what she really wants, I think, is to get paid a fair wage.

FOX offered her half of Duchovny's salary for Season 10 which pissed her off. Negotiations for Season 11 were contentious again. I think Anderson is fed up with the studio and the network, but if they start treating her with the respect she's earned, she'll come back.

She just won't come back if she has to battle and demand and pull and howl in order to get the same pay as Duchovny.

I've thought about this a lot myself... but Gillian keeps doubling down, especially at yesterday's event, that I don't think this is a negotiating tactic. The fact that it took them so long to be able to go ahead with a season 11 was a negotiating tactic.

I just wish season 11 wasn't draped in negativity.  People don't like what they have produced (fair).  It's not coming back.  Gillian doesn't want to do it again.  Rather than getting to enjoy the thing while its still alive, everything has become about it's death.

David made a good point yesterday, saying the X Files is essentially a frame.  I agree with that and with so much bad stuff on air, I'd like to see FOX invest in the franchise long term.  With enough trial and error you can find a rhythm and what works. Sometimes invention is messy, and they've had to experience that a bit since bringing it back.  But it can be ironed out.


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I didn't think the episode was perfect but I enjoyed it. But I will never be a big critic of the show, I am just always happy to see it exist.

Now that Gillian has made it clear she's done with Scully, I wonder what you guys think -- would you want to see it continue?  I would, of course, even if it'd be a blow to the content.  There's only one or two other tv shows I care enough to watch live. I love having it back. I think they can find there way if they keep it going but I'm not sure David or Chris would continue.


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Fair enough smile


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I feel similarly, but I also read / listen to what a lot of hardcore X-Files fans say and can't say their hate is unwarranted.  Some just want the mythology to go a certain way (eg less convoluted) others are incredibly offended by how My Struggle III ended.

I thought the episode was entirely rushed from a pacing perspective and wayyyyyy too dense.  It needed another 30 minutes.  It was not good. BUT, I liked the twist at the end. I liked how they referenced an older episode of the X-Files. It gave me a payoff that made the episode overall entertaining.  I was not offended by any of it.  But I respect the position of those who are and can see why.

Either way, I think there may be more too it -- and since they are moving to the MOW stuff until the finale, I think/hope people will be pleased by those stories.  I've seen a couple of good reviews.   As for the finale, I suspect their may be a twist.

I just hate that the narrative has become "Gillian doesn't want to do another X-Files" / "X Files creator says they won't do another season without her" /  "This is the last season for X-Files" etc etc when we basically just are one episode in. Let's enjoy this.  And frankly, X-Files is or has the potential to be one of the shows on TV that we can connect with the characters and have a strong affinity for.  It should not just be thrown away.  Even if Gillian doesn't want to return.  I don't think it has to have her.

I do feel though that David was rough in finding the Mulder character in the first episode.


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Anyone looking forward to Altered Carbon on Netflix?

https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/04/net … de-runner/

It's not Blade Runner but has some of its feel.


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I have a lot of catching up to do on Black Mirror.  If I catch it, I will let you know.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Does anyone watch Mr. Robot?  It's one of my favorite shows on TV right now - really engrossing stuff.  Wednesday's episode was presented as one long take, and it was spectacular.  I don't think anyone shoots TV exactly like Sam Esmail does.

It's hard to say I "watch it" because its so dense, it really requires one's full attention to viewing it and taking it in.  So I really only watched the first season (binging it) but I've had the last couple of seasons on in the background sometimes while I'm doing other stuff, typically through on demand.  It's just so beautifully shot, I love the "surveillance" feel and the writing is always interesting even if you don't fully know what's going on.

I did have on that episode you mentioned on live though -- it reminded me a bit of the X-Files one they did on the ship. I actually think I recognized one of the locations (assuming this was shot in NY?) http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-135-ea … 42402.html


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

The Orville has been renewed for Season 2.



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I saw this episode and thought the same thing. It was like an episode of Sliders, and surprisngly, didn't feel that different despite the 2017 production and higher budget.


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Anybody here see it yet?

BR has always been one of my favorite movies, if not the favorite.  I remember watching it on TV as a kid and just being entranced by the world that I saw -- something that was believeable as "real" and yet was so different than our own.  I remember being fascinated by the mix of futuristic, 80s and 40s styles.  It was intoxicating.  I loved the moodyness -- the music, the steady drumbeat of the rain.  I did often find the story to be weak and uninspired.  But of course, Rutger Hauer / Roy Batty saves it at the end.

BR 2049 to me was a monument of a film.  It definitely was built for a BR audience -- not necessarily the general movie goer who may not have had a strong affection for the original.  And as a piece of work intended to honor the original and the audience that was fond of it, I felt they did the impossible.  They lived up to everything a fan could hope for and more.

I give a tremendous amount of credit to Alcon, the production company on that, because they really focused on making a film that would not be a black mark on a title that has such a strong legacy. Had they been focusing on profit only, they would not have given the team all the resources they needed financially to pull of what they did.

That said, the BR audience was never a mass audience. It required you to essentially be a viewer who could watch something to be intoxicated by the visuals.  This is not everyone.  And so this follow up has fallen short at the box office, as the new material was built as a follow up to keep with much of the original.

I think however the film is going to stand the test of time like its predecessor.  And that the audience will keep building for this film.  If there's anyone who has seen the film and/or love the original, I'd love to hear what you think.


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this sort of stuff sickens me so much
https://theintercept.com/2017/09/25/tex … execution/


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Informant wrote:

A lot of the MacGyver stuff was BS though. Just saying.

Fun fact: I can't watch MacGyver anymore! In 2009, I decided to sit down and watch the first episode on Netflix. While watching, I was informed that my father had suffered a severe stroke (which ended up throwing the lives of a few of us into complete chaos, which never ended).

A while later, the initial trauma of that stroke died down and life went on. So we decided to sit down and watch an episode of MacGyver. Good times, right? Except, my father wound up in the hospital again that night (I forget why... Possibly a seizure, which we weren't familiar with at that point).

So, the show is officially considered cursed in my family. Nobody is allowed to watch it at this point.

omg.  get away macgyver!


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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

btw, it is sad to see dimensionofcontinuity.com is no longer with us..

Unfortunately, this is still the case..

Now it's completely offline.  Hope the great TF (http://sliders.tv/bboard/viewtopic.php?id=121) brings it back.


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TemporalFlux wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

I was just looking at the IMDB. The rating is decent, but I also noticed it was created by Danny Bilson (I think that's rachel bilson's dad).

Ha!  And his father was a director best known for work on the Get Smart tv series (for which he won an Emmy).


On a side note, Bilson and DeMeo also wrote a six issue arc of the Flash comic in 2006:

http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/The_Flash:_Lig … n_a_Bottle

It passed the mantle of Flash to Barry's grandson Bart Allen after Wally disappeared during Infinite Crisis; and the story featured Tina McGee from the 90's show.  In the arc following Bilson's, Bart was beaten to death by the Rogues, and Wally returned as the Flash.

Cool.   Bilson has also done a lot of video game stuff.


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Grizzlor wrote:

Ohhhh, I didn't know he was on a new show.  Didn't remember me, he meets thousands of people I'm sure.

A guy with a Sliders t-shirt outside a broadway show?  Seems pretty memorable to me smile  Although you are right, he does meet a ton of folks. 

Carter is a series from Sony that went into production for their international TV channel. It actually got picked up by Bravo not long after. It's a different sort of thing for Bravo to do but Jerry got a lot of exposure and interest from his Live with Kelly gigs, and Andy Cohen seems to love him, so I guess they are taking a chance on it for him.


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tom2point0 wrote:

So check it out guys! Episode one AND two of our Flash 90 Rewatch!

http://www.goldenspiralmedia.com/rw136- … of-control

http://www.goldenspiralmedia.com/rw-136 … ng-thieves

We'd love to hear from ya all and let's face it, you need something to hold you over until the Flash is back in October so join us, won't you, and Rewatch John Wesley Shipp in his original iconic role! Use the phone number at Golden Spiral Media or post here and  let's hear your thoughts on the episodes too.

I'm actually very impressed so far with the stories and all. I was worried but I'm loving it!

I'll have to try to check it out as well as the podcast.

I was just looking at the IMDB. The rating is decent, but I also noticed it was created by Danny Bilson (I think that's rachel bilson's dad).


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Grizzlor wrote:

FWIW, I was in the Toronto airport on Saturday morning, heading to the Fan Expo downtown, and spotted Jerry O'Connell there reading a script!  Briefly said hello and exchanged pleasantries.  A lot of science fiction is shot there now, so he could be popping up in something soon....

That's cool. He films in North Bay, Ontario (for a new series Carter), and I think he commutes back home every weekend, so he's probably in the airport quite a bit.  Did he remember your encounter with him at all for the broadway show? (Once Upon a Sandwich or something?)


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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

btw, it is sad to see dimensionofcontinuity.com is no longer with us..

Unfortunately, this is still the case..


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Informant wrote:

Healthcare isn't a right, it is a business.

The problem with this is when someone walks into an emergency room, whether they have health insurance or not, public hospitals are not allowed to turn them away. I have a hospital near me that went out of business.  Hospitals are public institutions and someone will always end up paying any way.  We have to accept that people without medical insurance are going to inevitably want care when someone urgent has come up and their will be costs around society for that.  We need to build a model that spreads those costs.  And we need to focus on driving down healthcare costs (it's out of control here, and life expectancy is lower than many other countries) which are playing a role in such large insurance premiums and deductibles. 

I just don't see the healthcare industry as a business, to be treated the same way.  People are going to always want it when trouble comes whether they have bought insurance or not and human beings have that great thing called empathy -- developed over thousands of years by evolution because its in our best interest -- that makes it unreasonable to think all of a sudden we are going to start barring people from emergency care.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Well the Democratic Party is a mess too.  Recently, a poll came out, and the Democrats don't seem to stand for anything but "not Trump" which is weird because the Republican Party has recently just been "not Obama"

(This is probably a good time to say that I think both parties are spinning their wheels).

And a lot of this is more people I see talking on social media.  There were a handful of somewhat-prominent liberal celebrities saying stuff like "well, John McCain wants to take away people's health care, I guess it serves him right that he got brain cancer"  There's just so much hatred toward people who have (slightly?) different beliefs.  It's really crazy to me.

America is extremely diverse. To the point where what may be good for one state is bad for another.  But our union is so intertwined that it's difficult to just let each state do what it wants without others being affected (even though I recognize that was part of America's design -- but we have to keep in mind a lot more technology exists today that makes travel/communication completely different than it was centuries ago, creating a social and economic impact).

Point being, when you have such diversity, people are going to look at things different.  You can either try to "win" and get your way knowing others will suffer as a result or you can go into it trying to compromise.  Once we have very passionate beliefs and want to completely win, then it becomes a game... and as part of that game we start using tactics that are useful for short term gains.  But then it creates a long-term mess.  So the question is the human species intelligent enough to not take the candy and wait for more candy later, or will we always be trying to grab the candy now, like little children?  As great as the human species has been, at times we are not the most impressive bunch and I am not sure what that means for our long term survival.