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much respect to jerry for still trying.


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There was definitely a weird period for Jerry about two years ago, maybe a little more.  He admitted as much in several podcast interviews during the period.  I think he was trying to diversify and get into hosting, being a personality, and even did some directing (on a kids show for disney) because it wasn't clear what was gonna happen for him as an actor.  This is when Sliders got particularly more interesting to him.  Especially with his wife on The Librarians, a mid-budget cable sci-fi show not entirely different from Sliders.  Not that the period was where his reboot interest started; I think that was after this Funny Or Die "search for arturo" drummed up unexpected interest. 

I do think he always loved the show, Tracy's vision for it, and totally got what it was (whereas john perhaps didn't despite his great performance).   It's a shame he had to ask for Charlie to be on the show, it certainly didn't help.  But regardless, as an actor, artist, he was really perfect for Sliders.  I think we can all agree part of it's magic was how well cast it was, and of course the chemistry and family atmosphere they had.  They were a team and a lot of people (viewers) were attracted to that element of it.


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ireactions wrote:

I think you have a point about the economics of audioplays. Amazon is a giant. Yet, Amazon Audible operated on a peanuts model for THE X-FILES. Rather than commission new material meant for the visualess format of audio drama, they used comic book scripts that need visuals to function. Why use something so unsuitable? Probably because they only needed to pay a small fee to writer Joe Harris to secure the material and didn't have to hire a writer; the director, Dirk Maggs, had to adapt the scripts to audio as part of his existing duties.

Amazon Audible hired David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and many of the series' performers -- but they had replacement actors for Annabeth Gish (Reyes), Robert Patrick (Doggett), Nicholas Lea (Krycek), Steven Williams (X) and Jerry Hardin (Deep Throat). Not soundalikes -- just replacements. And the budget was so small that there were no rehearsals. The actors recorded it as they read it for the first time. It was like someone had assembled the play from the actors' voicemail messages. It sounded disconnected and detached.

Amazon clearly didn't see much earning potential in THE X-FILES and didn't want to invest in getting all the actors or a script suited to the medium or even a readthrough.

But I do think SLIDERS could work on audio as part of an initiative to create audio drama for a mainstream audience if NBCUniversal wants to try tapping into the podcast market with a small streaming service and a subscription fee that is low in cost but would be affordable for a high number of subscribers.

I can imagine NBCU Audio Originals as a brand headlined by SLIDERS, KOJAK, SEAQUEST, THE MUNSTERS, EUREKA, FARSCAPE and WAREHOUSE 13. I can see it as a low cost, high volume subscription service for podcasts. $5 a month. Entertainment for the commuter with earbuds or car stereo or for listening at home. Actors recording from home with equipment and sound blocking gear sent by courier.

Jerry and John shouldn't and wouldn't work for free. But if this hypothetical streaming service offered them a small upfront fee but a percentage of subscription gross based on the number of listens to the SLIDERS audioplays, they might sign for a year's worth of audio recording sessions with the caveat that if there is a second year, they need to be paid their usual rate upfront.

They already have a podcast division, believe it or not.  Mostly to serve as an R&D lab.  It's part of why I brought it up before, and also mentioned the need for a platform to get traffic.  And that's the difficult part.  They haven't really developed their audio channel yet and they still are trying to make peacock work.  meanwhile, they just hired a new head or programming for everything yesterday.  They have gone through some of the old executives being in charge of various things but they realize they don't really have the chops at this point.  I see the podcast channel being an extension of peacock (which has a hybrid subscription/ad model in place) but you just know at this point they wouldn't be able to turn it around or focus on it enough.  That said, if they ever do, I think it would be the avenue.  It's just that it will be five years from now so....  at what point is there gonna be anyone left who cares about Sliders?   It will literally be 30 years from the original's premiere and most fans will have aged out of 18-49 anyway or started to care about other things than make-believe entertainment.

The best time to have done something was really 2013 around.  The problem was Tracy wasn't interested, and it took a long time for Jerry to even get interested in doing a reboot.  He really only returned to it after yet another network drama failed.  I feel like they probably missed the window and they possibly could have gotten somewhere with an aggressive push and managed expections. 

But this is also part of why I pointed to that chrome extension audio reader the other day.  As text-to-speech technology gets better and better, we are more likely to be able to get faux "books on tape" with all the sliders fan fic out there.   It's a way for the world to live on.

And on the plus side, Jerry has really been doing well in his career the last year after a little bit of a rough patch.  His own tv show, voice over work on cbs all access, he's in the movie "The Secret" and now "Ballbreaker."  He frequently is on Bravo doing reality tv programming talk with Andy Cohen.  He does fill-in hosting work on occasion.  He has made a career as an actor and personality, and not every child star or actor in their 20s is able to work in their mid 40s.  So I am happy for him he needs Sliders less and less at this point, where as at the peak of his interest, I think his motivation was so he could find a gig that worked and had an audience.


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ireactions wrote:

Jerry O'Connell at this stage in his career would read your shopping list for union scale, but John Rhys-Davies wouldn't put up with that and demand rehearsals.

John is having a more difficult time due to his age and covid.  A few productions he was scheduled for didn't work out because insurance wouldn't cover him.  As we have seen with jerry, as actors get more looking for work, they become more open to compromise and/or reprising old roles.  But I still stay to make the economics would they would really have to work for peanuts.  And that's because an audio drama will only reach so many people to begin with and sliders fans are now scattered all over the place and hard to reach and the property does not have as much interest as the bigger brands.  Sometimes actors are so separated from the economics of these things, they think their time, talent has some absolute value, and/or they don't want to send some signal to the marketplace that they will work at such a rate.   John though is someone who can really translate his acting into an audioformat.  In fact, he did an audio adaption of a couple of twightlight zone episodes that can be found on hoopla digital as narrator.


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there's a show called "Other Space" on DUST (a channel, roku app etc etc).  it originally was part of yahoo's programming line up (when they did a season of community too).  Those who like the orville or avenue 5 may like this as well.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

honestly, I dont think anyone would use the brand for an animated show.  It requires permissions, and reduces ownership of the new thing.   As a sequel of the original, people would want live action.   As a reboot, I don't think anyone would see the value of putting it under the  brand.

Oh I 100% agree and have made this same argument myself.  I don't think there's any reason for any creator to make a new version of Sliders.  You can essentially do the same concept for free without much tweaking.

My thought is only this: if Sliders were ever going to come back, it would be via Jerry O'Connell.  Torme and the other creators are either too old or too out of the game for anything to have happened.  Jerry is the only one who seems noticeably interested in a return because he'd be the star and he has fond memories of the experience.  If Sliders were ever going to return, he'd have to be the champion.

And since Jerry is on Star Trek: Lower Decks, he has the ability to make the right networking connections in animation.  He could find the right talent to either recruit someone to make a demo reel for him or at least hire the right people to get the show done the right way.

Animation also fixes several problems that a live-action story cannot.  Jerry O'Connell could voice a 20-something Quinn when he cannot do that in live action.  JRD can voice Arturo without possibly hurting himself in the process.  And most importantly, they could do all this without a huge time commitment on their part (since Sabrina and Cleavant have their own things going on).

A live action continuation is essentially off the table now.  It's too confusing and too muddled and the cast is too up in the air.  A reboot doesn't make sense logistically because it's too easy to do without the rights.  But an animated series gives Jerry an avenue, allows for a more flexible continuity, and allows for the ease of getting the actors back without a full acting commitment.  If it's ever going to happen, I feel like animation is the only road.

And, yeah, there are drawbacks.  It's not the preferred way.  But I've been watching a lot of animation this year, and I think it can be done really well.

I hear you.  Maybe it is a possibility.  My instincts tell me it doesn't really work as a project for jerry to sheppard for a few reasons:

1) animation still takes time, and the production budget is not going to be trivial, especially compared to a low-grade version of sliders filmed on a universal lot.  An overseas animation team would lower costs a bit but they are still gonna be in demand for competing projects in hollywood (and overseas) especially for any reliable company w/ some sort of quality. 

2) i am just not sure the original sliders translates well to animated style.  it lacks something.  look at the sliders comics vs. the series.  the characters come off as caricatures.

3) adult cartoons are basically snarky and foul-mouthed.  it's a difference audience than the core sliders audience of yesteryear.  so if you are trying to bring back something as a sequel, it is obviously with the original audience in mind.  i think cartoons work better for the absurd.

just my opinion of course.  i think a better avenue for jerry (and john) at this point is to go audio drama route.  it would require them taking a very minimal fee, otherwise the economics for that won't even work.  is jerry and john prepared to work for peanuts?  I tend to think not, and i tend to think their management teams won't even let them.  but for me it is the only avenue that can maybe lead to a live-action movie or series again.  to proof some demand.  they'd need to release the audio drama (series format) on a platform, however.  they wouldn't do well driving traffic to it independently.  they'd need a platform to promote it.

i do also think that since syfy is going down the tubes so bad, as a hail mary, maybe they would be willing to just do some series.  super cheaply.  it probably won't happen, of course.  perhaps as you said, though, given how irrelevant they are, at the very least they should do a sliders animated series, if they won't do live-action.


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honestly, I dont think anyone would use the brand for an animated show.  It requires permissions, and reduces ownership of the new thing.   As a sequel of the original, people would want live action.   As a reboot, I don't think anyone would see the value of putting it under the  brand.

Rick & Morty btw is already based in part on Sliders (and Back to the Future).  Or inspired should I say.  The creator was a fan of both.


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Cool little toy for anyone interested:

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/deta … aplp?hl=en

It's a chrome extension, that servers as a text-to-speech reader.   I think there may be better ones but the technology seems to be getting better, and more natural vs. a few years ago.  It's a good way to convert fan fiction or essays into something you can listen to in the background while doing other things.


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Transmodiar wrote:
ireactions wrote:

Chadwick Boseman has passed away.
https://variety.com/2020/film/news/chad … 234753232/

This hits hard because he is my age (a few months younger) and I was recently diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, my medical outcome looks a little rosier.


Very sorry to hear that.   Glad there has been some positive news.


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this  ooks great

https://www.amazon.com/X-Files-Biologic … 1419735179


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pilight wrote:

https://www.theringer.com/movies/2020/8 … hys-davies

“I had hopes for it,” says Rhys-Davies. “I thought it was a good little performance that might actually do something for my career.”




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I agree. He deserves a lot of credit... 

I was impressed as well.


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https://www.buzzsprout.com/1007206/4523 … he-tv-show


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Twilight Zone Season 2 has some good stuff.  Been very impressed.


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you are a executive for syfy.  what do you do?

http://www.cancelledscifi.com/2020/06/0 … e-network/


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very cool!


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Amazing that it would fetch that much...  Didn't realize we had enough fans like that to command such a pretty penny.


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Hello, welcome to the forum!


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Grizzlor wrote:

The Comet TV Sliders schedule just finished it's season 4 portion last week.  I've been rewatching, mainly via DVD's, although the transfer/upscale on those were awful compared to the Fox season DVD's.  But I digress.  Back at the time, after Fox canceled the show, Sci-Fi infamously picked it back up.  Clearly the budget was scaled down to next to nothing, resulting in frequent Chandler stays.  All in all, I've felt for years that the season featured quite a bit of good science fiction, even if it was often a bit "main stream" at that point.  Bill Dial, Chris Black, Marc Scott Zicree, and co. made sure of that.  The guest acting was largely okay as well, particularly the Kolitar guy, Thomas Mallory, and a number of others.  Charlie O'Connell was fairly unbearable, but what can you do?  He was cheap.  Anyway, my point is that I feel like it holds up well.

Certainly, as you mention, just the video quality is pretty decent, making it look less aged than earlier stuff.  So yea, in some senses it holds up well.  And there are some decent episodes.  They really tried to make it work.  It is hard on a smaller season budget to get the most out of scripts.  I have the most time digesting s5 because only one main character remains.


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https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/n … ray-shower

pilight wrote:

Comet is doing a Sliders marathon today!  Running until 4AM Eastern.

I caught it.  It's nice to not have to switch out DVDs and just have one after another episode playing on the tv.  We got this with netflix and hulu but the quality was so poor, worse than what is being shown on comet, I believe, that it wasn't quite the same.  I hope SLIDERS regulary stays in syndication in the U.S. now and it takes on a live of things like Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5, which that network is always playing.  I hope this doesn't come and go like it did with The Hub.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Did anyone watch the 2019 version of the Twilight Zone?  I finally did, and I thought it was terrible.  Since it's an anthology, I pushed through.  But every episode was either boring or very predictable.  I didn't think there was anything interesting told or said - the themes were either dumb or way too heavy handed.  I thought it was an absolute mess.

Jordan Peele also had an anthology series on youtube.  They are asking too much of these creators... or rather the creators are spreading themselves to thin.  It's hard to maintain quality when you have to bang out episodes.


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excited to check this out!   thanks for posting this.


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Tom please do the novel!   It will be great.

Thanks Ib and Griz for the stories and the rewatch post.  Great way to celebrate #25!


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tom.holste wrote:

Happy 25th, "Sliders"!

Thanks for making that video, Grizzlor. I just saw someone post it in a Sliders FB group, which is what made think to come here. I tried to share it, but there wasn't an option for that on FB for some reason. And when I click on your Instagram link above, it just shows the picture instead of the video. Do you have a shareable link of the video I can post?

Will this work Tom?

https://twitter.com/slidersfanblog/stat … 2738472960

How about doing a read of the Sliders novel by Brad Linaweaver?

That would be incredible!


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roulettewheel wrote:

Well, hello!
It's been a long time since I've posted here (I did "Think of a Roulette Wheel," lol).
Anyways, it's the Big Anniversary tomorrow, and I wanted to at least mark the occasion with something, anything.
I had been working, sort of, very slowly, working on making Think of a Roulette Wheel into a book, with updated essays and fresh takes on some old faves. I technically am still working on it, but who knows when of if I'll actually finish it. I'm feeling a little exhausted on the topic of our old friend Sliders, a little bit like I've said all I need to.

But! I wanted to at least put up a lil' something for the event, for all y'all keeping the flame ALIVE!

So here's the New & Improved, Revised Season One of Think of a Roulette Wheel, Better, Longer, Stronger—


Enjoy! Love on ya! See you in five for the big 3-0!


OMG thank you!  I can't wait to see the updated version!!


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Thanks for repping for forum Griz!


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tom.holste wrote:

Yeah, we're pretty close now to the 25th. I wish I had some grand plans at the moment, but I don't. Maybe re-watching the pilot, and definitely posting something on Facebook. The latter may not seem like much, but at least it gives people an opportunity to remember who may not otherwise think of it.

Very close...


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Grizzlor wrote:

So I have an interesting request.  Before his play ends (about a week before the 25th anniversary), I was gonna visit Jerry O'Connell at the stage door.  Maybe get him to say a few things on video for the 25th.  I was thinking of printing him a card or something as a "thank you."  Anybody got any ideas?

I would love if him and/or john and/or tracy were able to get in some recording studio and just record them saying somethings scripted in character that's like a post-mortem after the main characters got home.  it could be 5-10 minutes.  not use character names, or the title (due to rights issues), but we will recognize their voices.  Something that at the last can find it's way around the web for true fans.  To put to rest any question about whether the characters made it home.    It could almost be like an easter egg on the web.  Or released through unofficial means or just on social.

There'd be very little cost to doing something like that and if they are willing to take the (small) risk regarding rights issue, then it'd be cool.

It's pretty shi*ty that what we were left w. ended at that.  I don't see a lot of good reason for that.  I don't think anyone will come after them if it is kept low key enough.


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Jerry and his wife sold wine for a while (to local restaurants).  I am not sure if they are still doing it.


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Transmodiar wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Since fans have no other content they will be getting on this 25th anniversary

That is absolutely not true. wink

Oh...  I stand corrected!


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ireactions wrote:

CORY: "It just shows that ireactions' strengths are in writing Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo -- and if those four characters aren't on the page in some form, his style just falls apart."

This is not a bad strength to have!


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Since fans have no other content they will be getting on this 25th anniversary, I certainly hope all of the sliders websites and communities will promote this as the de facto cannon.   Not many people bothered enough to provide an alternative, only one person did and at the very least that effort should be celebrated.


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Just a couple of months away from the anniversary...


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ireactions wrote:

I've never seen VOYAGERS, but Tom and Cory covered the entire season of the show in REWATCH PODCAST, so I can bluff my way through any conversation about it. (My God, Jeffrey is constantly crying! Hey, why is there so little backstory on the Voyagers and their organization? Phineas is so loaded with charm. The last seven episodes are a bit weak, aren't they?)

I forgot that Cory & Tom covered this series.  If I have a chance to get into it, I'll listen to their podcast along the way.


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"Voyagers", a tv show from the early 1980s, and a bit of a predecessor to Sliders, is available on the NBC streaming app/website.  I've used that app in the past a lot (they have "Amazing Stories") but didn't see this on the platform until now.


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ireactions wrote:
RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

She definitely handled it poorly but ebay could have at least given her a heads up as not everyone has the funds to lose a sale like that.

I can assure you that I warned her and did so before asking eBay to intervene. I sent her a message quoting passages from eBay's specific policies, including:

  • "Even if you specify no returns accepted, under the eBay Money Back Guarantee, the buyer can still return an item if it doesn’t match the listing description"

  • "In some instances, we may not require that an item be returned to the seller"

  • "For example: if the return request was opened because the item was not as described"

  • "Or if the seller did not provide a return shipping label"

  • "This User Agreement, the Mobile Application Terms of Use, and all policies and additional terms posted on and in our sites, applications, tools and services (collectively "Services") set out the terms on which eBay offers you access to and use of our Services."

I seriously doubt she didn't know she was selling a 16GB item as 32GB because she refused to apologize for it and insisted that she wasn't responsible for the accuracy of her own ad when eBay policy is pretty clear that ads have to be correct. I think she was angry that she got caught. And angry to discover that selecting "No returns accepted" would not prevent consequences for fraud.

I told her that she could either give me a partial refund to cover the cost of a microSD expansion or she'd pay out the cost of the sale, the cost of the shipping, and the cost of the return shipping. She refused, shrieking, "No returns! No refund!" I reset and reboxed the laptop for a return and contacted eBay.

After eBay refunded me and told me to keep the item, I told both eBay and the seller that I'd still return her laptop even though eBay's terms no longer required me to do so. I just needed a prepaid shipping label.

She replied, "He wants to return it! He pays for shipping!" eBay responded to say, "We advise you not to pay for the shipping." She responded to say that she'd sue if I didn't return the laptop and would sue after I returned it if she wasn't happy with its condition.

At this point, I ran out of patience and had a lot of data entry to work on, so I decided to reopen the box and get to work on my $0 laptop and not worry about this person who seemed pathologically incapable of taking responsibility for her mistakes or taking action to amend them and who thought it was a good idea to threaten me when I had (a) the money (b) the item and (c) less and less reason to return either with each new threat.

Sorry to hear that.  Some people are entirely unreasonable.  And though it's not common to run into them, you never know what you're gonna get with these sorts of things.


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Sounds like Ebay didn't have much patience with the seller.  The seller definitely seems pretty obnoxious about it all but I could imagine it was frustrating for her if their listing tool provided the wrong spec and she assumed it to be correct.

You'd think they would have at least warned her that if she didn't provide the return label, she'd lose the full value of the sale.

She definitely handled it poorly but ebay could have at least given her a heads up as not everyone has the funds to lose a sale like that.

And Ebay should make it clear with their list tool, especially for products that can have variants, that the specs might not match and the seller should review them.


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Have you gotten a chance to see the play?  How is it?  I had seen a few times he was involved with it, and that it's a new production.


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This is awesome...


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TemporalFlux wrote:

Just watched the premiere episode of a new NBC show, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”:


I really enjoyed it.  It’s not anything ground breaking - just a quirky female lead in kind of a mash-up between Eli Stone and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  It’s also set in San Francisco and even had a passing joke about parallel realities.  But I think what really hooked me in was her family.  For the past four years, I lived that with my father; and it just really caught me off guard seeing that all of a sudden in this crazy little show.  They’ve got a fan in me.

I like it too!  Which was surprising since there were some reviews a couple of weeks ago (I believe they gave some press the first few episodes) and it was really panned.  But the pilot certainly was enjoyable imo.


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https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/da … yX2gPzMOv/


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

It's been really great so far!  I think we lucked out with a pretty great little girl.

And I tried to sell Quinn really hard, but I was vetoed smile


The great thing about sliders is so many unisex names.  Quinn. Wade.  Tracy. 



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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

So I know we talked a bit about my wife and me trying to have a kid.  Well, I wanted to announce that last week, she gave birth to our daughter!  Just wanted you guys to know that 1) so you didn't feel so bad about what happened before and 2) so you won't worry if I'm not here as much in the next few weeks smile

Wow!  Congratulations!  Hope you are enjoying fatherhood!


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There's also a push from the Henson Company to bring back Farscape.  And of course at one point Quantum Leap (the creator wrote  a feature script).  And we know there was a Sliders push from the original group. 

Battlestar Galactica made it back in part because Sam Esmail is so respected.


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Lately I've been checking out an anthology series on Hulu called Dimension 404.  In the way Orville had some Sliders vibes (as a procedual) this feels too a little like what a modern Sliders might feel like (though it's anthology without reoccurring characters)

If you have access to Hulu I recommend you try it a bit.


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ireactions wrote:

I expect that I shall celebrate the fifth anniversary of the twentieth anniversary of SLIDERS by finishing up a website for SLIDERS REBORN five years after it first came out.

That sounds like another meaningful contribution and a very appropriate way to recognize the anniversary.


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March 2020 will be the 25th anniversary of the show's U.S. premiere.

It would be cool if there was some way fans could find a way to commemorate it.  Given, it clearly doesn't look like there will be any more from the brand/original characters in an official capacity.

Maybe folks here have some ideas of what could be done.