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I'd heard that season 3 was bad, so I was worried going in. I actually didn't dislike it. There was some good stuff in there. I think my least favorite of season 3 was "Men Against Fire". It had some interesting ideas (using technology to distance soldiers from the people they're killing), but it just didn't work for me.


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Exactly. It's taking what we already have with social media, and fast forwarding ten, twenty, or fifty years. (actually, this is technology, so maybe three years)

Ever since American Idol started, I've found it strange and disturbing how they can take someone who is a genuinely good singer, with a great personality, and put them through this machine that changes how they look and how they sing, until they are a more generic pop star. It was interesting to see the Black Mirror take on that reality show culture.

Still, I have to warn people that the first episode is possibly not the best one to watch first. Why would they open with that?! smile


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Okay, so the disagreement...

After watching the episode, my brother said that he didn't think that he could watch the rest of the series if that's what the show is like (he's never seen it before). I asked why, and he told me that different countries have fundamentally different views on what justice looks like. He wasn't comfortable with the way Jon Hamm's character was essentially branded like a pedophile because he whispered lines into a guy's ear, or the way the other guy (and his consciousness in the egg) was treated like a stone-cold killer for snapping, after years of having his mind messed with in the worst possible way. He was pretty much given a child, and then had that child taken away from him, all based on the whims of one woman and her technology.

While I agree with my brother that other countries have severe problems with justice and liberty, which many Americans don't notice because we assume that all civilized countries are like our own, I had a very different take on the episode. It might have come from the fact that I have seen the whole series and understand its themes, but I viewed the episode as a techno-horror story. When someone is able to push a button and block you from their world, or when people have the ability to control what information you're allowed to have access to about your own life, the world becomes a twisted and dark place. People become cold and inhuman, treating people the same way they treat tech, and treating tech no thought or care after working to make it believe that it's alive and can feel.

I certainly don't view Hamm's character as entirely sympathetic or good, but the sentence did not fit the crime (which was essentially just not reporting a crime). And the other guy, I actually did feel sympathy for. I think that he was forced to pay for someone else's misdeeds.

Basically, I viewed the episode as a campfire story about the world that we're creating. I didn't view the police in the episode as though they were intended to be the good guys.

My brother saw it as a reflection of the world that we live in, with the assumption that the show works like most shows, and that "justice" prevailed in the mind of the writers.


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Basically, the question is: How do you view the main characters in the episode, their situations, and the punishment that they face?

The disagreement is in how people are intended to perceive those elements. Is the justice just? Are the characters bad people? Stuff like that. I'll explain it a little bit more later.

I see the Fringe comparison, but I think Fringe did it better. AoS has a problem with tone. I'm not sure if the show is supposed to be taken seriously, or if it's supposed to be a campy comedy. Buffy kinda did both, but not many shows pull that off, and with AoS, I'm really not sure how much I'm actually supposed to care about any of this. The characters are poorly developed and the stories aren't well crafted, so I assume that it's supposed to be like a 1980's action series, where we're not supposed to ask too many questions. But that format really doesn't work today, especially on a show where plotlines are drawn out for the entire season.

I watched Punisher!

First of all, I thought that there were 8 episodes when I started watching, so as those 8 episodes were playing out, I was admiring the pace of the show, and their ability to avoid some of the problems that the other shows had because of their episode count. Then I saw that there were 13 episodes... so... yeah. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the show. I just think that these Netflix/Marvel shows would benefit from fewer episodes, or more standalone episodes where the characters are fighting one-off bad guys.

The show's attempt at a secondary bad guy is Lewis Wilson (played by Daniel Webber, whom I've met and worked with. Great guy, so none of the following comments are meant against him personally), a character who does nothing to help the falsehoods and misrepresentations that TV and movies often depict when dealing with soldiers who are suffering from PTSD. I thought this character's story did little to serve the overall series. If you were to remove most of his scenes, I doubt that there would be any significant damage to the show. In fact, his arc's climax leads to one of the weaker parts of the show.

Lewis holds Curtis hostage, which brings Frank out of hiding and this is how he is revealed to the world. Now they know that he is alive, and for some reason, they think that he was responsible for what happened to Curtis. This makes no sense, since Curtis lived and was therefore the only witness to what happened. As such, he would have obviously told the police that Frank *saved* him. And he probably would have spoken with Karen, just for good measure (in case the police chose to cover up Frank's heroics).

Instead, Curtis isn't seen or heard from again until the series has played out.

Lewis is used to show us how much Frank cares about Karen, but I don't think this required as much time in developing the Lewis character as we got.

Billy Russo was another problematic character. The reveal of him being a bad guy wasn't shocking, but it also wasn't well done. There was no attempt made to smooth the lines of who he was and who he now is. There was no attempt to rationalize how Frank's old brother-like friend was now okay with the slaughter Frank's entire family. There was a chance to do some really interesting things with the character and how he could rationalize all of those bad things, or maybe even convince himself that they're not bad at all. Instead, he transformed into a mustache twirling bad guy who occasionally pretends to care about Frank.

For a show a bout guns and skill, the show failed on a lot of technical levels, just to get the story to where the writers wanted it. The use of "silencers" in crowded buildings is a Hollywood trope that is just comedic at this point, and this show is aimed at people who know how suppressors work, so a good part of the audience was probably cringing when the Hollywood silencer showed up. Also, the way the federal agents handled themselves in certain scenes was baffling, but it led to things like Stein's death, which would have been harder to accomplish if they... thought about it. I mean, how did he beat Madani to the confrontation outside when she was directly behind Russo and left Stein behind?

For all of the complaints that I have, I actually didn't hate the show. Frank was a compelling character. I would have loved to have seen more of him hitting the streets and taking out lower-level criminals, but maybe that's what future seasons are for. I think that his relationships on the show were really interesting (aside from the Billy Russo mess). The action was exciting.

Even with too many episodes, I didn't think that the show had as many pacing issues as Jessica Jones or Luke Cage did. And its plot was much more coherent than The Defenders.

My current ranking of the Netflix/Marvel shows, from best to worst:

Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
The Defenders

Luke Cage (I didn't want to be absurd and waste too much space on this board by putting in the full amount of distance between the other shows and Luke Cage)


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Question for anyone who watches Black Mirror:

What is your takeaway from the Christmas episode? How do you view the characters and their stories in the episode? My brother and I are having a disagreement about the intended purpose of the episode. I'd say more, but I don't want to sway the conversation. smile

Question about The Flash:

Maybe I've been in Texas too long, but the cliffhanger didn't strike me as that dire. The man who Barry claimed was a murderous criminal turned around and accused Barry of stalking him and got a restraining order (if I remember correctly).

So I assume that a crime was reported at Barry's apartment. He has a security alert on his phone telling him that someone was there. And Devoe turns up dead on Barry's floor.

How does this look like Barry is in the wrong? If a guy enters my house without permission, I can kill the crap out of him and I'd probably get a high five from the cops that showed up.

I assume that Devoe's wife made some sort of panicked phone call or whatever, but that wasn't shown. Was Barry being framed for kidnapping and murder, or just killing the guy who was in his home uninvited? Not everyone who is found standing over a dead body is going to be treated like a murderer.

I feel like the show wanted us to base our reaction off of what we've seen on other shows/movies and not what we were shown here.

I did enjoy Iris making a passive aggressive comment about Felicity and Oliver highjacking their wedding.

My problem isn't so much the fact that Olicity is happening. It's more that Felicity is horrible in large doses, and is better as a side character. I think this is both about how the character is written, and the way she is played. I'm over Laurel, but when I look at Oliver and Felicity, I genuinely don't get why he is with her. What is he getting out of that relationship? It's like Felicity got her fantasy through a meta power, and Oliver is under some kind of spell. She treats him horribly. She treats everyone horribly.

His other relationships on the show were far more compelling. Even when they weren't good relationships, he didn't seem like a passive element

Spoilers for the Arrow midseason finale...

First, I'd like to say that the writers haven't learned their lesson when it comes to Felicity or Olicity. It wasn't too bad this year when she was just one member of the team, but pushing the relationship has really made her annoying again. She was designed to be a supporting character, not the female lead.

Second... Thea just woke up from a six (plus) month coma, and she just hops out of bed and gets back to normal life? Why do shows insist on doing these massive medical arcs if they refuse to follow up on them? Thea was long past the point where anyone would expect her to wake up, especially without any permanent neurological issues. But it's a comic book show, so fine. But zero rehab? Zero recovery time? This isn't as bad as Oliver being stabbed and thrown off a cliff, only to walk it off. Or Felicity being incurably paralyzed for a couple of episodes. However, it is still frustrating.

I feel like the team splitting up is an act, put on for the cameras in the Arrowcave. Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't feel any sense of doom or kiss from this.

Also, I still don't get why they didn't use the evil Oliver corpse to get Oliver's charges dropped. If they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone with his face, his DNA, and his fingerprints is out there doing bad things, they really can't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was our Oliver who they've been tracking this whole time.

And one last question... Does it really follow Vigilante's MO to join a supervillain club?


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I really didn't expect tonight's Supernatural to work for me. Oddly, it did. I still think that Jack is a strong addition to the show, and seeing the angels take action, rather than stand around in suits and talking a bunch, actually didn't annoy me. They reminded me of the angels from season 5.

Still not a huge fan of the Supernatural multiverse, but it wasn't too bad today.

The one beat that was weird was when Patience's father told her not to come back. I expected it, because I knew that she is going to join Jody's team, but it didn't seem natural to me. Even when he said it, the delivery struck me more like "Once you get into that life, there's no going back" when it seemed to be scripted more like a "If you leave this house, don't bother coming back."


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You know what's weird? I can't read an article about the DC movies without getting the same frustration that I get when I read political articles. I would prefer facts without sly little commentary and opinion shaping.


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That is the question. The solution is to just make good movies and accept that some people (and most critics who don't know comic books at all) will not like them. Trying to make a very specific type of movie appeal to everyone is absurd.

Because then you wouldn't have to buy all of the sets.

This is why it became impossible for me to keep up with comic books.

TemporalFlux wrote:

The first crossover with Vandal Savage was surprisingly done right - the Flash episode was included in the Arrow set and vice versa.  If you only bought Flash season 2 on DVD, you still got the full story; you didn’t even have to swap discs as they were already there in order.

For the Invasion crossover, it was initially advertised that the entire crossover would be in the Flash season three set, but that turned out to not be true.   If you want to see every part of Invasion on DVD, then you have to buy all four DVD sets and swap out the discs for each part.  I think it does tell you which part you have on your set, but it doesn’t tell you on what sets to find the other parts.  I guess they think that’s what Google is for.

So I expect Crisis on Earth X to get the Invasion treatment on DVD.  Maybe they’ll surprise me and do it right like they did the Vandal Savage crossover.

This would annoy me, if I were buying the DVDs. Some people today don't even watch the shows as they air (some don't even have the option), so now those people will have to deal with the fact that major series-altering events took place on completely different shows. Barry and Iris, and Oliver and Felicity got married on Legends. That's going to be a mess when it comes to syndication, DVD sales, as well as streaming. Even if they keep these episodes out of the normal DVD sets and just release Crisis on Earth-X as its own thing, it will mess with casual viewers, and people who only watch one or two of the show.


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See, that type of opinion is something that I have no problem with. I don't 100% agree, nor do I 100% disagree. On the other hand, I absolutely find the Nazi/Hitler thing to be stupid and insane, and won't even pretend to respect it as a legitimate viewpoint. The people who believe that are just uneducated about Nazis and uneducated about Trump. It is factually untrue, for so many reasons. It's like saying that he is an elephant... It's not something that can be a matter of opinion. It's either true or it's not, and in this case, it's not.


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Perhaps you aren't aware of certain events in this political climate, which make it hard for me to see that line as anything so innocent.

For the past couple of years, it has become the norm for certain people to label anyone that they disagree with or don't like as "Literally Nazis" or even "Literally Hitler". While this label is often (and baselessly) applied to Donald Trump, it has been applied to many other people as well. There are political activist websites who will take fairly benign political commentators and label them as Nazis, right along with actual white supremacists. At this point, anyone who owns a MAGA hat is labeled a Nazi by some of these sites.

At the same time that this has been happening, the "punch a Nazi" movement has been pushed on websites and social media. Basically, everyone wants to punch a Nazi, so go ahead and punch a Nazi... Which now includes random YouTube bloggers who have earned the title because they don't support Planned Parenthood or whatever. They have created an actual call to action, wherein it is acceptable to assault someone whose politics you disagree with, and as a result, real people have been injured.

Nazis, and Hitler, were very real evils in this world. Responsible for unthinkable brutality, and the deaths of millions of innocent people. "Nazi" and "Hitler" should never become generic insults that are thrown around carelessly, because that reduces the true nature of their evil. A throw-away line that links Trump to Nazis might seem innocent to you, but as someone who has been paying attention to this hostile climate, I see it as dangerous.

And I'm sorry, but Alex saying "punch a Nazi" wasn't a reference to comic book history. It was a reference to the movement that I mentioned above, in the real world. This is why she didn't say "kicking Nazi ass is as fulfilling as I thought it'd be". The term "punch a Nazi" is very specific.

Again, I have to point out that Donald Trump doesn't even exist within the Arrowverse. How are these references possibly to be taken as anything but real-world commentary (and call to action) from the writers?


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Honestly, I am not fully versed on either story, and I don't want to speak without knowing where I stand. I have vague ideas of opinions, but I have so busy lately that I've barely had time for headlines, much less actual news stories. I'm sure you believe that I would defend James O'Keefe to the death, whether I knew what I was talking about or not, but that's not really the case.

Such as Alex's  "punch a Nazi" comment, which has led to people being physically assaulted in the real world, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with Nazis? I agree. I find it disappointing that you're willing to take a bold stance against my condemnation of that call to violence, but you're silent on the call itself.

Sorry, but I was talking directly about these episodes and these writers, not political beliefs. The belief that Donald Trump is literally a Nazi is not a political belief, because it is a belief that requires a lack of understanding politics. Saying that Donald Trump is not a Nazi is not a political belief, it is a fact. Donald Trump is not a Nazi. Barack Obama is not a Nazi. Hillary Clinton is not a Nazi. Bernie Sanders is not a Nazi... I believe all of these people to be many other things, but to say that they are Nazis is blatantly wrong. If someone out there would like to explain to me how I'm wrong about that, or how it is intimidating for me to state the obvious, feel free.
If these shows are going to continuously voice their views on the subject, I can't be blamed for discussing them. If you're not comfortable with that in a discussion about silly comic book shows, welcome to my world. You didn't have a problem when the actual writers of the show did it, probably because you thought it was funny.

I wasn't commenting on their politics. I was commenting on their maturity and professionalism.

And on another note, how come nobody thought of using evil Oliver's dead body to get normal Oliver cleared of those charges that he is facing? Showing that there are two identical Oliver's running around would make the "beyond a reasonable doubt" thing pretty hard. Though I kinda think they might go ahead and send Oliver to prison next year.

Just finished the crossover.

I think that if they want to keep doing these (and while they can be fun, I'm not sure that they actually should keep doing these 4-way crossovers, as opposed to smaller crossovers spread across the season) they should just film them either during the summer, or as the first episodes of each series for the season, and then air them during the winter break. Supernatural usually does this when Jensen Ackles directs, so he has time to prep his episode before the season starts.

I agree with a lot of what all of you were saying, so I won't go into everything. The Thawne stuff makes absolutely no sense at all. I don't get why they felt a need to bring him back, and I don't get how they did it without remembering how they did it. These writers get very lazy, and it shows. He also made a reference to having fought Superman in the future. So, does Superman end up on Earth 1 at some point?

The Caitlin thing is similar. In one scene, she looked like Caitlin Frost from the end of last season (white hair, brown eyes, and Caitlin's overall posture), but they never said anything about it. It's like they just let Danielle film a scene without the contact lenses for some reason. The Snow/Frost story continues to confuse, but whatever.

There was a real opportunity for them to do interesting things with Kara's double. She would have been from more or less the same Krypton as "our" Kara, only to be found by Nazis when she crashed here. She wasn't a baby when that happened. So how did this Kara, who would have been a good person when she landed, become this monster? And why didn't normal Kara throw out a line like "Do you think this is what our parents had in mind when they sent you here?"
I also thought that Melissa's acting as evil Kara was pretty weak. Overall, the villains were pretty one-dimensional (and that is a problem, even when writing Nazis), but she didn't do the mustache twirling very well.

Sara... If I say what I want to say, I will be criticized for being sexist. So I will just say this... Dean Winchester is a slut. He sleeps around too much, has too little respect for the women that he sleeps with, and he's getting a little old for that act. They started to have him grow up around season 6, but then they stepped back and he returned to his old ways. I didn't like that decision.
Sara Lance makes Dean Winchester look like a saint. The woman can't be in the same room with another female without jumping her bones. And I get it. They want to make her Indiana Jones, and Han Solo, and all of those other Harrison Ford characters who fight bad guys and sleep with all the girls, but they took it too far. Sara used to be an interesting character (and kind of a serial monogamist, if you ask me, since it was always Oliver or Nyssa). Now she has the same problem as Kara, where they're forgetting how to make her an actual character. Her bedding all of these women throughout history is a joke, but that's all she is anymore.
When evil Lance asked her why she would side with the people that she did, she replied by saying "Because I like men, and I like women"... and that answer made no sense in that context. It's like someone asking her if she wants butter on her popcorn and her response being "I'm bisexual". She allied herself with those people because they're the good guys!
And the response she gave robbed the scene of all of the drama that could have come from her father's double threatening to kill her. (and this reminded me once again that she should be facing Laurel this year, not Dinah)

Sara and Alex actually worked together in the scenes where they weren't doing the awkward sex stuff. Why did they even have to go there? The audience would have been shipping them much harder if they didn't start off by having them in bed together!

Felicity... I remember why I hate her now. She literally interrupted someone else's wedding, so that she could get married herself!?!?! Because it couldn't wait five f___ing seconds?! The Oliver/Felicity stuff in this crossover felt really awkward and forced, like the writers needed some relationship drama, but didn't have any good ideas. I hate this pairing so much, because Felicity is so often a b___h to Oliver, and he just stands there and takes it. If the genders were reversed, would anyone be cheering for this couple? At some point, it's just a form of emotional abuse. Oliver can do better. Hell, he HAS done better, and two of his ex girlfriends, and his ex wife, are assassins!

I'm sure there's more to discuss (like why wasn't Ray at the wedding when he knew the couple more than Sara did?) but it's late. So I will just say... the politics. Maybe it's not as big a deal to the rest of you, but I'm just tired of it. In an episode where literal Nazis with the genocide and the camps, and the doomsday weapons are attacking the plant, the writers feel a need to put in Trump references. It's offensive on so many levels, not the least of which is the fact that they are reducing the severity of what the Nazis did to an insult along the lines of "poopy head". I'm tired of not being able to enjoy a stupid comic book series without having them take jabs like this, which are meant as a jab toward at least half of their audience.

Does any sane, rational, mature human being actually believe that Donald Trump is a literal Nazi? Of course not. He is a lot of things that pretty much all of us would agree on, but a Nazi is not one of them. And yet, this trend of calling anyone you disagree with a Nazi continues, along with the "punch a Nazi" (also referenced in the crossover) line, which has resulted in people who are not remotely Nazis actually being assaulted in the real world. I don't find that funny.

And before everyone says that I'm overreacting to these innocent little jabs, I'd like to remind you that these shows have established other presidents for both Earth 1 and whatever Earth Kara comes from. The Trump references have no place on these shows, and having them in there isn't just petty, it's unprofessional.

Overall, the crossover was fun, but shallow. The writing could have used a few more passes with the red pen, but that doesn't seem to happen much with these shows, and a lot of really basic mistakes are made because of it. The plot didn't always make sense (as mentioned by someone else, they never explained why they attacked Earth 1 if they had been targeting Kara all this time). The dialogue was unpolished, to the point where some conversations made no sense, as writers tried to force their way into a punchline. I agree that it was better than last year, but I'm not sure that these crossovers are worth the effort. They are sloppy and rushed, and pretty much always feel like something that exists outside of the real Arrowverse anyway. These episodes will have a lasting impact, with weddings and deaths, but I don't see how they will be anything but awkward, both when we get back to the normal shows, and when/if we rewatch these on DVD. How do they even handle these episodes on DVD? I haven't checked to see about that.

I'm being super negative, I know. The episodes were fun to watch.


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I wouldn't call BvS a massive success. I would call it a solid success. I would call it impressive for a franchise that is several reboots down the line for both of its main characters. That's a detail that Marvel has only had to deal with when it comes to Spider-Man thus far. And considering that they cut off a lot of potential profits by making the movie less than kid-friendly, I think it did pretty well. I'm not delusional about its success, but I'm also not in the camp that would consider it to be any measure of a failure or disappointment.

I don't disagree with what you say will happen to the franchise in the future, but I disagree with the logic behind your comments. You see the DCEU as a reaction to the Marvel universe. The truth is that DC has been trying to put together a Justice League movie, and a shared universe, for many years. It just didn't come together until after Marvel put theirs out, and there are a bunch of factors going into that situation, from the basic ability for the studios to produce these movies regularly, to the fact that Nolan's movies were never going to be a part of a joint universe and they were out while the mainstream popularity of comic book movies was on the rise. Obviously, the success of Marvel's movies helped to prove the theory that the audience would go for this sort of thing, but saying that Marvel is responsible for the idea, and DC was simply reacting to the MCU is like giving Apple credit for the popularity of cell phones. DC was the one that built this foundation, over the course of decades, yet nobody says that Iron Man was a response to the success of Batman Begins.

You say that DC was trying to catch up to Marvel, forcing the joint universe, and will now break them up as a response to the less than stellar reaction, allowing them to be their own thing. However, this was always the plan. The Justice League movie was never meant to be the grand finale, as it was with the Avengers. It was the big bang that creates the DC universe. It was always intended to launch characters like Aquaman and Cyborg, with the help of more established characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. DC has always had the idea of allowing filmmakers to take these characters into their own corner of the DC universe and do their own thing, not dependent on the bigger universe. Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad are examples of this. I don't think that it's a reaction to anything. I don't think it's a sign that Justice League didn't work. I think it's just the way things were always going to happen.

The problem is that people are measuring the DCEU against the MCU, and the two are not the same animal.

Joss was brought in to work on Justice League by Snyder, because he had skills that Snyder wanted to use (and he was already working with the studio on the DCEU). It wasn't something that the studio was forcing. Whedon was working under the direction of Snyder, and people seem to be overlooking that detail quite a lot (I've seen articles asking why Whedon wasn't getting directing credit, which is absurd).

(side note: I think there's a chance that Joss is already gone from the DCEU, following what his wife wrote about him. He hasn't spoken much about Justice League in the press, and he made a passive-aggressive jab at the JL villain on Twitter. They insist that he's still working on Batgirl, but I think that could possibly just be a way of avoiding bad publicity right now)

I think Aquaman will stand on its own. I think Shazam will stand on its own. I think most of the single-lead movies will stand on their own, just like Man of Steel and Wonder Woman did. There may or may not be another JL movie in the near future. I think the plan for that probably got thrown when the Snyders (who have been developing this movies) stepped down. We'll have to see what happens, and if they ever decide to come back.

I still haven't seen Justice League. Soon, I hope. I'm avoiding spoilers as much as possible. A lot of people seem to like it... so I'll probably hate it. smile

The Flash is getting really hard to watch lately. Last week's episode was just stupid, with the Wells doubles who were all obviously ripped off from movies (in one case, a movie that they directly referenced elsewhere in the episode). Dibny is annoying.

None of these writers were hired because of their ability to write comedy. The show is not a comedy. So, why have we had three stupid "comedic" episodes in a row, and why have they introduced a recurring character who could not possibly exist in any serious episode?

Last year, people (not me) complained that the show was too dark and brooding. This year, they've over-corrected by throwing their series out the window, and coming up with this messy, unfunny, horribly written garbage. If the show keeps going on this path, I'm going to eventually have to drop it, just like I did Supergirl and Legends when they threw quality storytelling out the window.

Hard to believe that Arrow is the least offensive show of the bunch these days. So far, this season hasn't made much of an impact either way... but I am still a couple of episodes behind, so that could change.


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I tried a couple of Mr. Robot episodes, but it didn't grab me.

I'm starting to think that my brain is wired backwards. It seems like I don't like the things that everyone else loves, and I love the things that everyone else hates.


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I've been talking about the problems in Hollywood, in regards to child abuse and sexual harassment. It's nothing new, and I'm glad that it is being openly talked about now.

That said, it seems like every person in Hollywood is trying to be a part of some twisted trend, "bravely" telling stories about supposed sexual harassment that we aren't supposed to ask any questions about, lest we be branded enemies to all womankind.

There is a difference between bad behavior, smut talk, and sexual harassment. Being on different sets, and in normal real-world situations as well, I have heard all sorts of conversations that I wouldn't take part in because they're not my style and I find them vulgar. These comments were not exclusively from men, or toward women.

However, I'm a grown-up and I can move on with life without being scarred by smut talk.

The problem that Hollywood has is with genuine intimidation, threats, assaults, molestation, rape, etc. Very real problems. I find it distasteful that many people are trying to claim victim good for themselves and lump themselves in with real victims because they didn't like a dirty joke, or they heard a second-hand story about someone else having something inappropriate said to them.

Victimhood shouldn't be trendy.


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Justice League has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 37%! Things are looking up! smile

Oh yeah, it was ridiculous. But the whole episode was ham-fisted, so the #feminism thing was just one piece of that mess. I don't even think that it helped the #feminism cause much, because the women pretty much made a mess of the situation and looked foolish while doing it.


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I think they've been trying to explore more obscure characters and storylines, keeping in mind that we have been exposed to a lot of these characters, in one form or another, for decades. Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman did the same thing.

The question is, are these just mainstream film reviewers who don't like the plot, or do comic book fans hate it too?


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So Justice League is getting torn to shreds by the press, which is to be expected. The thing that makes it hard for me to take the reviews seriously is the fact that they're holding Wonder Woman up as the high point of the franchise, when that movie has more issues than probably any other DC movie.

The critical want it to be a Marvel movie and then slam it when it's not. They criticize Ben Affleck for being to dour as Batman... But that is Batman's role in the group. And some critics seem to be trying to spare Whedons work by picking out bits that sound like he would have added them, and praising those bits.

I may end up agreeing with the critics. If the studio tried to "correct" the franchise, it might suck. However, the reviews that I've seen are using phrasing that doesn't sit well with me.

I think the crossover has been confirmed to be one big movie, where you wouldn't even know which show you're watching if you didn't see the title card for the series. It is a shame that I'll have to watch the Legends and Supergirl stuff though, but hopefully they can make them less annoying for the crossover.

I was out of town, so I just got around to seeing last week's Flash (and I'm still behind on Arrow). I have to say, I'm tired of the overly comedic, silly episodes. The guy that they cast as Ralph Dibny is annoying, with his Jim Carrey-style delivery of every line. I'd actually rather have Wally back. Also, the campy comedy doesn't work for the show. It just doesn't. I'm all for light and fun, but within the structure of the established series.

I also don't get the Killer Frost arc. When we left her in last season's finale, she was a blend of Caitlin and Frost, bringing those sides together and figuring out what that meant. She didn't take Julian's cure because she didn't want to throw off that balance and ignore either side of herself. So it didn't make sense when she came back as Caitlin this season. And now we learn that she went to Starbuck (or whatever Katee Sackhoff's name is on this show) for help repressing the Killer Frost side, but it didn't work.

This doesn't make sense. What good was Caitlin working for this woman without the ice powers? Why didn't she just take Julian's cure if that's what she wanted? Why did the writers decide to abandon the idea of mixing these two sides of the character, and instead decided to replay last year's arc for her?

So far, this season seems really sloppy. They look like they're attempting to bring lightness and fun into the show, but they're doing it as the cost of the actual story.


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The real issue is probably less about sex than it is about ego, control and money. I'm not a "#thepatriarchy" type of person, but when you look at cult leaders and how they manipulate people, what they convince people to do is usually secondary to the act of controlling them. As Owen Benjamin says it, the act of breaking someone to the point of getting them to say that 2+2=5 is their whole endgame, because they own you after that.


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I stand corrected.


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The weird part is that the original report didn't name Allison. It referred to an Emmy winning actress with the initials A.M. and the connection was made to Allison because we all know that she has ties to the cult.

But she doesn't have an Emmy, does she? I'm not saying that it isn't her... But I think my skeptical mind is looking for a way for her to not by a psychopath.


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Yeah, that's true. It's hard to see how she'd go from wanting to empower girls to having slaves whose asses she paddles if they misbehave, unless she never cared about any of that good stuff at all.

This whole thing is so insane. I can't get my brain wrapped around it. It seems like an Andy Kaufman gag or something.

At least Kristin Kreuk got out of it and isn't a psychopath.


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I mean... Once you start holding people down and branding them with your initials, it's hard to come across as sweet and innocent.

I want there to be some other explanation here. Allison working undercover for the FBI, or something. But it's not looking good.

So many shows that I enjoy are getting harder to watch because actors keep turning out to be twisted and evil. How do I unsee this crap and enjoy Smallville the way I could, way back when Sam Jones III was the disappointment?


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https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4864917/i … h-paddles/

Now I'm not sure whether Allison is a victim or a perpetrator.


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Yeah, i hate clicking headline links that lead there. smile


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I don't take superherohype.com seriously anymore. Their coverage of the comic book movies has been ridiculously biased, to the point where they fail to report details or fill in gaps with huge leaps in logic. As you said, we know that there are movies and details that aren't being reported in the report that you quoted. Warner Bros/DC has been doing the filmmaker-driven thing all along, and then you get articles about how Justice League is somehow reverting to a failed form because they have dumped the Patty Jenkins style.

It makes no sense.


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I think we can debate back and forth about how good the movies were, but they've consistently performed well at the box office. The studio has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the box office numbers.

What I think Warner/DC is doing is developing ideas and seeing what works. There are a lot of movies in Hollywood that have directors attached and get through the scripting stage, but never actually get made. I think it's fine and even good for them to see where some of these ideas can go, but I don't think that we need all of them. Even Batgirl, as it stands now, should probably be scrapped. Incorporate her into a Batman movie, or even a Harley movie, but I don't know if that project sounds appealing on its own, at least to me. I'd rather see Nightwing. Or a Bat family movie.


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Yeah, I stopped watching trailers a while ago. Trailers ruin movies these days, because the marketing people have no idea who they're marketing to, or what these franchises are all about.

I don't think the DCEU has had any real failures, so I don't know that they need more wins before they make plans. I just prefer that they don't set some random release date and rush to put out half-baked movies (like Disney does).

Zachary Levi was just cast in the Shazam movie. That should be interesting. I can see him pulling off the whole "superhero body with a kid's mind" thing.


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I just read an article which stated that Warner Bros. is waiting to see how Justice League does before they make a final decision on whether to make the Flash movie or not.

So this movie that we've all been expecting to be scrapped for some time now is going to be the big tell on how doomed the DCEU is. LOL.

I see that. It had similarities to Black Mirror's themes as well, which is a show that could take entirely on one Sliders Earth.

The Orville is interesting. MacFarlane is probably the weak point of the cast. He just strikes me as a LARPer in the role, moreso than anyone else. That said, they've explored some interesting topics, and in ways that we don't normally see on TV today (OMG, their main villain isn't based on Trump! They're based on the actual bad guys in the world!).

I resent the show, because I feel like they're taking the wind out of the sails of the Galaxy Quest series that has been discussed. At the same time, I can't deny that they've done some interesting things. The humor isn't 100% my taste, but the show still holds my interest more than a lot of what's on today. They definitely put more care into it than shows like Supergirl (did they really make a Trump reference despite having a totally different President established in their reality?) or Legends.


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So far, I'm liking this version of Android. Both Android and Samsung have done a lot of work in optimizing battery use since the S4, which I appreciate. I end the day with battery to spare, and my pocket no longer feels like it's going to burst into flames.

Of course, there are other things that have improved as well. I have the unlocked Note 8, so I don't have the bloatware. AT&To still managed to mess with my by taking away my ability to use Google Voice for my voicemail. I don't appreciate that, but it's less intrusive than what they did to my S4.

I can't really compare Samsung's Android to the standard Android, since I haven't used any non-Samsung versions in years. However, I do like what I've seen so far. I love the ability to doodle or take notes on the always-on display. The phone is fast, and there wasn't much work for me to do in adjusting to the newer features. My blue light filter is already there, and I have it set to go on at a certain time. The 4K HDR videos on YouTube are amazing. They look almost 3D at times.

I now just swipe up on the screen to go to the apps screen, which is nice. And pressing the power button twice brings the camera up pretty quickly, even if the phone is locked. I really like the live focus feature on the Note 8, and there are other camera and picture editing features that are cool too, but I haven't properly explored some of them yet.

Bixby... Is still developing. Right now, I don't use it much, because many of the apps that I would want to use it with aren't supported. I hope that changes in time.

Some people complain that the Note 8 is too big to easily use. I haven't had any trouble at all. It is actually pretty comfortable. I don't use my phone as a phone very often, so the big screen great for how I actually do use my phone. Lately, I've been testing out recording for audiobooks. I have a real nice which hooks up to my computer, but I need to keep my computer out of my actual recording space because of the noise. I can't fidget around too much while reading, so to Note 8 is perfect. I can pull up a chapter of my book in Word, highlight the dialogue with different colors, so I can keep characters straight, and then use my little phone tripod thing to hold the phone as I read. I can get a lot done without having to scroll. The text is so crisp that even at a small size, I can still read it with no problem.

So far, it's been smooth sailing. I have a case on it, so I can't say how sensitive the sides are, but the phone has the infinity display, so I would imagine that they've done some work to keep accidental taps to a minimum.


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Apple sucks. They've always been bad, but the last few years have been mind boggling bad, and the new phones just don't make sense to me.

BTW, I'm writing this on my new Note 8. I didn't pay full price, since my brother got me some discounts, but it was still wicked expensive. Still, I will probably have this phone for five or six years, so am I spending more money than I would on a cheaper phone that I'd have to replace in two years?

That's my logic and I'm sticking to it. And I love my S-Pen. smile

So, I might be done with Legends. I'm watching the most recent episode now, and it isn't just bad, it's political pandering by people who have no idea what they're talking about. In direct response to Trump being elected, they bring in a new female hero who is Isis in the comics... And then make her Muslim.

Isis isn't Muslim! Making her Muslim would quite possibly get her killed by her own religion, since Isis is derived from a different religion.

And why? Why invent a fictional version of what a Muslim would be (having a brown woman declare that she is Muslim doesn't make her a representative of the religion any more than most TV Christians represent real Christianity). And why is this a reaction to Trump? Feeding into this idea that he is some sort of white supremacist is creating more tension in the country than anything he is actually doing.

Legends isn't the show to push a political agenda. They should be focused more on trying to fix their horrible writing. They are out of their league on both counts, and now the show isn't just bad, it is aggrivating.

So yeah. The show was on its way out with me. This is just the last straw. What is the incentive to watch at this point?

One problem is that Kid Flash is Flash's sidekick, and that role has been filled by a whole team of other people on the show.

I agree that they should have hired someone who fit the role of the street racer a bit more. Less Disney kid, and more Fast and Furious kid. Then they shouldn't have made his introduction to the West family go so smoothly. He shouldn't have moved in, he should have been raised from a totally different point of view, and viewed Joe as a deadbeat who turned his back on his mother, an he should have clashed with both Barry and Iris more. This could change slowly, over time, but he should have been a distant side character and not part of the team. His becoming a speedster should have been something that happened to him without his wanting it, and as someone who had no strong role models, he could go either way. Barry mentoring him would be as much for the safety of the world as it was for Wally's benefit, and through that relationship, Wally would come to know this side of his family. I wouldn't make him super close to Iris or Joe though. Maybe he's closer to Barry and Cisco than he is to his real family.

And as for love interests... I like Jesse, but c'mon. He should have been going after Linda Park.

I get the hesitation to fill the show with conflict, but with someone who is planned to be around for the run of the series, a drawn out arc shouldn't be out of the question.

I haven't watched Legends yet. I probably will... eventually... maybe.

Anyway, the funniest part of this week's Flash episode was when Wally told everyone that he left our universe and nobody even noticed. The team doesn't need him, and he's going to leave... And absolutely nobody argued with him about any of this. Cisco gave Harrison a speech about him having a home and how he should stay. Cisco also tracked down Caitlin earlier this season and convinced her to come home, because it was her family and her home and she belonged there. But with Wally, crickets.

The fact is, this Wally just isn't a great character. He doesn't have a lot going on with his story, and I can see why they had him leave. All he ever gets to be is "Not Barry", and he doesn't add much else.

Iris had one on the premiere of The Flash, I think. I don't recall any others.


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I wss on TV Line when I saw the news of his passing. The headline was like "He was on Game of Thrones and did some audiobooks" and I just wanted to smack my head. This dude has been everywhere on my TV since I could form memories, and this is the best they could do?!

You would think. But they've essentially killed off the Sara that we knew on Arrow. The version on Legends might as well be an alternate universe Sara at this point.

They made a mess with Legends, and it's getting every other show dirty.


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I actually liked the premiere more than I thought I would. Jack isn't as bad as I expected. I like the vagueness of the character. He could go either way. At times he seems like Castiel, and at other times it seems like he could blow the world up with his brain. I'm curious to see how long they walk this line with him, and which side he ends up on.

Still not a big fan of the alternate universe though.