Iris had one on the premiere of The Flash, I think. I don't recall any others.


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I wss on TV Line when I saw the news of his passing. The headline was like "He was on Game of Thrones and did some audiobooks" and I just wanted to smack my head. This dude has been everywhere on my TV since I could form memories, and this is the best they could do?!

You would think. But they've essentially killed off the Sara that we knew on Arrow. The version on Legends might as well be an alternate universe Sara at this point.

They made a mess with Legends, and it's getting every other show dirty.


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I actually liked the premiere more than I thought I would. Jack isn't as bad as I expected. I like the vagueness of the character. He could go either way. At times he seems like Castiel, and at other times it seems like he could blow the world up with his brain. I'm curious to see how long they walk this line with him, and which side he ends up on.

Still not a big fan of the alternate universe though.

Watched Arrow. I think it was a pretty weak premiere, and unnecessarily so. The five month time jump happened because the show needs to line up with all of the others. It didn't serve this story at all, and the slow trickle of plot killed every ounce of drama and tension on the show. Characters were specifically dancing around facts that they knew but we didn't, and it shouldn't have been that way. This episode should have picked up directly after the finale, with Oliver rushing to find survivors. William tagging along and kinda bonding with Oliver in that moment, instead of Oliver deciding to leave his kid alone on an island that has proven itself to be about as safe as Team Arrow's lair.

Oliver and Felicity. Why? When did this seem like a good idea?

Thea in a coma... I guess it's better than killing her off, but if she can't breathe by herself after five months, I'm guessing that there isn't much brain activity. But it's a TV coma, so I guess it doesn't have to make sense.

I kinda wish that Sara was back on Arrow this year. Having Dinah face off against an evil Laurel is nowhere near as cool as it would be to have Sara fighting her. Maybe they should have put Dinah on Legends for a while and kept Sara on Arrow.

And speaking of Dinah, does anyone else get weird vibes when she and Diggle go on missions together? I swear it looked like they were going to kiss at one point this week, and I hope they're not planning to go there.

The directing was also off this week. A lot of the blocking was just clunky and awkward, and at times it seemed like characters were specifically working around the camera, rather than living in that scene.

I hope the season picks up. The three seasons that we've had of the show so far have been pretty entertaining. I'd hate to see the fourth season of this show turn out as bad as some of those horrible fan films that I saw between season 2 and last year's long-delayed season 3.

Legends and Supergirl both suffer from writers who don't take their job seriously. That's why I gave up on Supergirl. Right now, I'm just pretending that Legends takes place in another universe. Somewhere in the Arrow universe is a Sara Lance that wasn't ruined.

Nope. They rarely reference the months or years that they're sometimes stranded in different times. And that's a problem. Even if the show if supposed to be wacky fun, the writers should still be taking their work seriously. They aren't though.

I wasn't a huge fan of where we left off with Caitlin this week. Last year was about the struggle between these two extreme versions of her. Normal Caitlin is so buttoned up and good, and Killer Frost is everything opposite of that. So when we left her in the finale and she seemed to be finding a way to bring those two extremes into one balanced person, I was pretty intrigued. Good Caitlin, but with an edge and probably with her powers. Seeing how she was dressed, I thought that this is what we were getting.

But now if looks like we are back to where we were last season, with the two halves competing. Why repeat that?

As for Legends... Yeah, you can't think about it too much. Ray should still be super rich and able to do whatever he wants. Sara should have probably just gone back to Team Arrow. Maybe this season could have been about Ray keeping the team together as an international super spy company, with Rip coming in and out of the picture to recruit them as needed.

I'm not sure what to do with Legends, with or without Stein. Somehow, they've manged to take several solid characters from the different shows, and completely destroy them on this mess of a series. Sara is no longer Sara. Firestorm has zero cool factor anymore. I can see why Victor Garbor would want out.

I hope that they don't kill him. They set up an out for him, and they should take it. I still think it was a mistake to kill off Ronnie so soon. It'd be nice if Stein could appear on The Flash from time to time. I'm not sure there is a point in trying to figure out what they will do about Jax. He is barely used as Firestorm anyway.

Legends should be such a fun comic book show. Instead, it's like a production that a fourth grader would put on in their basement.

On the topic of HR, I kinda liked him. I like that he got to be a different kind of smart, and one that Harrison couldn't relate to at all. I thought it was interesting, because TV shows usually make their "smart" characters smart in every way. If they're good hackers, that means that they're good at building gadgets, etc. It makes no sense. It's nice to see a different type of use for a brain that is still naturally brilliant.


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It's amazing how many high-level politicians base their gun control arguments on James Bond movies. I'm sure that many people use disinformation to spread fear and outrage because a lot of people aren't actually familiar with guns and scaring them wins politicians some easy points. However, to anyone who is even a little bit familiar with these things, it makes a lot of these people sound ridiculous.


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Y'know, I am no Trump lover, but the man is interesting. People think that they're being defiant by taking a knee in protest of Trump (which is really the reason at this point, rather than blm and all that), but they're helping him more than hurting him. Every time someone misquotes him or takes a quote out of context, even people who don't necessarily like Trump are forced to say "well, not exactly..." So people are now getting into the habit of "defending" Trump (really just pointing out inaccuracies about him) so often that by the time 2020 rolls around, people will be accustomed to rallying behind him on a regular basis.

None of these protests are hurting him in the least. And he knows exactly what he's doing with his "sloppy" comments.

Dude is a jerk, but he knows how to play the game that republicans usually suck at and liberals usually win.

On another topic, I watched this today!

So a gay classically liberal man interviewing a black woman who considered herself a liberal until about a year ago... It is an interesting story, because they represent stories that I've been hearing a lot lately. This woman never would have been "red pilled" if she hadn't been attacked by the extreme left. And he still consideration himself a liberal because of his beliefs, but he finds conservatives more open to his beliefs than the far left (who label him "alt-right" because... Well, they do that to everyone).

I think that the far left (Antifa activist types, but also celebrities and politicians) have gone so far to the left that they're alienating normal liberals who simply don't believe that voting for a republican makes you a Nazi. I've seen Rubin discussing issues with all kinds of conservatives that I'm sure liberals hate, but what's interesting is that despite having very, very different beliefs, those conversations tend to be really civil exchanges of ideas. There is no presumption that anyone is an evil Nazi who wants to eat babies.

I wonder if the extreme, pretty absurd left is reaching a point where the bubble will burst and the crazies will go home, and the normal, rational liberals will take their place.

Probably not. There's a lot of money to be made by keeping hate burning. But at least there are some interesting discussion taking place.


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I'll hold off reading this stuff for now smile


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How much of that is spoilery? Should I read it?


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I'm holding out for spring, for the free binge watch. I've heard opinions on both sides though.

I actually didn't hate the Elektra character. If the Hand had been taken care of somewhere around episode 2, in some epic battle naturally, and then we see Elektra wake up from the dead as this being who is torn between who she was before and this purpose that she was brought back for, it could have been more interesting. She wouldn't have been a straight-up villain.

But then the question becomes, what do we need Danny, Luke and Jessica for? I don't know. I guess we need random ninjas for them to fight. Or maybe Claire could get tired of stumbling around from one lone hero to the next, and decides that their problems could all be handled more effectively if they joined forces for the big stuff. We could see them fighting less apocalyptic bad guys, as they learn how to work together.

There were good elements. It just seemed more like a vague idea for a series, more than an actual series.


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I'm glad to hear that he is okay. My initial reaction was to wonder if he simply chose to drive himself, rather than use another production-provided method of transportation. However, Tom Welling was in a similar situation on Smallville and it took the rest of the cast writing a letter to get him a driver.

The hours are insane on these productions. I've done really crazy weeks from time to time, but then I get to take some time off and recharge. The main cast and crew don't have that luxury. Especially the crew, who work no matter who is in a scene. You can always tell the difference between the start of their work week and the end.

Normal network seasons are 22+ episodes, and that catches up to these productions very quickly, even with insane hours. Maybe the solution is to shorten seasons a little and film those seasons entirely before airing them at all, the way you see on cable and streaming services. That would relieve the scheduling pressure, but not the money pressure. I don't know if there is a great solution. It is a brutal industry to work in. They can provide drivers, but there are tons of crew members, cast members and even extras. So door to door rides aren't realistic for everyone. And even if they were, you can't force someone to sit on a bus for two hours if they want to try to drive home in five minutes. Tricky.

I'm not usually a big supporter of Hollywood union bullsh-t, but this type of situation is where they might actually come in handy.


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Dude, you just came up with a novel, screenplay or stage play. The book club cult thing is a great hook, and it's something original. Don't create a Quinn Mallory character, but you could have your book cult leader looking to TV characters and politicians as charismatic role models as he/she builds their cult leader persona.

And while we're on the subject of book clubs... I mean... you do know an author with several books out. Just sayin'. ;-)

I think I view Allison as a victim here because I felt incredibly uncomfortable watching her body language and listening to the tone of her voice in that video. She looked like someone who was scared of having the wrong thought. When you compare that to something like this: the difference is incredible. In one she looks like an abused puppy, and in the other, she's talking about how loud an opinionated she is. When I see her talking about things she knows and which she believes in (even if it's just telling a story from the set that actually happened) she seems confident and strong. However, when I see her talk about her beliefs, etc, she just seems so lost. I don't know. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but she seems to struggle with finding her true north.

When I say that it doesn't seem like she is engaging in that conversation, it's not that she doesn't look smitten with his words. It's that... When you're having a conversation that's sparking thoughts and ideas, and which is revealing truth to you, it tends to show a bit more. What little she did offer that conversation was delivered in quiet, unsure tones, as though she could be punished for having the wrong thought.

I watch Leah Remini's show about Scientology, and I see this guy using some of the same tactics when approaching his victim. When I look in her eyes, I see that almost drugged look that you see in Leah's eyes in those videos from way back when she was still in the cult. It's that look of someone who is totally devoted, but they don't really know why, and they can't put it into words. They have the absolute truth in their hands, but they have no idea what it is... yet they don't want to say that they don't understand it, because that means that they are defective.

I don't think that Allison is stupid or weak. I think that she is searching for something real, and she's not sure how to find it. So much of her life has been fake. Hollywood is fake. A lot of what they do out there is similar to what you'll find in cults. If you don't say the right thing and believe the right thing, and put on the right act, you are punished. And it all contradicts each other. You have to sell yourself as a sex object and a strong woman who demands respect at the same time. You have to starve yourself and work out endlessly, while declaring that your favorite part of the job is the snack table.

In a way, she's been in a cult for most of her life. Other actors would have breakdowns or turn to drugs as a result of that mental game, but she got attracted to something like this instead. Probably because a lot of what he says (the hollow circles of what he says) reflect the Hollywood message, so it's new but familiar.

I've seen other actors and actresses on that search for something real and meaningful in life, and I think there is a moment in that search where they are really vulnerable. When they are an empty glass that is looking to be filled.

Like I said, I could be reading into things while watching that video. He just seemed like both the snake and the charmer at the same time, and she just seemed to fall in line behind him. I won't invest in rumors of threeways and all of that, but I can give my thoughts on the video itself. smile

Oh, and for what it's worth, I wouldn't describe the two of us as being opposed to each other. That makes it sound like we're not friends. I would just say that we both mean well, but have very different perspectives on many issues (mine being the right perspective, of course). smile


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I am a little uneasy with what I've heard about the new season. I wish the alternate reality would be resolved quickly and not get much focus. I wish there was no more Heaven/Hell/angel/demon stuff...

But then again, the show has surprised me in the past. Maybe this won't suck, but last year's arcs could have been better.


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Yikes. Damn.

Okay, so there are longer videos available, but the one I chose to watch was this one:

Watching the video is uncomfortable for me, but also fascinating in a way. I see Allison reaching for something. Her side of the conversation seems like someone who has always been told that she has to be "this" and the message is "that", which is true of someone in that industry. Before she had a chance to decide who she was as a person, she was told that she had to be a role model for all young women. No pressure. But that side of Hollywood is as fake as what we see on TV. The causes that they champion and the messages they convey are carefully crafted to create a certain image for the public.
As an adult, she appears to realize the false nature of those images and titles, and she seems to want to move beyond the bullshit, but I'm not sure that she knows how to explore those feelings without reading books on the subject, or having someone explain it to her. In doing this, she is repeating the process that got her here in the first place. If my reading of her is right, she has a noble goal, but she is going about it the wrong way.

He is a con man. He answers her questions with hollow, meaningless ramblings that offer no great insight, but he does so in a way that validates her question and makes her feel like he is giving an answer that is just barely beyond her reach. He mirrors her thought process and projects a calm and rational version of what she already thinks, and passes it off as his own wisdom. He rambles, and she smiles blankly because he is saying nothing and her mind is probably wandering. She isn't engaging with what he says at all, and at times her physical response is dictated by his movements... She is actually being led into her responses without realizing it. His rambling is the smoke and mirrors. He says a lot of crap and she does her best to find some shape or purpose in them. But it isn't an actual conversation. There is no back and forth. He contradicts himself and feeds into what she is struggling with, offering validation...

I don't know enough about him or his organization to say whether or not it's a cult (my research so far is this one video) but he is very clearly a con artist. And you do see this performance play out in religious situations, which is why I've always been incredibly uncomfortable being preached to. I'm a strong Christian, but I turn into a total Scully the second I step inside a church. Not that all preachers are con men. I've just seen my share of them.


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Seriously? That's so sad, but Mack has been in the Hollywood machine for so much of her life, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if she were manipulated into a cult.

I can't judge, but I can be deeply concerned.


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Should be interesting. I'm curious to see how Riverdale holds up in season 2.


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It's a shame, because I love me some nostalgia TV. smile


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A lot of the MacGyver stuff was BS though. Just saying.

Fun fact: I can't watch MacGyver anymore! In 2009, I decided to sit down and watch the first episode on Netflix. While watching, I was informed that my father had suffered a severe stroke (which ended up throwing the lives of a few of us into complete chaos, which never ended).

A while later, the initial trauma of that stroke died down and life went on. So we decided to sit down and watch an episode of MacGyver. Good times, right? Except, my father wound up in the hospital again that night (I forget why... Possibly a seizure, which we weren't familiar with at that point).

So, the show is officially considered cursed in my family. Nobody is allowed to watch it at this point.

I just thought it was weird, with Claire. I was expecting something big to happen, and for her to be like "I know some people who could help", and then the group would come together. Then it didn't happen that way. Then there were some scenes where it was almost like she didn't know people that she did know.

Basically, I think that Claire was forced into some of the shows when she didn't really need to be there. I thought the reason for that was going to be her knowing everyone and acting as the bridge. Now her role in everyone's lives is just weird. smile

And she really should have grabbed Misty's arm. I know her whole comic book story, but that sh_t can be reattached these days! Claire had to know that!

I didn't hate the show. Luke trying to "white privilege" a guy who literally spent decades not only being a minority, but being physically and psychologically abused, was a funny (was that supposed to be a joke? It was, right?). The show was fun. It was certainly better than most of what Marvel puts out. I just didn't feel like it was as strong as some of the individual shows.


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I have friends like Rosenbaum, but I have a hard time keeping up with them. I'm not a pot smoker, or all fart and dick jokes, or anything like that. So I often stumble around, trying to find ways to interact with that type of person (who isn't necessarily just a gross person, but just has a different personality and way of expressing his/herself) while staying in my own somewhat square style.

I understand Tom's mentality more than Michael's. Michael is a showman and a self promoter. An extrovert. Tom is a more humble (at least outwardly. I don't want to insult Rosenberg) worker, who isn't interested in the self promotion BS within the industry. I get that. I am very similar, which is why I have a hard time promoting my books and found it impossible to push my way into an acting career. So much of it is the BS, and I just didn't have it in me. I can't lie without immediately feeling horrible and coming clean about it, so it's hard for me to schmooze.

I also get how Tom could be swept into the situation where he was working non-stop for 10 years, because he couldn't put his foot down and demand more free time. I would totally be that person who never spoke up. I'm fascinated by his story, because he is such the anti-Hollywood type, and I don't want to discount the work that he did to get what he earned, but his personality just doesn't lend itself to achieving that level of success and holding onto it. On top of that, he was surrounded by a cast that genuinely cared about him enough to speak up for him when he wouldn't do it himself, which I think says great things for everyone involved. In my (much more humble) experience on various sets, I've seen the group energy come together in a way that just made the whole experience fun and worthwhile, even when the hours were miserably long. I've also been on sets where there were more people around than I could count, and it felt like the most awkward, lonely, isolated place in the world. Working the hours in that type of environment, for ten years, would be hell.

Jensen Ackles (another one of the actors who I respect because he's not all Hollywood BS) once said that most young actors would go to the opening of an envelope for the sake of publicity and networking, and he isn't into that scene.

I love the stories of people that I can identify with, but who found a way to make it work. Who stay grounded and who don't turn into complete a-holes, the way so many actors do once they find success. I don't want to call it luck, because I think they still work hard and earn it just as much as the people who are constantly promoting themselves, but I've never been able to find that angle from which to approach a career in the entertainment industry where I could find success while managing to feel like myself at the end of the day.

As for Michael joking with Kristin about getting an erection, I think it's a combination of his being able to pull off the joke, and her being able to take it as the joke that it was. There are many, many people who would jump at the chance to get offended rather than laugh those things off, and I think any environment like that would be doomed to feel awkward and fake all the time.

I can't really say how faithful to the comics the show was, but in terms of the TV shows, there were moments that just didn't feel right to me. It just seemed like they wanted to fill pages with this back and forth, but it didn't always work. And the weird thing is, I thought Claire was being planted in all of these shows so that she could be the force that brings all of these people together... but she wasn't. She knew all of them, but they wound up together without her. And even when she should have been bridging characters and groups of characters, she really didn't.

I guess the buildup feels like it's been going on for a while, since it started with season 1 of Daredevil, and then Claire seemed to be laying some groundwork (except, she wasn't). My brain is trying to connect Luke's wife to the Hand, but I don't think she actually was connected, right?


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Tom just appeared on Rosenbaum's podcast. It's rare to see a Tom Welling interview at all, much less an interview that lasts an hour and a half. Now I know why!


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I'm considering reading Hillary's new book, Journey Into Senility (aka, What Happened).

I need better hobbies.

Jessica is strong, which means she can jump really high.

I think.

Spoilers below

The Defenders was better than The Avengers, but still had some of the same problem. The plot wasn't as important as the scenes that they wanted to throw in. A lot of the character interaction/banter felt forced. The overall arc was just... Why did several seasons of various shows build up to a deflated balloon of a story?

I think it'd be cool to see these characters cross over from time to time, but the big Defenders crossover series was pointless. And why didn't Claire just tell Foggy and Karen that Matt was gone?! She stood two feet away while they stared at the door!


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Are you normally able to touch the guests? While I don't like Wil Wheaton, I have to admit, that would drive me insane.


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Directed by Nicholas Meyer

Produced by:   
Ralph Winter
Steven-Charles Jaffe

Screenplay by:   
Nicholas Meyer
Denny Martin Flinn

Story by:   
Leonard Nimoy
Lawrence Konner
Mark Rosenthal

It is weird. I've always thought that the Worf cameo was awkward, even when I was a kid. smile


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If you look at the credits, the films didn't have any real crossover with the writers/producers of the TV shows. They probably didn't even talk. Which is weird.


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To be fair, scientists are always claiming that a planet has about 50 years left. It's usually just a way of securing additional funding. smile

Real answer: I have no idea. I'm going to say that Wesley Crusher figured out a way to save the planet.


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Yeah, I've managed to get some really solid photos on my S4's camera too. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with a newer camera (and the ability to shoot RAW is nice too). My brother and his wife sometimes get a photographer to take pics of their kids, and they're all nice and well shot, but since I know the kids, they look really staged to me most of the time. Whenever I'm spending a lot of time with the kids, I take a lot of pictures (I'm trying to cut back because it annoys them), and their house has really nice lighting in a couple of the rooms, at different times of day. So I get some really, really nice pictures of the kids that have the benefits of the lighting and framing of a portrait, but with the bonus of just whipping out my phone and taking the picture. When I have the DSLR out, the kids just aren't as natural, because it's a big camera.

Okay, so because I have a back injury that's kept me from sitting at a desk and working too much, and a knee injury that's kept me from moving around too much, I've been doing a lot of research on the new iphone since it was announced, and I have to say... it seems like a scam to me. It's obviously the product of a need to update their approach to phones, but failing to meet their deadlines to do so. The result is just weird.

To start with, the display. It is an update, because it's their first OLED display (!!!). However, it is a 5.8 (ish) display, with 458 ppi. For what is considered a huge player in the smartphone field, this is pretty low. To compare, the 5.8 inch (legitimately) Galaxy S8 comes in at 570 ppi. This means that the lines on the S8 are going to be much cleaner. Since you use a Moto G4, I'll add that here as well. It comes in at 401 ppi.

In terms of brightness, the phone comes in at 625 nits. The Moto G4 comes in at 463 nits (based on the info I could find, which is a bit harder than with my two other samples). Now, 625 isn't bad for a phone in general, however, the Galaxy S8 comes in at over 1000 nits, and the Note 8 beats at at 1,200 nits. This means that the Galaxy phones will be much easier to use in direct sunlight.

When it comes to RAM, I think the iPhone will comes with 3GB. The G4 has 2GB. The Galaxy S8 has 4GB, and the Note 8 has 6GB.

In terms of processors, I really don't know how the iPhones function in day to day life, since I don't use one. I imagine that they are solid. This is one area where the iPhone X is supposed to beat out the competition by quite a bit. I'm going to assume that the iPhone is the winner here, though I am having a hard time quickly finding exact numbers right now, possibly because the phone isn't in use yet.

The iPhone X is making a few claims. We've discussed the bezel-less thing, so I won't go there. They're promoting their new Face ID as the replacement for fingerprint scanners. This feature failed on stage during the presentation. Apple tried to gloss over it and explain it away, but it really just failed on stage. That's a problem. The phone was supposed to have a fingerprint scanner, so their failure to put one in there wasn't about innovation, it was about failing to achieve what they were hoping for, and not wanting to get the same kind of crap that Samsung got when they put the scanner on the back of their phones. The lack of a fingerprint scanner is a mistake in every way. The phone also lacks an iris scanner, so the only options are passcode and Face ID.

The notch on top is also worse than I thought it would be. I've heard rumors that they wanted to have all of those scanners and cameras behind the display, so you couldn't see them at all. This makes sense, but is obviously hard to achieve. So... the notch. Now, originally, I thought that they wouldn't use that part of the display most of the time, while watching videos, etc. However, it now seems like the default setting would use the notched-off section of the screen, resulting in a notched-off video, pictures, etc. They're basically putting a thumb over the lens of everything their users look at.

Fast charging! Yay! Except you have to buy both the cord and the power brick separately, increasing the price of your phone significantly. They also have wireless charging now... but their overpriced charger won't be available for a while.

Still no return of the headphone jack, because the refuse to acknowledge any mistake that they've ever made.

In terms of water/dust resistance, the iPhone has an ip67 rating, which means that it can last in 1 meter (3.2 feet) of water for about 30 minutes. Most current smartphones have an ip68 rating, which means that they can last 30 minutes in 1.5 (4.9 feet) meters of water. I probably won't go swimming with my phone, so I don't know if there's a huge difference here for me, but it might mean something to others.

The 64GB base version of the iPhone X is going to sell for $999, with the 256GB costing $1,149. The S8 is available (unlocked) for $724. The Note 8 is available (unlocked) for $929. You also get the fast charger with those phones, and usually some sort of bonus gift like Gear VR or a 360 camera. To take advantage of fast charging on an iPhone, you'd need to pay another $75.

All of the currently Galaxy phones have the option of expanding storage with an SD card, up to an additional 256GB.

The iPhone X is certainly priced as a high-end beast of a phone, but it doesn't come close to the level of the similarly-priced Note 8 in most respects. The Note 8 is supposed to be used as a tool, for work, etc. I don't think the iPhone X is that type of phone. One of it's biggest features is the ability to make yourself into an animated poop emoji. In terms of size and function, the X is more comparable to the Galaxy S8 (no bloody Plus, no bloody Note...), but it's littered with missteps and bad decisions.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are improperly named (they should be the 7s and 7s Plus, while the X should be the 8), but they are probably the better bang for your buck when it comes to iPhones this year. Even in those cases, it's not worth upgrading if you already have an iPhone 7, since a lot of those phones have remained the same.

So there you go. I've put far too much time into researching a line of phones that I have never and will never have an interest in using. I wish I could work. sad

In other news, it's possibly that Samsung will release their foldable screen on the next Note! I've been waiting years for the phone that can expand into a tablet! Unfortunately, I'm going to be upgrading a year too soon for that one. Oh well. I guess it'll be first gen anyway, so I'll get to wait until the tech is proven a bit more.


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I've been reading up on the new IPhone X, just to see what they're doing with it. Everyone is referring to it as being completely bezel-less. What am I missing here? The design is fine. It seems like something that Apple fans will like. I think it's cheating to include the notch in the official screen size (that whole section of the screen is now useless for everything except battery status, wifi, etc. It isn't a functional part of the display), but that's just me.

However... The phone has a pretty substantial bezel. It is far from being the bezel-less wonder that some are reporting... It looks like it already has a case on it! Like I said, I'm sure Apple users will love the phone. It's fine. But are we all supposed to pretend that we don't see the bezel?


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Oh, I agree. I don't like the idea. I'm just at a point where I can't really react to DCEU news anymore.


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It will probably never happen though, so I have no idea how it would work. Marvel has used some characters that 20th Century Fox was using, so it's been done. Yeah, it's weird, but if they can make money with it, I guess they will.


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I think Warner Bros. has a policy of letting people develop ideas and see where they go, and then they pull the plug when they don't go anywhere. I really don't invest too much thought in the early parts of their process, but I like that they at least keep their minds open to different ideas (and I'm equally thankful that they are willing to delay or cancel projects).

The Joker thing is weird, but with all of the anti-DCEU media coverage, I am just going to ignore the reports of doom until they're more substantial.

I doubt they'll be having a full season, with all of the shows that the CW has for midseason. Garber has been on a number of other shows during his time on Legends, so he probably has a flexible schedule built into his contract. Legends is what he does for money in between real jobs.


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I'm considering the Note 8, possibly going to the S8 Plus if I can find a deal that I like (trade-in, plus bonus accessories that I can sell on eBay). The 6GB of RAM and dual cameras with good low-light photos are big selling points for my use. The S-Pen is also something that I could probably use quite a bit with my work, and the screen resolution is pretty great too.

The Note FE (Note 7 rebranded) would be another option.

Like I said, for me it's about getting a phone that can last five years without falling too far behind. If I go for a phone that's already a year or two old, I'm cutting the life by about that much. The 6GB of RAM in the Note 8 should keep it in the race for a while at least.

I've been using my S4 for a good long while now, and it really only became a problem within the last year, and getting progressively worse. I haven't had a case on it for most of the time that I've had it, and I haven't dropped (severely), scratched or lost it, so keeping a phone for several years is doable for me. I just need to future-proof it as much as I can. I've looked at some other phones and I've considered some, but I just can't do Motorola again and a lot of the phones just don't fit my needs in terms of resolution, camera, future proofing, etc.

I think I could get a solid deal on the S8 Plus. I'm just hoping that I can work my way into a Note 8 instead. smile


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Damn, that sounds like a hot phone. smile
I'm not sure what else to add to the conversation. I find your phone stories fascinating, but I don't have much to add.

For the next week or two, I will be watching YouTube videos about the Note 8. I'm partly doing this because I am considering buying one (keep in mind, I don't replace phones often. This is a four or five year commitment), and I'm partly doing it because I have no gas for my car and every station around my area is sold out. People were convinced that Harvey would create a shortage, so they rushed to fill up. There is no real shortage because of Harvey, but the rush to get gas has resulted in a shortage that will probably last about a week. So... I'll be here... Waiting for gas...


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The General dude was set up as a villain that Diana could fight. They should have let him be that, while having Doctor Poison work on a weapon that she called Ares. It would have tied the plot together better this way. Actually showing Ares cut the legs out from under the movie.

I demand my Special Edition! smile


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Yeah, I don't think they need that stuff. It seems like the thing to do because Marvel does it, but even the Marvel stuff is a waste of time more often than not.

I'm still holding out hope for a Special Edition of Wonder Woman that deletes the Ares crap at the end though.


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There won't be an impeachment. Despite the media reports, Trump isn't actually doing anything evil or even strange for a President. Hell, there are past Presidents who probably would have posted even worse stuff on Twitter if it existed when they were in office. The problem is that people are putting those labels on Trump, but he isn't a racist or a fascist or a white supremacist. Even if he does stuff that people legitimately disagree with, those legit concerns will be buried because they don't reach the level of all the false accusations.

I'm convinced that the people throwing around those labels simply have no clue what they're talking about, and they want an excuse for their violence.

I've had real, legitimate points of disagreement when it comes to Trump, but I'm not prepared to jump to every extreme because of it. There is no legitimate reason to discuss impeachment, except people don't like him and want him out. If that's all it took, no President would stay in office. And constantly talking about this fantasy impeachment is keeping people from discussing the actual issues... Which is fine with most people, because they don't actually know anything about politics.

The racial tension was there when Obama was in office. It gives people an excuse to do bad things and feel righteous for it, so it would have been around now no matter who won the election. This atmosphere is not Trump's creation and he is not the one feeding that monster. The part that I find funny is that Trump is being blamed for everything wrong in the world (including the inherent racism of the eclipse) by the same people who insist that we can't blame Obama for anything that happened while he was in office. Apparently it will take 50 years to see the impact of Obama, but Trump's influence picks up right after Bush left office.


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Firstly, this isn't really about Trump. He came down clearly against both extreme sides, which is the right position to take. Like I said, it was a gang war. Those who came down hard against one side alone are wrong. Neither of the extremist groups were better than the others, and the authorities involved helped to create a situation where violence would occur.

And Antifa claims to oppose fascism, but they don't really oppose fascism. They want the power to be on their side and they want to silence their opposition through violence. They are nowhere near the middle of the road. As a general rule, the people wearing masks and hitting people over the head with bike locks are not good guys.


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One thing I don't get is the need to believe that one extreme being wrong means that the other extreme must he right. I believe that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are hate groups and have probably reached the point of being terrorist organizations by this point (sorry, but if people have to fear for their lives if you know their address, you are terrorising them). That doesn't stop me from believing that the white supremacists are just as bad (though I do question just how right-leaning these groups are, despite what they claim). When I see both of these groups fighting, I see a gang war. I don't see good vs evil, or right vs wrong. It seems pretty simple, right?

So it boggles my mind when I see people in the media feeling a need to raise one group up in order to tear the other down. White racists are bad, so Antifa becomes "peaceful protestors" in the media, or they've even been compared to WWII heroes who stormed the beach at Normandy ( … 7340420098 )

Bottom line, I think people have a right to gather and protest (with the proper permits to use public property) and to believe in things that I find disgusting. However, when either side's beliefs extend to violence, assault, rioting, etc, they are wrong. Why is this concept suddenly so controversial?

Also, if the authorities fail to enforce laws to keep the peace during a properly-permitted gathering, they should be held accountable. Their job isn't to decide which citizens are worth protecting and which aren't. Their job is to enforce laws.

And no, believing in someone's right to free speech does not mean that you are supporting what they're saying. It is a notion being thrown around these days, but it is ridiculous.

The world grows more baffling and stupid by the day. And if you disagree with me, you're probably a Nazi or something. smile


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Finally got book 5 in my series published today! With the craziness of this year, it's been really hard to get these out, but I only have one more to go after this, so I can see the finish line! Eventually, someone will have to remind me why I thought it'd be a good idea to release six books in two years.


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I was going to look into the comment more, since it made such little sense. Glad to see that he clarified it himself, so I don't have to do any work. smile

It's weird how the reporting on these geeky movies has gotten so political. The media outlets and the fans behave the same way toward them as the media reports on political issues, and people follow their party lines. It's fascinating. Do geeks take these things too seriously, or do people not take politics seriously enough?


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It is sooooooo damn quiet though. And I have far too much free time. My three boys were all pretty old and had their medical issues and needs over the last few years. Now I have a spry young dog, and she can take care of herself for the most part. I don't know what to do with myself. smile


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Nobody is perfect. Everyone has done something horribly naive or selfish or stupid, and hopefully we learn and grow because of it. The problem with Joss is that he got some attention from Buffy, and rather than downplay this god-like reputation that he developed, he fed into it. He altered stories in order to feed into the praises that he was getting for himself. And this wasn't just a phase that he went through, it's been the last 15 years. As I've always said, it's not that Joss is untalented. He has a lot of talent and I learned a lot from what he created. The problem is that he put aside the talent and the art at some point, and he began to build himself more than his stories. In doing so, he began to treat others as less than him.

When Buffy became more about pandering to whichever group was giving Joss the highest praises at that moment, the show's quality fell hard and fast. When Serenity was less about honoring Firefly, it's characters and the things that people loved about the show and supported for so long, the movie turned into something that was almost insulting.

I can separate my feelings between a writer/director/actor and the work they put out. I don't have to like them in order to like their work. With Joss, it became pointless to try separating the two. That's a problem.