Yeah, the part with the speed force writing and Nora was interesting. I hope they have a solid plan for that.

As for Ralph... I'm just upset that he came back. He is super annoying. I imagine that he only has his powers now, if they keep him around at all. If he is on the show with all of those powers, he will outshine Barry, and that can't happen.

Okay, they just had no idea how to resolve this Thinker story, did they? The finale was a mish-mash of ideas that never amounted to a plot. Then we had the team hug Marlize and send her on her way, and it wasn't even a clever prank where she goes outside and is immediately surrounded by police and taken to jail. They actually let her go!

The scenes with Wally were better than what we got of Sara on Arrow, but I felt like his conversation with Joe was the continuation of a conversation that I never saw the first half of. Did Joe see him off when he joined the Legends?

Toxic femininity!

Yeah, Barbara is a bit much. I think it doesn't bother me as much as it could, just because she's usually surrounded by characters that contrast that personality a lot. On her own, she is very annoying, but as part of the overall picture, she doesn't bother me too much.

It could be cool. This would be a great time to really change things up and go in a completely different direction with the series.

But Oliver will be back to his normal life long before the crossover, and no massive cast changes have been announced, so... We'll see. My hopes aren't high.

How do they make this show? AoS looks like it was filmed in someone's basement, in the 1990's, while Gotham looks like a movie. It has spectacular visuals of the city. I'm sure a lot of it is shot against a green screen, but you'd never know it. The visuals in the finale were excellent. The characters are great. The general vibe of the show is perfect.

I am impressed with this series. The stories are great, and exactly what they should be for this series. There's not a whole lot for me to discuss about the actual storylines, because they speak for themselves. But as I was watching the finale, I was struck by how beautifully this world has been brought to life on the show.

And at the end, when they showed us glimpses of the city falling into chaos and we saw glimpses of Man-Bat, and Morgaine le Fey with Mordred (I'm assuming that's who they were), it just felt natural. That says a lot.


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Supernatural finale:

I'm torn on this. There are elements that I was really drawn into, and elements that I thought were kinda cringy. I think that can be said for this entire season's arc.

The alternate world arc wasn't great overall. I like that the angels over there weren't the stupid corporate angels that we've seen over the last however many years. They were dangerous, and didn't spend scene after scene just talking about how powerful they were. However, as a whole, I'm just not sure about the other universe. Using it was a way to undo deaths without undoing deaths felt gimmicky to me. In a whole entire other world, they just happen to bump into a bunch of their old dead friends (and not even the ones that I'd be willing to have back even if the method of doing it was kinda weak). And Bobby/Mary? No.

It wasn't horrible. It just didn't feel like Supernatural to me.

However, we got Jack this year. I didn't like how he came about last year, and I didn't like bringing Lucifer back at all, but I did end up liking Jack a lot, which surprised me. Not only did I like him as a character, and how he works with all of the other characters, but I liked this underlying question of whether or not he was born to be bad. There was always this threat that he was too powerful and could do horrible things, even if he didn't meant to. Watching that tension fill the room in each scene, even if it wasn't being directly addressed, was fascinating.

There was real tension with Lucifer and Michael, even if I didn't love them being there at all. Lucifer trying to lure Jack to the dark side, using his same old Lucifer methods, was interesting. And when he finally turned on Jack, it wasn't really surprising, but it was emotionally charged, just because we care for Jack at this point. I do like that they took Jack's power away. Even having Castiel around is too much of a crutch for the series, so if Jack is to stay, he needs to be a person, not a super powerful being.

And then Dean saying yes to Michael after all these years... it was cool. However, it led to some of the more horrifically corny visuals to ever grace this show. The flying battle was bad. It was like watching a B-Movie from the 80's, to the point where I kinda think that they might have been riffing that style on purpose (especially with the freeze-frame at the end of the episode).

I'm sure I'm supposed to be wondering how they will get Dean out of this, but I was just left screaming at my TV "Boot him! Why are you whining about having a deal instead of saying no?!"

But whatevs.

So yeah... I don't know. The episode wasn't horrible. The whole arc wasn't horrible. It just didn't feel like it was taking place on the right show for me.

And lest I forget, I am going to ding Supernatural for doing something that I've bashed the Arrowverse for. No special treatment.

TRUMP IS NOT PRESIDENT IN THE SUPERNATURAL UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!! Watch your own damn show, people!!! Jack is genetically the damn president's son! Yes, it was a stupid idea, but you did it anyway. Now you don't get to make Trump jokes!

Arrow finale:

What they hell were they thinking? This episode was like a how-to guide for horrible plotting. I don't even know where to begin.

I guess I'll start with Diaz. They spent the entire season spinning their wheels with this guy. They had a hundred different chances to kill him off and be done with him, but they didn't, just because it wasn't the end of the season yet. He's not particularly intimidating or capable. He's not a mastermind. He's just a guy who people refuse to put down. So we finally get to the finale, and what happens? Oliver refuses to put him down! He literally stands there like an idiot, doing nothing while Diaz goes on about how he's not going to be stopped. The one time Oliver does shoot him, he doesn't even deliver a fatal wound! And then Black Siren throws him into a frigging river?! I sat through this entire mess of a season to get to THIS?!?!

In the shuffle, Quentin is wounded. We all knew that it was coming, because it was announced weeks ago that Paul Blackthorne was leaving. I read that it was the producers who decided to off the character, so you'd expect them to have a hell of a reason for it. You'd expect it to be super powerful. Except, it wasn't. They managed to get this mortally wounded man to the hospital, only to have him sit around for a few hours, waiting to have the super urgent emergency surgery that will save his life. Except it doesn't, because SHOCKER, you should probably have emergency surgery right away. The death was useless, and resulted in another hospital bed goodbye, like Laurel's, which gives the writers a chance to write a bunch of speeches, but ultimately drags out the moment that we all know is coming, to the point where the actual death has no emotional punch. Quentin should have died back in the villain lair, resulting in Black Siren going all out to help the good guys.

Sara was brought back. Why? I have no idea. She didn't even share a scene with Quentin! And since Legends will be back in the fall instead of midseason, it wasn't even a setup for Sara to take over for Oliver (which would have been awesome. I still say that she belongs on Arrow, not Legends). He coming back meant nothing. She should have been the one facing off against evil Laurel all year, not Dinah. And when they do finally meet... nothing.

How the f**k does Felicity track down a pacemaker? This is as bad as the time she controlled construction equipment remotely, when none of it would have any sort of remote control functions.

Oliver going and making peace with all of the newbies was stupid. The show has refused to acknowledge the massive violations of trust and common decency by these people, and they act like it was all Oliver going crazy. Sadly, none of them died or left town, so we'll probably be stuck with them for another season.

Oliver went to prison. Is he going to see the "Barry Allen was here" thing on his cell wall? Because Barry Allen was in that plotline half a season ago. Hell, the prison even looks the same. And while I think that the storyline is probably better suited to Arrow (assuming that they can really dig into it), it's just stupid that so much of this season has been spent sharing plotlines between the two shows. It's absurd.

Not one element of the finale was fulfilling in any way. Not one thing felt earned. Not one thing felt natural. This episode should have been episode 10 of the season, not the finale. I can't believe we're still stuck with Diaz.

I'm glad that we will have a new showrunner next year, however, I'm not sure of the choice of new showrunners. Looking at her history, there's a lot of rom-com type stuff. That is not the energy that Arrow needs. I hope that the new showrunner can bring a tough, hard-hitting, toxically masculine vibe to this prison arc.

Crappy finale for a weak season.


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Another interesting article about Allison, with comments from people who actually knew her: … er-1112107


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All true.

In some old school debating situations, they'd force people to change their perspective by having them argue for the side that they don't agree with. I try to do this sometimes. Every so often, I'll even help out the person that I'm arguing with, because they're not making the best argument for their side. It's an interesting exercise, because we don't usually force ourselves to answer the hardest questions about what we believe.


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That's true. I think that the media obviously does treat the two parties differently. Whereas the people who said crazy things about Obama were painted as conspiracy theorist, anything said about Trump is regarded as legitimate news. For example, the birthers. Yeah, I never expected to find out that Obama was born in another country and couldn't be President, but there were legitimate questions to ask about why he wasn't required to show his birth certificate when it was requested (proving eligibility is something that even McCain had to deal with) and why he spent millions of dollars specifically to avoid showing it.

Most likely, it was because it made his detractors look insane, and that worked in his favor.

On Twitter, Erica Durance made a post about the whole "animals" thing. After is was proven to be fake news , she acknowledged that, but pivoted to say more bad things about Trump. So while the facts of the situation were tossed, "points" were still added to the "anti-Trump pile". Does that make sense?
And while this isn't significant on it's own, that pile of hollow hatred keeps growing with more and more instances where facts are thrown away while emotions are retained. I think that contributes to the overall toxic political climate in the media and on social media, whereas a more balanced disagreement/dislike would be more realistic and more productive.

And I've definitely done stuff like this in the past, calling Hillary a psychopath, or joking about "Pinky and McCain" back in the day. Hell, I make jokes about Trump too, because he makes me cringe all the time. But I do try to avoid getting so deep into irrational hatred that I can't find my way back to objective reality. A lot of the people I've seen online are way beyond the point of objective reality, and they react with pure hatred if you try to bring facts into the conversation.

But I guess the riots and lootings have died down, so... That's progress. smile


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I somehow got lost in a Twitter black hole where people are so desperate to say hateful things about Trump that they're literally and not jokingly siding with and defending MS-13.

Like... I get it. People dislike Trump, and sometimes for legitimate reasons. But in the words of Kenny Rogers, "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run."

This situation has led me to a question. It will probably sound like I'm mocking people, but I'm not. It's a serious question.

I've seen Trump comments either taken out of context, misquoted, or fabricated quite a bit since he took office. I'm sure that happens with all Presidents. But these comments are usually what I see people use when they really want to dig I to Trump and show how ugly he is as a person. So the question is, are people aware when they're doing this? Are they aware that what they're saying isn't true or honest, and they just use it because it best expresses how they feel? Or do they genuinely now know that these comments are dishonest?

To be clear, I remember rolling my eyes at some Obama insults back in the day, so it isn't really about which side we're on. And I don't think that Trump is beyond being criticized legitimately, so this isn't about *all* critical comments. But there are some that are clearly dishonest, yet get used nonetheless. The latest being his calling MS-13 members animals (which is an insult to animals) and the media spinning it to sound like he was referring to all illegal immigrants. Even after it's been debunked, I see people using it.

I was hoping that Batman would be an Earth-2 character. It just feels like a good fit to me. But I guess that probably won't happen. Since they are using Batwoman, I assume they will come from Kara's world, because of its toxic femininity. (That was a joke. Relax)

I doubt Batman will happen, and I'm okay with that. They cast Superman way too young, and they'd probably do the same with Batman. Arrow already swims in Batman-inspired waters pretty often, so it'd probably be weird to have Batman appear anyway. Same with Oracle.


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That's new! smile

I'm curious to see where they go with the show. I'm not totally into having the other-worlders settling in the main universe. However, the angels from that world have been handled better than the prime angels lately. With no king of Hell, and Heaven being closed off, the show might finally lose some of their crutches.

I watched the first episode of Black Lightning, but it didn't impress me. I may revisit it over the summer, but I haven't decided yet. From what I saw, they left wiggle room that could allow the show to fit into tye Arrowverse if they wanted, but I didn't see any solid link.

Also in the news, this year's crossover will feature Gotham City and Batwoman. And everyone is already expecting her to hook up with Sara, because Sara is just a joke of a character at this point.


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The dumb part is, Carter's unwillingness to let go of the arc that should have ended back in the mid-90's is what is ultimately killing the series/franchise as a whole. Life continues, but chapters in our lives do come to an end.


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...because it is a story.

There's a difference between a "life goes on" ending and a "we have no idea what we're doing" ending. With his logic, why didn't the series start when Mulder was conceived?


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I think something is wrong with Chris Carter. He was never the best writer on the show, but some of the decisions that went into this final season (especially the finale) were beyond just bad writing. There is no person in their right mind who would have written the Scully pregnancy reveal and thought that it was a perfectly legitimate plot twist... for so many reasons that it's hard to list them all.

AoS is scheduled to come back next summer, presumably after the next Avengers movie is released in May.


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It's not good. His daughter is suffering quite a lot, and her life is still in danger. There is now a GoFundMe campaign set up to help the family out. Linked below:


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Yeah, not likely. And I'm fine with it. Maybe someday, after Chris Carter retires and can never return, we can revisit the franchise.

Wait, is Disney going to own it? Because if so, we might get a millennial remake series on ABC in two years. Oh, and a reimagined Millennium, with Dylan Sprouse as Frank Black.

No, I was actually wondering if something changed with *me* at some point. I wasn't criticizing others for enjoying the horrible movies. I think it would be nice to be able to enjoy a movie, even a stupid one, and just be a part of the crowd for once. Instead, I enjoy good movies that nobody else likes, and I can't read any articles about them without being bombarded with comments about how they dun did them wrong.

It's like Star Wars. The originals have some nostalgic benefits, but none of the movies are actually good. Yet it seems like the majority of the people get to be a part of the game where they get excited for each new movie, as though there's still a chance that one might be worth watching.

I want to be one of the crowd at some point. I guess I'm in with the Stranger Things enjoyers, so that's something. I had it with Lost for a while, until people turned on that one too.

Chuck had a small budget, but some solid plot, great characters, and a cast that could sell it. AoS has... a small budget...

I should probably avoid reading much more here, with all of the Infinity War stuff. Not that I'm hugely invested. The MCU movies have been getting worse and worse. Like they have a release date, and will release a movie on that day, whether they have one or not. Ragnarok was just horrible. I was literally cringing through the first quarter of the movie, and then my face got tired. But I was cringing on the inside for the rest of the movie. smile

I just don't understand it. Why can so many people watch these movies and enjoy them, but I watch them and they're just embarrassingly bad? It wasn't always like this. Even the early "bad" MCU movies were somewhat fun to watch (First Avenger, Thor, Iron Man 2), but now they seem 100% horrible.


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He's also on Instagram, and he's been a little bit active. It doesn't seem like there is a major update. Just needing more prayers.

Poor kid.


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Sorry you had to go through that.

I'm probably not the target audience, but I think the show has been a mess, both visually and in terms of story. There has been some interesting drama, but it hasn't been handled as well as it could have been. And visually, I can't get past the cramped feeling and the painfully bad makeup. Every CW show, and Gotham look way, way, way better than this. And I'm not sure why. How different are the budgets?

Maybe AoS went too big with their arcs, when they couldn't deliver big visuals to match. But even when the show started, it looked like it was made cheaply, obviously on the back lot most of the time. How much of this is lack of money, and how much of it is just poor showrunning?

AoS was renewed. For the life of me, I have no idea why.

I expect next season to be set entirely in one room. The year after that, they won't even film it. It will just be an audio production... Which might actually help to improve their stories.

I'm happy! The show has maintained a steady style and quality, unlike most shows of it's genre. I'll be sad to see it go, but I'm happy that they will get a proper goodbye.

Finally saw Ragnarok!

I can honestly say that it met my expectations.

The thing about Gotham is that it has a very specific end point, like Smallville, and once you get there, you can't unring that bell.

I agree with most of what you said. Diaz should have been seen less this year, while his influence slowly built and became more obvious.

I've just gotten so tired of yelling "kill him" at my tv, while numerous characters just shrug and walk away. The end result is, he looks like a weak villain who isn't stopped because the heroes are weaker.


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I've been rewatching Roseanne, even as I watch the new season. I've seen some critics saying that this isn't the Roseanne that they remember, but it is exactly the same character. They did episodes talking about the IRS being too big and taxes being overly complicated. They did an episode where DJ wanted to wear a girl witch costume for Halloween and Dan wasn't cool with it.

The problem is, as Roseanne herself has said, that the left has moved so far to the left that anything that isn't super extreme is branded "alt-right". I see pretty liberal commentators grouped in with the most extreme far right lunatics, simply because they're not liberal enough (I'm talking basic things like being pro-freedom speech).

A lot of today's "right" is really just what the center-left used to be.

I do like how Roseanne has approached things like the election, a grandson who wears girls clothes (I don't want to say "gender-fluid" like some, because he clearly said that he is a boy), Muslim neighbors, and the economic impact of illegal immigration without smacking us in the face with one-sided politics, like most shows. They remember that they're still entertainment above all else.

Recasting Lethal Weapon would just be dumb. Fox should have edited the finale to end a few seconds earlier, and it would have been a solid finale.

I think the fuss with Camren's hair has been a little over blown. In the comics Selina has had short hair, so it isn't a deal killer. Barbara's hair has changed quite a bit. Ivy's face keeps changing! I don't think a haircut is a big deal.


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It's funny how Sliders seems to have stuck with so many of the guest stars. You'd think it'd just be a job for most of them, and quickly forgotten.

It is a challenge, because David Mazouz is only 17, so even if he started training heavily and bulking up, it could be hard for him to look Batman-ish right now. Unless they go with more of a Terry McGinnis look. He is really good in the role though, so I'd rather not see him replaced.

Buy yeah, the budget would be an issue.

Gotham is still impressing me. The show is a crazy blend of drama, action, comedy and comic book insanity. They've somehow managed to capture so many aspects of Gotham City from comic books, cartoons, movies, etc, and bring it all together in a way that feels perfect... While still creating it's own canon. They depict truly horrible violence, but in a way that makes me laugh, rather than barf. Similar to what Supernatural used to do each week, when they'd usually have some sort of bloody explosion.

If the show does get canceled soon, I hope that it is saved by either the CW, or the DC streaming service.


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So Friday was a bloodbath for TV, as networks canceled a ton of shows ahead of next week's up-fronts. The only cancellation that really bummed me out was Brooklyn Nine-Nine...

But NBC just picked it up. So I think I might be in the clear this year, unless Gotham gets canned.


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Indeed. I hope that they're just distracted with laughing and hugging. I had to spend time with my nephew in the NICU once, and it is a horrible experience, even as an uncle. I can't imagine what it feels like for parents.


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I'm not sure. I don't use Twitter super often, but I've been checking it more lately. So I'm not familiar with any history here, just what he posted in the past few days.


(15 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard) … 32800?s=19

More details. Sounds pretty scary. sad

Yeah, I thought of Kara or J'onn, but figured that they might get busy at the moment. Still, there are options that they're not really considering.

In theory, the idea is interesting. And could even be comedic, with a bunch of hard-headed Harrisons trying to one-up each other. But the execution is just wrong. It's just a game of which wig and accent they have on hand.

Alternate Devoes could have been interesting.

Other questions that I have:

If they plan is to make everyone more stupid, why not establish their base of operations for this mission on a different Earth? That way, even if Devoe manages to activate the satellites while the team is pondering their next move, they'd be able to fix the damage with a clear mind.

Why are they so worried about finding a way to destroy the satellites when one of their family members has a cloaking space ship from the future?

And on an unrelated note: why are there no good Laurel doubles? For that matter, we still don't know where they put Siren-X. Wouldn't it be cool to see a Laurel double who is a badass Black Canary, like in the comics, instead of just a Green Arrow trainee?

The Council of Wells is like... You know when an unfunny person tells an unfunny joke, but they insist that it's funny, so they keep pushing it harder and harder, to the point where it wouldn't be funny even if it had been funny to start with? Like a lame "Dad joke" that will not die.

And now we have a sequel to that horrible joke. And sequels always suck more.

This season of the Flash has been filled with attempts at comedy, from writers who obviously don't do comedy well. I wish they would just go back to writing the show, without trying to be a comedy series.

Also, both the Flash and Arrow need more stand alone episodes or short arcs. Their main villains get old and drag on and on for way too long, just because the pacing of their stories is so forced.


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I don't know details, but Robert Floyd's daughter is in the hospital and he is requesting prayers.


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Yeah, he wins.

Yeah, maybe. Of course if ye is put in prison, he could always be recruited to work with the Suicide Squad. I'm picturing a militarized, hardcore version of his GA suit, to use on secret missions.

If they put Oliver in prison for all of next season, they could pretty much cut the rest of the cast back to recurring roles. It might be interesting. However, since Barry already went to prison, it would be another rehash. And how ling could we expect them to keep him in prison anyway? The CW would want him out in time for the crossover event.

We already know about a couple of cast changes for next season. One would help the supermax theory, but not the other. Either way, I hope they ditch the newbies (really ditch them. I don't even want Curtis working with Felicity on camera) and get back to a more hardcore action vibe. The whole family drama angle doesn't work for Arrow. I'd suggest that they kill off Felicity, just to jump start the story, but we all know that won't happen.

But more importantly, will this movie mess up the Netflix shows? They've done a pretty good job of doing their own thing, and I'd hate for their stories to been driven now by a movie that, let's face it, doesn't *really* share a universe with them.

And here's one of the problems that has plagued AoS since the beginning... I haven't seen Infinity War, and even if I were super eager to see it, the odds of my getting to the theater in the first week or two would be slim to none.

TV is easy, because it happens on my schedule, and it's free. Totally different animal. AoS has spoiled movies in the past (most notably Winter Soldier).

I'm not super invested in the MCU, so I'm not the target audience, but if I were, I would find this very frustrating. Who wants to watch a tv show for free if it's going to ruin a movie that you're paying money to see?

But like I said, I'm not the target audience. I do agree that this season has been super cheap though. It's pretty ridiculous, given their basic concept.

Switching topics kinda...

I still haven't seen Ragnarok, and every time I think about renting it, it feels like a chore. Thor movies just suck, and the fact that Homecoming sucked and Doctor Strange sucked just kills my excitement for all of the other interwoven movies. I am a geek. We all know this. I find enjoyment in some pretty lame-but-geeky material. It's frustrating to me that so many people enjoy these movies and they make billions of dollars, and they should be exactly my type of movies, but I find so few of them to be the least bit enjoyable.

That said, I think that at least some part of their success is just a pop culture thing. Like Star Wars movies, the film's themselves aren't as important as everyone wanting something to be excited about. The DCEU is the same pop culture movement, but in reverse, since they represent the "other team", despite doing something completely different.

I'm rambling. I must be bored.

So, if you forget to record Arrow this week, just go back and watch the resolution to the Flash courtroom drama. Pretty much the same thing.

I'm still not sure why they didn't use the evil Oliver corpse from the crossover to get Oliver off. It was right there. Instant reasonable doubt.

This week's Flash was... problematic for me. (though I hate the word "problematic" these days)

First of all, I think that the Thinker's endgame seems like an afterthought. It feels like they didn't think up his big plan until they absolutely needed to, and now that they have it, it doesn't even make sense. How does anyone come to the conclusion that less intelligence/technology will result in a more peaceful people? You could say that it's like arguing that less guns would result in less crime, and I guess people make that assumption all the time, so the Thinker isn't beyond the realm of normal people. However, history proves that humanity managed to be plenty violent before modern technology came along. And if you remove intelligence and cause people to operate purely on instinct and survival, things would be a lot worse.

But his real plan isn't to make humanity "better", it's just to rule over them. I still don't know how this makes sense. And rather than spend a season showing us the way in which this plan works, we have four episodes to figure out the mess of his logic, after spending all season spinning his wheels for... reasons. I'm not even sure how all of the bus metas were necessary. Is he planning a production of Fiddler on the Roof after he takes over the world? Couldn't he have really thrown off Team Flash by just not caring about a few of those bus metas?

Marlize is kind of a mess of a character as well. She now seem to be a more sympathetic character, who isn't totally on board with the plan. But earlier this season, she was just fine with all sorts of horrible things.

When The Flash, Vibe and Gypsy went to stop the Thinker and Caitlin showed up with the freeze gun... how? She can neither vibe her way there, nor super speed her way there. How did she get there?

I know we're not really supposed to question a lot of these things. It's a silly show and we should just go with it. However, I think the show would be so much better if the writers thought things through. These problems aren't hard to fix.