Right, I see what you're saying, but I'm a very casual fan of the show, haven't watched it since I was a kid, and I don't read fanfiction. So I'm still planning to end my rewatch mid season 3.

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At this point, you're asking us to tell you what your opinion would be if you watched the episode, and since only you are you, the only way to answer the question of whether or not it's worth watching for that plot thread is for you to watch it yourself and determine if it was worth your time.

Yeah, I'll probably do that and see for myself, but if you're not sure, the episode is probably not that essential.

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Thanks for your replies.
Is "Last of Eden" really essential? does it conclude something about the professor?

It has Rembrandt learning that the Professor is sick which is pretty essential...

(... for the Mike Truman scripts on Earth 317!)

I mean essential if we're talking about the produced episodes, if we want to stop mid season 3.

Thanks for your replies.
Is "Last of Eden" really essential? does it conclude something about the professor?

Thank you!  But could we move a better episode at the end to work better as a finale? would "Murder Most Foul" work? or would the professor's illness create a continuity problem?

I just started re-watching the show, but I already know I want to stop mid-season 3, I just wasn't into the show after that.
So I want to make a list for myself to watch and enjoy the 1st half of season 3, with 10 episodes or so, a version of season 3 with the best parts, but I'd like it to be cohesive with the storylines, not just a best-of.

My memories of the show are pretty blurry, so can you just tell me if that list makes sense? Or will I miss important elements in episodes I didn't include? I still want it to make sense. And does "Muder most foul" kind of work as a finale? pretending the show ended there. Or should I add "Slide Like An Egyptian" and "The Exodus"? I'm not sure Exodus is a satisfying last episode?

1. "Double Cross" (3.01)
2. "Rules of the Game" (3.02)
3. "Dead Man Sliding" (3.03)
4. "The Guardian" (3.05)
5. "The Fire Within" (3.09)
6. "The Prince of Slides"(3.10)
7. "State of the Art"(3.11)
8. "Seasons Greedings"(3.12)
9. "Murder Most Foul"(3.13)

What would be your short version of season 3?