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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

I've only quit a show once.  House of Cards.

Man I wish I could do that. Completism is a curse hmm

I know I know, but I can still work on the other half. I'll take the hat, thanks big_smile

Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Well this all goes back to my crazy rant where, in a "realistic" portrayal of Sliders (ha ha ha), no doubles would ever look alike.  It's absurd to me that it can be a version of Earth where there were vampires or the Americans lost the Revolutionary War or dinosaurs still existed and everyone in the history of both Quinn's parents' families met at the same time, had sex at the same time, and the same sperm fertilized the same egg in each of those realities.

Or take the Guardian world: the earth spinning faster means that days are shorter, so unless they somehow do everything -- *everything* -- faster, people on this world would never have had the time to cram as much life in one day as their doubles did on earth prime.

That said, when you say that no doubles would ever look alike, I think in some cases it wouldn't be true. I mean yeah in the worlds you mentionned it doesn't work, because something in their past is fundamentally different from earth prime's. But the way I make sense of the Sliders multiverse is more like a branching tree, with points of divergence (which IINM is more or less what the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics is about). So the relative closeness of two worlds in Sliders would have to do with when their points of divergence happened: the longer ago, the more different the two worlds. It's a lot like evolution actually: the older their last common ancestor, the more different two species are.

So to take your example, if the point of divergence of the two worlds occured after fertilization, Quinn and his double would look a lot alike wink

This point-of-divergence interpretation fits nicely with what you said about neighborhoods: maybe there's something in the very nature of sliding that makes your landing in a recent-divergence world way more likely.

Reborn seems glorious smile I've read it mentionned several times here, but didn't know what it was about. I'll give it a go when I have the time but it's looong lol And I'm not the reader I used to be. But: I've just read the first part, and I can tell you know what you're doing which is nice.

Anyway I do agree with both of you. I don't expect it to be that way, and I don't think doing fanservice would be in the best interest of the show, not if interest = lucrativeness anyway.

@ireactions: thanks for all the info (including the speculative part)!

I like the Sliders Redux thing, particularly 1) the fact that we would see them slide for the first time, and 2) it does away with the need to explain what happened in the last 20 years, since basically nothing happened. But I think, leaving age issues aside, a true continuation with the original cast and characters would be possible. The real Arturo is presumably still alive; he's a genius, has fixed the timer at least on one occasion, and he certainly learned a lot from Quinn about sliding, so he rebuilds a timer; finds his way back to earth prime, and reunites with Rembrandt; they go back to seer world and reunite with the others, and with their combined knowledge and maybe some outside help (another surviving Geiger or a Quinn double?), manage to untangle Quinn from Mallory; it seems the writers couldn't decide whether Wade was still alive or dead so I guess we could go with the former, and so stuff, more stuff, Wade is back!

Contrived, not to mention I left out the part where earth prime is overrun with Kromaggs, but in-world it wouldn't be that far-fetched, except maybe in the case of Wade.

ireactions wrote:

He also felt that Seasons 4 - 5 had many gems and that Charlie O'Connell found his feet while getting less and less to do, that Kari Wuhrer had a lot of charm and passion for Maggie and that episodes like "World Killer" and "The Return of Maggie Beckett" and other strong entries show SLIDERS doesn't depend on Jerry, Cleavant, Sabrina and John to function properly.

A big YES, a small no, and a big YES. The adorably naive and clueless Colin of the first couple episodes he was in was a better match to Charlie's acting abilities IMO. Also, damn I've grown to like a Maggie quite a bit in seasons 4 and 5. To the point that at the end of season 5 (I've finished watching it by the way!), she actually felt like a legit slider to me. Also, that scene in To Catch a Slider where Rembrandt and her are on the phone with Mallory? Pure gold.

But I agree, some of the episodes I disliked the most had the original cast in it. Dragonslide--and not Dinoslide as I mistakenly said in my previous post--, The Fire Within and Dream Masters come to mind.

There was no Kromagg invasion in our world, so now Quinn and Rembrandt were no longer characters the audience could connect to with a common frame of reference.

Good point, though I guess I could buy the whole thing as taking place in a near future without it breaking my connection with the characters too much. If you allow relativistic time dilation to happen (e.g. when they're inside of the vortex), it would be pretty neat: we're due for a Kromagg invasion, but we don't know when!

Kliss wrote:

Robert Floyd was a big casting mistake

How do you mean?

They wanted to hire a Jerry O'Connell lookalike.

By that metric, I agree it was a rather good decision, but personally I've only felt the O'Connell vibes in The Unstuck Man and to a lesser extent in Applied Physics, after that it was either too subtle for me or completely absent. So, short-sighted decision to say the least.

But I guess the bigger problem for me is that Robert Floyd as the hot-blooded/daredevil/womanizer/former thug Mallory's supposed to be, doesn't cut it from me at a very fundamental level: I just don't get Mallory vibes from Robert Floyd.

Also, while I do think he had potential as an actor, and for some reason I find the Robert-Mallory item to be remarkably likeable, I don't think he's a great actor. I'm sure you guys have discussed/heard discussed his performance a lot over the years, and some fans may have been too harsh on him, but at the end of the day I think he lacked experience, and wasn't as skilled as the other members of the main cast (except Charlie O'Connell, and Tembi Locke maybe). He kept making odd acting decisions, very unique but not often in a good way. That said, he does have his moments.

pilight wrote:

John Rhys-Davies is 75 years old.  Will he be willing or able to fall out of the wormhole every week?  If they use a body double, would it be believable?

I've determined JRD's strongest point when it comes to physicality, to be rolling sideways on the ground. He just loved rolling. I started noticing that when I was well into the show, but a couple days ago I rewatched the pilot, and would you look at that, he was already rolling under that truck like a pro! Maybe he still got his rolling chops.

If they really want to throw a bone to viewers of the original show, have the New!Sliders encounter one or more of the originals during a slide.

Well, from the studio's perspective, I can definitely see how that would be the way to go. They could even have some passing-the-torch moment between Rembrandt and a younger, new slider (his son/daughter?)

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

If Sam Esmail had wanted to do Sliders instead of Battlestar Gallactica, I am sure we could have had it back.  A proven tv guy who carries a lot of weight.

Yup, or a proven cinema guy for that matter. Being a David Lynch has been shown to work when you want to revive a 20+ years old series. Now of course Twin Peaks and Sliders don't have much in common, but I think it's interesting to note that both shows weren't huge when they were being aired, and TP returned with (mostly) the original cast even though there aren't big names (even less so than Sliders, Gimli has got to count for something), and both were/are kind of niche things. But the revival happened in TP's case, and it was a pretty good one at that.

Anyway you made a lot of good points. IDK what will happen, and it won't be easy anyway. I'll just keep an open mind.

ireactions wrote:

St. Clare Entertainment is now defunct, but it would have owned 33 per cent of SLIDERS which is now split across Robert K. Weiss (the co-creator), John Landis and Leslie Belzberg.

So Tormé doesn't have any rights on it? (I know next to nothing about how this kind of things work.)  Any idea as to what his involvement might be if there was a reboot?

ireactions wrote:

I have come to the conclusion that SLIDERS is about THE sliders

You seem to exclude the possibility that the original cast would return, is there a reason for that (other than the fact that most of the characters are essentially dead) or am I misinterpreting you?

That said, I agree. All things being equal, an episode like Dinoslide would've been way more unbearable if it didn't have the original cast+characters in it, and its only redeeming feature (the scenes between Wade and Rembrandt, which I actually loved) would probably have been lost as well. And in the case of episodes that were very solid on paper already e.g. Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome, I'm not sure I would've loved them as much if they had had different sliders.

Generally speaking, I'm more of a plot guy, with the character-actor items being almost secondary. But as I was rewatching Sliders and the cast kept changing, I realized how much the original cast made a difference, to the point where I genuinely can't tell whether I was more attached to the concept/plots or to the characters. Usually it's not really a meaningful question, especially when both the scripts and the characters are compelling, but Sliders poses it in a serious way due to its peculiar history.

ireactions wrote:

Certainly, the writers eventually capitalized on what the actors brought in.

I think that's one of the things that make season 5 generally bad. The cast is not really factored in the writing. Other people could have played those characters without having much of an impact on the overall work, and the characters weren't very well fleshed out to begin with. I mean for instance, what would it mean for Mallory to act out-of-character? What/who IS his character? I've definitely had moments where I went "oh, I didn't know he could do or say that!", but at some point I stopped noticing those things. I've accepted the fact that Sliders became a "generic character A does x, generic character B does y" type of show. (Though on a side note, I think in this particular case it also has to do with the fact that Robert Floyd was a big casting mistake IMO, and it's frustrating because I'm convinced he could be very interesting in a role that suits him.)

ireactions wrote:

Why not come up with a new title and a new set of characters exploring parallel universes?

To be honest that's pretty much how I envision a Sliders reboot, as a new show. That's not what I would LIKE, but I'd be prepared for it. I don't think it could get much worse than the later seasons anyway. But there's also the slight possibility that magic happens.


I never thought someone would want to reboot Saved By The Bell. Let alone watch it, but I guess time will tell.

Hi everyone, new here so I thought I'd drop a quick word of introduction.

I'm half-obsessed with Sliders. Discovered it when it was first aired on French TV and became an instant fan--as in "making cardboard timers and sliding with my friends after school" fan. I was obsessed with it for years, and the endless reruns were(n't) helping with that. But then no more reruns, and while Sliders was still very dear to my heart, it was beginning to be only memories.

A few years ago I started rewatching it, and man did it rekindle the fire! ... but I had to stop halfway through the 4th season, cringing and being bored does that to a man. I'm currently rewatching it from scratch, and I'm a few episodes into the 5th season (which I never watched since it was only aired on cable TV here).

The temptation to skip some episodes is very strong. But I'm fighting the urge: I have to see what the beast called "Sliders" really is, the whole of it. And actually, once you accept what it has become in the later seasons, I've found that I was able to extract great fun from it-- mostly of the involuntary kind, granted, but also some of the genuine kind.

I couldn't help but notice this forum isn't exactly overcrowded haha, but I might have some thoughts to share about the series (and... about the reboot?) and other stuff as well, so here I am. smile