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My Pillow guy was a crack head after all


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Guys, the Electoral College meets when, mid-December?  Then you have the holidays and whatnot when Congress is in recess.  Nobody in Congress has any interest in modifying that schedule, trust me.


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Why do we need to alter centuries worth of procedure and tradition simply because ONE maniacal crook can't follow them?


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can you believe this is NOT Chuck Norris?

https://twitter.com/NunesDrag/status/13 … 1454375938



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TemporalFlux wrote:

This is why I watch this stuff my co-worker sends me.  This is gold!


The pope has been a hologram since last year!   There has *got* to be a Sliders story in there!

That PURPLE background, clearly written in HTML 1.0, doesn't throw you off??????????


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Damn, too bad it's not Demolition Man, and we could vote for this guy.



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No interest in Parler, and from what I've read, the UI is a mess.


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I agree on both points with TF.  Twitter/Facebook can toss anybody they want, it's their platform.  Similar to Christian baker who refuses to make a wedding cake for same-sex marriage, which the Supreme Court upheld. 

Monopoly is a tougher argument only because by definition, Google and Apple are competitors and not single monopoly.  Also, in the past, Microsoft got into trouble for including IE and Office with the monopoly Windows OS, which Word Perfect and Netscape sued them for.  Don't recall how that resulted, but the latter two are out of business.  That being said, there are plenty of apps which Apple/Google prohibit from their stores. 

The solution is for Parler to sue, and see where the courts take it.


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DC Attorney General wants to charge Trump, Trump Jr, and Rudy.  Cannot be pardoned away, as that's not a federal court.


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Arrest them all, put them on trial, whatever.  There must be a reckoning for all this.  Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley must resign from the Senate.

Meanwhile, 4,000 people died of COVID in the United States yesterday.


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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl … -9-11.html

Mike Pence was forced to call in the National Guard because Trump would not.


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He is STILL Tweeting about the election fraud!!!!

https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/sta … 2595885058

He should be arrested for inciting a riot immediately.


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This piece of shit Trump has incited a riot!!!!!!  They are rioting into the Capitol Building in Washington.  Police had guns drawn.  The DoD is refusing to send in the National Guard.


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They can't "overturn" the election, there's nothing to change.  The Senate cannot touch the results once the states have certified them.


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WW84 was vapid, and like everything else these days, 45 minutes too long.

If you can't write enough for 8-10 Netflix episodes you shouldn't have a show.  I think Lucasfilm on D+ will be fine.  You're going to have shows which are part of this mini-Mando universe, and shows which are not (like Obi-Wan).  I don't think there's too many spins-off, and frankly you need to have several new seasons a year to justify having the service.  Each series will be 10 or less, likely 8 or less, with some rumor Boba-Fett may only be 4.  Even with the use of that new set technology they have, which allows for quicker, less costly work (few location shots), each show is costly.  Building sets, costumes, etc, can be reused, but I think the streaming model has always been about shorter, quicker arcs.

Here again, I wouldn't be against a post-ROTJ Skywalker mini-series, but I don't think the technology is good enough, nor that Hamill would do it, but who knows?  I know they've tried to get him for a Luke animated series several years ago. 

PS: I encourage all to watch the Disney Gallery for Mando S1, it's extraordinary.

I've barely seen any who are upset that Hamill "appeared," though some like me have been critical of the CGI.  I felt the appearance had the appropriate grandeur and suspense, though it's unfortunate it was done on a streaming series and not a film. 

One thing I'm kind of confused about is this over-emotional sentiment, which got a Lucasfilm exec in trouble for poking fun at a fan crying after watching.  I'm a massive Star Wars fan, and Luke was Star Wars for me.  I was not that upset with his arc in the sequel films like many others.  That said, I truly do not understand how a brief appearance in this finale "fixes that?"  Many friends were like, there you see, you see!!!  This is the Luke we all wanted.  This is who he was supposed to be after ROTJ.  I'm like, well, okay, yes, that's how he was written in a multitude of Expanded Universe material 20-30 years ago. 

I will say that Filoni/Favreau did it the RIGHT way.  They kept it quiet, and it did not feel like fan service.  That is really I think the biggest threat to what the franchise will do going forward.  Like I think this idea of bringing back all the Spider-Man actors for the next movie is completely absurd.  What kind of disaster will that be?  Oh wait, it's Marvel, the script is irrelevant.


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Trump is completely full of crap.

Tremendous S2 from Filoni/Favreau!  My only lament, they STILL can't do CGI faces!!!!!


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Wow, great stuff!  So weird to see alternate Sliders footage as after 25 years just rarely see it.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

And Trump is handling it very well.  Probably shouldn't have nominated three Deep State judges.

Or his Deep State Attorney General.  It's pure comedy that everyone is wrong but he is right.

TemporalFlux wrote:
Grizzlor wrote:

In "theaters" theaters??

Yep!  How long can you hold your breath?  lol

Ha ha.  In reality, the premise sounds basically the same as Counterpart, although I'm sure much cheesier.

In "theaters" theaters??


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The solicitor general of the state of Texas refused to sign the lawsuit.  Sen Ben Sasse suggested the AG of Texas, an accused crook, is simply doing this to be pardoned by Trump.  The Republicans have become post-democracy, not to mention this lawsuit is as anti-states' rights as you can get.


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Sen. John Cornyn of Texas said the following...."I read just the summary of it, and I frankly struggle to understand the legal theory of it.  Number one, why would a state, even such a great state as Texas, have a say so on how other states administer their elections? It's an interesting theory, but I'm not convinced."

The suggestion that one state has any say in how another state conducts its election is laughable.  The Trump legal team (whoever isn't COVID positive) is now 1 for 55 in court.


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The last time a state sued another, the Supreme Court took 15 months and still threw the case out.  They denied the PA case today, it's as over as it was a month ago.  This one will go adios as well, it has no merit.


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Trump has proven he can't win with simply his base.


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Trump will use the $170 million he has raised to fight in court in order to sustain his political whims for the next several years.  Beyond that who knows.  If Biden has COVID out of play and economics are moving up by the mid-terms, what would Trump even have as a slogan then?  He's failed to win 47% of the vote, twice, and his results have mostly been due to the simple aspect that people do not like him one bit.  That won't change.  2-3 years of him and his family bitching about their legal issues, crying the election was rigged?  People are already sick of hearing it.


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Look you have to work backwards when you are the creative staff wrapping up a 15-year series in one hour long episode.  You guys I agree with, the Chuck-led story ended.  Had there been another season, I'm sure Chuck probably tries to magic his way to one up Jack.  Save that, I mean, what was left for The Winchesters to even do?  What were the writers to show, the boys fighting the SAME creatures over and over, for another 30-40 years?  I mean, they literally defeated Death (twice), God, Amara, Lucifer (frequently), arch-Angels, original vamp, Egyptian Gods, Roman Gods, I lost track.  Their friends were basically all gone.  They beat the game!!  They unlocked all the secrets.  It's over.  Sure Dean and Sam might have both retired, but the point of the story was that Dean would NEVER retire.  Hunting was his life.  Sam lived it for Dean, not himself.  As I've said, beyond the questionable makeup choices on JarPad, I felt it was the RIGHT way to write the finale.


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This was the "real photo"



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They already ran cases to the Supreme Court pertaining to mail in ballots, as well as changes including extensions.  The Court ruled that the onus was on the state legislatures and courts, not the Federal courts.  They were pretty consistent on that.  It's why Trump's team didn't bother challenging them any further, because they would have lost.


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The previous episode was the finale for me, and yes, maybe the way they "stuck it" to Chuck was a bit hokey, but I think that was the point.  I felt it was a very A-Team kind of story resolution, which is a good thing. 

The finale was simply an epilogue.  Was it necessary?  That I'm not sure, as they'd largely resolved the series the previous episode.  However, I mean, it's the last one, and I think it was a unique take on it, because with Chuck out of the picture, you feel like their lives return to how they were perhaps meant to be.  Honestly I felt it was a very heartwarming way to end the show, and again, both actors have no issue "returning to the characters" at some point in the future.  It may have sucked for future fan fiction, but it is what it is.  Eric Kripke has said that his finale would have really been hated, telegraphing that pretty much everybody goes out in a blaze of horrific glory, ha ha.

I wound up being lambasted on the SPN Facebook page for saying that the show basically closed all the arcs.  A bunch of mainly female fans they proceeded to read me the riot act on how a dozen different characters were not resolved.  Honestly, I had to google most of them!  They appeared like ONCE on the show.  These people are nuts.  Also, who Sam's wife was really isn't important.  Like I said, it was a 30-minute epilogue for a 15-season show.


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It's over.  Transition finally agreed to by GSA.  Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham have basically admitted Biden is next.

TF the mail ballot extensions have been done for years, similar to when they hold polls open for people still in line.  There's never been a challenge to those maneuvers that went anywhere, and there likely won't ever be.  I truly don't think the Supreme's would go for tossing hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of ballots.  Maybe Thomas/Alito but not the others. 

Furthermore, the Trump claim was all about fraud.  So yes if it could be proven, the GOP and judges may have gone for that.  There's no evidence of that, which is why they can't charge fraud in court.  Tossing ballots simply because they arrived via mail, no shot.  GOP/judges would never go for that, in fact many expressed that it would be disenfranchisement.


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Stargirl ran on CW during season 1 anyway, so I doubt the budget will be all that different.  I really liked the show.  I found Titans season 1 to be incredibly boring.  Haven't got to S2 quite yet.


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I watched it off the DVR this morning.  I thought the "clip show" was well done.  I most ways, the previous episode was really the finale.  "Carry On" was definitely touching, and I think totally fine the way they ended it.  Seen many fan comments about Dean which they were unhappy about, but I mean, they won, so, what more was there to do?

The other cool thing for me, they aired exactly 327 episodes of the show, and while "Baby" was a '67 Impala I believe it's only likely to have a small block Chevy.  One of the most prominent engines GM ever sold, the 327 cubic inch!

PS: I think we can do full commentary, I mean, there's only a few of us commenting on the thread and we've probably all seen it.


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The lawsuits are done, more or less, and lawyers have been quitting on him.  There is not likely to even be many recounts.  His final avenue is this ridiculous idea that state legislatures will circumvent the popular vote, not happening.  Supposedly he will finally "concede" while simultaneously announce he's running again in 2024.


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Blocking certification would require court orders.  The courts have so far unanimously batted away all lawsuits the Trump camp have filed.  70-80% of Americans, by poll, agree that Biden is the next President.  Once again, it's Trump first, he's just trying to keep his fandom revved up and prove he's no loser (though he is a BIG one).


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Trump is outta here in January, trust me.  The bigger issue is that he's moved to railroad the transition to Biden, plus having agencies waste their time with Trump-backed budget plans they'll never use.


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These are just layups at this point, "a trainee and two chimpanzee's could fly her."  Trump was incapable of this.


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They're not evil.  Trump is himself not evil, he's just a jerk off.  As I've said from day one, he's a lifelong crook with no morals or inhibitions on many things.  People looked past that for tribalism.


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ireactions wrote:

I hope Americans aren't bad people.

But looking at Informant, he's currently screeching that the media calling the election for Biden is illegitimate and too early, although he had no issue with Trump calling the election for himself. Informant is whining that the election is being stolen when his party made gains in the House, has the state houses for gerrymandering, and currently holds the Senate which means his problem isn't that conservatism lost (because it hasn't) -- he's mad that his cult leader's claims are being ignored and dismissed as the empty delusions of a soon-to-be disempowered madman and no one should ever be allowed to ignore Informant's cult leader.

And there are (apparently) at least 70 million people just like Informant.

What's he on Twitter?  The stolen crap is just plain pathetic.  All of the Republican state officials refuted every claim so far.  The courts have tossed them.  Trump should be finding better lawyers, he's going to need them.  The Manhattan DA, at the least, are hot on his trail.


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pilight wrote:
Grizzlor wrote:

In Florida, they voted Trump AND for the minimum wage to be increased.

In 2016, Trump campaigned on raising the minimum wage.

Yes to a hilarious $10.  Florida's is now $15.


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Americans are not bad people, no.  In Florida, they voted Trump AND for the minimum wage to be increased.  Americans are primarily centrists.  The far left and far right are the most vocal, and spend the most money on candidates, but they do not represent most Americans.  That said, many of the progressive ideas DO get widespread support.  The problem are the messagers, because well, they're politicians.  I thought Yang was a breath of fresh air.  AOC and her squad will get nowhere.  In fact, Pelosi ought to go too, as there's a revolt currently in the Democratic caucus about all of them.  Several members got boiled alive by socialism ads used against them plastered with AOC.


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Most news orgs have called it for Biden now.


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Most of the Trumpers I know aren't even talking about fraud, as they know it's ridiculous.  They STILL insist COVID-19 was a conspiracy of China, the media, and Democrats to have Trump beaten.


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Normally I cannot stand CNN, but they're the best in terms of covering the numbers and the breaking news.  FOX I've heard does the same, but I cannot stomach their pundits.

Nevada count will extend into Sat/Sun, which is ridiculous given they're counting like 1/100th the number that Pennsylvania is. Anyway, Biden is up 11.4K there with 63K from Vegas (likely Dem) and 60K provisional ballots (at best a wash). Georgia now a scant 13K, Biden may well pull ahead there. Pennsylvania 114K now, having gained 50K so far today. I think most news organizations are waiting for PA to call the election.

Biden is highly likely to take PA by maybe 100K votes when it's done with, as well as Nevada.  Arizona yes is a question, but the damn state only posts updates ONCE a night.  They should be finished by tomorrow supposedly.  Biden can win Georgia.


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Quick electoral observations...

1. Joe Biden sought out to convert R's sick of Trump, D's who skipped 2016, young voters, independents and 3rd party '16 voters.  He excelled in that strategy across the country, even where he lost (like Texas).  He was lampooned time and time again, but may be proven a genius.

2. Trump turnout was MASSIVE.  Why?  Well unlike Joe, he never stopped the campaign GOTV, registration, ground game and his rallies.  Since he's basically ignored the virus since the spring, not a surprise.  It cannot be soothing for Donald that he put in all this work, and it primarily only helped Mitch McConnell, who I'm sure is cackling right now.  That turnout was also largely what threw the polling off again.  I think public polling can work, but you have to move away from the frigging phone calls, into online.

3. Though it seems Biden may go over 270, he currently leads at that number.  If it held exactly there, the flipped state that puts him over was largely lost to the Ghost of John McCain.  There's perhaps no greater irony, nor more just outcome given Trump's putrid treatment of a war hero.


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Were you around for the 2000 election?  I recall an argument where we battled over the true nature of Jesus!  Being raised Catholic, what I heard/was taught was that his care for the sick, elderly, and poor were of utmost prominence.  He proceeded to lecture me about Gospel passages, as if I was a child.  I had no wish to turn that into renewed "Reformation" fight, so I just gave up.  To me, he simply seemed incredibly angry, but I "turned the other cheek."