Donald Trump has created an environment where unfounded and often anti-Semitic conspiracies, hate speech, and threats of violence (he HIMSELF has made them) are allowed if not encouraged.  The bombing suspect admitted he had little political interest until Trump came along, and acted as a lightening rod to people like him.  Again, as I continue to say, this has NOTHING to do with policies or even politics of DJT.  It's 100% tied to his constant lying, lack of morality, lack of decency, lack of humility, and organized crime background.  He lies, he quotes absurd conspiracies that are easily debunked. 

His first reaction to neo-Nazi's in VA, well there's good people on both sides.  His first reaction to the Saudi's killing a journalist, well it was probably rogue killers.  His first reaction to today's synagogue massacre, well somebody should have had a gun inside to shoot the shooter.  Blame, blame, blame.  NEVER admits he made a mistake.  Sorry, but this is on him.  Everyone in Washington continues to beg, demand, or plea for him to tone down the incendiary rhetoric, and he has not.

PS: Let's not forget this President has already warned of VIOLENCE if Democrats win midterms.  Not Fake News, he said it.  Well, I guess they've gotten a head start on that.

Not sure you can apply Dr. Who or really ANY logic to what was written in scripts about Mallory early in S5.

Robert DeNiro and John Brennan had nothing to do with Hillary v. Bernie.  They just railed on Trump.  I would say it's someone's sick joke, someone who clearly needs psychiatric help.  That being said, two highly predicable things happened.  First, the Limbaugh's and whatnot claimed "false flag," and declared it all to be a fake stunt.  Second, Trump ignored criticism that those targeted are basically who he's been blasting for 2 years, and instead blamed the "fake media."  Disgraceful responses, but again, not surprising.  Of course, if it was a stunt to make Trump look bad, like teasing a retriever with a tennis ball, he just couldn't control himself.

BP was not very good.  None of these are very good.  If you're over the age of 16, and you want to see a good movie, try Three Billboards...

When you nominated political operatives, their history is usually going to be murky.  Alito, Gorsich, Roberts, were not, they were primarily lawyers and judges, so they sailed through.


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Bill Mulder, actor Peter Donat, has died at age 90.


(872 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Firstly, it was The Hollywood Reporter, reporting on backroom Hollywood negotiations.  I don't see what the big deal is.  It's GOSSIP.  Also, the "news" that there is no active Superman project still stings, and, honestly, proves that Cavill's time wearing the cape is likely over.  They need a young director with a strong vision to come forward.  Heck, maybe this will do that?


(872 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Henry Cavill has been fired????  If true, this is totally absurd. … up-1142306

It's easy to blame Hillary being a bad candidate or the media propping up Trump.  The sad truth is...voters are DUMB.  Even intelligent ones.  Good grief it's staggering how ill-informed most of them are.  Trump, I'll give him all the credit in the world, because he finally did what all candidates never had the guts to....feed the boobs exactly what they want to hear.  Very simple.  I've given up caring, because it's clear most Americans do not care.  They want their dumb TV shows, even dumber movies they're hooked to.  They want their weed, booze, sports, video games, porn, fast food, religions, whatever that comforts them.  The planet is headed for massive environmental DEATH.  Sure, we'll all be dead by then, so it's easy to continue to ignore the issues.  The rise of absurd conspiracies just proves that, if you make a phony story interesting enough, dopes will believe it.  But oh well, let's just keep getting less and less healthy foods, products, air and water, and keep giving out more and more doles to corporations, who continue to market and lie and force poison into your blood stream.  Then deny you adequate medical support to treat these illnesses.  I'm sorry but this country DESERVED Trump.  He is the embodiment of it.  Fat, lazy, whiny, dumb, ignorant, arrogant, deceitful.  I'll equally give Bernie credit.  He didn't care, he just plain told it like it is.  Trouble was, again, most Americans are lazy and afraid, afraid of literally everything.  It's led to the breakdown of communities.  They don't want to hear the pain Bernie was pointing to, and they're clearly far too cowardly to stand up to multi-national corporations who run their lives.


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I think attempting to merge or even view all these Marvel properties as some sort of continuity is a BAD BAD idea!  Too confusing.  I love Legion and The Gifted, and I could care less what universe they're in.  It's highly unlikely any movie actor appears in them, so what's the difference?  Similar to Marvel Netflix, unless you have actor crossovers, I don't even think about it.


(948 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

The reports are that there are documents, physical evidence of what Cohen wishes to talk about.  Frankly, the feds don't need him if they have all that.  And now the other shoe drops like the anvil in a Roadrunner cartoon.  When the campaign was winding down, I said several times, the greatest issue I had with Donald Trump was not political.  It was that he ran a 40-year criminal enterprise which laundered money for organized crime, for decades under the tutelage of NYC's attorney for the Mafia, Roy Cohn.  Back then it was Jewish and Italian mobsters, followed by Chinese, Ukranian, Russian, whatever.  I said it was only a matter of time before his past caught up with him.  He's been a criminal for 40 years, protected by other criminals and New York greed.  Not unlike the Kennedy's, who were criminals during Prohibition, and alter associated with criminals, and inevitably were likely murdered by them.

Again, this is not a political statement, this has to do with law & order (not Fred Wolf's show either).  If his money-man is singing to prosecutors, it's the beginning of the end for DJT.  You heard it here first.  Enjoy your weekend, I know I will. … hen-probe/

PS: I think Mike Pence's politics are highly distasteful, but he is NOT a criminal.  Couldn't be less of a fan, but again, he has morals, is somewhat intelligent, 100% a Patriotic family, and at the worst, would represent the nation with dignity.  Trump is a shit stain on the history of the United States, and I want him out removed yesterday.  Pence has zero shot of being re-elected anyway.


(948 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Yesterday, Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to committed federal crimes, at the direction of Mr. Trump, in order to protect his candidacy in 2016.  Not long ago, Donald Trump's own lawyers wrote to Robert Mueller, explaining that Trump himself directed Cohen to make those payments, and admitted that Trump reimbursed Mr. Cohen.  That sounds like conspiracy right there, which is a felony, aka "high crime" worthy of impeachment.  The Justice Dept. rules prohibit federal prosecution of a sitting President though.  Should Democrats prevail in the House at least, they will do so with the wind at their backs to pursue it.


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Info, but they remastered MacGyver!  MacGyyyyyyyyyyverrrrrrrrrrrr.  I mean, come on.  It's very frustrating.  Anyway, yes, Heroes and Icons, which is an over the air subchannel airs all the old Trek series along with Hercules and Xena.  It's like literally (for me) the WPIX NY 1990s rerun network, ha ha ha.  The quality though is terrible, looks like crap.

As for Picard, they haven't even written scripts yet so I can't see this thing coming on air for at least a year or so.  If they do it as 20 years hence, as Patrick remarked, well, 20 years is a long time.  In fact, the TNG itself from premiere to Nemesis was just 15 years.  Space is big, and you can easily see how Picard's life could have shifted away from his old crew.


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SQ21, perfect example on James Gunn.  Trump DID make similar comments, repeatedly.  He made fun of a handicapped reporter.  He has spoken despicably about the appearance of women.  He questioned McCain's service because he got captured.  Most infamously he has made a slew of racially tinged remarks, and not recently either.  This goes back decades.  He lies continuously, then tells his followers not to believe ANY press that questions those lies.  Refers to them as the "enemy of the people."  This is precisely how dictators have spoken throughout history.  Gunn, Franken, Bill O'Reilly, Matt Lauer, they all paid for their "sins."  Somehow this guy never does.  It's not about "hatred" with Trump.  This is a question of morality now, it's no longer about politics.  It's a question of whether the United States continues as a Democracy, or crumbles into the abyss. 

That's not even getting near the seemingly nonstop corruption indictments that are encircling the President's men as we speak.  Add Christopher Collins to that mix.  Don Jr., Kushner, Wilbur Ross, could be next.  Manafort, Scott Pruitt, Gates, Cohen, Gen. Flynn, and on and on. 

I wouldn't care if Trump sent me a $50,000 tax refund.  My morality, patriotism, ethics, and human decency cannot be bought.


(249 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard) … n-blu-ray/

This pisses me off.  I mean, I liked both of those shows, but they can't spend the $ to upgrade Star Trek DS9 or Voyager?


(249 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

One has to imagine this project likely takes Picard off the Enterprise, and into some other role. Most of the other TNG actors have aged much worse, so I wouldn't expect much participation from them. There's also an animated series, an Academy series, maybe something Khan-related (Nicholas Meyer) possibly in the works. I think if they kept each to limited series, that could work. That said, I'll see how bad they make Discovery by focusing on Spock and Sarek in Season 2.


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I always felt Sliders was one of the toughest franchises to write it for.  At least if you were to try to hold to Tracy Torme's vision for the show.  Frankly a good chuck of season 3 was literally BAD fan fiction.  Torme had the characters visit different Earths.  Some had slight differences, others had clearly obvious ones.  Regardless, the best Sliders episodes often were the ones where the crazy worlds forced the team to take on roles or even personas they never expected to.  In a sense, they became actors.  Those were so entertaining.  Also good were the ones where they were forced to examine choices they made, better or worse, that their double may have done differently.  I felt those were the strength of the show, and of Torme's guidance.  Often the Sci-Fi seasons would come close, simply for budgetary reasons.  I guess my point is that too often over the years, Sliders fanfics have focused too much energy into the worlds, the politics, and whatnot.  Does that make for good fanfic?  Maybe not, but it would (if ever rebooted) make for good television.

Shooting the Shit gets my vote


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Does sound like she's going to be "okay" but as usual U.S. healthcare is an absolute horror story.  I am literally inundated with these fundraisers.  Give hundred's of billions to corporations so they can buy back stocks but nothing for even children's health.

JERRY JERRY JERRY!  Oops, wrong Jerry!


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Finally binged Discovery.  Terrific show, really impressed with how they worked the story and whatnot.  My lone complaint are the Klingons.  They look and sound horrendous.  Terrible choice to alter them so much, yet leave pretty much every other race the same.

Great writer, but professionally he was also a lunatic.


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One of the problems with Trek is that they've abandoned good science fiction in favor of bad dramatic fiction.  I would concur with TF that it's time to move forward, in terms of continuity.  I love Patrick, but idk, inevitably would they bring other TNG actors along, the ones who so embarrassingly phoned in the last couple movies?


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The entire Trump/Miller/Kelly/Sessions approach is heavy handed and flat out un-American verging on heinous.

1.  The current system has been broken for decades.  Trump administration is now deporting people who have been here for decades.  Some are even DOCTORS.  These are people who are contributing to society, but have no good way to rectify their situation.  Right wing Republicans have refused EVERY attempt at remedies for the immigration system, because solving this problem would take away their dog whistle.

2.  Family separation is 100% the cause of Trump's team's zero tolerance policy, begun only months ago.  Rather than simply deport the families, they have sought to PUNISH them.  Repeat, PUNISH them.  Again, this is draconian and unnecessary.  But you know, gotta keep the base of racist crazies happy.

3.  The incarceration is seemingly undefined, as there is a major lack of immigration attorneys and judges.  Another remedy that Trump could fix, but HIRING more of them.  He has steadfastly refused. 

And so here we are, a President who despises poor immigrants, the ones who come and do work we don't want to do.  The one's who often flee peril, only to find more of it here.   He wants merit based...  Okay, so on the application for visa, should we simply be asking how good you are at cleaning plates, picking apples, mowing lawns, or painting houses?  I live in an area with lots of immigrants.  He's complicit with a Republican party that  has no real interest in fixing the system, because it would take away a major issue they need to scream about to get people to vote for them.  Because beyond that, their platform is decidedly anti-working class.


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Look, the reality is stuff like this get pitched constantly.  Jerry is very rah-rah.  That said, this IS the time for streaming reboots it seems.  However, I'm not going to read much into this yet.

Ehhh, that sucks, only 10.


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So I've seen almost the whole season, very enjoyable.  It's an uncomplicated show, which I prefer.


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I enjoyed the season, but the finale was a mess.  Between who they killed off, and what not, ehhhh, I don't get it.  Whatever.

So Lethal Weapon was recast with Stiffler, and Gotham WILL return!


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Surf Dance Chris wrote:

That’s super awesome, Grizzlor! Thanks for sharing!

Anyone here met Lester Barrie? I know his character Diggs was kinda cheesy sometimes, but I always liked seeing him in season 3.

How about Jason Gaffney (Bennish)?

Thanks.  Unfortunately, most of the Vancouver-based actors I'll never get to meet.  Many of them are more or less retired, or just do guest spots on the shows up there that mainly CW shoots.  Gaffney would be on my wishlist for sure, along with Tracy, Sabrina of course, Zoe McClellan (Designated Survivor just got axed), Tembi, and Floyd. 

Surf Dance Chris wrote:

Also I had a chance to meet Jeffrey Dean Logan at Megacon in Orlando last year, but couldn’t justify the $100. What’s the most you’ve paid to meet anyone from Sliders? (Or anyone in general). Question is open to anyone.

When I met Jeffrey at RICC, I was there to get a handful of stuff signed for other people, and one for myself (Supernatural poster I preferred to pay for rather than lug around the Manhattan streets).  So I had a minute or two to chat, and I mentioned Sliders.  His eyes lit up, and he went on and on about the show, how he loved the concept, and that it was nuts that nobody has done it again since.  You could tell that if he had been given a shot, he would have 100% loved to work on the series full time.  You will not meet a cooler/nicer actor than JDM. 

Anyway, his autograph was like $80 I think.  The Chiller Expo guests I've paid for were usually like $20 bucks.  John Rhys-Davies was maybe $40.  Beyond him, Corey Feldman I guess.  Sliders didn't exactly have a ton of heavy hitters, and Jerry doesn't do conventions (yet).


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Renova Group is big in the news this week.  Lots of money coming from them.  Again, not a shock, given that Trump was schooled by mobsters, partnered with them for decades in NY, and now worldwide.

BTW: somewhat OT but I finally watched Roseanne S10, and beyond the joke-line of the first episode, this series has absolutely NOTHING to do with Trump or politics.  It was a stroke of genius for the writers and the network to hype it up that way, but the show is just good clean family corny-ness, with issues that we all face.  I've really enjoyed it.


(21 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Terrible news.  Hope she recovers.

I've really enjoyed it.  Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) is fantastic.  The showrunner has said that once Fox gives the word on the show ending, he would write a 6 episode arc to close with David as Batman/proto-Batman.  Obviously they didn't have that chance this season, and it was too soon.  Camren (Selina) shaved her head last month (whatever), which immediately had a lot of fans worried about cancellation. 

Here's the scoop.  Warners fired Clayne Crawford from Lethal Weapon, and if they can't recast his Riggs part by I assume Monday, that show is toast, and Gotham is renewed.  Unfortunately I don't think Fox will take both.  Fox has already canned a ton of shows, partly to make room for Thursday NFL.


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Well, as you probably have seen in the past, I go to a ton of conventions, film sets, stage doors, etc, etc.  That being said, I do love meeting actors who have appeared on Sliders, and if time permits, asking them about it.  Of course my big want is to meet Tracy Torme.

Main Cast:

Met Jerry like half dozen times now 2011+, always very friendly.  Met John a few times at conventions 2014/2015, another super kind, friendly man.  Cleavant I finally tracked down at a play house in Hartford, CT, in 2016.  He was in a hurry, but a barrel of laughs.  Finally Kari I met at the Chiller Theatre in NJ back in 2014, and she even gave me a big smooch on the cheek!  Sabrina I probably won't even track down, Robert Floyd is out of the biz, and Tembi Locke is acting in NCIS I believe, and has a book coming out.

Guest stars:

Met late Chuck McCann (Capt Jack Brim), Corey Feldman (Twister Acid), Stephen Macht (Kromagg) and Zach Ward (Dream masters) at Chiller 2013
Met Kristanna Loken (Revelations) and William B. Davis (pilot)at Chiller 2014.
Met Linda Henning (Quinn's Mom), Don Most (Dead Man), Veronica Cartwright (Fire Within) at Chiller in 2015
Met Paula Trickey (My Bro keeper) at Chiller in 2016.
Met Michael Des Barres (Dream Masters), Kenny Johnson (Dream masters) and Leah Ayres (Slide Cage) at Chiller 2017
Just met Nick Lea (Luck of the Draw) and Burton Gilliam (Way Out West) at Chiller 2018.
Met Charles Cyphers (Eggheads) at Horrorhound Ohio 2016
Met Chase Masterson (Kelly Welles) at con in Secaucus, NJ 2017
Met Jeffrey Dean Morgan (El Sid) several times in NYC and the Rhode Island Comic Con 2015-2016
Met Will Sasso in NYC in 2017, and Israel Juarbe in NJ at a Karate Kid thing 2017, both playing Gomez Calhoun!
Met Meg Foster (Col Burke) at Monster Mania NJ 2014
Met Robert Englund (State of ART), Adrienne Barbeau (Oh Brother) and John Kassir (Lipshitz Live) at Monster Mania 2016
Met Austin Nichols (great work) at NY Comic con 2015
Met J. August Richards (Just Say Yes) and Shane West (California Reich) at New York Comic Con 2016
Met Connor Trinneer at Star Trek Con in NYC 2016
Met Tommy Chong (Stoker) at a Cheech and Chong show Montclair, NJ 2016
Met Thomas G. Waites (Slither) at Warriors Reunion, Coney Island, NY 2016
Met Karin Konoval (Into the Mystic) at film premiere NYC 2017
Met Jed Rees (Time Again) at Philly Con 2017
Met David Kaye (Prince of Wails) at Transformers Con 2017


(5 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Well I asked both questions.  He said he's not asked hardly about Sliders, but did commend Tracy Torme, and said he was bummed at the time about not being asked to stay on.  A bit heartbroken.  As for hanging together, he didn't recall but that most of the film industry would hit up the Sutton Hotel and a few other spots Friday/Saturday night all the time.  Very nice guy, I'll post a pic later on. 

What I would say in general is that most guest stars on the show remember it fondly, and that they're often still intrigued by the concept.  Nick, same as even Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is surprised it hasn't been rebooted yet.


(5 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Nicolas Lea is finally doing conventions regularly, and will be appearing at the Chiller Expo in NJ this weekend.  I'm 100% gonna stop by his table tomorrow night.  Anybody have a "Missing Slider Ryan" question you'd like asked of him?

Chuck McCann has died, he of course played the hilarious Captain Jack Brim in Season One's The King is Back.  He was 83.

I met Chuck about 5 years ago at the Chiller Convention, and he was terrific.  He really was a good sport and quite jovial.


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I'm not complaining about a slant this way or that.  Everyone exaggerates these days, one way or the other.  What you should not be doing is flat out lying about facts.  Trump routinely lies, often out of thin air on the spot.  The media (beyond Fox) calls him out on it, and he brandishes this fake news.  These are not policies issues, these pertain to his disaster of a White House, and the various lawsuits and investigations it's embroiled in.  That remains my concern with him, the media has often acted as a check on his power, while Congress has laid down in front of the train tracks.


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ireactions wrote:

Tracy Tormé is currently very sick. He also doesn't have the power to make a SLIDERS reboot happen; a studio and network have to want to see it happen. It's also unlikely that NBCUniversal would sell the rights as just owning them makes them worth more as a conglomerate that owns an extensive library of intellectual property.

What's wrong with Tracy????


(948 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

The scandal is that they are forced to "inform" viewers that stories being covered by the rest of the media are "fake" when they are NOT.  It's the Trump admin and friends decrying negative press as fake, even though the facts continue to prove otherwise.


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crouteru_ wrote:

Maybe it's something a streaming service like Netflix could pick-up? I believe the satire and political commentary of early Sliders could work really well in today's television landscape.

Certainly possible, although the trend is to take successful older movies (with much more name recognition), and reboot those.  As for linking in the old cast, should they go down that route, it's absurdly easy!  I mean, you could go the Pilot route where Quinn shows up to school/brag to his double, or basically have the new group "stumble" on a world with one or more of the original characters.  Since there's barely any reason to adhere to previous "continuity," their back story could be mentioned just in general terms.  It's incredibly easy and fitting.  One possibility would be to use the old 29.7 year trapped on a world concern!  Granted we're not at that point yet, but for these characters, it's really been almost 20 since we've seen them, so it would make sense. 

A reboot I think would work.  Alternate histories, it's just rarely done.  Star Trek, Counterpart, Man in the High Castle, Fringe, The Leftovers, heck even Xena did it.  But they rarely went beyond 2 worlds.  Sliders involved well over 100, with a few dozen that were quite memorable.  The concept remains unique.


(186 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Technically the show was already "renewed" for 14 like a year ago, as the boys signed two year deals.  Scoobynatural was incredible.  I laughed nonstop.


(27 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

No one has really tried a reboot to our knowledge.  Weiss tried to do a movie, Tracy has tried, even Jerry was seriously talking to people following the Funny or Die spoof he did.  It's a terrific concept, no question, and still bizarre that Universal hasn't redone it.  That being said, Universal doesn't have a good track record.


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Prince of Wails anyone? … 1824233490

Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner or operator of nearly 200 television stations in the U.S., would be forcing its news anchors to record a promo about “the troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country.” The script, which parrots Donald Trump’s oft-declarations of developments negative to his presidency as “fake news,” brought upheaval to newsrooms already dismayed with Sinclair’s consistent interference to bring right-wing propaganda to local television broadcasts.


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This thing was basically a copy of Scientology, that's what drew in the actors, like it does there.  Clearly Allison maintained relationships with people.  I mean when I saw her she had a group of people with her, as well as Glover.  I don't think anybody suspected the master/slave stuff, and apparently that's where she is most culpable. 

As for Scientology, I would skip Leah's show and just watch "Going Clear," the doc is far more damning.  Again, I can't understand how they aren't challenged, but they have a ton of money and power and probably dirt on a lot of people.


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Why does William look just like John Connor from Sarah Connor Chronicles?


(948 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

My GF (bigger fan of orig than I) watched Roseanne, and gave me a quick synopsis.  Said political persuasion was not important; however, way too many OLD story lines that they tried to recap, left her head spinning.  She was more annoyed by how the characters "wound up" all these years later!  I myself was not a big fan.  I thought Aunt Jackie, and the friends were far funnier than the actual family.   For me, the show is out of date, I prefer something like Shameless.


(94 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Her ex-BF remained though.  Wow, I didn't realize both women joined this thing back in 2005, and Kristin only left in 2012.  Here's the rub though, this thing was largely like Scientology for many years.  It's only recently that the whole master/slave DOS thing really started up, and Allison is potentially culpable for creating that.  They nicknamed her "Pimp Mack!"  She is in serious, serious trouble.  What a shame.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

How tall are you, Grizzlor?

lil over 6' 2" same as JOC!

****I will add, after reading the full criminal complaint against Raniere, Allison is accused mainly of recruiting women.  Towards the end there is evidence submitted that she, like many others, gave "collateral" to the group, so that in the event she leaves, they screw her.  Crazy stuff.  Custody of children, money, dirt on her parents, etc.


(94 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Hmmm, you're right, sounds like she's still in it, and likely to be charged by the FBI.  Damn.  From what I've read, this scheme is really not much different than Scientology.  It seems to focus on sex, but in reality it's the same thing.  They recruit you, make you spill the beans, and then blackmail you with those secrets from leaving.  They take your money, and force you to do labor for free.  Seems it was bankrolled by a few older women with lots of money.  No she didn't mention it to me!  But one of the rules of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club! 

Frankly I don't see how Scientology continues unimpeded, but unlike this group, they are older with far more money and power.  Tom Cruise has probably done some bad stuff, but I still watch his films without a second thought.  Same with Travolta, Will Smith, anyone else in it.