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So I know we talked a bit about my wife and me trying to have a kid.  Well, I wanted to announce that last week, she gave birth to our daughter!  Just wanted you guys to know that 1) so you didn't feel so bad about what happened before and 2) so you won't worry if I'm not here as much in the next few weeks smile

Congrats!  Just read this obviously.

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Have you gotten a chance to see the play?  How is it?  I had seen a few times he was involved with it, and that it's a new production.

No, it's not really my cup of tea.

The goofball did post a video meeting a Sliders fan who seemed to be French maybe?


Jerry is in the production through March 15, should you wish to see him.  He also signs through the mail, so send your stuff to the theatre!  LOL

https://www.roundabouttheatre.org/get-t … iers-play/

Jerry O'Connell
c/o A Soldier's Play
c/o American Airlines Theatre
227 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036

http://www.playbill.com/article/talia-s … icked-tour

Somehow I missed this last fall, but Cleavant Derricks joined the Wicked (Broadway Musical) National Tour, beginning in Las Vegas, followed by New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and St. Louis. 


City                   Dates                         Venue           
Little Rock, AR   01/01/20 - 01/19/20  Robinson Performance Hall
Columbia, SC    01/22/20 - 02/09/20  Koger Center for the Arts
Baltimore, MD   02/12/20 - 03/08/20  The Hippodrome Theatre
Madison, WI     03/11/20 - 03/29/20  Overture Center for the Arts
East Lansing, MI 04/01/20 - 04/19/20  Wharton Center
Columbus, OH  04/22/20 - 05/17/20  Ohio Theatre
Norfolk, VA       05/20/20 - 05/31/20  Chrysler Hall
Richmond, VA   06/03/20 - 06/14/20  Altria Theater
Des Moines, IA 06/17/20 - 07/05/20  Des Moines Civic Center
Vancouver, BC 07/09/20 - 07/26/20  Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Calgary, AB     07/29/20 - 08/09/20   Southern Jubilee Auditorium
Edmonton, AB 08/12/20 - 08/23/20   Northern Jubilee Auditorium
Durham, NC    09/30/20 - 10/25/20   Durham Performing Arts Center
Greensboro, NC 11/18/20 - 12/06/20  Tanger Center
Charlotte, NC  12/09/20 - 01/10/21   Ovens Auditorium


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S15 has been good so far.  It's a shame Informant has vanished, as they FINALLY brought back brother Adam from the cage!

I had a great time watching the film in the theater yesterday, so there's not much I can really say to bash or praise it.  LucasFilm made it quite clear this one was wrapping up the Skywalker story, and it did that for sure.  I felt the story itself, was very strong, overflowing with Star Wars mythos and the action was nonstop.  The major issue I had was the editing.  Way too often, it was abundantly clear that they were chopping massive swaths of story out of the film, leaving the viewer with head-scratching confusion.  The Lorii/Poe interaction, big time.  Poe and Finn sadly remained complete corn-balls right to the end, a drastically lame choice for a series that gave us Solo and Lando.  Rey was amazing, Daisy was amazing, well done.  Driver, ehhhh, just can't get used to him.  The cameos were terrific.  Again, had this been a mini-series or TWO movies rather than one, the story would really have come to life.  As a result, it was just rushed way too much.  I have to think an extended cut could be in the cards that might return the pace to normal.


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I heard from Rockne O'Bannon in person that he's not done with Farscape.  It had a fairly long run, and similar to X-Files largely wrapped itself up.  Stargate, eh, with all the spinoffs and whatnot, what is there left to do?


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Few more I haven't mentioned....

Phil Fondacaro (March 2019 in Cherry Hill, NJ) who played Bounty Hunter in Into the Mystic and Mac in Data World.


Tembi Locke which I posted about (August 2019 in New York) aka Diana Davis.


Forgot about Sherman Howard (October 2016 in Parsippany, NJ) who was Hendrick in Prince of Wails.


Julie Benz (June 2018 in Connecticut) who played Jenny Michener in Electric Twister Acide Test.


Garry Chalk (October 2018 in Oaks, PA) aka Lt. Graves in Time Again and World.


Max Grodénchik (October 2018 in Albany, NY) aka Skuldar in Dragonslide.


Mark Sheppard (September 2015 in Secaucus, NJ) who played Jack in Net Worth.


Marty York (October 2018 in Langhorne, PA) known for The Sandlot, but played Brady Oak in The Guardian.


Neil Flynn (May 2018 in NYC) known for The Middle but Officer Phil in Easy Slider


Lochlyn Munro (October 2019 in Parsippany, NJ) who was briefly Billy The Kid in The Good, The Bad, and the Wealthy.


Well as the sea's rise, and it becomes Water World, we're gonna need it!  Wait was that Heavy Metal?  I can't remember.

https://fundrazr.com/BelieveTheChild?re … q2vhBtgWQb

Many of you have messaged me asking why you haven't seen me lately, on TV or on social media, and here is why:  I have been taking care of my seriously traumatized little boy full time, while also fighting a custody battle to keep him safe. Last October, after years of emotional issues that I did not understand and that baffled doctors, my son began to reveal that his father had been sexually molesting him on a regular basis for as far back as he could remember.

Eventually, after many court hearings and months of professional trauma treatment, my little boy was strong enough to report his father's crimes to law enforcement. My son's abuser told my son that no one would ever believe him. 

We believe him.

Investigations are underway but they take time. The family court orders protecting my son are only temporary. My son's father is actively seeking to obtain custody even as he is being investigated for sex crimes against his own son. To win that fight costs a lot of money. I have spent every penny on my son's treatment and on legal fees and costs to protect my son from his abuser. There will be a trial soon and I do not have the funds for the experts we need to testify and all the many costs of this massive fight. Any donation helps. Even a small amount makes a difference.

Incestuous child sexual abuse is a private crime that is only witnessed by the victim and the perpetrator, so it takes a lot of resources, time and expertise to reveal it and then stop it. Even when children disclose the abuse to law enforcement, it is often too difficult to prosecute. It is up to me to present the evidence to the family court for permanent orders to protect my son.
Once permanent orders protecting my son are in place, and the costs are covered, I will dedicate the remaining funds of this campaign to establish the Believe The Child Campaign non-profit that will provide legal services and treatment for other children in this situation. This is why all the funds collected in this campaign are being received and managed by my attorney and will only be paid out for costs associated with protecting my son, and not for my personal benefit. I am so grateful that I have caring fans and the ability to ask for help. So many other mothers and abused children in our shoes have no one. Saving my son will be only the beginning. #BelieveTheChild #WeBelieveYou #1in6 #VictimsToSurvivors #HimToo  BelieveTheChildCampaign@gmail.com


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Recently I ran into Robert Cuccioli, who is frequently acting in Broadway and Off-Broadway theater in New York.  Don't ask me why I hadn't before, but I had some free time one night.  He was, as expected, surprised I gave a crap about him, ha ha.  He did recall the episode (Heavy Metal) in which he was in, and mentioned that the show was a lot of fun to do.  I did confirm that the long hair/mullet he had was in fact real!


Only HALF obsessed???  Welcome!  Would you like an Ice Hat?


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Legion is a really fun show to watch, even when I don't know what's going on or remember any of the characters' names smile

Really enjoyed it, wound up watching Seasons 2 and 3 together in a big binge.

About the only way I'd pay for this....IS a Sliders return.

When is Marc posting these?


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If you have the time, I'd say watch them all!  Season 4-5 featured dire budgets and questionable acting, but for the most part they had strong scripts.


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So Tembi finally announced a New York "signing" a few weeks ago.  She appeared with a few other authors in Bryant Park in Manhattan.  They all wrote books about Italy.  Tembi's husband, who passed away, is from Sicily originally, and so her book is about him, his family, and the village she eventually visited and spent much time in.  She spoke with great vigor and was really very fun.  I told her I was a Sliders fan, and she then explained to her friends that came how the series was so much fun and the fanbase is still so enthusiastic.  Didn't really have a chance to talk further, as everyone, including me, had to run out of the park as a major thunderstorm was bearing down. 

Anyhow, I read the book, it's great!  If anyone would like my signed copy, let me know.





Enterprise was never very good.  I always felt like they made serious mistakes with it, particularly in casting.  TNG and DS9 was led by amazingly strong, polished, and versatile actors.  VOY had some who were terrific, but some who were simply not good enough.  ENT had basically nobody.  The guy who played Phlox was solid, but the rest were basically terrible.  Bakula of course I am a huge fan of, but he wasn't right for the part.  They had the typical Trek series directors and decent writers including Chris Black and Mike Sussman, but the story direction came from Braga, Berman, and worst of all, the buffoons at UPN.

The series quickly became awful, but during season 3 (which stunk too) I began to read these reports on the web about this guy Manny Coto.  He was a Trek diehard who they hired, and I began to check out season 3 a bit more.  I was hopeful, especially when reading interviews with Manny for Season 4.  He pledged to change things up, to go with smaller arcs, many of which would revisit unanswered TOS Trekkie questions.  He also hired Trek novelists Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, who I was big fan of.  The result I thought, was fabulous.  The show came to life, and though not nearly as dark, hit a lot of the angles we eventually saw in Discovery.  Some people hated this approach, calling it lazy and recycling, but for me it worked.

Sadly, they moved it to Friday nights, and the ratings didn't drop that much, but damn UPN canceled the show.  A huge fan movement resulted, with millions in donations to save the show.  Didn't happen.  Manny gave up the ideas he had for the fifth season, and it would really have been cool.  He was going to hit on more TOS episode back stories, even the Kzinti from The Animated Series.  To me it was a great loss for Trek fans.

Gotham was very flawed, often repetitive, and yet, I enjoyed it and will miss it.  If I had to describe it, frankly it often had the feel of the 1960's Batman of West and Ward, if you swap 80% of the goofiness for serious drama.


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SyFy canceled Krypton after 2 seasons, and axed the spinoff Lobo.  I actually liked the show, but this is typical nowadays.

ireactions wrote:

That's pretty awesome! Thanks for backing that, Grizzlor.

Meanwhile, some of us are still watching CHAOS ON THE BRIDGE on streaming and mean to get around to watching THE CAPTAINS someday.

Don't remember if I saw Chaos but Captains was pretty good, Shatner is a good interviewer.  All of the actors retold their early career moments quite well, especially Kate.


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JWSlider3 wrote:

Ireactions, not really sure what any of that has to do with the topic.

Glad I wasn't the only one.


If anybody was a watcher of DS9, you MUST get Ira Steven Behr's What We Left Behind documentary.  It's amazing!

I welcome them!  Wow!  When I spoke to him last year, he really had a wealth of great stories and ideas and really a great listen.

Well, I recently binged Agents of Shield from start to this past episode.  Wow, really an amazing show.  I'd seen it here and there in the past, but always put it on the backburner.


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Titans is awesome.

Seven was a terrible character, poorly written, but Jeri was dating a producer so you know how that goes.  I have to say, the one line in the trailer she had was actually GOOD.  I would love a non-Borgish Seven, who you would assume after 20 years almost would have figured out how to act more human. 

Spiner is old and fatter!  He's made jokes about playing Data at his age making no sense, as Androids don't age or gain weight.  Yet there he is.  I have to assume he's in a flashback only. 

Picard looks both intriguing and potentially wretched at the same time.  I mean, ehhhhh, it really sounds like something out of the MCU. 

Meanwhile Discovery has been pushed 1000 years into the future, so there's that.


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Well basically after this next season of Legion, they'll be down to Deadpool only.  My favorite comic continuum was always X-Men, and I'm not sure where Disney will take it.  I've enjoyed Legion and The Gifted, but they're on the way out or gone already.  There's also New Mutants coming but I doubt Disney promotes it any.


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It was pretty small, I'd estimate no more than 60 people on Saturday.


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He and I had some all out wars during the 2000 election.  Haven't had much of a dustup since then, and though I don't post in every thread here, I rarely saw him going off on the basis of politics.  But I have largely stopped discussing politics on-line over the last many years.  I find it's a total waste of time.


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Yea man, I'm in NJ!  Last weekend I hit up the X-files mini-convention near Chicago, called X-Fest 2.  They had multiple guest star Larry Musser there.  I of course tried to jog his Sliders memory, as he played Jake the handyman a few times in S1.  He didn't recall much, in fact, he swore he was Quinn's dad!  He was partially correct as on one of the worlds, Jake DID marry Mrs. M!  LOL.  Super nice guy.


Somewhat related, but Ms. Lloyd is not only more active online (https://www.instagram.com/sabrina.lloyd_/) but she's moved back to British Columbia, Canada!


For reference, here's Jerry's IG (https://www.instagram.com/mrjerryoc/)


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Well, for one, most of the non-Sliders TV/movies he would discuss here have largely ended or have fallen apart.


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Shame on me for not reading this sooner, but great interview Matt!  Really throws you for a loop, as it seems Epstein was the glue that held the series together up in Vancouver.  Clearly you see how it went off the rails after his experience left.

Well, for what it's worth, this interview sounds like it was conducted during shooting of Slidecage, since that was the "third of four" episodes that Jerry directed.  At that point, they were about 2/3 of the way through the season, so I guess it's possible that Sabrina was still being spoken to.  Also possible that JRD was still in the picture for the end of the season.  He does say he "tentatively agreed" so it's possible budget issues prevented his rehiring.

Good news for Jerry.  I  have no clue if I even get WGN!

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:
Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

If it does get axed, I hope someone (Netflix, Hulu, maybe even something like Disney+) picks it up.  It's too good to lose.

Yea, I hope so.  I think FOX may have an exclusive with Seth MacFarlane though so not sure what options they'd have or who owns Orville (might be FOX).  Also Fox/Disney own a lot of Hulu, so maybe that'd be an option.

Seth ironically has almost nothing to do with Family Guy anymore, except the voice acting.  His baby is The Orville.  I'd be shocked if they ax it.

Well, I saw Jerry perform in person off Broadway (American Hero), and he was terrific.  Very funny, all the goofy mannerisms but he also had great timing.  He would/could be a terrific sitcom actor, and I'm not sure why he hasn't made it into that realm.

https://bunnyears.com/sliders-jerry-oco … avid-bell/

Jerry and Mac Culkin chat while munching on "Sliders."

Uploaded with surfmypictures

Starts goofing about Sliders around 30 minutes in.

Transmodiar wrote:
Grizzlor wrote:

I would counter Transmodiar's angst over Sliders baggage though, as probably 0.0001% of viewers have any clue what went on BTS during the show like we do.

You do realize that 99% of the people most clamoring for a reboot are either here or were on the BBoard back in the day? Sliders doesn't have a lot of casual fans; that's why it a reboot against the "brand" doesn't make sense aside from cynically mining pre-existing titles to try and drum up an audience high on nostalgia.


Doorways was rubbish, plus it's possible Martin doesn't have the rights on it or whatever.  I would counter Transmodiar's angst over Sliders baggage though, as probably 0.0001% of viewers have any clue what went on BTS during the show like we do.  I think one problem they might have is budget, unless they deviate from how Tracy wrote the first season especially.  The issue there is that the old characters are already established.  The great novelty of early Sliders was that we didn't know the characters, so it was fun to see their alternates and how they interacted.  I think it could work, for sure, though they may have to go more into comedy.


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I actually knew about this from a cast member since last fall (won't squeal on who, ha ha), but I think it's time.  The show continues to churn out great scripts, it's really amazing.  It's been YEARS since I said, well that episode just sucked.  Probably going back to the Gamble-run years.  But it's time, I mean, they had to use a parallel universe to bring in new characters, there's just nothing left to hit on.


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Hope she makes it to New York!

John seems to be talking about this at each convention panel he does.  The ownership issue is quite odd.  How do they NOT know who owns it?  One would assume it's NBCU/Bob Weiss?

https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2019/03/ … s-revival/

“Jerry had been pestering me for a number of years and we’re actually talking to NBC at the moment to see if there’s any possibility of rebooting the series,” Davies said. “They’re looking into the basic question of who actually owns it? At the moment we don’t seem to be able to find that out.”

“I would do it again, if just to show how it should be done. It could have been the best show on television, it could still be on the air. I think maybe if we got another chance at doing it with the new technology, but also new stories, I think we could do something quite extraordinary. I wouldn’t want to do it for the rest of my life, but I would do it for a season or two if it was right.”

Well I don't think you need to re-use the original characters, especially since Rembrandt is a character who really no longer exists in this day and age.  The one holdup would be where would it go?  NBCU has very little invested these days in science-fiction, perhaps the least of any network.  I guess SyFy, but that network is pretty barebones these days.

I agree they could have avoided the Spock/Sarek family, but that's their tie-in with Pike, I guess.  These are fictional characters, so I don't think it's an absolute that they look exactly the same.  However, the portrayal should at least match, and in the little we've seen of Spock/Sarek that hasn't been the case.  I doubt we'll see young Kirk on this show, ha ha, though you never know about some spin-off!  I personally would love to see an Enterprise mini-series starring Anson Mount, he's been THAT good as Pike. 

I also think it's more than a little obvious the red angel is probably Ms. Burnham, ha ha ha.  Hope I'm wrong, but that's the most likely angle.

Years/forums ago, we used to share a number of goofy Sliders parodies that we'd find.  There was that one creepy guy down South who made really detailed, though bizarre, one-man adaptations.  Where'd those go?

Well SiriusXM show "Bennington" just created a neat parody intro featuring their radio show hosts...


I really don't have a problem with recasting, although I will admit Mount is a doppelganger for Hunter, while Peck/Nimoy and Melissa George/Susan Olliver look nothing alike, ha ha.  Peck's Spock is okay, but like Frain's Sarek, neither are very good at emulating who they are replacing.  However, Ms. Kirschner is very good at Amanda, looks and acts like Jane Wyatt.  That said, it's tough to "emulate" Nimoy or Mark Lenard, as they're sort of actors who were raised and trained in a bye-gone era.

I've given up being furious about continuity changes, although I still HATE the new alien makeup they use on this show.  My issue with the JJ Abrams stuff was that it was BAD.  This show is at least compelling with a TNG-level overload of science.

It's really difficult to just replace the creative force (Torme) on a sci-fi show and expect to move on perfectly.  As for Peck, I also never cared what his personal issues were.  If they were so overbearing, he should have QUIT.  That's what Tracy did, when he felt he could not focus on the work.  Honestly, I wonder if you're focusing too much on potential substance abuse.  You're making him out to have been like Brian Wilson, unable to function.  Partying on the studio's dime and nepotism, on a TV set, in the 1990's?  You don't say???  LOL!  If he were such a problem, he'd have been fired. 

I still go back to the networks.  Kari was only hired by FOX's demand, and we now know that consideration was given to eventually trim the cast down to Jerry and the hot chick.  The buffoons there couldn't see beyond next week's Nielsen.  Then you have Sci-Fi Channel, who made even less sense.  Why pay for Sliders if you immediately treat it like trash?  Could have had Tracy back, probably John and Sabrina to some extent, too.  Nah, just leave Peck there, since we have to pay him anyway.  Never made sense to me, but again, they took the fanbase for granted.  It showed when their dumb Invisible Man show was a flop. 

If you look at S4/5 Sliders, was it Peck's fault?  Ehh, probably somewhat but I also think nitpicking on Easy Slider is also a bit misguided.  Ironically, the hotel set came in very handy for those years, as it was a lot cheaper to film there when the budget was much smaller vs. FOX.  Again, you still had some good scripts, and frankly, S4 had a lot of good ones.  Perhaps the execution was not there, but many still stand out and are pertinent to today's world.  My conclusion has always been that he simply was a BAD EP for Sliders, coupled with bad network decisions, and that's what we got.  To blame it all on Peck's habits I find is a cop out, and to remain OT here, I stand by that he was just a unskilled yes-man who kept the execs happy by not rocking the boat.

As for your "Community" concept, ehhh, again, Peck and the Fox heads copied movies because they believed it meant ratings.  They believed Kari in short shorts and cleavage meant ratings.  This was NOT exclusive to Sliders, it has existed on most productions forever.  It's a result of stupidity, laziness, and fear from lack of critical thought.  Only in the last 10-15 years, in which truly unique programs like LOST or Stranger Things or Breaking Bad are allowed to run unimpeded by idiots wearing suit and ties, have television finally been liberated.  Sliders was ahead of its time, and in today's climate, it could really be something.

ireactions, the fact you seem to be able to recall various brainfarts is I would say, concerning for your sanity! 

First of all, besides the Roddenberry instance, they were all likely "throwaway" lines i just spit out.  Hence why I don't remember them.  I don't do so on (non-JJ Abrams) Star Trek, and I can't even recall continuity errors in ST VI.  In ST:V, yes, the movie is one giant continuity error, and Gene Roddenberry himself (he did this a lot) claimed pretty much the entire plot was inauthentic at best.  It's still "canon" but had it been his choice, he would have "Star Wars Holiday Special'd" it! 

I made a blanket statement on Peck's role during the Fox tenure, nothing about what he did or didn't do under Sci-Fi.  The guy was a horrible producer, I used to call him Pukingpah for years.  However, during early S3 production Tracy left the show to be with his ailing father.  That left Peck as the "boss," and despite whatever else happened, he went right along with whatever FOX execs clamored for.  That meant movie of the week garbage.  Certainly wasn't his idea, as he had zero grasp of science fiction.  You mention they blew the budget on the first half of the season?  Yeah, well, effects-laden scripts with pricey guest stars for "movie of the week's" will do that.  Fox fought tooth and nail with Torme for two years and Peck was Universal's answer.  He went along with FOX, and they had to pay him already from an existing contract. 

I was a bit gruff, but I'm not sure what you were trying to do with this post?  You label Peck as nothing more than a lazy, disinterested, conniving, druggie who used Sliders for a paycheck and a way to satisfy his demons.  I used the term "manager."  That's all he was, and a terrible one at that.  Again, the was there because Universal didn't want to break the contract.  Both FOX and SFC had so little regard for the fans, aka it's own customers that, again, as long as each episode made air and whatnot, they were satisfied.  Hell, we had Sci-Fi execs admit they only aired new Sliders so as to steal the old audience for their new series.  Not like SG-1, which went on forever and spun off.  To this day I'll never understand Universal's lack of interest in Sliders as a franchise.  I felt one reason was that no "young exec" was tied into the show.  No one tried to make their way up the Universal foodchain by promoting the show internally.  And so, yeah, I do take issue with even contemplating the "vision" even a sober Peck had for the show.  Furthermore, do we know how much Peck actually wrote of Murder Most Foul?  To call it great is a bit of a stretch as well, and frankly, Dinoslide, gahhhh, not good.