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Ironically I assumed one device that Dems could use to pressure McConnell on Ginsberg seat was the passage of the budget.  Well, he went ahead and rejected it today so the Govt is headed for a shut down anyway!  What an absolute TOOL.


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I'm just not sure that Democrats have the support internally to upend the system.  Adding justices, I do not see that as incredibly likely.  Passing D.C. statehood to expand the Senate I'd assume may be on the table though. 

Anyhow, Murkowski and Collins have said no confirmation vote before the election.  Presuming if there is a vote, and those two vote against, which is not assured, you'd need two more Senators to say the same thing and Mitch is stopped.  The putrid hypocrisy from Lindsay Graham or Marco Rubio on this topic is obvious, having defended the election year BS re:Merrick Garland 4 years ago. 

I'm not betting on anything at this point.  I think both Republican Senators and Trump are going to question whether McConnell's rush job will have significant effects on November 3rd.  I do feel that if they do not have the confirmation before it, the amount of backlash during a lame duck may well be even worse.


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https://variety.com/2020/digital/news/r … 234775220/

In terms of aiding Jerry's Peacock bid, Roku and NBC agreed on Peacock, still waiting on Amazon to carry it.


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Sabrina approves!



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If you can, retweet JOC with #BringBackSliders.


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There it is for posterity!  This is likely the first time they've been together since 1997-1998.


Actually Jerry recently mentioned in an interview that Peacock views might be the key, but that he was going to be trying to get in touch with everyone again.  He owes JRD a call back.

https://screenrant.com/ballbuster-movie … interview/

It's currently on Peacock television. So the launch of this Peacock streaming service gave a new life to Sliders. It was on Netflix for a second, but then I think they stopped paying for it, so it's not on Netflix anymore. It was originally a Universal show. It was, I believe, Sci-Fi Channel's first original series. So Sci-Fi is part of Universal, and Peacock is part of that, whatever... I don't even know what the parent company is... It used to be General Electric, now it's Comcast. Sorry, I'm not up to date on the trades! But anyway, if it does well on Peacock, I bet Universal would return my phone call about a Sliders reboot.


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https://www.270towin.com/2020-election- … edictions/

They list all the maps out.  290 would include Biden winning Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, all states he is ahead on average above the margin of error.  That does not include Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio, George, or Texas, all of which Trump leads or trails WITHIN the margin of error.  Nor are most of the maps giving those states to Trump, most of them are simply "toss ups" right now.

That means if the polls stand, and wind up being accurate within 2-3 points off the RCP average, as they have been in every election besides 2016, Trump will lose and lose "bigly."  In fact, you could argue that Biden's margins are actually very close to the polling from 2012 in which his former boss won easily.  Obama's polling was actually underestimated in the RCP averages that year in several states. 

So again, unless the polls are once again, grotesquely inaccurate like 2016, Trump will lose.  That's without even talking about his laughably bad approval rating (-double digits), unfavorables (-double digits), and Biden's favorables (+5).


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The national polls are exactly where they were pre-COVID, with Biden up at least 7 points, which is a deficit well beyond the Trump "silent majority" and would make even an electoral college win for Don statistically impossible.  This does not of course rule out rampant cheating on the Trump campaign's part, though honestly how much affect could that have?

Trump spoke to Woodward because he was annoyed by his last book.  Remember Trump is OBSESSED with mainstream press, and how they write/talk about him.  He reads newspapers constantly, to see exactly what they write, he is morbidly insecure.  He decided, since he IS a stable genius, that if he were allowed to have input on a new book, it would come out far better.  He truly believed he would simply talk, Bob would listen, and write it all down verbatim.  Which as we know, is exactly what happened, except that, Trump was the one doing the talking!  He just simply does not believe what he says is wrong, even though, as the tapes prove, Trump knows he is lying.  It disproves the trope that DJT is so stupid that he fouls up at every opportunity.  No, in fact, he has purposely lied and misled from the pulpit every chance he's had. 

The ABC Town Hall, which at the end of the day, I doubt many will actually have seen, since anything Trump does has shitty ratings.  That being said, his backers often praise him for appearing before "critics" only to be made a fool of.  They then retreat to the Fox News mini-universe where nothing is wrong and all is good.  His campaign agreed with the suggestion that he do a FOUR HOUR podcast debate with Biden hosted by Joe Rogan.  Can anyone imagine the nonsense he'd spew for that long?


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I too finally got around to watching Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey.  I thought both were pretty good.  They had a clear formula, well acted and with good effects.  Light years better than the Justice League trash and frankly I'd put Aquaman in there too.  My only complaint was they were too violent, but I actually expected them to be far more so.

Well this thread has certainly been EYE OPENING lately. 

Matt hope you're "in the clear" without obviously "going clear."


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Here's the thing, would it be "easier" to do an animated Sliders, which Netflix has been buying up for other properties, AND get the original cast back?  Possibly.  Then again, I'm not sure if John or Sabrina or Cleavant are even up to another go whether animated or live action.  Jerry is, but he's still an active actor, the others are not quite.


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Well, the Woodward book excerpts get worse and worse.  Trump lied to the American public in February about COVID-19 "to prevent a panic" yet he's spent the last 2 months throwing gasoline on protests to induce exactly that in suburban voters.

Meanwhile, looks like Fire Within World has come to San Fran....



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well 40% would mean Trump is routed in November.  obviously my concern is the number is more like 48%!!!


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Well the latest (to no one's surprise) for Trump is that he's referred to American soldiers and war dead as losers and suckers.  At this point, I'm not sure how people cannot still be swayed to vote for this piece of garbage, but there you go.


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And these people are paid to cite the obvious?


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It's already inflated to hell.  Food prices are astronomical.  Our electric bill is through the room.  USPS package rates have hit the roof.  Property taxes going up, up up, all thanks to COVID-19.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

I'm going to veer off for just a moment into Informant territory.  How weird is it that there was an officer-involved shooting in a swing state the week of the Republican National Convention?  Seems like just about perfect timing for Trump.  I don't think Trump's team is capable of keeping that a secret, but it certainly helps the GOP at the perfect time in just about the perfect place.  Hmm.

It's random, but the violence from the legit radical left is nationwide right now.  They're just invading city after city and burning shit down.  It all works in Trump's favor though because he and the right-wing will harp on it for months.  Portland is out of control.  You have supposedly BLM protestors demanding people's homes, restaurants, and mobbing people who have nothing to do with any of this.  Yes it's isolated and of course blown out of proportion by social media, but it all works to Trump's "law and order" (for anyone but his family) narrative.


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Like the Kayne West campagin, I'm sure the skinhead Spencer endorsement was another offshoot of the Trump "win at all costs" campaign.


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TemporalFlux wrote:

So you slide into San Francisco, and find people sitting inside bubbles:

https://www.sfgate.com/food/article/has … 464405.php

Of course, a pandemic is a logical conclusion for such a thought, but what if it’s something else?  What if the idea were a way to examine the more metaphorical idea of “living in a bubble”?

We’re largely there now, and all sides are guilty of it.  Most surround themselves with only people who agree with them; they only watch and read news they agree with; some even only frequent establishments that will be populated by people who think like they do.

“Bubble world” would take segregation to its extreme.  Segregation of thought.  Segregation of ideas.  And the Sliders would fall into hot water for making the mistake of simply talking to somebody.

Kinda has a New Gods For Old feel to it.


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DeJoy is not going to budge.  Some union workers are reinstalling sorting machines anyway, while others cannot because they've found critical parts damaged or missing!

What were thoughts on the DNC?  I felt they did a good job highlighting real people and having them speak rather than just the pols we don't want to hear from.  Additionally, Biden and Harris presented strong, focused speeches that blew a cannon ball through the Trump claim that Joe is an invalid in adult diapers.


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Quick thoughts from this stupid DC Fan day or whatever.....

Synder Cut JL - This is like when you play the same video game over, make different choices, and get new cutscenes, right?

The Batman - As I often bickered with Info over, just too dark, sadistic, graphic, violent, etc. for me.  I truly don't understand the need for these films.  Leave the gore for horror and violence for war movies. 

Wonder Woman 84 - Glad to see it's still got humor in it.  The film though will rise/fall based on the villainous performance of Kristin Wiig, and that is probably too tall an order.  She's just not "menacing."

Suicide Squad Roll Call - What was the point, had no footage?

And so have to be honest, at least WW84 looks like fun, and The Suicide Squad is a combat adventure.  The other two, blehhhhh, I mean, they're joyless.


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The lawsuits and Congressional actions are still on the table, as none of them are taking DeJoy's word for it. 

https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/18/politics … index.html

Further, the bipartisan Senate panel finally released the Russia investigation report, which found that Donald Trump's underling Roger Stone DID conspire with Julian Assange/Wikileaks to release the stolen (by Russia) John Podesta emails the night of the release of the Access Hollywood tape.  Trump lied about having nothing to do with this.

It also concluded that Paul Manafort was a counterintelligence threat who was working with a Russian handler of sorts.


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Not sure what will come of it though if you recall Amb. Sondland in the Ukraine mess?  Like DeJoy, he was just a big Trump donor who was given a job like this as a result.  Like Sondland, I truly do not believe DeJoy has the stomach to defend Trump to the point of putting his own butt on the line.

I've finished the series.  Overall I was not a huge fan of season 7.  I think the story was mucky and disjointed, and honestly could have been told in 3 or 4 episodes rather than 13.  The finale was I would say a very satisfying conclusion, very much in the way that long series used to be concluded in the 90's.  It was a marvelous series that I shall miss dearly.


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Gotta love the protests building at the home of the moron Postmaster in Washington!

https://twitter.com/KolbieReports/statu … 0004469760


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One number to keep in mind is black voter turnout, which was 5-6% higher for Obama than Kerry or Clinton, who both lost.  In Wisconsin in 2016, the turnout was like 20 points lower, which doomed Hillary.  So between Biden and Harris, you'd figure those voters will be voting, not to mention how badly Trump disgusts them.


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TemporalFlux wrote:

And now this:

https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/08/politics … index.html

I’ll admit there’s a kind of mad genius to it, but the strong emphasis is on “mad”.  This will not stand; Congress and the courts can’t allow it and should not allow it.  This would make irrelevant our three branch system of government; we would truly have an authoritarian government if this is allowed.

There’s also the probability that companies will hoard the cash instead of letting employees keep it:

https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-p … ash-2020-8

The madness here is that it’s scorched earth.  Trump is going to turn both Democrats and Republicans in Congress against him.  Further, it’s madness to just do away with payroll taxes provided by the middle class.  How are Medicare and social security supposed to survive if you cut out a significant chunk of their revenue?  Granted - social security is going to fail anyway, but why accelerate it?  This just created a massive talking point for Democrats as they can tell the elderly that Trump is trying to take away their benefits by crashing the system; and they really won’t be lying about what he’s trying to do.

The only “genius” here is that Trump knows the orders will fail, and he just wants to be able to say he tried to help people and Congress stopped him.  Its cover for failure to make a deal.  It’s an attempt to turn a negative against him into a positive.  Will it work in his favor?  Odds are against it, in my opinion.  I think it will cause him more damage than good.

He's a grifter my man, the Sham-Wow guy, it's really that simple.  His plan is to divert billions from FEMA (with hurricane season coming) to pay for 75% of the $400 while BROKE states must pay 25% but he gave them no more aid.  His payroll tax shit is just plain putrid.  The Republicans against Trump are already preparing an ad blitz, where Trump ADMITTED he will eliminate that tax if re-elected.  That means he is FOR the abolition of Social Security!!!  Madness!

In other news, Joe Biden was out biking with secret service.  He wore a mask and no helmet (come on Joe), but another shot to the "he's too old" line from Trump, who would wipe out if he attempted to do the same. 

This story takes the cake though....

https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/09/politics … index.html

White House aides reached out to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem last year about the process of adding additional presidents to Mount Rushmore, the New York Times reported.  According to a person familiar who spoke with the Times, Noem then greeted Trump when he arrived in the state for his July Fourth celebrations at the monument with a four-foot replica of Mount Rushmore that included his face.  Noem has noted before Trump's "dream" to have his face on Mount Rushmore, the Coolidge-era sculpture that features the 60-foot-tall faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.  According to a 2018 interview with Noem, the two struck up a conversation about the sculpture in the Oval Office during their first meeting, where she initially thought he was joking. "I started laughing," she said. "He wasn't laughing, so he was totally serious."


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First of all, his statement wasn't racist.  Blunt and dumb, but wasn't racist.  Secondly, Trump tried to seize on it which is hilarious given that black people have had a morbidity rate in this pandemic which is off the charts.  Where's the uproar when Trump declared that Biden would "hurt GOD?"

The Biden gaffe crap is no different than Hillary emails.  They're insignificant when compared to the nonstop graft from Trump.  Who by the way is in hot water in the state of NY for likely tax, insurance fraud and money laundering. 

Speaking of NY, their mail-in vote during the primary was a total disaster, in which nearly one in five ballots were tossed for lateness or mistakes.  The GOP has refused to include mail-in vote money in the stimulus, and given that Democrats seem to be more interested in vote by mail during the pandemic, this may represent a serious problem for them.  Meanwhile, some 61% of poll workers nationwide are over the age of 60, leaving many jurisdictions scrambling for replacements.  The amount of voters, largely Democrat, who are due to be disenfranchised in November is quite high.


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Trump made a big stink about the Kodak deal, but it's now under (Shocking) SEC investigation, and he said "I wasn't involved in the deal."

Apparently Trump now 100% fine with mail in voting in Florida.  Why is it okay to have mail-in voting in Florida and not elsewhere? Trump: "Florida has a great Republican governor..."


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That interview may have been the worst I've ever seen involving a Presidential candidate.  So many awful moments.  Continues to wish Epstein's madam "well," even citing her boyfriend (Epstein) died in jail.  Lunacy.  Went on to describe CV death toll as "it is what it is." 

Today he couldn't pronounce Yosemite.

https://twitter.com/ProjectLincoln/stat … 4762556416


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I could Biden see whooping Trump's ass literally, no holds barred.


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Out of the blue, Trump approved $765 million dollar loan to Kodak so they could start making ingredients for pharmaceuticals that are presently made cheaply overseas.  Stock price of course doubled, then tripled, making certain people millions.  Then it came out today that one of the drugs they will focus on....Hydroxychloroquine.  Jesus H. Christ, the corruption simply never ends.

https://www.latimes.com/business/story/ … ngredients

Worth noting: Among the drugs Kodak initially will focus on will be hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug that Trump has repeatedly pushed as a coronavirus treatment but that scientists say can cause harm.


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https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house- … 23670.html

White House scrapped a national CV-19 plan because the spring infections were primarily in blue states, and they thought they'd get away with blaming those Dem Governors for it.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:
Grizzlor wrote:

Biden is at 49.6, Trump is at 41.2.  Biden is literally polling at 50%, with TEN 10% of the poll undecided.

I think there are no undecideds.  In my opinion, the undecideds on these polls know exactly who they're voting for.  If anything, these are the people that are either a) Trump voters who are embarrassed to say they support Trump and b) Bernie Bros and progressives who are too stubborn to admit that they're voting Biden.

I'm sure there's a portion of the population trying to decide which cartoon character they're going to vote for, but at the end of the day, I don't think anyone that's going to vote for Trump or Biden is still deciding.  I think the vast majority of people decided four years ago and nothing that happened in the last four years will impact.

If you think I'm wrong, ask yourself what it would take for you to change your vote between now and November.

I agree with you, though you I actually explained that in my post!  Most undecided's just don't bother to vote at all.  It's true, some don't really want either guy, but there's a massive number who don't want Trump but they want to have another option.  Biden's campaign from day one was to be that "other guy."

pilight wrote:

The undecideds aren't choosing between Trump & Biden.  It's Biden or smaller party.  Or Biden or don't bother.

Those people simply won't vote at all.

ireactions wrote:

Trump tweeted a video of Stella Immanuel advising failed drugs and not wearing masks. Stella Immanuel has also declared that government is run by lizards and that gynaecology problems are due to women having sex with witches and demons in their dreams.

Oh, Trump. Truly the Informant of all presidents.

In the press conference he said he liked her voice, but knew nothing about her.  Aka the Col. Klink defense!


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Some polls are just plain bad, in both directions.  I would focus on things like the RCP (Real Clear Politics) average.  Take Michigan for instance, where polls range from +6 to +12, and RCP's formulated avg. is 8.4.  I ignore that number, instead check out the % for each candidate.  Biden is at 49.6, Trump is at 41.2.  Biden is literally polling at 50%, with TEN 10% of the poll undecided. 

Now, there's a margin of error and maybe some people lie to pollsters, whatever.  There's a second consideration, which is vital.  There are no moderately known 3rd party choices this year, none.  I have no clue who the Libertarian or Green Parties will nominate.  It doesn't matter, they're nobodies, similar to 2008 or 2012 most recently.  That is quite important, because that makes it even more of a binary choice.  For argument's sake, there's 7% undecided in MI avg polling.  Let's give Donny an edge 4-3, and say Biden really is favored around 52-45 there.  So you mean to tell me voter suppression, lying to pollsters, whatever, will erase a SEVEN point edge?  I'm sorry, that simply does not happen. 

Clinton's RCP lead in MI was around 4% for most of the time, but that's with a significant 3rd draw to Johnson and Stein of nearly 7%.  Hillary/3rd party's lost 4% in the final results, with Trump moving up 5.5%.  A big chunk of people either did not bother to vote for Hillary or opted at the last juncture to say eff it and voted for Trump.  The state's electoral results since 2016 have been a 180, totally against Trump/GOP.  That's one state, but there's a consistent scenario in many other states which Biden currently holds leads in. 

Trump has begun to attempt to act like he's serious about the CV-19 and whatnot.  Here's his problem.  He needs to keep that up for nearly THREE months without unleashing utter nonsense during briefings.  The cancellation of the campaign tour is obviously a big help to gaffe-prone Biden, but it's also a plus for Trump.  There's fewer chances for him to go lunatic in a speech since he's got no crowd in front of him expecting red meat.  My prediction is his convention speech is a complete meltdown of vitriol, and that's basically the end of the campaign right there, well before any debate meltdowns.


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Trump has most certainly NOT been trying.  He made meaningless gestures like enacting the DPA on auto makers to make ventilator parts, but they were already in the process of doing so.  He tried to have everyone take hydroxychloroquine, which continues to be shot down by study after study.  He has spent billions on his vaccine Warp Speed, which won't help anyone for at least a year.  Yes, he signed the stimulus bills, okay, big deal.  Did you expect him to veto???

He insisted on reopening when the data screamed NO.  He has until last week refused to suggest people to wear masks.  He became bored of the pandemic.  He's lazy, he didn't want to hear the bad news anymore, and as Biden snipes, he "quit."  There are people who KNOW how to deal with an epidemic, but he fired or ignored them all.

Now, most countries have somewhat failed on this virus, that's obvious.  The few that continue to "succeed" are mostly in Asia, or are islands.  They have no travel going in or out, and their economies are largely stymied.  They live in a state of constant vigilance.  It might be working for the time being but it's sure as heck no fun.  Trump's administration gambled this virus would, as he said, vanish during the summer.  They figured an economy that was back up running even at 2/3 or 3/4 steam would seal his re-election.  He does not care about the casualties from this pandemic, none in the least.


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Well ol' Barry speaks the truth.  The problem for Trump is that campaign rhetoric has really been absent as a result of the pandemic, economic collapse, and BLM protests.  He can't go on the road and start babbling off to his supporters, both due to the pandemic, and more importantly, nobody will be there to listen out of shear boredom.  There will be an onslaught online, but many forums like Twitter, Reddit, Google/YouTube, etc. have been clamping down on it.  Facebook of course remains the wild west.  Then you have the Lincoln Project, Meidas Touch, RVAT, VoteVets, etc., etc. all aligned against him and the GOP.  That's not even considering what the DNC will do with ads and outreach.

Meanwhile Trump continues to make the wrong headlines, worsening his political standing with anyone who doesn't have his MAGA yard sign.  All he has are fearmongering tactics.  I've read multiple Republican accounts outside the campaign, who are flabbergasted that he has zero, repeat, zero platform for the "next four years."  What is he selling?  Shouldn't that be a top consideration?  This law and order nonsense will not work out as he hopes.  Meanwhile people's livelihoods have been decimated.  I expect a fully divisive, rambling, incoherent convention speech from him.  I expect a debate disaster where he's repeatedly fact checked and hammered on the head by Biden for "quitting on the American people." 

This guy has become the flashpoint on just about everything.  Violent protests, coronavirus surges, Russian bounties, massive unemployment, I could go on and on.  Even when he shouldn't be in the middle of it, he keeps interjecting himself, misguiding his supporters and haters to take stupid sides and go to war.  I do not see a silent majority of MAGA out there at all, MAGA is loud and whiny and belligerent.  No I believe there's a silent majority of disgust AT MAGA.  A reckoning is coming.  Again, he'll leave, trust me.  If he loses as many predict, Trump will be on the golf courses by Thanksgiving.  I'd say he'd reappear for Inauguration but he won't want to be seen with Obama.


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Hmm, you're kind of mixing themes from Fever (no penicillin), The Exodus (allowing a space phenomenon to destroy the enemy), very cool.  That in and of itself was something we saw a lot on 60s and 70s science fiction shows, where the cast were often trying to stop global cataclysm.  Sliders basically gave up on that after Torme departed, where they seemed only focused on a micro-micro-microcosm of the given societal issue of the day.


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It doesn't matter what stunt Trump pulls.  He's lost on nearly EVERY single one.  Each time he tries to go beyond the law, tries to subvert the Constitution, institutions have checked him.  The only one which has protecting him were the GOP Senate, because they wished to retain their majority.  That's over with now, he's radioactive and they are quickly running for the exits.  Plus they can't save him.  Too many of the "swing states" are governed by Democrats (WI, MI, PA).  What is he going to try to do, sue in a half dozen states if he's losing?  On what basis?  There will be parties in the streets all over the news.  Many Republican hardcore insiders have said if Trump cannot turn things around in a perceivable way in the next few weeks, he's toast.  His convention plans are now completely destroyed.  Biden and the DNC have their slate I'm sure largely worked out what they'll broadcast.  The RNC do not know what to do, or where to even have their delegates.  Charlotte and Jacksonville have both kicked them out.  I'm still not ruling out that Donny throws his hands up at some point, and says F this.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Change doesn't only have to come from Congress.  Change can simply come about from rejoining the Paris Accords.  Helping shift the country towards cleaner energy.  Working with our allies on pandemic prevention and response.  Stuff like that is easily done from the executive branch.  Trump has done next to nothing legislation-wise, but we've still felt the impact of his presidency.

Trump has no concept of government, which is why every cue he takes is from the playbook of Pinochet, Castro, Putin, etc.  And yes, Biden would almost certainly reverse most all of Trump's executive orders quite quickly.

ireactions wrote:

Biden anticipates a slim Senate majority that will require eliminating the filibuster to enact his legislation.

I don't think he supports that, but it's not up to him anyway. 

Much of what happens in 2021 IMO will depend on what the GOP refuses to include in the CV stimulus they're currently arguing among themselves about.  The Democratic House bill is $3 trillion but provides funding to just about everything. The GOP draft plan does not.  You're likely to see massive layoffs from state workers, in addition to all the people who've lost jobs in the private sector already, due to completely dead industries.  Those people will be legit homeless by then, especially since the GOP plan does nothing to stop evictions.


(1,455 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Biden would be hamstrung by a GOP Senate, even if a minority, that would refuse pretty much anything he or Pelosi/Schumer were to propose.  Bernie, Warren, Pete, Harris, Amy, all would have the same roadblock.  The GOP simply isn't interested in government-based social programs, such as child care, education, public healthcare option, etc.  Bernie couldn't get most Democrats to sign his 10% cut to the DoD in order to fund other priorities.  The lobbyists are too strong. 

Ted Cruz is the front runner they say for 2024.  He just said Americans are stuck at home and depressed so they'll vote for Biden.


As for Trump, this article really hits the nail on the head.  Trump is simply a man devoid of a soul, constantly bitter, with nothing that interests him besides making people's lives miserable.  He is only guided by the grudges he holds.

https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archi … ty/614434/


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https://twitter.com/nick_ramsey/status/ … 9940897800

Trump attempts to explain how he passed his "cognitive test," making me feel like the principal at the end of Billy Madison.


(1,455 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Sounds like a Jon Stewart bit there TF!!!!  Not for nothing, but you have anti-mask demonstrations everywhere, not only in The South, and Florida is down there but has dummies who hailed from up North too.

Meanwhile, Trump's niece is a cable ratings hit with her book that is flying off the virtual shelves.  Chuckle chuckle chuckle.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:
Grizzlor wrote:

Well, we've brought the virus under control in NJ, NY, CT, PA, MA.  Yeah it took awhile of quite a bit of hardship, but we still did it with almost no worthwhile help from Trump.  Had he stood with the doctors, the country would be where Europe is right now, or Canada, or yes even China.  Instead we're as bad as Brazil or Russia.

Yeah but it'd be just as bad or worse in the South.  If Hillary had suggested wearing masks, I think even less people would've listened to her.  There might not even have been shutdowns as Republican governors would've worked against Hillary.  I think the divide might've even been worse because there would've been irate/irrational hate against the Clinton administration as the election draws nearer.

I don't know how a President Clinton would've made any of that better.

Yeah, good points!


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Nice!  Obvious question, I'm sure the rooms were on a sound stage, but was the bar and lobby from the actual hotel?


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Well, we've brought the virus under control in NJ, NY, CT, PA, MA.  Yeah it took awhile of quite a bit of hardship, but we still did it with almost no worthwhile help from Trump.  Had he stood with the doctors, the country would be where Europe is right now, or Canada, or yes even China.  Instead we're as bad as Brazil or Russia.


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Trump is mentally ill. 

Biden's campaign are doing a little in Texas and some other states, but most of their upcoming ad buys are in the rust belt, where he's now further ahead.  They win those states, they win the White House.  Don't need Texas or even Florida where he's further and further ahead.  Trump is Biden's best campaigner at this point.  The buffoon just makes it easier and easier for Joe.  His latest anti-Biden slogan was you'll have war in the streets if we elect Biden, yet the video clips were shot during TRUMP's term!!!!!!!!

Trump is going down the drain as the virus rages.  Hillary Clinton would not have behaved in the manner Trump has with the virus.  Shit, I don't think Ted Cruz would have been this much of a total jackass.  This virus is worse than people realize.  It may never go away, like the common cold, and infect people year after year.  Immunity, even with a vaccine, sounds unlikely to last very long.  At some point, society may just have to live with it, and those who are sickly or at risk, will be totally fucked.  Idiots like Trump, Brazil's Bolsonero, Putin, and others allowed this virus to blow up the world. 

Beyond that, would Hillary have been embroiled in the kinds of impeachable scandals left and right as Trump?  I doubt it.  The email thing was a total joke.  Ivanka got caught doing the same thing months into the Trump regime.  As for wars, well I'm not sure how she would have dealt with Russian aggression, or Syria, or whatever?  Whatever she had planned, it sure beats the hell out of enduring the disaster this pandemic has made of the world.


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Damn no ride photo! 

Hell that Slate editorial is a pretty good damn idea!


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Ha ha ha!  Laughing.  Oh, and I loved Waiting and that usher guy was incredibly annoying in that video, too.


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Batman Forever gets a pass with many fans, but I was never fond of it.  Schumacher (RIP) reversed what Burton did and went way too campy.  Shame that Burton's "Continues" was derailed by McDonald's of all things.