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Recently came across the Star Trek Next Gen episode “Pen Pals” during a BBC America marathon, and it reminded me of another old Sliders idea I had.  In the Next Gen episode, Data receives an audio transmission from a young girl, and it becomes a question of whether or not to save her world and violate the prime directive.  The only similarity to my Sliders idea is the blind exchange of messages, and it relates to the basketball used to demonstrate the timer return mechanism in the Sliders pilot movie.

What if a Quinn double in another reality conducted the same experiment but used a paper airplane.  And when the return mechanism kicked in, what returns is the paper airplane wadded up into a ball.  It now has blood on it.  Unfolding the paper is a scrawled message - it simply says “Help”.

Holding the vortex open with assist from the equipment, the Quinn double begins to exchange written messages with the unknown person on the other side.  This Quinn attempting to build up courage to jump through to obvious danger.  Fighting obstacles to keep the vortex powered so it will stay open.

Finally taking the leap of faith, the Quinn double finds an Arturo (our Arturo) on the other side trapped under the rubble of the collapsed basement.  My original idea featured a world where the Roswell crash happened in China; and after isolating themselves for decades, the Chinese suddenly emerged with advanced technology.   I think I would change that idea now to be more grounded.  I might use the idea of a sinkhole formed by fracking, and that would add drama in that the continued collapse of the ground is causing the fixed point of the vortex to become more and more out of reach.

To adapt this to Declassified, I would exchange Quinn for Reese.  The extra element would be that the Reese double would find our Reese trapped on the other side.  In the course of the adventure, the Reese double mentions how he doesn’t know if he could ever be as brave as our Reese, and it really takes Reese aback.  Has he changed that much and didn’t even notice?  With doubles being a mirror, it’s that interesting idea of a double acting as a sounding board and causing someone to see a person they no longer recognize in themself.


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Some “what if” scenarios being gamed out:

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/ … uxbndlbing

They all happen in some reality.  Will the roulette ball land in our slot?  It will be war.


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Well, Berlanti is spreading out from CW - his Green Lantern series and Strange Adventures are going to HBOmax (which will also host Titans and Doom Patrol).  The CW is kind of losing its grip on DC even before this.  HBOmax is sucking up the oxygen.

I think the CWverse would have clicked on a bit longer, but it could be another victim of the pandemic.  The shut downs accelerated what was going to happen anyway.


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I do want to add, though - If Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett, she just went through a confirmation hearing in 2017 before this same judiciary committee (same people).  All they need to review is the past three years.  They don’t have to review her lifetime unless they just dropped the ball and didn’t review it the first time.

My point - it shouldn’t take long to confirm Barrett because these same senators already did the bulk of the work in 2017.  But if some of them want to stand up say, “I forgot to ask something the last time Amy was given a lifetime judicial appointment” - well, that’s frankly hilarious.


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There is no more honor among either party, so there’s no reason to follow any “rules”.  It’s a sad reality, but it’s where we’re at.

If the Democrats win full control, they have been very open about their plans to stack the courts, stack the House, stack the Senate and stack the electoral college.  No Republican will have control of any level of the federal government ever again.  And then we’ll have exactly what America was before the Revolution - rule by one “family”.

Of course, for those paying attention, we’ve only had one party ruling government for a long while now.  For good or ill, it only started to change with Trump.  He’s a wild card.  And Trump proved that the Republicans have lost control of their voters; so the charade is going to end, and the Republicans won’t be allowed to have a say any longer.


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And the finger tapped three times when the calendar turned to September.

Still waiting on the bank vision, but rumors are that England is about to implement negative interest rates.

Cause and effect with time travel is seldom a straight line, but they actually laid groundwork for Kang in Ant-man 2.  During the trip through the quantum realm, there was a “blink and you’ll miss it” cameo of Kang’s base - Chronopolis:



Kang was one of those characters tied up in the Fox rights, though - he was joined with the Fantastic Four rights I guess due to the lineage

I like how people are jumping to conclusions over this:

https://movieweb.com/ant-man-3-kang-ree … stic-four/

No one is mentioning that Kang is from 1000 years in the future (give or take, some 75 generations removed from Reed Richards).  *Alot* can genetically happen between 75 or more couples pairing off.

According to Ancestry.com DNA testing, I’m 1% Indian, but I have zero characteristics of someone from India because the other 99% is all from Great Britain and Scandinavia.

The Fantastic Four has always had a connection to Black Panther; I think it could be easy to say one of the Richards off spring settle in Wakanda.  That would tie in more of the MCU as they like to do, and the racial difference would add to the surprise when it’s revealed Reed and Kang are related.  It’s actually a good message too - the whitest white man alive (Reed Richards) and someone of clear African descent are blood related.  We’re all related - we’re not different factions based on skin color.


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What blows my mind is that Trump sat down and agreed to recorded conversations with Bob Woodward.  Then Trump does an ABC town hall which anyone should have known would be heavily stacked against him.  It’s new level stupid.

People compare Biden to Mr Magoo, but they’ve clearly never watched Mr Magoo.  The fumbling, oblivious blind man always walking into danger and coming out of it smelling like a rose.  That’s been Trump so far.



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There is always comics too:

https://bleedingcool.com/comics/the-all … to-comics/


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That’s what I mean, though.  If neither side sees any scenario where they could concede, then the only outcome is for one side to start killing the other until somebody surrenders.  That’s what war is; and that’s where we’re headed (some places are already flirting with it).

I’m not taking a side here; but when we strip away all the laws and rules of civilization, the only way left to settle disputes is the old way.  I don’t want to see that happen.

I’ll put it like this.  Right now it’s looking like no matter who I vote for, there’s going to be bloody war.


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And here we go:

https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-left- … y?ref=home

One of many notes on the planning:

Some of the hurdles were straightforward: how you “occupy shit, hold space, and shut things down, not just on Election Day but for weeks,” explained one source familiar with the Democracy Defense Nerve Center operations

We seem to have one side prepping for all out war.  It takes two to tango, though.  As much as the article lays out fears of Trump not accepting defeat, is there any scenario where the Democratic Party will accept defeat?  It seems war is inevitable.


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ireactions wrote:

This is pretty slow and unaffordable for most TV animated projects.

Yep.  It really turns out to be a similar investment to that of a live action series with CGI (especially if the animation is purely rotoscoped).

And I forgot to mention earlier, but I truly love Don Bluth.  When I created my fantasy-type pitch to Marvel years ago, I sought out someone who had a Don Bluth type art style (and it turns out she had even trained as a Disney animator though she unfortunately wasn’t able to work on any notable project).  What she produced was exactly what I was looking for, and I still love how it turned out.


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Sliders could be well done as an animated series, but I would personally not pursue that option.  Animation provides more ability for high concept ideas, but you can lose the human element of the stories if you’re not careful.

Of course, I don’t mean to sell animation short. You can accomplish great, human stories in that medium.  It takes some special talent to do it, though.  I fear that the temptations of a more limitless medium like animation can be too alluring for many.

I believe that the limitations of live action spur creativity.  As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.


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So they state a rationale for it, but the Fed is about to let inflation happen on purpose.  In my mind, higher prices don’t equate better times for regular people, but what do I know.

https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/20 … 639747002/

Remember, remember the fear of September.


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Snyder’s movie should have been allowed to rise or fall for what it was.  As it is, Geoff Johns damaged himself trying to fix it.  Why get down in the mud like that?  All Geoff did was make himself look guilty for the failure when he could have stood back, watched it burn, and then stepped in after to rebuild it.  It was just a really dumb move on Geoff’s part; but maybe that’s a signal that he couldn’t have done any better than Snyder at developing DC movies.  Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds was a signal too.

Geoff is a really talented writer; I’ve been a big fan since he started.  But now he’s pretty much pushed out in the comics scene.  Maybe he’ll get to come back with the recent changes; who knows.  And they do at least still let Geoff have involvement in the CW shows.


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Probably the bedrock part of my process is looking for a puzzle to solve - how do I explain something and make it logically work?  You’ve given that challenge here, so here we go.  smile

My first personal “rule” on a Sliders story is “don’t change the world”.  I personally didn’t like the idea that the Sliders would come in and radically change human history.  It works in some of instances (like “Last Days”), and it can even work on a smaller scale (like “Weaker Sex” where Arturo could be running for a smaller office like Mayor or City Councilman).  But keep the stories small and personal.  Local level.

My second “rule” is that the Sliders should be the stars of their own story.  Looking at especially the later years, too often the Sliders would land on a world and help random person X with random problem Y.  The Sliders would be reduced to facilitators of some stranger’s story arc.  I suppose that too can work occasionally, but I don’t like it at all for a show such as Sliders.

Sliders is a survival show.  Though often ridiculous and regularly frustrating, Sliders is the story of four people trying to simply hang on until they can make it home.

Those rules in place, I then ask a question - “what is reality?”

There is no set definition of reality for anyone; and even in an individual’s life, the meaning shifts based on the circumstances.  Thinking on that question today, the first thing that came to mind was a strange phenomenon I’ve experienced and is talked of in movies.  When we go on vacation to an exotic locale surrounded by strangers, we become the person we want to be instead of the person we are.  It’s temporary - you change back as soon as you go home; but while on that trip, you are taking a vacation from yourself.

Now with a rough, basic premise, let’s look at the basket of alternate history ideas (something I’m constantly building and have been posting here).  For this idea, we’ll use the most recent I posted - “Bubble World” (where people are segregated based on how they think and feel).

So how can this fit together?  The Sliders land on “Bubble World” noting they are going to be stuck here for weeks, and one of them (probably Bennish) says something pretty tame that deeply offends the people they are talking to.  A heated argument starts; people are running for help; authorities arrive, and before we can grasp what’s happening in the chaos, Alli is injected with something by the authorities and blacks out.

Alli wakes up in a “re-education” center.  Alli is to be taught the “correct” way to act so that she can re-enter society as a productive person.  This training can also be our vehicle to exploring the history of this world. I would recommend a mix of various ideologies as the “correct” idea so that you can hold as many viewers as possible.  We’re often not as far apart as we think.

As part of the training, Alli is put into something like a therapy group; and she is surprised and irritated to find that she has been reunited with Bennish.  In talking, Bennish shares some of his back story; and the longer the episode goes, we begin to notice that Bennish is a better person.  Alli tries a few times to escape; but on one attempt, Bennish stops her.  He has come to believe this isn’t so bad.  He’s a better person, and he likes it.  Seeing this, Alli is starting to believe it too.

Time passes, and Alli starts to change.  She’s calmer.  Happier.  The time comes to be released, and Bennish offers for Alli to come live with him.  She’s a bit taken by how nice their new home is, and it was already furnished; but then she notices something on the desk.  An ID card for Conrad Bennish.  No Junior.  The Bennish she has come to know is the native version of that world - an assistant counselor at the facility she was placed in.  She hadn’t noticed because they were never placed in a “cell” together; they always sat in a ring of chairs where everyone appeared equal; she always found him already in the recreation areas before she got there and never gave it much thought.

So the question it comes down to.  The new person that Alli has become - is this the person she wants to be, or will she revert to her old self now that the vacation is over and it’s time to go home?

I would need to think a little more on a B plot to give Reese and Gibbs something to do (most likely focused on them trying to save Alli but finding only our Bennish instead), but we have our story foundation now.  I did not intend it to be when we started, but this turned into a kind of sideways look at “Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome”.

Of course, the above is not a completed story - it’s the product of maybe an hour’s thought in an attempt to solve the puzzle you presented.  But it has potential.


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ireactions wrote:

Tucker Carlson also helped to explain how to pronounce her name. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z12Y_wN540

That’s my big problem with Tucker - he’s insincere and condescending.  Does anyone really believe he’s accidentally mispronouncing her name?  Tucker should have just been straight and told the truth - he pronounces it wrong because he does not respect her.  It’s a jab.

But the show does often point to subjects not being reported on elsewhere (he was talking about COVID-19 before anyone else was), so I stick through it to see if there’s a topic worth researching or thinking about.


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It would seem that Herman Cain hates Kamala Harris so much that he came back from the grave to slam her:

https://mobile.twitter.com/THEHermanCai … 1610427392


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A bit random here, but a kind of interesting twist of history.  Amazon is buying up Malls that have become ghost towns. They are refitting them into distribution centers:

https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazon-and … 1596992863

So the place you once went to find everything retail will become the place that can send you everything retail.  Malls will have surprisingly evolved.


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And now this:

https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/08/politics … index.html

I’ll admit there’s a kind of mad genius to it, but the strong emphasis is on “mad”.  This will not stand; Congress and the courts can’t allow it and should not allow it.  This would make irrelevant our three branch system of government; we would truly have an authoritarian government if this is allowed.

There’s also the probability that companies will hoard the cash instead of letting employees keep it:

https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-p … ash-2020-8

The madness here is that it’s scorched earth.  Trump is going to turn both Democrats and Republicans in Congress against him.  Further, it’s madness to just do away with payroll taxes provided by the middle class.  How are Medicare and social security supposed to survive if you cut out a significant chunk of their revenue?  Granted - social security is going to fail anyway, but why accelerate it?  This just created a massive talking point for Democrats as they can tell the elderly that Trump is trying to take away their benefits by crashing the system; and they really won’t be lying about what he’s trying to do.

The only “genius” here is that Trump knows the orders will fail, and he just wants to be able to say he tried to help people and Congress stopped him.  Its cover for failure to make a deal.  It’s an attempt to turn a negative against him into a positive.  Will it work in his favor?  Odds are against it, in my opinion.  I think it will cause him more damage than good.


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So you slide into San Francisco, and find people sitting inside bubbles:

https://www.sfgate.com/food/article/has … 464405.php

Of course, a pandemic is a logical conclusion for such a thought, but what if it’s something else?  What if the idea were a way to examine the more metaphorical idea of “living in a bubble”?

We’re largely there now, and all sides are guilty of it.  Most surround themselves with only people who agree with them; they only watch and read news they agree with; some even only frequent establishments that will be populated by people who think like they do.

“Bubble world” would take segregation to its extreme.  Segregation of thought.  Segregation of ideas.  And the Sliders would fall into hot water for making the mistake of simply talking to somebody.


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This probably fits in this thread; Dubya even gets a passing mention in the responses.

Jerry O’Connell in the hot seat on stepping up for Ellen DeGeneres:

https://mobile.twitter.com/MrJerryOC/st … 5951516672

I don’t know enough about the situation to form an opinion, but I do admire people who stand up for what they believe even when it isn’t popular.


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You know what would be hilarious?  If Biden’s Mr. Magoo routine was all an act; and then in the first debate, he jumps like a lion.  Some commentators just now made me think about it - they said the bar has been set so low that Biden wouldn’t have to do much to seem okay.  Imagine if he instead jumped in and started tearing his opponent apart.

There’s a decent story in that thought - fiction or non-fiction.

ireactions wrote:

Uh -- ORVILLE co-producer Tom Costantino has said on Twitter that THE ORVILLE has not been cancelled.

https://twitter.com/TomCostantino/statu … 7748195329

Hope that’s true - the show deserves a long run

Orville cancelled.  The upcoming season three is the end unless it finds another home:

https://www.thecinemaspot.com/2020/08/0 … n-at-hulu/


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How can you go sideways with culture to make a Sliders backdrop?  The real world is always dropping ideas.

https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/29/investin … index.html

As you see in the article, this change isn’t new; it actually happened in the background years ago when most people weren’t paying attention.

Kodak Film is now Kodak Pharmaceutical.  Who would have thought that in 1995?

What other companies could you use this kind of strange twist to create a comical situation?  Well, what if an all-in commitment to the 1980’s New Coke destroyed the company making it necessary to refit into a cleaning product company?

https://www.cnet.com/pictures/things-yo … th-coke/2/

Imagine one of the Sliders picking up a Coke can without examining it closely and taking a drink?  On that world, people might think they were drinking cleaning chemicals!  As concerned citizens rush the Slider off for emergency medical treatment, it could be a good opportunity to explore an alternate history health care system casting a light on how ridiculous it can become.


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You know, it is interesting.  The next Federal Reserve meeting is September 15 and 16.  If negative interest rates were to be implemented, that’s the last chance before the election.


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ireactions wrote:

...and that gynaecology problems are due to women having sex with witches and demons in their dreams.



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As I’ve mentioned previously, my mom watches these things and then shows them to me.  She doesn’t have a lot in life since my dad died, so I humor her; and we talk about them giving my perspective on what it means which is usually different from her.

The latest video making the rounds is linked below.  I will preface this by saying that I do not believe this man is a prophet.  I think he’s fairly well read and informed, and his dreams are his subconscious unpacking the information he’s collected into his personal logical conclusions.

https://444prophecynews.com/brace-yours … overstone/

Starting with the September dream, I think the school thing is obvious to anyone.  Schools won’t re-open or either they’ll re-open in August only to close after a few weeks due to a massive spike in virus numbers.

The part about the banks is being misinterpreted, I believe.  It could be massive inflation, but I think it’s more likely that the vision signifies implementation of negative interest rates (something Trump has been itching to do for awhile).  Negative interest rates, as their name implies, would force the banks to give out interest (bonus money) to people who take loans; and in turn, stimulate the economy by encouraging people to take out debt.  That “new” money then gets injected into the economy keeping afloat businesses, rental properties, etc.

https://www.investopedia.com/articles/i … s-work.asp

But the dark side to this is that it would cause you to lose money if you have it in a savings account in a bank.  For instance, let’s say you have a million dollars in the bank, and you’ve been making ten thousand a year in interest.  With negative rates, you could now be *losing* ten thousand a year if you left it in the bank.

So what’s the man’s dream trying to say?  The roofs being ripped off banks and money flying out.  An action of force causing things to happen the bank wouldn’t want.  September could see a run on the banks as happened at the start of the Great Depression - get your money out before you have to start paying the bank to keep it there.

When this happened in the Great Depression, banks collapsed.  Banks never carry enough money to make good on everybody’s claim if everybody made their claim at the same time; so people couldn’t get their money if they were slow to act.  Their money was just gone.  Remember the bank in “It’s a Wonderful Life”?  That’s what happens except we probably now don’t have that nice, understanding community that George had then.

The November dream is also tricky.  Many are interpreting it to mean that Trump will lose, but I think it means Trump will win or claim to win.  These past few months, we’ve already seen what can happen if passionate flames are stoked, but a Trump victory would turn the dial up to eleven.  This really isn’t about Republicans and Democrats, though - it’s about both manipulating circumstances to get what they want.

The U.N. appearing in the dream?  What could they possibly show up for?  Claims of election interference with both halves of a government saying the other is illegitimate.  Couple this with massive unrest, and the request for help by one half of the US government could invite the U.N. and other countries to intervene.  The world gets to decide which side they think is legitimate and throw in their support.  It’s not an invasion - it’s aid.   Or at least it can be sold that way.

I don’t think the man who had these dreams is a prophet; but I can see how things could easily go down a dark, sideways path.  And to those who say impossible - how much of the past few months did you really think would ever happen?  Anything’s possible. Brace yourself.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

And we can take a shit on polls all we want and point over and over again to 2016 as the main reason, but 2016 was such an aberration.  Things that are one in a million happen once every million times - it doesn't mean that the percentages were wrong if that one time happens first or fifth or whenever.  Yes, the polls were wrong, but they've never been that wrong before or since.

People are scared to tell anyone they’re voting for Trump, though.  We live in a culture right now where using the wrong pronoun in a sentence might get you fired from your job (not to mention social implications).  The step-mother of the police officer who killed Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta was fired because she married the wrong person - she didn’t even say anything.

Regardless of how badly the polls are skewed, you would think the Democrats would want them to show a razor thin race.  If Biden is shown to be 15 points ahead, you will see Biden voters not worry about donating or voting (especially in a pandemic).  It’s just incredibly unwise to encourage voters to be overconfident and lazy.  That’s part of what lost Hillary her election; she skipped campaign opportunities in places like Wisconsin because she was overconfident those voters were in the bag.


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I’m confident SQ21 has had this experience as well; but I’ve lived in The South my entire life, and people generally don’t understand how to deal with Southerners.  The mistake being made is that everyone is trying to state reasons and telling people to wear masks.  Southerners don’t like being told to do anything.  You have to make a Southerner believe the whole thing was their idea.

I know it’s foolish and it shouldn’t be necessary; but if you want to communicate an idea, you have to speak the language of the land you’re in.

How could this be done?  A series of PSAs presenting skits reminiscent of things you might see on the Andy Griffith show.  Random example - a joke causes a spit-take spraying another person’s face with colored water.  Someone nearby comments, “Boy, sure glad **I** got a mask on!”  Everybody laughs while the guy covered in colored water sulks.

People always joke about how smarter they are than Southerners.  Well...outsmart them!  It’s truly not difficult, but people have to try.  That’s not happening right now, and probably would not have happened in a Hillary administration either.


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It’s been too many years since it crossed my mind, but tonight I decided to do a search and see what was happening with our own Dominion Hotel in Vancouver.  The last time I checked years ago, it had completely fallen off the web, and I feared it had closed; but now it’s active again.

There is a caveat.  Before it fell off the web in those prior years, the Dominion was getting really bad reviews - often described as a rat infested drug den essentially.  But it turns out that circa 2009, the Dominion was part of a public-private initiative with the British Columbia government to renovate Single Room Occupancy hotels to create housing for the poor and disadvantaged:

https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/br … le4287026/


So the Dominion is still a hotel of sorts; and to my surprise, it does have fair reviews on Google - 3.5 out of 5.  But is it a place I would stay?  Probably not.

It is kind of ironic, though - the Dominion has now become exactly the kind of place that the Sliders would stay at.  A hotel designed for the poor and disadvantaged on the brink of homelessness.  That’s what sliding is like most of the time.

As for the Lamplighter Bar, it appears it never lost a beat:



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Saw this article recently:

https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/p … 0-1023376/

Buried in the Green New Deal is a geo-engineering initiative to fight climate change.  Geo-engineering has been debated for some time now; and it amounts to quick fixes for our climate problems while, I assume, we work on the underlying cause of climate change.  Basically, geo-engineering buys you time.

Of the various ideas, Solar Engineering of some sort is usually the go to idea.  In modern thought, that equates to filling the air with reflective particles to simulate the cooling effect caused by ash from a massive volcanic eruption.  So, we use air pollution to fight the effects of air pollution.

Another idea for Solar Engineering?  The infamous space mirror:


An that’s what brings us to our Declassified idea today.  I would title it “Eclipse”.

What if Sputnik failed?  Eisenhower would have never created NASA.  Without the existing space program and the Cold War space race, Kennedy would have never made his inspirational speech announcing an attempt to shoot for the moon.  With the wars and civil unrest and economic crises that followed after Kennedy - well, did the space program happen only because it was running in the background and other presidents didn’t have to think about it?  Would other countries pass us up as we were distracted?

Imagine a world that recognized the climate crisis and decided to use the “fix” to crush an unprepared United States at the same time.  A giant space mirror in geosynchronous orbit over the United States - plunging it into permanent darkness.  America eclipsed in progress and in fact.

I see the episode as something that plays with the idea of light.  In complete darkness, light is the attractor - it draws you in and draws others to you.  The vortex is an enormous source of light; and the Sliders entry to this reality is like a signal flare.

This one would not be about changing the world; it would be a pure survival story.  ireactions once mentioned how Sliders could be a different genre each week if it wanted, and he was right.  This episode would be a suspense thriller with a touch of horror.

Probably best fits in this thread, but here’s one of those ideas where you slap your forehead wondering why it hasn’t really been done often:

https://www.dcbservice.com/product/jul2 … e-annual-2

A police officer; a CSI; a detective and an investigative journalist in a locked room murder mystery.

Green Lantern; Flash; Batman; Superman.

The powers and gadgets to the side - just a story about who they are as people.


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And this:

https://wdwnt.com/2020/07/guests-not-we … ney-world/

Funny story that starts with “My Dad hated Disney World”.

The last time we went was 2011 when we took my then 11 year old nephew. His parents had taken him once before, but they apparently didn’t do anything on the trip because almost everything we did was something he hadn’t seen before.  One of those was the EPCOT fixture, Spaceship Earth.

As you near the end of the ride, there is the expected camera waiting to snap your photo to buy later.  I look over at Dad as we approach, and he has his middle finger up to the camera with a smile.

After the ride, my nephew and I of course race down to the screens to see this legendary photo.  When it appears, my father’s entire arm has been magically erased, and it’s just a photo of him smiling at the camera!  They actually have someone whose job is to watch each photo as it’s taken and do Old West style quick-draw Photoshop before it hits the public view.

That said, I wouldn’t be going to Disney at all right now; but I would certainly wear a mask if I did.


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I probably saw Forever twenty times at the theater; but I had free passes to any movie because of my brother’s radio job; I was in high school; and I was apparently bored.   I do remember laughing every time I walked out of a showing, though.

Fun footnote - one of the ushers at that theater was a guy a few years under me in high school - Clay Chamberlin.  For the past 15 years or so, he’s been doing a lot of stand-in work on films. It started with several turns for Ryan Reynolds; but lately he’s been doing it a lot for Chris Pratt.  Clay pops up on screen occasionally too - such as the training video at the end of the Ryan Reynolds film “Waiting”:


I still remember the time Clay had to escort my group out of the theater because my brother got in a shouting match with a co-worker during a showing of the first X-men movie.  Good times.


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I could get behind a couple of these:

https://www.cnn.com/style/article/artis … index.html

I like the one that’s basically an M logo, but I also like this one which is a little simpler (yet still makes a sideways M):



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Now talk of the Schumacher Cut of Batman Forever:

https://bleedingcool.com/movies/batman- … acher-cut/

This is genius:

https://www.cbr.com/sci-fi-daryl-tv-ser … Ho0eEdEUGc

A half-hour comedy that picks up where Paramount’s 1985 D.A.R.Y.L. feature left off. What if a top-secret, 10-year-old human weapon grew up to be a 44-year-old guy just trying to keep up with a world that he was never designed for? And what if the story morphed from an ’80s sci-fi adventure movie about a child with a computer in his skull … into a single-camera comedy starring Tony Hale? The boy everyone wanted … has become the man no one needs … in the TV adaptation nobody asked for.


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This is an interesting theory.  Again, good fodder for an alternate reality story if nothing else:

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/worl … 00486.html

Mr Wirth's theory about Mr Trump trying to retain power following the 2020 US election doesn't end at the ballot box, however. He believes that - should the president lose - he will claim the vote was rigged and rely on a complicated gambit involving emergency powers and the compliance of Republican legislators to stay in the White House.

According to Mr Wirth, should Mr Trump lose in a scenario where challenger Joe Biden beats him by "decent but not overwhelming" margins in the swing states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Mr Trump will declare that the vote was rigged.

He will supposedly blame mail-in ballots and Chinese election interference for the loss and invoke emergency powers to launch a Justice Department investigation into alleged "election hacking" in the swing states.

From there, Mr Wirth claims Mr Trump will stall until 14 December, which is the date when states must appoint their US Electoral College electors. Because the swing states are each controlled by Republicans, Mr Wirth believes the state legislatures will refuse to certify their electors until the election hacking investigation is finished.

He then claims the Democrats will challenge the investigation and the challenge to the election, which will eventually be taken to the US Supreme Court. Mr Wirth believes the Supreme Court will rule against the Republicans, but will concede that Mr Trump's emergency powers authorise him to continue his investigation. The Supreme Court will also maintain that should the swing states not be able to certify their selectors by 14 December - for any reason - then the Electoral College will have to meet and vote for the president without the swing states included.

Under Mr Wirth's theory, the Electoral College will then meet without the swing states under investigation, and neither candidate will receive enough votes to secure the presidency. According to Mr Wirth, the contested election would then move to the House of Representatives, where each delegation gets to cast one vote towards the presidency.

Since there are more Republican controlled House delegations than Democratic controlled delegations - 26 Republican to 23 Democrats - the Republicans will be the victors of the vote and Mr Trump will remain in office.


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ireactions wrote:

Would he prefer to be the candidate, lose, then claim the election was rigged by the mainstream media and mail in ballot fraud?

This is the reality.  Trump’s pattern is to find a way to claim he won even when he lost, and he can’t do that if he just surrenders and quits.  No way Trump drops out.


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Saw this earlier - “America in an anger incubator”:

https://www.chron.com/news/article/Amer … 376110.php

It reminded me of another old idea - Rage World.  It would have played off the legends of Jessica Savitch and her habits of losing her cool:


Savitch’s career ended in an on-air display where she appeared to be drugged; speculation being that it was an attempt to address her issues with medication.  Shortly after her final broadcast, she died in a car crash.

But what if Savitch never sought help and never took the medication?  It could have led to an “I’m mad as hell” moment similar to the movie “Network” which would morph into a media landscape designed to stoke anger for ratings.  We live in that world now to a large extent, but giving an over the top example could shine a little light on our current world and how we are manipulated by media.

So how could this work into a Declassified story?  Well, we have Bennish who has a great capacity to make people angry.  A talent agent observes a skirmish Bennish starts with the on-edge pedestrians of this world, and the agent offers to make Bennish a star.  As they walk away, a tv in a window displays a show coming back from its commercial break.  It’s Matt Laurer on the Today Show.

Matt clearly has a black eye, and he’s meekly looking at the camera trying to introduce a story.  Then Savannah Guthrie leans over and starts screaming at him about something he said leading to her jumping on him and beating him with her fists.  Off to the side Al Roker is laughing and cheering her on.  That’s an example that would never be filmed (nobody’s giving Laurer a job doing anything), but this is what Bennish is walking into without realizing.

So what do the Sliders do?  Do they try to save Bennish?  Do they sit back and enjoy the show?  Does Bennish learn anything from this adventure?  Of course, the other Sliders would need their own plot as well to fill out the story; but it’s all a seed of an idea to explore anger and how it can too easily consume and control people especially if leaders are egging it on.  Perhaps a look at where we’re headed if we continue down our current path; and an opportunity to think about if that’s the people we want to be.


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This article is likely a wild conspiracy of some sort, but an interesting idea (which like anything, I can relate to Sliders).  Be warned that the article has a passing reference to Rebels season four which may or may not be spoilers.

https://cosmicbook.news/disney-resettin … -last-jedi


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I don’t follow sports, but I would be very surprised to learn tournaments were being held in Mississippi anyway.  I mean, I have to drive 80 miles in any direction just to go to a movie theater!  But I was born here, and it’s cheap to live here.

That said, I have no attachment to the state flag; it means nothing to me.  I would like to see us get a flag that we can be proud of and rally behind. Twenty years ago, they put it on the ballot with two choices - keep the flag we have or change to this:


I and the people I know thought the new flag was bland and unattractive and lacking of any apparent meaning.  It didn’t inspire us.  So we didn’t see a reason to change and voted to keep what we had.  They’re talking now about possibly a flag with our state flower, the magnolia.  A flower just doesn’t do it for me either.

Something I would like to see is a celebration of Mississippi’s history in creativity - it’s what we’re known for and yet people don’t know it.  Elvis Presley was born in my state.  B B King was born in my state.  Brandy is from my city!  Britney Spears went to school and grew up in Mississippi (my Mom was her teacher in 4th grade).  Snoop Dogg has strong ties to Mississippi - about 25 years ago, he was even scouting locations to build a theme park ten miles from my house - Snoop Doggy Land.  Unfortunately it fell through.

On a personal level, my grandfather’s cousin was Jimmy Boyd who was the original singer of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” (and later married to Yvonne Craig - Batgirl on the Adam West Batman series).

What I would propose is a flag playing with the idea of sheet music.


Using a variation on the lines as seen in sheet music, place the stars where notes would go.  Our flag could actually be a secret melody that would represent our rich history.  Music unites Mississippi - it’s who we are in many ways.  But that’s just my thoughts on it.


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pilight wrote:

Most of the looting and vandalism is by infiltrators, be they alt-right goons or undercover cops.  Most of the violence has been perpetrated by the police.

Which has as much evidence behind it as saying Antifa and the Sunrise Movement are orchestrating it.  We can spin conspiracy theories all day, but the truth is that criminal elements (no matter their race, religion, gender or creed) saw their opportunity and seized it.  And on all news channels, those criminal acts received as much (or more) coverage as the peaceful assemblies.


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I remember a story from a couple of weeks ago.  Jewish families wanted their kids to play in a New York park, but Mayor DeBlasio had chained the gate shut to prevent it.  These Jewish families see massive groups of protestors out and about, so they no longer accept the premise that they will be treated differently.  The Jewish families cut the lock off the gate, and they let their children play.

Mayor DeBlasio orders the gate welded shut to prevent the Jewish families from doing it again.

https://www.jta.org/2020/06/15/united-s … open-parks

Do we remember the man in Colorado who was arrested in a park because he was playing with his daughter?  No one else standing near them.

https://abc7news.com/social-distancing- … r/6086163/

And this doesn’t even start to get into the myriad of reports of shaming and even threats against people in some states just because they were outside.

Not all of the protestors are wearing masks; I’ve seen the footage too.  It’s also unrealistic to believe they are the one group in America who would 100% obey that guideline.

What I’m saying here - keep it consistent.  Treat everyone the same because the virus doesn’t care who you are.  You don’t have to agree with the opinions, but people are watching the double standard and coming to their own, logical conclusions based on what they see as opposed to what they’re told.  There’s a county in Oregon that now exempts black people from the mask requirement - they were afraid it would lead to racial profiling.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/lincoln-co … sk-policy/

So...blacks are immune to the virus, I guess?  What?!

As for law enforcement, I’m not going to fully delve into that for professional reasons; but if people want to defund the police, I say give it a try for a few months.  Let’s see how everybody holds up.  Maybe it will create the utopia humanity has strove for throughout recorded history.


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I am amused by the current narrative.

The George Floyd protests begin in earnest on June 3.  People are on the streets rubbing shoulders for 7 to 14 days straight (and still sizeable today).  The optics of the protests indicate it is largely young people taking part.  We are told by the media and medical experts (including Dr. Fauci) that these protests are more important than the virus.

June 25 (14 to 21 days from the height of the protests), a record breaking spike of COVID cases covers the US causing renewed but so far limited shut downs.  The news media and medical experts (like Dr. Fauci) tell us the spike is mostly in younger people, and they state the cause was relaxed standards in Republican states that led to young people going to bars and restaurants.  We are told it has nothing to do with the protests.

I really hope Dr. Fauci realizes his credibility is now shot to hell with an enormous amount of people (and I base that on my personal circles - many of whom are no longer even believing the reported infection count numbers).  Even some of my highly liberal, progressive friends are now saying “fuck it - let’s just go back to normal and let the virus do what it’s going to do.”

You don’t get to play politics with science and expect people to still believe you - a criticism that I believe was also laid at Trump’s feet.  Either it’s okay to run through the streets with your tongue hanging out or it’s not.  And the people in my circles are beyond furious that we spent three months in quarantine prison and have risked a new Great Depression just to see that sacrifice thrown away for the sake of largely uncontrolled screaming, looting, burning and killing.

And no - they don’t hold Trump and the Republicans as heroes because they did absolutely nothing to stop this virus resurgence.  They equally hate Biden and Democrats for stoking the community spread.  The people are not inspired - they want a new wrecking ball to politics.


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Something coming free to YouTube in 5 days - a sci-fi film about parallel dimensions that is presented entirely as a video call.

https://bleedingcool.com/movies/atomic- … -lockdown/

Atomic Blonde's creator Antony Johnston has made his directorial debut with Crossover Point, a short sci-fi film made entirely in quarantine. Starring Moisés Chiullan and Casey McKinnon, the film is set during the 2020 lockdown. A journalist makes a video call to interview a scientist about his discovery of a parallel dimension — but things go very badly.


And now a new cereal goes sliding - Cinnamon Toast Crunch



And since the video link doesn’t seem to be present, here’s the Lucky Charms commercial from the original post: