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Team ups are already happening off screen!

http://www.kryptonsite.com/stephen-amel … rosenbaum/

Today they announced that Shang-Chi -Master of King-Fu is going to be one of the phase four movies.

Comic characters tend to run in families - characters like Nick Fury, Falcon and Black Widow are all known in their own right, but ultimately they are part of the Captain America family.  What’s interesting with Shang-Chi is that he is part of the Heroes for Hire family - he runs with Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil (both sharing a villain in The Hand).  Marvel is obviously visiting Shang-Chi to replicate the success of Black Panther, but it’s also a nice back door to a cinematic version of the Netflix shows.

Ike Perlmutter is the problem at Marvel.  He’s a notorious penny pincher who believes everything should be as low budget as possible (last year’s failed Inhumans theatrical roll-out being an example of his philosophy).  He’s also rather petty (an example being the death of the Fantastic Four comic because Fox wouldn’t do what he wanted on the film side).

That said, Perlmutter is still part of Marvel / Disney; so there’s not necessarily a reason to shop the shows around to other services.  Similar to Universal’s Brooklyn 99 going to Universal owned NBC after the Fox cancellation, the Marvel tv properties could “come home” to Hulu (which Disney now has a 60% stake in and likely about to be a 70% stake if they buy out Universal as has been reported).  It just depends on if there is the will for it inside Disney; and I’m betting that comes down to a numbers game.  Were the Netflix shows popular enough to justify continuing with a 60% to 70% stake in the profits - likely more than they were getting with Netflix).

But moreso, things are complicated by Netflix retaining some stake and keeping the existing episodes on their service.  Is this a Firefly / Serenity situation?  For an unspecified time, is Netflix the only service with the right to make an episodic television format of these characters while Marvel retained the right to make feature films?  Universal could have kept making Serenity movies; but Fox denied them the right to restart the tv show on Sci-Fi Channel.


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I just realized that I haven’t posted my off-the-wall Flash theory of the season.  Meta-tech?  First appearance was the cell phone hacking people’s brains.  Flashed a purple glow in their eyes.

Is the true villain of the season the Kilg%re?  He may have been able to upload himself into that satellite before it blew up; and even in the comics, the nature of Kilg%re’s powers did not require a body - he was more of a computer code / consciousness.  Kilg%re could have survived Thinker once the Thinker’s grip was released thus freeing him.

In the comics, Kilg%re ended up outgrowing humanity and their petty concerns; and his “defeat” was that he essentially left for greater things in the universe that more deserved his attention.  But Kilg%re did save the life of Flash before he left - Flash had a pretty big bullet hole in his chest thanks to Vandal Savage.



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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

More details have emerged about the Crossover, including confirmation that Barry and Oliver are doing a body-switching movie, essentially.  I maintain it would've been more fun if we were simply watching a story where a carefree Oliver Queen ended up as the Flash and events led to Barry Allen becoming the Green Arrow.

Hadn’t been paying much attention, but the story is going to feature an Arkham Asylum doctor named John Deegan.  In the comics. Dr. John Dee is the Justice League villain Doctor Destiny who through use of his Materioptikon device is able to make dreams into reality.  He’s basically the DC version of Freddy Kruger but looks like Skeletor.  It’s not a rip off in the way one might think, though.  Destiny pre-dates those more famous ideas by twenty years or so.

They did a story in the comics where Doctor Destiny was mixing up the identities of heroes, so this crossover would play into that idea.  At the end of the day, it’s seeming like the title of the Elseworlds crossover is a bit misleading.  This doesn’t look like much of a parallel earth story beyond Supergirl and Flash.  The Monitor is involved (known for his role in Crisis on Infinite Earths), but I’m starting to think he’s only there to tease the greater story yet to come.  They did that in the comics too - Monitor was a shadowy, mysterious figure popping up in comics stories for a year before Crisis ever happened.

Something too that people tend to gloss over when talking about where this is going in the Arrowverse.  Crisis certainly was the death of the Flash; but it was the death of Supergirl too.


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Also a pretty funny thing Amazon has done:

https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/11/21 … n-release/

No idea if it’s intentional or not, but you can’t currently find “Kerblam!” on Amazon Prime - if you choose that episode, it instead plays this coming Sunday’s episode “The Witchfinders” leaked well ahead of schedule.  Perhaps a little revenge on the BBC for taking shots at Amazon?


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“Kerblam!” sounds like another example of hitting the target but veering off the bullseye. It’s just clumsy.

To revisit “Rosa” for a second, I earlier mentioned how the villain was underutilized.  From many comments I’ve read, people have seemed confused over what Krasko’s plan was.  Would destroying that singular event in the history of Rosa Parks somehow end the civil rights movement?  That idea stretched plausibility past breaking.  So what was Krasko thinking?

I believe the idea was actually meant as a commentary on the mass shootings that have been happening in the United States recently.  In those cases, the murderer doesn’t have a full plan - instead they’ve just picked a spot that in some way fits the target of their rage, and then they walk into that church, synagogue, etc and start shooting anything that moves.  No real message. No specific goal.  They just want to destroy the lives of some of their perceived enemy.

I believe this is what Krasko was doing.  Just like our current mass shootings, Krasko was under no illusion that his actions would change the world. Krasko just walked into history and started shooting up the timeline.  Chibnall hit the target with the idea but veered off the bullseye leaving the audience not quite getting the full message.  Clumsy.


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Well here’s an interesting report:

https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/jodie-w … ctor-2019/


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Informant wrote:

...it sounds like they replaced stories and metaphors with lessons and monologues.

For me, it does have that feeling to it.  It’s like a college lecture taught by the Socratic method (where the teacher asks the students questions so that they fill out the lesson instead of the teacher).  I know Doctor Who was originally designed in the 1960’s to be an educational series; the monsters were added much to creator Sydney Newman’s chagrin (he being the head of drama at the BBC).  It was producer Verity Lambert who kept throwing the monsters in (like Daleks and Cybermen) to try to juice up the show; and it worked.  A pure educational series just doesn’t work.

As for Capaldi, it was hit or miss; but I liked it overall.  The problem was that then showrunner Stephen Moffat was running on fumes; he was tired.  He didn’t even want to do that final season, but the BBC convinced him to do it to give Chibnall time to wrap up his other works already in production.  From what I’ve read, it wasn’t so much that the BBC wanted Chibnall; it’s that Chibnall was the only person they could find who would take the job.  Nobody wanted to take over running Doctor Who.

I don’t mean to be doom and gloom; but if you’re having that much trouble finding someone to take the job - well, the show is on its last legs.  We may be looking at another long rest for Doctor Who soon; but the BBC has years yet of Chibnall and Whittaker to deal with because of the long contracts that were negotiated.

It’s all really just a shame.


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I’ve been trying to give this a chance; but we’re now six episodes in, and I’m just not into it.  I also find it odd how much praise the new episodes are receiving, and even the ratings are good.  I’m a bit perplexed by it.  The rest of the post will contain spoilers if you haven’t yet seen the episodes.

If I had to sum up the reason I’m not enjoying it, I would say the show has now become more drama than a fantasy sci-fi adventure.  Whittaker is not the problem; I think she could be a fine Doctor.  However, she’s not being given the material to work with.  In fact, my sense of the stories so far is that Whittaker’s Doctor is delegating out tasks to the point that she’s almost irrelevant.  I’ll put it this way - I don’t watch a James Bond movie to see him ask what everybody else thinks they should do.

Really, I’ve begun to wonder if the Doctor is now actually the surrogate voice of showrunner Chris Chibnall - a showrunner in over his head asking everyone else what they think the production should do.  Just look at the episodes so far and how bereft of imagination they are.

The first episode felt like and looked like a 1990’s direct to video low budget sci-fi movie.  Alien hunter stalks the city in a sports hunt for humans.  Then he pulls off the helmet.  Tooth head!

The second episode is what’s left of a racing contest on a planet of ingenious traps like flying bed sheets and rejected sports gear robots from Sliders “Rules of the Game”.

Rosa was an exception and was done pretty well even though the villain was underutilized.  But again, look at the grand ending.  The Doctor tells the others how Rosa’s mark on history will last forever, and she flings open the door to show them.  Do we see the flagship of the Earth Fleet named Rosa Parks?   Maybe the planet Rosa inhabited by people who uphold the ideals of civil rights?  No.  We see a rock.  I felt like that kid in the Charlie Brown Halloween special.

Then there’s the giant spider episode with Donald Trump.  We can forget for a minute that this story is just another tired Trump bashing exercise; but the spiders aren’t even as good as those in “Eight Legged Freaks” with Kari Wuhrer.  What’s the big resolution?  The big spider grows too large and suffocates under its own weight.  Nobody did anything to make it happen; it just happened.

Then we get to the spaceship adventure, and who’s the threat of the week?  It’s Stitch from Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch”!   And I don’t mean as a metaphor; I mean literally.  Disney could probably win a copyright infringement lawsuit against the BBC.

The most recent episode - didn’t even watch it.  Not sure I will.

Looking back at Doctor Who since it returned under Russell Davies, the show hasn’t always had the big budget or the best actors; but it always had imagination.  Whether it be Cat people, carnivorous shadows or that big ole face in a jar, it was there.  An adventure. A spectacle.  There was always a plot thread - a big epic story that connected the entire season whether it was obvious or not.  Halfway through Chibnall’s first season, and I’m not seeing it.  It’s all gone.

I don’t know.  I guess I’m posting this just to see if Ive lost my mind.  Everyone I see seems so into it and loving it.  I don’t get it.  Is it because the Doctor is a woman for the first time?  Are people afraid to say it’s bad for fear of diminishing that?  If so, that may be the one genius thing Chibnall has done in his Doctor Who run - he hid his inability behind a social agenda.


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ireactions wrote:
TemporalFlux wrote:

I was just talking about this with someone, and Legends really isn’t a DC show anymore.

Did anyone else read this and get jealous? Like -- TF is talking to someone about LEGENDS? Someone who isn't US? Who!? Where!? When!?!? Why weren't WE included!??! Oh, wait, we are being included. Okay. Carry on.

Well, he is a guy who dresses up as the Ted Kord Blue Beetle in his spare time, so...


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I was just talking about this with someone, and Legends really isn’t a DC show anymore.  To use this season so far, there is so much DC lore they could be pulling from to populate this magic story:

The Demons Three - Justice League level villains which include their own quest element with the bell, wheel and jar artifacts used to summon and banish them.

Nebiros - the Demon connected to the origin of Blue Devil - a stunt man who becomes magically fused with his animatronic movie costume.

Neron - DC’s version of Satan who focused on offering villains power ups to encourage them to be evil again - a perfect story for Mick Rory to take part in.

Mordru - the timeless Lord of Chaos with a strong connection to the Justice society, the Legion of Super-Heroes and Gemworld (featuring the hero Amethyst).

That’s just off the top of my head.  There is so much they could be doing, but instead we’re getting unicorns and fairy god mothers. At this point, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has as much claim of being a DC show as Legends does.


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Wasn’t me, but AlternityOrange ran into her at a Florida convention back in the early 2000s I think it was.  He said he tried to strike up a conversation with her about Sliders, and she was visibly frustrated and said “I’ve done other things too, you know?”  It came across as something she was tired of talking about.

I hadn’t kept up with her except in passing, but she’s had a rough go since those days for certain.


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I definitely agree about the huge missed opportunity with Logan; and she would have given something back to the group dynamic.  They toyed with the idea of Arturo having some darkness to his character, and Logan would have been perfect for that.  Is she bad?  Is she good?  Is she self serving?  Is she just misunderstood?

I could see it as something like Capaldi’s first season on Doctor Who where we weren’t quite sure what to think of him.  The scene that comes to mind for me is when Clara is trapped in the room with the robots and she asks the Doctor for the sonic; but the Doctor refuses.  Did he really need it?  Did he just not care if she survived?  Did he look at Clara as something he didn’t need anymore?  We weren’t sure.

It’s a shame Sliders didn’t go there.  I think it would have been a role Zoe would have relished with many layers to the character to explore; but as it is, it seems Sliders is something she’s long ago tired of people mentioning.


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The whole thing with Joe is just strange.  They had the perfect opportunity with the Cicada attack to put him in a wheelchair (or bed) due to injuries, but they didn’t take the opportunity.  Very strange.  I guess they expect him back up and running really soon?


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Am I the only one who thinks it odd that not a single mail bomb has blown up?  We’re up to ten now?  Either this is the worst bomb maker in history or it’s a stunt.


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Sets the stage for a consolidated, new show based on “Heroes for Hire”; but probably not.



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Is there something wrong with Jesse L Martin (Joe West)?  His scenes are being staged so that he spends practically the entire time sitting down; and in this week’s episode, Captain Singh filled in for the part Joe would have usually had with Barry at the crime scene.


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Really, I kind of wonder if the credit is a little misplaced on Gunn.  Guardians 1 was better than Guardians 2; and the way these things usually work is that the first movie is overseen more carefully by the studio, but after a success they give the creator more freedom.  I think Guardians 2 is more true to what Gunn has to offer, and it’s frankly not that great (at least in my opinion).

Now with this DC opportunity, they could give him more freedom up front based on his prior success (even though that’s against Warner’s instincts), so we’ll end up with Guardians 2 type stuff.  At the very least, if Warner does oversee Gunn more stringently - well, Warner has a pretty horrible track record in allowing things to go too far on micro-management.


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Brett is Dubya’s kind of frat boy; and it was Dubya who put him on the bench.  This is old school Republican stuff.

Something that’s went largely unreported here is that Brett has been through this before.  Bush nominated him to the DC Circuit in 2003, but the Senate fought on it and didn’t confirm him until 2006.  By comparison, this went well.


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And just to show the companies can do better, look to the new DC Comics 100 Page giants exclusively at Wal-Mart.  That includes reprints of three comics (some older and some that just came out 6 or so months ago) plus 12 pages of a new exclusive multi-part story.  Price - $4.99.  That’s no extra discount - cover price.  So by comparison $3.99 for 32 pages and $4.99 for 100 pages.

The reason DC gave for being able to do this was a new cheaper paper for the 100 Page giants (which looks great); but they can’t use that paper on the monthlies?  Using that paper, they should be able to sell new monthlies for $1.99 to be generous, and that would discount to around $1.25 using the current mail order formula.  That’s around where the price should be.


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Informant wrote:

That's why I stopped reading comics. My father had just had a stroke and I didn't have time or money to waste on that whole comic book con, so I just gave up trying.

Graphic novels, maybe. But I just can't do the monthly books.

Comics have really become too expensive; I’m surprised there are still as many collectors as there are.  When I was growing up in the early to mid 80’s, comics were 60 cents each at the drug store / gas station / grocery, and the comics were largely self contained stories that you could read just the one issue and have a satisfying experience.  To put that in perspective, a comic cost you about as much as a regular size candy bar.

Today, the cover price on a comic is $3.99 on most.  You could buy three to four regular candy bars for that.  Plus, today’s comics are often giving you only a part of the story.  Sometimes it’s half a story; sometimes only 1/6th of a story.  Of course, you can do mail order comics to get a discount (usually changing that $3.99 to $2.39), but even that is over twice what they should cost.

Comics are by design 32 pages of disposable enjoyment that last about as long as that candy bar.  You would get much more for your money buying a DVD out of the 5 dollar bin at Wal-Mart.

I just don’t see how it’s attractive to people any longer.  It’s certainly not pulling in kids.


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Looks like they’re going to lay a little ground work for Crisis on Infinite Earths while they’re at it:

https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/09/26 … crossover/

I think they silently did so last season too.  The skies of Earth X had a tinge of red.


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Hiddleston’s Loki is popular with fans; but without him, I think people wouldn’t care much for the character.  I’m curious if they’ll pull other stars into it too.  They recently did a storyline where Loki stole Doctor Strange’s mantle as Sorcerer Supreme; and with Benedict Cumberbatch receptive to television, I could see him joining the project to explore that story.

With Olsen, I’m not sure where they could go with that; her solo stories have usually included more than her (either co-starting her brother Quicksilver, Vision or the entire Marvel U such as in House of M).  But, her series would be an opportunity to give a soft introduction to the MCU’s version of mutants and the X-men universe.

Of course, one could argue the DC Universe service is taking steps toward this too.  The new Doom Patrol series has cast Timothy Dalton as The Chief; and he’s a recognizable name.  But even with that, it’s still Berlanti and the feel of an extension to his CW universe.  That’s not a bad thing; it’s just not the theatrical to tv model we’re discussing.


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Well, Marvel / Disney is doing what Informant suggests with their streaming service next year.  They’re doing two multi-episode series for Loki (starring Hiddleston) and Scarlet Witch (starring Olsen).  It will be the movies translated directly to the tv format - actors included.  Marvel / Disney is once again ahead of the curve while DC / Warner is left to play catch up.


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Never saw any details leaked; just reporting about the struggle.

By the time Johns was given the Green Lantern comic, he was popular enough and established enough at DC Comics to have the freedom to do what he wanted; so I would say look to his comics run for how he would do it.  In those comics, Krona is not Parallax; Abin Sur dies of his own fear and paranoia that grew from a prophecy an enemy shared; Sinestro trained Jordan personally (which led to Sinestro being thrown out of the Corps when Jordan exposed that Sinestro was using his ring to control his home world like a fascist dictator).  That’s just a few things off the top of my head; but I feel confident Johns comics likely show what he wanted.


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Geoff Johns seems to have been, in practical terms, kicked to the curb except for projects that were already in development.  The exception may be the Berlanti shows, but time will tell.

Johns and Diane Nelson made a mistake in trying to fix the Justice League movie; they should have let it stand or fall for what it was, and then picked up the pieces afterward to do it right with the films that followed.  By stepping in, all Johns and Nelson accomplished was to take a share of the blame; and it cost them.

Johns was already on shaky ground after Green Lantern, though.  He fought tooth and nail to get it done his way; but because Warner only half listened to him, it ended up being messy.


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Refreshing myself on the history, I believe Jordan would be good as Val-Zod.  It would be pretty easy to rework the Earth 2 story by just saying Kal-el disappeared and save the Darkseid / Apokolips invasion for later.  It could actually work as the soft continuation of the DCEU Warner seems to want; and Val had closer ties to Supergirl as they were both older when launched from Krypton.

As for the finale to the Kal-el arc, they could have the villain in full body armor (ala Darth Vader), and when he’s defeated we see through the crack in his chest plate that the S shield of Cavill’s costume is showing through.  It would still be open to bring Cavill back down the road as even the Earth 2 story had that initial evil Superman as just one of an army of clones Darkseid created.


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Well, they’ve got a few existing options for a black Superman.  One is the bold choice to essentially make Obama be Superman.


Then there is Val-Zod who has a better story and a more direct tie to Supergirl:


And then there’s the Sunshine Superman, but he’s just silly.

https://comicvine.gamespot.com/sunshine … 005-62027/


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

And his reelection would depend almost exclusively on what the Dems throw out.  Most reasonable candidates would win, but if the Democratic Party tries anything stupid, they can lose again.

And this is the problem - even now there is no admission that Hillary Clinton was a horrid candidate.  The reason all of this happened is because the Democratic establishment propped up Hillary like some kind of royalty that was owed the throne.  The media propped up Trump to decimate the Republican field because they thought they would be throwing Hillary a softball opponent to help her win - and boy did that backfire.  *All* of this happened because some cant see the forest for the Hillary.

And they’ll do it again.  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put Hillary up again.


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I think Sony is just throwing some stuff at the wall to see what sticks.  After all, The Punisher started as a Spider-man antagonist in 1974; it took 12 years before Punisher was given his own solo mini-series.

The problem Sony has is if any of the other characters could replicate that success, they would have already done it in the comics.  Venom did, but it’s very hard to separate him from his Spider-man origin.  Silver Sable had her own series for awhile, but it never set the world on fire.  Black Cat has had a few mini-series, but never took off.  The latest I’ve seen is that Sony is wanting to do a solo Kraven the Hunter movie; and I honestly have no idea where you take him without an existing super-heroic universe to put him in.  Kraven’s whole motivation is finding more dangerous game because he’s already bested every animal on earrh.

Sony is really just spinning their wheels unable to accept they should just take their part of the money from the Marvel Studios movies and let it go.  Their best bet is to be a Spider-man holding company; not a producer of material.

Incidentally, the comics are trying to separate Venom out at the moment - they’re trying to say we’ve misunderstood the white spider symbol all these years - the legs are actually wings. Venom is a dragon.



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And what is this that Cohen’s attorney was promoting on the news all day?

https://www.gofundme.com/hqjupj-michael … truth-fund

So I guess the implication is that Cohen can’t tell the truth unless the funding goal is met?  lol  The guy is not poor, but nearly 2000 people have already fallen for this and donated money.


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That’s the part I don’t understand - is the idea that Pence is better?  That’s the end game of these cries for impeachment.

Everyone would be better served to find a candidate or party they like better and build it up to win the office; but that’s the problem, isn’t it?  The anti-Trump forces actually don’t agree on much - they have no candidate to unify behind and no plan for the future.


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And to add, if they truly want to go all in on cosmic, I think Marvel could follow up on some ideas from the Jim Krueger / Alex Ross series Earth X.  We’ve seen the head of a dead Celestial with Knowhere in Guardians; but what are Celestials and their motives?

A nearly extinct race from a long fought war, the Celestials seed young planets like eggs in order to reproduce; and they modify the evolving indigenous population so that a percentage can have have special abilities and intelligence to act as anti-bodies to protect the planet egg until it can hatch into a Celestial.  Galactus serves as a kind of galactic mongoose poaching the eggs so that “snakes” don’t overrun the universe.

It raises the interesting question, would the heroes save the world to doom the universe?  Defeating Galactus could mean that.

It was reported awhile back that Marvel is planning a movie based on The Eternals.  That’s notable because the Eternals is where the Celestials and their lore was introduced.


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For me, the obvious replacement for Gunn is the team behind Thor Ragnarok led by director Taika Waititi.  And as for Bautista, his replacement is built into the character of Drax.  Drax has died and resurrected multiple times in the comics taking on a different form each time - including the original, more intelligent Drax:


and the super dumb Drax:


Though they’re likely not to do it, I think the best move would be to shelve Vol 3 and just leave the Guardians wherever Avengers 4 leaves them.  Marvel has a lot of other properties to mine, and Guardians isn’t worth the baggage it has now with the director / writer gone and cast potentially in revolt.

And if Adam Warlock needs a home, he was never a Guardians character anyway.  Warlock was introduced in Fantastic Four and sometimes associated with Captain Marvel.  Even better than giving him a vehicle on another property, just make an Adam Warlock movie instead of Guardians.  Warlock has a pretty rich history from his dealings with the High Evolutionary, the Universal Church of Truth (led by his corrupted future self, the Magus) and of course Warlock’s connection to the soul gem.


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Free speech has nothing to do with getting or keeping your job; it doesn’t even get you to the head of the line at the soup kitchen.  But if Gunn truly wasn’t worried about it, then more power to him.  Personally, I don’t buy it.  I believe he thought he was protected and there could be no consequences; and I just have zero sympathy for those attitudes when it blows up in someone’s face.

There’s a thing called tact; and there are far too many people these days who have no understanding of what that means (including and especially Trump).


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At the end of the day, I think it comes down to this - is the goal to sell a product?  To give an example, Dan Harmon *is* selling his product; it’s why the pedo attack on him didn’t stick.  Anyone who watches Rick and Morty was not surprised by any of that stuff they dug up on Harmon; and maybe that’s the kind of creator Gunn wants to be.  Again, nothing wrong with that - there’s money there; but that’s not the kind of product or company Gunn was associated with.

I think what I keep coming back to is that the Gunn situation (drawing attention to himself over Trump) is just a gross sign of incompetence.  He didn’t know what he had or who he was dealing with - he thought he was too big to be affected.  He threw it all away.  I can’t applaud that or sympathize with it.  Gunn’s arrogance revealed just how much he was out of his depth.


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I don’t follow Gunn, but a site I often visit (Bleeding Cool) would showcase his anti-Trump tweets with a cheer.  For me, Gunn’s comments weren’t so much critical as they were an expression of hate.  I really didn’t know much about Gunn beyond that I liked Guardians 1 and didn’t like Vol 2 as much; but reading his anti-Trump ranting really turned me off.  I found it shaping my view of his product too.

That said, Gunn certainly has a right to say it, but he also has a right to the consequences of saying it.  If there’s anything I would like to ask Gunn now, it would be “was it worth it?”  If he wanted to lay himself down selflessly for a cause - well, he’s done it.  He gets to live with it now.  None of this would have happened except that he relentlessly targeted Trump.

I think there comes a point where these people have to ask themselves what business they’re in.  Are they in the political commentary business?  If so, that’s great - there’s money to be made there.  Are they in the blockbuster movie business?  If so, that’s great - lots of money there.  Can you mix the two together?  Not always.  Know what your business is; and if you can’t figure that out, then you really don’t deserve to stay employed.


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It’s a shame Babylon 5 will never be remastered or given a blu-ray.  Warner threw away all of the visual effects files, so there’s nothing to work with.  They would have to start completely from scratch like they were making the episode for the first time, and the cost is well beyond too much.

I don’t think we’ll ever see DS9 either.  Paramount can’t even get a channel like BBC America to put DS9 on their schedule; and Alexander Siddig (Doctor Bashir) is British!  So I’m sure Paramount is looking at that and thinking a blu-ray wouldn’t be worth it.


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The Wonder Woman failure with Paris would have explained her reluctance a little better.  That feeling was obviously already there from where we first met her, but she seemed to get past that by the end of BvS; then suddenly she was back to being reluctant about joining a team.

And what was with the Alfred scene where the green glow is in his glasses?


But who was Alfred talking to?  That whole bit was just dropped.  Did Superman go after Alfred while he was crazed?


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Supergirl movie?

https://deadline.com/2018/08/supergirl- … 202440687/

Looks like WB is back grasping at what they already have instead of moving forward.  If they’re looking for a back door Superman reboot, they should take us to the 30th century Legion of Super-Heroes and look back at a new history.  Marvel is owning cosmic at the moment, but Legion gives the opportunity to play with new ground in time travel - especially if the Time Trapper is involved.

It would also serve to beat Marvel to the punch for once instead of chasing behind them.  Now that Disney has Fox, they’ve got the rights back to Fantastic Four and Kang the Conqueror.  You can bet time travel is about to be a big component in Marvel movies.


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Glad to see Trek lore moving forward again, but I really wonder what this Picard series could even be about.  Maybe in retirement he focuses on archeology and finds something?  Kind of like his mentor did in that episode?  Of course, if they go with the tie-in comic to the Abrams reboot, then Picard is now the earth ambassador to Vulcan (probably a lingerng aspect of the Sarek meld leading him there).


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Going down the channel guide and stopped on Universal Kids for a second.  A commercial was playing for their various shows, and suddenly they showed a quick image of a guy in normal clothes jumping into a blue, Sliders type vortex.  The name of the show was not given, but I believe it’s going to be an Australian series called Nowhere Boys:


The series is about four boys who are transported to a parallel world just like their world except  they have no doubles (they never existed).  Apparently from there it goes into some kind of magic / fantasy type show which I’m not interested in.

I continue to be amazed to see that little blue vortex popping up out there; and once again with four travelers lost from home.

If I was looking down the channel guide and saw “Shooting the Shit with Jerry O’Connell” - well hell, I’ve got to see what *that* show is like.


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https://deadline.com/2018/07/fox-shareh … 202423518/

Obviously there’s more than one Robert Weiss in the world; and this is most probably some other Robert Weiss (I notice the Weiss law firm is noted at the end of the filing).  But could this be our Robert K Weiss (co-creator of Sliders)?  There would be an interesting dynamic at play if it was.

Comcast Universal is competing with Disney to buy the Fox assets; and word around the industry has been that Comcast Universal wants to up their bid, but they could need some more time.  This lawsuit is tailor-made to delay the Disney / Fox vote that would approve the merger.  It would buy Comcast Universal time.

Why would Weiss get involved?  Maybe a bit of quid pro quo. Comcast Universal has an interest in Sliders; maybe they would agree to help Weiss if he helped them.

It’s surely just a big coincidence that the guy’s name is Robert Weiss, but I found it an amusing thought.

https://deadline.com/2018/07/bravo-andy … 202422984/

Each episode will feature O’Connell, alongside a panel of male celebrities, comics and tastemakers, discussing the buzziest Bravo moments and a variety of topics steeped in pop culture.

The description per Bravo: O’Connell “From offering advice to The Real Housewives from every franchise to taking sides on some of the most controversial Bravo feuds, Jerry is truly a walking encyclopedia of Bravo history. Real Men Watch Bravo will offer unprecedented access to the male point of view pertaining to all things Bravo and entertainment. Whether realizing they were a die-hard Vanderpump Rules fan after being introduced to the sizzling series by their girlfriends or learning how to cook the perfect filet from binging Top Chef episodes for hours, these men are unapologetic Bravoholics and hope to encourage others to step out of the shadows and admit what some have known all along…Real Men Watch Bravo.”

I think I first became aware of the Torme story from an old forumite named AlternityOrange; and subsequently saw it mentioned in several other places.  Just on a glance today, I see it mentioned on this questionable site:


To be honest, the story didn’t cross my mind often except as an occasional trivia to some other conversation (such as how it came to mind today); I’m just not a big Terminator fan.  So, I never asked Torme about it; it wasn’t something on my mind the times I talked with him.  I would definitely defer to your Torme conversations.

As mentioned in the article, we would probably not have The Terminator without Harlan Ellison; and the reason we know that is because of our own Tracy Torme.

The story goes that Torme was visiting the set of the first Terminator when it was filming, and he asked James Cameron where he got the idea.   Cameron allegedly responded with a flippant brag along the lines of “Oh, I just ripped off a couple of Harlan Ellison stories”.  The stories in question were Harlan’s Outer Limits episodes “Soldier” and “Demon with a Glass Hand”.

After hearing of the exchange, Harlan pursued it and was given an acknowledgement in the credits of subsequent Terminator releases as part of a settlement.

Harlan Ellison had a big impact on science fiction, but I do wish he got more recognition for the pop icon that probably wouldn’t exist without him.  In any case, Harlan was a fighter to the end; a big voice was lost with his passing.


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If the series make it six more years, we’re likely to have a merger of realities down to just one earth.  The “Red Skies” headline from the 2024 newspaper in Flash season one is a reference to Crisis on Intinite Earths where Flash sacrificed his life to save earth (the red skies being “the bleed” - normally the space between parallel earths that was seen in Crisis because the barriers between realities were breaking down).

Of course, the CW shows could choose to ignore all of that and do whatever.


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Enh.  I feel they are retreading a bit of ground there.  With Earth X, we just had oppressive government Supergirl; I don’t see where this will be different enough (even though there are differences).

There are just so many more Supergirl / Superman stories to visit.  For instance, a Supergirl version of the sand Superman story:


It is interesting in that the villain naturally becomes Superman the more it absorbs until you can’t tell the difference between the two both physically and mentally.  In a 1990’s re-telling, they even created a Wrong Arturo situation where a cataclysmic fight at the Fortress left you not sure which Superman survived (something that seemed designed as an escape hatch for the Superman marriage - maybe Lois married the sand creature and not the real Superman).

There would definitely be a season worth to mine out of that, and it would be an interesting look at self sacrifice.