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This is how Flash season one should have ended.  Barry makes Eddie realize the truth about himself, and Eobard blinks out of existence.

https://nypost.com/2020/02/14/the-flash … ut-as-gay/

Joking aside, I’m honestly shocked they didn’t do it given the themes these producers constantly promote.


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I would watch MOTOROLA as long as it had John Reed-Davis in it.


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The problem was Margot Robbie:

https://nerdist.com/article/margot-robb … r-journey/

She wanted an R-rated film.  She wanted Birds of Prey.

I remember another article that mentioned Warner wanted changes after the test screenings, but Margot fought them on it.  Ultimately Warner let Margot have her way; but I’m now thinking Warner may have seen some the same problems we see now (such as there being no need for an R rating just to preserve a few curse words).


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Here’s a good look at some season one filming locations:


Of note would be the exterior of Rembrandt’s apartment:

1152 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA, 94133




And some exterior shots from U.C. Berkeley:

University Dr, Berkeley, CA, 94708


The remainder of San Francisco locations listed on that site are areas that were driven through during the car scenes.

For more images from the Sliders pilot movie:


While in San Francisco, you may also want to visit the Chancellor Hotel.  Sliders never filmed there, but the name was used in season three as the hotel the Sliders stayed at (as mentioned in “Double Cross”).  The name would be changed to The Chandler Hotel in season four after the real life Chancellor Hotel objected to the use of its name on Sliders without permission.



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A funny thing would be if they did a story highlighting how J’onn inadvertently created a memory “virus” that’s spreading through person to person contact because he altered so many people.  Slowly the world starts to lose it’s mind, and the only cure is to reset everybody to their post-Crisis life with no memories of before.

It would be an interesting way to point out all the differences to us, and then wipe it all away so we don’t re-visit the issue forever.  It’s kind of what happened in the comics as Crisis became this vague memory of something that happened but people really weren’t sure what.


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I didn’t give much weight to the sonic screwdriver observation.  The sonic is in fact unrecognizable from the second Doctor era.  His sonic really was just a screw driver that dismantled equipment and opened door locks (though once it was repurposed into a torch to cut through something).  The modern sonic (as used in the latest episode) is primarily a scanning device with some kind of monitor read out judging by the way it’s used.


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So I see the news popping around, and I had to watch the newest episode out of sheer curiosity (so their ratings scheme worked on me at least).  A new black female Doctor that somehow fits into the Doctor’s past even though we know all of the regenerations.  Of course, theories are flying around about parallel universe doppelgängers or lies or other tricks; but I think the answer could be so obvious that it wouldn’t even cross anyone’s mind.

First, the new mystery Doctor’s TARDIS interior looks a lot like the very first TARDIS.  Second, this new Doctor is on the run from the Time Lords.  This fits pretty nicely with the second Doctor, and there’s some grey areas in his history near the end (including the Time Lords altering and erasing his memories before he regenerates into the third).

There may be no regeneration involved here.  This new, forgotten Doctor could be the second Doctor in extreme disguise.  After all, to the social issue obsessed people producing this show, what’s better than a black female Doctor?  A post-op transsexual black female Doctor.

And I’m done again.


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I think the Supergirl episode made some effort to explain the Ezra Miller appearance while not directly addressing it.  No parallel earths could be detected; yet we know they are out there.  Or are they?

DC toyed with the idea of “layers” post-Crisis; and that culminated in Hypertime:


The concepts are similar enough to make comparison moot, but the thought is that the Anti-Monitor only destroyed one layer of reality.  There was another layer he couldn’t even detect; and that’s why Ezra Miller popped up in the speed force when the multiverse was supposed to have been destroyed.  Ezra was not from the multiverse; he was from Hypertime.   And it’s actually a pretty elegant explanation if you look at it as the difference between movies and tv and animation - layers not connected at all yet still exist.

Of course, the Arrowverse was and still is a bit clumsy with this idea by having older movie versions in the tv multiverse; but I think that comes from the free form nature of how they make their shows.  There is no plan, per se’ - they just make it up as they go along.


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Just watched the premiere episode of a new NBC show, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”:


I really enjoyed it.  It’s not anything ground breaking - just a quirky female lead in kind of a mash-up between Eli Stone and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  It’s also set in San Francisco and even had a passing joke about parallel realities.  But I think what really hooked me in was her family.  For the past four years, I lived that with my father; and it just really caught me off guard seeing that all of a sudden in this crazy little show.  They’ve got a fan in me.


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Looks like ratings are significantly down for Whittaker’s second season premiere:

https://deadline.com/2020/01/dracula-do … 202819405/

I haven’t watched it yet, but I imagine the ratings are more to do with people’s opinions of last season than the quality of this premiere episode.  It doesn’t help that the commercials make it look completely derivative of James Bond (likely more in the vein of a parody).

Parodies are fine (Tennant did some - most notably Voyage of the Damned that mirrored the old disaster movies like The Poseidon Adventure); but is there an appetite for it when the audience isn’t as forgiving and willing to give it a chance?  Davies and Tennant had an enormous amount of good will; people would tune in probably no matter what the commercial looked like.

I do agree with some of the comments in the above article, though.  It’s not really fair to compare Whittaker’s second season opener with Capaldi’s second season opener.  Capaldi’s debuted in September while Whittaker had the advantages of a holiday (when more eyes should be available).  Of course, New Year’s is a party holiday which takes people away from their TVs (either because of an actual party or a hangover); and that’s really why Christmas is better.  Chibnall seems intent on proving he’s different, though - even at the expense of reason.


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If I remember correctly, the Peacekeeper Wars situation is caused by some contractual issues.   I think Universal / SyFy completely funded Peacekeeper Wars, so use of that series has to be negotiated separately from the main series.

A similar thing happened with Firefly.  Fox kept the tv rights and only allowed Universal the right to make feature films.  A stray thought here - Disney owns Firefly now.  Hadn’t thought of that.

Funny how stuff in science fiction usually ends up happening in real life at some point.  Doesn’t this sound like the start of Sanctuary Districts?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Past_Te … pace_Nine)

And when did we see the concept in use on Star Trek?  2024


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I enjoyed it; but I wish we could have had more of *that* Adam Driver in the rest of the series.


I saw a little Han Solo coming out in him at the end there.  It was a good fit.


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Overall, I’ve had fun watching it even though there are things that have been mishandled.

One of those problems is Pariah.  While they kept his story beats in some form, the portrayal of the character is way off.  Pariah is supposed to be an emotional wreck.  I mean falling to his knees crying all the time emotional wreck.  In the comics, he had been forced to watch Infinite death and destruction like some evil version of Quantum Leap.  Tom Kavanaugh just doesn’t seem to know what to do with it.

Also, Pariah was more of an accidental hero.  In his great despair and desperation, he leapt at someone on a dying earth to save them; and to his surprise it succeeded as they were transported with him to the next doomed earth.  In the comics, that was Lady Quark; for tv it would seem the intention was that this be Black Lightning, but they instead presented it like it was something Pariah meant to do.

So there are missteps and things that could be done better, but I’ve enjoyed it.  Luthor’s parts so far are probably my favorite; and I really liked the Smallville scene for many of the reasons SQ21 did.


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Will it get them anywhere?  Doubtful.  But I give them credit for trying.

https://josephmallozzi.com/2019/11/23/s … -new-hope/


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Since Disney owns it all now (thanks to buying Fox), they should make the option available to watch the original trilogy as it was first presented in theaters.  Yeah - it would have visual fx problems, but that’s part of the charm.


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Even though Routh was the big star, he had really fallen after that.  But for his accident and resulting death, I’m confident Christopher Reeve would be somewhere in the Arrowverse too (Reeve would only be 67 today).  His star never rose past Superman, though; and even his time as Superman lost its luster at the end.


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Possibly something for Grizzlor to catch:

https://deadline.com/2019/11/jerry-ocon … 202783811/

I think it’s because the formula is tired at this point.  They try to dress it up a little, but it’s really the same thing every time.  I think they would be better served to flip the script and give the opposite angle.

SkyNet had to realize it could lose in its gambit to kill Sarah Connor, so wouldn’t it have an insurance policy?  What if it also sent a contingent of Terminators into the future?  As we know from our own history, we often become complacent and don’t respect the past after a few hundred or a thousand years.  This “sleeper cell” of Terminator infiltrator units could suddenly appear out of their time bubbles; blend into society, and go about the business of resurrecting SkyNet.

That idea would give us a look at something new - where does humanity progress to after defeating the machines?  And with no specific target this time, this could bring Terminator back to its horror roots as we’re left to a guessing game on who is a Terminator.  Lastly, they could still have their near unstoppable nature for a reverse reason this time - the Terminator technology is so antiquated that humanity is too advanced to deal with it.  Similar to how Moore’s Battlestar Galactica presented that the Galactica survived the initial attack because it was still hard wired and off the grid.

That’s what I think the franchise needs.  Go full on sci-fi while also taking us back to the horror roots of the unstoppable monster.


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Time for this year’s left field Flash theory!

So Barry is fated to die in the Crisis.  What if they go through with it for real?  Barry dies - gone for good.

As we know, Wally takes up the Flash mantle in the comics; but I don’t think that will happen on the show.  The actor who plays Wally can’t commit; and I really doubt they would bring in a new, white Wally from the multiverse.  There is another option, though.

Iris has a strange history in the comics:

https://www.cbr.com/should-the-cws-flas … ts-future/

The new show runner Eric Wallace was directly asked if the show will ever address Iris’s comic book life in the 30th century.  His simple answer - “Yes.”

https://www.cbr.com/the-flash-showrunne … -season-6/

What If Barry dies and a new Flash appears after Crisis.  He takes off the mask and he’s Grant Gustin, but he’s not Barry Allen.  He’s Bart Allen - Barry’s grandson who’s traveled from the 30th century to hide in the 21st century with the help of his grandmother - an older Iris using an image inducer to appear young.  And what better way for Bart to hide than step in the shoes of his grandfather.  People will think he’s Barry Allen if he can pull off the act with Iris’s help.

Like many families, a descendant can look exactly like their ancestor.  This happened in my own life as I one day found a photo, and I asked my mother when I took that picture.  She said “That’s not you - that’s your father at your age.”  It fooled even me.

So we’ll see what happens!  I’ve been wrong with my theories every year so far; but even a broken clock is eventually right - twice a day in fact.


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And now from Berlanti, a Green Lantern series and Strange Adventures, but on the streaming service HBOmax:

https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/green- … 203387210/

If Berlanti looks at the comics history (and he’s surprised me at how closely he often does with Flash), then Strange Adventures featured characters like Captain Comet, Animal Man, Deadman, Enchantress, Adam Strange, The Atomic Knights and the Immortal Man (who later had a connection to a great character called Resurrection Man).  Strange Adventures even featured the 25th century Space Museum (which was later part of the origin of Booster Gold).

Will also be interesting to see how they pull off Green Lantern in space.  But in the end, it’s going to be planetside based scenes too.  I really don’t see it being more complicated or costly than something like Stargate SG-1 or Farscape.  The Green Lantern constructs will be the complicated thing if anything.


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ireactions wrote:
TemporalFlux wrote:

And that rumor of a Spidey appearance in Captain Marvel 2 persists.  The previous (seemingly slanted) rumor had Spidey appearing only as a screw-up that Captain Marvel constantly has to save.  The slant of the rumor was that she would also be very emasculating to Spidey during all of this to make herself and female empowerment look better.

https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainmen … -mcu.html/

It is a shame, really.  People should be laughing with Spidey and not laughing at Spidey.  Maybe Sony does need to just take full control and cut Marvel out.

Sony should cut Marvel out because... there are rumours? Wouldn’t there be rumours regardless?

The last Kevin Feige spoke of CAPTAIN MARVEL II, he said he wanted to explore Carol’s adventures in space between her first film and ENDGAME. Unless Tom Holland’s Peter gets the Captain Universe powers, I don’t think Spider-Man would have a role. We’ll see, but given the overwhelmingly positive reaction to HOMECOMING and FAR FROM HOME, why should a rumour suddenly have people who’ve enjoyed the Feige/Holland era suddenly declare Feige doesn’t know the character? You’ve lost me on this one, although your SPIDER-MAN TEAM UP point is certainly irrefutable.

“Maybe” was included in the statement because of the uncertainty.  We’ll see what happens; and even I think the emasculation aspect is a slant by someone with an agenda.

The most likely tie between Spider-man and Captain Marvel are the Skrulls; and they could be more ingrained in Spidey’s life than just a random appearance of Nick Fury.

https://www.inverse.com/article/55388-a … el-phase-4

The issue would be what happens if the Kree find those Skrulls leaving Spidey in the crossfire.  That’s where he would most likely fall into a Captain Marvel appearance.


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One nice Easter egg from the Flash episode:


Look at where the red arrow was pointing.  Jay knew Earth 2 was about to be destroyed (which we then immediately saw happen on Arrow).

As for the Batman mask, this article gives a suggestion:

https://screenrant.com/arrow-season-8-b … athstroke/

You have to remember that Earth 2 is opposite world.  Batman was likely a villain on Earth 2 and as such stepped into the shoes of Deathstroke.  The Batman mask was likely meant as our first clue that Ollie was on Earth 2.


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Rumors suggesting that Spidey Marvel Team-Up will continue - this time with Doctor Strange:

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/cap … iderman-3/

And that rumor of a Spidey appearance in Captain Marvel 2 persists.  The previous (seemingly slanted) rumor had Spidey appearing only as a screw-up that Captain Marvel constantly has to save.  The slant of the rumor was that she would also be very emasculating to Spidey during all of this to make herself and female empowerment look better.

https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainmen … -mcu.html/

It is a shame, really.  People should be laughing with Spidey and not laughing at Spidey.  Maybe Sony does need to just take full control and cut Marvel out.


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If true, some very convincing evidence that a cameo is just a “red skies” crossover.

https://heroichollywood.com/titans-dc-u … te-earths/


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Looks like a new DC Crisis in the summer of 2020, and 5G in the fall of 2020

https://www.comicsbeat.com/everything-w … comics-5g/


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I liked the explanation Marvel gave a few years ago - their timeline is reset every 10 years or so, and usually nobody in the Marvel Universe even notices.  The only way to really tell is by looking at the molecules of a cosmic cube. Like the rings on a tree, they gain an electron for every reset.  Currently they’re at 8.


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Some interesting things afoot at DC Comics.  The dam kind of broke on it with the revelation at New York ComicCon of a new official DC timeline to be used in the comics going forward.

https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/10/06 … line-1999/

The timeline starts in 1939 with Generation 1 - Wonder Woman enters the world stage.

Generation 2 where Superman and Batman enter the world stage.

Generation 3 Crisis on Infinite Earths where we start to see new heroes taking over - like Wally West becoming the Flash.

Generation 4 starts the modern stories from New 52 through Rebirth to now.

The interesting thing is the “now”.   By their new timeline, the stories we’re reading now would be happening in 1999.  That would mean there are 20 years that hasn’t been told yet.

How can this be?  It’s likely going to be the consequences of Doomsday Clock set to finally end in December.  In Doomsday Clock, we’ve discovered that Dr. Manhattan (from Watchmen) entered the DC Universe in 1939 and became fascinated by how history was affected by the heroes.  He took a particular interest in Superman, and Dr. Manhattan began to experiment by altering history to move Superman’s debut further and further ahead in time to see how it would affect each era.

https://www.polygon.com/comics/2019/5/3 … e-timeline

Doomsday Clock #12 in December features the final face off between Superman and Dr. Manhattan which is to likely result in either Manhattan’s defeat or death.  If that happens - is it going to snap the timeline back to what it was supposed to be before Manhattan’s meddling?

Couple this with other reports that next year will see a new Batman with Bruce Wayne believed to be dead but secretly the mentor of the new Batman (ala Batman Beyond).

https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/09/03 … uce-wayne/

Under the new proposed timeline, Bruce would be in his 80’s.  It matches up if next year sees a 20 year time jump to place DC stories in the new present day.  Looking to be interesting times ahead for DC Comics.

Of course, all of this will end with another line-wide reboot. It’s very unlikely DC would go more than a year without Clark, Bruce, etc in their iconic, younger roles.


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And now the old Birds of Prey tv series getting pulled in:

https://tvline.com/2019/09/26/birds-of- … -huntress/

And it would be pretty easy to get Rachel Skarsten to reprise her Black Canary.  Skarsten is already starring on Batwoman as the main villain.


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In the comics, they did a quasi-sequel to Crisis called Zero Hour: A Crisis in Time.  The idea was that this time various time lines were being destroyed (which is not a firm distinction from parallel worlds, in my opinion); and as time collapsed, the various histories began to overlap.

The comics visually represented this by having each character presented in their original art style from that period:


This is kind of what’s happening with the actors in the Arrowverse shows.  The comics didn’t try to explain why the Batmen looked different; they just put it out there, let those different personalities interact and fans just took it as a neat little nod to the history they knew or a pointer to check out things they hadn’t seen before.

But from a dimensional perspective as is currently theorized, we perceive reality different depending on what dimension we’re looking at it through (dimensions still denoted as a way of measurement and not a metaphysical concept as many often take it).

We live in the 3rd dimension of solid objects with length, width and height.  We master that.

We can perceive the 4th dimension of time but only in a limited, one way manner.  Travel or perspectives from the 4th dimension are Avengers: Endgame logic.  You can change whatever you want in the past, but the future you return to will always be the one you left.  You’re on one track - if you want to see that alternate future, you’re taking the long way.

The 5th dimension is alternate timelines.  This is Back to the Future.  You change something in the past; and when you return to the future, you’re now on the new timeline and don’t get to go back to the old timeline.

The 6th dimension is parallel probabilities.  For this, you don’t need time travel or any effort to make alternate time lines; you simply walk from one to the other.  These alternate realities will be things that look familiar.

The 7th dimension moves us into parallel possibilities.  The laws of physics begin to break down from what we understand.  You start seeing things that don’t make as much sense to you, but there is still some sense of things you do understand.  This begins to move us into areas of magic and folklore the further into the 7th dimension you go.

The progression on Sliders was showing us just how lost they became as time passed.  Like someone walking away from their house, they are at first going to see things and landmarks they recognize.  But the further out they go, they are exposed to things they never expected or even believed existed.

I believe what caused the Sliders to become so startlingly lost in season three started with Logan swapping out parts on the timer for less reliable technology (Double Cross was meant to be the first episode of season three).  The Sliders were pushed further toward the edges of the 6th dimension dipping into the 7th when they swapped to the Egyptian timer and it’s technology.  The Sliders were pushed even further toward the 7th dimension when they began to follow the path blazed by the more powerful Rickman timer.

So this is where I would put the actors playing dual roles in the Arrowverse Crisis. Characters like the Brandon Routh Superman are coming from the far side of the multiverse where realities start to bleed into the 7th dimension where things start to not make sense.  As the antimatter wave  progresses consuming the multiverse, it’s going to flush out these oddball refugees of alternate realities that are retreating toward Earth 1 (or at least that’s how I would handle it).  But these characters will be those that the Arrowverse characters would have never interacted with but for the collapse of the multiverse forcing it - the characters were simply too far apart until the multiverse began to “shrink”.

Incidentally, by our modern theories Mxyzptlk would most likely be from the 10th dimension.  However, he was established as being from the 5th dimension so many decades ago that they are unlikely to ever change it.


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And looks like the new DC show hinted at is just a spin-off of Arrow.  Guess they could call it Arrow Beyond:

https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/arrow- … 203347438/

It’s okay, I guess.  I had hoped they would at least give us a different family of characters (like a Question series featuring the Charlton heroes).


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For me, they’ve got to give these cameos a little more than a non-speaking 5 second clip.  In some cases (like Kevin Conroy), a speaking part is even needed - many wouldn’t recognize him otherwise.

And who doesn’t want Burt Ward to look up at the red skies and at least say “Holy sh...” before his words get cut off.


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No Rosenbaum.

https://www.cbr.com/smallville-michael- … o0eEdEUGc.


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Found this which sheds some light on things:

https://screenrant.com/spiderman-tv-rig … explained/

According to the contract, Sony's rights encompass the following areas:

Live-action and animated movies

Live-action TV series

Animated series with episodes longer than 44 minutes

So Disney’s tv rights are much more limited than I thought; but they do have the plum spot for animated series.  An hour long animated series (accounting for commercials) isn’t going to be very appealing to networks.


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It would actually be a wink at the original comics story.

When Crisis was released, the monthly titles that were tied in had a special masthead stating “Special Crisis Crossover”:


Some were legitimate crossovers that gave an insight or continuation to the story in the main event series.  But some of crossovers (like the one above) simply featured one panel of characters looking up at the red sky and wondering what was going on.  Collectors (who felt tricked into buying those issues) came to call these “Red Skies issues” of the crossover because that was the only relation to Crisis - red skies.

So, could we be getting all this hype just to have a red skies cameo?  Well, it would be true to the original comics release (including the resentment felt by some of the viewers).


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Erica Durance also on board to reprise Lois Lane:

https://tvline.com/2019/09/20/erica-dur … mallville/


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They did the impossible:

https://deadline.com/2019/09/tom-wellin … 202738738/

If nothing else, the original Sliders episodes will likely end up on this service one day:

https://deadline.com/2019/09/nbcu-strea … 202736689/

Looks like they’re doing reboots of Battlestar Galactica, Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster exclusive to this streaming service.  Any Sliders reboot would most likely land on the Peacock too.


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Nah.  New York is on the list, but only made it as far as Philadelphia so far.

I’ve driven and seen about 2/3’s of the U.S. at this point.  Made a good tour of Los Angeles back in 2014, and saw the new facades on the Universal backlot during the VIP tour.  I figured out where the Chandler used to be (no one on the tour could tell me), and they built back a facade that looks like a more detailed, updated version of the Chandler; but it’s strangely on the opposite corner of where it used to be. It’s like someone flipped the blueprint.

What was most interesting to me was some of the films that used Sliders areas in their movies.  In Captain America: The First Avenger, the street Steve runs down after his transformation is a redressed version of the street the Chandler was on.  The same for the scene in The Amazing Spider-man where Andrew Garfield watches Uncle Ben get shot.  One of the areas used in Heavy Metal was used for the scene where Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom sword fight near the start of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

We see where the Sliders walked all the time and don’t realize it.


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Came across this while traveling recently, and thought it was pretty cool (even from a Sliders perspective):


Strangely enough, it was in the gift shop of The Hall of Justice:

https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2 … /25939883/

Turns out that the Superfriends Hall of Justice is a real place.  The company that owned Hanna Barbera animation was based out of Cincinnati in the 70’s, and Joe Barbera used Union Terminal as the inspiration.


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I’m still wondering if Disney will use the nuclear option.  Disney has full tv rights to Spider-man (Sony sold them in 2011); so in theory, they could make a Holland Spider-man show for Disney+ while Sony continues making their separate Holland movies.

Holland was playing coy in a recent interview about him doing something for tv soon - didn’t say what.


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An interesting thought - is the Dark Phoenix bomb the reason that the Spidey deal fell apart?  Not something one would logically connect up, but the article makes some sense.

https://comicbook.com/marvel/2019/08/23 … e-failure/


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I see positives and negatives with a separation of Sony and Disney.

With Disney, what they’ve really done with the Spider-man movies is create a movie series based on the comic Marvel Team-Up.  In that series, every issue featured Spidey teamed up with some other random Marvel hero.



But on Marvel’s other properties, Disney has given the solo hero and his family a chance to shine alone.

With Sony, they focus on the solo hero and let him shine; but the quality is hit or miss.  The worrying part is that Rothman is running Sony.  A short history of Rothman:


And that list doesn’t even mention X-men Origins Wolverine.

So what you’re likely to see now with a Sony Spider-man is more like a “what if Fox had made Spider-man?”  That point really isn’t being talked up as much as it should be.

Picking between the two, I would probably rather Spider-man stay with Disney; but I’m also not happy with how they seem to only ever present Spidey as a guest star.


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The choke of merchandising had a big effect on Fox in pure dollars.  My understanding is that the Fox deal saw them getting a piece of everything that had an X-men or Fantastic Four character associated.  So this T-shirt made Fox money:

https://dyn.media.forbiddenplanet.com/w … 9351_1.jpg

Where this T-shirt did not:

https://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/05/15 … s-t-shirt/

Sony sold all the merchandising rights for Spider-man back to Marvel in 2011, so the pure money issue isn’t there any longer; but merchandising has a phantom effect that is more subliminal than people may realize.  When Spider-man is in everything from your corn flakes to your happy meal, you’ve got Spider-man on the brain.  Everywhere you look, you’re reminded about the movie.  Without the merchandising, well...I hope you watch tv commercials or got to the theater in time to watch the trailers or saw that one picture on the bottom of your potato chip bag.

Disney does have a bigger trigger to pull here, though.  What if all future Marvel based video games are X-Box exclusive and Nintendo exclusive?  Sony was using the recent Spider-man game as a big part of their PS4 console advertising.   Buy a PS4 if you want to play Spider-man.  Maybe people won’t need that PS4 or PS5 for Marvel in the future.

Disney doesn’t have reason to worry about losing some money here; they’re about to replace any Spider-man losses with renewed X-men money (once they build it back up again).  Sony as a whole could face some pain they can’t afford if the movies do not continue to perform at current or better levels.


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Looking back, it’s apparent that Feige was hedging his bets - he knew this could happen.  From a pure story perspective, the divorce damage to the two studios’ plans could be mitigated with some skill and care.

The ones I feel sorry for are the actors, writers and director with the MCU’s Spider-man.  They’re caught between a rock and a hard place here; and Disney could dish out retribution on them if they help Sony succeed.  Disney and Marvel both have shown that kind of spite in the past.

This could see a new era of hardball as Disney tries to choke Sony into giving Spider-man up.  They were already trying it with Fox by killing the merchandise and even comics related to Fantastic Four and X-men.  What happens when Sony makes their big Spidey movie with no merchandising to back it up?  Look what happened with X-men and Fantastic Four.


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A part Tom would be good for is Jor-el.

This came across my Google recommendations.  Been a long time since I watched through DS9, but seeing this through today’s eyes was interesting.  Even the language is close - Sanctuary City vs Sanctuary District.

https://www.themarysue.com/star-trek-de … redictive/


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This ran as a special 5 day event on Cartoon Network last week:


Season 1: The season follows 13-year-old Tulip and her two-in-one robot companion One-One in their journey through a seemingly infinite train with limitless possibilities traveling through a completely barren wasteland. They are joined by Atticus, an intelligent, talking Corgi and king of a Corgi kingdom in one of the train's cars, as they search for a way to Tulip's home.

But of note is a Q&A where creator Owen Dennis mentions his influences and inspirations:

https://www.reddit.com/r/InfinityTrain/ … nt/ewga5ah

Doctor Who, Agatha Christie, Myst, Neverending Story, The Matrix, Phillip K Dick, Star Trek Voyager, Sliders, and a lot of books that my parents used to read to me like Nightbirds on Nantucket, Wolves of Willoughby Chase, etc.


All of those heavyweights, and Sliders still got a mention among them.

I have to say, though...Dennis left out what seemed to be his largest inspiration for Infinity Train - the 1986 film Labyrinth.  Beyond story, it just has the “feel” of that movie.  I wonder if he even realizes just how much that influenced him here.

All of that said, Infinity Train honestly wasn’t that great or something I would recommend; but worth a mention just for the Sliders interest.

Some more info on the Lower Decks cartoon Jerry will be in.  The crew’s mission is something we haven’t really seen before - they initiate second contact.  After the Enterprise or another ship has found something new and extended the hand of the Federation, the crew in this series comes in to make good on the promise and start building an actual relationship with the new culture.

https://trekmovie.com/2019/08/06/stlv19 … and-canon/