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I'd guess two worlds having different calendars would be very common.  Counting from different years, starting on different days, months having different names, maybe even years that are slightly different lengths.  Remmy is lucky they didn't tell him it was the 43rd day of Maktag in the year 2366.


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Earth Prime has it as 27 September 1994

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Did people expect a full-fledged comedy?  That seems silly.  I mean, maybe they wanted Galaxy Quest.  What the Orville is has never confused me.  But it's live ratings are dropping.  So who knows what it's fate will be.

From my memory, it was marketed more of a comedy than anything else.


I feel like it even played a bit more for comedy than this shows, but it seems like every line of dialogue in that trailer is a joke or played for laughs.  I'm guessing Fox marketing assumed that they were going for the same audience as Family Guy?

well, I think they figured audiences new MacFarlane through Family Guy.  So yea, played up those elements.  It really was never intended to be a comedy.  More like sci-fi adventure with comedic elements.  The best of all worlds!

I didn't watch it initially because I don't like Family Guy or much of anything MacFarlane had done before.

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When you pay money to attend a school that allows and even celebrates students wearing blackface to intimidate minority students from other schools, you're going to develop that reputation.

Did you have to stretch before you reached for that justification? Or are you naturally limber? Are you seriously, honestly suggesting that anything that was done to these children was acceptable? And your best, most sincere justification for this was that someone who once did something offensive went to the same school at some point?

You can't see me right now, but I'm totally giving you a golf clap.

So your supposition is that adults can be programmed by the media, but kids can't be programmed by their schools?

Informant wrote:

These kids are being called white supremacists

When you pay money to attend a school that allows and even celebrates students wearing blackface to intimidate minority students from other schools, you're going to develop that reputation.

Season one of Discovery was underwhelming, to be sure.  OTOH, it was miles better than season one of TNG or Enterprise.  I think it compares favorably season one of DS9.  At the very least there's nothing as cringe worthy as "Move Along Home" or "If Wishes Were Horses".  I stuck with all of those, so I'll stick with this as well.

Things become threats as needed by politicians.

10 years ago ISIS was barely extant minor ally of al-Qaeda. Six months later they were a grave threat.  In the 2004 presidential election, illegal immigration wasn't important enough to be brought up in three presidential debates or the VP debate.  18 months later it was a "crisis" despite nothing really changing.

There will always be a Goldstein.

Also, the president called them "bombs" on Twitter

Christopher Wray called them IEDs.  Most of the media I've seen have followed that lead and called them "explosive devices".

Jeff Sessions called the suspect a partisan.

An arrest has been made

https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/26/suspecte … c-8079040/

I've been watching his new show, Carter.  It's not bad.

Jerry O'Connell Says Backlash for Show Title Real Men Watch Bravo Was 'Justified'

https://people.com/tv/jerry-oconnell-ad … -backlash/

“I do think it was justified,” O’Connell said of the backlash. “You know, we were trying to make a joke, a play on the words Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York, so it was called the aforementioned title.”

“And it doesn’t sound very inclusionary that title,” he continued. “You know, we all have Twitter accounts — and we heard everyone’s voices.”

That's the short version? wink

"American Citizens! We appeal to you in all calmness. Is it not time to pause? Already the enemies of our dearest institutions, like foreign spies in the Trojan Horse of old, are within our gates. They are disgorging themselves upon us, at the rate of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS EVERY YEAR! They aim at nothing short of conquest and supremacy over us."

"We are burdened with enormous taxes by foreigners. We are corrupted in the morals of youth. We are interfered with in our government. We are forced into collisions with other nations. We are tampered with in our religion. We are injured in our labor. We are assailed in our freedom of speech."

So said the Know Nothing Party in the 1850's.  It's funny how little the rhetoric has changed.

"Open Borders" doesn't mean abandoning all border policy.  It means we don't require visas.  Show your Mexican driver's license for an instant background check and you can enter.  The same thing we do for people coming from Canada, or Western Europe, or Japan, or Australia, or any of our other allied nations.

There's no evidence to suggest more people would try to come if we made entry visa-less.  The people who want to come are coming anyway.

People are sneaking over because we've made it too difficult and expensive to come legally.  We created the problem with laws that only apply to one ethnic group of people.

There are plenty of people here now who don't respect our nation or our laws or our citizens.  Look how many we have proudly carrying a flag that represented an outright rebellion against the United States.

It's not our responsibility?  Tell Jeff Sessions to put away the Bible he's never read, because the Parable of the Faithful Servant says just the opposite.  It says to whom much is given, much is required.  President Bush used that quote in his 2007 State of the Union.  It's easy to say screw those poor Hispanic people running away from violence, I got mine.  But it's not a Christian sentiment and until very recently it wasn't an American sentiment.  We didn't turn away the Jews escaping Germany during the depression.  What makes things so different now when we have the "greatest economy in the history of America"?

Of course, the solution that the media is pushing people toward is just to let them all go. They're for open borders, which is insane. America cannot have open borders.

We've had it for most of our history.  There were no restrictions at all until the 1920's, none on Latin American immigration until the 1960's, and none that really meant anything until the 1980's.  Visa-less borders are the norm for nations that are allies, such as the US and Mexico, everywhere else in the world.  The Canadian border is visa-less.

There are many reasons why the southern border is patrolled differently than the northern border. We've discussed population numbers, the cultures that they're trying to get away from, criminal interests

Population numbers don't explain why it's patrolled differently.  We don't detain people coming from Canada.  We could and have catch & release on the Mexican border.  Crime doesn't explain why it's patrolled differently, as I pointed out above.  The culture's they're trying to get away from?  Why would that make a difference?  If they're trying to get away from the MS-13s of the world, we should be encouraging that kind of behavior not locking people up for it.

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I would love to see a new comic book series with stories that take place in between episodes from all seasons of Sliders. The Acclaim series of comics did this back in the day, but it happened during the Arturo years, so we never got to see any post Arturo comic book stories. Stories about the worlds the show didn’t show (or the ones that only existed in bumpers).

Back to The Future’s comic book series by IDW that has been around since 2015 has been amazingly good. This series tells canon stories that take place either before, during, for after the trilogy. Nearly every story has been beyond amazing. This would work well for Sliders.

The main problem is that it would have limited appeal to people who aren't already Sliders fans.  It will be very confusing to newcomers once you start jumping around the timeline; one issue is the original quartet, next one has Maggie & Colin, the one after that has Diana & Mallory.

I'm just saying that the reasons we've been given for policing the southern border differently from the northern one don't hold water.

The illegal immigrants are criminals for crossing the border?  Fine, write them a ticket.  A fine of at least $50 and not more than $250 for each such entry is the penalty under section 8 of the US code.  Detaining people for non-violent misdemeanors is excessive.

The flow across the Canadian border is slower because there are many, many more people south of the US than north of it.  Mexico alone as almost four times Canada's population and a substantial percentage of the people trying to cross into the US come from further down in Central and South America.

Unaccompanied minors are a red herring.  According to the Chief of the Border Patrol, 0.02% of them are suspected or confirmed to have ties to gangs (meaning 99.8% are not).

https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/meetin … the-threat

MS-13 is also a red herring.  Jeff Sessions says they have 10,000 members in the US, which is supposedly a large increase.  In 2006, when nobody was talking about illegal immigration or this gang, they had....10,000 members in the US

Sessions says 10k is an increase: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4666617/sessions-ms-13

2006 FBI estimates MS-13 at 10,000 US members https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/news/ … rrus041906

Crime is a red herring.  Crime rates are lower along the border.

https://www.newamerica.org/weekly/112/c … he-border/

And really, nothing we do is going to stop trafficking as long as we allow the cartels to infiltrate the CBP

"what good are more boots on the ground if the men and women wearing them also work for the cartels? What benefit is an 18-foot wall when criminals can bribe their way through the gate?"

https://www.texasobserver.org/homeland- … er-patrol/

why is it only considered racist in regards to people coming from south of the border?

Are we detaining people coming across the other border?  AFAIK we're still doing "catch and release" on that end.

You can absolutely walk into Canada.  People do it all the time.  Out west it's common for Americans to cross the border with their guns and camp in Canadian territory during hunting season.

As for human trafficking, Jeff Sessions said back in February that the administration had been very successful at reducing it.  There's no indication that this new, more draconian approach is needed.

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From a 2000 standpoint -- all the emotional difficulties Slider_Quinn21 raises are too convoluted for SLIDERS because they interrupt what should be a very simple, straightforward premise: the sliders are lost in the multiverse trying to find a way back home. Addressing merged Quinns and Kromagg invasions and Kromagg Prime origin stories and resurrecting Wade and wrong Arturos is too complicated, and even pilight's dismissals (Quinn and Wade don't remember their traumas!) would still require addressing them. There is, in fact, a decidedly unsettling undertone to saying Wade should simply forget that David Peckinpah raped her.

I agree with all of that.  I'm just saying that if someone were determined to do a revival of the original series with the original characters there are ways of making it work.

IMO, the best we could hope for in that ballpark would be a reunion movie that served as a jumping off point for a new generation of Sliders.

Migrant children are certainly not a new subject.  People have been going back and forth across that border since long before it was a border.

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Anyone else getting super tired of fad outrage? Y'know, where everyone gets really, really fired up about some issue that they've done zero research on, just because they read a meme about it or saw an Oprah tweet, and logic or reason have absolutely no place in the conversation, because if you don't agree with their outrage, you are *literally* a Nazi?

How can people not recognize when they're being manipulated? It happens constantly, so people should learn the signs.

Unfortunately, we elected such a person president

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pilight wrote:

[She was drugged and the Kromaggs have mind altering abilities, so she likely wouldn't remember any of what happened after she was captured.  When they encountered her in Requiem she didn't even know where she was.  As for rape, the series never said that explicitly.  I prefer to think she was used as a surrogate; Kromagg egg fertilized by Kromagg male implanted in her for gestation.  Still bad, but not quite as bad.

Quinn also might not remember his time being merged.  Certainly he wouldn't have any memory after New Gods for Old.  It's a manageable problem.

Possibly.  But this is all assumption.  There's just as equally a chance that Wade's experiences would closely match Jessica Jones' (Netflix version).  Even if she couldn't remember everything, she'd view it as a huge violation, and she'd have huge trust issues even if she didn't know that her friends, essentially, stopped looking for her.  And the last we saw her, she was a head locked in a computer smile

As for Quinn, you're right that he could've been "asleep" after New Gods For Old.  Alternatively, there's a chance that he still experienced everything but couldn't say or do anything.  That's a Black Mirror episode if there ever was one.

It would make a good Black Mirror episode.  It would not make a good Sliders episode.  I've been on the reboot team for a long while, but if they decided to continue the old characters 20 years later it could be done without making it quite so dreary.

Sliders left the four main characters stranded on four different worlds in four different sets of peril.  To reunite the original Sliders is extremely problematic and depends on a number of different fake-outs, coincidences, and unbelievable scenarios to pull off.  Even if you could write it off with a time jump (where Quinn or Arturo has found his friends in the past, and we catch up to them in the present), there are still a number of problems that you'd, realistically, have to deal with.  Wade was captured and raped, and her friends didn't look for her.  Arturo was replaced with an evil imposter, and none of his friends noticed.  Rembrandt was forced to watch all his friends die one by one.  Quinn was locked in a prison in his own mind.

Wade and Quinn would be pretty easy to deal with.

She was drugged and the Kromaggs have mind altering abilities, so she likely wouldn't remember any of what happened after she was captured.  When they encountered her in Requiem she didn't even know where she was.  As for rape, the series never said that explicitly.  I prefer to think she was used as a surrogate; Kromagg egg fertilized by Kromagg male implanted in her for gestation.  Still bad, but not quite as bad.

Quinn also might not remember his time being merged.  Certainly he wouldn't have any memory after New Gods for Old.  It's a manageable problem.

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Once you get to the point where these characters that you have been watching, witnessing their journey together, and going through emotional dramas with ... are not the characters that we all thought that we were watching - then that is the point where you completely lose the audience and their emotional investment.

That's not necessarily true.  If John Rhys-Davies had wanted to come back to the series and they brought him back saying it was really our Professor who got left behind on Azure Gate Bridge world, would anyone really have been upset?

Sliders would work more easily in this context, since the world at large changes every issue.  The only continuity is among the Sliders themselves.


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I'm certainly not going to defend Kangaroo Jack as a quality film.  Whatever small amount of success it had was not due to Jerry O'Connell.  Jerry wasn't even invited back for the direct-to-video animated sequel.

As far as Jerry being the lead in a new Slider series, it's a wrong approach.  Sliders works best as an ensemble.  Look at the pilot.  When they're on Soviet World, Quinn is mostly in the background.  That's how it should work, with the story in the forefront and the characters sharing the spotlight.


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Kangaroo Jack, as Down Under was eventually called, actually did decently at the box office.  Made $90M on a budget of $60M.


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I met a woman named Diana Davis today


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My opinion hasn't changed much from the last thread we had on this topic.  Do it as a reboot, with new characters or with characters that are younger doubles of the old ones (remember The Guardian established that worlds can run on different times).  Have them encounter some of the old sliders once a season, as guest stars.


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The Siskel theory was that if you like westerns you're going to see whatever western comes out regardless of reviews, and thus won't need critical appraisal.  If you hate westerns you won't see it regardless of reviews, and again won't need (or likely bother to read) critical opinion.  He saw his job as informing people who are lukewarm about westerns whether this particular one was worth seeing.  His all time favorite film was Saturday Night Fever, nominally a dance movie but one that transcended the genre to appeal to a broader audience.  I'm not a huge fan of dance films generally, but I agree with him that Saturday Night Fever is worth seeing even if dance films are not usually your thing.

Cars have uses besides hurting people.  Weigh the positives and negatives and nearly everyone will conclude the value of cars is greater than their hazards.


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Informant wrote:

Maybe. That just doesn't make sense to me. If someone who doesn't like musicals goes to a musical, they will probably not enjoy it. Shouldn't the critics be trying to decide if the movie is a good musical, for the people who may be interested in seeing it?

That was the dynamic that fueled Siskel & Ebert to fame.  Roger tried to judge films by their own standards; if it's a western then how good of a western is it?  Gene looked for movies to transcend their genres; will this western appeal to people who aren't aficionados of westerns?  Both are defensible approaches, IMO.

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Don’t get me wrong - I don’t blame the gun or even the cigarette; people make their own  choices and people must be held accountable for them.

The difference being with guns one person's bad choice mostly leads to other people suffering


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I was just reading about the new Death Wish movie, since I remember my father watching the old series of movies when I was a kid. So I checked out the Rotten Tomatoes page, and the difference between the critics reaction and the audience reaction is pretty hilarious. 14% critic score, 85% audience score. So the question remains, what is the point of a critic is they can't relate to the audience?

The audience is self selecting, they go in already liking the kind of film it is.  Most critics try to compare films with others from different genres and styles, to weigh whether a film-goer who doesn't have a predilection for the kind of film it is would enjoy it.

As for Death Wish, the original and all its sequels were awful and wholly undermined the theme of the book.  I imagine the remake will be in a similar vein.


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the First Order being able to track the Resistance ship through lightspeed is declared as an impossibility; then immediately understood as a technological concept by those who moments ago called it impossible. It's arbitrary and forced.

Not to mention that people have been tracking ships through lightspeed since the first movie.

"You're sure the homing beacon is secure aboard their ship? I'm taking an awful risk, Vader. This had better work."

There is almost zero chance the bill gets signed before January because of the PayGo rules.  If they don't pass a waiver (which the Dems would surely filibuster) the tax bill would cause massive cuts in medicare and other programs.  Despite GOP rhetoric, they're not actually interested in cutting spending.  That's why the bill hasn't actually been enrolled yet, let alone signed.

Paying these bonuses this year means they had the spare cash to do so under the old tax rate and chose not to until they could make political hay out of it.  There's no way a tax bill which still hasn't been signed into law yet could affect this year's bottom line.

I call bullshit.  Companies like that budget months ahead.  I wouldn't be 100% convinced it would affect next year's bonuses.

It seems unlikely that a tax cut that hasn't been signed yet and won't take effect until next year is affecting this year's bonuses.


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reversed the ending of RETURN OF THE JEDI by establishing that the Rebels ultimately didn't win the war

They won the war, but lost the peace.  Which was inevitable, if you think about it.  The power structure was too entrenched and the one living jedi had no experience in how to unravel all that bureaucracy.  Unless Luke was going to declare himself emperor and slowly dismantle it, the galactic government was going to continue to be oppressive and cruel.

Barge of the Dead was originally conceived for TNG, as a Worf story


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The FBI and the Kromaggs are not mutually exclusive.  It could be that the FBI's #1 priority is defending their world against the Maggs, through gathering information and finding new weapons.  It could also tie in to why they're after the Sliders.  If the Kromaggs catch Quinn and company, it would lead them right to Earth Prime.  Therefore the FBI wants to stop our heroes from sliding around.


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We can be sure that he ran multilevel marketing schemes and executive coaching workshops

Those are the scammiest businesses is existence.  It's shocking to me that people still fall for both of them.


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I guess we're about to find out how Sabrina would work.  The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is in development as a companion series.

Racial tension has been present in the US from day one.

Trump isn't evil, he's just incompetent.  He also lacks any real conviction about his political beliefs, which is why he's pulled a 180 on so many of the things he ran on (NATO is obsolete, or not.  China is a master currency manipulator, or not.  A federal hiring freeze is needed, or not.  We need to withdraw from NAFTA, or not.  DACA should be eliminated immediately, or not.  We should pull out of Afghanistan, or not.  And so on...)

He'll never be impeached, but he might resign.  In any event, there's not much chance of him seeking a second term.

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in the Narnia community, fan fiction is strictly forbidden. (They mistakenly believe it to be piracy, even though it's non-profit.)

Something can be piracy even if not done for profit.


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Maybe they want female representation that's not just a love interest.  I've heard that women are capable of other things.