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Optics do not translate to good leadership. And anyone who is selected in that way will immediately (and correctly) be called out for tokenism.


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Biden having things "locked up" in many states doesn't mean he's a good candidate. He's a shitty candidate for reasons I've mentioned upthread, and younger voters - the kind that might be influenced by a registration drive - aren't going to turn out for him. They just aren't - look at how big of a disparity there was between Sanders' perceived influence among young voters and how many actually voted. Younger voters see how Sanders was treated (twice) and prefer platforms like Andrew Yang's. There's nothing of substance in a Biden presidency for them. If they turned out, they might vote for a third party candidate, which would hurt both party's bottom line. So they're happy to sideline half the electorate and pander to the partisans. That's what I mean.

Biden IS totally senile. Biden IS one of the key reasons why our society has such bias and animous toward the black community. He's not a good guy, and I'm absolutely not interested in him as a candidate, or in a "hard reset." Younger voters want more than status quo, they want something legitimately progressive. We're not getting it, and people are tired of waiting four years for the next "savior." Obama was a shit-show in his own way; just because he was more erudite and polished doesn't mean he didn't commit war crimes, or shaft the black community. It's time for some real change, damn it.

Recall suggested I listen to the "West Wing Thing" podcast recently - it's a recap podcast where comedians Dave Anthony and Josh Olson watch the show. I highly suggest you tune in. Listen to the pilot, listen to the season two premiere if you want insight into the Hollywood writing process, and then skim ahead to season three. I never watched TWW but it turns out that's irrelevant because these two are highlighting the current dystopic landscape and drawing parallels to the "Camelot"-style reverence people have for a show steeped in misogyny and inaction. Definitely worth a listen.


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ireactions wrote:

But, in your view, neither Trump nor Biden are concerned by the lack of registration?

The lower the voter turnout, the better. You think the two major parties want full voter engagement? They would be terrified of it.

The ONLY way Biden wins this fall is because people are so disenfranchised. He is such a shitty choice that many younger voters will peace out and leave the voting to the Boomers who think he's still relevant.

ireactions wrote:

I’m at the CASTLE episode where Esposito and Ryan are in a burning building!!! Eeeeeeek!!!

I love the characters in this show.

Congrats - if you make it past that POS you've officially outlasted me. Talk about a tortured and ham-fisted plot.

TemporalFlux wrote:

What helped change my mind recently is that I’m facing a surgery in a few months (depending on what’s happening with COVID).  It’s supposed to be a simple procedure, and the doctor claims it has a high success rate; but you never know.  There aren’t guarantees.  With the same circulation issue, my great grandfather had to have his leg amputated.  My grandmother died on the operating table.  I would like to believe our technology and knowledge has improved since then, and I’m younger than they were; but you just don’t know.

I hope the surgery goes well and that you pull through with flying colors. My mother-in-law just recently died after a years-long struggle with multiple system atrophy, and took my father-in-law with her. Don't want to see anyone sick or hurt, and I'm confident you'll be around for a while.

ireactions wrote:

So, the K1811 "Net Worth" of Season 3 by Steve Stoliar is not the "Net Worth" (K2806) of Season 4 by Steve Stoliar?

They share so little DNA it's not worth trying to compare them. It's like TOSOD and Raging Quinn sharing the same P-code; sure, there's an evolution from one to the next, but there's no connective tissue.

ireactions wrote:

Is "Sliders' Ark" most definitely a separate story from "The Exodus"? The title is reminiscent of John Rhys-Davies' pitch for the sliders landing on a doomed Earth and helping to evacuate who they can and debating whether to bring artwork or food supplies and similar conundrums as reported by Sarah_Slider. And "The Exodus" was ultimately scripted by Tony Blake and Paul Jackson.

Yes, because "Exodus" was on the same spreadsheet as "Sliders' Ark".

JWSlider3 wrote:

As I said, Tracy is the only one that referred to it as "Onliners".

As of March 20 1997

K1811 "Net  Worth" Steve Stoliar Story assigned 7/2/96 delivered 7/10/96 - In abeyance
K1812 "Adventure in paradise" John Scheinfeld Story assigned 7/16/96 delivered 7/24/96 - Abandoned
K1821 "Slider's Ark" Paul Jackson assigned 10/22/96
K1822 "Heat of the Moment" Tracy Torme assigned 11/1/96

the outline is what was delivered not the script, if it's at the assignment stage it's just a pitch

And the K1811 JWSlider has isn't even called "Net Worth;" yes, it involves the internet but it's very very different. As for "Slider's Ark," I asked Paul Jackson about it and he had no recollection of it. John Scheinfeld couldn't recall anything either, per JWSlider.

ireactions wrote:

The fans rallied to save the show; as far as the fans knew, a third season of SLIDERS would be filmed in Vancouver with Tracy Torme, Alan Barnette, Tony Blake, Paul Jackson, Nan Hagan, Scott Smith Miller and Jon Povill and with Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo continuing as the actors were contracted for several more years.

Funny, that's what Jon Povill thought, too - right up until they didn't renew his contract because of his friendship with Jacob Epstein.

ireactions wrote:

I never actually saw the document. Transmodiar was merely kind enough to mention the “Net Worth” factoid while discussing my latest mental health crisis. Haha!

For those who aren’t aware: TF was of the view that “Net Worth” had originally been a Season 3 pitch entitled “Onliners” and featured Quinn and Wade doubles in the roles of Rick and Joanne and was shelved after John was fired. Writer Steve Stoliar, however, said he had no memory of “Net Worth” being anything other than a Season 4 episode. Producer Paul Jackson had no recollection of anything called “Onliners.” Transmodiar informed me that this was likely one of TF’s few errors, possibly a miscommunication due to a lot of story ideas being communicated verbally but not on any documents that were preserved.

But that didn’t make any sense. Tracy Torme’s notes for Season 3 indicated that he had received a story idea called “Onliners” that he liked and that the Season 3 team might reject; he was going to ask Acclaim to consider producing it. And the script for “Net Worth” has unaired dialogue for Rick where he is familiar with sliding and where Maggie claims to be familiar with Joanne despite having only known her for two scenes — dialogue that only makes sense for a Quinn double and Wade speaking to her own double. The role of Mrs. Montana is also clearly written for Linda Henning.

Transmodiar reviewed JWSlider’s documents which included a mid-season progress report on Season 3 scripts. It included “Onliners,” which had been retitled “Net Worth” and put on hold.

A few years ago, I wrote “Net Worth: The Quinn and Wade Edition,” featuring the original sliders in the story with doubles of Quinn and Wade and Hurley and Amanda Mallory replacing Rick, Joanne, Jack and Mrs. Montana.


My niece was furious with me for removing Mark Sheppard’s Jack from the episode as she loves that actor in SUPERNATURAL but was placated when I made sure to give him a cameo in my SLIDERS REBORN. Transmodiar was dismayed by how I spent three months working out a solution to how the sliders survived a bazooka aimed at the ceiling of their hotel room and gobsmacked by my having never seen MACGYVER and horrified when I declared that Wikipedia made MACGYVER sound like the greatest show ever and had inspired me to have Quinn find a way to defeat the bazooka. Transmodiar also thought it was unrealistic for the resulting script to feature Hurley and Wade’s parents and sister and to exclude commercial breaks and said it was very obviously fan fiction. He is correct.

We were all wrong - TemporalFlux was wrong, I was wrong, and you were wrong. James has the docs that give a very specific breakdown of what "Onliners" or whatever the hell you want to call it was before it was shelved. And if I ever get the time, it'll likely make its way to Earth Prime. But just so there's no miscommunication, what was designed for season three in NO way resembles what appeared in season four, and it wasn't a simple case of changing the names in the script.

Just like "Raging Quinn" wasn't about Smarter Quinn, it was about a murderous dolphin and Arturo and Quinn beating the daylights out of each other. You live, you learn. TMYK!

ireactions wrote:

I myself don't have any SLIDERS collectibles (unless you count the Dual Dimension DVD set that I just found behind my bed while I was vacuuming).

Let's not forget that giant box of Sci-Fi Channel-era crap I shipped to you. Unless you tossed it in the trash after you scanned it?! :-O

Someone's ALWAYS working on something with Transmodiar. wink


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ireactions wrote:

Well, I deleted every trace of the Google Doc, so that's unrecoverable, but some of the posts that I thought his are here: https://kinja.com/avclub-52a3239961f9db … iscussions They were posted in the comments to individual episode reviews and it's only for the first eight episodes. There were an additional six reviews posted under the same handle on Collider (I think) in comments that seem to have disappeared after the site was reorganized, but each time I found them, I copied them and saved them to the Google Doc that no longer exists. I thought he wrote them, he says he didn't, and I should have asked before sharing them as his.

I'm sorry -- because I let you all down. I acted at my most thoughtless instead of emulating the best of Temporal Flux and Transmodiar and Slider_Quinn21 and Grizzlor and SlideOverride and RussianCabbieLotteryFan and pilight.

And so, I had to keep my distance and for myself as well. This whole exchange terrified me. I never wanted to talk about it. But I didn't think Slider_Quinn21 would believe me if I said I needed to take a break from a show I've praised and copied so relentlessly, so I decided to explain myself if only to confess my failings to my friends and pledge to do better.

Dan Harmon is a goddamn lunatic who won't be satisfied until every person in his life and every character he creates is an empty husk devoid of joy. Don't bother yourself over whether or not you hurt his feelings with your investigations; regardless of whether or not he wrote those reviews he still stalked and harassed Megan Ganz for years, and he's not a good example of what it means to be human.


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ireactions wrote:

I'm really ashamed of my behaviour because I know Temporal Flux and Transmodiar would have made sure to verify authorship before posting those collated comments and would have been careful with comments that might be upsetting, much in the same way TF was cautious with specific details of John Rhys-Davies and David Peckinpah's personal lives during the period when candor could have been damaging in 1997. And the way Transmodiar accommodated actors' requests to revise off-the-cuff interview remarks that could have harmed careers in 2000.

I'm the guy who wrote a political column for years trumpeting every kind of conspiracy imaginable. I also was and am a fan of 60IF (look it up). While I'm a journalist at heart, I absolutely would not have given two shits about the veracity of a bunch of Internet comments and their authorship. In fact, you bringing it up makes me want to read your analysis again. And, frankly, I want to see the exchange between you and Harmon about this. Where is it?


It's hard to thread the needle the longer you go. Characters get broader based on fan reaction and shows inevitably lean more on character interaction at the expense of concept, particularly if it's a high-concept show.

I really don't watch a lot of new television at the moment, but I would say one show that has unabashedly stuck to its premise for years and succeeded is "Curb Your Enthusiasm." It's a rich misanthrope getting into uncomfortable situations and acting like the asshole we all wish we could act like on occasion. You can start in season 1 or season 10 and get the same experience. Hell, if you just watch the Jon Hamm episode from this latest season with no primer whatsoever, it'll be as weird and funny to the neophyte as it would be to the die hard fan.

"The Wire" is also one that does a good job remaining consistently excellent year over year, with the right tone. You should watch it just because it's great, although I'm far from the first person to recommend it.

"Castle" failed (for many, many seasons?) because it very rarely hinged on its own premise. The conceit was a Patterson-esque crime novelist worms his way into working with real detectives as inspiration for a new protagonist. To do so, he has to juggle his life as a father, son, celebrity, and love interest for his new partner. The murder-of-the-week stuff should inform those relationships.

For the first season or two, it hewed closely to those tropes. But Castle's daughter was too evolved a character to be a 15-year-old girl; it was impossible to suspend disbelief. It's also the continuation of an exasperating trend in media to make dads just insufferable with their ignorance; I get that its comic to watch the kid parent the parent at times, but Castle himself dotes all over his daughter. He's not an absentee by any stretch (I think the mom left early on? Been a while.).

Then you throw in the weird subplots with the precinct captain, the bro-tastic adventures of the two junior detectives on the squad, and other nonsense and it just becomes hyperbolic. It's even worse when the show's tone veers off course and tries to do edgy, dark topics like the serial killer and who killed Stana Katic's mom. You see the same thing in the recent "iZombie," which went FAR up its own ass in the last couple of seasons. Just keep it light-hearted, let the leads have will-they, won't-they? chemistry, and keep in mind that the whole reason Castle is there is to grind out storylines for his books. That's what they were trying to accomplish. And they dropped the ball, and it got agonizing.


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Did you watch the whole thing? Any tidbits worth sharing?

It's almost like... the writing was kind of sloppy!

ireactions wrote:

And Transmodiar once wrote a spec script for WAREHOUSE 13 that is on EarthPrime.com for... some reason.

Because it's a good read produced by two of the site admins that has to do with a dimension-hopping van. How many more reasons do you need?

If you can promote Tf's spinoff, I can share this: https://earthprime.com/etcetera/warehouse-13-qed

It's fun, if you liked "Warehouse 13."

ireactions wrote:

I've only seen the first season of CASTLE. I'm going to assume from Transmodiar's reaction that CASTLE suffers from behind the scenes issues that causes the show to lose its clear, focused sense of purpose which is to have Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic onscreen arguing and the murder mysteries being incidental if not irrelevant. They could be restaurant chefs. I do recall numerous press articles during its later years detailing how Fillion and Katic had become so hostile that by the end, they would not film together for more than two scenes an episode. It could be difficult for a show about Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic arguing endlessly to function if it could no longer have Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in the same scenes for entire episodes.

I didn't make it to the end. But you don't have to watch past season one to know the show doesn't give two squirts about timing, pacing, or focus. It hopes you like Nathan Fillion or Stana Katic; everything else is incidental.

If you keep watching, just skip over every scene with Castle's daughter or mother. With the exception of the contractually obligated A-story episode they get each season, they add literally nothing to the series. Nada. Bupkus. ZERO.

And if you make it past the episode where the sidekicks get caught in a burning building, I'll buy you a soda. smile

ireactions wrote:

CASTLE was a taut, capable, well-paced, focused series about the belligerent sexual tension between Fillion and Katic and novelist Richard Castle had some actual (if delusional) insight and flashes of brilliance to offer murder mysteries.


Seems like a lot of you would be interested in what I'm working on. wink

I have no interest in a continuation for personal reasons. Ib knows why.


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Grizzlor wrote:

The one advantage Biden has over the rest of the Dem field (including Bernie) was that he's so well known to voters he almost doesn't need to say anything.

Aside from him being VP, what does the general public know about him? That he was a plagiarist, someone who aligned himself with segregationists, a staunch opponent of medicare policies, a habitual harrasser of women? Tara Reade filed lawsuit against him; how much media play do you think that will get?

The Biden people "know" is this aloof, kindly grandpa who still gets a burr up his butt on camera every once in a while. (When he's coherent enough on camera to make a point.) The Biden running for president, however, is the epitome of entrenched politics the voters held a referendum against in 2016. He is there to win and perpetuate the status quo, or lose and let Trump maintain the status quo. Say what you will about Sanders, but he was not interested in four more years of steering the federal ship directly into an iceberg.

Could have had Yang.

Looking to track down the little bumper that ran during some commercial breaks when the show was on FOX. I know some of the DVDs were sloppy enough to either remove the credits or maintain the bumper; do any of you know offhand which episodes contain those errors?


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That would be amazing. No way those who sit in the shadows would let anything like that happen, though.

And I can see why some of you don't see a path to victory for Trump in the fall. But between Trump's largesse and Biden's incoherent mush-mouthed ambivalence to marking a clear path through the pandemic or supporting M4A, Trump will emerge on top. Biden can't string two sentences together, even with prepared notes just off camera. He is the ultimate Democrat in this election; stands for nothing, changes nothing, advances nothing. His victory doesn't better America - it is a slightly less bellicose status quo.

Trump is a boob but he's a showman - and he will run circles around Biden. You think Crooked Hillary was bad? Wait 'til the Trump campaign latches on to the Anita Hill testimony, Biden's plagiarism during his first presidential campaign, his appreciation for Strom Thurmond's support, lies about apartheid-era visits to Nelson Mandela in South Africa, lies about marching for desegregation. Not that he'll even have to - the stuff with his kid in Ukraine, or his absolute inability to say anything that makes sense during televised interviews is right at their fingertips.

I don't even like Trump. But I know Biden doesn't have the stamina or eloquence to duke it out with the president. And, in seven months, people could see Trump as the savior who kept America together during a massive pandemic. Don't assume anything.


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He'll still beat Biden. And that's fine by the Democrats because Biden's nomination will stamp out true liberal party members and keep the status quo in line for four more years. Even if Biden somehow manages to mushmouth his way into the Oval Office, he's more conservative than many Republicans, so nothing will change.


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ireactions wrote:

I support and respect Transmodiar

Bless you, my son.


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I voted for Yang. I'm still voting for Yang.

For a million more reasons why Biden is a terrible choice: https://www.reddit.com/r/Biden_OnTheRecord/


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ireactions wrote:

Are we at the point where we say that voting for the man with one accusation of assault is a better option than voting for the man with 21 accusers for the same?

It's not just one - there have been eight women who have come forward about Biden's behavior/assault:

  • Lucy Flores

  • Amy Lappos

  • D.J Hill

  • Caitlyn Caruso

  • Ally Coll

  • Sofie Karasek

  • Vail Kohnert-Yount

  • Tara Reade


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Could have had Yang.

Biden is a wolf in sheep's clothing: https://www.reddit.com/r/Biden_OnTheRecord/

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Since fans have no other content they will be getting on this 25th anniversary

That is absolutely not true. wink


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Two figures? I'll take a Chromebook for that price point!


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ireactions wrote:

I’ll respond to this when my Chromebook laptop arrives in the mail. I’m currently down to a tablet for leisure computing; I’ve had to rip all entertainment and social media out of my Windows desktop to focus on Work. And I can’t do long form message board posts on an iPad.

Important, urgent information. smile


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

So I know we talked a bit about my wife and me trying to have a kid.  Well, I wanted to announce that last week, she gave birth to our daughter!  Just wanted you guys to know that 1) so you didn't feel so bad about what happened before and 2) so you won't worry if I'm not here as much in the next few weeks smile


ireactions wrote:

I'm not a wholehearted fan of "Double Cross,"

You shut your mouth.

ireactions wrote:

Writing action oriented ensembles requires craft and skill and I say that as someone who ran face-first into all of these problems when attempting SLIDERS scripts. Thankfully, Transmodiar and Slider_Quinn21 were available to walk me through how to address these problems. Transmodiar cautioned against having the sliders separated for too long and said that if one slider were alone, the other three should be together.

Action also requires escalation of stakes and being able to interpret it. If it's smash cuts of people screaming at each other, when they aren't even in the same physical space, there's no tension. Beatdowns are pointless. You can do much more by making a scene urgent and having characters you give a shit about.

That's why "Double Cross" works - the action is personal, the stakes are high, and the need to reconnect is urgent. Then you temper that with interactions between Logan and Quinn where they're just vibing together, watching the city. Screenwriting 102.

Part of Lucas' deal with Disney during the sale was that they would not go back and undo the various special editions and release a 1977 theatrical edition.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

I have the first TBP.  I've been meaning to read it for a long time.  I think I even started reading it.  Now's probably a good time to get back to it.

It's well worth it - same with "The Boys."


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

The other day, the series finale of Preacher aired.  I watched the whole series, and I'm still not entirely sure how much I liked the show.  I'm pretty sure I never looked forward to it, but I'm also fairly certain I enjoyed the show far more times than I didn't.  I know the show could've been better and less meandery, but I'm also not 100% sure what I'd go back and change.  It's a show that didn't take itself seriously but sometimes didn't go far enough.  It's a show that knew what it was but never seemingly tried to be better.

It's a show I watched week to week for it's whole run, but I don't think I'll ever revisit it.  It's an odd show to think about, but I think I liked it.

Read the comic book.


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Kliss wrote:

To be honest that's pretty much how I envision a Sliders reboot, as a new show. That's not what I would LIKE, but I'd be prepared for it. I don't think it could get much worse than the later seasons anyway. But there's also the slight possibility that magic happens.

Excellent. EXCELLENT. wink

ireactions wrote:

Transmodiar insists that he's had lunch with Paul Jackson and that these are real people.

For better or worse. And, by the way, I'm not some special snowflake for having a Rolodex of Sliders writers at my fingertips. All I did was write them through the WGA 15 (!) years ago and they wrote back. Believe it or not, television writers are usually not mega-celebs and will respond to fans. Even Tony Blake, who is a notorious sourpuss, wrote me back and talked a little about how much he hated the goddamn cave set.

ireactions wrote:

I remain suspicious and have graduated to suspecting that Transmodiar may in fact be a 90s-era artificial intelligence.

Your suspicions... have merit.


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Classchic1 wrote:

I got another question though. It's about Arturo and Rembrandt. I'm confused. How was Rembrandt in the Navy when he can't swim?

You're already applying more continuity and logic to the show than the writers. smile When it's first mentioned in "Rules of the Game," even Rembrandt says his participation was USO-related, but that's quickly dropped the further into season three you go. You can safely ignore the Navy stuff as it plays absolutely no part in the rest of the series beyond a B-plot in "The Other Slide of Darkness." As an added bonus, there are multiple scene where the Sliders are swimming in the ocean coming your way, so Rembrandt clearly took a few lessons when we weren't paying attention.

Also, in the episode Into The Mystic (I sound like an experienced fan already!) the psychic says that Arturo has a son?! But I can't find any other reference to this kid.

And you won't - the only official callback to Arturo's son is in an interview I had with co-creator Tracy Torme ten years (!) ago: https://earthprime.com/interviews/tracy-torme-2009

25 years ago, we were lucky to get a payoff to the first season cliffhanger. "Into the Mystic" almost ran mid-season. There was no ability to follow up on loose threads due to the nature of television (and FOX programming).

And I know I'm still getting used to these characters but Arturo doesn't seem like the Dead beat type. Especially sense this kid is to be so similar to Quinn.

I think that was the point the fortune teller was trying to make - that he formed a closer bond with Quinn because of their shared interests than his own kid, who probably isn't a hardcore physicist - but we have no additional information to pull from. All we can infer is that Arturo's kid was born out of wedlock, since his own wife died early into their marriage. So it's entirely possible that his son could live far, far away, or have a strained relationship because his parents aren't together.

Am I missing something with this?

Nope, you've got a pretty good bead on things. Torme was fond of throwing a bunch of ideas out there despite not having the clout with the network to pay them off down the road. Arturo's kid, the FBI, Bennish, Arturo's illness, the right Arturo, blibbity blibbity blah...


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ireactions wrote:

I have upset Transmodiar with a failure to respect his boundaries.

No, you haven't. You didn't even need to delete what you posted in the other thread; I just wasn't about to engage you on your points because you were wrong. smile Add it back in; you clearly put a lot of time into it!


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Normally I don't give a shit when you talk about me at length, but I'm not interested in discussing my writing process here, or having my writing process discussed. Thanks.

I will say this, however - my process always involves mapping out the story with outlines. Sometimes multiple outlines. You've seen some of them. So I don't know why you would suggest otherwise.

His sense of cause, effect, response and result is solid, building to a SHOCKING REVEAL, but he writes scripts without knowing what that reveal is and without that devised in advance, the plot is not as complete as he seems to think it is.

I don't build to shocking reveals, I build to escalation - every act break should have intensified the action over the prior one. Any TV screenwriter would agree with this basic premise - and have told me as such.


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ireactions wrote:

If you're going to watch Transmodiar's list of Season 3 episodes, you should make sure to watch "The Other Slide of Darkness" before you watch "This Slide of Paradise." Otherwise, you will be very confused by why a certain character in "The Exodus" looks different in "Paradise." (Then again, you'll be confused regardless, but yes.)

Or just know that the role is recast and save yourself 44 minutes. smile (I actually quite like TOSOD but it is far from essential.)

ireactions wrote:

Actually, if you're going to follow Transmodiar's list, make sure to watch "Requiem" before "Eye of the Storm" or a line in the series finale, "The Seer," will throw you off. This is the first time I have ever encouraged ANYBODY to watch "Requiem." God help us all.

Also not essential. It's clunky and you can ignore the one line Ib references. Just watch the ones that have production value and decent scripts.

ireactions wrote:

Just... make sure to read "Slide Effects" after you watch the series finale. So many people went on with "The Seer" as the last word on SLIDERS for so long and no one should have to live like that. Not when the creator of the show himself has offered a coda to the show. (Admittedly, a coda that wasn't much more than a post-it in its original form, but a coda nonetheless.) https://earthprime.com/etcetera/slide-effects-2

[insert shameless product placement here]

Also, if you want to shave a few more minutes off your watch, skip Exodus 1&2 and watch "Exodus Excised," my professional edit of the two-parter into one coherent episode.



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Classchic1 wrote:

Hi! I'm new here and a brand new fan to Sliders. I was actually introduced to the show through a recent college assignment and fell for it ever since! So I've only seen seasons 1 & 2 so far and from what I've come across...Arturo dies in season 3?! I'm not looking forward to that episode. But I'm really curious, what episodes would any of you advise for me to watch from seasons 4 & 5?

What kind of college assignment uses Sliders? smile Very curious.

As for episodes to watch after season 2, here are the essentials. Some are great in their own right, others are there to help keep the plot for you:

Season 3
Double Cross
Rules of the Game
Dead Man Sliding
The Guardian
The Prince of Slides
Season's Greedings
Murder Most Foul
Slide Like an Egyptian
The Exodus 1&2
This Slide of Paradise

Season 4
Prophets and Loss
Common Ground
World Killer
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Just Say Yes
The Alternateville Horror
Lipschitz Live
Slide By Wire
Way Out West
My Brother's Keeper

Season 5
The Unstuck Man
Applied Physics
New Gods for Old
A Current Affair
The Return of Maggie Beckett
To Catch a Slider
Eyer of the Storm
The Seer

Or you could just be a glutton for punishment and watch alllllll of it. tongue


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Were some of the comments in this thread deleted? Why?


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ireactions wrote:

I have often wondered at what point Transmodiar became what he is today, because he wasn't always. Let's sit in our armchairs for psychoanalysis and look at Transmodiar.

Let's not - the last thing people need here is a "Ten Reasons Why Transmodiar Matters" tongue

ireactions wrote:

Transmodiar cut away my nervousness, my fear of criticism, my insecurity over how people might perceive me and taught me how to relax and accept criticism and act upon it, not necessarily with the solutions proposed by the critic, but with solutions that were informed by it.

Well, good. And, since no good deed goes unpunished, Ib returned the favor by savaging some of my own stories because they didn't follow his metric for how a human being should behave. Ah, balance. smile


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ireactions wrote:

Dinner: Zicree had a nice dinner with Transmodiar in the early 2000s (I think) under circumstances Transmodiar has declined to share as the result of events Transmodiar would prefer not to divulge. I assume this was when Transmodiar was a volatile firebrand and before Transmodiar became an indulgent, self-effacing goofball. If Transmodiar during this meal was anything like his message board posts of the era, we should be impressed that Zicree didn't put Transmodiar's face through a restaurant window but instead let him grow up into the very sweet and patient man he is today.

That was literally 19 years ago today. I was charming and inoffensive and he and his wife gave me a copy of his Twilight Zone Companion. I think that's when I was able to report back that he enjoyed working with JOC and hoped to secure his participating in a Magic Time TV series that never materialized.

As fate would have it, I'm having dinner with him again tomorrow night. I will be sure to pass along any and all theories you feel merit his attention. (I actually won't. smile)

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I’m hoping this isn’t another Danielle Panabaker situation

lol, what?


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I do think it is absurd to act as though redheads are the victims of systemic discrimination and oppression ingrained into the very fabric of Western society as a white-centric construct. Redheads are not targeted by law enforcement as immediately guilty criminals, are not incarcerated in greater percentages than other demographics, are not stereotyped as criminals or illiterates, are not legislated against to deny them voting rights, and generally enjoy all the privileges of being Caucasian. People with red hair are not facing institutional injustice at every level of society.

That's because everyone knows redheads are going extinct and don't want to worry their pretty little heads about a dying race of fiery-tempered gingers.

Also, there have never been black mermaids. Immersion ruined!


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Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


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pilight, I was recently reading about a child whose family had recently gotten refugee status in my country and a home in my city. Much of their family had been killed in tank warfare in Syria in the next neighbourhood and the child, while having never been physically present for the tanks blowing apart houses and buildings, had heard the sounds and screams and learned from others that her relatives had not survived and been traumatized.

By your peculiar metric of human suffering, you would have told her that she was not really a refugee (because she hadn't witnessed the killings, having been a block away from what had happened). That she had not actually suffered any harm (because she heard about what had happened to her uncles and grandparents from a secondhand source and didn't witness their deaths). That she shouldn't be upset (because you feel her memories of her home should not have been affected by its destruction). And that she shouldn't expect to experience any ill effect (because you once saw fictional characters in a TV show seem totally unaffected by similar events).

Please don't be a jackass. It's one thing to mock me, I actually encourage it, but this has really crossed the line.


pilight, I've been re-reading my posts in the Reviving SLIDERS thread and I see now that I was harsh and cruel and unconstructive in my remarks. Whatever I actually thought, if I didn't have anything kind to say, I should have said nothing. If my inability to stop talking about SLIDERS could not be controlled, I should have said that your fanfic ideas sounded like interesting novels and comic books for SLIDERS fans but that I wondered if there might be more entry-level approaches for new viewers. I shouldn't have been vitriolic because fan fiction is a fundamentally idiosyncratic art form and I should have started a different thread for reboots without the acidic, abusive, harassing remarks.

I think I behaved that way because, at the time, I had a strongly possessive, proprietary attitude to SLIDERS and had specific views about the franchise (such as it is) that I considered universal and unquestionable. Looking back, I see that my sense of ownership should have extended to my own fan fiction and absolutely nobody else's and that I projected a tremendous amount of personal relevance into SLIDERS, equating its troubled production with my abusive childhood, which is really no excuse for being abusive towards you. I also see that your compulsive opposition began after that. I blame myself. I'm sorry. I should also not be a jerk.

Why are you constantly berating pilight? Shouldn't you be berating Informant?