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TemporalFlux wrote:

Enh.  I feel they are retreading a bit of ground there.  With Earth X, we just had oppressive government Supergirl; I don’t see where this will be different enough (even though there are differences).

It's strange with crossovers, though.  I almost feel like those stories take place out of continuity.  Is it retreading for Supergirl fans that only watch Supergirl?  Especially since Supergirl is the show that, rightfully, has the flimsiest connection to the Arrowverse.

What's funny is that people assumed when Supergirl arrived on the CW that it would just be a matter of time until she arrived on Earth 1.  Now I don't think that's going to happen.

Although with Cat Grant gone and now Winn gone, it might not be the worst storyline in the world to have J'onn, Kara, and Alex get sent to Earth 1 for a season-long arc.  James' character is a mess, and most of the other characters are replaceable (either by other actors/characters or by doubles of the characters they played before).


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Ha, I wouldn't say Red Son is about a Russian conspiracy.

I'm sure they'll make snide little comments, but I like Red Son.


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Looks like next season of Supergirl will be adapting the Red Son storyline.  Color me interested.


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Slide Override wrote:
Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

Would you be okay with a new version of Sliders where we start a new journey with a different group of Quinn/Wade/Rembrandt/Arturo?  So Sliders Season 1-5 was the same Rembrandt, but now there's a new group?

I'm not quite sure I follow. Are you suggesting we have the exact same actors playing their characters now from the beginning all over again?

Yes.  Would that be disingenuous to the original characters to say "those events happened, but now we're following a different set of sliders played by the same actors"?


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I agree 150%.  Let's do what TNG did and move the story a hundred years in the future.  Technology can be better, and we can see how TNG/DS9/VOY changed the galaxy.


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http://www.superherohype.com/news/41791 … s-with-cbs


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I'm tired of just hate all the way around.  I think so much of the current problems would be fixed if people simply *tried* to love their enemies.  Loving your enemies is attributed to Jesus a lot, but it actually spans most religions in one form or another. 

I think people have stopped empathizing with others.  I think people have stopped seeing political opponents as real, living, thinking people.  I see it on both sides, and it's getting worse.  One of the things I see online is people accusing people with opposite opinions of being bots - it's easy to disregard an opinion that you don't think is coming from a real person.

I saw this on twitter and then reposted on facebook https://twitter.com/kumailn/status/1008785416445726722

I understand feeling exhaustion from fighting a regime that he (and many others) see as completely immoral.  The situation at the border is making a lot of people rightfully upset, but I think it's critical now that we keep trying to have a national discussion.  When we give up on each other, that's when everything is truly lost.


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Would you be okay with a new version of Sliders where we start a new journey with a different group of Quinn/Wade/Rembrandt/Arturo?  So Sliders Season 1-5 was the same Rembrandt, but now there's a new group?


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I mean, it's possible, but would it be honest to the characters.

Arturo was left behind*.  If you look at him as a 360 degree character, he'd immediately be expecting rescue.  Our Arturo had no respect for PTSS Arturo, and he'd assume that the other Sliders would immediately realize he's a fraud.  A lot of Sliders fanfic (mine included) assumes that Arturo could invent a sliding machine and go after his friends, or at the very least, do something with sliding.  When, in reality, the safest thing he could do is stay where he's at and wait for rescue.  Rescue that would never come.  How long would he wait?  Would he want to slide by himself in his late 50s?  60s?  70s?  Or would he just accept the fact that PTSS Arturo had conned his friends and that he was stuck on this facsimile forever?  If the Sliders found him, he'd either have given up or accepted his fate.

* If he wasn't left behind, any hope of resurrecting Arturo is zero big_smile

Wade saw Quinn (the love of her life?) fall for some sleazy bimbo, saw her world invaded by monsters, and she was sent to a breeding camp.  Even if she was drugged and didn't know anything that was happening to her, she'd know that her body was used for monstrous experiments.  Then her body was mutilated and she was turned into a sliding computer.  At the end of that episode, she's strongly in a place where she's ready to die.  While she seemed to be quite at peace, it's still a dark place for her to be.

Rembrandt was ripped from his home involuntarily, drafted into a war he didn't fully understand, and eventually found himself adopted into a strong family.  Then he lost a friend and mentor figure, lost his home world, lost other friends, and then found himself in another situation where he'd have to abandon everyone and everything on what could've easily been a suicide mission.  I mean his plan in the Seer is truly nuts.  Has he cracked?  Would five years of sliding be enough?  Is there anything that would draw him back into the fight? He'd be in his 60s now, as well.

Quinn might be the most mentally healthy of them all, but all the others' pain would also weigh on him.  Especially if he ever emotionally returns to his Season 1-2 self.  Once he realizes how much he sacrificed for Kromagg Prime, he'd probably be a wreck too.  Yes, there's a chance that he simply lost the fight with Mallory and retreated into some sort of comatose stage.  But what if he didn't?  All he'd have left to do would be to sit and think about all the mistakes he'd made.  And that'd be 24 hours a day, depending on whether or not a merged consciousness has the ability to sleep.

I mean, you're right.  Maybe Arturo was optimistic, and maybe he understood that PTSS Arturo could trick them.  Maybe Wade really was at peace and getting her body back (somehow) would cleanse her spirit.  Maybe Rembrandt, the most optimistic of them all, could really handle anything the multiverse threw at him.  And maybe being stuck in Mallory also cleansed Quinn's spirit.  As writers, we can spin it however we'd like.


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pilight wrote:

[She was drugged and the Kromaggs have mind altering abilities, so she likely wouldn't remember any of what happened after she was captured.  When they encountered her in Requiem she didn't even know where she was.  As for rape, the series never said that explicitly.  I prefer to think she was used as a surrogate; Kromagg egg fertilized by Kromagg male implanted in her for gestation.  Still bad, but not quite as bad.

Quinn also might not remember his time being merged.  Certainly he wouldn't have any memory after New Gods for Old.  It's a manageable problem.

Possibly.  But this is all assumption.  There's just as equally a chance that Wade's experiences would closely match Jessica Jones' (Netflix version).  Even if she couldn't remember everything, she'd view it as a huge violation, and she'd have huge trust issues even if she didn't know that her friends, essentially, stopped looking for her.  And the last we saw her, she was a head locked in a computer smile

As for Quinn, you're right that he could've been "asleep" after New Gods For Old.  Alternatively, there's a chance that he still experienced everything but couldn't say or do anything.  That's a Black Mirror episode if there ever was one.


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Slide Override wrote:

Once you get to the point where these characters that you have been watching, witnessing their journey together, and going through emotional dramas with ... are not the characters that we all thought that we were watching - then that is the point where you completely lose the audience and their emotional investment. This is something that is extremely difficult to get back, if ever. The moment that you lose that precious trust and bond with the audience, it's game over.

I 100% understand this sentiment, and honestly, I'd agree for most shows.  What I'm talking about is an in-canon explanation for how you could conveniently fix continuity errors without worrying about everything falling apart.  Saying that the Season 3-5 Sliders were a different group works because we know there were other Sliders.  Even quotes from the Sliders in seasons 3-5 that refer to events from Seasons 1-2 can be written off by the idea of landing on similar worlds and having similar experiences.

We can also go back to an idea I've had for a while - can Sliders branch off worlds of their own?  In other words, is it possible that the events of Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome created it's own parallel universe with sets of Sliders that each left with a version of Arturo.  There'd be two groups of Sliders (one that left with the "right" Arturo and one that left with the "wrong" one) and there'd be two versions of Azure Gate world - one with the original Arturo and one with Azure gate Arturo.

If that's the case, then you could even say that they *were* our characters....and now we're going to go back and follow the adventures of the *other* group of Sliders that, again, were also our characters.

Another example - the TV show "Archer" - in that show, there were about seven seasons that took place in standard continuity.  Then, season 7, Archer was shot and left for dead in a pool.  Seasons 8 and 9 have both taken place in Archer's head, each taking place in a different dream where Archer is the hero with the supporting characters playing other characters.  Season 8 was a noir 1970s detective piece, and Season 9 was a 1930s adventure serial taking place on an Island.

In both cases, we're watching different versions of our characters that have no connections to the originals.  Nothing that happens in the coma will have impact in the real world, and there aren't any stakes.  But the episodes are still enjoyable, and you can still use what you know about the characters in the "real world" to add to the enjoyment of these, otherwise unconnected, characters.


I'm offering up just another scenario that you could use to reset the playing board.  It's one of the great "fixes" in Science Fiction, and it works because there are so many problems with resetting the continuity.

Sliders left the four main characters stranded on four different worlds in four different sets of peril.  To reunite the original Sliders is extremely problematic and depends on a number of different fake-outs, coincidences, and unbelievable scenarios to pull off.  Even if you could write it off with a time jump (where Quinn or Arturo has found his friends in the past, and we catch up to them in the present), there are still a number of problems that you'd, realistically, have to deal with.  Wade was captured and raped, and her friends didn't look for her.  Arturo was replaced with an evil imposter, and none of his friends noticed.  Rembrandt was forced to watch all his friends die one by one.  Quinn was locked in a prison in his own mind.

It's all dark, depressing stuff.  And in today's works of fiction, it's the type of stuff that would have to be dealt with.  Laughing it off and having normal adventures would be insensitive to the characters themselves.

And I'm not saying you couldn't do a realistic version of the above.  It'd just be hard to tell a realistic story about the Sliders having fun on a world where everything is built out of candy, since it'd be hard to have a single scene where at least one character doesn't break down in tears because of all the horrors they'd experienced.

So you either ignore it and start over (reboot or remix), or you ignore what you don't like (revision).  So whether you say the events of seasons 3-5 happened to another group of sliders or just didn't happen, you're saying that the season 3-5 characters simply didn't matter.


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I think there can also be a 4th option - Revision.

There's a Halloween movie starring Jamie-Lee Curtis that's going to come out later this year.  The premise is that it's a sequel to the first movie only.  Michael escaped - Loomis chased him - Michael killed several and came after Laurie Strode - then he was recaptured at some point and has been locked up since the 70s.  It doesn't care about the later sequels, even the ones that Jamie Lee Curtis came back for (the original Halloween II or H20). 

The same was planned for a Neil Blomkamp Alien film.  The plan was to make a "True Alien 3" that would've ignored Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection, which would've included Hicks, Newt, and Ripley after the events of Aliens.

Another great example is the Toho Godzilla films.  They get a reboot every decade or so, and every reboot starts as a sequel to the original Godzilla movie (which has stayed in canon for each iteration).

If I wanted to do stories with the original four sliders, this is how I'd handle it.  Don't burden yourself with coming up with convoluted ways of explaining every continuity issue (it's going to sound like I'm teasing ireactions, but I'm really talking about the backflips I did for my own alternate Season 6) - tell the stories that make up "Vancouver Season 3" - so ignore everything that filmed in Los Angeles.

What's great about Sliders is that you could do whatever you want without harming any continuity.  Just say the Season 3-5 Sliders were doubles of the originals.  We know that there are other groups of Rembrandt/Quinn/Wade/Arturo sliding out there - just say that Season 3-5 was another group.  If you really want, have the "real" Sliders run into post-Seer Rembrandt.


That all being said, the new Power Rangers series sounds pretty cool.


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Some casting news:

Supergirl - Jessie Rath (Brainiac-5) will be a regular next season
Flash - Both Danielle Nicolet (Cecile) and Hartley Sawyer (Ralph) will be regulars next season


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http://www.superherohype.com/news/41775 … x-kurtzman


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You know, this post did get my creative juices flowing just a little bit.

Imagine a movie about a TV show that people only faintly remember has this little cult following.  So little that it's a handful of people on a message board.  They talk about a bunch of random stuff but they occasionally crowdsource an idea for a reboot.  There's the guy who's chronicled it all.  The guy who's collected all kinds of artifacts.  There's the obsessive writer.  There's the guy who's on the fringes of the industry.  There's the guy who meets everyone at cons.

They decide to do some sort of unlicensed fan film.  Writer guy will write it.  Artifact guy will provide the props.  Fringe guy will provide some equipment and friends to shoot it.  They pool some money, meet for the first time offline, and start to shoot.  It's fun.  Con guy is at a convention and meets one of the major guest stars.  Casually mentions they're filming this fan film.  Guest star says, what the hell, he's seen this guy at cons and liked the show - decides to film a cameo.  Films a cameo - snaps a selfie and mentions it on his social media.  People like it and retweet it.

Writer wants to make sure he's not stepping on any toes.  Talks to the original creator, who he's formed a friendly relationship with.  Creator gives him some ideas, asks to see some of the footage shot.  Writer sends a couple shots.  Creator thinks on it a little bit.

Creator is talking to the original star at a casual lunch.  He thought being the original star was going to catapult him to stardom but it doesn't work.  Now he hungers for the spotlight he once had.  Star is now interested.  He hears that one of the major guest stars did a cameo.  He thinks it might be fun to do a cameo too - maybe it'd spark a reboot or something.

Star reaches out to writer.  He wants to do a cameo too.  Writer is shocked that he's going to get to write a cameo for the original star and immediately agrees.  Star casually mentions that he'll reach out to the other main characters to see if they'd be interested.

Weeks later, the board folks and the original stars are on a minor sound stage.  Everyone involved pulled some favors to make sure that a cameo with the original stars looks right.  They shoot it, and everyone has a blast.  Star looks over the script - he actually really likes it.  There's some good stuff in there.  He talks to the other characters.  None of them are really doing anything at the time, and they had a lot of fun working together.

What if they decided to shoot the whole thing?

Writer loves the idea of writing for the original actors but they don't have that kind of money tied in.  Original stars say not to worry about it.  But they'd need to, essentially, throw out all the footage they'd already shot.  That's no problem, though.  This is going to be a pretty epic fan film.

Stars arrange to use the professional sound stage fulltime and use some unused sets on a backlot.  They also get a director friend to take over production and bring in some people to help make it work better.  At this point, essentially all the original board members, minus the writer, are not doing anything but watching. 

Buzz starts to build on social media.  Star and creator talk to the studio that owns the rights but they don't care.  Star and creator wonder about the legality of raising money for a fan film via kickstarter.  They do it anyway.  Fans who only remember the show fondly as a distant memory decide to give a few bucks here and there. 

With real money behind it now, star talks to the writer - he wants to take a shot at some rewrites with another writer friend of his.  Writer is a little concerned about things getting out of hand but agrees.  Many scenes are re-done and everything starts shooting.

A trailer is cut for the professional fan film starring the original cast and now many of the major guest stars.  It trends immediately worldwide.  The studio caves.  This is now no longer a fan film - it's official.  The film gets studio money.  The script is completely rewritten.  Everything is reshot using studio resources.

The fans show up on set.  They just want to watch this movie that they sparked get shot.  They're turned around.  Writer reaches out to star.  He's too busy to talk.  Promises to get him a t-shirt or something.  Throws on some sunglasses and drives away in a golf cart.

The board fans go back to the message board, talking about the old episodes.

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred


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Informant wrote:

Lost -

I think that's one of the big questions. Desmond's vision didn't turn out the way he saw it, so we're left to wonder if he lied to Charlie, or something changed. There's also the possibility that, even with the visions, the future is unknowable. Maybe he just saw one possible outcome and there really is no way to see the future. He put his faith in those visions, just like he put his faith in the button. Doing so had positive and negative results in both situations.

It's a really strange, but interesting, plot point.

Yeah, it's fascinating to me because I don't really understand the extent of Desmond's powers.  Is he actually able to manipulate reality in a wide way, or is it a lot simpler than that?

Because if saving Charlie changed the parachutist from Penny to Naomi, that's a *HUGE* change in reality.  As Charlie said, it wasn't even Penny's boat - so for Penny to end up in Naomi's place would require massive changes off-Island that couldn't possibly be attributed to anything resembling the butterfly effect as we know it.

But if it's simply the butterfly effect and Naomi was the parachutist either way....then manipulating Charlie into dying was a dick move.  Although, I agree that I don't believe Desmond understood his own power.  He does seem to treat it in the same fanatical way he treated the button, believing it 100% on pure faith.

I do wonder, though.  At one point in "Greatest Hits", Desmond decides that he's going to take Charlie's place.  I wonder, if he had, whether or not things would've proceeded the same way.


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http://www.superherohype.com/news/41763 … n#/slide/1

In very unsurprising news, Steve Trevor is back.


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Considering how close it came to dying, I think 10 will be great.  I'm actually a little surprised that they didn't simply renew it for the 6-episode arc that you mentioned they could write to wrap things up.


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Again, it didn't really affect my opinion of the movie - if no one had said anything, I might've thought a couple of shots looked a little funny, but I don't think it's that big of a deal.

What's crazy is that, depending on how much of the Superman stuff they reshot, they could've easily worked a beard into his character (in some of the Mission Impossible trailers, it looks Cavill has a beard too).  Whether or not Clark was really dead or in a comic-accurate "healing coma" - he might've had some beard growth.  It isn't even out of canon in this series because Clark's had a beard before.

The whole thing is more just funny to me because someone probably got paid a decent amount of money to CGI a beard off someone.  They did a good job on it....the situation itself is just funny to me.


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For the record, I don't blame McQuarrie or Paramount for any of the mustache saga.  They signed an actor to play a role, he agreed, and they agreed on an aesthetic.  I thought it was crazy that WB would even ask them to alter their movie for their own.

Looking forward to MI:6 as well.


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Shazam is definitely included in the DCEU but it might not have any *outright* connections.  I know there was talk of Henry Cavill appearing in it, but that was back when the Rock was still going to be in it (now his movie, which I didn't even mention) is a solo film too.


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I'm watching LOST with my wife - her first time to ever see it and my first time to watch 90% of it since it originally aired.  I'm surprised at how engaging it still is, even knowing what happens.  There are many small aspects (mostly related to character - unquestionably the best part of the show) that I'd completely forgotten - especially as a superfan.

I imagine, after this, I'm going to be even stronger when I counter-argue that this is the best show of all time.

But two things to mention specifically about Season 3, where we are now.  Its the season where Desmond gets flashes from the future that he's using to save Charlie over and over again.  We watched episode 3x17 "Catch-22" last night - a Desmond episode where it's more of the same.  In the episode, Desmond gets another Charlie Death Flash, but this time, he gets flashes of a parachutist on the Island.  There's a quick glimpse of Penny's face, which leads Desmond to believe that Penny herself is the parachutist.  Because everything must happen *exactly* the way they happened in the flash for the full flash to come true, Desmond is prepared to let Charlie die so that he can see Penny again.

Instead, at the last moment, Desmond decides to save Charlie....believing that this will mean that he won't see Penny again.  And while they do end up finding the parachutist, it ends up being Naomi Dorrit, not Penny.

Two questions:

1. Is there any scenario where Desmond's power over space and time are so extensive that he'd actually be able to alter reality to the point where Penny actually *WAS* the parachutist?  Written more clearly, if Desmond had let Charlie die, is there a circumstance where Penny would've gotten to the Island before the freighter, in exactly the way that Naomi ended up landing?

2. This is more of a broad question that I've had for a while.  Later in the season, Desmond gets a flash of Claire getting on a rescue helicopter.  He tells Charlie, and this convinces Charlie to sacrifice himself to make sure that Claire gets rescued.  So Charlie goes on a suicide mission, which ends up allowing the castaways to contact the freighter, which gets some of them rescued.

The flash is wrong, though.  Claire doesn't get rescued.  Who does get rescued is someone else - Desmond.

I've long believed that Desmond lied to Charlie - he saw *himself* getting on a helicopter and manipulated Charlie into killing himself, knowing that he wasn't going to waste another opportunity to see Penny again over this guy who the universe clearly wanted to die.

But I did some digging and saw an alternate theory.  That Desmond is telling the truth and *Charlie* is the one who alters the future and changes the flash.  That in the original flash, Charlie simply drowns without the "NOT PENNY'S BOAT" note - with no reason not to trust the freighter, the castaways would've trusted everyone and Claire would've gotten on.  Instead, Claire heeds Charlie's warning and goes with Locke.  Because of this, Claire isn't there to be rescued.

So hardcore LOST fans - did Desmond lie to Charlie to save himself, or did Charlie actually prevent Claire's rescue with his sacrifice?


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And side question - is J'onn still using the Hank Henshaw identity?  He was referred to as "Director Jones" both at the manufacturer and the DEO.  When did this change?


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Look, it's fine when shows decide to wade into politics.  I guess.  But "a special episode of" episodes need to be careful about how they do things.  And, I think, it needs to serve some sort of purpose.  The episode of Supergirl from Monday was just so awkward in its message, and I actually sorta agree with their message.

The problem is that the message that Supergirl writers are sending doesn't really apply to our world.  We don't have a Winn Schott magically creating non-lethal weapons for our keepers of the peace.  So while I think the episode tried to speak for both sides (the gun manufacturer talking about how getting his first gun was a transformative and positive experience and Lena talking about how she likes having a gun for self-protection), these shows aren't nuanced enough to have those discussions with any depth.  So it comes off as cheap, like an 80s "Very Special Episode"

What they could've done, instead of what they did, was have a bulletproof (but maybe not super-strong) alien attack National City.  So the DEO responds with their DEO guns, and someone gets shot by some sort of ricochet.  They could have a discussion about "what's the point of having guns that can't hurt the people we're trying to shoot and does hurt people we're trying to save?"  They could still have the gun manufacturer scene because it could still affect their business (and the families of those that work there) if the DEO pulls their business.

But instead of "guns are good" or "guns are bad" it could simply be a discussion of "is this type of firepower necessary?" - which is still a discussion point.

The problem I have with it is that it didn't dive deep enough into the issue to get anything accomplished.  And, so, didn't really add to the discussion.  So at the end of the day, what's the point?


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At this point, I'd actually like to see some form of Bart.


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Yeah but that's good and well, but what if both Joker scripts are great?  Do you go with the one that is better and scrap the other?  Do you throw out the Leto version because there's a great Scorcese version?

It's cool that DC is being very open with their ideas, but they need to get some forward momentum.  Aquaman is the only film they have scheduled. It comes out in six months and there's very little buzz about it*.  I even forgot it was coming out and thought Shazam was next.

* I'm actually really excited about it, but because there's been no advanced marketing for it so far, I forgot it was happening.

Then there's Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 in 2019.  Both projects are coming along nicely, but Shazam might not be connected to the overall DCEU and WW2 takes place in the 80s.  Then things get really hazy.  There's potentially a Cyborg movie and potentially a Green Lantern Corps movie - those are the only movies that have confirmed release dates but both are questionable.

Then there's the staggering list of movies that may or may not be in development.

Man of Steel 2
Suicide Squad 2
The Batman
80s Joker prequel
Leto Joker sequel
Gotham City Sirens
Birds of Prey
Harley Quinn solo film
Justice League Dark
Booster Gold / Blue Beetle
New Gods

I know there's a chance that we'll get none of these movies, and it'd be really cool if we could get all of these to work out.  But it just seems like an overwhelming list of movies that doesn't even include Justice League 2. 

So there's a chance that the DCEU could go over a year without any movies and then have 10 movies in 2020 smile


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http://www.superherohype.com/news/41741 … etos-joker

In addition to a potential Juaquin Phoenix Joker movie, they're also working on a Jared Leto movie.  I like that DC is willing to do anything and working on many different avenues....but it's odd that they won't let Batman in the Arrowverse or Smallville because that would confuse people....but they'll do two separate Joker movies?


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The actor opens up on his decision:

http://tvline.com/2018/06/06/legends-of … ally-west/


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Wally is once again homeless.

http://tvline.com/2018/06/05/legends-of … s-regular/


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http://tvline.com/2018/06/04/gotham-fin … bicondova/

Might be a 10 episode season.  Which is fine with me....since this should, essentially, just be the finale.


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Yeah, I just think that if you're playing this iconic character in a modern time where reshoots are definitely going to happen, you have to be careful with what happens.  And the actor usually avoids the blame - Kate Mara wasn't blamed when her hair looked ridiculous during reshoots of Fantastic Four - but the production itself (and the director) were blamed for making it look horrible.

As I said, Whedon (ironically) was able to find a way to shoot around Chris Evans' beard during reshoots of Avengers.  It was just one shot that didn't require anything out of Evans besides him being there, but he was able to shoot it without anyone noticing (if, in fact, he was even there - as it's just a stationary shot inside a restaurant....I could've directed that).

And maybe no one is to blame.  I just find it odd that you get Cavill in this movie, partly because he's Superman.  Just like you saw years of trying to get Stallone and Schwarzenegger in movies together because it'd be Rambo/Rocky vs the Terminator.  They're obviously not playing Rambo or the Terminator, but people still use part of that fantasy as part of the hype.

Maybe Cavill's character is undercover.  Maybe the mustache plays some part.  Or maybe they did just want to make Cavill less pretty.  Either way, it just seems like an odd choice for Cavill to agree to....or an odd decision to force on him.  It was either petty on Paramount, naive of Cavill, or just a bizarre set of circumstances.


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Oh it doesn't ruin it for me.  It's more funny than anything.

I know that Paramount held their ground, but I don't blame them.  They had him for their movie, and they couldn't alter their production for a rival studio's movie.  I know it'd be easier to have Cavill wear a fake mustache, but then *their* movie would be lampooned for the fake mustache.  Now Justice League gets all the jokes, and the mustache is "real" in their entire movie.

Were official reshoots done for Justice League when Cavill grew the mustache?  Because even if Snyder hadn't exited the project, reshoots are a normal part of movie-making these days.  Signing on to do a movie where he'd need facial hair is problematic for Justice League unless he was 100% sure that he wouldn't need to come back.

And unless Cruise insisted, I think the mustache choice is still strange.  Wouldn't it be a stroke of Cruise's ego to have him kick Superman's ass?  And wouldn't you *want* him to look like Superman, in that case?

I'm not one to tell an actor to turn down a multi-million dollar role.  And I'm certainly not in-the-know about Hollywood contracts.  A lot has been made of who to blame in Paramount vs. WB, but I think Cavill should share a little of the blame, at least.

(And for the record, I would say the same thing about Chris Evans' beard during the "reshoots" of the original Avengers movie.  Evans had a full beard that he couldn't shave when they shot the last-minute after-credits scene in the schwarma restaurant.  It's the reason why Cap is the only one not eating, and why Cap is awkwardly holding his fist up to his face - he's hiding his beard.  If his beard had ruined Avengers reshoots, I would've said the same thing smile )


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I think that's a great analysis.

To me, Tom Cavanaugh has a lot of similarities with Michael Rosenbaum.  They're actors who are incredibly goofy in real life, but I was introduced to them portraying characters with this very serious dark side.  It's clear that both Cavanaugh and Rosenbaum want to be goofy characters, perfectly suited for the types of podcasts that both man seem to really enjoy doing.

But to me, Rosenbaum played a cold, chilling Lex Luthor so well on Smallville.  Even if his decent into comically-evil Lex was awkwardly paced, I bought it because Rosenbaum sold it.  And I enjoy serious Wells more than I enjoy comic Wells.  The Council of Wells does nothing for me, and I didn't particularly care about HR.  I didn't like Wells when he was tripping over things, and people were rolling their eyes at him.  I like Harry as a person, and I don't like deviations from that character.

At the same time, I do agree that he doesn't really have a place anymore.  The roles that people have grown into have made him obsolete.  It's one reason why I liked the idea that DeVoe might be setting up a series of events where Harry becomes the true Thinker.  It would've been a tragic ending, but it would've given Cavanaugh something significant to do.

I don't know where you go from here.  Cavanaugh is a fun actor, and I'd love to get more of him.  But if they want to use him as comic relief, they should just let him go.  He could work on Legends.  I don't know if he'd fit any better on Team Arrow than he would Team Flash (who have Felicity and Curtis in his role), but I'd actually really love to see him bounce off Oliver for a season.  I can also see him staying on Flash if they wanted to shake things up on Team Flash (which, honestly, they haven't done much of on that show).

I honestly don't know what I'd do with him.  Maybe it is time for him to move on.


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So I finally saw a trailer for Mission Impossible: Fallout with Henry Cavill.  For the longest time, I assumed that Cavill was going to be playing a foreign agent or something (in my head, he was Russian).  Since mustaches aren't very en vogue right now, I figured it'd be some sort of choice (along with an accent) to separate him from Superman.

But, nope, he's playing an American.  Using the Superman accent, it seems.

So why the mustache?  Is there some sort of plot reason why he needs a mustache?  Was he told to grow it, or did he decide on his own?

I know Warner Bros got its ass kicked because of mustache-gate, but was the whole thing because Henry Cavill randomly decided to grow a completely-arbitrary mustache for no reason?  He didn't have one in anything else, so it's not like Henry Cavill wants to have a mustache and Mission Impossible let him be who he is.

Is Henry Cavill to blame for mustache-gate?


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I mean I'd love to dismiss it, but now it's such a big part of the show.  What's crazy is that it didn't even have to go that route.  If they wanted an alternate universe where the apocalypse happened in season 5....I think it's a great idea.  It really ties into the mythology of the show, and I sorta like how they can bring back gritty versions of everyone.

But it seems like a simple move to make.  Lucifer won.  He wipes out humanity because he's evil.  Or if you want to do the Michael thing....no one won.  The world is destroyed because Lucifer and Michael have been fighting for 8 years and don't care about collateral damage.  Michael can be a little twisted because of how long he's been at war, but he shouldn't just be executing people for no reason.

Instead of bringing back Gabriel, bring back Cage Michael.  He'd be just as twisted, and they could rehabilitate him.  And when you have Dean say yes to Cage Michael, you'd get a cool Sam/Dean dynamic because Cage Michael has been trapped with Sam in the Cage before.  They have actual history together.

They just didn't think Apocalypse World through at all.


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Two quick notes:

1. I don't really understand what they're doing with Michael.  Is he evil or is he not?  Because after trying to defeat Michael the whole season, the idea of them just letting him be the hero at the end was really strange.  I also don't really understand why Michael is evil in the Apocalypse World or what he was doing.  Is there no Chuck in the other world?  Did Michael kill Chuck?  Because Chuck was around during the Michael/Lucifer fight in the main world, and he was actively working to help the brothers. 

We had that alternate apocalypse world in season 5, but that was based on Lucifer winning.

2. There's a small chance that there was an election in 2017 that Trump could've won.  I don't know if they've ever specifically said that elections happened at the same time in their world and our world, but on shows like the West Wing, they've made little explanations for why the elections are off.  So maybe there was an election between Jack's birth and the finale. 

But it was a lazy joke that should've been caught.


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That actually makes a lot of sense.  There was originally going to be a Whedon tie-in to keep the movies and the show connected, but when Whedon didn't have time or energy for it, the connection weakened.  And when Whedon left, it was completely severed.

Thinking about the timeline also works in why the Film division might've seen value in AoS and then realized that they don't really bring much.  Agents of SHIELD premiered in September of 2013.  At that point, the only Phase Two movie that had come out was Iron Man 3.  Thor: The Dark World was coming.

At this point, the MCU wasn't really a success.  Phase One was a mixed bag, both creatively and financially.  Of the 19 current MCU films, Avengers is the only movie that's even in the Top 10 of Box Office numbers, and Phase One is 4 of the 6 lowest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes.  The films were picking up steam, but they weren't the guaranteed blockbuster that they are now.  Iron Man 3 had just come out, and while it was a commercial success (5th highest grossing MCU film), it was rated by fans and critics around the same level as the other solo films (outside of the first Iron Man).

Marvel Films might've seen Agents of SHIELD as a way to drive people to their movies.  We saw direct tie-ins to both Winter Soldier and Thor: the Dark World.  We saw minor characters from those films appear on SHIELD.  They were able to show tons of promos and advertise to a core audience.

I think Winter Soldier could've changed their minds a bit.  It was a critical success, and it got a lot of people talking about how it was a legitimately good movie.  The next movie was a bit of a wild card in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it did well.  Suddenly, the MCU had some street cred, and they realize that they don't need the show to drive the audience.

The next season, they did the cool background storyline with the Helicarrier, but it was really just a nod to AoS fans (not much more).  But there was no tie-in to Ant-Man, and by that point, the MCU was rolling along well enough that Civil War could make as much as an Avengers movie.  There was no reason to use SHIELD's dwindling audience to drive people to movies that more-than-succeeded on their own.

And by that point, SHIELD was doing enough stuff on their own that it wouldn't have made sense to have Sif show up again.  I'm sure they would've loved if someone like Paul Rudd showed up, but it would've seemed forced.


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TemporalFlux wrote:

The strangely excited girl who was trying to give Barry a drink before the wedding.  Is that going to be Barry’s time traveling grand daughter Jenni Ognats (otherwise known as XS of the 30th century Legion of Super-heroes)?


Once again, TF was way ahead of the curve.  Not exactly right but close enough.


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I finally watched the Flash finale last night.

I really don't know what to think.  I think the Thinker was a really good idea for a villain because he can frustrate Team Flash in ways that no other villain had up until that point.  Barry thinks of himself as a genius, and so do Cisco and Harry and Caitlin and....everyone but Joe maybe?  And to have a villain come in and kick their butts at something they all think they do well was interesting.

What also was promising is a villain who has goals that are understandable.  Previous villains want "more speed" for....reasons.  I never really understood the goal, and the main fights ended up being races that didn't seem to make any sense.

Instead, I think they made two fatal mistakes.  One, they didn't think that a guy in a wheelchair vs. a team of superheroes was compelling enough so the second half of the season turned DeVoe into Sylar.  They made him way too powerful physically when his mind should have been his primary weapon.

Second....his plan was too convoluted and didn't make enough sense.  This was their best chance to have a villain with a clear motive, and they botched it.  As long as Arrow and Flash were copying each other, they could've gone for the "Hero has to go solo" idea and had Thinker mind control each member of Team Flash one by one.  So, by the finale, it's Team Flash vs. Flash.

I actually liked Ralph, and I'm glad he wasn't dead.  I actually hadn't considered that Ralph's brain would still be alive in there, and that he still had his original body.  I do feel that it's a bit of a copout because I think Ralph's death was supposed to have real weight, and Team Flash still hasn't really had a true loss at any point now.

And the way Thinker lost....I can't believe that DeVoe had a perfect plan with perfect contingencies, even if they'd brought in Kara (which they mentioned but still would've been nice to see them try....especially since Supergirl went on hiatus and it might've been possible for a small cameo)....and we're led to believe that his plan went perfectly until Marlize just...unplugged him?  Either he sees every option and has a plan for it, or he doesn't.  You can't give him perfect precognition and then just take it away.  If Marlize was a blind spot, that's fine.  But I don't think they really built that in well enough if that's even what happened.

I just think it was sloppy.  Which sucks because I think, overall, the season was better than it's been the last couple years.


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I genuinely enjoyed reading this.  Agents of SHIELD is a series that I've watched every episode of but haven't watched particularly closely.  It's often something I watch while I'm doing something else (playing on my laptop, folding laundry, cooking or eating dinner, etc).  I watch the show closely enough to very easily follow the plot, but I was surprised at how few of the (several) early season references I'd completely forgotten.  The show had so many random villains that I couldn't really place references to certain ones, and I'm sure some of the Easter eggs went completely over my head (the centipede serum being connected with a season 1 villainous organization was lost on me).

But I enjoyed going back through the show with your writing - it's not a show I've ever gone back to (or, honestly, considered going back) so I actually only remember the show being strong and its own thing.  I have visuals of SHIELD before Winter Soldier, but I could just-as-easily be getting that confused with items from Winter Soldier itself.

SHIELD was a bastard son, created in a lab, that ended up making something of himself.  Once the show stripped itself of so much of it's baggage, connected to its older brothers, the show was able to walk freely.  And while the show still feels a part of Tony Stark's world, it's separated enough that it's reasonable that the two worlds wouldn't touch.

What's fascinating, to me, is the behind-the-scenes stuff.  For example, I find it odd that the show came out when it did.  Was it designed to run for half a season of "standard SHIELD stuff" before blowing the show up?  Was that by design?  Or were TV and Films always so disconnected that, when Agents of SHIELD was announced, Films laughed at the idea that they were going to blow up their show midway through their first season?

Or were things once better?  When Sif, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury showed up, was there still a dream for Marvel Films and Marvel TV to have a beautiful marriage?  Was there ever a conversation with, I don't know, Chris Evans, to shoot some sort of cameo while he was filming Avengers 2?  Was there a dream of introducing a character here or there that might show up to help out Tony Stark in some future movie?

Or was it somewhere in the middle, where Marvel TV decided to do something, and Marvel Films wished them the best, offering them whatever help they could until things fell apart and each went their separate way?

I find it hard to believe that Marvel Films wouldn't see the value of having a TV playground to play in, but that seems to be where things went.  I don't think they'd necessarily need to agree on specific episode-specific plots, but you'd think that they'd want some insight on what's happening in their various shows.  I guess not, though.


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I felt weird putting this in the post about his daughter, but I also didn't think it needed it's own page.

I watch Bar Rescue but apparently haven't watched a ton of it recently because Rob Floyd is now a contributor on there.  I watched an episode that he appeared on, and I thought he was great.  He actually seemed a bit nervous/jittery to be on camera, which I found a bit odd.  But he was very charismatic, and it seemed like he did a good job teaching (I don't know how much of it is fake).  It also seemed like he was having a great time.

I wasn't sure if they'd mention it, but they didn't make any reference to his previous acting experience.


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Well, SHIELD has always been an anomaly in the MCU.  In the first Iron Man movie, Coulson operates like it's a new agency that people haven't heard of (not just Tony, Pepper hasn't heard of it either).  Maybe something in response to 9/11 like Homeland Security. 

In Winter Soldier (and Agent Carter), the history of SHIELD shows that it's been around since the end of World War II.  And as Grant Ward aptly, said in the AoS pilot:

Maria Hill: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for, Agent Ward?
Grant Ward: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.
Hill: And what does that mean to you?
Ward: It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out "shield."

So either Coulson was playing a trick on Tony and Pepper, or no one noticed that SHIELD spelled anything for 60 years.


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Well I don't think it would necessarily need to involve major cast changes.  It could be Roy coming back to fill in for Oliver, with the rest of the team filling in as support for half the season.  And for the other half in Oliver's escape from Supermax, they could probably get away with the other villains being guest stars.

It could even work with the main plot being done in real time and the Oliver escape done in flashback (so that could take place in a matter of hours but the story takes place over the course of a couple months).

The crossover is going to be in December of next year - so it's reasonable that he'd be free by midseason.  If not, it'd also be reasonable for the government to let him out under certain circumstances (a Suicide Squad type of deal).


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Since the show is coming back more than a year from now....I wonder if Marvel would have any interest in doing a one-shot with some of the Agents of Shield characters in the aftermath of Thanos.  Because they've set themselves up for a situation where we may never know what happened post-snap (assuming everything is reset to pre-snap in Avengers 4).


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They did No Man's Land in a way that even Christopher Nolan wasn't able to.  It feels so comic booky, yet it still feels very grounded.  I still don't buy this version of Bruce as Batman because he's just not very big, but they've done a great job with just about everything else.

The only thing about this show that bothers me is Barbara....she's so irritating and over-acts in every scene (moreso than everyone else).  I think her type of character fits, but the actress bothers me.  Her "no boys allowed" storyline might be fun, though.


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On the bright side, they specifically said that he'd be in Supermax.  So if they want/are able to swing that storyline that, let's be honest, will never be made as a movie.....they can.  Could be pretty cool.


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Informant wrote:

In some old school debating situations, they'd force people to change their perspective by having them argue for the side that they don't agree with. I try to do this sometimes. Every so often, I'll even help out the person that I'm arguing with, because they're not making the best argument for their side. It's an interesting exercise, because we don't usually force ourselves to answer the hardest questions about what we believe.

I think this country needs a lot more of this.  Since we can block people we don't agree with, and since so much of our interaction is no longer face-to-face, I think we're able to too-easily separate ourselves from people we disagree with.  And the more we separate from them, the less human they become.

If we put ourselves in the shoes of people we disagree with, they become more human.  And I think once we see each other on the same level, we can find compromises.  Today, in politics, we seem completely unable to find compromises.


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Yeah I thought all that looked pretty good.  What's weird is that the scene in Tahiti looked like an obvious green screen shot.

If that's how they decided to use their budget, that's fine.  I just hope that they got enough budget to finish the series off in season six.  There's still some plot threads left, but I would've been okay if that was the series finale.


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Well, looks like the writers either didn't know about Infinity War or didn't want to mess with it.  Everything that happens in Agents of Shield happened before, and with the return coming after the Infinity War sequel, it might not even matter to the AoS universe.  Which is fine.  The Thanos threat played into Talbot's motivations, and that's all that really needed to happen.  Considering how much of Infinity War takes place in space and Wakanda, I don't think anything more needed to be shown or referenced.


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Oh, BTW, Supergirl (even for just a few minutes), completely stops Thinker's plan.  It might even lead to an interesting plot, where Earth 1 is freaked out by the mysterious super-powered being that destroyed all Earth's satellites smile