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I'm getting to see Wonder Woman for free (advanced screening) so it's win-win for me! smile


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Anyone else find it weird that Sony is insisting on doing all these Spinoff (but not Spinoff) movies of a defunct Spider-Man universe?  They're moving forward with a Venom movie (with Tom Hardy) and a Silver Sable/Black Cat movie (a director was announced today).

I'm still not 100% how these movies are gonna work.  Is Tom Holland able to do cameos in this universe?  Will the Venom movie be in the same universe as the Black Cat movie?  Does anyone think a "Spider-Man's guest characters universe" is sustainable?


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I might've missed the dialogue, but did he do it because Chase was evil and he's evil?  Was Chase paying him?  I figure he's more of a soldier for hire...working with whoever is going to pay him.

It's also why I didn't understand why Black Siren was helping Chase.  She didn't have anything to gain by helping him....she was already free.


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Informant wrote:

If I were Felicity, I'd probably have just found a way to contact Cisco and have him Vibe the whole team out of there, but that might be too simple.

Don't get me started on the lack of communication between Team Flash and Team Arrow.  Couldn't Barry have fixed 99% of the problems this season?  Barry could've found William before Chase even knew what was happening without putting anyone in danger.

What's funny is that a couple lines of dialogue would fix stuff like this.  "Can't we just get Barry to super-canvass the island?"  "He's not picking up.  Not even Cisco.  Must be something with Savitar."  They do little things like that at times (when it was mentioned that Felicity was looking for something to power the cannon on Flash), but there's not enough of it to avoid question marks.  I know that there needs to be some separation (otherwise Oliver has no reason to do anything but investigate and point Barry in a direction), but for big events like this, they need to acknowledge that they're on their own.

Black Siren has a really bizarre sense of loyalty.  Evelyn was just evil for no reason.  I got nothing on either of their random decisions to be evil.  I also thought Boomerang immediately switching teams was strange.

I actually didn't like Chase as a villain.  I don't know why....it never worked for me.


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Well, that was a heck of a cliffhanger on Arrow.

It was also quite the spectacle.  A ton of characters returning, one big death (off screen but confirmed by the actor), potentially a ton of big deaths (but certainly not), some pretty good action, and the culmination of five years of storytelling.

But I left it sorta "meh" for whatever reason.  I thought it was well acted and well executed, but something about it felt really off to me.  What could've felt like a triumph of Arrow just sorta happened.  I don't know what it really was about it that didn't work for me...was it like that for anyone else?


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Well, he had to go out with a win.  I know you didn't love his character, but I thought he had pretty good chemistry with the rest of the cast.  His character didn't hold up to much scrutiny (he never seemed like the King of Hell), but if you just took him at face value, he was fun.


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Yeah, I think there's a less-than-zero chance that Barry is gone.  I just feel like his character is such a mess that it wouldn't be the worst thing if he never came back.  And that's notable since "Barry getting replaced by Wally" was my exact fear going into this season.  Season 3 just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'd probably check out Agents of Shield before you check out Supergirl.  I still like Supergirl, but I don't think they changed anything.  Shield, at least in my opinion, is noticeably better.

It probably makes more sense to send Mon-El away (with the other Daxamites) because he could, at least, be with his own kind.  Sending him to Earth 1 might make for some interesting storytelling (he'd be the strongest character in Earth One, right?), but I think sending him into space makes more sense (for him) than sending him to a planet where he'd be the only alien.


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Sheppard's sticking makes the most sense.  He had the most closure.


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When I was watching live, I thought they were referring to Doomsday too.  But the last words were "it will reign" - so people are speculating that they're talking about this character.


I don't know anything about her so I'll defer to any of you guys.


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I already deleted it, and I forgot....was Tracy with the group at the end?  Was Julian?

I actually left sorta hoping that Barry was gone for good....that's sorta where his character has dropped for me.  And Wally wasn't as annoying in the second half of the season...I think being trapped in the Speed Force brought him back down to Earth a bit in a much better way.  I almost think it'd be better for the show if they didn't have Barry's baggage dragging it down.

Of course, they won't do that.  But maybe some time trapped in the Speed Force will do Barry some good.  We need him to FINALLY let go of his demons and just have fun.  Let Oliver be dark and brooding...let Barry be the light of the Arrowverse.

As far as the team goes, they should keep Tracy on board if Caitlin is truly gone (I thought her staying as Killer Frost was a really bold move).  I think Julian could be a good member too.  I'm also hoping Harry stays on too.

It was a very meh season.  We need a soft reboot.  Come back fixed, Barry.


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The people that are using this tragedy to make fun of Zach Snyder are horrible.  Movies are movies.  Life is life.  Whether he's succeeded or not, this guy has poured his life into these movies.  He wants them to be great, and he wants everyone to love them.  And now he's really, really hurting.  This is a time when everyone needs to be wishing him well, not continuing to tear him down.

Informant wrote:

A bunch of free time that can be put toward watching BvS (the extended version) again!

It's actually first on my list of things to do!  I'm going to go from 13 active weekly shows to 6 after this week.  I'm moving this weekend, but then I should have more time.


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I doubt Informant has kept up, but I'm guessing he wouldn't have enjoyed the Supergirl finale much.  A lot of sappiness, but also a *ton* of Superman telling Kara that she's better/stronger than him.

I actually thought it was pretty good.  The Superman/Supergirl fight was a bit understated, but I thought it was pretty well done for a CW budget.  All in all, I've been pretty impressed that I haven't really noticed much of a difference in the budget from CBS to CW (Metallo's awful suit notwithstanding).  Man of Steel is a more realistic depiction of the carnage that would be created by Kryptonian-on-Kryptonian brawls, but for TV, I thought it was pretty cool.

I also sorta love the little hints that Superman has been in an 11-season show, and we're seeing glimpses of it.  He drops hints of Warworld, and the Zod stuff is simply played off as if we already know who he is.  I thought that was a pretty cool way to do the Supergirl/Superman fight.  I don't love Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, but I think he works for the show.


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I agree.  My only fear is that this was already a movie that was a little out of scope.  The tone is already much different from the tone of Batman v Superman, and I assume that wasn't part of Snyder's original plan.  So we might have a movie that's:

Part Snyder-Doing-The-Studio's-Vision
Part Snyder-Doing-His-Own-Vision
Part Whedon-Doing-Snyder's-Or-The-Studio's-Vision

I'm hoping that I'm wrong....that Snyder was always planning on making things lighter and brighter.  That Whedon can seemlessly do things the same way Snyder was going to do it.  The Justice League trailer looked good.  I'm hoping it stays on the track it was on.  I'd really love this movie to be great smile


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It did feel like there were two factions in the writers room - the Men of Letters team and the Nephilim team - each that wrote out full conclusions...and then the show decided to cut both in half and air them both.  It did feel like different seasons.


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http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-v … dy-1006455

Terrible news for Snyder....who I've been hard on.  Just awful news for him and his family.


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They look weird, but let's at least give them the Pilot before we judge too harshly.  And remember, the Pilot will be on regular TV for free smile


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That's a great point.  If this is successful in bringing a new Star Trek era to TV, then this might become *the* look for the Klingons for a whole new generation.


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Well, here's my thinking.

Getting her back risks getting Lucifer back.  I know she's family, but that's a huge risk bringing her back.  And, like I said, I feel like it's almost a happy ending for her.  She never really belonged, and she only felt comfortable hunting.  Now that's all she'll get to do.  Bobby seemed like he was at peace in that world (he never asks to come back with them), and I think she'd be the same way.  I agree that she'll probably come back (with Lucifer), and they probably needed a better goodbye if they were going to do things that way (where she chooses to go).  But if this is how it ends, it's probably the happiest of all the endings we got in that episode.


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I was surprised about Rowena, if only because I thought she deserved an on-screen death.  I don't know if it was a scheduling issue or some sort of problem with the actress, but she'd become an important-enough character that it was a bit surprising that she was burned to a crisp off screen (the overkill of her death seemed a bit like the Arturo death in that way).

But if Crowley is dead, there's really no reason to bring her back either.

I do hope that some of these deaths stick, although I also fear that they're gonna bring all of them back.  I really liked Crowley's death.  He's always been a "bad" character that's usually leaned good, and I'm glad he finally realized that.  He's been an antagonist, but he's done about as much good as Castiel (and is just as likely to help, it seems).  To have him sacrifice himself to trap Lucifer is a pretty cool thing.

Cass' death was way too casual to stick.  I wouldn't have minded if the baby had been born (as a baby) and Castiel had left the show to take care of him.  I know they want to do the nephilim storyline, but that could've been something that was in the background.  If this is how Castiel dies, it was almost as unceremonious as Rowena's death.  And I'd leave Mary and Lucifer trapped in that other world, never to appear again.  She gets to be with Bobby, living kickass lives as full-time hunters.  I think that's, in a real weird way, a happy ending for her.


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Wow, that's quite the finale. 

Do we think (SPOILERS) and (SPOILERS) are going to stay (SPOILERS)?  And were you upset that (SPOILERS) so so unceremoniously (SPOILERS)?  I also liked  the surprise (SPOILERS) of (SPOILERS) in the (SPOILERS)?

In all seriousness, I thought it was really thrilling.  And in the penultimate one, I was shocked at how emotional Dean's talk with Mary was.


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I agree.  I think these writers are better at story, and I think they have a decent understanding on who Oliver is and what makes him tick.  I think they have a respect for the material, and I think tying it all back to the island (where the flashbacks and the main story can finally converge) is pretty cool.

But, yeah, they make some bizarre decisions regarding character motivation.  Oliver's kill/no-kill policy has always been all over the place, and drudging that moral quandry up doesn't work for me.  Evelyn's whole thing doesn't make much sense.   I don't think Chase's motivations are all that logical.  Wild Dog's whole past is bizarre.

They've shown me enough to trust them to work with season 6.


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ireactions wrote:

ARROW was good. I was surprised to see Deathstroke back and played by Manu Bennett. For the past few months, Bennett had declared that he was not returning to ARROW, that announcements by the producers were vastly overstating his involvement, that it hadn't been him in INVASION and it wouldn't be him in the ARROW Season 5 finale and that he had been greatly displeased with his last episode and that the ARROW producers were reusing previously recorded dialogue and a stunt double to have Deathstroke appear. So it was nice to see him at the end and realize Bennett had been trying not to spoil a surprise.

Someone should've told the CW about how hard Bennett was trying to cover up the idea of him not returning because his return was in the sizzle reel released a few weeks ago. big_smile


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Informant wrote:

As for who died, I think Iris had to be the one who was stabbed. There was no time for HR to change places with her. However, there has to be a twist, right? Did they find a way for Iris to be stabbed, but survive? I don't know. If it ends up being a switch, where HR died in Iris' place, I just don't think that it makes sense.

The switch would've happened on-site.  Savitar is holding (the real) Iris in the middle of that square.  Flash gets the cannon and shoots it at him, and Savitar leaves Iris where she was and runs around before Flash finally hits him with it.  It's not a ton of time, but it'd be enough time on this show.  Maybe HR took some of the Velocity drug that Jay created, or maybe they were able to heal Wally enough to swap them out.  Or maybe that's where Jessie or Julian was...helping HR sacrifice himself.

It'd be a bit of a stretch, but that's my guess.  There was too much setup for an HR sacrifice, IMO.


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I also don't know why they keep insisting on going to the Kirk era (it's still during his lifetime).  It's been covered....let's do something new.

I still sorta liked the idea that someone had back in the day about an Alpha Quadrant that's been devastated by an Omega Particle.  So simple space travel isn't simple anymore.  Set it in 2600 so that technology could be improved and no one from the TNG/DS9/VOY era would be alive.

It's also weird that they changed the uniforms again.  Although I guess the TNG/DS9/VOY era showed that they change uniforms like they change underwear at Starfleet.


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Re: Arrow (with some Flash and Supergirl spoilers too)

In "how these people could be smarter by understanding that they live in a shared universe" part 271, Flash hid Iris in Earth 2 when he realized she was in danger.  Shouldn't that have been the first place that Oliver (or anyone on Team Arrow) thought to hide?  Especially since Savitar could easily go to Earth 2, and as far as we know, Chase has zero ability to get them there.

One thing, though.  In all three shows, I was impressed by the deep rosters they were able to work with.  Supergirl brought back Cat Grant and Superman, while also having the Luthors working with the full DEO team.  Team Flash was at about 100% to deal with Savitar, adding Harry and Tracy.  And now Oliver is fighting a team of villains and former heroes against a team full of heroes and former villains.  These shows might not be the strongest, but they've built up a pretty cool history that they can work with.


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Informant wrote:

Are we talking about discovering the truth here, or are we discussing finding any excuse to get rid of Trump? If it's the first option, people are putting the cart before the horse. If it's the second option... Have fun with that.

Well, this is my next big concern.  People were talking about impeaching Trump before anything happened.  Before he took office.

And I'm worried about two things:

1. Is this going to be the new political world?  If we don't like a president or didn't vote for him/her, we're just going to demand impeachment at every turn for any reason?  Not just "I don't approve of the president" - "HE/SHE HAS TO GO!"

2. What if they get Trump on some sort of technicality?  Not necessarily a crime...something light and flimsy.  Doesn't that set a terrible precedent for future presidents?  Wouldn't hardcore republicans try the *exact same thing* with *whoever* the next Democratic president is?  Put pressure on them from day one....wait for any mistake...and strike?  Trump's awful....but wouldn't any president make a mistake under 24/7 scrutiny?


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As indicated in the Arrowverse thread, Supernatural stays on Thursday.

In other news, two-part finale tonight.  Or two-episode finale.  I don't know if they're connected or not.


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2017-2018 Lineup

Monday - Supergirl
Tuesday - Flash and Legends
Wednesday - Nothing
Thursday - Supernatural and Arrow

Black Lightning starts midseason, but I just read that it won't be an official part of the Arrowverse?


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pilight wrote:

Watergate took over two years to reach Nixon resigning, at which point formal impeachment proceedings had barely started.  And that was with the opposing party in charge of both houses of congress.  If there's anything to this, it will take a while before it's resolved.

That's the thing about this stuff.  People are so eager to get Donald out (for anything) that I've seen posts since January asking what's taking so long.  The last time we did impeachment stuff (Bill Clinton), it took months of investigation.

The only reason this might go faster is, ironically, that the Republicans control Congress.  If the investigation clearly looks like Trump is guilty, it'd benefit the Republicans to get the proceedings going ASAP.  Not only would it possibly help Republican incumbents in 2018 ("I stood up to corruption in Washington and voted out Donald Trump"), but they're doing to want to put as much distance between this and 2020.  If Mike Pence gets 2+ years in the White House and things go pretty well, he'd essentially get the same bump as any incumbent president.  That didn't really help Ford, but again, if it goes well....


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ireactions wrote:

In other news, I listened to half of the latest Sliderscast and... did not finish it. It was fine, there was nothing wrong with it. It's just -- I think I may have gotten over SLIDERS.

And, with that, the Sliders BBoard disappeared. 

But for those of us what lived and died in them furious days, it was like everything we knew was mightily swept away.  And no matter what they did to build the internet up again, for the rest of time, it'd be like no one even knew we was ever here.



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http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-first-traile … 1795312040

Trailer ahoy!


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So I think we can agree that HR is the one that died to prove that he had a purpose?  Could that possibly mean that Tom Cavanaugh is not coming back next year?  His "scientist" role replaced with Tracy?  Or would we get a 4th (5th?) Wells?


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Season 4 was pretty great.  After it was just one of those series that I watched for a long time, it got some footing.  I don't know how good Inhumans will be, but I'm wondering if the tag at the end has to do with them.  We won't see season 5 of AoS until after Inhumans ends.  We'll have also had Thor: Ragnarok in between then and now, so the whole universe could be different by that point.

Not that much of that matters.  Agents of Shield can definitely stand on its own now.


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I heard an interview with James Gunn.  I figured he'd sound exactly like Sam Rockwell (because he looks like Sam Rockwell sorta), and he doesn't.  It freaked me out a bit.

I also thought GOTG Vol. 2 was fun.


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Informant wrote:

People have their teams, just like with football.

Exactly.  You hate everything your rivals do, even if it's probably something you'd love for your team to do.  I honestly think that a good percentage of the problem with the health care debate is that each party wants credit for it.  I think the Republicans could pass an identical bill to ACA, and the Democrats would try and vote it down.  Because each party wants to campaign with "we fixed health care"

It isn't really about helping people or anything.  It's about the appearance of helping people to get votes next time.  As someone who doesn't identify with either party, it's infuriating.

And what's crazy is I don't think I'm that different from most people.  I'm liberal in certain areas and conservative in others.  In the last election, I voted for nearly the same number of democrats and republicans and went with 3rd parties (left and right) a few times.  Siding unilateral with either party is confusing to me.


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My biggest problem is the loss of civility in most public debates.  It wasn't too long ago that people could have a political discourse, disagree, and try to find common ground.  Nowadays, I don't think there's even any attempt to find that common ground.  Or, frankly, any desire to.

(None of this applies to anyone here, I'm mostly talking about what I see on social media).

People used to dislike the other party.  Now they hate them.  People used to tolerate people who voted differently.  Now there's all kinds of slurs and insults.  Look on Twitter or Facebook and try to make a partisan-like comment.  You'll either be told about Trump's fascism or Hillary's murders or gay sex with Vladimir Putin or Bill's rapes.  If there was ever a topic, it gets derailed immediately.

I saw a discussion on health care fall apart when two people with handles that were very anti-Trump got mad at each other over whether or not Hillary was a monster.  They were basically on the same side of the argument, but since one was for Hillary and one was for Bernie, they could no longer find common ground.

It's been happening for years, and I'm not sure who fired the first shot.  My earliest memory was the vitriol that people had for George W, but I'm sure it happened before that.  But the hatred from the left for W turned into hate towards Obama from the right.  This election was hyper-negative from day one, and most people were voting *against* someone instead of voting *for* someone.  We were told that anyone from the coasts are elitist assholes and everyone from the rest of the country are racist idiots.  People lost friends and exiled relatives.

What's scary to me is, on both sides, how eager people are to hate.  To threaten violence.  To *incite* violence.  To the point where we could have an American president killed with zero mourning.  Half the country would celebrate and half would be angry.


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Informant wrote:

And this was right after I recovered from the shock of seeing The Exorcist on the FOX schedule.

Is that show good?


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Grizzlor wrote:

There's never been this type of danger to the Republic since The Civil War.  Whether this moron lasts 2 years, 4 years, whatever, the damage he will inflict to the institutions of this nation will take much longer to repair, if ever.

I honestly don't understand this sentiment.  Is Trump doing damage to the country?  Probably.  Is it potentially dangerous across the world?  Probably.  I can't answer "yes" to either of these questions because I don't consider myself well-read enough to definitively answer either way.

But unless someone launches nukes, nothing is irreparable.  Trump is a shitty president.  But we've had shitty presidents before.  Loads of them.  We've had a celebrity president before (Kennedy and Reagan, in their own ways, were celebrities like Trump).  We've had crazy presidents (Andrew Jackson was ten times crazier than Trump, and I won't allow an argument to be made for the contrary).  We've had presidents who didn't know what they were doing and just wanted to be president because it sounded cool (Warren G. Harding just wanted to play poker with his friends).

The Republic survived.  And it will survive Trump. 

People always want to believe that we live in the X-est time in history.  For millennia, people have believed that they're living in the end times.  But, more these days, we want to talk about things in hyperbole.  "2016 was the WORST YEAR EVER" "Race Relations are the worst they've been since the CIVIL WAR"  "Bush/Obama/Trump is HITLER"  When, in all those cases, it's hyperbole.  2016 probably isn't in the worst 1000 years ever, race relations are much better than they were in a lot of people's lifetimes despite everything that's happened, and there was one Hitler and he's dead.


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Well, you know what I mean.  Nothing happened.


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Trump's an idiot and an embarrassment, but I have trouble calling him a fascist since he's so....ineffectual.  The Muslim ban was pretty fascist, but it failed.  People rose up against it, and it didn't work.  He tried to repeal ACA, and it didn't work.  He's trying again, and it....probably won't work.  There's no wall or any real movement on the wall.  Hillary isn't in prison.

He has a Republican Congress, and he's accomplished...almost nothing?


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I'm still not totally comfortable calling it SyFy.


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Informant wrote:

Yeah, I think it would have had more weight to it if this were the consequence of something that our Barry did, but they might have wanted to keep him from having that guilt. The thing is, if they kill Savitar, or stop him in some other way, does their whole world change? If they stop Savitar, does Wally stop being Kid Flash? Does Julian go back to not working with Team Flash?

Wally absolutely should lose his powers.  Just erasing Savitar's memories did that.  Julian was still there so presumably that....still happened?  I have no idea.  Like I said, their time travel logic was worse than usual this week.

As far as I'm aware, Time Remnants are exact duplicates of the person.  That's how it's always appeared (Zoom, Thawne, and Barry)



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ireactions wrote:

It would have worked better if this remnant had been the one who seemingly sacrificed himself to stop Zoom, alive but scarred, insane and furious at Barry having abandoned him and not even considering him real.

I actually thought that's where they were going when Savitar-Barry mentioned Zoom.  I thought they played sorta loose with the idea that Barry was "killing himself" last season with the time remnants, and this would've been an appropriate "consequence" for that.

Like you said, it's adequate. 

The Arrowverse needs some work, for sure.  I don't know what the plan is for Arrow next year....it's been better and they've shown that they don't really need the flashbacks to tell stories (they didn't have them at all one week, and they had a flashback to last year last week).  I think everyone involved knew the show needed to try and get more to its roots, and they've done well with that this year.

Flash needs a soft reboot.  Barry needs to be over all his demons this year, and he needs to be a positive, happy-go-lucky force for good.  The show needs to be fun.

I don't know what I'd do with Legends, honestly.  I still wish it'd be an anthology series, but that ship seems to have sailed.


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I haven't watched, but Kripke did say he'd work to get it picked up somewhere else.  Would it work on the CW?  I wonder if he still has enough equity there?


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That actually might be a really good comparison.


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Gotham renewed for Season 4!


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I'm confused.  Am I supposed to hate Comey?  Love him?  Feel sorry for him?  Love that he got fired but not in the way he did?  Wish he wasn't fired but that he would be better?

I've been told so many thing by both sides that I honestly don't know how I feel.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

I can't find the old Sleepy Hollow post, but I wanted to say a couple things about it.

First off, I think it's been really fun this year.  A lot like season one.  I think the new people have meshed really well, and the stories they're telling are interesting.  I think Dreyfuss and taking over America with supernatural help is a great move for the series, and they've kept Sleepy Hollow close (enough) that it doesn't feel like a spin-off.

Second, they called it the "season finale" but I wonder if it will be back.  Even with half the original cast, it can't be cheap, and the ratings are about 2/3 what they were last year (when it was brought back for less episodes on a Friday).  That being said, it's just a half-season show, and it seemed to do okay on a Friday.  Maybe it will be back.

Third, it's really weird that we've had a couple different flash forwards, and they still haven't really explained what happened to cause Dreyfus' America.  So he kills the president and becomes president?  Becomes emperor?  Other than change the flag and execute political prisoners, what's different about his country?  I'm sure they have budget restraints of showing too much (thus the story told in children's drawings), but they can tell us about it in dialogue and it doesn't cost anything smile

Fourth, it reminds me a lot of Fringe's final two seasons.  And not just because John Noble is back.

And....it's cancelled.


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Re: The Flash

Their explanation makes sense.  He's a time remnant who was forgotten and ignored (and they only did that because they were already fractured at that point, I assume) and so in order to create himself, he has to kill Iris.  It's dumb time travel logic, but it holds (some) water.

My issue is with the rest of the episode.  I get that you don't want an amnesiac as a titular hero.....but the plan worked.  Savitar was pacified, and he could've been taken down.  Barry was prepared to kill himself to kill Savitar....why wouldn't everyone be okay with him (temporarily) losing his memories?

I get that the building was on fire, people were in danger, and Flash didn't have control of his powers.  But Barry seemingly had better control of his powers the first time, and while Wally said he could explain how to Flash to him, he didn't try.  I think they should've stuck with the plan.

And even though Wally didn't have his powers (so there wasn't a speedster on Earth One who could fight Barry), Cisco's powers still worked.  Go grab Jesse.  Or Supergirl.  Or, and I hate to harp on this (no I don't), Team Arrow could handle an amnesiac Barry, right?  If Flash-Barry can't control his powers, why would Savitar?

Re: Savitar.  Barry and Time-Remnant Barry shouldn't be any different, right?  They're essentially the same person with no memories.  So why does Barry wake up all happy and cheerful and Savitar wakes up and immediately attacks Killer Frost?  That's implying that Savitar-Barry is naturally evil, and I don't think that's what they're going for.

I also don't understand how this round of time travel causality works.  If Savitar losing his memories takes away Wally's speed (because Savitar couldn't create Kid Flash), why does Savitar exist at all?  Following the causality loop....would the Savitar Time Remnant need to be created...so Savitar shouldn't exist.

It could've been a really fun episode (like Smallville's "Blank" was), but it ended up being a bit of a mess IMO.


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Supergirl had another direct reference to Batman tonight.  He's never gonna appear (or even get a proper mention) but it's nice to know he's out there smile