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Well there's the thought that Disney might want them all back for the streaming service, but there's also a thought that Disney might not want anything old or tarnished on the streaming service.  I think the Netflix shows might be successful in their own right, but Disney might want to lead more with a Loki show or a Scarlet Witch show.  Something more tied to the MCU.

If that's the case, it's kinda sorry on Marvel's part.  If the Netflix shows being cancelled are being cancelled, I think we'd need a Defenders season 2 to wrap stuff up and give the Marvel Netflix - averse a conclusion.  If it ends like it ends now, I'd be very disappointed.


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ireactions wrote:

Season 3 had some fun with this where Barry got upset at having to share the lab with Draco Malfoy. Season 3 also had some fun with STAR Labs trying to earn money with the Flash Museum. Money hasn ever made sense on THE FLASH.

It doesn't make sense on any of the shows.  Legends, I suppose, doesn't matter because they're on such a technologically advanced ship that it might as well be magic.  Like Star Trek, the ship provides them all their basic needs.

Supergirl avoids most of the problems because the characters are always employed.  Kara has always had a job at CatCo.  Same with Alex, Winn, James, etc.  I do wonder how J'onn will be able to fend for himself when he quit the DEO, but I could also see him saving pretty much every non-essential dollar he had so he might be okay for a brief hiatus.

Arrow is the weirdest one for me.  Oliver had a ton of money so the first part of the series doesn't worry about money.  Then the Queens all die and Thea has to depend on Malcolm to survive.  But Oliver didn't have a job or any way of pulling in money for a while.  For some of it, he was depending on Felicity....who, as CEO (as unlikely as that is) would have virtually unlimited pay.  But then she was fired and neither of them had a job.  Again, maybe Felicity had a golden parachute, but they don't really make any attempt to understand where Oliver gets any money until he becomes mayor.

What's crazy is that, while Flash plays it hard and fast with money with all its characters, Arrow doesn't.  Rene struggles with money and lives in an apartment in a bad part of town.  Roy was always struggling with money.  Poor people exist in the series and some of them are prominent, but the protagonist just seems to have money whenever he needs it.

I do think a lot of these shows get by with the help of random millionaires/billionaires.  Smallville had Lex and Oliver and Tess.  Arrow had the Queens and Ray and Felicity.  Flash had Wells.  Supergirl has Lena and Cat.  People who, when times get tough, can pay for random things and write it off as a symbol of friendship.


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I hadn't noticed, but you're right.  Doing a lazy check on twitter, a lot of people are concerned, but no one seems to know anything.


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I mean they've done stuff like this in the comics before.  What if Superman was raised by the Waynes?  What if Bruce Wayne was a Green Lantern?  That's the kind of Elseworlds stuff that is fun to play around with.

It can be a fun little story where it's not bogged down by continuity, and the actors/fans can have a little fun with something different.

I was actually pretty psyched to see that poster.  I think it'll be cool.


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I didn't read your Arrow opinions so maybe that's what it's about.....but isn't this exactly what you're looking for?  Something completely out of continuity where they could do fun stuff with it without bending the plot?


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Yeah but if you're going to pick a series, wouldn't it be the one about the bad guys?  They aren't giving him Superman or even something like Shazam.  We're talking about a franchise where one of the leads has killed tons of children...

I still think his vision fits.  If he's a criminal, he shouldn't direct it.  If he's just making jokes, I think he can make a great Suicide Squad movie.


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Informant wrote:

If Disney does pick up the show, I hope they allow crossovers with the other shows still. With Danny making a big deal of Matt's death in season 2 of Iron Fist, it seems like those two should probably interact again at some point.

If they're moving Iron Fist to the streaming service, I'm guessing they'd eventually move all of them.  That's what I sorta meant.  Daredevil is just releasing season 3.  Jessica Jones is filming season 3 now.  Punisher season 2 is in pre-production.  Depending on whether or not Luke Cage was renewed for season 3 before or after the streaming service was official and in business, Iron Fist might've been the first show that they could've made the renew/cancel decision for.

If that's the plan, I'd expect to get a cancellation notice for Daredevil in the next couple months.  If it gets renewed, maybe they're just moving away from Danny and Colleen.


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Oh wow.  That's terrible.  Like I said, I think Iron Fist Season 2 might've been the 3rd or 4th best season on Netflix.  It was shorter and cleaner with a strong villain and well-defined characters.  I definitely would've rather cancelled Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, which is sorta shocking after how Iron Fist started.

But you're right - this might've been the first show they could slot on the Disney Streaming Service because maybe they'd renewed the other shows before this started.  One story I saw said that Disney wanted to renew it so there's a good chance that's what happens.  Would love to get confirmation of that soon, though.

I also wouldn't mind if they did Heroes for Hire.  Danny/Luke/Misty/Colleen would be solid.


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I watched Solo: A Star Wars movie.

That sure was a movie that I watched.

(that's my entire review)


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Informant wrote:

I was thinking about the crossovers, and I decided that it'd be cool to see a crossover event that takes place entirely in another universe. They could have a world where Kara is Power Girl, Oliver and Laurel are a couple, and stuff like that. More like what the comic book fans would recognize, and without the need to come up with a reason for them to bring everyone together. I think that'd be fun.

There's a really good chance at least some of this happens, based on what I've read so far.


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It's possible that Gunn wasn't the main reason why Guardians 1 was great.  I don't know.  I just feel like a quirky, edgier ensemble film is the right place for him at DC.  If it sucks, it's not a key cog in the DCEU.


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Informant wrote:

The question is, are they just looking for him to write a Guardians movie and swap out the names? Because while the movies had some similarities, they weren't exactly the same type of movies.

Well, it could be argued that Suicide Squad could be more up Gunn's alley than Guardians ever was.  Gunn, obviously, has an affinity for more violent, adult content than he ever got to play around with at Marvel.  Letting him play around in a sandbox with a bunch of charismatic criminals might actually be something perfectly suited for him.

As for why they're pursuing him, I think he's obviously got some talent.  Is he a pedophile...I really can't say.  All I can say is that he seems like a decent guy from his social media, and if he didn't do anything legally wrong and if he's sorry for being immature...then I'm willing to give him another chance.  And if he got Suicide Squad, it'd be another in the line of strong directors bringing a unique voice to DC movies.  I'd be pretty psyched to see what he can do with it.


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I mean, again, putting aside whatever happened in Gunn's personal life, if DC is going to hire him (and it was widely reported that they want to), I think Suicide Squad is the franchise to give him.  It's a quirky, sorta off to the side, group of misfit characters in a distorted/zany universe of its own.  Guardians worked with a nice ensemble cast of characters, and I think Gunn could do the same with the Suicide Squad cast (which, if anything, was well cast).

It'd be better than giving him something like Flashpoint, Cyborg, New Gods, etc.


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James Gunn might be the guy to write and direct the new Suicide Squad movie.

His personal life aside, I think that might be a fantastic match for him, content-wise.


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I finished Iron Fist Season 2, and I agree with ireactions' assessment of the whole thing.  It, sorta, spoiled the way that the season ended up going, but I thought it was a really fun season.  I think it's easily the best season in a while and ranks up with Daredevil season 1 and Jessica Jones season 1 as one of the better Netflix Marvel seasons.  It's incredible the way they made all the boring characters into people I was interested in watching and following.

And while I don't understand the ending, I liked it.  Looking forward to more Danny and Colleen.


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Man, I don't know why the GOP is willing to die on the Brett Kavanaugh hill.

Even if he's 100% innocent of all charges, I thought his hearing was awful.  He's unlikable, and his temperament doesn't belong anywhere near the Supreme Court.  I don't know how this guy was chosen.


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I've been considering getting into comic books, but the whole thing just seems so daunting.  Even with things like DC Universe and Comixology, tracking which stories go where and which issues of other runs I have to read to follow major storylines just seems like too much.


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Damn, I looked it up, and that's still six years away.  They probably should've picked a closer date.  I'm not sure any of the shows will be on the air in 2024.


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This years Crossover title will be "Elseworlds" - so this could be an out-of-continuity story so that they don't have to worry about in-series continuity.  They could also have, perhaps, a dead Batman without having to commit one way or another to Batman on Earth 1.

https://tvline.com/2018/09/26/arrowvers … an-gotham/


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Well, I wonder if WB could've used a successful tactic from the days of old and done serials of sorts.  What if, instead of two $300 million movies, they did 12 $50 million movies?  Hire young actors/actresses and lock them into 10+ movie contracts, and do stories that don't require a bunch of special effects.  Every month, release a movie.  A Batman noir detective story.  The origin of Barry Allen.  A grounded Wonder Woman story.  Green Arrow.  Every movie is about 90 minutes, and if you want, do a 10-15 minute mini-movie about someone like the Question or Blue Beetle or someone like that.

Maybe after the first year, they start bumping into each other.  Batman meets Flash.  Cyborg meets Wonder Woman.  And then you start seeing some blue woosh every once in a while.  Characters start talking about an invulnerable man with incredible strength.  Maybe Barry sees a man running pretty fast - maybe as fast as he is.  Maybe you get a Supergirl movie where Kara is trying to understand what's happened to her and looking for her cousin.

Then you do one big budget film as Superman shows up, steps out of the shadows, and the Justice League rises to face some big villain.

So it's the ireactions idea - small-screen stories bumped up for the big screen, told like they were on television on a budget that's fairly easy to get back.  Probably too much to coordinate but I think you'd just need to run it like the Arrowverse is run and churn everything out as best as you can.


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Apparently Thomas Wayne is going to be in it so it'll definitely have connections to DC.  I think it could actually be one of the "better" DC movies because it's so simply its own thing, and it won't have to worry about franchises or anything like that.


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Well, this doesn't sound very good.

http://www.superherohype.com/news/42206 … e#/slide/1


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http://www.superherohype.com/news/42199 … ker-makeup


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Daredevil Season 3 is going to come out October 19.  That means, in a 12-month period, all five Netflix shows will have released a season.  Pretty cool.

I've liked the first half of Iron Fist season 2.  It's a lot more fun.  I'd actually like to see a Heroes For Hire series with Luke Cage and Danny, but I don't know if that's possible with the ending of Luke Cage (not even knowing how Iron Fist ends).  I'd rather have that show than a third season of either show separately.


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What did Johns want for Green Lantern?


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See, I really don't think anything nefarious is going on.  It could be nothing more than an adjustment to the way an industry like Hollywood releases news.  If WB is, in fact, leaking stuff to negotiate in the media, then there used to be a very simple way that this was done - they'd tell a reporter at variety or whatever and it'd get released as a rumor through an outlet or two.

Now any of us could have a web site or a twitter, and it wouldn't take much to start a rumor.  And with all these people trying to one-up each other for a scoop, some people could tweak the rumor to be "right" when it happens.  And it works the other way too.  People could make up a rumor, claim to be an anonymous source, and then get a story on a smaller site.  Then the bigger sites, trying for a scoop, report it.

I hope that they get it worked out.  I liked Cavill in Justice League, and I think he wants the role.  And it's a cameo...this is something they need to figure out.


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The only reason I mention that Aquaman is a step away from the DCEU is that Wan has repeatedly said that it's "isolated" from the rest of the DCEU.  Which is fine...like I said, there don't have to be shoehorned Justice League cameos for no reason.  But if the movie doesn't address the growth Arthur's character went through in Justice League, it'll be weird.

I heard something about DC finally naming their universe officially "The Worlds of DC" - but that might be a more-inclusive label for all their properties, including animation, TV, and video games.

And, again, this is where a spokesman/figurehead/centerpiece would be beneficial.  Just someone to stand up when rumors happen and say "listen, I'm the only one who is speaking officially on this.  Cavill is not out.  Aquaman and Shazam are very much in our connected universe, which is proceeding.  The Joker movie is (blank).  We're excited about developing movies for (whoever) and you'll get more information on that when it's ready."

It doesn't have to be anyone with any real power at DC.  If they don't want a Kevin Feige, they don't need one.  But someone who can speak for the company when rumors start swirling.

But maybe they don't care.  Maybe they like the rumors.  Maybe they create the rumors themselves to float ideas.  I have no idea.


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I'd be more inclined to believe that there's a singular vision for this if there wasn't a standalone Joker movie.  It's not a DCEU prequel because they're looking to hire someone to play Thomas Wayne, and they haven't approached Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Then there's all the talk that the Batman movie is outside of continuity.  That Aquaman doesn't really connect to the DCEU (it, at least, has consistent actors). It seems, at least, that they wanted/still want Superman to appear in Shazam, and there's a lot of DCEU references in that movie.

It just seems inconsistent on whether or not they're committed to sticking with what was essentially Zach Snyder's universe.  I don't think they need to replicate Marvel - the way they're doing things is okay.  I just would like for there to be some sort of indication that they have a plan.  If they want to do a shared universe, cool.  If they want to do Elseworlds, cool.  But if they do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, I think they're going to lose the non-comic audience.


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Well, I think WB has no idea what they're doing.  I think they gave Snyder the bandwidth to make his three-part story, and that's essentially all they had.  Without Snyder, they're scrambling for someone to have a vision.  In the mean time, they had Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, which had their own separate visions that really didn't tie into the Snyder movies.  With Wonder Woman 1984 still keeping itself separated from the regular continuity (as another prequel), Aquaman doing its own thing, and the Joker movie being in a completely separate continuity (unless they surprise us all and end it with a Jared Leto cameo of Joker being someone like Jason Todd or Dick Grayson), they're moving away from a shared universe.

I don't think their strategy is a bad one.  All these movies don't have to tie together like Marvel does.  There's no need to shoehorn Cyborg into an Aquaman movie to make it work.  Wonder Woman has a huge hole to fill in her history, and doing a movie in the 80s makes sense.  And if Joker is an Elseworld, then it opens up the idea of doing other Elseworlds.  It might even make it easy to replace actors or follow the model from the animated movies (where each movie is its own thing, and voices are always changing).

But I'm still looking for someone to have a vision for where this universe/multiverse is going.  WB has been very reactionary, and it's messed with the tone of both the universe itself and the individual movies.  They're trying to copy everything about the Marvel model except for the stuff that makes Marvel feel cohesive - singular leadership at the top whose sole purpose is to keep the universe feeling connected and moving forward.


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The new rumor is that they're considering Michael B. Jordan as Superman.

Because that worked really well last time....


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The main problem, in regards to the media, is the fact that no one is the face of DC right now.  I hate to keep harking on the Feige thing, but if Feige says something, it's news.  It's official.  At DC, it's the Wild West so rumors are free to run wild and rampant.

With dozens of ideas floating around tied to dozens of creatives, it's hard to tie down what's really happening at DC.  Only a couple of movies are official, and it does seem like DC is in the process of going from more of a shared universe to more of a multiverse concept with a standalone Joker movie and a potentially-standalone Batman movie among the likelier films to get made.

Rumors like this don't happen at Marvel - good or bad.  I think that's because everything flows through Feige.  If he hasn't confirmed it, it's not real.  When there's no one to confirm or deny, anything is potentially true.


Speaking of rumors, there was a thought that WB might want Kit Harrington star as Batman.  That's just such a bad idea that I'm hoping Informant's thoughts on the media is 100% right.


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I use this when the credits start no matter what movie I'm watching.  They have a spoiler warning so you can easily see if a film has mid or end credits sequences without spoiling what they are.


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Oh yeah you need to find those.  There's even a deleted one that they put back in which was pretty funny.


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I really liked it.  Fun cameos.  Exciting actions.  Solid jokes.

I could definitely nitpick how the end credits completely undermines the entire emotional impact of the story, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't matter in a movie like this.

I was shocked that Hugh Jackman didn't have a cameo, though.


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I truly respect people who dress well consistently.  I've always been a fan of casual/comfortable clothes, and I always feel out of sorts dressed up.  Even at formal events, I just feel awkward.

I'm much more like Tom Welling.  Only fashion-wise haha.


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Has anyone ever seen the Netflix show Sense8?

I finished season 2 and the finale movie last week.  It's a really interesting show in that I'm not sure if it's great or if it tries too hard.  There's definitely some cool action sequence (it is the Wachowskis after all), but the mechanics of how the sensates work don't make a lot of sense and isn't consistent.  And I'm not sure they accomplished the kind of world-building that I think they wanted to do.  But visually, at times, the show looked great.  Even when the show would devolve into huge orgies, making me uncomfortable whenever I tried to watch on my iPad at the gym smile

Anyone else watch this?  Curious to know others' thoughts.


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Yeah I need to make sure to rent this before all the TV shows kick back into gear. I still can't believe I didn't see this in theaters.


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Does Tom Welling have an age-appropriate daughter named Erin?

Or is there a version of Smallville comics where Clark and Lois have a daughter named Erin?


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The day after the election was over, the popular article was "who is going to run in 2020?"  Outlets easily came up with 20 candidates.  None of whom even tried to run in 2016.

Only two people have made any effort to beat Hillary Clinton in a Democratic primary.  One was a no-name junior senator from Illinois, and one was a no-name senator from Vermont who wasn't even a Democrat.  She lost to one of them, and she made sure there was no way she'd lose the next one.  She'd essentially won the nomination with Superdelegates before a single vote was cast.

I think she completely bungled the Bernie stuff because there was zero reason for that to get nasty.  There was zero chance that Bernie was going to beat her, and her winning his supporters over should've been the easiest thing in the world.  Then she went into the general election so confident in her victory that she didn't even campaign in several "home run" states.  She lost some of those states.

Let's not forget that it was the Clintons that actually helped convince Trump to run.

https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2015/08 … l-run-2016

Of all the people to blame for Trump, Hillary Clinton and her lust for power has to be pretty high on the list.

* And before anyone says "Oh my God, Hillary lost and people are still kicking her into the ground." - that actually goes toward my point.  This is a woman who, fair or not, people despise.  There have been articles going back to 1992 that discuss, at length, why people just don't like her.  She rubs people the wrong way.

And that's exactly why she was the wrong candidate in 2016.  There were people that were never going to vote for her, and there were people that were going to vote for the other candidate just so she wouldn't win.  As beloved as she is by her supporters, she's *hated* by so many other people.  If the Democrats had run a legitimate primary (I don't mean anything other than the fact that only one true Democrat even ran), and if they'd picked almost any other candidate, more people would've been energized to go vote against Trump and less people would've held their nose and voted for Trump.


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Grizzlor wrote:

PS: I think Mike Pence's politics are highly distasteful, but he is NOT a criminal.  Couldn't be less of a fan, but again, he has morals, is somewhat intelligent, 100% a Patriotic family, and at the worst, would represent the nation with dignity.  Trump is a shit stain on the history of the United States, and I want him out removed yesterday.  Pence has zero shot of being re-elected anyway.

I don't know if you can separate Pence from Trump.  Unless Pence was kept completely in the dark about everything, he has to know something.  Probably couldn't nail him on anything, but he'd have to be tainted by this.

And his reelection would depend almost exclusively on what the Dems throw out.  Most reasonable candidates would win, but if the Democratic Party tries anything stupid, they can lose again.


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TemporalFlux wrote:

The latest I’ve seen is that Sony is wanting to do a solo Kraven the Hunter movie; and I honestly have no idea where you take him without an existing super-heroic universe to put him in.  Kraven’s whole motivation is finding more dangerous game because he’s already bested every animal on earrh.

I've heard an explanation that makes sense - Kraven shows up to hunt Venom.


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My buddy and I are considering doing a podcast in an area that's already saturated with no serious hope of it being super successful.  When we were talking about it, we decided that we wanted to do it because it'd be fun - it wouldn't even necessarily be for other people, it'd be for us.

I'm only saying that to say if you feel any compulsion to make a REBORN website, you should.  Web space is cheap or free, and website-building skills are relevant.  If that's the area you want to build around, you should.


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Black Panther comes to Netflix soon so you'll have that one for free at least.  I still think Infinity War is worth the $2 Redbox fee since it's just so incredible to have that many characters in one movie and for it not to be a cluster.

Although you'll think it's a cluster.

And I liked Danny and Luke working together, and I thought there were some good fight scenes using their powers.  Better than some of the stuff in the Defenders.  I think the problem with the Defenders is that Luke and Jessica are essentially the same powerset, and Daredevil and Iron Fist are essentially the same as well.  There's obviously slight differences, but it's a lot of either kung fu or brute strength.


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The only stuff that worries me, re: impeachment, is whether or not any of it really is going to have an impact.  If you're the Democrats, would you spend your time trying to impeach Trump in 2019 or just spend 2019 trying to get the party back in order?  Because there's a decent chance that the impeachment could happen in the election year if it happens at all.  If you win, you still have to find a solid candidate to run against Pence (or someone the Republicans choose if Pence is too close to Trump), but if you lose, you've solidified the Trump base right in time for the election.

I'd absolutely pursue it, but at this point, Trump's about halfway through his term.  You're almost out of the dark, and the first primaries will be here before we know it.

Speaking of that, in my neck of the woods Beto O'Rourke is making a ton of waves against Ted Cruz.  I think it's Info that's a big fan of Cruz, but Beto's campaign is definitely making a lot of noise.  If he can somehow beat Cruz, I think he's a real threat to Trump in 2020.  There was talk of Texas flipping for blue in 2016 (and it wasn't that close), but if the Democratic candidate is from Texas and finds a way to win his home state, then Trump's toast.


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Because I like you, here's the fight scene with Misty and Colleen smile


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Ummmm, spoilers I guess.

Misty and Colleen have become better friends.   There's a fairly cool fight sequence in a bar where the two of them are fighting off a bunch of assholes.  I don't remember which episode but it'd be fairly easy to scan and find if you know which episode Colleen is in.

Danny and Colleen got Misty a robot arm.  It seems to have no issues and she uses it at an expert level.  It doesn't do anything that a regular human arm doesn't do, but it's stronger.  This is only relevant because Misty is in Iron Fist.

There's an episode that Danny guest stars on.  You can/should watch that episode, not because it gives any insight to what Danny has been doing, but because it's the best episode of Luke Cage season 2 and the Danny Rand there might be a better representation of the Danny Rand you'll see in Season 2.  The two of them work together well, and there's some cool action sequences that take advantage of their power sets.  And you shouldn't be too confused on what's happening because it takes place right after a big thing and before another big thing.


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Well, for the MCU as a whole, it sucks because Phase 4 was/is supposed to be more cosmic.  Between the Guardians and Captain Marvel and the Earthbound Avengers meeting the Guardians, it was supposed to create more space stuff.  And clearly the Guardians are a big part of that, and Gunn was a big part of what made the Guardians successful.

Now is it all Gunn?  Is it replicable with another director?  If Dave Bautista holds his ground, would they kill off Drax or recast him like they did with Rhodey and Banner?  Or will they go Cosmic some other way?

I don't know.  But if they get the Fantastic Four, that's one way to do it.  Spider-Man replaced the Inhumans when the latter petered out.  And the Guardians, like the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, has had a varied lineup.  It can survive Gunn or Bautista leaving.  That's somewhere they could put Hulk, for example.  Or someone like Vision.


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Yeah I don't get the idea that Gunn is the same guy who'd make jokes like that.  Like I said, I followed him on Twitter for months, and I never saw anything like that.  He seemed to have a lot of compassion for various people, and he was happy to engage almost anyone that was interested.  I know that doesn't say much about his private life, but he certainly never made off-color jokes like that.

I ended up not following him for political reasons, but it was just because I was tired of the political argument in general, not because of his specific arguments or the way he treated anyone.


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Well, he was and he wasn't.  If he hadn't gone after Trump, those tweets wouldn't have been unearthed.  It would've been the same the other way too - if Gunn was adamantly defending Trump, he would've been the same kind of target, and the tweets would've been unearthed.  If he'd stayed quiet on the whole issue, there's no way this would've come up because 1) by all accounts, Marvel already knew about it and 2) no one would've spent any time digging through James Gunn's social media.

And that's sorta my whole point in this - if you go deep enough into someone's past, you're going to find something that people would be offended by.  It wouldn't necessarily be anything damning or fireable, but everyone's done or said or written something that they wouldn't want the world to see.  And if you're a public figure on either side of this political war, someone's going to spend all their time digging until they find something to discredit you.

My point is that there needs to be a line somewhere.  If Gunn is a pedophile, he needs to be gone.  If Gunn thought that pedophile jokes were funny at a time when he was less mature....and now he's grown up and apologized and is just as horrified by those jokes as everyone else....Disney still has the right to fire him, but other companies that feel he's changed have the right to hire him and he can work again.

Does the former alcoholic have the right to sober up?  Does the former cheater have the right to prove he can stay faithful?  Is it possible to change in this political climate, and, even more important, do we have any appetite for forgiving people that disagree with us?