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Informant wrote:

However, I think it's more of a challenge than people are expecting.

I'll certainly be grading it on a curve.  To take all these huge characters and somehow make a movie that makes any level of sense will be impressive on its own.  I'm expecting it to either be a clusterf*ck on at least one level, and that's how I'm going to rate it.

The Russo Brothers have come out and said that the two main characters in the movie are Thanos and Thor.  So if they're gonna spend any time developing Thanos as a character and if they're able to determine that there *is* a main character, then a lot of these guys are going to be background characters.  And if you're a big fan of Scarlett Witch and she doesn't get an important role, you're just going to have to get over it, unfortunately.


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Well I agree and disagree.  Regarding the size of the cast and character work...it's not necessarily crucial for a lot of this in that film.  It's probably not necessary for, say, Dr. Strange to learn a valuable lesson in this movie.  All these characters aren't going to need to change and/or grow for them to serve their purpose.  He might just need to be there to say some spells, open some portals, and show how powerful the villain is.  And, I think, that's okay.

There are obviously three levels of MCU heroes - there's the original Avengers who have had solo films (so just Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America), the next gen of solo-film heroes (your Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, the Guardians, Black Panther), and everyone else (which would include secondary heroes like Falcon and even original Avengers like Black Widow).

This movie is doing to focus, character-wise, on the originals....since these next two movies are supposed to be a passing of the torch of sorts.  Robert Downey Jr. is going to be too expensive at some point, even if he's game.  Chris Evans has said he's done.   Hemsworth said that Ragnarok energized him, but he won't do this forever.  There's only so much for the Hulk to do since he can't have solo films.

So if this movie is about Tony finally coming to terms with all he's done....with Captain America finally making the ultimate sacrifice, with Banner getting the peace he's always wanted, and Thor growing as a hero....then I think it's fine if every other character just sorta shows up and says their catchphrase.  Because, soon, it'll be their time to step up and carry the emotional weight.


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I bought tickets to see Infinity War on opening night.  Whether or not the movie lives up to the hype, I want to see it the same time as everyone else.


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The Walking Dead / Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is the #1 show that I claim to "hate watch" - I watch it even though I'm never 100% sure why.  I always kinda dread it coming back because it means I have to add it to my watching schedule even though I sorta hate the premise and hate most of the characters.  But I've lasted longer than most and have put in so much time that I'd feel weird about just abandoning it.  I've become the walking dead....

So when Fear the Walking Dead was announced, I thought it was a good time to remind myself that I don't like this show.  But then they tricked me....it was going to be a prequel.  And since the time right before and right after a zombie apocalypse is the most interesting to me (because of how many things would have to go wrong for it to happen), I was interested.  So I watched.

And then the show did what all zombie media do....it flash forwarded.  Now Fear was just The Walking Dead on the west coast with characters I still didn't love.  I wasn't necessarily hate watching it yet, but I watched because I watched.  The show started to feel a little more fresh because it started to be a little more fast and loose with its premise.  Main characters were able to change and grow, and the show kept me on my toes.

There was talk since the beginning of crossing the two shows over.  The only problem....Fear was still technically a prequel.  It had time jumped, but it hadn't time jumped that much.  So when a crossover was announced, especially around the time that Fear was wrapping up its 3rd season (when the narrative pointed toward a move to Houston), it was assumed that a logical character to cross over would be Abraham Ford.  He was a character on seasons 4-7 of the Walking Dead who was a fan favorite, was dead on the main show, and had a history in Texas.  Adding him to Fear would make sense in the timeline and would add some juice to Fear.

But then they announced that it was...Morgan.  Morgan was certainly a fan favorite, and his past is a little murky.  So even up until the premiere of Fear, the new walking theory (pun included) was that it'd fill in some gaps in Morgan's storyline.  He'd been a bit of a wanderer, and some time spent in Texas might make sense.  Or, of course, having the Fear characters start in Texas and end closer to where Morgan might be could work.

Either way, it was thought that Morgan would die on the Walking Dead so he could live on Fear the Walking Dead.

And then they did something completely different....

He didn't die.  Then started the episode of Fear in the present day with some Walking Dead characters.  Maybe it'd frame his time in Texas as some sort of flashback?  Nope.  It stays in the present day of Walking Dead and has him travel to Texas.  The whole episode is basically a pilot for "The Morgan Show" with all new characters.  Only at the end do we understand what's happened.

Morgan didn't adapt to Fear the Walking Dead.  Fear the Walking Dead adapted for Morgan.  The whole show time-jumped in some weird backdoor pilot for a spinoff of itself. 

And you know what?  It was good!  Morgan makes sense as a character who would wander from one show to another, and now the two shows work hand in hand.  More crossovers are possible, not just from main characters but factions from one show could impact factions from the other show.  And, assuming they stay in their respective places, they're also far enough apart (and transportation slow enough) that they're not going to get lost in a fog of "connected universe problems" where "why didn't that happen?"

I don't know if Morgan was moved to bolster ratings for Fear or if it was done out of story necessity....but whatever they did, it worked. 

For now smile


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It was kinda cool to have Oliver wear the old Hood uniform again.  Although, looking at it now, I'm not sure how we ever took that look seriously.

I also thought the Legends finale was pretty solid.  That show can be fun when it wants to be, and it showed that it has a decent amount of it's own lore to pull on.  Supergirl is back tonight.

And a funny thing happened to me while I was watching the Flash.  When Barry "benched" Ralph, I absolutely thought "wait, does Barry have the authority to bench someone?"  I honestly wasn't sure if The Flash was powerful enough in his own team to make decisions like that big_smile

And the Wells stuff is interesting.  I wonder if they're setting up for him to be the real Thinker.


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Well, and these roles could've been filled by new characters that could flesh out the world.  Or returning characters that could be secretly working for Asmodeus - like Garth.  Or it could be another young hunter that Sam and Dean try to help out (maybe to fill in for the loss of Jack) that ends up betraying them.

For the witches....bring in a new character to be a powerful witch.

For the archangel, if you want to resurrect someone, use Raphael.  Or, you know, since you already have a Michael on the show...use a rehabilitated Michael.  They're already going with "tortured Gabriel" - they could've just as easily used Michael.


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Gabriel's fake out death both makes some sense (in a Loki sort of way), but I still don't like it.  I feel like Lucifer would've noticed.

And it's still one of my favorite scenes, and for it to be retconned just really upsets me.  *Especially* since I liked the character.  His death might've been the most effective in the entire series.  Maybe more than John's.


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Hahah that's not what I was expecting.

Poor Informant.


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Informant wrote:




I guess I'm watching this tonight.


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Well, the crux of this post is about how there's spoilers (based on legit set footage, scanned scripts, etc) and crowdsourcing spoilers through theories.  In the late 90s, there wasn't reddit.  The Expert might've had legit spoilers, but everyone knew they were spoilers.  If you didn't want to be spoiled, you didn't have to look.

What's happening now is:

1. A lot of shows/movies are mystery-based.  Back with Sliders, you couldn't spoil yourself with a theory "I think they're going to do an episode where they find Rembrandt's Caddy!" because it wasn't serialized.  Now shows are serialized mystery boxes.

2. There are these massive communities that become spoiler-creating think tanks.  They're efficient enough, as I said, that they can figure out an entire season-long mystery in one night.  And these theories are indistinguishable from spoilers now.  And theories, of course, don't have to be labelled as a spoiler because it isn't concrete.  Not only that, the transfer of information now makes it spread even faster.

One guy can have a theory about the end of Westworld Season 1....it gets spread around Reddit, where tons of evidence supporting it is added....and then someone tweets the abridged version.  Then someone sees it on Twitter and tells a group of friends what they heard.  Now a person is being spoiled by both Reddit and Twitter despite not getting it from Reddit or Twitter.

Obviously there have been spoilers forever, but the way people are being spoiled is changing.  And the idea that the Westworld people had, even though it ended up being a joke, is a creative way to try and deal with that.


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I read the title today and thought it sounded too much like a Westworld thread.  Which it obviously isn't.  Changed it smile


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ireactions wrote:

The problem is that if you recast, why call it SLIDERS at all? Why pay royalties when a new title and characters with different names would see a new creator receive the full share of the money?

This is essentially the biggest point in my mind.  If Sliders was truly more popular than we think it is, or if it was doing really well on iTunes or DVDs or Hulu or reruns.....someone would take advantage of that.  Or would, at the very least, TRY to take advantage of that.

Take Battlestar Galactica.  This was a show, like Sliders, that was saved by a letter-writing campaign.  It has a small but cult-ish following.  The brand, for some, meant something.  Original star Richard Hatch tried for *years* to bring it back, only failing because Sci-Fi went with a reboot.  It didn't work, but Galactica had a champion.  There were novels and several attempts to bring the series back into the limelight.

With Sliders, we had a Funny or Die video.  That's basically it.  The show itself has popped back up, either on DVD or in reruns, but that's been just about it.  There's no one really championing the cause (outside of us - since there's been tons of original writing about the show - just nothing approaching mainstream).  We've heard that there were attempts here and there, but I don't know if those attempts went anywhere.  We've never heard of a script being written for this feature film that was rumored to be pitched.  People seem interested in it, but no one seems to be willing to do much about it.

Like I said before, I think Jerry might have the juice to get something done somewhere.  Maybe not a feature film but a TV miniseries?  A short run somewhere like Netflix or Hulu or Freeform or wherever?  But that would depend on who owns the rights and whether or not it'd be worth it for someone to get them.

So with no real champion, we're left with "the brand isn't popular enough to warrant a reboot" (yet).  Otherwise, someone would've done it.  I say "yet" because, eventually, everything will have been remade and Sliders will get its shot smile


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Well I think that's sorta the plan here, even if it ended up being a joke.  If you just give people the information they want, they won't try and figure it out on their own.  Because people that are trying to "figure out the mystery" are, essentially, trying to spoil it for themselves.  Instead of enjoying the mystery, they're trying to outsmart it.

And since theories are now turning into spoilers, they just want to cut out the middleman in a way.

Yesterday, the producers of Westworld trolled some people on Reddit.  If you want the full background, here's an article on it:

http://www.superherohype.com/news/41464 … ans-reddit

What I'd like to talk about is the idea itself.  The letter posted to Reddit actually makes some compelling points.  In a world of crowdsourcing ideas on places like Reddit, harmless theories can actually create massive spoilers.  It's a problem faced by many shows, and it's actually altering the content itself.  Sam Esmail (creator of Mr. Robot) actually de-emphasized a big twist in season two because he figured that people would figure it out before he was ready to unveil it.  He was right: viewers figured out the twist, with the limited knowledge they were given, in the season 2 premiere....five episodes before they were going to reveal the twist.

Westworld itself had a massive twist that was figured out weeks before it was revealed.  And for twists like this, it isn't only online nerds that get it spoiled for them.  I heard the twist from several different people, and I passed it along to many others.  It was a cool twist, and it was fun to talk about with other fans of the show.  One theory spread to many people via many mediums.

And what's interesting is that a theory isn't a spoiler by itself, and it usually isn't treated as such.  If you posit something as "I have an interesting theory about _____" instead of "Hey, this is what I read about ______" then people are apt to believe it.

So what do you do?  Do you alter your content so that mysteries aren't important (see: Star Wars: The Last Jedi vs the mystery boxes in Star Wars: The Force Awakens)?  Or would you actually do something like release the content ahead of time so that spoiler-seekers or curious minds don't ruin things for other people?  The rationale that Game of Thrones book readers didn't spoil the plot for non-readers is true.  Curious non-readers could've easily read the books themselves or read summaries to know what happens to certain characters.  The plot was out there if people wanted to look, and there was no reason to "theorize" what happened (and if one did, there was an easy way to verify).

It was played as a joke by Westworld, but I wonder if the reaction to it (that it was a genius move in a post-Reddit world) might influence other shows to actually go for it?  After all, is it a bad thing to ruin the show for people who want the show ruined?  Especially if, at the same time, you can save big reveals and epic surprises for people who legitimately want to be spoiled?


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Or Roy could be the villain.  Student vs. Teacher type stuff.


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Yeah but if Willa Holland is off the show, how could they pull off being married?  Would Willa come back for guest spots (like when Lyla shows up for Diggle scenes)?  Or would they be married but she never appears?

I do hope Thea gets a happy ending (you started it), but if the Season 7 big bad kills her, it could be a reason for Roy to rejoin the team.


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I mean I like his character and think he could be an asset to the show....but.....I don't understand what they're doing with it.

(Obviously going to give them a chance to make it work tongue)


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http://www.superherohype.com/news/41458 … ular-arrow

This is an odd development considering what happened a couple episodes ago...


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Well, I wouldn't go that far.  I think the villain this year is a nice change of pace, and I think he's a lot better than Zoom or Savitar.  What bothers me about him is that I don't really get a feel for what his actual motives are.  He seems like he wants to change the world for the better, and he was only fighting Flash because he stood between him and his goal.  That's certainly what his wife seems to think, and even though he's obviously moved beyond that, it's unclear what his *new* motives are.  Does he just want to prove that he can beat Flash now?  Once he does, does he have a goal?


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I still hate that Gabriel is back.


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Informant wrote:

I agree with that, I guess. The Iris stuff could work, but they just jumped to this point without explaining how it happened. If they wanted to explain that the team put her in charge after Barry was taken into the Speed Force because Caitlin was gone, Joe had a ton of work with the PD, and Cisco and Harry were too busy trying to figure out a way to get Barry back to spend their days monitoring radio chatter, it could have been interesting. Iris could have gotten the job because she had lost her place in the world. Then they could have turned it into a less sad story when she did really well at it, and wound up being this amazing partner to Barry when he came back.

Well, there were tons of ways they could've done it and made an emotional impact.  What if Joe insisted that she be the leader because he felt sorry for her.  And then, it turns out, she's really good at leadership, and she earns their respect.  Instead, it reminds me a little of the storyline on the Office where Nellie decided that she was the manager, sat in the chair, gave orders, and everyone just sorta went along with it.

They obviously put some thought because she makes sense in the role she's in.  But they apparently just decided to not explore the emotional side of it for whatever reason.


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I finally saw Black Panther.  SPOILERS below:


I liked it a lot.  I wasn't really aware of much of the character's history, but I really thought it sold him and his world.  It all felt very real, even though Wakanda has barely been mentioned in the previous MCU movies.  I thought just about everything about it (the acting, the worldbuilding, the costumes, the action, the character arcs) were above average for MCU.  For a first movie, it might be up there with the first Iron Man.

And the villain might be the best in the MCU altogether.  He's a guy who, while twisted, really makes some strong points about how Wakanda should work in the modern world.  And it's one of those rare movies where the villain essentially changes the path of the hero.

The racial stuff is pretty heavy-handed, but I think it's important for it to be heavy-handed at this point in our history.  I think it's important for black kids to have a hero like T'Challa right now, and I'm very glad that they're feeling empowered by him.  And I hope that they didn't make Killmonger's message *too* empathatic because it could, obviously be dangerous.

It was really fun and well-paced.  Considering how important the Black Panther characters are going to be in Infinity War, I'm glad that I saw it in time.



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I think the Iris stuff makes a lot of sense.....but I don't think they handled it very well.  Yes, it's been constant, but I don't think it was organically sewn into the material.  I think it's a great fit, and I think they could've easily sold it.  But, instead, she was just the leader without any on-screen discussion of it.

It's all sorta strange to me because I think her story could be really strong.  She wants to be a reporter, but she also wants to be a part of the team.  She sees all these people around her getting powers and taking charge of their lives, and she's just stuck in this weird limbo.  She got a taste of running the team during Flashpoint, and she got more when Barry was gone.  It's good, but it doesn't feel earned.

I thought the fight between Oliver and Diggle was cruel, but I think that was the point.  Oliver and John were so angry at each other that they weren't trying to make good arguments - they were going for the lowest of low blows.  There's a pause before Oliver says the Andy line, and I think it's supposed to indicate that Oliver is thinking of the worst thing he can say (and then he does).

I think getting Oliver to a point where he's truly alone after building this strong family is a really cool idea, but it also doesn't really feel that earned.  I think all these grievances are petty (even the injury to Rene) and could easily be worked out if they just dropped their egos for a second and had a real conversation.


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ireactions wrote:

I do think Slider_Quinn21 went way too far, way, way too far -- but the ideas themselves were pretty solid even if I objected to torturing and imprisoning the original cast.

The original Sliders were tortured all the time in the original series.  My original intent, in my head, was for the FBI to try and get the information out of them, but they'd just laugh it off because they'd all been through Kromagg torture techniques. smile


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I agree that Sliders probably makes more sense as a fully recasted reboot than a sequel.  Sliders doesn't have name value, and it's hard to get buzz going about the Sliders name.  And while it's true that I don't like rebooting a series and overwriting all it's previous history, I don't think that's the primary reason why I like my idea....it's that it'd take someone like Jerry to get it off the table.  And in that case, I think Jerry would rather play Quinn again than be recast as someone like Arturo (although that would be interesting).

It'd be fun to see the gang back together again, but I'm cool bringing the show back while touching upon its history.  Maybe I went a bit too far in my mind experiment, but I figure that if Quinn ever got home, the FBI would constantly be on him from the moment he got back.  I think, sadly enough, the government would do whatever it takes to unlock the secret, and they'd need a "Smarter Quinn" like Quinn had.

So maybe he made it home, and Quinn's living under an assumed name.  Rembrandt and Wade could probably have gotten away with going back to their own lives since they don't have the tech knowledge to help the FBI.  I could see Arturo disappearing into retirement never to be seen again.  So maybe in the Pilot, Quinn isn't down on his luck....maybe he goes to them.  Or maybe he finally gets caught.


Unfortunately, I think, at the end of the day, rebooting Sliders in any form doesn't really make sense.  The brand is old and not that beloved.  Outside of a "hey don't you remember that show?!?" references on the occasional genre production, the brand itself doesn't have a ton of value.  If you're going to do a show going from parallel universe to parallel universe, there's no need for the name because it doesn't add much.  Especially since the name costs money and just calling it "Vortexers" (titles are hard) is free.


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In the X-Files post, I talked about how I'd continue the X-Files.  Have a connection to the old series but don't make it a reboot.  In that sense, the connection I would choose is Quinn....although, with some work, I think it could work just as well with Wade.

It's 2018.  Quinn Mallory and the Sliders made it home some time ago.  (Editor's note: it doesn't matter which Quinn this is.  Either it's Season 1-2 Quinn with Seasons 3-5 redacted, it's Seasons 1-5 Quinn who was separated from Mallory and got home, or it's an all-new Quinn).  He's spent years working on sliding on his own, but he ran out of money some time ago.  The FBI has been pestering him to give him the sliding secret for years - he's been arrested, his friends have been arrested, he's been tortured...nothing worked. 

But Quinn has run out of options - sliding has become his life's work, and he has to fix the wrongs of his past.  He agrees to work with them, and he's brought to a massive, technologically magnificent lab.  He has brilliant scientists working for him, and he's free to work on whatever he wants.  But the government isn't giving him free reign - they want him to help them chart the multiverse.  They want him to lead a team of soldiers that go on exploratory missions.

Quinn refuses.  He's been out there, got lost, and he's not doing it again.  (Editor's note: He's in mid-40s, and he saw what sliding did to the Professor and Rembrandt.  Maybe he's married.  Maybe he has an adopted kid or something.  Either way, he's not interested).  But he has the next best thing - one of the things he's worked on is a miniature pinhole vortex that stays open indefinitely.  With it, he can stay in radio contact with the team at all times.

So Quinn leads the team as they go out into the multiverse, but there are tons of different factions at work.  Quinn's told that it's a simple exploratory mission.  But he also knows that there are factions in the government that are looking to steal resources from other worlds.  Or maybe even flee Earth Prime entirely (global warming or some other planetary threat).  Of course, Quinn has ulterior motives of his own - he's secured a few demands of his own, including the ability to send the team on missions of his own choosing.  What is Quinn looking for?  Or is it a who...?

For the most part, the team would be the star.  They'd go on missions, get in trouble, and find their way out.  For it to work, there'd need to be some sort of technological limitation (like random sliding)  to keep them from just leaving when things got tough.  And, of course, they'd have their own motives and reasons for going on the trip.


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Well, the CW is expanding their original content to six nights (I believe) so they also need to have enough content for an additional night 52 weeks a year.

All of the shows have dipped in quality, with (surprisingly) Legends as the only one that's willing to evolve and change.  I still think, as long as they're going to keep all these shows going, they need to start doing more fun stuff to keep it fresh.  I've talked ad nauseam about the need to change up the status quo and stir up lineups.  This would, ironically, be a great time to do a legit Flashpoint where we stick with the changes for a while.

But I don't think anything like that would happen, and the shows are gonna continue to feel stale.


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Supernatural is back for Season 14.

And Scoobynatural was tons of fun.


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All four Arrowverse shows were renewed today.  Black Lightning too.


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Possibly.  But since My Struggle IV is canon, I'm cool letting them have a happy ending.  Maybe Skinner wants to investigate them because they've fallen so far off the grid, but it feels like "saving Quinn" in season 5 of Sliders.  What's the point if you aren't sure if Gillian is ever going to come back?

To keep with the TNG analogy, when that show first started....I think the natural assumption was that the TOS crew lived happy lives.  We see McCoy, and we know that he lived to a nice, old age.  It wasn't until episodes like "Relics" and movies like "Generations" that we learned what really happened to them.  I'd like X-Files to, at the very least, give the illusion that Mulder and Scully lived happily ever after.

And maybe in season 3, we can learn the real truth.  Because, of course, they can't live happily ever after smile


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I like some of y'all's ideas for a continuation.  I think I might like Info's "Scully was dead the whole time" idea the best.

If it were me, I think I like "X-Files: the Next Generation" the best.  In the same way that I like a Sliders sequel to be Quinn, home on Earth Prime, sending out Sliders for various missions (an idea I toyed around with and outlined as an E214 sequel series).

I think you either use Mulder or Skinner or some other character connected to the series.  Heck, what if it's Kersch, who has some sort of weird supernatural episode and derails his own career to re-start the X-Files and investigate what happened to him.  He (any of the he's or any she) recruits two agents.  And in true Batman Beyond fashion, he recruits the same formula that worked in the past - a believer and a skeptic.  Gender-swap them if you want.  If it's Mulder, let him do most of his work on the phone or via television.  He's with Scully wherever they are.  If it's anyone else, have Mulder and Scully be retired.  Mention them but leave them be.  Maybe Mulder can show up in big Sweeps episodes to lend a hand.

But like TNG, let it be it's own thing.  That's how I'd handle it.


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Okay I finished it.  Nothing still really happened.  It was a really long chase scene, really.  And I just don't really know what the point of any of it was.  Was there a conspiracy or an alien pathogen or any of it?


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I started watching the finale and had to stop with about 15 minutes remaining (including commercials).

NOTHING HAD HAPPENED YET.  Like, literally, nothing.


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Well from what I heard, most of the political aspects were Roseanne defending her decision to vote for Trump and the rest of the family busting her balls for it.  If you looked online, I'd have assumed that the whole show is pro-Trump when it sounds like Roseanne is the only one on her own side.

I don't care about Trump.  I think he's a doofus, and I think he's totally in over his head.  But I also don't think that we need to vilify people that like him.  There used to be a dialogue between people that didn't get along.  It was how people got along with each other, and it was how understanding was found.  I might disagree with someone with the opposite beliefs, but understanding their POV is a goal of mine.  When you've cut out all your friends that disagree and cut out all the media that disagrees with you and formatted your social media to only include people that agree with you, you start believing that you're in the vast majority of sane people.  You've cut out the dialogue.  You've cut out the understanding.

It's easier to hate something you don't know and don't understand.


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Is it all new people running the animated division?  Is Bruce Timm still involved?  It doesn't seem like it from my (limited) research.


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Informant wrote:

I was reading a review of Roseanne, and the person reviewing it dinged the show because they couldn't believe that Roseanne not only voted for Trump, but because she expressed no remorse for her decision. They dinged the second episode because they couldn't see how a Trump supporter would possibly stand up for their "gender fluid" grandkid who had to face bullies at school.

Well, that's because we've stopped seeing each other as people with different political beliefs.  If you're a Republican, you see liberals as whiny, weak, East/West coast snobs who look down on hard-working people.  If you're a Democrat, you see conservatives as naive, prejudiced hillbillies who hate everything that isn't Fox News.

Voting for Trump doesn't mean that you agree with everything he does or everything he stands for.  There are countless issues, and everyone weighs those issues differently before they make their choice.  If your number one issue is (EXAMPLE) and your candidate is still advocating your side of (EXAMPLE) , then you'll support that candidate no matter what else they do.  You could be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal and you could vote for either party depending on a million factors in your own life and how they rank at any particular time.

So you can like what Trump has done with the economy and still support gay marriage.  Or protect children from bullies.  Or a hundred different things that Trump might not support.  It's not as black and white as people want it to be.  It wasn't 20 years ago when Roseanne first aired, and it isn't now.


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Should the politics of an entertainer impact your enjoyment of that person's work?

I've never watched Roseanne.  My parents didn't like her brand of comedy, and something about the show turned me off.  But it was widely popular with a lot of people, and it re-premiered the other night to huge numbers.

Roseanne Barr is a Trump supporter, and her character on the show is a Trump supporter.  This has called for a lot of anti-Trump people to boycott the show.  I was interested in reading about this so I went to Twitter.  I saw a lot of this:

"I loved the show back in the day, but I cannot support her if she's a Trump supporter."
"America doesn't want to see Trump supporters painted in a positive light"
"No one wants to watch a show done by a Trump supporter."
"If you watch this show, you're as bad as Trump."

Hollywood has always skewed liberal.  When the West Wing came out, it skewed to the left, but it was still a widely popular show.  Even with Republicans.  And while it focused on a Democratic White House, the Republican figures weren't shown as cartoonish monsters that were trying to pollute the Earth and destroy the poor.  People disagreed, there was a healthy debate, and democracy prevailed.

And I don't think watching a show by a liberal or even a show *about liberals* means that I agree with everything that the creators/writers/performers believe.  I disagree with a lot of entertainers but will still fork over money.  At the end of the day, I like the work and not the person.

We've become so divided that there's no more separation.  Conservatives hate Hollywood and are avoiding anything made by the "liberal left" - and liberals are trying to do the same with Roseanne.  Even people who admitted to liking the show when it first aired or people that admitted to liking the shows that aired *this week*.  To me, it shouldn't matter.  To a lot of people now, it really does.

Should it matter?  Will we eventually get to the point where there's "liberal" scripted television and "conservative" scripted television like the CNN/FOX divide with news?


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I didn't turn it off.  The plane landed and I stopped caring smile

If it were good, I'd probably have pursued the ending.  But there wasn't enough good to outweigh the bad.

So is the DC Animated stuff trying to aim to a more mature audience?


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Bad bizarre.  There were some good pieces, but it's got a weird sex scene at one point and a weird fart-joke scene in another.  And a couple different musical numbers.  It felt like a weird knock off movie, and Kevin Conroy's voice is the only thing that made me realize it was a legit thing.

I was on a plane and didn't finish it.  I don't know if I will.


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How tall are you, Grizzlor?


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Did anyone see the Batman and Harley Quinn DC Animated movie?  It was.....very bizarre.


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Note: I haven't watched the finale.  So I don't know what was wrapped up and what wasn't, but I assume based on what I've scanned that it's a mess.

All that being said....I don't like reboots.  Whatever the property, I like the idea that the previous continuity exists in one way or another.  I prefer a "Next Generation" format when it comes to follow-ups because you're building on a foundation, even if that foundation is weak or full of holes.

I'm completely cool with ireactions' idea for a second series, but I'd make it a second series.  Whatever the conspiracy between Mulder/Scully/CSM/etc ends up being, it's over.  It's done.  And assuming it being done doesn't end the world, I think it's done.

So Summer Glau's character shows up at the FBI, and she stumbles upon the record of Fox Mulder.  She has her own ties to the supernatural, and she's interested in the fact that these files show that werewolves and vampires and aliens are potentially real.  And whether Fox is dead and whether Scully is in England, it really doesn't have to matter.  There can be a new, fresh conspiracy with no ties to the original....whether or not the original conspiracy made any sense.

That way, the universe continues to grow.  Maybe we see the ripples from some of Mulder's work, even though Mulder may or may not appear.  X-Files fans can get their new adventures with new characters and new villains....while also knowing that nothing that ever happened previously has been erased.


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Oh geez.  Time sure flies.


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I haven't seen the finale, but I watched the penultimate episode (catching up from missing everything the week of my Honeymoon).  Alan Sepinwall says that it would've made a great finale, and I agree.  It definitely feels like the end of the Mulder and Scully adventures.  I don't know if it plays into the final My Struggle, but I could've easily seen that be the end.

One question I have - Duchovny seems really wooden this year.  I can't tell if he doesn't care or if he's just gotten bad at acting, but it just seems like he's reading his lines.  There doesn't seem to be much emotion behind them.  A lot of people claimed he was checked out last season, but this one seems just as bad (or worse).  Has anyone else thought that?  I think Gillian has been great, but Duchovny seems really out of it.  I know he's a good actor because I've seen it before.


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I don't write a lot in here, but I wanted to write and say that I got married last weekend smile


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pilight wrote:

Cars have uses besides hurting people.  Weigh the positives and negatives and nearly everyone will conclude the value of cars is greater than their hazards.

Well, here's my $0.02 as someone who doesn't like guns and doesn't own one.  Guns might not have value to you, but they clearly have value to millions of people who don't want to kill others.  And while it's easy to dismiss that as someone who doesn't like guns, I think it's important for the debate to take that into account.

So what might some of those reasons be, and what would be a safe and effective way to appease both parties.

"I like to hunt with guns"

This is a big thing for people.  Hunting can be a time-honored tradition with families, and guns are essential to the process.  People will fight hard for tradition and family and memories, and so I think there needs to be a hunting exemption. 

My idea - either you "rent" your guns from a specific office where you keep it (near a hunting ground) and you aren't allowed to take it off the ground.  If you only want the gun when you're hunting, this makes sense (just like how you rent bowling shoes or a paintball gun or ice skates).

"Guns are fun to shoot"

This is something that people have a problem with, but it can be a hobby like anything else.  It's a skill you can learn, and there's adrenaline that you get from shooting. 

My idea - create special gun ranges where people can go and shoot guns for free.  Everything is subsidized by the government - the guns themselves, ammo, targets, and most importantly, security.  And assuming that the security is strong enough, I'd be okay letting people shoot basically whatever guns they want.  This is where I'd want background checks to be run, but if people want to shoot and it can be safe, I don't see any reason why they can't be allowed to shoot.

"I need a gun for protection"

This is the trickiest one.  I saw an online debate where people were arguing in favor of AR-15s because they were better for protection.  That the gun makes it more likely that you'd only hurt an intruder.  I don't know nearly enough about guns to know if that's true, and honestly, it doesn't matter to me.

What's interesting...and it's something that I don't see much....is why people are so scared.  Home invasion seems to be a very-real threat that people are concerned about, and it's not something that seems to be addressed.  So I wonder...are home invasions more prevalent in the US than other countries?  If not, how do foreigners make their families feel safe?  If so, what do other countries do to keep home invasions down?

And I honestly don't have an idea here.  You could stiffen the punishment for a home invasion to hopefully keep the numbers down.  Maybe that might help people feel safe.  Maybe subsidize other forms of home security so that people don't think guns are their only option.  Additional police presence?  Subsidize something like tazers or a non-lethal form of home protection?

And that's the thing.  I think most people just don't feel safe.  And not from the government....from each other.  And when the government talks about taking away people's guns, I think most people aren't worried about the government taking over - I think it's just that they're going to feel less safe.  That the police won't get there in time.  That their spouse or children could be killed because they don't have the tools to defend them.

Now I know it might seem silly to say an assault rifle is necessary for security, but some people feel that way.  Take away their gun, and they feel like their child is in danger.  And I think until both sides understand where the other side is coming from, we're just not going to get any better on this issue.


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When it was first posted, there were references to Quinn Mallory.  I think that's why it was referred to as a Sliders reboot.


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I don't think that's true.  I watch a lot of sports, and if I want analysis, I could look at millions of fans' opinions....or I could seek out an expert that either played the game or has studied it for a very long time.  I usually choose the latter.

While I do find it silly that reviewers are forced to take a movie like Dumb and Dumber and somehow put it on the same scale as The Shawshank Redemption....I think critics have a lot that they can offer.  I would just like to see movies judged on their individual merit - Dumb and Dumber can be a 9/10 if it's a movie that tried to be a dumb comedy and succeeded in making me laugh.  A movie that's more serious and classical can be a 4/10 for failing, even if it's a movie that's "better" than Dumb and Dumber.

Because, yes, moviegoers can be more selective.  So critics shouldn't say "go see the Shape of Water because it's a better movie than Super Troopers 2" because some people don't want to make that decision.

Instead, it should be "if you've chosen to go see this movie, here's how it performed."


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I think they're trying to do a Civil War situation, but like that, this could all be fixed pretty quickly if everyone gets their head out of their asses.