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Is Neal McDonough really cheap to hire as an actor, or is Damian Darhk really that compelling of a villain to some people?  I think he's great at chewing the scenery and being a bad guy and I know he has a connection to Sara, but it's just weird that he's already back as a main antagonist.


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In other news, did anyone else watch the Supergirl flashback episode?  I thought they did an incredible job casting young Kara and Alex, especially since it was "recent" enough that they could've easily just used the same actresses and "de-aged" them a bit with makeup.

It bothered me at first, but by the end, I thought they were basically nailing the characters.


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Well, even the very positive reviews (and they're all tweet-length so no room for nuance) commented that the villain was weak. 

And going away from Luthor/Doomsday/etc is fine for me, but I think they might've gone way to the other side.  What about Mongul?  He's a guy who is less obscure, is a big-enough threat to create the Justice League, and is a smaller threat to Darkseid (so they can bring him in for a sequel to raise the stakes).  And he'd be visually-different enough from Doomsday/Darkseid/Ares/other giant grey villains.


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From what I've read (and I'm trying to stay away from reviews), the characters are great (including a new take on Superman and a great start for Flash/Aquaman/Cyborg) and their interaction really works.....but that the plot and villain are pretty weak.

It really makes me wonder why they went with Steppenwolf.  I know they don't want to start with Darkseid but there's tons of DC villains that would be a stepping stone to Darkseid.  Why someone so obscure?


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Informant wrote:

This doesn't make sense. What good was Caitlin working for this woman without the ice powers? Why didn't she just take Julian's cure if that's what she wanted? Why did the writers decide to abandon the idea of mixing these two sides of the character, and instead decided to replay last year's arc for her?

I really think they decided to completely reboot the show and basically ignore huge chunks of season 3.

And did the #feminism stuff not completely annoy you?  Even feminists were annoyed at how heavy-handed it all was.


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From the looks of things, the 4-way crossover is going to be a lot of fun.  I still think it's weird that they finish it with an episode of Legends of Tomorrow, but there's also a chance that it'll actually be a 4-hour movie and not individual episodes of any of the shows.


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I'd forgotten that Ronald Moore worked on Voyager, briefly.  I wonder if he could've made something out of the final two seasons of Voyager.  Barge of the Dead is one of the more unique episodes in Voyager's history.  I wonder if more like that would've been made.


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Does anyone watch Mr. Robot?  It's one of my favorite shows on TV right now - really engrossing stuff.  Wednesday's episode was presented as one long take, and it was spectacular.  I don't think anyone shoots TV exactly like Sam Esmail does.


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Good catch!


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There's something sorta awesome about planting seeds like that and checking back in X amount of time to see if anything grew.  It sounds a little bit like what the Season 1 writers in LOST were doing, but Torme seems to have thought a lot about the different roads that the FBI story could've gone down.  He didn't just create a hatch in the ground with no idea what's inside or where it leads....he could've gone any number of directions.

Again, if this were a modern show, I'd almost suspect that the FBI story would've been something that popped up once a year in some sort of Coda.  Whether it be future scenes in "Better Call Saul" or "Evil Morty" on Rick and Morty...it'd be something that wasn't the main focus but something that's consistently in the background waiting to pay off.

What's odd is that, if any of that had happened, it would've been a much bigger game-changer than anything Torme had done previously.  I'd always suspected that, because Sci-Fi Channel picked the show up, they went with the more-Sci-Fi-looking Kromaggs as the main villain of the "new" show.  But what if Sliders had been picked up by a different network - something like USA?  Would the FBI have been the thread that the new writers chose to pull?  Would it have been more "Aliens" to Sliders' "Alien" - with the Sliders going from world to world with a team of special agents / special forces?

Could be interesting on some parallel earth.


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* Trigger Warning For Informant *

This week's Flash contains an incredible amount of people using "Feminism" as a catchphrase.  It's basically a "Special Episode" with the way it lays things on pretty thick, including a girl....stripping for feminism?

It didn't bother me all that much, but it's the kind of thing you tend to hate.


And in other commentary, they didn't arrest/capture the bad guy or save the good guy.  Or even acknowledge that this was one of the 12 metas.


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Well I'm quoting SHH because the WSJ article was paywalled and I don't enough to pay smile


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ireactions wrote:

But, I admit, Torme could have had a storyline where the sliders are caught in an electromagnetic pulse and the implant, whoever it's in, is presumably destroyed. Kind of a waste, though.

Well, I'm just saying it either could've been forgotten entirely (like the FBI/Bennish storyline seemingly was) or it could've been used as some sort of post-finale scene where a manta ship opens up a vortex en route to Earth Prime and we fade to black.  I don't know if he was necessarily setting up a war sequence....he liked dark endings that imply more danger than anything else.

Now here's the question I'm interested in - did he abandon the FBI storyline or was he never really planning on using it?  Did he stop it because Bennish was instrumental and FOX didn't like Bennish?  I'm not sure I remember reading anything about that, honestly.


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http://www.superherohype.com/news/40738 … ion-poster

With a 13-month gap between Justice League and Aquaman, 2018 will be a “reset year” for the studio to recalibrate their DC slate with more filmmaker-driven pictures focused on individual characters. They are deviating from their Marvel Studios competition by dumping the corporate mandate to put out particular films in a certain order. Right now the priority is the Flashpoint solo movie with Ezra Miller, Whedon’s Batgirl, Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie, the Green Lantern Corps film, and two different Joker movies (one with Jared Leto and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and director Todd Phillips’ unconnected solo Joker movie set in the ’80s).

Sounds like Suicide Squad 2, Cyborg, and any Man of Steel followup are on the backburner.  What's weird is that the SHH article doesn't mention Shazam or the Black Adam movie, which we know are both moving forward.


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Well, I think it all depends on what Torme's vision for the show was as a whole.  Again, Sliders is a bit of an anachronism in the sense that it took place in an era of TV that's virtually unrecognizable these days.  With TV so serialized and shows constantly looking to reinvent themselves, the idea of a show where the studio can run the first season completely out of order seems ridiculous.

But remember, Torme was trying to go against the curve.  The only reason we know/care that the episodes were shown out of order was because Torme was trying to tie them together.  He did add things (the Bennish scenes on Earth Prime, for example) that were meant to pay off down the road.  The Torme run was mostly unserialized, but there were little pieces that Torme wanted to include that would've made it bigger and grander than the TNG background he came from.

The issue with Torme is how many of those threads went unpulled.  The FBI/Bennish stuff was from the 3rd episode of the series and was never revisited again (in two seasons of Torme control) so it's hard to tell if that was even something he meant to ever bring back up.  So while the Kromaggs might've been his way to reinvent the show after the Peckinpah stuff, there's a chance he would've never mentioned the tracking device again if he'd stayed on the show indefinitely.

Interesting episode this week, which was a weird combination of After Earth and 10 Cloverfield Lane?

(It's better than it sounds).


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One of DS9's few missteps was the end of the Section 31 mini-arc.  I thought "Extreme Measures" didn't live up to the first two episodes.  "Inquisition" and "IAESL" are two of the best episodes in Trek History.  The final episode...is fine.

The Orville has been renewed for Season 2.


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The most recent episode of Discovery was tons of fun.  I actually don't know if I remember anything of Mudd from TOS.  I might have to go back and watch those because he's a blast on Discovery.


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It's possible.  An optimist would say that they're trying to find whatever talent they can to make whatever properties they can.  If Lobo works and the Flash doesn't, make Lobo.  If we get Nightwing but no The Batman, that's fine.  Make the best movies they can with the best talent they can.

A pessimist could look at it and wonder if DC is just throwing ideas at the wall and hoping that people get behind them.  That instead of being proactive, they're being reactionary.  "You loved Batman in the trailers? MORE BATMAN!"  "You loved the humor in the Suicide Squad trailer.  MORE HUMOR!"  "You liked Wonder Woman?  MAKE HER THE STAR OF JUSTICE LEAGUE"  Stuff like that.

It's probably somewhere in the middle.  I just don't want DC to oversaturate the market.

I agree.  I hope it sticks around.

What's funny is that, if they toned down the humor just a bit, I think they could bring this show into the Trek universe.  Throw on some Starfleet uniforms and change "Union" to "Starfleet" and they really don't even have to change that much.


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Well, even if we disagree about misses, I think putting out all 20 or whatever rumored movies is a bad idea.  Consistently doing movies is fine...flooding the market is a bad idea IMHO.

These are fine, and I'm looking forward to all of them (although I'd heard Cyborg has been shelved)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_Extend … e#Upcoming

These can come after or should be incorporated in some other manner.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_Extend … se#Undated


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In other news, I've decided to start avoiding anything related to Justice League until it comes out.  After the BvS marketing spoiled damn-near the entire movie, I like that I know basically nothing about what role Superman plays in this (aside from having some sort of interaction with Alfred).

I might get to see it early again.  If I do, I'll review it ASAP smile


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The Flash movie is a bit of a mess and has been.  I don't think it needs to be scrapped, but I do think it needs to be done correctly.  I'm curious to see how Barry comes off as a character in Justice League.  Is he the comic relief that Wally was in the Justice League animated series?  Is he just goofy or kinda dumb?  It's really hard to tell based on the trailers, where he's been the comic relief and socially awkward.

Right now, the focus needs to be on Justice League, then Aquaman (which is setting up to be really cool), the Batman, Green Lantern Corps, and a Wonder Woman sequel.  Suicide Squad 2, Shazam, and the Flash should be the next tier.  I think a Joker/Harley movie, a Deadshot movie, a Nightwing or Batgirl movie, a Man of Steel sequel and some of the other spinoffs need to put on hold until they've had a couple more wins.

Informant wrote:

The humor isn't 100% my taste, but the show still holds my interest more than a lot of what's on today.

It reminds me a lot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  I actually like some of MacFarlane's dry humor, and I like a lot of Andy Samburg's humor.  But they're both mostly good at one very specific thing, and when they try to branch out, it tends to fail.  Both MacFarlane and Samburg have failed when they starred in their own movies.

So when I heard that Samburg was getting a 30-minute comedy and that MacFarlane was getting a full hour, I thought it was going to be too much.

At times, Samburg's Jake Peralta character is too much.  At times, the comedy in The Orville is bizarre (they make current-day pop culture references way too much).  But the show works because the other characters work on their own, and the show takes itself more seriously than the characters do at times.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine has one of the more heart-warming and successful romantic couples on TV today, and the Orville has done some really good Sci-Fi so far this year.

It isn't for everyone, but it works so much more than I thought it would.


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ireactions wrote:

I'd suggest putting Wally on LEGENDS except I seriously doubt anyone is all that desperate to see more of him and Lonsdale's a decent actor who deserves a better role.

What's funny is that, if Legends had one the anthology route*, then I think a Wally/Jesse/Harry show on Earth 2 or Earth Whatever could be insanely cool.  Harry putting together his team (like he said in the show) could've been cool.  Wally and Jesse learning to be heroes could've been cool.  And the whole parallel Earth stuff is ripe, of course, for cool cameos from just about anyone who's been in the Arrowverse.  13 episodes of that could be cool and set up Wally any way they wanted.

I don't see any value he'd add on Legends now and could possibly make the entire team obsolete a lot of the time (see Firestorm).

* I know it seems like it recently, but I actually don't want every show to be an anthology show big_smile

My subject is clickbaity.  I don't really think that they have, but something really struck me about a show I watched on Fox this last week.

"The Orville"

This is a show that's hard for me to really sell to anyone because it's a big of a convoluted mess of a concept.  It's Seth MacFarlane doing a Star Trek cosplay that takes itself seriously.  None of that seems to click - when I first saw the trailers, I thought it was supposed to be a 30-minute comedy.  Seth MacFarlane does Galaxy Quest.

What I found, instead, is that it's MacFarlane doing TNG.  There are moments of comedy and ridiculousness (because that's what MacFarlane knows), but the show takes itself far more seriously than I would've ever thought.  The show has tackled a handful of social issues, and MacFarlane's character has ended up much more like Picard than the comedic "in over his head" character I was led to believe he'd be by watching the promos.

The most recent episode was about a small team of four scientists being sent to a world that was a true democracy.  The entire system of government is voted on by the people, including the legal system.  One of the scientists, unsure of the society's rules, gets caught up in the legal system and must work within the world's system to save himself.

Change a couple of words, and that could easily be an episode of Sliders.  And that's really what it felt like to me.  The four people on the planet are essentially stranded - the Orville is unable to help because of their version of the Prime Directive.  They learn about the system, deal with some of the native people, and they (sort of?) try to understand the world they're on.

This is the first episode of the show that's felt that way - most of the show is, like I said, a modern version of TNG.  But I was a bit surprised at how much it felt like Sliders as I was watching it.  I could easily see Rembrandt getting in over his head on a world like this one, and Arturo/Quinn/Wade having to figure out how to get him out of it.

(Granted, Rembrandt probably would've been arrested for something different than what happens on the Orville but my point remains).

I don't know how many are watching this show, but it's way better than I imagined.  And like I said in the Star Trek post, it's kinda cool that there's a show doing very Trek-like things while Discovery is doing un-Trek-like (but still good) things on its side of the universe.


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I think that would've been pretty cool.

I feel like Fuller has a great fondness for Star Trek and perhaps TOS, but he's shown the ability to take something he loves and make it his own.  The Discovery writers seem very interested in doing something decidedly not-Trek, and they simply used some of Fuller's notes to make the show they want to make.

It's what's made Discovery the fantastic show that it is and the headache it is to analyze within the boundaries of Trek itself.


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After watching the episode, I laughed when the Wally scene happened.  No one argued...it was crazy.

Although I did wonder most of the episode why Wally wasn't helping.  There were a ton of people in mortal danger, and no one was helping.  Couldn't Vibe have vibed the plane to somewhere safe?  Couldn't Caitlin have done something?  Does Team Flash know she still has powers, or is that too dangerous?

So while Team Flash forgot him, I didn't.


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Well, and all the extra stuff.  I went online after you mentioned the Fuller stuff and did my own research, and I agree with what you're saying regarding the new producers.  I think Fuller left them a skeleton that they used (timeline, Sarek, etc) and he filled in the gaps.

Now questions I have...

1. I read some rumors from Fuller's time that Burnham might've been Number One from the Cage.  I wonder if that was ever considered.

2. I couldn't find his art for the uniforms on his Twitter.  Were they deleted?


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ireactions wrote:

I get the sense that the prequel-to-TOS situation is an awkward artifact of the creative troubles behind the series.

Bryan Fuller pitched DISCOVERY as an anthology show with each season to be set in a different time period. As it was an anthology, it makes sense that Fuller wanted the first season to be set close to the most iconic, culturally defining era of the franchise by making it 10 years before the original series. Later seasons would move forward.

The original intention was to render the 60s era STAR TREK with modern materials and technology the way the rebootquel movies have done it. The uniforms were to resemble those in "The Cage." Fuller posted photos of gold, scarlet and blue turtlenecks on Twitter.

But Fuller left, the people who took over have stuck with Fuller's plot and time period but are executing it with their own production aesthetic instead and they changed the uniforms to look more like ENTERPRISE.

The new producers have decided to render the 23rd century as they see fit and then sort out the discrepancies later. The current producers have said in interviews that the contradictions will be explained. http://www.cbr.com/star-trek-discovery- … y-changes/ It does leave me wondering why they would create supposed errors in the first place.

Anyway. I'll finish Season 1 before I give an opinion. I don't think there's anything wrong with one season as a TOS-prequel, but doing an entire show like this astounds me for all the reasons Slider_Quinn21 expresses.

I agree with all of that.


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I think Wally got to be a little more interesting after he became Kid Flash.  He seemed to grow up a bit and become more heroic. 

But his entire arc about being jealous about not having powers and doing anything to become a superhero was very offputting, and it started his character on the wrong foot.


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ireactions wrote:

I think STAR TREK has to be treated the same way -- a floating timeline perpetually drifting ahead of our present rather than a locked, strictly defined set of stories.

I 100% agree, but I think Trek also has a perfect out in the sense that the timeline is expandable.  It's our timeline but stretched out.  The 23rd century that Kirk lived in is the 60s.  It has "advanced" technology and apparel and ideas that represent the 60s.  The TNG era represents the 80s-90s.

As the shows move forward, technology moves forward.  Time moves forward.

Discovery could've taken the next leap.  Move forward 100-200 years.  Now they have even better technology.  Their ideals now match our own.

Like Marvel, instead of worrying about making the past make sense, they just shift it to the present.  Trek wants to try and make TOS make sense in a modern context, but it's never going to work.  The Eugenics Wars and World War III might've pushed humanity back, but the technology onboard the technology is just laughably behind the Enterprise herself.  Data, once boasted, that his processor worked at a speed that would be considered unacceptably slow by today's standards.

In my opinion, Trek shouldn't go back.  It should always be moving forward.  Maybe the everyday viewer would be unable to connect with the year 2500, but I doubt it.

But, yeah, in the heat of the moment while I'm watching, I just accept that it's the 23rd century.  The show is good enough where I'm not that worried about it at the time.


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Discovery continues to be a really interesting and gripping show.  Michael Burnham and Gabriel Lorca are two of the more compelling characters in Star Trek history, and I'm genuinely intrigued on where certain plotlines are going to go.

However, some of the creative decisions are just distracting to me.  I don't know a ton about Sarek, but making Sarek (a character that has been a vital part of Trek since its inception) so "emotionally" connected to someone we've never heard of until now seems...disrespectful to me.  Maybe it isn't, but it's definitely odd to me.

I know we've beaten the whole "era they chose" thing to death, but it's just distracting when I try and think about the show in any sort of context.  They wanted to do the TOS era, but they also don't seem attached to *anything* related to the era.  They changed the uniforms, they changed the Klingons, and they changed just about everything about the technology.

In fact, if they simply changed the "Klingons" to "Quinnians", Sarek to any other high-ranking Klingon, Harry Mudd to any other con artist, and any other dialogue to reference the 25th century instead of the 23rd, the show works just fine. 

The whole thing is just bizarre to me.  The recent movies were prequels because they seemed to have a reverence for the TOS era and wanted to replicate everything about the aesthetic that they could.  Discovery seems to want to do entirely their own thing and just have an attachment to certain characters (Sarek, Harry Mudd, etc) that they wanted to include.

Again, I love the show.  All the side stuff is just distracting me, and it's only distracting me when the show is over and I have time to digest.


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http://www.superherohype.com/news/40636 … p#/slide/1

This is the *only* mention of Bruce Wayne in any WB/CW superhero show, right?  Is the Bat-Embargo going away?


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ireactions wrote:

That said, a lot of this could be side-stepped if DISCOVERY were set in the 25th century and DISCOVERY has, for now, given no real reason why it's set in the 23rd aside from Michael Burnham being Sarek's adopted daughter.

And now an appearance from Harry Mudd.


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I did read that Stephen Amell said that there was going to be a new one for season six, but he couldn't say because it was a spoiler.  I'm assuming it was the identity thing.

Supergirl's was really plain, and Legends never took theirs seriously.  Arrow's was the first one, and Flash seems to do the most with it.  So if they wanted to keep theirs, that's fine, but the other two can go.


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Did the Arrowverse get rid of the intro voiceovers?  I know for sure that there wasn't one in Supergirl, but I don't remember hearing them in Flash or Legends either.  Can anyone confirm?


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Yeah, but I like that people make so much effort to make the shows click.  I watched a video on YouTube recently that speculated why Starfleet switches uniforms so often.  The idea was that it's a directive from timeships in the future.

The thought behind it is that it's essential that timeships / time agents blend in spotlessly to whatever time period they're in.  And if an agent was accidentally displaced in an unfamiliar time period, the uniforms would be an immediate visual shortcut to a 5-10 year era that the agent had appeared in.  That way, they could more-easily blend in.

I don't know if I buy it, but it's a fun theory.  And maybe one day, like the Klingon Augment Virus, someone will like the theory enough that it'll become canon.


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***Spoilers for Sunday's episode***

TemporalFlux wrote:

That said, if this is set 10 years before Kirk, I don't see how the unique technology of Discovery can co-exist with the rest of Trek.  I suppose they could try to claim it's a highly classified thing that survives as part of Section 13, but it would be easier to have Discovery lost taking its secrets with it.

The most recent episode doesn't seem to imply this.  It sounds like the Discovery isn't really an off-the-books project - it's a key part of Starfleet's war effort.  And while it's beginning to become apparent why Starfleet might not use this technology in the future (it seems to do irreparable harm to the "navigator"), I'm still unsure of why this would scare away other, more immoral species.  The Borg, for example, wouldn't have any issue with using it.

I wonder if the endgame is that the spore network itself is somehow destroyed so that no one can use it in the future.  Even then, you'd think there'd be a permanent Starfleet research department trying to figure out how to reactivate it.  Just like I assume, if the network isn't destroyed, that Starfleet would work tirelessly to researching Stamets' "AI Ripper"


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A long, successful life.  RIP.


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Yeah, I thought it was pretty good.  Although I'm still completely confused on what shape Heaven is in.  Every year they seem to lose whoever's in charge.  This week, the lead female angel acted way more like a demon than an angel, and that's what I thought she was until the second she died.  I thought the angels and demons were working together.

You've said this for a while, but they all need to be retired.  Heaven and Hell are too mangled by this point.


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Even if everyone on the ship is killed, are we supposed to believe that no one else in the galaxy had the idea ever again?  Even if it's immoral, we've seen desperate species or ships use immoral technology for their own advancement (the USS Equinox, for example).

This is a little like the "across the galaxy warp" thing that Star Trek (09) invented.  It's a technology that seems relatively safe, is an absolute game-changer, and something that no one ever uses again centuries later.


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The more I think about it, the more you're right.  I think Sara needs to be on Arrow this year.  I don't know if they'd need to move Dinah to Legends, but one of them could probably go.

Caitlin would actually be an interesting character to move to Legends after Stein leaves.  In a perfect world, that'd allow someone like Felicity to move to Flash, but that's another can of worms to open.


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Informant wrote:

I kinda wish that Sara was back on Arrow this year. Having Dinah face off against an evil Laurel is nowhere near as cool as it would be to have Sara fighting her.

I didn't even think of that.  Does Sara even know that Laurel is there?  Wouldn't she want to be in the group that tries to "save" Laurel?  Wouldn't she need to be there for her father after shooting Laurel?


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Well, it's weird because they seem on social media like they're working together.  They obviously have to coordinate for the crossover event.  Even something like using Keiynan Lonsdale for his one scene on Legends would take coordination between the two shows.

But it seems like they don't really even care outside of that.  It seemed so coordinated at first, but now it just seems lazy.  Like the Legends writers want to have a scene in Central City so they ask for a character....someone picks Wally....and then someone rubber stamps it. 

It doesn't even need to be anything big....just minor dialogue would make a world of difference.  "Hey, thanks for working the streets for Team Kid Flash, Nate.  You've been a big help since Flash left." or something.  After that, we know why Nate is even bothering to be a superhero in a town that already has several, and we know, generally, what time period it takes place in relative to the other shows.


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Informant wrote:

Ray should still be super rich and able to do whatever he wants. Sara should have probably just gone back to Team Arrow. Maybe this season could have been about Ray keeping the team together as an international super spy company, with Rip coming in and out of the picture to recruit them as needed.

The whole "Ray working as a lowly worker for some bratty kid" thing was funny, but it makes no sense.  Just because Felicity destroyed his company doesn't mean that he wouldn't still be very-much in demand. 

The problem I have is that, since this show is the "Agents of Shield" of the Arrowverse, is any of their *months* back in the real world ever going to be referenced again?  Will the fact that Sara was living in Star City be referenced?  Will Nate's time as Wally's sidekick be referenced (and if he wants to be a superhero, why pick one that has a Flash)?  Are we ever going to get a scene where Felicity has to apologize for, essentially, starting Ray's career over at square one?

I know these shows function better when the "shared" aspect is more used for fun (like Wally showing up), but it ends up being more distracting for me.  Was Wally helping Nate pre-Barry or post-Barry?  Was the six months that Sara was in Star City before or after or during the Arrow that aired last night?


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ireactions wrote:

I don't expect a lot from LEGENDS. It's a dumping ground for characters from ARROW and FLASH who have nowhere else to go; it's much more humour oriented. Sara working at Bed, Bath and Beyond was hilarious; Ray being a glorified intern because Felicity destroyed PalmerTech was very funny. It's a low bar.

I think this is the key to getting much out of Legends.  It's all very "on the surface" enjoyment.  If you try and go any deeper ("why is Rip acting like that?" "what is Sara's sexual orientation again?") then I think the series sort of falls apart.

And that's why I think I'd rather just abandon the time travel aspect and have it function as a dumping ground (like you said) for ideas and concepts and characters that don't make sense in the other shows.  Legends could be used to explain the continuity errors that happen from show to show, explain why team-ups happen randomly for small matters and then aren't happening for bigger matters, deal with what minor heroes/villains are doing when they aren't on the "bigger" Arrowverse stages, etc.

But, yeah, if they're going to stick with the time travel concept, I would like it to be less formulaic.  Even with the lower bar.


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I can't imagine there's any way they'd kill Stein after the Legends premiere.  Let him go home and enjoy his life....he's done enough.

I do think the show needs an older person.  And I'm still trying to figure out what, if anything, their plan is for Rip.  He doesn't seem to have any consistency.  The Time Bureau is a cool idea, but Rip shouldn't be a foil to the Legends.  If anything, in 5 years, someone should've wrestled control of the Bureau and Rip is trying to get the Legends to help him take back control.

And I'm torn on the concept in general because I like the team (for the most part), but I'm very tired of the time travel angle.  I almost wish they'd decide to go into outer space for a year or do something outlandish (settle in some town where supervillains run everything or spend a whole season on Earth 2).  I know the show isn't going to be an anthology show, but it could be an anthology-like show where they change up the concept each year.


I hope the Flash is going through a reboot of the Barry character and not something more devious.  If he's truly passed all the crap from his past and he's ready to just be fun again, I honestly don't care about how they got here.  Getting out of the Speed Force Prison didn't make any sense, and him snapping out of it didn't make any sense.  But I hope it's all real, and Barry is just going to be an optimistic guy from here on out.


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TF right again!

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