Snoke just sounds like a character from a Dr. Seuss book.  It's not cartoony but intimidating like Vader or Maul or Sidious or even Grevious.  It's just cartoony.

Try to imagine that Snoke appears in Episode VIII and kills Luke.  Now imagine Rey screaming "SSSSNNNNNOOOOOKKKKKEEEEE" (like Kirk's "Khan!" line) without that line being utterly ridiculous (infinitely more ridiculous than Kirk's "Khan!" line).  I just can't take that name seriously.

Every time I hear the name "Snoke", I roll my eyes.  In a universe with Jar-Jar Binks, Boba Fett, Dexter Jettster, Sheev Palpatine, and a species called the Mon Calamari....Snoke stands above the rest as the goofiest name.


(144 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

I don't mind mythology episodes as long as there's thought behind them.  But, yeah, standalone episodes usually have more potential for fun because anything can happen.

I don't think Fox will rush them.  They're doing some revolutionary/bizarre things with their lineup.  They'll probably just air whenever they're done, bumping whatever was going to be on at the time (no matter what that is or where that show is in their airing schedule smile )


(554 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

In my head, I've written a Supernatural/Arrowverse crossover a half-dozen different ways.  It always takes place on Supernatural, though.  I think it'd be more fitting there....they've been to our world after all.  Or, at least, a meta version of it.

I can't decide which of the brothers would like a superhero world, though.

(I've taken us way off topic)


(554 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Yeah, I could see that.  I'm hoping they keep it at that....I don't think we need a 3rd version of Superman running at the same time smile

(Unless it's Tom Welling smile )


(554 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

How is he aware of his grandson's existence?  Will there be time travel?  Or is that just for marketing?

ireactions wrote:

This is just my personal approach -- for me, the prequels are not canon because they're hopelessly in opposition to the original trilogy. Saying Leia didn't train to become a ghost and wouldn't become one ignores how Vader didn't train to bcome a ghost either, and here is no reconciling the discrepancy, just as there is no explaining how Leia remembers her mother in ROTJ but is shown to be adopted at birth in ROTS. The prequels are not a viable source and the two Disney SW films have, aside from using some of the actors, largely stepped away from them, treating them almost like the novels, comics and video games that were relabelled under the LEGENDS brand.

I actually looked into the Vader thing today, and there's a theory that sorta works on how Vader would've learned how.  He would've seen Obi-Wan disappear and would've been freaked out by it.  A student of the Force, he'd look into how that was possible (much like Qui-Gon did), maybe even following Qui-Gon's footsteps.  He might've studied it, not knowing that it only works for Jedi....or possibly learned it anyway...and then it worked when he redeemed himself.

It's very flimsy, but it's the only theory people seem to have on how Vader could've learned it.

A Force Ghost is a pretty solid way to show that she's still "alive" and "happy" if that's an option.  I just had no idea if that's even something that could be considered.  Because even though she's Force sensitive, it takes a special training to become a Force Ghost, and like you said, even other Jedi in the prequel don't become Force Ghosts.

ireactions wrote:

Leia is a Jedi, which introduces another wrinkle in Carrie Fisher's death as Obi-Wan, Yoda, Anakin and Qui-Gon were Force ghosts. Will they have to find some way to explain why she doesn't appear as a ghost? Even Alec Guinness appeared in THE FORCE AWAKENS despite being dead.

Is Leia a Jedi?  Is it established that she ever trained?

And I was under the impression that becoming a Force Ghost was something that had to be learned.  I guess if Leia trained as a Jedi (between ROTJ and TFA), she might've learned that trick.  But if she was just a general the whole time, would she have learned how to become one?  I thought the deleted scene in Revenge of the Sith implied that Qui-Gon had figured it out after a long time of people not knowing how to do it.

Informant wrote:

Right, but even if Chekov lives happily ever after, there is no way to address that fact or not address it without it being a huge distraction to the overall plot. It's all any of us will be thinking about.

I think something like this would work:

KIRK enters the ENTERPRISE BRIDGE.  MCCOY approaches him.

MCCOY - How'd it go?
KIRK - Good.  They want us to go to Starbase 117 to pick up the ambassador.
MCCOY - Klingons?
KIRK - Klingons.  Oh, by the way, I got a message from Chekov.
MCCOY - You mean Captain Chekov.
KIRK - At this point, it'll be Admiral Chekov before any of us know it.  I'm going to have to salute him before long.

Something like that.  It might make us feel sorry for Yelchin, but we can still be happy for Chekov smile

Well, with Anton Yelchin, I think it's an easy fix.  Chekov, the excellent officer he is, got his own command.  He's doing great.  Kirk just had dinner with him right before this new adventure began - he's gonna make admiral soon enough.  Has a wife.  A kid on the way.  Nothing can stop him.

Chekov is part of the family, but nothing is tying him to the Enterprise.  So he can go off and have his own adventures without Anton Yelchin.  We can be happy for him, even as we're saddened by what happened to Anton.

With Leia, I don't think it's that easy.  We don't know, at all, where her character ends up in episode 8.  Maybe there will be a natural breaking point where she can go off and live happily ever after.  But right now?  Sure, her husband's dead.  But her son is a major villain that she desperately wants to save.  Her brother has just been found.  The war isn't close to being over.  If she ran off now, it'd feel just as cheap.

The question is....would Leia be justified to abandon the war if it all just became too much.  Her planet.  Her mother.  Her adoptive parents.  Her husband.  Her brother.  If they all die, would it be okay for Leia to get in a ship and never come back?  Try to find a little happiness after this damned war took everything else from her?

Because that's the only way I could write it.  She did her part.  Lost enough.  And wants to salvage what's left of her life.  Let someone else be the hero for once.

Is there any precedent (EU or otherwise) for a non-Jedi to become a force ghost?


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Yeah there's not much to it as a whole, but I enjoy it weekly and am glad it exists.

So I watched the original Iron Man movie tonight.  And while I think it did a lot to create the world of the MCU, I gotta say it doesn't feel like an MCU movie.  The MCU is hitting on all cylinders these days (if only as a machine, Informant), and when you watch Dr. Strange or Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man, it all feels authentic to me.  They introduce something strange, and I say, "yeah, that makes sense."

Iron Man shows a world that would feel a bit odd if a Hulk randomly showed up.  A world that doesn't really feel like Red Skull would've fought Captain America.  A world where Hank Pym had already had a lengthy career as Ant-Man.

What really drove that home was, in fact, Phil Coulson.  When I saw Coulson show up, I smiled.  I'd almost forgotten that his character goes back to the beginning....that he, not Nick Fury, was the introduction of SHIELD.  I even forgot that Coulson says Shield first - I thought Fury was the first one to say it.

But at the end of the movie, Coulson and some agents go to arrest Obadiah Stane, and they're surprised when it happens.  At the time, they were just faceless agents.  But as Coulson was leading them in, I watched him with four seasons of a show under his belt, and he felt....underprepared.  He felt sloppy.  I don't even remember how Coulson made it out of the situation alive, and I'm fairly certain the other agents were killed or seriously wounded.

The world hadn't, quite, gotten away from SHIELD yet.  It'd been decades since the Tesseract was causing problems.  Hank Pym had retired already.  The Hulk hadn't made himself known to the world, and he was still in hiding.  No one knew about aliens or Asgardians.  Spider-Man is about 8 years old.  So Coulson probably hadn't faced many supernatural threats at this point in his career, but outside of a small gadget to get into a secure location, it doesn't feel like Coulson works for any SHIELD I understand.

The movie is great, though.  It still might be the best overall movie in the MCU.  They got so lucky that it worked out, or that Nick Fury stinger would've felt really empty.

I still wonder if that's the way to go.  Carrie's brother thinks that Leia should live on, even if Carrie didn't.  And I'd still wish that they'd keep her alive, even if it means just mentioning her a couple times in Episode 9 and not showing her.  For one of the more iconic players in this universe to just die offscreen seems wrong.  Maybe she will die in 8, and she'll get proper closure.

If're right, it just sucks.


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I'm gonna blame my own idiocy.  I had no idea that the audiobook was the same as the comics, despite reading the summary of both.  I figured it was it's own thing.

I posted the link for ireactions primarily, since he's the one most likely to listen/enjoy the audiobook smile


(144 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard) … ew-project

This sounds like a better idea for season 11 than what we got.


(75 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Does anyone watch USA's Colony?

It's a pretty interesting show.  They just finished season 2.


(275 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Dr Strange was harmless fun, I thought.


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

What's funny is that I don't really hate it.  I even read an article that stated that Legends is the best CW show because it doesn't get too bogged down in itself (the other shows torture their heroes a bit too much).  In a lot of ways, Legends is a sort of playground for the Arrowverse...mixing and matching heroes and villains and doing storylines that the other shows can't really do (because they're too crazy or too weird).

But ireactions is 100% right - it needs more oversight.  (This is the part where I say they need a Kevin Feige wink ).  I think they're spread too thin, and the replacing talent is either not good enough or not empowered enough to make it work.

He's also right that these are easy fixes.  Keep the legends in the timestream and outside the changes that Thawne did.  Or because they touched the spear, they aren't affected.  Or make it the 4-way crossover.  Or do Doomworld during the hiatus (which they might not have control over, but Berlanti has control of about 1/5 of the CW's lineup....I'm sure he can pull some favors to get the lineup right).

The Thawne explanation makes sense, and outside the one line about Flashpoint, actually lines up.  But I'm about to the point where I consider Legends its own place in the multiverse.  It's Earth 4.  So any changes don't impact Arrow or Flash....just like changes on Arrow and Flash don't impact Supergirl.  I'm also ready to concede that Arrow and Flash aren't concurrent and the timelines only matter on crossovers.  And/or that the crossovers aren't canon smile

I'm interested to see if things mesh better next season when they don't have to worry about weird issues with Supergirl.  Although with *another* show being added to the mix, I'm guessing they're still going to have all kinds of issues.


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Two questions, re: Legends

1. They put Merlyn, Darhk, and Cold back in the timeline where they should be.  Is this Thawne's true death?  So the Thawne we saw is post-Eddie?  I'm still confused on that.

2. Does Legends just take place out of the normal Arrowverse?  Because I'm assuming the dinosaurs won't be appearing on Flash or Arrow smile


(109 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

I agree with that.  This just seemed like a natural place for him to show up, and it was odd that he didn't.


(109 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Maybe.  It's really weird that Castiel wasn't in the episode.  It would've been nice to have some heavenly insight - not to mention his connection to Claire.


(109 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

I just feel like if curing was even somewhat possible, it would've been mentioned before.  And would be an absolute gamechanger.


(109 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Question - if a werewolf can be "cured" - why can't Castiel do that?


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Ha that's awesome.


(554 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Joss Whedon is going to direct a Batgirl movie.

Are any of these movies going to explain what horrible thing Bruce did to Dick and Barbara so that they didn't care at all that he went on a suicide mission to kill an invincible godlike hero? wink

This is pretty cool, though.  More Bat-Family!


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

And I think Arrow wants to keep the Laurel death real.  Call it stubbornness or whatever, but I think people will assume that they're trying to appease the #NoLaurelNoArrow crowd if they bring her back.

So they bring the Earth 2 version, try and rehabilitate her, and everyone's happy.  Except for the Felicity folks.


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Well I finished both LoT and Flash.  Not only was there no real explanation, but there didn't seem to be much of an attempt to explain what had happened.  The whole thing doesn't make much sense when put up to much thought.

- Were all the other heroes killed, or did the Legion create the world with them already dead?
- There's a bunch of talk about how normal people can't kill a speedster, but Barry's mask is on Damien's trophy case.  If Damien can't kill a speedster, did Thawne kill him?  And if Thawne finally killed Barry (which would be extremely personal), why would he let Damien have the trophy?
- Why is Amaya even there?  In Doomworld, was she also plucked out of time?  Or did the Spear re-write her entire family history (but leave everyone else's mostly in tact).
- It's a world where Cold and Heat Wave own the police, but everything else seems normal?  If they're constantly robbing banks, wouldn't the city be....more destitute?  Who would put their money in banks like that?
- Thawne is working out of STAR Labs.  Where is Wells?  Or Cisco?  Or Caitlin?  They made sure to reference all of Team Arrow but didn't seem to reference Team Flash (unless I missed one of their artifacts on the Trophy Case)
- They're rewriting reality - why wouldn't Heat Wave make himself smarter?  I thought that would've been an interesting twist (although it'd be a weird group dynamic - but they could do a brief Flowers for Algernon moment).
- They still remember their Doomworld lives.  Assuming they do just go back and fix the moment and she stays on the show, is Amaya going to have psychological issues from being a hitman?  Sara wouldn't because she's been a hitman, but Amaya is a true hero.  Being a killer for hire should bother her.
- I don't understand how they can go back in time and get the spear back.  Thawne created all kinds of contingencies - why not create a timeline where they *always* had the spear.  So there's nothing to fix.
- I also don't understand the punishments.  Making Ray an airbrained janitor is funny, but why not make him a janitor in, say, Somalia?  Why put him in a place with the ability to build something to save the day?  Putting Nate in his mom's basement is funny, but why give him the resources to investigate "scars"?  Especially since it doesn't seem like the Legion is regularly checking out and laughing at the misery of these people.  They could've put all of them 100 years before, known they'd been suffering, and it would've been the same difference.

It was just sorta sloppy.  And since Flash and Arrow had episodes outside of Doomworld the same week, it's just awkward timing.  Either time the spring break differently (so Legends is all that's airing) or have fun with Doomworld across all the shows.  Doing neither is just sorta bizarre.


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Well, I just think we've moved to a place where people assume that stuff is going to be spoiled so they show it.  How cool would it have been for Doomsday to show up with absolutely no reference to him in the trailers?  Apparently the ending to Life was spoiled by the trailers (and it's a twist ending, allegedly - I haven't seen the trailer or the movie).  And the Spider-Man trailer spoils a great deal of the relationship between Peter and Tony Stark, almost the entirety of a huge action setpiece in the middle of the film, and Peter's entire motivation throughout.

It was just too much.  Maybe the director would've spoiled the same stuff, but I doubt it.  Maybe you tease the boat splitting in half and have you wonder "how's he going to get out of this one?" like they did with the skydivers in Iron Man 3. 

Guardians didn't do that in their trailer.  Justice League gave a lot of character information without really giving much away.  These are big movies that didn't feel the need to make the same mistakes.

Maybe there's a great ending to Spider-Man.  Maybe the rest of the movie is great.  But if they're going to show so much (which looks great), my first instinct is to assume that the rest of the movie wasn't worth showing.


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Very brief spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow because I only saw the pre-credits sequence.

1. First it was Flashpoint and now Doomworld.  Is this a shared universe or not?  If something like "rewriting history" can happen last week, how can Flash air before LoT and still be normal?  What's crazy is that all the other shows are going on a spring break until late April - so they could've just moved that forward (or moved Legends back a bit) so that the Legends will have "fixed" whatever was going to happen before they come back.  I may be the only one who's bothered by it, but they should be accenting the shared universe - not confusing it.

2. Based on his trophy case, the Legion was able to kill all of Team Arrow and the Flash, but *Felicity* survived?  Felicity??


(275 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Star Wars was able to do it.  You can watch all the trailers and promos and not really learn much of anything.  I think the Deadpool trailers created the right feel without ruining the movie.  Guardians has done a pretty good job.

The trailers for Life apparently did the same thing - tell the movie in two minutes beat by beat.  I think the BvS trailer (and I know I'm banned from talking about it) shouldn't have spoiled the Doomsday bit.  I think they need to do one of two things:

1. Let the directors edit the trailer (or they can let someone they trust do it).  Having 3rd parties make the trailers creates a situation where their goals (making a cool trailer) don't mesh with the goals for the movie (get people interested in movie).

2. Only provide scenes from the first two acts to the 3rd party.  Most genre movies have a big action setpiece in the first two acts, and all you really need to know is the inciting incident to get a feel for what the plot is going to be.


(275 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

The movie looks good.

The trailer seemingly tells the entire story, beat by beat.  In chronological order.  I haven't read a single online spoiler, but I can basically tell you the entire plot based on this one trailer.

It's baffling why studios do this.


(5 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

This seems like....many accidents waiting to happen


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On the Walking Dead.  Spoilers.

I know some of you watch, and this is a show I sorta hate-watch.  A lot of people are talking about the idea that, last night, Rick took a step in his fight against Negan and the Saviors by acting very-much like Negan and the Saviors.  And that's a fine talking point, but the show does that all the time.

Something I'd like to talk about is something a little different and something that I think could've made this season of the Walking Dead different.  The Saviors are shown to be just like a lot of the other evil communities in the show.  The big difference is that they're more like gangsters....going around and shaking people down in exchange for peace.

But what if the Saviors....were saviors?  What if they were shaking people down

Imagine a different version of this season where, for the first time, Walkers weren't a problem?  Alexandria and Hilltop are free to go on supply runs because....the Saviors are a protection racket.  They take your guns and they take their cut of your "revenue", but they're also out there mowing down the walking dead.  And they're good at it.  They can clear whole towns and help put up walls and start communities.  And, in exchange, they get their piece of the pie.

It'd be an interesting conundrum where people are torn between living in this authoritarian government and living in complete zombie-infested chaos.

I think it'd be a much more interesting dynamic - Negan would be evil, sure.  But he'd have a much better reason to think of himself as the good guy.  "Look, we're out there winning this war for you.  We keep your communities safe.  All we're asking for is for you to gather up some supplies and share them with us while we're doing it.  While we're out there risking our lives, we don't have time to plant a garden and get food.  You guys are going to have to do that for us if you want to live in peace."

I think that would be much better.


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I watched seasons 2 and 3 but it dragged.  This season, he's gone to Washington DC and is working with a secret group (very small) that is the direct result of Washington trying to build in a supernatural defense into the government.  It feels like a very organic move for the show.  Depending on what happens, I think this season is worth checking out (I don't think there's any need to see the other two seasons - this one is very much a follow up to the 1st season).


(75 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

I can't find the old Sleepy Hollow post, but I wanted to say a couple things about it.

First off, I think it's been really fun this year.  A lot like season one.  I think the new people have meshed really well, and the stories they're telling are interesting.  I think Dreyfuss and taking over America with supernatural help is a great move for the series, and they've kept Sleepy Hollow close (enough) that it doesn't feel like a spin-off.

Second, they called it the "season finale" but I wonder if it will be back.  Even with half the original cast, it can't be cheap, and the ratings are about 2/3 what they were last year (when it was brought back for less episodes on a Friday).  That being said, it's just a half-season show, and it seemed to do okay on a Friday.  Maybe it will be back.

Third, it's really weird that we've had a couple different flash forwards, and they still haven't really explained what happened to cause Dreyfus' America.  So he kills the president and becomes president?  Becomes emperor?  Other than change the flag and execute political prisoners, what's different about his country?  I'm sure they have budget restraints of showing too much (thus the story told in children's drawings), but they can tell us about it in dialogue and it doesn't cost anything smile

Fourth, it reminds me a lot of Fringe's final two seasons.  And not just because John Noble is back.


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The new trailer is out.  Looks really fun!


(554 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Well, the campaign is now "Unite the League" - I'm guessing there were alternate plans that fell through.  There's rumors that Green Lantern is gonna show up.  Could be Martian Manhunter since he's always been a part of the team, but there's been zero indication of that.

I'd say it's just going to be the six we've seen.


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In theory, I really like the idea of this season.  In showing both the start of Oliver's journey as the Hood and bringing in a villain directly borne from his sins is interesting.  It shows some of his growth, but the show has been so inconsistent on whether or not Oliver even sees a problem with killing bad guys.  I honestly can't say whether or not he thinks that.

Batman has his "no kill" rule (which he breaks all the time), and while Oliver seems more Batman than Superman, I think Oliver's "no kill" rule is more like Clark's.  I think he avoids killing when he can, but I don't think he has any particular problem killing if other lives are at stake.  For example, if the Joker were Oliver's arch-nemesis, I don't see any reason why Oliver (the Arrow version, at least) wouldn't put an arrow through his heart and be done with it.

That would also separate Oliver from, say, Dexter (of the show of the same name).  Dexter has to kill, and he actually does use his "monster" to only kill people who "deserve" it.  Oliver may enjoy killing, but I think he only enjoys killing bad guys.  If push came to shove, Dexter would kill a good person instead of not killing.  There's no indication that Oliver has anywhere near that problem.

I think a more interesting twist would've been a revelation that Robert Queen's list was a fake or a forgery of some kind.  That many of the people he killed were innocent.  I don't know if that would possibly jive with season one, but the idea that the catalyst for Oliver's entire journey would be built on a lie would be interesting.

One other thing that's been bothering me.  Susan found evidence that linked Oliver to the Bratva to the Green Arrow, who showed up at the same time Oliver did.  But that's not right - the Green Arrow has only been around two years - the one who showed up at the same time as Oliver was "The Arrow" or "The Hood" - and the official story is that he's dead.  Oliver even references it when he declares himself as the Green Arrow.

So as far as Susan should technically be concerned, the bigger story is that Oliver was both the Arrow and the Green Arrow, and that the Arrow and the Green Arrow are the same person.


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

It'd be fun to re-write the opening bits of each show.

My name is Oliver Queen.  After five years in Hell, I returned home with one goal: Revenge.  By day, I am CEO of Queen Weapons Technologies, but at night, I am someone else.  I am something else.


(554 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Do we think Superman is going to show up in the promotional campaign for Justice League, or are they going to pretend like he's actually dead? smile


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Informant wrote:

It would be cool to have a crossover with bad versions of people up against their good counterparts. I think that Harry Wells could have a double on Kara's Earth, so that would be an easy crossover. And Kara could exist on Earth 1 or Earth 2. It would be fun to play with alternate versions of these characters.

Exactly, but I might take it a step further and do something like Enterprise's "In a Mirror, Darkly" episodes.  In LoT, the Legion gets the spear, and they change reality to their desires.

Then, the next week of shows takes place entirely in the "Doomworld" where each hero is essentially muscle for one of the Legion.  Barry works for Thawne as a thug/errand boy, whatever.  And either Team Flash is entirely evil, or Barry is tracking down "hero" versions of Caitlin / Cisco / Firestorm etc.  Oliver is working for Darhk or Merlyn (either of them as Ra's).

And instead of having to fight "our" versions of the characters, we just see an adventure from these dark versions of the characters we know. 

They could either do this with crossovers (where Barry and Oliver have to team up to take down the remaining heroes), or it could be done entirely separately.  The finale would be on Legends, where the team shows up to fix things (they were in the Vanishing Point so they were protected), and they have to fight the Legion (and dark versions of Barry/Oliver) to get the spear back.

I think it'd be more fun than fighting a bunch of random gray aliens smile

(Supergirl could appear to either show that her universe is also affected - so an episode her her basically running National City as a goddess - or not be included)


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Just like Gorilla City could've been a much better 4-way crossover, I almost feel like next week's Legends could've been a much more fun way of doing things.  They could've basically done the Crime Syndicate of America and done "evil" versions of all four shows, with the Legends fixing things in their episode.

And there's one thing in the episode that's really gonna bother Informant from what I've seen.


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Y'all are holding the Flash to a strong sense of continuity when it comes to a fantasy inside of a CW show smile

I think this episode should've been non-canonical.  I think it'd have been better if they just said "hey, we have a lot of musically-talented people, and let's have some fun."  I'd have preferred they did it on Legends of Tomorrow so they could waste one of their episodes, but it made the most sense on Flash.  If it was non-canonical, there'd be no reason to judge it.

But since it is canon and is supposed to exist inside the story, let me do my best.  Most of it can be explained away with "it's a fantasy."  Kara is a human in the fantasy, and Mon-El is a human in the fantasy.  So why are Joe and Stein together when they're both heterosexual in real life?  Because the "musical" wanted two talented singers in the same scene.

Why is Merlyn there?  I think the better question is why Mon-El is Merlyn's son, when Iris is also Joe's daughter.  Everyone seems to have the same familial connections except for that one.  But the answer is that John Barrowman can sing and Kevin Sorbo can't.

Has Merlyn met Barry?  I can't think of a specific scene that they've had together, but Merlyn was basically the arch-nemesis of Team Arrow for years.  Oliver never met Zoom, but he still mentioned him at Laurel's grave.  And even if Barry didn't know Merlyn personally, he'd still be aware of him.  He was still a prominent figure in Starling City and a known Criminal.  And since he's playing a gangster, him showing up in Barry's fantasy would've made as much sense as anyone else.  Barry doesn't run into a lot of gangsters smile


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

I'm still more impressed that he figured out from a pair of glasses that they were going to use Abra Kadabra from HR's world.

But, yes, TF is basically psychic at this point smile


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Apparently Rachel Bloom wrote the SuperFriends song.  So take with that what you will.

I would've loved to see them go crazy, Broadway-style.


(615 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Eh, it was dumb, but I thought they did it in an interesting way.  I enjoyed the "Amazo-ness" of Music Meister's "plan" (the fact that I have to put quotation marks around two words probably isn't great, but you know what I mean), and I thought both shows meshed really well together.  I wish they'd have Winn meet Cisco (he did reference that they'd be best friends), but Cisco was definitely more Vibe than tech guy this episode.

I thought the actors playing Winn and Cisco actually performed way better than I thought they would, and I'm also glad they brought back Stein and Merlyn since their actors have musical backgrounds.

The music was meh.  I'm not huge on musicals, and it's weird that Kara and Barry are both apparently huge on musicals since neither has mentioned it before this week as far as I can tell.  And while I think Kara and Barry have great chemistry together, it's also a bit weird that they're always talking about how great friends they are when they've spent about a day and a half together?

It's also a bit weird that Supergirl had a huge moment with Mon-El on the Flash.  The crossovers are fun, but having key information about one character on another show is just weird to me.  I'm sure they'll include it in the "previously on..." in next week's Supergirl, but it's still odd.


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Don't worry, Barry will go back in time and undo it (and everything else) at the end of the season.  As he is prone to doing...


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Synopsis!  Synopsis!


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