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It's being funded by a Kickstarter campaign, but is close enough to its goal that it seems assured: … omic-books

I can tell you from experience that their goal will not cover the expense of getting it out there; they must be planning to put some of their own money with it.  It is a company, though; and with books like Volcanosaurus in their catalog - what can go wrong?

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I hope it goes well but I worry as SG:A was far inferior to SG:1 in many ways.
Sure SG:1 got way to Wanky in terms of Tech Aqcuired and ease of Enemy Defeats, Deus Ex Machina etc but early SG:1 was great.

I kind of hated the attitude and lack of ethics and rationality in SG:A.

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I'm friends with Greg Larouque, he's most famous for drawing the Legion of Super-Heroes. and the Wally West Flash for many years. He told me months ago he'd be doing the Atlantis comic but the ultimate plan is to do all the Stargates as well as other books. The company is a start-up however they are funded. I think the kickstarter thing was just to get an additional bit of funding. I'll ask him next time I talk to him.

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Anyone paying attention to the new Stargate launch?