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Rembrandt goes through the wormhole, supposedly headed for his home world.  What did he find on the other side?  I've got seven possibilities.  Which one do you like?

1 Rembrandt arrives on his home world and it's the world from Genesis.  The virus he injected in himself works!  Any Kromagg that comes near him gets violently ill and starts to die.  He's on the lam, running and hiding from the Maggs.  A few days later, Diana, Maggie, and Mallory arrive with an anti-Kromagg device that will spread the virus throughout the whole world by air.  They set it off, the Maggs are defeated, and Diana uses their leftover equipment to create a new timer.

2 Rembrandt arrives on his home world and it's the one from Genesis.  The Maggs detected his incoming wormhole and are there waiting.  They gun him down immediately, the virus in his blood dying with him.  The other sliders arrive a few days later to a similar fate.  The Maggs take the device and find a cure for the virus, then invade Seer world.  The Dynasty reigns supreme!

3 Rembrandt arrives on his home world and it's the one from Genesis.  The Maggs detected his incoming wormhole and are there waiting.  They gun him down immediately.  The virus doesn't die right away, however.  It seeps into the air, causing illness and death to the Maggs in the immediate area.  By the time the other sliders arrive with the anti-Magg device there's a safe zone where they can set it off and save the world.  Though saddened by Remmy's death, the others continue on their sliding ways.

4 Rembrandt arrives on his home world and it's not the one from Genesis.  It's the one from the pilot, only five years later.  No one has heard of Kromaggs or sliding.  The other sliders arrive a few days later with the anti-Magg device.  Knowing the virus is harmless to humans and that the Maggs will eventually come here, they set the device off to spread the virus all over the world.  The sliders visit Quinn's mother, who is not the one from Genesis or from the Seer.  Rembrandt tells her what happened to him and she lets them use his equipment, which she left set up in the basement in case he came back.  Diana is able to create a new timer and they continue their adventures, using this world as a home base.  A few months later two Magg scout ships arrive, but the pilots succumb to the virus quickly and both ships crash into the World Trade Center.  The government covers it up, claiming it was hijacked jets, but many people don't believe the cover story.  After all, jet fuel can't melt steel beams but whatever fuel the Maggs use surely can.

5 It's a trap!  Geiger knew he had to eliminate the other sliders if his merger with Mallory succeeded.  When they foiled his plan, he instead used his plan for revenge.  Rembrandt exits the wormhole on a world with no atmosphere and dies immediately.  The other sliders follow a few days later and meet a similar fate.  It is just as the Seer foresaw. 

6 Rembrandt arrives on Combine World, home of Diana and Mallory.  After all, Geiger has no way of knowing Rembrandt's home coordinates and has no special affinity for him anyway.  He only wanted to help Diana and Mallory.  The other sliders arrive a few days later with the anti-Kromagg device.  Since it is too big to lug from world to world all the time and this world needs protection from the Maggs also, they set it off.  Diana has the formula for creating more of the virus in case they do eventually find Remmy's world.  They go back to Geiger's lab for Diana to create a new timer, only for Diana and Mallory to be arrested for Dr Geiger's murder.  A dozen witnesses saw them fire a laser at Geiger and him disintegrate, and internal security footage confirmed this testimony.  Maggie and Rembrandt break them out of prison and take them back to the lab, where Diana creates a new timer They slide out just as the police arrive to take them back into custody.

7  Geiger miscalculated again.  What he thought were Rembrant's home coordinates were actually the coordinates to Seer world, which is how they wound up there in the first place.  Where does Remmy end up when he slides out?  Think of a roulette wheel...

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pilight wrote:

What did happen after The Seer?

The show was cancelled. sad

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In terms of what might have happened had the show been renewed -- likely, Dial and Peckinpah would have remained in charge of the show. Assuming the budget didn't drop, I imagine Season 6 opens with Maggie, Mallory and Diana sliding after Rembrandt. They discover it's the Earth Prime of "Genesis," but everyone is dead or gone; the Kromaggs have taken the planet for all it's worth and Rembrandt was too late. However, a Spinning Topps record with songs Rembrandt doesn't recognize makes him realize this wasn't his home Earth. The sliders slide out, deciding to continue their meanderings and we get more of the same rubbish of most Season 5 episodes.

In terms of what *should* have happened -- I've generally felt that SLIDERS, even in Season 5, should have ended with something to indicate that the status quo would be restored. Back on the old Bboard, Tom Holste offered a solidified view of this: he wished we could have seen Rembrandt come out of the vortex and discover Quinn, Wade and Arturo waiting for him -- inexplicably, miraculously restored and reunited -- either through cameos or body doubles and reusing old footage and sound clips.

The episode could have just ended on that note. There was no need to worry about having to do a Season 6 premiere of Cleavant talking to archive footage and body doubles. There wasn't going to be a Season 6. They'd never have to explain it. The show could have ended on this joyful, mystifying yet welcome note of hope and wonder.

I've had many years to think about this -- and I believe that Quinn, Wade and Arturo were waiting for Rembrandt on the other side. I can feel it.

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I like the unexplained reunion. smile

Gives me a Warm Glow inside.

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