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I'm caught up again!  The crazy AI episode was really funny, and quite creative.  Really harkened back to the old days.  As for the Familiar episode, yes, well done, but also I think a bit too Supernatural!

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THE X-FILES was the first show I ever saw where small children were acceptable victims of the week. It really disturbed me and I don't really know what to say about it. SMALLVILLE also really troubled me with the way it casually massacred teenagers (even if they were played by actors in their late 20s).

My main problem with the X-FILES formula for monsters of the week: Mulder and Scully never accomplish anything. Had they not appeared, the story would have unfolded in much the same way. THE X-FILES does it deliberately to represent how our world is at the mercy of inhuman, unknowable and otherworldly forces whether they're technologically advanced aliens or supernatural beings. It's not something I enjoy.

I don't really feel comfortable saying whether "Familiar" was good or bad except to say I don't really like THE X-FILES, I never have, I study it rather than enjoy it and it always makes me appreciate FRINGE.

With FRINGE, the victims of the week are played for tragedy and grief, but their deaths also lead Fringe Division to preventing further bloodshed and loss of life with every case-of-the-week building to the Season 5 finale in which Fringe Division saved the entire human race.

In every FRINGE episode, there is a scientific explanation. Sometimes, that science is absurd emotionalism masquerading as empirical analysis, but the show is commited to something resembling rationalism whereas THE X-FILES is an abstract horror show one week and a technology driven thriller the next and the lead characters are helpless. That's not what I personally want to see.

I will never say that THE X-FILES is a bad show, but it's not *my* show. No thank you. I'll watch it. I'll study it. I'll never buy DVD sets to revisit its narrative. I'll never like it and I'll never write a six part series of screenplays for it.

But people should be free to create work that I don't like.

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One of the reasons that I dislike Stephen King as a writer is his tendency to do horrible things to children. I find his habit to be gross, and cheap (I feel the same way about some of his other habits... I just don't like him).

That said, I'm not opposed to using kids in stories like this, as long as it doesn't feel cheap.

But yeah, I know what you mean about appreciating something as a story, or art, without necessarily enjoying it or liking it. The Passion of the Christ is like that for me. Beautiful movie all around. Deserved all the awards that it didn't get. However, it is incredibly difficult to watch (as well it should be).

I guess this week's episode of The X-Files marks the end of the season, since next week is a Chris Carter mythology episode, so I feel safe in assuming that it will suck.

And this week was... Weak.  "Nothing Lasts Forever" was a directionless mess of an episode. The writer obviously didn't know if it was the story of a cult, an actress feeding off of humans in order to remain young, a Frankenstein-ish mad scientist, a Buffy-like action hero, or Scully-religious-something-blahblahblah. And failing to tell one story resulted in a failure to tell all of these stories. And then we end with the old "mysterious whispered secret" trope, which rarely works. We might as well have had a slow motion shot of a coin being tossed into a fountain.

It frustrates me how easily this show could be great, if only someone would run it.

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I've enjoyed this season.  Not having much in the way of season arcs has been felt but I think there's been a lot of creativity.

I know Gillian is done but I think they should have her as a non-field agent in the future.  Skinner type.  Assuming the ratings are good enough for FOX to want to spend the required budget of this series.

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They probably should have anticipated Anderson an Duchovny wanting less to do with to do with the series going forward, if the network wanted to keep it around at all. They had those other agents last season, but they were pretty much joke characters, too similar to Mulder and Scully. They should have established new agents that Mulder and Scully could work with and train. Perhaps even someone who had been part of an X-File as a child, back in the 90's. Even better if we know the character from an old episode.

This is also something that Supernatural should be doing, but they insist on killing off every human character who could possibly become a major recurring character.