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Well this can't be great news for the film. … socialflow

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I doubt it is a big deal. The Outlander TV series didn't cast some pivotal season 2 roles until I'm pretty sure they were done filming most of the season. If they stay true to the books, those characters will have to be added to earlier episodes.

If she is a big Federation higher-up, she could just be appearing on the viewscreen, giving orders or whatever. It is probably just a way to frame or set up scenes more smoothly.

I would be more worried if she was replacing another actress and reshooting all of those scenes.

Besides, it is New Trek. It was probably never going to be an art film to begin with. smile

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I believe they're using her to replace Chris Pine. It ties in with the rumors that they're going the "Turnabout Intruder" route with the new film. Or not. Probably not.