Topic: "Sliders" Day?

With yesterday being May the 4th, the generally accepted Star Wars Day, I was thinking that Sliders has no (that I know of) designated day. Back To the Future has November 5th, Bill & Ted have June 9, Star Wars has May 4, but nothing for Sliders. I thought we should designate a Sliders Day...

What date though? Some possibilities I thought of-

March 22 (date the pilot first aired)

September 27 (date of the first slide by Quinn and the rest of the original 4 sliders)

September 24 (Quinn perfects the timer)

September 25 (Quinn's basketball is the first object returned after a slide thanks to the timer).

Any other suggestions? Of the ones listed, I think I like September 27 the best.

Re: "Sliders" Day?

Yep 27th Sept sounds the best to me! smile

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Re: "Sliders" Day?

Sept 27, with a mini celebration on Sept 24 too (but you still have to go to work).