Topic: Jerry O'Connell hides from Tom Cruise

Here's one of those click-bait articles that popped up when reading some "news": … net_749129

The bit I found interesting was the mention of the Scientology party twenty years ago.  Given it was both Jerry and his brother in LA, that was probably during the time he was filming Sliders (either season three or more likely season four).

Re: Jerry O'Connell hides from Tom Cruise

Interesting. Tom Cruise is creepy. I would hide from him too, if only so that I wouldn't have to talk to him.

Re: Jerry O'Connell hides from Tom Cruise

Amusingly, Tom Cruise used to be Jerry's idol. Jerry worked with him on JERRY MAGUIRE and Jerry's post-SLIDERS career was a shabby and deformed attempt at mimicking Cruise's trajectory as a heartthrob leading man whose good looks would win over an audience. Jerry neglected to develop Cruise's gift for performing characters and making them likable, compelling, forceful, convincing, charismatic and morally admirable -- but Jerry's sneering, smirking, swaggering performances after SLIDERS are very obviously modelled on what he thought Tom Cruise was good at.

During the period where Jerry was reinventing himself from failed would-be movie star to working class TV actor, Jerry again cited Tom Cruise as a model of physical fitness and a good example for him.

The weird thing is, as a Quinn-obsessive, I do feel that the Tom Cruise persona is a part of Quinn -- there is the part of Quinn who comes off as ridiculously attractive young man (who even when middle-aged looks young) who is always good at absolutely everything from bartending to stunt driving to flying planes to combat to science. But there is also another side to Quinn -- the neurotic, isolated, socially stunted loner who lives in his own head and has no concept of teamwork and is so lost in endless thought that he forgets to do laundry or get haircuts.