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Topic: Jerry O'Connell on Mistresses

Another Slider sighting! 
JOC joins the cast of the ABC summer prime time soap, 'Mistresses" . He looks good. he is playing a "manny" for  one of the regular cast member's infant daughter.   She used to play on "Lost" and I think eventually he and she are going to become lovers. He made a pass at her last week and now I guess biology will take over.

It was good to see him again. He is the only cast member that seems to get consistent work. He has had a short lived series as well as Chasing Jordan and he guest starred on "Ugly Betty" once.

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KerrAvon wrote:

as well as Chasing Jordan and...

lol Was that a play of words or a Freudian slip.

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He was also on an episode of Young and Hungry from season 3 (the most recent season on Netflix). Had no idea, and was watching and all of the sudden, there he is, took me by surprise!

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I noticed that JOC has been doing work behind the camera on 'Mistresses". He has taken the Directors Chair and has helmed at least two episodes this season.
One day he co hosted with Kelly Ripa on Kelly Live while she still is searching for a full time replacement of Michael Strahan.

Way to go!

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I just saw him in episode 1 of season 2 of Scream Queens.


It was a flashback scene, so I doubt it'll be a recurring role (or if it is, seldom).

Anyone else here fans of that show?

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Looks like Scream Queens has officially been cancelled, so no more Jerry on that Show. His role was very tiny, though.