Topic: Which Episode have you seen the most?

we all love SLIDERS and with most of us owning the DVD sets and thanks to syndication and reruns we can watch them over and over. I never tire of watching some classic Star Trek episodes. TOS especially though I like TNG better I rarely will re watch one of their episodes.

SLIDERS has that effect that TOS has on me. I never tire of watching them but if there is one that I have seen the most it would be :
PTSS  in my opinion, the best episode.
THE WEAKER SEX  and LUCK OF THE DRAW would be close seconds.

Like a true nerd, I can recite so many lines from PTSS

So fellow fans which episode do you find yourself watching again and again...?

Re: Which Episode have you seen the most?

The Guardian.  Yes, it opened the can of worms that eventually led to my most hated episode (Dust), but it was totally worth it.

Re: Which Episode have you seen the most?

LAURIE: "Mom, open his gift for you -- "
ME: "Yeah, open mine!"
HENRIETTA: "Oh my -- this is my favourite wine! How did you know this is my favourite wine?"
LAURIE: "I asked you and texted him and he bought it."
HENRIETTA: "How did you FIND it!?"
ME: "The Internet. And driving. I'm glad you're happy with it!"
HENRIETTA: "You don't know how happy this makes me -- "
ME: "Yeah, but that's only because I don't understand anything about alcohol."
HENRIETTA: "Well. Imagine your favourite SLIDERS."
ME: "Huh?"
LAURIE: "Imagine your favourite episode -- that fucking episode you never shut up about, the one where time runs backwards or some shit -- and think of it with a high-definition transfer on blu-ray with all the effects redone seamlessly and with some extended scenes and also a director and writer's commentary and imagine getting it for Christmas. That's how my mom feels now."
ME: "I get it."

Re: Which Episode have you seen the most?

Hmmmmmmm..... Probably PTSS, Way Out West, or The Other Slide Of Darkness...

Good question....

Re: Which Episode have you seen the most?

Luck of the Draw

Re: Which Episode have you seen the most?

I watch them over and over again too.  Top 5 re-watched are

Pilot Part 1/2
Dead Man Sliding
Season's Greedings (only watch at Christmastime, of course)