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I finished watching the new Netflix series, Stranger Things on Sunday. My only regret is that it was only 8 episodes... I wanted more. smile

The series takes place in 1983. A 12 year old boy goes missing, kicking off a storyline that blends tropes from ET, Poltergeist, Firestarter, The Goonies, and other 80's favorites. While the series draws on these old movies for inspiration, the story is its own unique thing, and the tropes never overshadow the original story that the series is presenting. The characters are still well developed and interesting, whether or not they remind us of characters from other movies.

In terms of production quality, I was incredibly impressed. There have been other shows set in the 80's lately, from The Americans to Dead of Summer, and there are usually details that betray the fact that these characters aren't really in the 80's. A wrong prop here or piece of wardrobe there. Sometimes, the 80's setting can be a gimmick that is thrown around, but not taken seriously. None of this is the case with Stranger Things. If I didn't know some of these actors from other projects, you might be able to fool me into believing that this thing was filmed in the 80's. That setting helps tell this story in the best way that it could be told, because I think that a modern setting would kill this thing. Internet and cell phones ruined storytelling in so many ways.

I can't say enough good things about this series. It was a unique, nostalgic series, created with great care and purpose. The child actors carry a series that is intended for adult viewers, and they do it masterfully. The mythology within the series is clean and well constructed.

If you haven't watched the series yet, I highly recommend it.

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My girlfriend and I are watching it so it's going slower than usual.  We're on episode 4 so I haven't read anything you wrote smile

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I don't think that I wrote anything too spoilery. Just general opinions. But feel free to read and reply later. smile

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I binged it over a couple nights not long ago, absolutely fantastic!  Production quality was incredible, I concur.  I think I found ONE thing they may have gotten wrong, but that was it.  Season 2 is going to feature the same cast and characters.  I kinda don't like that idea, I think they should have gone anthology.

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Before I saw the finale, I would have agreed that they should have done different stories each year. They could even do homages to different decades and it'd be fun. But I think that the writers have mapped out their plan for several seasons and know what they're doing. If that's the case, I'm fine with them continuing with this storyline. Season 1 can stand alone as a great story, so worst case scenario, we do what I'm going to do with Arrow and just forget that the bad seasons ever existed.

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I watched the first two then got away from the show. I finally went back and binge watched the final six this past weekend.
Pretty decent show.  I hear they are doing a second season.
Now Informant can get his wish and have "more'.

My question is what happened to the Matthew Modine character? Was he killed by that creature from the other dimension?
And how did the sheriff and Wynona Rider get out of that place after they found the missing kid?

I enjoyed the show for the most part. We need more quality television. With quality programming like "House of Cards" and a few others of note what is on the horizon for Netflix?   Netflix killed Blockbuster and Hollywood Video is regular TV and cable next on their "hit list"

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Since I am always looking to find a movie or short series I started watching Stranger Things last weekend based on what I read here.  Found out my 15 year old daughter binge watched it this summer and she decided to re-watch with me.  She is the only person in my household that enjoys movies of this genre, so I need to take advantage of this opportunity!

Through the first three episodes and I am impressed with the quality of acting (especially the kids) and the special effects.  Being an 80's child it is cool to see banana seat bikes and the wall phone just like my grandma had in her kitchen.  Definitely engaged with the story lines and look forward to see how they play out.

On another note, I have my 12 year old son hooked on Jerry O'Connell's 80's series, My Secret Identity.  First time for me too.

Very nostalgic times in my household!

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I finally finished this.  I really liked it. I thought it was well done, and I actually liked the child actors.  And while the children were good, it wasn't all about them.  Everyone in the series really got a chance to be heroic which I liked. 

I was also surprised at how much people were surprised about the news of a second season with the same cast/storyline.  The story was definitely set up and written to continue.  Yeah, there's closure if the show wasn't popular, but there's also a ton left open. 

Even if they went anthology, I'd like things to be set in this same universe.  I think there's a lot left to explore in terms of the "Upside Down" and the experiments being done to kids like Eleven.

Thumbs up from me!