Topic: Where to find social satire these days?

One of the best things about Seasons 1 - 2 was how SLIDERS satirized American society relentlessly. The Pilot skewers patriotism by exaggerating it to an absurd degree; "Summer of Love" takes aim and paranoia and ridicule towards non-materialistic worldviews; "Prince of Wails" takes aim at society's peculiar reverence towards monarchies; "Fever" is a screed on class warfare; "The Weaker Sex" examines gender roles; "The King is Back" takes aim at the American obsession with fame; "Luck of the Draw" casts a grim light on population growth and where do we find stuff like that today?

Personally, I like SOUTH PARK for constantly tackling every single prominent aspect of American culture from advertising to gentrification, but SOUTH PARK has all the subtlety of a brick. Still, Trey Parker and Matt Stone would be my choice for leading a SLIDERS reboot.

Re: Where to find social satire these days?

The Carmichael Show -

This sitcom takes on political satire in the way that All In The Family use to with a debate of some sort every episode and the main character Carmichael typically taking the point of view of the non-politically correct side of the argument.

Very funny you topics that most of Hollywood is afraid to bring up...gentrification, Cosby, Donald Trump, all became issues last season.

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If I want social satire, I just turn on the news.

Honestly though, I don't remember the last time I saw really good satire. It seems like everything on TV is PC nonsense disguised as un-PC humor these days.

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Re: Where to find social satire these days?

I've seen a little of Portlandia - it definitely has some good social satire but is obviously region specific.