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Any other Sliders fans here also fans of Archie comics and/or the new Riverdale show, which is based on the comics? I've been an Archie fan almost my whole life, and it is cool to see a show (other than animated) with the characters. The show is on Netflix (each episode the day after its show on on CW) if you're interested in seeing it.

Discontinue reading if you don't want spoilers-

My thoughts on episode 1, which aired last night...

I enjoyed it. It's more of the dark side of the characters (which is interesting since the characters are generally very squeaky clean throughout their history). I generally like the humor portions/versions of the comics (especially the older dan DeCarlo/Harry Lucey/Sam Schwartz/ Bob Montana versions), but this is nice being different. Some of the characters are spot on with their looks and personalities, others are changed... Like why does Archie's parents have to be separated?

All the actors and actresses did a great job, lots of energy.

My biggest issue with the show is the Ms Grundy character, which is completely different from her comic book version... Everything else I'm ok with, at least for now.

I'm able to separate the show from the comics and other mediums of the characters in the past. I look at this show as just another alternate reality for the characters, and will look forward to each new episode. I hope it does well. I do think this show is significantly better (at least so far) than the reboot comics that Archie has out out over the last year or so.

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I like RIVERDALE so far. It's like DAWSON'S CREEK: earnestly melodramatic, capturing both a sincere sense of sexuality without being lewd or tawdry, beautifully filmed, touching on both the innocence of the characters and the maturity of the situations around themselves as they grow up. I can't say how faithful it is to the comics as I've never read them, but in terms of DAWSON style dramedy, the approach seems suited to the characters on the show.

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Episode 2 was pretty good as well. Show packs a lot into a single episode both times so far. Looking forward to seeing where it all goes. Enjoying it for what it is rather than nitpicking everything that isn't classic Archie (which is quite a lot).

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Watched episode 6 (the most recent) today. The show continues to be very interesting. So much happens each episode, it's hard to believe it's only 6 episodes in.

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I haven't seen the show yet. I might watch it after the season ends, on Netflix.

The comment about so much happening in one episode worries me though. It's a trend these days, to burn through as much story as possible, in as short amount of time as possible. I see it done all the time now, and it usually doesn't work for me. I like to sink into a story. I like thee to be some room for scenes to play out and characters to have their moments. Too many shows these days burn through scenes without allowing them to breathe, and it takes away from the whole story.

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It was just announced today it's being renewed for a second season! Yay!

Informant, that worries me a bit, too, but it works well so far. There's a huge cast and it seems each episode is focused on particular minor characters for that episode as well as the regulars. And there are a LOT of characters.

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Riverdale is the first of my "catch up over the summer" shows. I'm two episodes in right now. It's funny, because I thought the show had been on all season, so I was expecting 22 or 23 episodes. It seems weird that the show only has 13. I feel like I've been seeing commercials for it for much longer than that.

I don't read the comics, so I don't know the characters. What I can say so far is that the show is pretty interesting. I like the dark vibe of the series, which you wouldn't expect from an Archie series. Since I don't read the comics, I don't know whether or not the show actually needed to be related to Archie. If the tone is dramatically different, couldn't they have just made it a whole new thing?

Right now, two episodes into the series, my biggest complaint is the fact that Archie is in a relationship with his teacher. I'm over this trope on TV. It was edgy on Dawson's Creek, but now it's on every show that's set in high school, and it's getting to a point where it seems an awful lot like we're accepting this sort of behavior. On Pretty Little Liars, it's played as a true romantic relationship, rather than a form of abuse. The whole thing is really disgusting to me. I'm sure that kids love watching this stuff and imagining how mature it all is, but it's not. And we shouldn't keep telling them that it is.

But as I said, I'm only two episodes in. For all I know, the show does this story properly and shows the teacher as being manipulative, and completely in the wrong here.

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Glad you're giving the show a shot. Stick with it.

First season is 13 episodes, it was just renewed for a full season of 22 starting in the fall.