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Topic: Emerald City

You know I have not seen much or any threads on the subject of the new series Emerald City. It just had its season finale last week and I just wanted to offer up some words and comments. And of course I welcome yours as well.

The show was hard to get into in the beginning. It seemed disjointed and was very disorienting. Maybe I'm just slow or the fact that we have known the Wizard Of OZ most of our lives and grew up with it. So we have a great many preconceived notions of that merry old land of Oz.  When we see changes they tend to throw us off: for example, we do not meet the cowardly Lion until the finale...Toto is not a beloved cute terrier but a 100 lb police German Shepherd.  Dorothy has sex with the man I assume is the scarecrow and the witch of the North Glenda is not all peaches and cream but a ruthless bitch.
I guess one should go into a show like this with a complete open mind and forget all that we had drummed into us about the Wizard of Oz.
Like Gotham when it goes off on its tangients.  We have known Batman since the comics, the campy 60's show and the recent films from Tim Burton and Chris Nolan. To see the changes to the Batman lore is quite disturbing to say the least. 
Its almost like Game of Thrones. For people who became aware thru the books, then it can be upsetting when the TV show veers away from the written word but GoT is fairly new in our lives and it is not something we recall from childhood., and it is not such a big deal. Unlike the Wizard of Oz / Emerald City and Batman/Gotham

Re: Emerald City

I saw episode 10. You are right, I did get some Game of Throne vibes. It looked well done. But I heard the pilot was difficult to appreciate.