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Roy Dotrice Dies: Tony Winner & ‘Amadeus’ Actor Was 94 … 202189216/

I'm not surprised they don't mention his Sliders appearance in season four's "Data World" or season five's "The Seer".  Despite a good performance with the scripts he was given, I do not believe I would have wanted it noted in my obituary either.

Godspeed, Mr Chandler.

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A long, successful life.  RIP.

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I wss on TV Line when I saw the news of his passing. The headline was like "He was on Game of Thrones and did some audiobooks" and I just wanted to smack my head. This dude has been everywhere on my TV since I could form memories, and this is the best they could do?!

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Very sad to hear.  I was actually looking forward to meet his daughter at the Chiller con a few weeks ago.  Karen cancelled however, as one might expect.