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So with the doc gone I'm wondering if prime will be adding a section for the "artifacts" like the close up of props ie.. tempo cover white card brochure etc.

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No. That's Temporal Flux's stuff. The EP.COM policy is that we leave his material to him.

We honestly have no idea where he acquired his amazing finds and anecdotes. We speculate endlessly. Many of EP.COM's current and future items came from Transmodiar befriending former SLIDERS producers.

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Thanks for the info
Miss that stuff

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Don't worry, I've got more in the pipeline that should help shoulder the loss! smile

If you ever want to revisit the old DoC, you can always go here:

Wayback Machine

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How sweet it is !!!
Thank you kindly good sir
Your awesomeness is greatly appreciated

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GAhhhhhh, had no idea it is gone!  Hard to believe it will be almost 20 years since I started poking around the web for Sliders news!