Topic: The Rewatch Podcast is Ready to "Leap" back into recording!

Hey all,

We are BACK to our podcasting studios and getting ready to record episode 1 of our Quantum Leap Rewatch. If you care to join us, NBC appears to have all the episodes right now WITH the correct music from what I've seen so far.

Join us, send us feedback and thoughts on episodes! Review the podcast in iTunes and get a chance to win a digital comic book!


Re: The Rewatch Podcast is Ready to "Leap" back into recording!

I just want to say -- while I of course listen to all your podcasts, I don't always comment because I haven't been able to follow the viewings. I had no time to watch THE FLASH, so I felt unqualified to speak on your podcasts. I will do the same with the Rewatch for QUANTUM LEAP, but if I haven't actually watched QUANTUM LEAP, I shouldn't be telling you whether or not your podcasts covered the show well or poorly.

Re: The Rewatch Podcast is Ready to "Leap" back into recording!

Oh of course not, no worries! We're glad you're listening!

Re: The Rewatch Podcast is Ready to "Leap" back into recording!

After Tom and Cory wrapped up their run on THE FLASH, I found myself taking a bit of a break. I never had time to watch the 1990s FLASH show and was listening to Rewatch Podcast 'blind,' getting a picture of the show entirely through their perceptions. Then they switched to QUANTUM LEAP and I planned to listen, but... didn't. The thing is -- I don't like QUANTUM LEAP. I've seen the first two episodes and it's a fine show, but it is finely calculated in opposition to my interests and concerns for television. I found the logic behind the leaps and Sam's missions fuzzy, clumsy, awkward and unconvincing. I strongly disliked how the focus was on the soap opera rather than the time travel situations. I disliked Sam's swiss-cheesed memory making it impossible for him to retain knowledge and grow as a character.

QUANTUM LEAP rubbed me the wrong way and I kept Rewatch Podcast in my feed but didn't get around to listening to it. However, Cory and Nathan started doing HALLOWEEN podcasts and I'd never seen a single HALLOWEEN film but was friends with a screenwriter who wrote what was almost HALLOWEEN VIII. I don't like horror, but I was intrigued to get Cory and Nathan's take on it. So I listened to all of those and loved Cory's increasing incredulity at Michael Myers' indestructibility and Nathan's astonishment at how a simple villain developed a mythology more incoherently convoluted than Season 5 of SLIDERS.

Then they did the BACK TO THE FUTURE podcasts with Tom in the mix, and I adore BACK TO THE FUTURE, so I listened to that eagerly. I loved hearing Cory remark upon the various plot contrivances and the way the script made them go down easy; I loved hearing Tom and Nathan discuss the 80s fashion and Doc Brown's madness. And I was so happy to hear Tom and Cory together that I went back and started listening to Tom and Cory talking about QUANTUM LEAP, a show which I've never seen.

And it's strange: Tom and Cory's descriptions touch on all the things I wouldn't enjoy about QL still, but I really like hearing them discuss this show that doesn't interest me. I like listening to them debate whether Sam is physically replacing the people he leaps into or merely occupying their minds. I like their discussions of the mythos of the Quantum Leap project. I like them getting into how the high definition transfers don't flatter the dated visual effects. Their thoughtful contemplation of the peculiarities and intricacies of the show are fascinating.

I will never see QUANTUM LEAP myself, but I will see it through their eyes the way I saw the 1990s FLASH -- and they occasionally describe a character dropping unrequested expository dialogue as "going Full Diggs" which always warms my heart.

I'm only into their fourth QUANTUM LEAP podcast, listening during my commute and I'm rather happy to have a backlog of their voices.