Topic: Time Freak

Was looking through Red Box and came across a film called “Time Freak”:

Based on the 2012 Oscar nominated short film of the same name:

It’s one of those movies you have to stick with for the pay off (it takes a little turn in act three that I didn’t expect), but overall I enjoyed it.  It’s a romantic comedy drama that I don’t think was described accurately in its press.  Despite his intentions, it’s not about a boy fixing a break up by using a time machine; it’s really about a boy dealing with a break up by using a time machine.

But the reason I post it here is because it had some shades of Sliders to it.  Awkward physics genius creates a time machine in a storage unit using cobbled together equipment and equations written on glass blackboards and walls (leading to the one solution circled that almost begs for a smiley face).  The time machine then ultimately controlled by a cell phone that tends to malfunction.

The genius is paired with a free spirit very much like Wade, and the story plays out how they are a really bad fit.  Then you have the everyman best friend serving as a little comic relief when he’s pulled along for the time travel ride he didn’t really want to go on.

As I watched it, I found myself plugging Quinn, Wade and Rembrandt into the roles; and that probably heightened my enjoyment of it.  It was like watching an echo of their stories playing out - especially if you throw in a dash of how Quinn behaved concerning Daelin in “As Time Goes By”.

If you’re looking for something to watch, you might want to check it out.