Topic: The Rewatch Podcast Returns with "Voyagers!"

And YES, the "!" is part of the actual show title!

Hey all, just letting you know, Cory and I are finished with our Quantum Leap rematch and are heading into a one season show (like Flash 90) called "Voyagers!" before hitting our next multi season show, Seaquest.

I believe I saw some episodes of "Voyagers!" on Dailymotion if you care to join us.

Like Quantum Leap, the two leads travel through time to help people, this time, famous people and events. Like most programming from the old days, there isn't an arc that spans the whole series or great mythology to the show; just time traveling and learning about history.

Hope you can listen in!

Re: The Rewatch Podcast Returns with "Voyagers!"

Well, I've been listening to the Rewatch Podcast all the way through THE FLASH and QUANTUM LEAP (albeit not week to week, but I recently finished listening to the backlog of podcasts). I didn't have time to watch THE FLASH and didn't wish to watch QUANTUM LEAP, but I'd actually like to try watching VOYAGERS and writing Tom and Cory a letter each week. I don't know if I *can* because I've been trying to devote myself to REALITY a bit more, but I'll be listening regardless if only because Tom and Cory occasionally mention SLIDERS and every time they do, I feel very happy.

Re: The Rewatch Podcast Returns with "Voyagers!"

I watched this show once on youtube 3-4 years ago due to its similarity to Sliders.  It's great to see you guys doing a podcast about  it, I'll definitely subscribe.