Topic: Is SLIDERS writer Maureen Johnson THE Maureen Johnson?

Something I wondered recently: is the Maureen Johnson who wrote four excellent SLIDERS novellas THE successful young adult novelist Maureen Johnson?

This is Maureen Johnson's SLIFIC page (archived): … hnson.html

This is young adult author Maureen Johnson's young adult novel Wikipedia page:

Johnson's SLIDERS novellas are absolutely nothing like SLIDERS as a TV show. Johnson's SLIDERS novellas are actually perfect for SLIDERS. Her stories are extremely dark, alarming, disturbing, sexual, sensuous, violent and frightening -- capturing a vivid sense of what some of the more horrific slides might be like. She also captures the quartet really well, so well that I'm compelled to keep going through the story with them and accept that it's a reasonable and powerful version of SLIDERS and she makes sure to never be too traumatic.

I can't really tell from the writing styles in SLIDERS writer Johnson and YA novelist Johnson if they're the same person, but they're both really good and SLIDERS writer Johnson said she was moving into original work.