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ireactions wrote:

The Alcatel Pixi 3. Oh. Hmm. Well, it was free.

Out of curiosity, I went to and looked for unlocked phones for less than £100 that are unlikely to blow up in your face or melt or burst into flame.

It also looks like you could get an 8GB Moto E for £90. The Moto E is a decent phone with limited storage, but if you root the phone, add a microSD card and install Link2SD, you can move about 45 per cent of the app files to the microSD and also store all your media files there, which would leave the Moto E just enough storage to run Android well.

Thanks I'll check that out! smile

Saw another old nostalgic Aussie Kids Sci Fi the other night called Escape from Jupiter.

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I think I can add a small revision to my warnings that sub-16GB phones will not turn out well. I stand by that -- Android will constantly need to download software package updates, app sizes swell with each update, and you'll out out of memory errors very quickly. However, if you can root the phone -- and you'll need to find out in advance of buying it if there's a way to root it -- then you might be okay.

Link2SD is an app that requires root access, and once you have it, you can shift a good chunk of your app files to a microSD card and bypass the 8GB limitation. The Moto E can be rooted. However, if you can't find anything about root access for a sub-16GB phone, you shouldn't buy it.

Currently, my apps use 4.27GB of space, but I've been able to put 2.27GB of that onto the microSD card in the phone. I don't play games, so I could probably manage on an 8GB phone with it's 5.3 GB of storage if I had to -- so long as I had the option of using the microSD. Without it, and on 5.3GB, I'd probably be hitting out of memory errors.

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Re: Status Updates!

Sounds frustrating. I hope I am successful in navigating it all.

Was reading up on The Tomorrow People's 70's, 90's and recent version as of 2013 and read a Fansites Author whose Passion for The Tomorrow People m
felt very much in line with our Shared Passion/Fondness for Sliders.

Here is a Link: … hy/why.htm

I'd love to read what She thinks of the 2013 Version but sadly she has not updated recently. sad

I never saw the 70's version and I'm aware my nostalgic fondness of the 90's reboot makes my preference for it over the 2013 version slightly biased but I feel justified even so as so many opportunities in the newest were squandered in terms of Plot, Characterisation etc.

Here is a wiki Link on the Different versions.

Sure some of the acting in the 90's one is shocking but they are Child Actors.... What is 2013's excuse considering how old/mature the Actors playing Teens are?
A really good Actor with Comic Timing Skills named Danny John Jules was in one Ep so there was some pretty good Acting here and there.

Have you seen the three iterations made for TV ireactions?
Have any other Sliders Fans here seen the Three in order to buld a balancesd view or Preference?

There are also some Audio Plays akin to the Dr Who lost years continuation Stories, which also attempted to bridge the 70's and 90's Shows despite their differences.

Here is a Youtube link to the first 2 Eps of the 90's Series. … ata_player

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omnimercurial wrote:

The Tomorrow People

I absolutely adored the 90s incarnation of The Tomorrow People. Back in the day, I was just devouring any form of media that contained the concept of the next stage of human evolution - which is right around the time that I started seriously getting into X-Men - and is obviously why I (albeit initially) lapped up Heroes. Teleportation, Telekinesis and Telepathy; I just loved the idea of these kids discovering these powers and trying to protect the world, regardless of how cheesy it was - but it was a children's show and it was a product of its time. And gosh, forget Peter Petrelli, Adam is cool as hell, lol.

I later began researching the show and discovered that it was based off of the original 70s incarnation. Though I have watched several serials, I could not take to it for various reasons - the main one being that it was designed specifically to be a competitor to Doctor Who. But that was what put me off of it. There was too much technology and space travel and all kinds of shenanigans, whereas the 90s version (don't get me wrong here - we've got alien pods, an egyptian deity, and a megalomaniac cereal mogul on the loose) but it felt more broadly grounded and I felt an attachment to the situation and the characters.

My dislike of the latest incarnation is well documented so I'll try and keep it brief. It made everything that I loved about The Tomorrow People and made it extremely bland and dull.

Everything from the poor acting, to the generic Jumper teleportation and telekinesis effects, to the soap opera 'whose bed is she going to sleep in now' love triangles, to the complete unlikability of the characters or what they were even striving for. And I hated how every TP was basically evil. Every single new one every week was evil. One of the things I loved about the 90s version was that everyone had their own unique spin on their powers. Adam was a fantastic teleporter because he has been doing it the longest. Megabyte could access computers. Ami had visions and once accessed some serious telekinetic ability when she was under control. But all the characters in TP, aside from the main who could stop time, had nothing that made them stand apart. And the whole chosen one / promised land story was just so boring.

I just didn't like it. I really wanted to because of my past love of the show, but like my issues with Parallels, they took the basic concept of the show but forgot to include the heart, the characterisations, basic plot development, and ultimately, believability and association. I felt no affinity for these characters, the story or their situation. None, at all. I do blame the CW for a lot of influence on what had the potential to be an awesome show. It could have turned out completely different on a different network, but that's the cards dealt I guess.

I attempted to piece together an audio drama reboot production of The Tomorrow People, but stopped when the CW reboot news came about. Now it's kinda killed a lot of my love for the show.

Re: Status Updates!

Wow! You have managed to pinpoint most of my own gripes/criticisms of the 2013 bland offering! smile

I implore you not to let the awful USA reboot sour you on the 90's version.
I feel similar about Series 3 of Sliders which wounded me and have so far not been masochistic as to inflict S4 & S5 on myself.

I hold S1 &S2 of Sliders too dear to my Heart to allow Peckinpahs Faux Pas that followed to diminish them and I hope you can compartmentalise the different iterations of The Tomorrow People while using 2013's ver as a map of what to avoid.

I for one would be very excited to see/read any Fan Material you have regarding either a 90's continuation or Reboot done right!

I think the 90's will always be my favourite ver even if I see the 70's offerings but I can see some things of value that could be looted/borrowed from it even if only as broadening material and inspiration.

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-

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Pyrokinesis, Psychic Healing or Phasing are Elements which could be introduced and mesh well with as in Canon some Individuals having greater aptitude in one skill compared to others.

They all get the Ability Package but some are weaker and others stronger in their own area.

There is a sad lack of The Tomorrow People Fanfiction out there too.
I did read a good 11 Chapter Stargate/TP 90's ver Crossover fic over on but it is sadly unfinished.

You are so very right when mentioning Heart and Optimism, Pluckyness, Curiosity etc.

2013 was so unremittingly bleak while masquerading as Deep and Edgy... *sigh*

I absolutely hated Ultra's Anti Power Technology it was bullshit pardon my language.

A.I. I could just about stomach but only just.... as experimental tech.

Sure Indoctrinated/Blackmailed/Traitorous/Greed driven TP's working for the Man/Alphabet Soup group/Black Op is possible but all that Tech? NO!

They might want to research, contain and control TP's but from a narrative point it is boring and takes away the mystery of these powers and people if they already know it all and can use said countermeasures.

The so called threat TP's pose is non existant if you mass produce those Power Jammers and distribute them everywhere.

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Re: Status Updates!

OMG, you haven't seen the rest of Sliders? yikes  I do see some real gems and value in bits and pieces of the latter seasons, but 1 & 2 was where it was at for me personally before I felt that the main concept of the show just got eternally skewed.

Definitely agree that elements could be taken from both the 70 and 90s version in a new reboot. I haven't searched for TP fiction but that's sad to hear that there aren't that many. It's as annoying as the current conversation we're having about a lack of Sliders fan endeavours outside of fan fiction.

And lol! I didn't even get to the power jammers! Oh don't get me started on that (but you quite eloquently put up all the issues with that technology).

Re: Status Updates!

Yeah it was bull..... *ahem* sorry, nearly fell into that profanity trap again.

The 90's ver dabbled in anti TP tech but it was experimental, unsafe and based on theories that could affect normals too.

The idea was to interfere with either Spatial Perception, Balance etc to disorientate and incapacitate/restrain.

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-

Re: Status Updates!

And that's yet another reason why I prefer the 90s version. Everything was experimental and no one had been able to realistically capture one of the TP before, or even confirm the full range and scope of their abilities.

Re: Status Updates!

There was one part in the Premiere for Season One that was a little shocking related to that which was not in the Unaired Pilot.

Even now I am divided on it.

The Scientist who is played by the same Actor (Now well known in the UK for his role in Medical Drama/Soap "Holby City" as a Surgeon) in the Pilot and Episode One explains he used the experimental tech on a Tomorrow Person prior to the Talent Show Location use of it and KILLED HIM because it was not finished being tweaked. Quite casually and slightly embarassed said "There was not much left of the poor Chap".

On the one hand that addition added some genuine menace and dramatic tension but it was also pretty dark and unpleasant.
I sort of like it but also dislike it. Strange eh?

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-

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ME: "I would never roleplay as Quinn. I would never try to be him -- I could only fail."
MATT: "You are roleplaying as Quinn. That's what SLIDERS REBORN is."
ME: "I am not. I'm roleplaying as Dan Harmon if Dan Harmon were a fan of SLIDERS and NBCUniversal inexplicably gave him the series and 15 million dollars to do three SLIDERS movies."

I wonder how much SLIDERS REBORN would actually cost to film. DOCTOR WHO is on about 2.25 million US dollars per episode and the most expensive thing in REBORN hundreds of thousands of small digital clocks flying through the air and flying into the vortex. I guess there's the location filming (Vancouver) and the shopping mall that's been converted into an impromptu art and creativity studio and the giant pillar of digital clocks. But SLIDERS' greatest asset is Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo sitting around bantering. That's the greatest special effect ever made. The finale is going to become like the climax of a superhero movie, however -- less MAN OF STEEL superfights and more SMALLVILLE-style supersaves, however. I would be curious to see someone estimate the necessary budget for this someday.

Re: Status Updates!

The weird thing is that TV shows can work wonders with a couple million dollars, but the same exact thing on the big screen would cost hundreds of millions. The system is flawed.

I named my book! I know that people will hate the name, but I decided that I don't care. I just haven't officially told the public the name yet, so stay tuned for that. At least that one small part of my stress headache is gone!

Actually, for some reason "Time Again and World" keeps popping into my head as I try to figure out how people will respond to my title. smile

Re: Status Updates!

Yay, new book coming from Informant soon!

I updated Android on my phone to a new version of Cyanogenmod. And now the phone turns on every time I take it out of my pocket or if the phone is screen down and I flip it over.

Re: Status Updates!

Is that a good thing?

My brother installed a custom rom, and his screen went black whenever the phone was active. Something with the proximity sensor. There was no way to answer or end calls. I think he worked something out though.

I'm thinking that I might enter this first book of my series into the Kindle Scout program. If I do and it gets enough votes, I could end up being published by Amazon, which would get me some money right out of the gate and hopefully some more promotion as well. But the question is, could I get enough votes? I guess we'll see. If not, I just publish like I normally do.

Re: Status Updates!

Before installing a new ROM, I back up the current install.

The phone turning on when coming out of my pocket is definitely helpful, but I found that it was something of a battery drain. The light sensor was left on even when the screen was off, in order to detect a change in light level (like coming out of a pocket or being flipped from screen down to screen up). It's cute, but it's not necessary. Good luck with the Scout program! You've got my vote!

I've found a way to convert all my SLIDERS REBORN scripts to ePub. It's easier for reading on a phone, but the script format is obliterated. In script format, you have:

                                Do what you have to do, Remmy --
                                just get back here in time for the



Quinn nods encouragingly and Rembrandt turns and follows after the Maggie double, leaving the sliders behind.

                                How can you encourage that
                                blundering trauma victim to venture
                                off alone into an unknown world?

                                You realize that of all of us,
                                Rembrandt's the longest-surviving
                                slider and the only one who didn't

And in ePub, you get this:

QUINN: Do what you have to do, Remmy -- just get back here in time for the slide!
WADE: (protesting) Quinn!
REMBRANDT: (warmly) Quinn!

Quinn nods encouragingly and Rembrandt turns and follows after the Maggie double, leaving the sliders behind.

ARTURO: How can you encourage that blundering trauma victim to venture off alone into an unknown world?
QUINN: You realize that of all of us, Rembrandt's the longest-surviving slider and the only one who didn't die.


I guess I could learn to love it.

Re: Status Updates!

Can you send me one of the scripts in script format? I'd like to see if some of my Kindle publishing brains could work out that problem.

I usually convert to mobi rather than epub, but the tools that I use might be able to do both.

Re: Status Updates!

All the scripts are at in PDF, unless you're looking for a different format.

Part 4 is the only one that isn't a script.

The ePub conversion is done via my new screenwriting software, Fade In. I don't love the lack of quotation marks; I feel like they add a clarity to what text is spoken and what text is description.

From offscreen, Laurel screams. The sliders rush to her. She points fearfully at a display case. It holds the lifeless corpse of a man in his late twenties.

WADE: "Deric?"
REMBRANDT: "What? This is the psychic guy?"
WADE: "No -- the other one! Man. He's looking good!"

Laurel looks ready to cry.

LAUREL: "That guy -- he's dead! He's been mounted like a trophy! He -- "
WADE: "It's fine, he's a robot."

Laurel looks relieved.

I feel like the lack of quotation marks there results in a lack of clarity.

Re: Status Updates!

Hmm... I will see if I can work with a PDF. If not, I can try working with a doc or rtf type file. They are usually easiest to play around with.

Re: Status Updates!

Plain text version of "Reunion" with layout … t.txt?dl=0

Plain text version of "Reunion" without layout … t.txt?dl=0

I'll be interested to see how it turns out.

Re: Status Updates!

Okay, I've been working on it. Going to send you some private messages now.

Re: Status Updates!

So, I think I might have to reconsider my opinion of minimum resolutions for Android phones. I just bought a Moto E (2nd gen) for my mother. I was setting it up -- rooting it, installing Cyanogenmod, setting up a firewall, transferring app storage to microSD storage -- and the 4.5 inch screen is 960x540 pixels, which I declared to be too low. Given how accident prone my mum is, I felt it best to stick to the $100 range for a smartphone and I knew I could get around the 8GB limit with my superuser technqiues -- but the screen actually looks pretty good. 4.5 inches doesn't really require the 720p minimum I advised. That said, unless you're comfortable rooting phones in order to shift app storage to external memory, I recommend you get 16GB of storage minimum because 4 - 8GB just isn't going to be enough for a full Android install with apps.

Re: Status Updates!

I was so impressed with the Moto E that I went back to the dealer and bought another one for myself. This is a pretty good phone for someone who can bypass the 8GB limitation and primarily uses a phone to read blogs, web articles and ebooks and respond to instant messages. I wanted my mum to be able to text on a large and clear screen, but I didn't expect such capable, responsive performance with unskinned Android and really nice build quality as well. I think I'll give my superphone to my niece.

I had a similar experience this past week where I realized that Coke Zero costs 16 per cent the price of Red Bull and supplies largely the same amount of caffeine.

Re: Status Updates!

I finished setting up my mother's new smartphone today. With aggressive use of Link2SD, the phone now uses only 806MB of the 5GB partition, and that's with a full complement of apps (tools, social media, web article readers). The apps take a a few extra seconds to start up than they would if the DEX and LIB files were running off the internal storage, but they function smoothly once they've started. I don't usually install DEX and LIB files to a microSD card as they tend to crash or run slowly (or at least they do on my Lollipop running Samsung S3), but the Moto E's processor and RAM seem suited to doing this.

I'm kind of amazed that this $100 Moto E phone is doing what would usually cost you about $300 or so off contract. I was expecting to be completely out of space once all the social media and messaging apps and a small number of games were installed; instead, this phone can do everything a flagship can -- it just needs a little longer to start up.

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ME: "I have a question and I need you to take it seriously."
MATT: *weeps openly*
ME: "Try to imagine that we are filming SLIDERS REBORN for real as I imagined it -- that inexplicably, SLIDERS as it aired had and maintained a huge audience right to 2015  but rights issues prevented a revival until today."
MATT: "Hahahahhahahahahahaahhahaah!"
ME: "Yahoo paid for REBORN in a round of media investment they would come to regret, okay? Kari Wuhrer is hired to play 20 - 25 or so Maggie doubles throughout the five-part series. Dan Harmon is writing the scripts."
MATT: "Aaugggggggggggggggggh!"
ME: " ... do we address how/why Maggie's breasts are suddenly smaller?"
MATT: "I almost just shot snot out of my nose."
ME: "Why did every single one of her doubles get breast reduction surgery?"
MATT: "If it's critical for continuity, just have her wear fake tits in her shirt."
ME: "I had a dream where Sabrina Lloyd showed up at my doorstep to demand we not do that."

I guess the simplest route -- REBORN takes the view that the Earth in the Pilot had a Maggie Beckett double that we never met. And all the Maggie doubles are variants on that Earth Prime Maggie. So maybe the Earth Prime Maggie never got breast implants.

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Re: Status Updates!

Alternatively: they always were that small. Only as seen through the distorted, deranged vision of Barnette and Peckinpah were they ever anything else; a folie a deux, if you will.

One suspects that a military sort such as Maggie would opt for a compressing sports bra anyway.

Re: Status Updates!

Another thing Matt and I were debating -- I genuinely believe that Quinn Mallory is the greatest fictional character of the twentieth century, a pop culture icon who stands next to Indiana Jones, Spider-Man, Mr. Spock, Batman and Luke Skywalker. Or would if not for the fact that SLIDERS became a complete and total joke. Matt says that it's cute that I think that, but it's not remotely reflective of reality. But I genuinely think of Quinn as a superhero.

First, he has a distinctive silhouette and a costume that makes him recognizable from every camera angle. The moppy hair and Jerry O'Connell's build make him stand out in shadow, as does the pose of him holding the timer. The flannel and jeans are as memorable as any superhero uniform. Next is his secret origin from the trauma of his father and the desire to create something incredible that ripped a hole in reality, followed by a series of experiences that, combined with innate abilities, gave him a distinct set of superpowers: he possesses superhuman intelligence that allows him to resolve the plot in a very short number of pages, and he also possesses extensive knowledge of individuals and their private and personal details as gathered across thousands of encounters across the multiverse.

And also, Quinn has some severe social handicaps but also a limitless sense of compassion for the weak and a fierce sense of morality. This is a wanderer across time and space who is also a social crusader driven by an insane desire to oppose tyranny and injustice in every form he finds it. He also contains some incredibly complex philosophical complexities. Quinn is a gambler and risktaker who causally leapt into a hole in the air, but he is also a seeker of truth who is angry, suspicious and defiant of authority for its own sake.

I think his defining moment as a truthseeker is in "Luck of the Draw"; he is unwarmed by creature comforts, unimpressed by luxury and has no patience for trite platitudes and establishment fictions. He demands explanations and answers where most people would just sit back and sip the free champagne. This is a hero who believes in the power of knowledge to liberate, to guide and to vanquish the cruel and wicked.

(But he's still a messy dresser, a clumsy eater, a socially awkward isolationist whose megawatt smile conceals a lonely and secluded personality, a ridiculously guilt-driven egotist who blames himself for every single one of the world's ills and whose inability to maintain relationships has left him living in a basement for the last 15 years with his mother being his only social contact. He also hasn't had a date since 1996.)

This is a hero who is in some ways absolutely invincible, at least on an intellectual level. But this is also a hero who is incredibly vulnerable because at the end of the day, that limitless intellect is within a human shell and Quinn is as physically susceptible as anybody else. It's not difficult to write Quinn into situations that force his back against the wall, but it's also not difficult to adjust the situation to have him resolve the issue very quickly as the story demands it. His superpower is ultimately the writer's superpower; the ability to shift the story in illogical, irrational and unlikely directions that are made convincing through the device of Quinn's intelligence. And that's what makes this character unique, special, distinctive, invincible, immortal and eternal. Sherlock Holmes. Dr. House. Horatio Hornblower. James T. Kirk. Quinn Mallory.

Matt thinks that's just nuts.

Re: Status Updates!

Just been reading this.....

Bizaare to say the least.

The Writer seems to be trying to Shoehorn Sliders and Brimstone into Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Quinn from a Reality where Gillian of the Spirits events went wrong.

That Pre Christianity Shamaness who tricked the Soul Hunting Detective.

And a Blank Business Man Character from Buffy.

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-

Re: Status Updates!

Randomly, I have to say that watching "Love Gods" after knowing Wade's canonical fate is a very surreal experience. To see the whole breeder camp thing be used as the basis for such a lighthearted episode - and they never called back to it, to how Quinn and Remmy (well, mostly Quinn) might have felt while they were in there.

This whole show is so detached from itself, at Fox's insistence.

Re: Status Updates!'s been a long while, everybody.

Where do I start? I believe the last time I was in here, I had just moved back to San Diego, CA from Little Rock, AR. Got busy with two jobs, applying (or trying to) writing programs, and self-publishing (my four book DARKCHILDE coming out some time early next year).

Due to all of that, my Sliders fanfic spinoff site ALTERNATE SPIN went on a long hiatus. But I admit that I hate leaving things unfinished so it has been on my mind as of late. Getting internet access at the home to the point that I can play catchup on a lot of genre tv shows (I'll make over to the HEROES REBORN thread there still a TV Season thread here?) has also factored into me coming back from my 'slide.'

I still see a few of my favorites here. How you all been?

Happy sliding. Merry X-mas!!!

PS. Also a big fan of the TOMORROW PEOPLE. You are not making me scared to watch the reboot. lol.

"Just think of the possibilities."

Re: Status Updates!

Wow! I'm a big fan of your Site! Glad you have rejoined us Orrible Lot over here! smile

I have to say the idea of your Fics being continued made me Squee a little.... How shameful.... big_smile

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on 2013's Tommorrow People too!

Maybe you could do a blow by blow episodic review thread?

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-

Re: Status Updates!

intangirble wrote:

Randomly, I have to say that watching "Love Gods" after knowing Wade's canonical fate is a very surreal experience. To see the whole breeder camp thing be used as the basis for such a lighthearted episode - and they never called back to it, to how Quinn and Remmy (well, mostly Quinn) might have felt while they were in there. This whole show is so detached from itself, at Fox's insistence.

How about in "The Fire Within" when Wade expresses the desire to have a baby?

Or even the pilot and "Double Cross" and "Season's Greedings" and "The Exodus" highlighting her affinity for computers...

Re: Status Updates!

Welcome back, Stuslide. Always nice to see a familiar name return.

Re: Status Updates!

Oh God. It's been pretty rough around here as computers go. Windows 10's latest round of updates left my home theatre PC a stuttering mess (it would boot only to a flashing blue screen that could have triggered an epileptic seizure) and my laptop can't even log on anymore.

I'm reinstalling Windows 7 on the HTPC. The laptop only ever ran Windows 10. After I reset Windows 10 on the laptop, I'm going to turn off Windows Update entirely -- security fixes are pointless if the computer isn't usable after the updates. I'll schedule myself to try Windows on Microsoft's terms in six months' time. Windows Vista was slow and Windows 8 was ill-conceived with it's nonsensical touch interface crashing into a keyboard+mouse setup, but Windows 10 is by far the buggiest, most error-prone version of Windows I've ever used.

Re: Status Updates!

So, I went to a Q&A session on Saturday where actress Tatiana Malasny was answering questions and a lot of the questions annoyed the hell out of me. Half of the questions weren't questions, just the person describing their theories on what Malasny must think, going on for 3 - 5 minutes with their attempt at mind reading and then expecting Malasny to, I guess, let this person put their words in her mouth?

"With this project, you must be trying to say that you're not just someone in science fiction projects, you can do a lot of other things too and you want people to see................. " The other half of the questions asked were questions that could be answered with yes or no. "Did you enjoy ______?" "Do you like ___________?"

I don't know what it is about being handed a microphone that turns people into either rambling POV pushers or polar questioners. I wish that, at such sessions, there could be little cards distributed on how to form effective questions or some guidelines projected on the screen. "Avoid asking questions that can be answered with yes or no." "Please phrase your question in 2 - 3 sentences." "Please restrict your remarks to questions rather than statements."

Re: Status Updates!

I was at the Captain America panel at Wizard World New Orleans this past weekend, and I got a chance to ask a question to the stage full of just about everybody from Chris Evans to Jeremy Renner to the Russo brothers.  I know that these panels are expected to be softball questions; more entertainment than substance, and I thought I had a decent one based on an old Cap What If story where Cap ran for President.  I wanted to ask if Chris and Anthony Mackie would live out the old story and join the presidential election as running mates given that it's back in style for celebrities to run for president these days.

I made the mistake of leading off with the words "presidential election", and Mackie jumped out of his chair and started screaming at me "No!  No!  No!  You are *not* asking this question!  Just go!" as he pointed at the door.  I was laughing my head off about it and kept trying to finish the question, but he was just adamant and frankly angry.  I don't think he ever did actually hear what my question was; he wouldn't stop screaming until I finally walked away still laughing.

So inadvertently, I added something interesting to the panel after all.

Re: Status Updates!

That is insane. But quite an amusing question!

I think there have been two attempts to tell stories of Captain America running for President that made it to print, but altered shortly before publication so that Cap wouldn't actually run and the storyline would be aborted.

Re: Status Updates!

I remain fascinated by the idea of using my Windows 10 laptop as a tablet. Detach it from the keyboard to read webpages and ebooks and comics, reattach to type. So far, however, I've spent more time trying to fix this thing as a tablet than I have using it as one. The battery life was awful and needed third party software to create an appropriate power plan so as not to drain the cells in four hours (it now gets ten).

The app store crashed and the E-mail software locked up and the operating system has had to be reinstalled twice and Windows Update has had to be sabotaged to keep it from regularly bricking the unit.

The Kindle app for Windows is hopelessly slow, the Facebook Windows app is an unreadable abomination and I've had to make do with equivalents from the Chrome web store. Yes, that's right -- the only way this Windows 10 tablet works effectively is to raid the Chromebook domain. The mouse needed four separate driver reinstalls before the touchpad would function properly, the attempt to use USB 3.0 created so much wifi interference that I had to go back to USB 2.0 AND the touchscreen keyboard is pretty much unusable.

Occasionally, the screen stops rotating regardless of the orientation. And tablets should be instant-on, but this one takes about 25 seconds to boot and another 15 to log in. This laptop cost $500. My aunt bought a Surface Pro 3 with dock and stylus for $2000 and she has had all of the problems mentioned above.

... but I dunno. I feel like, because I've spent more time fixing this than using it, maybe I haven't given it a fair chance. But I have the feeling that trying to use a Windows 10 tablet as a tablet is simply going to consist of constantly trying to fix it before putting the screen back onto the dock and accepting this is, was and ever shall be a laptop and only a laptop.

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My Birthday today! o_O wink

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-

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Happy birthday Omnimercurial!

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Belated Thank You! smile

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-

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I have been out of the loop for so long! For the past couple of months, things have been insane. First, Christmas. After that, I've been scrambling to prepare the Kindle Scout submission for my new book. I've submitted it. With luck, I will be able to post a link within the next couple of days.


Anyway, sorry for my lack of replies lately. I haven't ditched the Sliders community!

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Sliders fans might enjoy this: … 3-79453849

It's on-demand now. I haven't seen it but the trailer looks interesting.

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The Kindle Scout campaign is live! I have a month to get as many people to nominate my book as possible!

It is set in the future, but I think it uses a lot of Sliders type storytelling. It is basically a giant "what if?" story.

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Okay, I nominated and downloaded the excerpt. I'll read it later.

In a moment of hilarity, the Chromebook app for Netflix is better than the Windows 10 app for Netflix -- Windows 10 has Netflix's lists showing in a single line of titles and the touch interface is confused and contradictory while the Chromebook app is just the website in a window with no unnecessary attempts to re-invent the wheel. And Chromebook apps run on PCs. Oh well. Maybe looking down on the T100 Chi for being a lousy tablet would be like dismissing Stephen Hawking for losing a marathon.

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Jerry O'Connell tweeted that THE X-FILES' return made him nostalgic for SLIDERS and for the first time ever, I thanked him for his efforts towards a SLIDERS revival. I mean, I've documented his sins against SLIDERS pretty thoroughly, but in the years that followed, he had a change of heart. And he tried. He called Tracy. He tried to find John. It didn't work. But he tried. I appreciate that.

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Thanks for the nomination! I wish I had more of a web presence, so I could tweet a million people at once and make this happen. Unfortunately, I don't. I guess we'll see what happens. smile

Netflix apps can be tricky. On my Roku 3, the interface is pretty nice... except that they decided that the video should start automatically in the background of any show that you click on for more information. Now I have to race through the info page to add it to my list or whatever, if I don't feel like watching it right away.

It was cool of Jerry to make that comment. It's nice to see actors appreciate what they've been given. It's unfortunate that the realization comes too late for many of them.

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After being called a "hater" a bunch of times because I post thoughts and opinions about TV shows and movies online, I've started thinking about starting a blog. This would be an old school geek blog, where people can post long rants and get into debates about these shows/movies, without those that I now call "pop geeks" whining about how we should all just love everything or stop watching.

But I suck at blogging. Maybe I could put together a team of people who like to rant about this stuff, so the blog wouldn't sit without an update for months at a time.

I just miss the days when you could be a geek without being attacked by those people who aren't really geeks, but think it's "totes coolsies" to be a geek now. Y'know, the people who go fangirl over Olicity, but have a mental breakdown if you try to discuss the comic books on which the show is based.

I want geekdom to be considered lame again!

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I don't know if this is wise or appropriate, but I generally use my fiction to have characters act out my psychodramas. A scene in SLIDERS REBORN has our troubled teen, Laurel Hills, noting that her mother is dead on this world and dead in every version of reality, as established by the current state of the multiverse. Quinn urges her not to believe that Ms. Hills is gone. Quinn tells her that nothing is forever lost because ______________________ and if something loved and lost is _____________________, then it can come back.

I actually have no idea what sentiment to put into these two blank spaces. In my experience, sometimes, you lose things and you can't get them back and you simply have to move on. Anybody reading this who has never lost something or someone is either very lucky or very lonely. Why would Quinn be making this absurd declaration that everything lost can come back? How could he possibly justify such a remark?

I dunno. It's just how I feel about SLIDERS, you see. It was lost -- but I sincerely believe in opposition to reality that so long as I remember it and care about it, it will come back -- although it had to come back in the form of PDF screenplays posted on the Earth Prime website, and I feel that Quinn would say SOMETHING to this effect to comfort a troubled teenager whose dead mother can't be found in this reality or any other. I just don't know what that something would be.

This is normally where Matt tells me to stop requiring that a story represent my feelings.

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The concept of someone going sliding to find something/someone they've lost is interesting.

Of course what you find in an alternate universe isn't the same as what you had.  It will always be a little different.  But it might be close enough for closure.

There's also the prospect that taking what you value from another world means someone there will now miss it, starting the cycle over again.

In any event, Quinn would comfort Laurel by talking about how he came to accept his own father's death.

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It's a solid story to explore. I wrote about death from a few different angles in one of my books, as the characters were desperately trying to make sense of their lives when some vital piece of their world was missing. Trying to reclaim it is impossible. They just keep slipping away, like sand through your fingers. But the space they leave behind isn't exactly empty either. They don't cease to exist. The questions you have for them are still there. The need to hug them is still there. They are an active influence on your life even if you can't have a conversation with them.

Quinn could tell her that nothing is lost forever because when his father died, he left pieces of himself behind that influenced the man that Quinn became and what he did with his life. Because of that, he has seen worlds where time flows backwards. He has been a ghost, communicating with his friends through the help of a medium. He has seen dinosaurs. He's lost people he loves, seemingly forever, only to have them come back into his life. His entire life is built on a foundation of witnessing the impossible. All of that was because of what his father left behind. And there are probably days when he sees something, either in himself or in the worlds around him, that bring back some other piece of his father.  Sometimes, those pieces fit together in ways that make him see his father in a slightly different light. He's still learning about the man, and from the man. It just takes more time and patience than it used to. And in those moments when he realizes something that he never noticed before, for just a second or two, it's like the present is overlapping with the past, existing in the same moment... which he has also seen happen.

Sorry. I started rambling there after a while and it got a little corny. smile