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It's nice to hear his friendly, positive voice again. I wish Floyd would have led his own bar rescue show; his kinder personality would be a nice contrast to the more abrasive Gordon Ramsey types.

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They talk a bit about my EP.COM interview with Floyd in the podcast: … looks-back

What has always really struck me about Floyd: his commitment to whatever he's doing at the time he's doing it and his ability to reinvent himself and his dreams. Floyd came into SLIDERS as Jerry O'Connell's scab, but he took the show very seriously and invested himself deeply in Jerry's acting and Quinn's character. He only really plays Jerry's Quinn in "The Unstuck Man," "Applied Physics" and "New Gods for Old," but he easily conveys the core of Quinn Mallory as the scientist and moral crusader, and he is relentlessly enthusiastic about SLIDERS whether it's 15 or 20 years after it went off the air.

Floyd left acting after he felt he wasn't spending enough time with his young sons as a single father. He became a roofer. He went back to bartending. But he missed performing and he found a way to combine his ability to create complex cocktails with his desire to entertain an audience, tell stories and create an event out of a beverage. He made a new career for himself. He could have seen going from acting to bartending as a backwards step, but he refused to think in two dimensions and he moved up and moved on.

And as evidenced in his interview, respect seems to be very important to him: he treats SLIDERS fans with gratitude when we often mock ourselves (or I do), he treats SLIDERS with appreciation (when many of us hold most of the show in contempt), and he treated his role as worthy of studious consideration and interpretation. We should treat everything in our lives with the same dedication.

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I agree. He deserves a lot of credit... 

I was impressed as well.