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Sliders.PL presents 6x12 „Convergence, Part I” - the first part of the virtual Season 6 finale and 100th episode of the show!

I promised I would answer many unanswered questions - so here they are! smile Please let me know what do you think about my story!

Read the summary >> www.sliders.pl/summary6_12_en.php
Read the description with many details! (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >> www.sliders.pl/description6_12.php.

Full Season 6 is published here - one episode per week (only one episode left!) >> www.sliders.pl/season6.php

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.



ireactions >> now you can understand why I wanted to introduce the Zercurvians so early in this season, right after the pilot "Slide Effects" wink

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan >> thank you! smile

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

The Lego is gorgeous. There's a wonderful sense of seeing Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, Arturo, Maggie, Colin, Mallory and Diana -- all in the same story, all together, all sliders, all legitimate and important and with a place in the SLIDERS mythology.

This is something most SLIDERS fan projects just can't pull off. It's difficult because any story trying to pick up the plot threads of "The Seer" has to address resurrecting the Professor, rescuing Wade, splitting the Quinns, explaining Colin, liberating Earth Prime from the Kromaggs -- and all of these stories are completely separate plots with their own individual core themes and emotional points. Even a resurrected Ernest Hemingway would take a look at this shopping list of tasks to be accomplished in one story and kill himself again.

So "Convergence" does something clever by piggy-backing off "Slide Effects." "Slide Effects" was effectively triggering a system restore on SLIDERS, activating a backup of the original SLIDERS made before the Professor's death. "Convergence" then has original sliders encounter the Season 5 sliders -- and by making it clear that the Season 2 sliders are not the Season 5 sliders but a separate set entirely, "Convergence" is clear that our sliders have accidentally slid into somebody else's TV show and are looking at a version of their lives where everything went horribly wrong.

This is a very neat approach. I have read every Season 6 fanfic and I think "Convergence"'s approach in having the Season 2 and Season 5 casts meet each other as doubles is truly unique among SLIDERS stories, and that's even before the beautiful Lego work.

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ireactions wrote:

This is a very neat approach. I have read every Season 6 fanfic and I think "Convergence"'s approach in having the Season 2 and Season 5 casts meet each other as doubles is truly unique among SLIDERS stories, and that's even before the beautiful Lego work.

Thank you for your review smile I'm happy that you like it! I know that I've made things very fast in this episode, probably in real show there should be 2 or even 3 episodes about this story, but I wanted to get all missing Sliders as fast as possible.

In the past I wanted Season 6 to be concentrated on resurrecting the old cast, for example in one episode Arturo would be back, in the next one Quinn, in next Wade... But I've decided that the core of Season 6 should be the rule "every episode = new world, new adventure". That's why I've included explanations of "The Seer" clifhanger at the very end, so it won't take too much time. I wanted to focus on original 4 Sliders but in the same time I wanted to make a closure for the rest. But as you noticed our original 4 Sliders have met only Maggie, Colin, Mallory and Diana (and some other guest stars wink ). The alternative Sliders are searching home, they are somewhere. I think that if in this episode not 8 but 12 Sliders met, it would be probably too much xD

So... wait for the next, the final episode! smile

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

Many Season 6 writers have tried to resurrect the cast one 'episode' at a time -- and it still doesn't quite work because there's something very artificial about it. It makes sense to have Rembrandt come out of his vortex to find the original Professor who finds a way to return to "The Seer" Earth to split the Quinns.

But then it becomes contrived that the Professor and Quinn can shortly retrieve Colin who quickly reveals that he's a Kromagg-created clone and spy who reveals that the Earth in "Genesis" wasn't the Earth in the Pilot. And that Wade turns out to be alive with her appearance in "Requiem" being a clone as well. There's no rationale for why all these events happen in rapid succession except that they're on the writer's to-do list, but there's also no narrative purpose to having a lot of sidequests with the Season 5 cast when the end goal is to restore the original cast.

"Slide Effects" by Tracy Torme does well to have all the characters restored by Page 1 simply by having time rewound to the Pilot with everyone alive again. And "Convergence" does well to have the original sliders encounter the Season 5 sliders and experience these events at a slight remove where they're learning about an alternative set of sliders and their story.

There's another issue with resurrecting the original cast -- the situation demands an explanation for why Seasons 1 - 2 had alternate histories but Season 3 suddenly had dragons and vampires and Dream Masters and breeder parasites and shapeshifting serial killers. Some aspects of Season 3 can fit into the Season 1 - 2 mythos as advanced technology -- the killer robots and the zombies being genetically mutilated humans -- but Season 3 flat out declares that magic swords and telekinetic vampires and supernatural fogs and immortality-granting slugs are a part of the SLIDERS multiverse. Yet, Seasons 4 - 5 abruptly features no magic at all and insists that any fantasy elements are technological. What's going on here?

"Slide Effects" guardedly indicated that all the monsters and such were the result of the Kromagg mixing and matching the experiences of different sets of sliders and warping various details into the version we saw on TV. But one wonders -- why did the alternative sliders experience all these odd paranormal events where the original sliders only ran into Dream Masters and dragons?

Temporal Flux once half-seriously offered an explanation: Logan St. Clair altered the timer in "Double Cross." The timer originally used a laser-gyro system to serve as the geographic spectrum stabilizer, keeping the sliders within two miles. Logan put in a whispering gallery system which widened the range to 400 miles. If I recall correctly: TF suggested that it also widened the multiversal range of the timer; that the multiverse may be arranged in 'stacks' of universes; the Earths in Seasons 1 - 2 were in the same stack and operated on the same scientific principles whereas the whispering gallery shifted the sliders into encountering multiverses in other stacks containing monsters and magic and abominations like Colonel Rickman and Maggie Beckett.

The PVTOnline Season 6 fan fiction embraced this idea wholeheartedly. When the timer switched to the Egyptian timer, the sliders cannibalized the original device for parts to keep the new device working and they continued in the same paranormal stack until after "This Slide of Paradise" when Quinn's repairs to the timer to track Rembrandt and Wade repositioned them within a stack of technology driven parallel worlds.

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ireactions wrote:

Temporal Flux once half-seriously offered an explanation: Logan St. Clair altered the timer in "Double Cross." The timer originally used a laser-gyro system to serve as the geographic spectrum stabilizer, keeping the sliders within two miles. Logan put in a whispering gallery system which widened the range to 400 miles. If I recall correctly: TF suggested that it also widened the multiversal range of the timer; that the multiverse may be arranged in 'stacks' of universes; the Earths in Seasons 1 - 2 were in the same stack and operated on the same scientific principles whereas the whispering gallery shifted the sliders into encountering multiverses in other stacks containing monsters and magic and abominations like Colonel Rickman and Maggie Beckett.

The PVTOnline Season 6 fan fiction embraced this idea wholeheartedly. When the timer switched to the Egyptian timer, the sliders cannibalized the original device for parts to keep the new device working and they continued in the same paranormal stack until after "This Slide of Paradise" when Quinn's repairs to the timer to track Rembrandt and Wade repositioned them within a stack of technology driven parallel worlds.

Interesting theory! I've never heard about this.

ireactions wrote:

Wade turns out to be alive with her appearance in "Requiem" being a clone as well.

Why do you think this Wade was a clone? First in "Convergence" I wanted to explain it this way - this Cyberiad-Wade was only a clone and the rest of the Sliders would meet real-alternate Wade some other way, but then I decided that I prefere thinking that Season 5 cast really met Wade. Yes, she was badly wounded, she almost died, but she survived, probably with a lot of scars... The Year Five Journal convinced me that it was real Wade and she didn't die at the end of "Requiem".


"The most important provision was that, in the end, somehow the audience must know that Wade is somehow alive and well, perhaps in some kind of altered state."

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

I didn’t think the Wade in “Convergence” was a clone — but many Season 6 writers have taken that tactic because “Requiem” indicated that Wade’s body had been destroyed but her consciousness was somehow still in existence.

When writing my own SLIDERS stories, I’ve generally decided that I don’t want Wade to be a rape victim and I also have trouble believing that the Kromaggs would have even been able to hold Wade captive for more than a week. This is Wade Welles we’re talking about.

And you and I clearly agree that it’s absurd that the master manipulator Kromaggs would have wasted an asset like Wade by sending her to a rape camp when they had plans for Quinn; they would likely have made her a sleeper agent and returned her to Quinn to spy on him as opposed to creating a clone to pretend to be his brother.

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

There was a point when Recall and I were hammering out the beats of an alternate season 4, where "Mother and Child" actually resulted in the rescue of Wade. Our version was "Mother and Child" in name only (if that; I can't remember), and the nature of the breeding camps was changed dramatically as well.

The idea was that, instead of it being a place where Kromaggs can get their rocks off, it was a highly technological and sterile facility  where the human subjects were not raped, but were "incubators" of Kromagg children. The women are barely even aware it's happening, since they're in suspended animation/stasis throughout the ordeal. The Sliders stage a daring infiltration of the facility and rescue Wade - but the cliffhanger reveal is that Wade has been successfully implanted.

Successive episodes dealt with Wade struggling to get an abortion on another world while trying to acclimate herself to sliding again. She would have paired off in an unlikely friendship with Colin, who could lend a sympathetic ear to her plight since he was a stranger. Quinn would have to slowly earn her trust again, since she blamed him, in part, for her predicament.

In any case, there would have been no rape. It was clinical, surgical, and showed how little regard the Kromaggs held for humanity. That's the way it could have been on the series as well, but, well... David Peckinpah is a perv!

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Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

Yeah, in my Season 6 I also rejected a rape. I wanted to be sure that Wade wasn't hurt too much. I've written this:

Wade began her story about how she was kidnapped by the Dynasty from the same prison where Remmy was held. First Wade was transported to the breeding colony, where she met, among others, Christina Griffin. However, she was quickly taken to the next world, because the Kromaggs did not want to make her a slave. They wanted to be careful with her in case they would need her as a bargaining chip against Quinn, who was looking for a way to bypass the Slidecage. She was imprisoned in a cell with good conditions until the plan of bypassing the Slidecage with Quinn's help was lost. Then the Kromaggs decided to use their backup plan. They put Wells in a jar of green liquid as the ultimate weapon called a Cyberiad.

Btw, I've just posted a funny Lego-video about rescuing Quinn and Colin xD >> https://twitter.com/SlidersPL/status/13 … 0557433858 This is the interpretation of my story made by Agata, Brick Lady wink

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

Eeeeeek, Quinn restored!!!


I have to say, I am deeply disappointed in Transmodiar. I was hoping he would chastise me for saying Wade Welles could not be held captive, saying I have a ridiculously overinflated view of the sliders' abilities.


I always liked Recall and Transmodiar's idea that the commandant in "Genesis" telling Quinn that "once a woman's had a Magg, she can never go back" was just a jibe to upset Quinn and that the real rape camps were sterile, sexless labs (much like my personality at times).

I have always been deeply, deeply uncomfortable with Wade being in a rape camp. The term "breeder camp" is, to me, an unacceptable euphemism because Peckinpah (apparently) couldn't get away with saying "rape" on television at the time. Peckinpah wanted to hurt Sabrina Lloyd by raping her character. When a fan in pre-Season 4 online chat asked Kari Wuhrer how Sabrina would be written out, Kari Wuhrer said, "With some fun and humor: you see, she's good breeding stock."

There is a special place in hell for men who abuse women with rape jokes -- but given that Peckinpah was reeling from the grief of his teenaged son's death and in the throes of a serious drug addiction at the time that would ultimately kill him, I no longer hope that he's in hell. I hope he found peace and found his way back home.

There is a special place in hell for women who abuse other women with rape jokes -- but Kari Wuhrer apologized to Sabrina Lloyd and Lloyd accepted it. Also, Wuhrer found her career take a serious hit when her breast implants malfunctioned and she had them removed, and her career took another hit when she got fired off a soap opera for being pregnant and not being conventionally attractive to the male gaze. Maybe that was her hell and she's served her sentence and been released.

Wade Welles should not have been put in this position, should not have been used this way.

But paradoxically, I also find it incredibly offensive and upsetting to retcon Wade's rape out of the story. I think it is outrageous to say that women need to forget having been raped. And yet, I have done it twice in my own SLIDERS stories: "Slide Effects" declares that the Wade we saw from Season 3 onward was a double -- an amalgamation of 37 doubles -- which indicates one of the 37 Wades was raped, just not the Wade we met in the Pilot and whose adventures we followed for the Tracy Torme years.

Most women aren't going to discover that their trauma and assaults were actually a hallucinatory telepathic prison and also experienced by a double from a parallel universe.

SLIDERS REBORN declares that there were two timelines: one where the original sliders experienced four years of wonderful adventures together, but then Dr. Oberon Geiger's Combine experiment ripped Quinn and all his doubles out of existence and corrupted reality, retroactively altering the past into the version of SLIDERS that we saw on TV with monsters, magic, the invasion of Earth, Wade's capture, etc. -- and then the disembodied post-"Requiem" Wade is reset and restored to her original timeline self, a version who has no memory of the corrupted timeline.

Most women probably aren't going to have reality rewritten around them to excise having been attacked.

I can't defend my writing (and Transmodiar might say I shouldn't, haha). At least "Convergence" indicates that the Kromaggs were just trying to upset Quinn and of course they wouldn't have done anything to damage a valuable intelligence asset like Wade Welles. They would have had far more important uses for her.

In my stories -- I simply did not feel that Wade or the readers would be well-served by giving David Peckinpah's violent fantasies about Sabrina Lloyd any more oxygen. But I do not defend the offensive implications of that decision.


A final word: one of the characters in SLIDERS REBORN is Laurel, Quinn Mallory's teenaged daughter. She's based on my niece and when I was writing SLIDERS REBORN, she assumed veto power over anything and everything involving her character. There was a scene where some men corner Laurel and try to rape her and Laurel discovers she has fighting skills she didn't realize she had.

My niece told me that she'd appreciate not being put in such a scene because the threat of rape had a weight and horror that was well beyond what my lightweight sci-fi sitcom adventure could portray appropriately. I rewrote the scene so that Laurel would be cornered by men seeking to harvest her organs which turned out to be far more disturbing and suited to the story.


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So here it is smile After 20 years of waiting for the answers it’s the end of Sliders!

Sliders.PL presents 6x13 „Convergence, Part II” - - THE LAST EPISODE OF SLIDERS! Please let me know what do you think about the story!

Read the summary >> www.sliders.pl/summary6_13_en.php
Read the description with many details! (and see new Brick Sliders photos!) >> www.sliders.pl/description6_13.php.

Full Season 6 is published here >> www.sliders.pl/season6.php

Photos of Brick Sliders by Agata Agl.

P.S. Soon there will be contests with prizes for Sliders fans! smile



Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

Cez wrote:


You're not going to do a season seven?

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Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

pilight wrote:
Cez wrote:


You're not going to do a season seven?

No, this is the end smile This was my goal from the beginning - to end this show with good (I hope) ending for all main 8 characters. Please read the last episode (summary AND description!) and you will know why this is the end for me wink Of course there is possibility to make a continuation for alternate group of Sliders (I left "open gate"), so maybe one day... wink Or someone else will do it.

For me this is the end of the story, but soon we will post more photos of Brick Sliders in our social media, so you can follow us here:


So, what do you think about ending for all 8 characters? wink

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

January 20, 2021 will be a significant day in American history. It's the day LEGO SLIDERS SEASON 6 released its finale!

I haven't been a huge fan of the SLIDERS comic books, but when Cez shifted to original stories, SEASON 6 really notched up, in my opinion. The finale is a great success: it presents the original sliders and the alternative sliders side by side and gives closure to one set and a continuing adventure for the other.

The only real criticisms I'd have of SEASON 6 are for the parts that Cez didn't write. The comics were a peculiar product borne of writers and artists who weren't sufficiently familiar with the series, who prioritized the comic so indifferently that they often didn't finish drawing their pages. Regardless, the comics were used, and while I disagree with that, Cez' original work makes clever use of plot points from "Darkest Hour: Ticking Clock" in order to set up a path for the original sliders to get home -- while also offering a path for the alternative sliders.

The echoes of "The Exodus" are an effective mirror, using that ghastly SLIDERS episode for an emotional SLIDERS finale. Cez has a real gift for taking some of the worst points of the SLIDERS mythos and reversing their effect. The flat emptiness of "The Exodus" is reworked into an uplifting moment of peace as well as grief, and it creates a strong thematic link with "Slide Effects" also recreating moments of the past (intentionally or not). The epic widescreen action format is effective in trouncing the Kromaggs and Zercurvians and the more intimate moments with Arturo and his double confronting each other also work well, especially in the Lego format. The Lego does a stirring job of presenting Arturo-2's scenes with his double and the final image is truly victorious, triumphant and uplifting.

It's a good ending for a series that embraces both the original and alternative sliders and the use of the Golden Gate Bridge at the end is stirring, iconic and powerful. It's a lovely choice to get the original sliders home while the alternative sliders still search, leaving the series both at a peaceful end and with the adventure continuing.


Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

Thank you ireactions for your review! smile I'm honoured that the author of Slide Effects and Sliders Reborn likes my vision of the ending! smile

I wanted to make sure that original Sliders come back to Earth Prime, to real Earth Prime smile This is why the comics fit to my idea perfectly, because they introduced the returning to Earth Prime. This is why the last scene is so short. I didn't want Sliders to meet with their families etc - because it all happened in previous episode "Ticking Clock". In the last scene of "Convergence" there is only a smile which says that yes, they are finally home and they are safe, nobody tracks them. Also Arturo's illness from comic "Deadly Secrets" fits and Zercurvian race also fits as a race that is more powerful than Kromaggs, so while two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it. We didn't see "on screen" the destruction of the two Zercurvian ships (I assume they were completly destroyed and the race died), but what if they survived? Would they hunt now not humans but Kromaggs? wink

In Season 6 finale I wanted to create a closure not only for most of the cliffhangers from the show, but also for comics. For example the comics never explained if Zercurvians are dead or not. In my story Logan rescued them but then they killed her. It was established in the comics that the leader of Zercurvians kills every Mallory he meets, so it fits also to Logan wink Sorry Logan xD

Yes, I intentionally made a mirror-scene based on Exodus, where the death of Professor was for me so pointless, so hurting... We didn't know in that moment that it could be fake Professor. It was heartbreaking. In "Convergence" I wanted to use a motive from "Final Destination" hehe wink where death is unstoppable. So another fake Arturo has to die, but before he died he returned home, he confessed, he said sorry and Sliders forgave him.

In my opinion after my Season 6 two sequels are possible wink

1) a story about alternate Sliders. It could take place even now, 21 years after the end wink Maybe alternate Quinn, Wade, Remmy and Arturo are still searching their Earth Prime, hmm?

2) a story about Diana's scientific-military teams with a new, younger cast. I can see this as a spin-off of Sliders in a "StarGate SG-1" formula, where in every episode the team discovers a new world. But every time they easly come back to home. This is why I always prefered Sliders than StarGate, because in Sliders the heroes can't control the travel. It's more interesting for me.

So why I've based most of the episodes on comic books? I can remember that I came up with this idea here, on this forum big_smile In 2016 after I've read Slide Effects I've asked some quastions and I've written this >> "we can assume that after Slide Effects take place Sliders official comics with original cast and the timer" http://sliders.tv/bboard/viewtopic.php?pid=2431#p2431 I fell in love in Slide Effects so much and I liked the idea to place the official comics right after this fanfic, but I still needed the conclusion, the answers, so I've written it as a two-part finale.

And why I wanted the conclusion so much? Here is the story of my life xD

When I was a kid in 90s I loved Sliders so much and in 2004 I've created the first and only Polish website about Sliders. For example there are summaries of all 88 episodes, for example the Pilot >> http://www.sliders.pl/summary1.php Since the beginning I knew I wanted to make season 6 in the form of fan fiction. I even asked Alexslider from German website Sliders Dimension to make for me intro for season 6, which is on my channell and it's quite popular >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjB2m5IePrA

I knew that in my season 6 all 8 Sliders has to be included. My initial vision of season 6 has changed completly when I've read Slide Effects! smile But as you know there are things that I wanted to conclude. I wanted to show what happened to alternate 8 Sliders. In March 2020 there was 25th anniversary of Sliders. After so many years I've decided - now or never. I wanted to do season 6 since 2004 so I had to do it now. In spring I've started to think about it. I've decided that Slide Effect will be a pilot of my season 6. I also knew how I wanted to end this season, how two last episodes would look like. Then I was wondering what about rest? It was also the time when I was buying some stuff to my Sliders collection. It was then when I've bought on Ebay all Sliders comics. I've read them many years ago thanks to PDF but now I have them on paper.

When I've re-read them I thought that these adventures with original four Sliders, with original timer, fit perfectly to the soft reboot described in Slide Effects. Yes, I wanted to include in my story all 8 Sliders but I was sure that most of fans want to see new episodes with original four. In the same time I knew that Maggie, Colin, Mallory and Diana have to appear in that season somehow. And they did. This is a compromise I think - people are happy that most of the episodes is about original 4, but there is also small space for conclusion for additional 4 Sliders and conclusion of the cliffhanger from "The Seer".

So why comics? Because I like the idea "new episode, new world" and I think it's a great opportunity to add these adventures from comics to the timeline. I know that comics take place in parallel to season 1 and 2, but hey - why not to place it after Season 5? wink The last reason why comics is just practical. I wanted to post my episodes in the same form as my summaries of 88 episodes of Sliders. Every time I've posted a summary there were miniature photos from this episode. So I've asked myself - what photos will I use if I create my own stories? Yes, I've used some photos from original episodes when I've posted my interpretation of Slide Effects, but would it work for all 13 episodes? Probably I would have some problems to find good scenes from original show. So I decided that I will use drawings from comics instead! big_smile Of course I needed to use scenes from original show again when I posted two-part finale, because it's not based on comics anymore.

So I've written Polish texts during summer 2020. Then on September I needed someone who would translate it for me into English. I've asked Agata, who I know only online from my fanpage on Facebook. She agreed and also as a Lego fan she asked me if she could illustrate season 6 using Lego figures big_smile Of course I've agreed! big_smile I think that if she hasn't added Lego to this project, it woldn't be so popular.

About the last scene with the Golden Gate Bridge. It was very personal and sentimental for me! smile I will write soon more why I've chosen this place for a final scene smile

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

I agree: using "Darkest Hour: Ticking Clock" allowed you to bypass the need for a more extensive homecoming. They already made it home in a previous story and knew they were home, now they get to go back and stay. It's an effective choice and a good use of an otherwise very odd story in SLIDERS canon, to put it mildly.

This is something a lot of SLIDERS writers do -- including myself. We want Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo back. But we are also inclined to make use of the SLIDERS mythos despite its positively diseased state in Seasons 3 - 5. We want to turn an incoherent mess of haphazard incompetence into a meaningful tapestry. I get the sense you actually liked the comic books, however, and did not hold them in any disregard at all.

I definitely did that in my own SLIDERS writing to a degree -- which is to say that when I needed a lady scientist, it was wasteful to use anyone other than Diana Davis. When I needed a gunslinging action girl, I brought in Maggie. When I needed Quinn to confide in a hallucinatory friend, I chose Mallory. When I needed a monotone voice for an artificial intelligence, it was Colin's voice. When in an unwritten Part 7, I needed some technology to instantly heal someone of a genetic dysfunction, I used the nanites from "New Gods For Old." The finale for SLIDERS REBORN features the dinosaur, the super-intelligent snakes, the breeder parasites, the fat craving zombies, the animal-human hybrids, the underground predators, the scarab, the giant worm, the remote controlled cars that shoot lasers, the dragon and the magic sword and the Dream Masters.

Transmodiar pointed out how odd this was and this is common among all SLIDERS writers. Despite preferring the first two seasons of SLIDERS, despite seeking to remove the third, fourth and fifth seasons, SLIDERS writers seem to invariably gravitate towards incorporating Maggie, Colin, Mallory and Diana. Why?

My thinking is that when we resurrect Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo, we are engaged in a revolutionary act of optimism. We are declaring that our worst moments don't have to define us. That the most traumatic events in our lives are not our lives as a whole. That whatever we've lost can be found again, that what is destroyed can be rebuilt, that the people we care about can find a way to return and that the sliders will always come back.

It is a fundamentally forgiving perspective on SLIDERS and this gentle redemption seems selfish and selective if restricted solely to Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo. Despite the fact that Maggie, Colin, Mallory and Diana weren't part of the original sliders, to exclude them is ultimately not a very SLIDERS-esque attitude because SLIDERS is not an exclusive series where privilege and position are restricted only to the chosen elite. SLIDERS is about a computer repair technician, a salesgirl, a washed up musician who specializes in a dated musical form and a genius professor who never received the recognition he deserved. SLIDERS is an inherently welcoming show that will, in its truest self, welcome both the original and the alternative characters back into the story.

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

can't wait to check this out!


Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

can't wait to check this out!

Please check this out, read the summary and the description of the last two episodes and please let me know what do you think about this very end smile


Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

Today I've posted a video - my vision how the last scene of the show could look like smile

You can find it here >> THE ENDING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LI5AVU2Gj-U


So why I've chosen the Golden Gate Bridge as the background of the last scene? I've said it was personal - it's because the photo I've used is mine, I've taken this photo in 2015! I was there! smile (I've made the bridge a little more red, because on my photo it was too greyish).

I know that probably for people from America to be in San Francisco isn't a big deal. For me it is wink I live in Poland, in Cental Europe and I was born when communism era was ending. During my childhood I've heard many times about American Dream, but USA was absolutly unachievable  for me. Then in 2015 I was invited by Microsoft and Square Enix for E3 in Los Angeles - a big event about video games. I'm the admin of the biggest and the oldest Tomb Raider fansite in Poland www.LaraCroft.pl and this is how I was invited. Then I had to go to US Embassy in Warsaw for my visa - yeah Poles had to have a visa to go to USA in that time...

So when I've spent one week in Los Angeles I knew I had to go to Universal Studios to see some Sliders sets! And I did! xD Then I visited Santa Monica - there is a pier where "Dream Masters" were filmed. And finally I went to San Francisco just for one day to visit The Golden Gate Bridge! smile It was iconic for me and the symbol of Sliders so I had to visit it. When I was there I imagined that this was a place where Sliders could be many years ago (yeah, I know that San Francisco was played by Vancouver, but nevermind xD ) So the photo you can see was taken by me over 5 years ago. I love the thought that the place where I was standing could be the place of the final slide smile

So for me, for person from former communist country, it was a big deal. And after California I also spent one week in New York <3 My dreams came true back then. I have a plan to come back to America in the future, but the most important things for me I've already seen smile

Re: The virtual Season 6 by Sliders.PL

Well. I love the 2017 TOMB RAIDER movie. I've never finished one of the games, but I was really impressed with Alicia Vikander's abdominal muscles and boxer's bearing and hyperferocity in combat. It's cool that your love of the games got you a trip to Los Angeles!

I think it's really cool that you put your real life into your story. I think that's something SLIDERS writers are compelled to do; we want to bring the sliders into our world because on some level, they have the technology to come here and on a more intimate and personal level, the sliders are our friends. We travelled with them on a frightening and enlightening journey. We connected with them through grief and joy. We care about them and want to see Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo stick together through thick and thin no matter what's happening on camera or behind it (thanks, Annie Fish).

I really relate to this. When writing SLIDERS REBORN, I was developing my relationship with my niece Lauren and wondered how Quinn Mallory at age 44 (which he would be in 2015) would handle dealing with a loudmouthed, strident, bold teenaged girl with the volatility of a firecracker and a mean right hook. And I gave Quinn a teenaged daughter. The sliders are our friends; we want to see their milestones. We want to see them grow and bond and connect and move forward and know that they'll be okay. We want to know that it's not that embarrassing for us to get punched off our chairs by a teenaged girl when we say the wrong thing because Quinn Mallory's daughter can also knock him on his ass with an angry fist.



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LOL, Agata, Brick Lady, has made me a surprise - she created Brick version of me big_smile


About Tomb Raider - the last movie from 2018 was good, but I prefer Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft wink I prefer classic Lara than this rebooted Lara. You should try the games! smile

Your two last paragraphs - interesting theory! I agree! smile

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So today I’m starting the contest related to the virtual Season 6 in which you can win t-shirts! smile You just need to read my episodes and then answer two simple questions! I have included the contest rules in the attached graphic.

The virtual Season 6 >> >> www.sliders.pl/season6.php

Send the answers and your name to the e-mail sliders@tcz.pl, write “Sliders Contest” as a subject. In the e-mail please also share your opinion about my virtual season, especially about the ending. Please also like my social media smile


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Pretty exciting! :-)

I ran a SLIDERS contest once in a fit of enthusiasm. It was on March 21, 2015 -- 24 hours to the 20th anniversary. The four page screenplay to Part 1 was done. But Part 2 -- it still wasn't ready and I needed to go through it and rewrite all the dialogue to better capture the actor's voices. Except as I was about to do this final pass, this ridiculously loud party began blasting music through my floors. I called the building super, the police and the army, but as they were busy with real emergencies, I was forced to leave my home and rent a hotel room and lock myself in with my laptop and just hammer away at the script.

As I was typing, it occurred to me that I had a lot of miscellaneous characters -- Rembrandt's Accountant, Teacher #4, Cop #2, Librarian #1, Book Store Customer #6 -- and I should make all of these characters doubles of guest stars from the original show. I proceeded to, in a burst of lunacy, decide to hold a contest. Anyone who could identify all of these returning guest-stars in SLIDERS REBORN's debut scripts would receive a DVD box set of SLIDERS. My zero dollar project was now $180 overbudget.

Nobody won. Nobody won because nobody could identify Rembrandt's accountant, a distinguished older gentleman named Marc with an English accent. (It's the Seer as played by Roy Dotrice.) People could easily pick out The Ranger and The Poacher from "In Dino Veritas," Amy from "The Chasm," Ms. Hanley from "The Guardian," Sheilah Brice from "Slide Like an Egyptian" and "Heavy Metal," Arlo from "Please Press One" -- probably because of search engines and IMDB because where characters didn't have first or last names, I gave them the names of their actors (Alessandra Petlin who played The Ranger in "Dino" received her actress' name, Mark Sheppard's Jack from "Net Worth" was named Jack Sheppard, "El Sid"'s Sid played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan became Sid Morgan, Garry Chalk's Lieutenant Graves from "Time and Again World" became Garry Graves). Slider_Quinn21 told me that he could feel my joy leap off the page when he read the words, "It's Pavel! From the Pilot! And a few other episodes!"

Anyway. I owe SLIDERS fans a DVD box set and I'm happy to see to it that Cez's Season 6 will let me provide one at last.


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ireactions wrote:

Anyway. I owe SLIDERS fans a DVD box set and I'm happy to see to it that Cez's Season 6 will let me provide one at last.

Yes, thank you so much! smile After the first contest ends, we will make the second one in the second half of February smile


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I'm so happy because one of the largest pop culture portals in Poland, naEKRANIE.pl, has just written about Agata's and my project of the virtual Season 6 of Sliders <3

https://naekranie.pl/aktualnosci/slider … 1612174256


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Only 2 days left till the end of the contest! I wait for your answers only on Monday and Tuesday. Please send them to sliders@tcz.pl smile

You have a chance to win a t-shirt! The rules >> http://sliders.tv/bboard/viewtopic.php?pid=11059#p11059




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ATTENTION! I'm extending the contest to Monday 15th February, because I’ve got no correct answer from international fans. You can still win a second Sliders t-shirt! smile The first t-shirt has just been won by a Sliders fan from Poland, who scored 24 points - congratulations! smile

Once again, I remind you the rules of the competition! Send e-mail with an answer to sliders@tcz.pl.




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In the virtual Season 6 Quinn and Wade are a romantic couple smile

You still have a chance to win a Sliders t-shirt in the contest which ends on Monday. To this moment I haven't got any correct answer, so you still have a chance to win a t-shirt. Just send e-mail with answers to my address sliders@tcz.pl. Good luck!



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Sabrina Lloyd has answered my question on her Instastories! <3 smile She likes Brick Sliders! smile There were also other questions asked by other Sliders fans smile

The virtual Season 6 >> >> www.sliders.pl/season6.php