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I woke up at 4 AM this morning worried about Slider_Quinn21 in Austin, Texas with its power failure and freezing weather. I'm really, really scared. … 6645b40a04

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I’m afraid. … exas-live/

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The South is never prepared for this kind of thing, and this is the worst one I’ve seen in 30 years.  I’ve been living at the office since Sunday - not just due to the work, but also because it’s physically impossible to leave due to the inept handling of ice by our department of transportation.

I believe the odds are in SQ’s favor, but I hope he’s okay too.

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Most of Austin, Texas has apparently had power restored, but not all: … 490867001/

Homes without power has gone from 3 million to 420,000: … index.html

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I've been checking obituaries in Austin, Texas. Slider_Quinn21's real name hasn't appeared as of today.

Rob, if you get online, please post here and let us know you're if you're alright, I'm very concerned.

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Hi everyone!  Thanks for the concern!

We actually never lost power so we were VERY lucky.  A lot of people suffered much more than us.  With a baby at home, my wife was very concerned about how we'd keep her warm, especially with most of the hotels booked or also without power.  My mom also kept her power so someone was watching over my family this week.

My recent absence is more about my new job than anything else.  It's not overall busy but I'm trying not to do any web surfing during my time.  So that's why I've only shown up on the weekends.

Again, I truly appreciate the concern.  You guys are the best!

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*goes limp with relief*

Thank you.

I'm going to be writing a bit about you over in Thoughts on Sliders in Random and feared it might be an epitaph.

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ah great to hear!