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Yes, people desire closure.  I don't think it's possible to get it in the way they want it.

A reboot with the open possibility of revisiting the old gang as guest stars is the only way Sliders will ever get back on the air.

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Re: Reviving Sliders in the Twenty-First Century

Let's say Sliders came back, and Torme was involved.  Given that he didnt even watch all of season 3 let alone 4 & 5, I can't see him worrying about the details of tying up loose ends... I think he'd have a mechanism that undid all the damage of later seasons.  It became a different franchise midway through the third season. What was broadcast from that point on would not be the type of show that would get revived.

I would like to see Jerry take the lead on pitching a revival but from Slidecage's interview with him, he seems to be deferring on the show's creator to bring it back or let it lie dormant.

In my opinion a good, realistic way to bring it back (short of the principals doing so) would be as a book series primarily utilizing some or all of the original characters, along with some scripts worthy of audio-dramas in which actors would imitate the original actor's voices.

With books, the biggest issue is the market. In that form, you'd have to create a new generation of sliders fans (e.g. young adults).

I would love, love, love to see a kickstarter around a producing a teleplay for a well-done script though. With a script in place, the production costs would be in the $3-10k range - a realistic campaign goal that could be achieved.

I would also LOVE for Sliders to get some books similar to these: … 0061053147 … meline.php … 0615253923 … 1453838921

There's certainly been some very capable writers in the community who would do a great job at creating books in this vein (not to mention there's already great material websites have that would be great in book form).  The biggest issue would be there wouldn't be a lot of sales for books like these since Sliders doesn't have the following these other properties have.

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Audio dramas or missing story adventures featuring the old cast could definitely work as a sort of 'multiverse' or 'other slides' story concept. Heck, there's nothing stopping us fans from producing those now and 'reviving' the show in that way.

But if we're talking about reviving Sliders for modern day TV and audiences - then it would need to be a fresh reboot.

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I have only been a member of this board for a short time, but I love reading the posts.  The posts and rewatch podcast have rekindled my love of the show.  The reboot discussions have certainly made me start thinking of how amazing it would be see a new Sliders series.

I started watching Sliders back in 1996 or so and stuck with it to the end.  I purchased the box set of all five seasons many years ago and for the last couple years regularly watched an episode or two (multiple times!).  Yes, the last 2 ½ years was not the best and we all know why, however, it is hard for me to see a reboot that simply wipes out that entire part of the show.
Rembrandt was probably my favorite character.  That might be because Cleavant was there for every episode and it allowed great character growth over the five years.  My thoughts for a genuine TV reboot always seem to come back to center around Rembrandt.  As much as we all would love to see the original cast reunite, that simply would never be feasible for a TV reboot.  Certainly, we can dream about that in fanfics and comics, but I have been thinking of how a TV reboot could happen that picks up after The Seer.  And I feel that is has to pick up here and not try to dismiss 2 ½ years of the show, even though it was a mess.  I accept the show for what it was during the entire five years.

My idea allows for the possibility of guest star appearances by the original cast, if that could be arranged.  Having Arturo or Quinn appear as “relevant to the story” doubles would give Slideheads that nostalgic feeling without the messiness of trying to deal with the characters as a long term series plot line.

I decided to summarize my reboot ideas in bullet points only.  The first several points are focused on backstory, filling in the days and years that leads up to where the reboot would start; in present day San Francisco.  I know there are glaring holes and some things just have not been thought out fully, but would love to see feedback.

•    Last we recall, Rembrandt jumped into the vortex with the Kromagg virus in his blood in hopes of returning to Earth Prime to liberate his world.

•    Rembrandt was successful.  He navigated the war torn world and befriended a group that helped him locate government leaders and scientists.  They used Rembrandt’s blood to synthesize a biological weapon to repel the Kromagg incursion.
•    Leaders deemed sliding technology a menace and confiscated Rembrandt’s timer.  They could not allow anyone to potentially risk the safety of their world again. Rembrandt is stranded and is unable to go back for his friends.

•    Rembrandt becomes depressed and a changed man knowing he would never be able to find his friends and finish what he had started.  Alesha Avo (from Dragonslide, Remmy mentioned his romantic connection to her), hears about his return and consoles him through his depression.    They rekindle their affection and fall in love again and marry (maybe within a couple years after The Seer).

•    Remmy and Alesha have a child (Even though Remmy is older that’s obviously not an issue from a man’s perspective, so I have to assume Alesha is still of child bearing age).  Remmy being an artist and in honor of his long lost friend, the Professor, names the boy, Artie.

•    This is where the two part pilot episode for the reboot would start.  The above could be told as a story at some point by Rembrandt (if Cleavant guest starred in the pilot!) or by Artie. 

•    Fast forward to present time and fudge the ages a bit.  Artie is an 18 year old freshman at a local college.  He endured years of pain watching his father deal with his sliding ordeal.  He has heard all the fantastical stories from his father.  Most make his father smile, but it always ends the same way; with sadness.  Artie feels compelled to somehow fix his father’s pain. 

•    Artie befriends a science major genius type at school who has dreamed of visiting alternative universes and since he knows that they do exist would love to explore that further. Problem is sliding is now illegal and closely monitored by world scientists and governments (Sort of like Logan St. Clair on her world having the ability to monitor wormholes.  This world has developed a network to detect them, not only to prevent incoming outsiders, but also to prevent any rogue scientists from discovering the technology and potentially endangering the earth by sliding out).

•    Artie also has a girlfriend that loves to explore and is curious by nature.  She would go to the end of the world for Artie.

•    This rebellious trio decides it’s time.  They must gain access to the sliding technology for two purposes.  One, the adventures of sliding would be so much more of an education than any school could provide (Quinn mentioned this in an episode as a response to Wade.  She asked him how many children he wanted and he said five, his own basketball squad.   She questioned how he could afford college.  Give them a timer and explore.).  And two, to try to find Maggie, Diana and Mallory.  One thing to note to keep you reading, I have a simple idea of how Quinn and Colin could be reset too so that would be another factor for the trio to slide out.

•    The trio befriends a woman at the installation where the timer is supposedly held. The woman maybe holds a grudge or whatever reason that makes sense.  She wants to assist in the recovery of the timer.  Now how the trio learns where the timer and how they find out this woman is willing to help is still not thought out.  Also, it is quite convenient the timer is housed locally in SF area, but reasons for that could be flushed out too.

•    If Cleavant is a guest star, there can be a scene where Artie tells him of the four’s plan and there is an emotional plea from Remmy to not go through with it.  He fears that they could be caught and arrested before even getting the timer.  They could succeed in obtaining the timer, but then get lost in the multiverse or even worse, have their adventures end the same as his had; in pain and never-ending sadness.  Artie overwhelms Remmy with reasons and basically forces his father to relent. They embrace and Remmy wishes his son good luck.  One of the reasons is that the ultra-genius has a theory that contradicts what happened to Quinn and Colin.  More on that below.

•    Now after the well-conceived heist, Artie, his girlfriend, the genius and the woman from the installation find themselves in possession of the timer.  How that all goes down is still up in the air, but I bet there could be some cool action scenes in there.

•    After some time they fire up the timer and look at each other and jump in the vortex.

•    Then there is a cut to the authorities at the installation.  Three or four high level individuals in a room. They decide that this attack and theft of the timer cannot go without a response.  Even though sliding technology had been made illegal, the installation continued researching and had developed a second timer.   A timer that would only be used to hunt down those who were detected by the worldwide vortex detection network.  They choose two (a man and a woman) in the room and hand them the timer.  The timer is much more simplistic and compact than the original shows version.  They demonstrate how the timer is also kind of stun gun that can be used to incapacitate.  They are instructed to track down the four sliders and return them to Earth Prime.

•    Pilot ends and the adventures begin end.

•    I think the tracking timer is not perfect and sometimes takes the sliding police off track.  This can be described in a scene at some point.  This allows for episodes devoted to only the 4 sliders.  Other episodes could involve the sliding police.

•    I think one way to clean up Colin and Quinn is that Geiger and Diana were wrong.  Quinn and Mallory never were physically combined.  Their minds may have merged (like a Vulcan mind meld) briefly during that fateful slide leaving Mallory with vivid Quinn memories.  Colin did not become “unstuck”.  Simply, Colin and Quinn were shunted through another wormhole and landed on a world.  Without a timer.  They are out there to be found.  This could be a nice guest star two partner if Jerry and Charlie could be brought in.

For those who read, thanks for taking the time!