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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

A big thanks to you guys for this podcast.  I wish it could somehow be on the blu-ray (if there is one) as audio commentary or bonus material.

We would totally love that! Someone get on the horn to Torme!

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Not gonna lie - it is weird to hear you two reference me on your podcast. Especially when you're commenting on notes I gave to Ib so long ago I can't possibly remember saying them. smile

Nicely done, the both of you. I've greatly enjoyed your deconstruction of seasons four and five!

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Great semi final episode! You guys are great. And thank you for the wonderful nod to ireactions! Looking forward to your coverage of Reborn.

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Transmodiar wrote:

Not gonna lie - it is weird to hear you two reference me on your podcast. Especially when you're commenting on notes I gave to Ib so long ago I can't possibly remember saying them. smile

Nicely done, the both of you. I've greatly enjoyed your deconstruction of seasons four and five!

Thanks! It was quite a ride! Sad it's over but excited to be moving on to Lois and Clark! I have fond memories of the show through the entire run. Even the later seasons.

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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Great semi final episode! You guys are great. And thank you for the wonderful nod to ireactions! Looking forward to your coverage of Reborn.

Thanks Cabbie! How could we not pay tribute to Ib? He's helped us so much. I hope we find another "Ib" for Lois and Clark but behind the scenes stuff and deleted premises and such are hard to come by. Not as much stuff out there like there is for sliders!

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There's a pretty interesting, multi-page retrospective on LOIS & CLARK here:

It's season-focused as opposed to episode-focused, but it's something.

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How do you suggest people watch L&C if they plan to follow you into the next series? I'm not seeing it on any streaming service I subscribe to (except for the Pilot, which is free to watch on Amazon).

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ireactions wrote:

There's a pretty interesting, multi-page retrospective on LOIS & CLARK here:

It's season-focused as opposed to episode-focused, but it's something.

Yep, we've got that page already. It actually led me to the forums that led me to the other Lois and Clark podcast and another small thriving community much like we have here at!

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Transmodiar wrote:

How do you suggest people watch L&C if they plan to follow you into the next series? I'm not seeing it on any streaming service I subscribe to (except for the Pilot, which is free to watch on Amazon).

Yeah that's the sucky thing: it's not streaming. sad Years ago it used to be on Netflix but has long since been removed. I know Cory got a set of all four seasons on DVD for $25 online somewhere. As for me, I owned them for years. Other than that, there's no easy way. It's possible you might find some episodes on YouTube or other dark back roads of the Internet....

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Is it still on The Hub / Discovery Family?

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It's available streaming on Amazon. … +and+clark And you can get the whole DVD set off Amazon for about $60 whether it's as separate seasons or all four in one set. You can buy all four seasons digitally for $60 as well.

Rewatched the Pilot today -- it is so frustrating to see how well-done, well-considered, well-cast and well-written the Pilot is compared to where LOIS & CLARK ended up. Shows like SMALLVILLE and HEROES made so many stupid mistakes -- overly powerful heroes, a reluctance to show superheroes onscreen in live action, struggling to find stories each week -- but LOIS & CLARK had prepared for all these challenges.

It was focused on LOIS and CLARK and Superman only made cameo appearances. The Daily Planet was a limitless source of stories that would put Lois and Clark in different situations. The dilemmas revolved around Clark getting caught in bad situations where using his powers would expose his identity or endanger others. The world around Lois and Clark was grounded and realistic with only Superman as a fantasy element. Deborah Joy Levine, the Season 1 showrunner, had completely worked out how the series could function week to week.

And then, piece by piece, all the strengths of the Pilot and Season 1 were gradually dismantled. Instead of using the Daily Planet to come up with stories, the new showrunners came up with ridiculous supervillains that were unthreatening figures of comedy. Instead of focusing on Clark's difficulties, the showrunners focused on Superman-heavy stories that could not be rendered convincingly due to the budget. The world around Lois and Clark became exaggerated, silly and absurd and Superman faded into the background despite appearing more. Lois became a hysterical figure of lunacy rather than the tough, capable journalist and investigator. All due to the network's continued attempts to force LOIS & CLARK into being a superhero show and a sitcom rather than a dramedy about journalists, one of whom happened to be Superman. God damn it.

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ME: "There is a series of 22 fan written LOIS AND CLARK novellas that make up the fifth season of the show as it was cancelled in year four for three different reasons." "I wonder if we can get Tom and Cory to review them."

MATT: "What three reasons? And I doubt they'll commit to reviewing fanfic like that."

ME: "Based on what?"

MATT: "Based on them wanting to review television, not fanfic."

ME: "It was well received."

MATT: "Then YOU review it."

ME: "I'm not even sure I'll survive this Rewatch. And what do you mean, what were the reasons? You said you read that retrospective I linked to."

MATT: "I did. It all sounded like it was cancelled because ABC/Disney was over the series. Eisner wanted his dumb World of Disney back on the air so he could replace Walt in the hearts and minds of America. The easiest reason is that Teri Hatcher cut her hair. That is an unimpeachable reason."

ME: "Wonderful World was Reason 1. Reason 2 was ABC's continued retooling of the series causing the ratings to slide bit by bit -- they fired the showrunner of Season 1 and mandated an action-oriented approach that the budget couldn't handle and also outlandish supervillains that could not be rendered properly on a TV scale at that era, meaning all the villains were campy, silly, embarrassing and alienating while gobbling up screentime that would have been devoted to the two stars -- and when you're selling your show on Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain and they're in it half as much as they used to be, the audience loses interest. The point where the ratings were totally destroyed, however -- was the wedding episode where ABC, at the last second, declared that Lois and Clark were not to be married after all and that something had to stop the wedding -- so Lois gets kidnapped and gets amnesia and is replaced by a frog-eating clone. This story arc lasted eight episodes and it drove viewers away in droves."

MATT: "Hahaahahahah! Yes. But that was season THREE."

ME: "By Season 4, the ratings were pretty much dead and despite a Season 5 renewal having been issued -- ABC, having destroyed the show, now stopped advertising it and re-negotiated to get out of doing Season 5. They were still unable to get out of it entirely -- until Teri Hatcher, after Season 4, got pregnant and her doctor said her pregnancy was not stable and she could not work and Season 5's start date would have to be delayed by months. ABC and Disney took that news and collectively declared that the show was done."

MATT: "Stupid babies ruin EVERYTHING!"

ME: "So there were lots of reasons."


ME: "Given how god-awful Season 4 was, I was pretty relieved when the show was cancelled and excited about SMALLVILLE -- But SMALLVILLE was even worse than LOIS & CLARK."

MATT: "Oh yeah?

ME: "SMALLVILLE is one of the worst shows ever made -- although it improved significantly with Seasons 8 - 9 only to weirdly implode on itself with the last half of Season 10.

MATT: "Hahahahahaha!  Ten seasons! You really commit to shitty television!"

ME: "Anyway! This Unaired Fifth Season -- it's really good! So well written! I think, because they had 12 writers on it -- and 1- 2 would go over all the drafts and revise them. I'm sure Tom and Cory could read them all and talk about them in their podcast. Surely they don't want to end on a down note!!!!!"

MATT: "Blecgh!"

ME: "What is the reason for your distaste NOW!?"

MATT: "It's a lot easier to read your one script than 22 novellas."

ME: "At one point, Tom said he assumes each REBORN script is 46 pages."

MATT: "I know. I laughed."

ME: "It's currently 285 pages. But it's 285 pages of Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo bickering. That's what the fans want, Matt!
Nobody really cares about the parallel worlds. It's all about these four messed up people and their weird friendship together. And their desperate efforts to graduate from community college!"

MATT: "Two HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE pages??? Jesus!!"

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Tom and Cory had some interesting thoughts on the Kromagg in "Slide Effects," remarking that they preferred the unknowable Kromaggs of "Invasion" to the space Nazis of Season 4. They talked about how the Kromaggs in Season 4 lacked the creepy, malevolent anonymity of the "Invasion" Kromaggs and how they also disliked the shapeshifting, although it could simply be a Kromagg application of telepathy. Tom was a little unsure of what to make of the shapeshifting in "Slide Effects." I think it's safe to say that with most of the script set in a dreamscape, most of the shapeshifting is telepathic.

When the sliders come out of the dreamscape, however, the Kromagg keeps shapeshifting in reality -- turning into Mallory, Maggie, Diana and Colin and repeating lines from their episodes. While I totally agree with Tom and Cory that the shapeshifting is an awkward and silly superpower, it was necessary to visually indicate that the Kromagg is trapped in the hell he made.

But I guess we could say that the Kromagg was unconsciously projecting his telepathic form into the sliders' minds even though they'd stepped out of his simulation?

To be fair to Season 4, I think we have to assume that the Kromaggs have individuality. They're not all one hive mind, at least not as far as Tracy Torme is concerned -- he had Kromagg women looting human stores in "Invasion" in a deleted scene. But then we have to wonder how universal the contempt for humans is among the Kromaggs -- they can't all be monsters, can they? To assume an entire race is of one identical personality is absurd. Not every Kromagg can or should be the same (unless you want to think that they're all telepathically linked and replicate the same mind across each body?). The Kromagg of "Slide Effects" is described as an "Invasion" Kromagg.

However, I cannot claim to have any great insights into the Kromaggs. The Kromagg of "Slide Effects" has pretty much nothing to do with Tracy Torme's vision of the Kromaggs and the Dynasty and is not even meant to be a reaction to the Season 4 Kromaggs.

The Kromagg of "Slide Effects" simply represents David Peckinpah: an angry person dispatched to a job he didn't want (overseeing the sliders/SLIDERS), getting trapped in the job due to a telepathic misfire/contractual obligation) and lashing out in rage at Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo / Sabrina and John. The Kromagg never speaks -- simply because I had been watching SPIDER-MAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES that week and was really taken with how the shapeshifting Chameleon would always shift into a different character to deliver any dialogue and had never spoke in his own form.

I honestly wonder how much Torme could have maintained the anonymity of the Kromaggs had they returned on his terms.

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Omg those are looooong scripts for Reborn! O_o

Hey btw everyone, we started archiving our shows on YouTube so if you're so inclined go and subscribe there:

We can't seem to get a custom YouTube url yet but hopefully soon. The more subscribers the better!

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Well, the first script was 4-pages. The second one is 95. The third one is 151. Then there's the the novella, which I estimate at 35 pages. I did have some concerns, but, as I told Matt, I just couldn't see it as a *bad* thing to give readers *more* of what they came for, which is the original quartet bouncing off each other.

I think the final script will be 120 pages.

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Final trivia bullet points for the Sliders Rewatch.

Behind the Scenes Information Courtesy of Temporal Flux, Tracy Tormé and Keith Damron

Eye of the Storm Trivia

•  This episode was originally written by Eric Morris, a freelancer who suggested the sliders land on a merged world, encountering guest-stars from previous episodes who have been transplanted to this Earth and are trying to escape.
•  It was meant to be SLIDERS DOES CASABLANCA and to explore how people from different Earths might interact if trapped on a merged world of total contradiction.
•  Quite inexplicably, the production disliked the CASABLANCA resemblances -- but bought the script anyway.
•  By the end of the season, they had no to buy a new one and they needed a seventeenth episode.
•  They had Chris Black hurriedly rewrite it entirely and into the penultimate episode.
•  In the course of the rewrite, the focus on the composite world and the trapped inhabitants was lost, shifting almost entirely to Dr. Geiger and the plot of splitting the Quinns.
•  This episode was also the most expensive episode of Season 5.
•  Throughout Season 5, many episodes were filmed as cheaply as possible, cheaper than usual. The reason for this: production was stockpiling money.
•  They were going to use it for the series finale in which the sliders would return to Earth Prime and confront the Kromaggs once and for all.
•  At the mid-point of the season, production decided to abort the planned finale entirely.
•  Originally, Dr. Geiger's death and giving the sliders their home coordinates was another trick meant to lead into the following episode, although this arc would be abandoned for the actual series finale.
•  All the stockpiled funds were haphazardly thrown into this episode instead.
•  The episode was not significantly rewritten to make use of the money; the intended effects simply had more money put into them.
•  This episode features Jerry O'Connell's face (pulled from "Genesis") shown over Mallory's face.
•  This was achieved after extensive negotiation with Jerry's agent to finally permit them to use past footage and sound clips -- except by the time they got permission, the season was nearly over and it was too late to go back to "The Unstuck Man" and redub "Go! Go!" with sound from a previous episode.
Jerry maintained his refusal to appear, although he certainly had the time to do so.
•  Production had plans to wrap up the series without Jerry, but these plans were thrown out by Bill Dial who decided an another route.

The Seer Trivia

•  John Rhys-Davies declared this to be his favourite episode of SLIDERS. (I'll explain later.)
•  As stated in earlier communications, Bill Dial was angry at Sci-Fi for no longer giving feedback on scripts or reviewing the finished episodes.
•  According to Temporal Flux: Dial decided to get back at Sci-Fi by ending SLIDERS on a cliffhanger in order to see them deluged in fanmail and complaints.
•  There had, originally, been some hope for a Season 6.
Sci-Fi had been experimenting with a low-budget model where shows were made for about $500,000 an episode (in contrast to Season 5's $700,000 - $850,000 budget, numbers from TF, although press indicates the Season 4 - 5 budgets were 1 million per episode, which TF has declared incorrect or I just remember wrong).
•  A Sci-Fi show called G VS. E had been done on $500,000 an episode -- until the production crew union shut the show down for making one crew member do the work of three.
•  Once that happened, the low budget Season 6 -- which would likely have seen the cast reduced to Cleavant and a new actor -- was off the table.
•  Dial knew Season 6 wasn't coming -- but he still aborted the planned ending in favour of a cliffhanger.
•  The original ending for the Season 5 finale: the sliders would return to Earth Prime and fight Kromaggs.
•  It would turn out that Geiger had tricked them, sabotaging their timer to reinstate him to reality.
•  The sliders would get control of Geiger and his technology and create a multiversal 'big crunch' effect where all realities would be collapsed into a single universe and the Kromaggs cast out.
•  The Kromaggs would be defeated, but there would no longer be a multiverse -- only one reality.
•  This would be the end of sliding and the series.
•  TF says he's not sure how well this would have gone over, but production was deliberately making many cheap episodes ("The Great Work," "Please Press One," "Heavy Metal," "To Catch a Slider") in order to use the saved money for this finale.
•  TF says Dial threw this out in favour of having Keith Damron write "The Seer" and threw the savings into "Eye of the Storm."
•  Dial ordered that the series finale end on a cliffhanger.
•  He felt that this would cause outrage and irritation for the Sci-Fi Channel and get back at them for ignoring SLIDERS.
•  He also hoped that the Sci-Fi Channel would notice and protest, thus giving Dial the attention he wanted from them.
•  The Sci-Fi Channel neither noticed nor cared, not during the show and not after the show.
•  No resolution for the cliffhanger was planned; production knew there would be no sixth season.
•  Robert Floyd held out hope.
•  During Season 5, Rob had been very sad that the Quinn/Mallory divide had been lost.
•  He was delighted to play scenes with Mrs. Mallory, Linda Henning, and he was a big fan of her work on PETTICOAT JUNCTION.
•  Rob deliberately did not watch the Pilot, wanting to play Mallory's scenes with Mrs. Mallory as raw and painful.
•  This episode confirms onscreen that Mallory's father was Michael but his mother was another woman as he does not recognize Amanda Mallory.
•  Rob liked these scenes because he was able to play the loss of Quinn, something he himself had felt since "New Gods For Old."
•  When Mallory says that a part of Quinn is still in him, Rob played this as Mallory telling a kind lie -- with the feeling that while Mallory didn't want Quinn back, Rob certainly did.
•  The ending of "The Seer" is considered by the fanbase to be the final betrayal of their loyalty where Dial and Damron could tell any story they wanted and told this one, resolving nothing, wrapping up nothing, creating a cliffhanger that would never be resolved.
•  Paradoxically, Cleavant was in favour of the cliffhanger, according to Matt Hutaff, who met with Cleavant at a CD signing.
•  Cleavant pushed hard for "The Seer" to end with Rembrandt leaping into a vortex aimed for home without revealing what happened next.
•  Cleavant felt that this way, the fans could imagine whatever they wanted being on the other side of the vortex. Maybe Wade. The Professor. Quinn. The real Earth Prime. A happy ending.
•  Cleavant also ensured that the ending has Rembrandt taking the broken timer with him. Cleavant felt that the timer could always be repaired on the next world and the adventure could begin again.
•  The fans have largely excused Cleavant from any blame for the cliffhanger.
•  John Rhys-Davies, at an August 2012 Toronto convention, was asked which episode of SLIDERS he liked best.
•  "What was my favourite episode of SLIDERS?!" John exclaimed.
•  After a moment's thought, he growled: "The last one."

The Feature Film That Never Was

•  After SLIDERS was cancelled, creators Tracy Torme and Robert K. Weiss, participated in online chats.
•  Both apologized to the fans for Seasons 3 - 5.
•  Torme explained that he had left SLIDERS because he was burnt out from the fights with the FOX Network.
•  He had fought hard in Seasons 1 - 2, only to get to Season 3 and see Quinn become an action hero and Rembrandt become a Navy gunslinger and Wade become a model and the Professor become the wise old man with no dark side.
•  At this point, Tracy's dad got really sick and was dying and Tracy very much didn't give a shit about SLIDERS in the face of family crisis.
•  He decided he'd rather hang out with his dad.
•  In public chats, Weiss said that he had left SLIDERS after Season 1 to focus on running his film and technology companies -- but he was approaching Universal about a SLIDERS movie.
•  Torme, in chats, said he didn't believe a movie would happen and that it was mostly Weiss operating on that front.
•  During this time, I asked Tracy over AIM: if he had one more SLIDERS episode, what would he do?
•  He said he would open with Quinn waking up in his bedroom to find time had been rewound to the Pilot. All the original sliders would be alive and well and back home; sliding was never created.
•  The situation would be revealed as a Kromagg trick along with any other episodes Torme didn't like or watch.
•  According to Temporal Flux, production sent Tracy scripts for Seasons 4 - 5, but he put them away in their unopened envelopes and refused to read them because he knew they would only drive him crazy.
•  Weiss, when asked which season of the show the film would resemble, said "Season 1.5."
•  Jerry O'Connell initially declared that he would not do a SLIDERS movie.
•  After TOMCATS bombed, Jerry said that he would do a SLIDERS movie if there were a role for Charlie O'Connell in the film.
•  After KANGAROO JACK destroyed his film star career and he was passed over for the role of Peter Parker in SPIDER-MAN,  Jerry said he was extremely anxious to do a SLIDERS movie.
•  Cleavant was keen to return and said that he'd spoken to Sabrina Lloyd and John Rhys-Davies. They would return if the original creators did as well.
•  Unfortunately, the movie revival never happened; Universal had no interest in reviving the series.
•  In an interview, Torme said that one idea that Robert K. Weiss suggested for a film was for Quinn to be unstuck and ending up in the bodies of different doubles.
•  Torme liked the idea but shot it down on the grounds that it was too much like QUANTUM LEAP.
•  Temporal Flux had some contact with Weiss and Weiss was mysterious on his intentions for the film, but TF said the likelihood was that the film would have been a remake of the Pilot but set in the present day.
•  The original cast would return but they'd be playing older doubles on an Earth where Quinn discovers sliding, not in 1995, but in whatever year the film was made.
•  It is, of course, only TF's theory and an idea TF came up with rather than what Weiss shared, but it certainly seems plausible as Weiss said he wanted to do "Season 1.5" and this would be a way of setting aside the continuity issues of Seasons 3 - 5 that could confuse a general audience, focusing on reintroducing SLIDERS with an entry-level story.
•  The proposed SLIDERS film was frequently teased but never greenlit.
•  Jerry O'Connell made an effort in 2013 to see a film revival, hoping to assemble Torme and the original cast to approach NBCUniversal.
•  He called Tracy Torme and they talked and met extensively and began reaching out to the key players.
•  Sabrina was living in Africa and unlikely to return to America for a few years.
•  Cleavant was enthusiastic.
•  John could not be reached.
•  NBCUniversal was once again not interested.
•  As of 2016, there has been no further development towards a SLIDERS film.

The 2009 Series Finale That Never Was

•  In 2009, Tracy Torme, while being interviewed for Earth Prime via Facebook, expressed a desire to write fanfic.
•  Torme told Matt that he would like to write a script for the fans.
•  He wanted to write what he termed "the officially unofficial series finale," unapproved by NBCUniversal or FOX or the Sci-Fi Channel, to be posted as a PDF on Dimension of Continuity and Earth Prime with the document to be added to any future SLIDERS DVD or blu-ray releases.
•  While Torme completed an outline, he did not finish the script and eventually left Facebook, needing to focus on paid projects.
•  Torme's story idea was for a script set in 1997, after the events of "The Guardian," effectively dismissing any episodes after his final story.
•  In this story, the sliders find that Logan's modifications to the timer have damaged its function.
•  Slide windows are getting shorter and shorter and the vortex is weakening. They are near the end of their journey and likely to be stranded once the timer fails.
•  They must begin to consider that their next slide could be their last.
•  Torme said that the story would ask: What if the sliders found the way home but Quinn didn't make it? And what if the sliders had to decide whether or not they'd lose their way home to save their friend?
•  This was as much as Tracy sent Matt.
•  Then Torme got busy with paid projects and pilots and he stopped working on the story.
•  He eventually ceased all Facebook activity and fell out of touch.
•  However, during my IM sessions with Tracy, I asked him how he'd like to end the series.
•  He said he liked the idea of Quinn and Arturo making a final, desperate attempt to get home -- by rigging the timer to send the sliders backwards through the interdimension, hoping that in sliding back across previous Earths, they can slide back home.
•  They'd confront numerous past enemies and friends and see the consequences of their actions on previous Earths.
•  Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo would get home while Quinn was stranded in a deadly situation -- and the other three sliders would go back to save Quinn but in doing so, they'd lose their route home and be sliders lost in the multiverse once again.
•  Quinn would be furious that his friends threw away their chance of home.
•  His friends would answer they were each other's world now and so long as they were together, they were home.
•  Quite strangely, Temporal Flux himself proposed this exact same idea once as a potential series finale, offering the sentiment that "Home isn't just a place, it's the people you love."
•  Would Tracy have used this ending for his proposed series finale?
•  I think it is likely it would have been his intention.
•  However, Torme was notorious for writing an outline and then writing a script where he'd diverge from the outline, struck by inspiration as he scripted the dialogue and action, so he may have changed his mind later on in the process.
•  While Torme's intentions never came to fruition, it inspired me -- because if posting PDF screenplays on the SLIDERS sites is good enough for him, it's good enough for me too.

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ireactions wrote:

•  However, Torme was notorious for writing an outline and then writing a script where he'd diverge from the outline, struck by inspiration as he scripted the dialogue and action, so he may have changed his mind later on in the process.
•  While Torme's intentions never came to fruition, it inspired me -- because if posting PDF screenplays on the SLIDERS sites is good enough for him, it's good enough for me too.

I don't understand this, you are saying that Torme had the idea of "the officially unofficial series finale" which would take place after The Guardian and would be about finding the way home, but you've published "Slide Effects", great PDF which is exactly "the officially unofficial series finale", but it tells totally diferent story. It takes place between season 2 and 3 and it negates all season 3, 4 and 5 and gives us hope for season 6 with old cast. So I'm confused. "Slide Effect" isn't "the officially unofficial series finale" based on Torme's idea?

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

"Slide Effects" and "The Long Slide Home" are two different stories. "Slide Effects" was a story Torme conceived in 1996 as a potential Season 4 premiere. He expected that he would not be happy with Season 3. His intention was that if he returned to the show for Season 4, he would use "Slide Effects" to dismiss everything after "The Guardian."

"The Long Slide Home" is a story Torme started (and did not finish) writing in 2009. It would have made no effort to explain why the original sliders were alive and well; it would have simply been set after "The Guardian" with no reference to any subsequent episodes. This would not have been "Slide Effects," this would have had the plotline of the sliders making a last-ditch effort to get home.

I was chastising Matt for his 2009 interview teasing a Torme story that never was, and Matt told me that "Slide Effects" was unintentionally the Torme story that would serve as the final SLIDERS adventure. I said then the interview should link to the "Slide Effects" script and he said okay.

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You know.... A fresh from Season 1 & 2 Sliders Jerry O'Connell would have been.a GREAT Peter Parker! smile

JRD's Mentorship still fresh in his Head along with the Smart and Considered Depiction of Quinn on his Resume.....

Damn what a missed opportunity.... If Season 3 had stayed in Vancouver I imagine maybe it may indeed have been possible.

Maybe it happened in a Parrallel World? smile

"It's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours enjoying the world. Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause.... But you know that you've lost." -Kane-


Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

ireactions > thanks for explanations smile

I have more quastions about Slide Effects, I've just read it today smile It's great, but I'm curious why did you negate all season 3, even episodes before Exodus? Your story resets the timeline to events between season 2 and 3 (and by this we can assume that after Slide Effects take place Sliders official comics with original cast and the timer smile ). But why to reject everything before Exodus? Coudn't sliders been kidnapped and put in this cave just before Exodus? This was your idea or Torme? wink

Second quastion - where did you get this number of 37 Quinns? smile

Is your Sliders Reborn also reject events from season 3-5?

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

According to Tracy Torme, he would have had "Slide Effects" delete everything after "The Guardian." He chose this point because he wasn't very familiar with the show after that point; he saw "The Exodus Part II," he was vaguely aware of "Genesis," and he wasn't going to watch any of it. I chose an earlier point so that if this were the last SLIDERS story, the Professor would not be dying of a fatal illness ("The Guardian") and the sliders would not be pursued by Logan St. Clair ("Double Cross"). Choosing "As Time Goes By" also allowed me to debunk Rembrandt's Naval service in "Rules of the Game." The number 37 was chosen at random.

SLIDERS REBORN is unlike "Slide Effects." It embraces everything from Seasons 1 - 5. It all happened. The Professor was shot and blown up, Wade was sent to a rape camp and turned into the fortune telling machine from BIG, Quinn was retconned into Kal-El of Kromagg Prime and then merged with Mallory and lost.

Paradoxically, SLIDERS REBORN features Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo alive and well in the year 2015, living happily at home on the Earth in the pilot and their world appears to be more or less like our world and nobody except the sliders remember anything about Kromaggs. But Rembrandt never shuts up about all the horrors of Seasons 3 - 5. If you can swallow this absurd situation, you may enjoy it. I just didn't feel it was appropriate for a celebratory twentieth anniversary special to be dismissive of any aspect of SLiDERS.


Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

Interesting, so I should read it too, but it can be difficult, because it's very long and English isn't my first language. But I hope I will try! And I understand that you explained why these all events from season 1-5 happened, but they are alive and happy in 2015? wink

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

I guess. To be honest, despite obsessing over it at the writing stage, it's not really a big deal. SLIDERS REBORN starts with a 4-page teaser. It picks up immediately after "The Seer" and we find out who was waiting for Rembrandt on the other side. The next script is 95 pages and set in the year 2015. The sliders are home, have been since 2001. They refer to all the events of Seasons 1 - 5, but clearly, something happened so that all the dead characters are alive and well again. The emphasis is largely on what the sliders are doing TODAY. What's Quinn dealing with at age 43? What's Wade doing at age 44? What did Rembrandt do with his life after stardom eluded him and sliding changed him? And what new challenges has the Professor embraced?

The reason I did it this way -- I don't feel like it's a worthwhile story to split the Quinns, stick Colin, liberate Earth Prime, defeat the Kromaggs, resurrect Wade, find the lost Professor, deal with Logan St. Clair, cure the Professor's illness, track down Henry the Dog -- that isn't SLIDERS to me. So I decided that however those events happened, they happened in 'offscreen' events and skipped ahead to what I care about: Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo bouncing off each other, bickering, teaming up, arguing, joking, laughing, fighting and running in and out of crazy situation after crazy situation. They are four people who don't always get along, often cannot stand each other, and are inextricably bound by fate, friendship and Quinn Mallory's incompetence. Indestructible. Invincible. The Sliders.

So, to me -- the sliders being resurrected and reborn is something we should take for granted. They were separated and they died. And then they came back. Their coming back to us was a cyclical inevitability, an inescapable outcome. They will always come back.

This was a long-winded way of saying there is an explanation but it's not important.

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

For those of you who don't have the Lois and Clark DVDs, but still want to participate with us in the Rewatch, a Google search has turned up this: … n/season/1
It's a bit buggy to use on my phone but doable. I've searched around and found some other you tube videos as well for episodes. Some however have static advertisements on the borders, with the main Lois and Clark episode scrunched up in the center. It's not great but again, it can work for those of you who want to follow along. First, try the site above though.

And then join us in the other thread that we have dedicated to L&C! See you there!

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Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

Just gonna repost this here too, in case anyone misses it in the other thread....

Hasn't been too much interest here in the new Rewatch, but if you are interested in hearing our special guest, iReactions, check out our discussion of the season 1 finale of Lois and Clark!

Go check out Barbarian House, complete with his guest appearance!

Link will be coming up soon. Had a tech difficulty.

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN … 9_53-07_00

There it is!

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

Just wait until Ib and I have our own podcast where we talk about Sliders: Reborn!

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Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

We could probably just read the transcripts of story conferences we've had out loud -- like where you say that SLIDERS REBORN is not canon, cannot possibly be canon, will never be canon and that Wade is dead god damn it and I say that technically every fanfic is canon, all co-existing on the same multidimensional axis in some form and "Requiem" point-blank establishes that Wade is alive.

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

Oh you two, settle down now! Hahah

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Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

Hey, all! Thought we were done with this thread Huh? Thought we were done podcasting about Sliders eh? Well, ireactions wouldn't let that happen, oh no!

Cory and I are super grateful for all the support you guys showed us during our time on Sliders and we're happy to present a special finale where Sliders Rewatch is REBORN to cover all six parts of ireactions' crazy magnum opus, Sliders Reborn! Sorry it took so long, but ireactions' scripts kept getting longer and longer like the Harry Potter books and it took us eight months to figure out what to say about this crazy thing and record something suitable. We actually got stuck when trying to say something coherent about the script where Quinn meets Mallory and had to stop and finish recording later. But we got it together and we hope you enjoy!

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

tom2point0 wrote:

ireactions' scripts kept getting longer and longer

Understatement of the century!

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Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

Here are the notes I sent Rewatch Podcast about SLIDERS REBORN which Tom alludes to vaguely in the podcast.

Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

Who would have thought I'd become a character in a Sliders story? Both hero and villain? wink

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Re: Rewatch Podcast - SLIDERS REBORN

There is one aspect of SLIDERS REBORN that I never talked about -- the podcast.

Tom and Cory of THE REWATCH PODCAST expressed a desire to do a podcast to cover SLIDERS REBORN but (understandably) backed off when discovering the scripts were 4 pages, 95 pages, 151 pages, 46 pages and 144 pages with a 6,300 word novella as well. They'd been expecting 46-page screenplays.

But... the thought of hearing Tom and Cory's voices describe SLIDERS REBORN meant so much to me that I wrote a screenplay for them to perform where they would alternatively praise and pick away at my writing.

Being good sports, they proceeded to perform the script and send me the raw audio to edit. They were splendid. Tom was full of charm and enthusiasm as scripted; Cory had been written to be critical and mocking and he softened it with a gentle affection that I found touching. They'd also made numerous additions and ad-libs that I just adored. Strangely, when editing, I found I preferred the parts where they mocked and belittled my writing, so I trimmed any positive views to the minimum. They sent me two hours from which I cut an hour.

I actually wrote Tom's post above in which he expressed his alarm at the length of the scripts.

From a writing standpoint, it was fun to give Tom and Cory some of their trademark catchphrases and to also deliberately have them refer to past episodes with the wrong titles, to have Tom be charmed by my pastiche of the sliders and for Cory to note all the errors and plotholes. I think my favourite part of the podcast is when the boys mockingly recap 'Revolution' (6), a script that features Jerry O'Connell facing Robert Floyd. Here it is with their ad-libs.

CORY: "Okay. Part 5 of Sliders Reborn: it's a 46-page script called 'Revolution,' written by ireactions and published on June 6, 2016."

TOM: "June! So, it was eight months between 'Reminiscence' and 'Revolution'?"

CORY: "I guess life happened or something?"

TOM: (laughing) "Eight months to write... this."

CORY: "This one -- can we actually try to get through a summary?

TOM: "You can try. Uh, maybe we should play the usual music."

The plot summary background music begins.

CORY: (chuckling) "Okay -- so the script is mostly a dream sequence where Quinn is trapped in this mansion that's on fire and Quinn's in a room filling with toxic gas, and he hallucinates Mallory."

TOM: "This would be the character played by Robert Floyd in Season 5 -- the lab assistant that got merged with Quinn. So -- the whole script here -- it's mostly Quinn and Mallory talking."

CORY: "Yeah, Mallory asks Quinn how he ended up in this room filling with poisoned gas, and Quinn runs through his day: this lady in the merged San Francisco was buying tech from parallel Earths, building a virtual reality machine and bankrupting her company and putting all her employees out of work to build it. Quinn went to confront her and got really upset. He went to her house to sabotage her machine only to accidentally set off the hallucinogenic gas that the machine uses -- "

TOM: (verge of laughing) "Because the VR machine uses hallucinogenic gas. Because -- what?!"

CORY: "I don't know."

TOM: "Hahahahahah!"

CORY: "Let's try to get through this. The gas is not only a hallucinogen but highly flammable, Quinn's now overcome by the fumes, he's trapped in the house, he's hallucinating Mallory, and Mallory is trying to talk to him and figure out why Quinn was so fixated on this woman. Tom -- you finish the rest of this summary. I just -- I can't do it."

TOM: "Hahaha! Oh-kay... "

Tom takes a deep breath.

TOM: "Okay -- so it turns out, this lady -- she's Melanie Wallace -- a character who appeared for like one minute in the Season 2 episode with the psychics. She's a psychic. Quinn wanted her help to fix this broken multiverse, but Melanie's seen the future and there's just no hope, and she built this VR machine to... to give herself a perfect afterlife? I mean, I don't even... I don't even -- ughhhh."

CORY: "Keep going, you're almost there."

TOM: "Okay, so, Quinn accidentally detonated the gas. Melanie's dead. Quinn's dying. Quinn has lost hope for saving reality, Mallory gives him a pep talk, and this dream sequence helps Quinn find a way out of the burning house and survive and feel hope for the future? Okay?"

CORY: "Okay."

TOM: "Okay."

The background music ends.

TOM: "I don't even -- I don't think we exactly summarized this story.

CORY: "I think these 46-pages defy a synopsis."

TOM: "Well. You were right before -- all of ireactions' plots are sort of flimsy excuses to get the characters he wants together in the same room -- and for this story, he wanted to get Jerry O'Connell's Quinn and Robert Floyd's Quinn together in the same room.

CORY: (horrified whisper) " ... why... ?"

TOM: "Well, ireactions interviewed Rob Floyd, remember? So, as of this script, Maggie and Diana had joined the cast. And he said in his notes that he didn't feel comfortable leaving Mallory out because it'd be insulting to Rob Floyd -- I mean, they're not like best friends or anything, but they're friends. So he wrote this dream sequence script, y'know?"

CORY: (exasperated) "Jesus."

TOM: "Hahahahah! He said -- he says in his notes -- he sent the script to Rob Floyd, and Rob thanked him, but Rob never got back to him with what he thought, probably because Rob hasn't seen that many episodes of SLIDERS and didn't understand it."

CORY: "Well, I've seen every episode of SLIDERS and I barely understand what's going on."

TOM: (snickering) "Yeah."

CORY: "You've got a psychic creating a VR machine that uses hallucinogenic gas that explodes, a video game company, a terminal illness, Quinn being obsessed with the VR machine, and the VR machine creating a digital afterlife because... ?"

TOM: "Because it creates a situation where Quinn's trapped in a burning building and hallucinating and the hallucination of Mallory gives him information that helps Quinn escape."

CORY: "I think -- I've generally liked Parts 1 to 4 of SLIDERS REBORN. There's some issues in ireactions' approach -- he has a lot of tricks where he obviously works out the scenes he wants before he works out the plot, and he dresses it up with humour and jokes and it's all good."

TOM: "But this time -- it's not."

CORY: "This is where his tricks don't work. The story's a mess."

TOM: "Yeah. The main appeal of ireactions' writing is that he captures the voices of the actors which you said before. But I don't think he pulls it off for Robert Floyd's Mallory -- mostly because Mallory never had a strong voice on the show, so really, ireactions doesn't have anything to work with."

CORY: "You're exactly right. I can excuse pretty much all the problems with Parts 1 to 4 because they get characters I really like back, but Mallory isn't one of those characters."

TOM: "Also -- in Parts 1 to 4, all the references to the past were really effective. But here -- Mallory tells Quinn he's beaten all these bad guys in the past, the CDC, the Prime Oracle, the Zercurvians -- and there's all these descriptions of people Quinn's helped -- but I couldn't remember who any of these people were."

CORY: "I did know who all these people were -- Gillian, Holly the hotel manager and her son, uh, the kid from the Western episode -- but it felt like this joyless shopping list."

TOM: "Well, yeah, especially the kid from the Western episode that you love so much. 'Come back, Quinn! Come back!'"

CORY: "Gnnrrrghhhhh!"

TOM: "Throughout that, I felt ireactions was really trying. He comes up with an arc for Quinn. He finds a way to show that Quinn's scientifically talented, but Mallory knows people. But the plot's too scattered. It's just too convoluted to work Mallory into the story and give him something, like, substantial to do."

CORY: "It just shows that ireactions' strengths are in writing Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo -- and if those four characters aren't on the page in some form, his style just falls apart."