Topic: Favorite non-Sliders work from each of the main actors?

What are your favorite works outside of Sliders done by the 8 main actors?

Off the top of my head:

Jerry O'Connell- Scream 2 (I'm a big fan of the Scream series)

Kari Wuhrer- Hitcher II (she's named Maggie in that movie, it's almost like it's an alternate version of her)

Throw in the creators, too:

Robert K Weiss- Naked Gun 33 1/3 (love those movies)

I guess I really only have favorite non-Sliders stuff from those 3.... I think I need to finally see Indiana Jones, can't believe I really haven't seen anything else from JRD.... I guess I'm looking for suggestions on non-Sliders stuff for Lloyd, JRD, Charlie O, Floyd, Locke and Torme....

Re: Favorite non-Sliders work from each of the main actors?

Jerry O'Connell: Stand By Me

Sabrina Lloyd: Sports Night

John Rhys-Davies: The Living Daylights (JRD has made a lot of crap in his career)

Cleavant Derricks: Moscow on the Hudson

Kari Wuhrer: Eight Legged Freaks

Charlie O'Connell: The only other thing he's done that I remember is Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep

Robert Floyd: Cold Hearts

Tembi Locke: Eureka (I've liked her in just about everything I've seen her in)

Re: Favorite non-Sliders work from each of the main actors?

Jerry O'Connell: Hard to say I enjoy a few of them and they are obviously unpopular excluding a couple:
- The Ranger, the Cook and a Hole in the Sky
- What the Deaf Man Heard
- Kangaroo Jack
- Crossing Jordan
- My Secret Identity
- Stand by Me

John Rhys-Davies: You can't go wrong with Raiders of the Lost Ark. I picked up the LOTR blu ray collection probably three years ago and haven't found the time or gumption to watch them. I've seen the first and remember being unimpressed. Figured I'd eventually give it another shot.

Sabrina Lloyd: It's been years but I remember enjoying her in Sports Night.

Cleavant Derricks: What isn't he good in?
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Re: Favorite non-Sliders work from each of the main actors?

Jerry - Joe's Apartment
Sabrina - Sports night
John - The Last Crusade
Cleavant - Moscow on the Hudson
Kari - Beastmaster 2

Don't think I've seen anything Tembi or Rob has done outside Sliders, and Charlie's other stuff is hideously bad.

Re: Favorite non-Sliders work from each of the main actors?

Jerry O'Connell did nice work in MY SECRET IDENTITY and SLIDERS, but he's never played any significant roles outside of that. Sure, he's been in significant projects, but he didn't bring anything that he and only he could offer to his characters in SCREAM, MISSION TO MARS, TOMCATS or KANGAROO JACK.

After that dark period, however, Jerry seemed to seriously rethink his life and work. He did some nice stuff as CROSSING JORDAN's Woody Hoyt, but he was supporting Jill Hennessy and he was by necessity low-key. His Tom Cruise impersonation was delightful. Since then, he's done decent but undistinguished work in various short-lived TV shows and movies -- again, low-key stuff. A lot of this seems deliberate -- just looking for steady work where he can do a focused, thoughtful job, not worrying about finding a career defining role because he's earned enough to take care of his family. The only role Jerry seemed to hunger for to the point where he actively campaigned for it -- he wanted to play Quinn Mallory again in 2013.

John Rhys-Davies is a great actor and performer, but sometimes he settles for being a performer and playing himself. John's characters are often arrogant, lovably pompous, bombastic teachers. Because his roles are so similar, it's hard to pick one out as the best. Also, John has usually been a supporting character. I would say that my favourite work from him is in STAR TREK VOYAGER where he played Leonardo da Vinci in an unusually measured, thoughtful performance across two episodes and was different from his usual template.

Cleavant was hilarious in the sadly short-lived David Kelley series THE WEDDING BELLS.

Sabrina was in SPORTS NIGHT, which I've never seen, but Sabrina's stage-oriented acting and Aaron Sorkin's scripting seem a good match at least in theory. She's very good in UNIVERSAL SIGNS (a silent movie) and in DOPAMINE as a troubled teacher. She's also in THE PRETTY ONE with Zoe Kazan, but I have no memory of who she played.