Topic: Parallel Universe Movie: Les Deux Mondes.

I have not seen this Film before and to my Shame had not heard of it til Yesterday whilst reading through the Russian Sliders Fansite "Moving the World".

Here is the Summary I found over there:

Director: Daniel Cohen 
Starring: Benoît Poelvoorde, Natasha Lindinzher Michelle Dukossyu, Daniel Cohen, Pascal Elso, Florence Laurier, Arly Dzhover, Ogusten Legrand, Mathias Mlekuz, Zofia Moreno 

In a distant parallel world the lost inhabitants of a tiny tribe Begameni languishing under the yoke of the cannibal Zot. And every day they pray to the heavens for a savior who would free them from the tyrant. Meanwhile, in Paris, in this world, lives a typical loser, modest and an unknown restorer of paintings by Rémi Bassano. At once he had fallen 33 accident: his studio was flooded, he lost his job and is mired in debt, plus everything his wife ran away, leaving a weakling. 

It is a 2007 Film though whether that means Filmed or Released then I have no idea.

There is a Rotten Tomatoes Review for it in English but Wikipedia only seem to have a French Entry and IMDB have a pitifully Sparse Summary.

Here is the Rotten Tomatoes Link: … ata_player … ta_player.

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