Topic: What an amazing Slide! [Post from Robert Floyd] by rafproductions

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Just  a quick second  to say how thrilled I was to see the Sliders Board! God I loved doing that show and how cool all the fans of it were. I was really lucky to follow such an amazing talent like Jerry. He really was and is a brilliant actor and a terrific guy. I do hope you all get to meet him. The rest of the cast were just incredible. It really was one of the greatest times of my life.

After Sliders I worked a good bit, but I had to leave acting when I was doing Dark Angel. I was a single dad and traveling with my two young boys all the time- it was too rough a life for us. Funny, I went back to bartending and enjoy every day there. I really love trying to make people happy.

I will continue to follow the boards, I love the opinions about all the different shows!