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Topic: Cosplayers?

I never posted here about my cosplay attempts the past two years, but I figure there's no time like the present. At the link below you will find even more of my pics from this past weekend's Phoenix Comicon. Including the gf as Wonder a woman and the best Supergirl I saw that weekend!

https://www.facebook.com/LoisAndClarkRe … 4532570701

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I'm pretty pleased with the costume! It was a blue spandex suit, one of those ones that cover you head to toe. I had to cut off the hood and then cut the nick down to the seam right around the collar bone, maybe a little higher. Then cut off the hands too. I bought a superman insignia on Amazon, smaller than the dean Cain version unfortunately, and attached it to the blue spandex with rare earth magnets. Held great!

I bought the red trunks on etsy, custom made, and they turned out really nice! However, I learned that you still need some... padding. I used a removable pad from my girlfriend's bra and voila. No embarrassing or uncomfortable moments at comicon!

The boots were bough online as well somewhere. Slightly big for me but they work. Had to wear two pairs of socks but they still slid a little and I ended up with a small blister. Maybe next time, three pairs to tighten the fit.

The cape was actually a devil type cape with a big arched high collar filled with foam. Cut the seam and removed the foam and then cut off the hood and just hand sewed where I cut to make sure it wasn't gonna fall apart. Again, rare earth magnets let me attach that tot he blue spandex seamlessly!

My gf went as wonder woman and we got so many compliments. There were a few other supermen, but only two others were close to mine in quality: a Brandon Routh superman style costume, and an awesome looking Red Son costume! But together, me and the gf, were quite the pair and garnered many requests for pictures. She's already 5'10", but add three inch heels and you get a tall Amazon woman right before your eyes!

Go and check them out and share your feed back here if you'd like!

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Re: Cosplayers?

Oh and here is my Starlord cosplay from 2015, the first time I tried to cosplay EVER. Not the easiest one to start with for sure.








The mask I created on top of an iron man talking mask. I removed the blue lenses and cut off the sides and top and back, using craft foam to make new sides and a back. The big pipes near the cheek bones are small bits and pieces of threaded PVC pipes, spray painted. The small bent pipes are actually bendy straws. The group of three pipes together are cut up glue sticks. The ear pieces are backs of push lights I got from the .99 store. The eye rings are sawed off PVC pipes and the red lenses inside are cut from a clear Rubbermaid lid. The piece below the mouth grille is actually Mr Potato Head Optimus Prime's mouth turned upside down and trimmed a little.

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Re: Cosplayers?

Oh and here's a full length one

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Bought the jacket online. Real leather and it's actually my usual winter jacket now. The gun was a bright orange Nerf gun that I repainted. The spats and shoe covers are craft foam with paper fasteners added to look like rivets and attached via Velcro. I now use rare earth magnets to attach them to the pants so they stay UP. The Velcro was fine, but they would continually slide down and rub against the ground.

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The rockets on the spats are more PVC pipes painted and duct taped together, with cardboard joining them together in the middle. Attached with Velcro to the spats.














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For some reason the links to the full images get distorted and sometimes rotated but you get the point.

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That's pretty cool - you make a convincing Superman and a convincing Star-Lord.  I've never cosplayed, but I respect the people who do it when I go to conventions.  I know it's a ton of work, and it's really cool when people get so many details right.

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Good looks!

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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

That's pretty cool - you make a convincing Superman and a convincing Star-Lord.  I've never cosplayed, but I respect the people who do it when I go to conventions.  I know it's a ton of work, and it's really cool when people get so many details right.

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Good looks!

Thanks guys! I really think it turned out good this year! Might take next year off, not sure yet, but it's been fun trying to make it all work out.