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22 years ago today, Quinn and the rest of the group went on their first adventure through the vortex.

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A dramatization:

ME: "Matt! Matt!! MATT!!! MAAAAAA-AAAATTT!!"

TRANSMODIAR: "What!? What? What? What!?"

ME: "Giant gaping plot hole in the second SLIDERS REBORN script!!!"

TRANSMODIAR: "I told you already -- it's not the second! It's the third! For God's sake, you've got Part Zero, now you've got Part 2B -- it's god damn stupid! Come on. 'Revelation' is the third script."

ME: "Matt! Plot hole! REBORN has a plothole!"

TRANSMODIAR: "REBORN -- right, right -- this would be the story where your explanation for how the original sliders aren't good as dead, dead, dead and probably dead is 60 pages of unreadable technobabble."

ME: "I'm rewriting it! Just give the second draft a chance!"

TRANSMODIAR: "This is also the story where our man Remmy gets his hands on a universal credit card that works in any dimension and also works to unlock any electronic door, right?"

ME: "I'm allowed one unlikely plot device! I'm allowed one!"

TRANSMODIAR: "This is also the story that's going to climax in San Francisco being attacked by dinosaurs, zombies, vampires, robots, animal-human hybrids, super-intelligent snakes and god-damn dragons while purporting to be a scientifically principled story?"

ME: "Those are metaphors for mental illness!"

TRANSMODIAR: "You'd know! Anyway, I'm just wondering which of these gaping chasms of story actually stand out to you as a problem, that's all."

ME: "'Revelation' gives the date of the first slide as March 22, 1995."

TRANSMODIAR: "Yeah, the day the Pilot aired, and we posted Parts 1 and 2 -- not zero and one! -- 20 years to the day it aired."

ME: "But the aired episode gives the date as September 27, 1994!! Except I've already written the entire plot of 'Revelation' to take place around significant historical events in 1995!!!!"

TRANSMODIAR: "Well, I do have two thoughts on this. My first thought is that you could use the corrupted timeline gimmick you've got going in Part 4 to explain why the date changed."

ME: "Oh. Yeah!"

TRANSMODIAR: "My second thought is: WHO FUCKING CARES?!?!"

A dramatization. May not have actually happened.

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If the Pilot takes place seven months before the date it actually aired, is the timeline screwed up with "Into the Mystic?"  I don't know if there's ever any mention on how long they were sliding, but the Raiders decided to move to Oakland in June 1995 and the Indians made the world series in October 1995.  And, of course, Nicole Brown was murdered June 12, 1994 (months before the slid) so they should've known that anyway.

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Oh, no - that definitely happened. Don't try to take away one of the few things left in life I'm proud of. wink

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Do they ever actually state in the show that it's 1994? I know that was the original intention, but I don't know if they ever actually said the year (I could be wrong).