Re: 2016 US Elections: Discuss and Debate

What I don't understand is the renewed outrage every time Trump does something.  The same people that called him a fascist and a racist and a white supremecist are the same people who are like "TRUMP IS A FASCIST?  A RACIST?!?!  A WHITE SUPREMECIST?!?!" whenever he does something stupid.  He is what he is.  Blowing up online isn't going to have any impact on anything.

I'm also confused on what people want the GOP to do.  I think they're doing exactly what the Democrats are doing....letting him implode.  If impeachment is going to ever happen, it's going to have to be bi-partisan, and it's going to have to be offered up by the Democrats.  No matter what happens, the president's own party is not going to set up impeachment, and it's ridiculous to assume they will.

The problem is that the president is an idiot, the GOP is playing politics, and the DNC can't get out of their own way.  The only Democrat who's even speaking out is Bernie, and he's not even a Democrat.  I don't know if the DNC is just hiding in the woods, if they're in a coma, or if they've been ordered to stand quietly until Hillary comes back.  Whatever it is, I feel like they're as complicit as the Republicans.

Re: 2016 US Elections: Discuss and Debate

There won't be an impeachment. Despite the media reports, Trump isn't actually doing anything evil or even strange for a President. Hell, there are past Presidents who probably would have posted even worse stuff on Twitter if it existed when they were in office. The problem is that people are putting those labels on Trump, but he isn't a racist or a fascist or a white supremacist. Even if he does stuff that people legitimately disagree with, those legit concerns will be buried because they don't reach the level of all the false accusations.

I'm convinced that the people throwing around those labels simply have no clue what they're talking about, and they want an excuse for their violence.

I've had real, legitimate points of disagreement when it comes to Trump, but I'm not prepared to jump to every extreme because of it. There is no legitimate reason to discuss impeachment, except people don't like him and want him out. If that's all it took, no President would stay in office. And constantly talking about this fantasy impeachment is keeping people from discussing the actual issues... Which is fine with most people, because they don't actually know anything about politics.

The racial tension was there when Obama was in office. It gives people an excuse to do bad things and feel righteous for it, so it would have been around now no matter who won the election. This atmosphere is not Trump's creation and he is not the one feeding that monster. The part that I find funny is that Trump is being blamed for everything wrong in the world (including the inherent racism of the eclipse) by the same people who insist that we can't blame Obama for anything that happened while he was in office. Apparently it will take 50 years to see the impact of Obama, but Trump's influence picks up right after Bush left office.

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Racial tension has been present in the US from day one.

Trump isn't evil, he's just incompetent.  He also lacks any real conviction about his political beliefs, which is why he's pulled a 180 on so many of the things he ran on (NATO is obsolete, or not.  China is a master currency manipulator, or not.  A federal hiring freeze is needed, or not.  We need to withdraw from NAFTA, or not.  DACA should be eliminated immediately, or not.  We should pull out of Afghanistan, or not.  And so on...)

He'll never be impeached, but he might resign.  In any event, there's not much chance of him seeking a second term.

Re: 2016 US Elections: Discuss and Debate

I'm not worried about whether it will happen or not...I'm talking about prominent Democrats who seem to think that the Republicans should be the one to impeach Trump.  That'd just never ever happen (for either party).

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I'm considering reading Hillary's new book, Journey Into Senility (aka, What Happened).

I need better hobbies.