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Yeah, but that is the arc of the character. Everyone is acting as though this is a desperate reaction to BvS flopping, but it didn't and this isn't. I am as tired of the media coverage of the DC movies as I am their coverage of politics.

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So, Joss Whedon's ex wife has written an essay! … cole-says/

It says nothing that we didn't know if we were paying attention to Joss' career. Basically, he's an asshole who uses feminism as a way of hiding his misdeeds.

As I said, I've known this stuff for a long time. Anyone who knew about how he treated Charisma Carpenter would know that he wasn't a feminist. Add to that, his many un-feminist themes (which seemed to celebrate abuse and rape at times, which made for great TV sometimes, but not a feminist angle at all). The man has been using the feminist act to build up his own career and ego for a long, long time. So I'm happy to see that it's finally being discussed openly.

The question is, what does this mean for Batgirl? He was obviously hired because "Feminist!", so what does the studio do with it now? Do they stand by the man who apparently drove his wife insane an, to some degree, did it on purpose? What would that look like, having him as the director of an iconic female superhero?

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I'd love to read the article, but every time I click on it, it's a full page ad for Westworld that I cannot click out of.  I maximize the screen, scroll all over, and there's nowhere to click out of.  Thanks, thewrap!

Honestly, I don't think this affects anything.  Unless Joss is somehow responsible for the Justice League movie failing, I think he's locked in if he wants to be.  He might even get his stock risen higher if he gets credit for Justice League's success, especially if some of the female characters (Diana, Lois, Iris, Mera, etc) have great scenes with Joss' fingerprints on it.

At this point, I think his reputation is cemented, and this interview won't affect much.

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Informant wrote:

The question is, what does this mean for Batgirl? He was obviously hired because "Feminist!", so what does the studio do with it now? Do they stand by the man who apparently drove his wife insane an, to some degree, did it on purpose? What would that look like, having him as the director of an iconic female superhero?

Well, if he touches on The Killing Joke mythology, then he could present Barbara being shot, paralyzed from the waist down and then stripped naked so that Joker can use the photos as part of an attempt to drive her father crazy.  Actually sounds like something that would fit into the Snyder-depressionverse.

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If I were Warner Bros., I would fire Whedon off BATGIRL immediately and hire Joe Wright (HANNA) to direct and Doris Egan (HOUSE) to write the script -- not because I believe the stories about Whedon, but because the optics are too bad to ignore.

I don't have much behind the scenes knowledge of Whedon's behaviour. I've heard two versions of the Charisma Carpenter firing; the first is that she was fired for getting pregnant. The second is that she became difficult to work with following a miscarriage due to her depression and grief, resulting in highly acidic behaviour towards the other cast and crew that led to her removal from the series.

I have always found it strange to accuse Whedon of celebrating abuse and rape in his writing when fictional characters are designed to suffer for dramatic purposes. Being a feminist and having sex with lots of different women are not mutually exclusive values.

But having sex outside of the committed marriage to which you've agreed is unacceptable. If you want to be a player, don't marry someone as your one and only. It is also unacceptable to engage in romantic or sexual relationships with women whom you employ and whose careers you control; there are inherent power imbalances that are destructive.

I hope that Kai Cole's account isn't true. Whedon's non-denial denial, however, was so empty that it made Cole's account of being gaslit and traumatized to be all the more credible. As far as the world is concerned, Whedon cheated on his wife constantly and he had affairs with people with whom he was in a position of authority and control. He allowed his wife to think they were monogamous, meaning she had no knowledge of what STDs she might be exposed to, and he knowingly and indifferently traumatized her with his infidelities.

If you have any details, please share them. However, if this is going to be another Wil Wheaton situation where you allude vaguely and never offer specifics, please don't.

In the Bryan Singer case, Singer was unequivocal in declaring his innocence and was able to prove that he had been in Toronto when his accuser claimed Singer had raped him in Hawaii. The plaintiff in that case was later exposed as a serial liar and conman. In this instance, Whedon has refused to comment, allowing these accusations to stand unchallenged.

From a public relations standpoint, it looks true. If Whedon isn't going to defend himself, then he needs to wrap up his work on JUSTICE LEAGUE, then leave film, TV and comics. His reputation as it stands will now damage every female-forward project he touches.

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I've seen suggestions of behavioral problems with Charisma in the past, but I've never seen anyone who actually knew what they were talking about. It all seemed like people making wild guesses based on the fact that she was fired. If you have a more legit version of that story, I'd be really interested in seeing it.

However, the story from Charisma is that she had been dealing with her own personal stuff (there may have been more than one miscarriage) which probably contributed to the stress, but Joss actually got mad at her when she revealed that she was pregnant, because it ruined his plans for the season. Not only did he fire her... he didn't actually tell her that he fired her. She found out about it in the press, and she found out about it after she'd missed pilot season, which was a sh*tty move on the part of the Angel producers. Especially since they'd been working with her for seven seasons by that point.
So the next year, they asked her to return to the show. She was hesitant, because she didn't want to come back if she was just going to be killed off. They swore that they weren't going to kill her off, and eventually, they talked her into signing. After she signed, they told her that she was going to be killed off.
Charisma tells the story in a joking manner, saying that she actually liked the approach once they told her, but the fact is, they lied to her and manipulated her into coming back.

That story is relevant to me because it reminds me of what they did with Robia LaMorte. After season 2 of Buffy, Robia had a life changing experience where she became a born-again Christian (she is now a minister, so it was a huge deal for her, not some subtle event). She signed on to appear on season 3 of Buffy, believing that she would be playing some form of Jenny Calendar. Instead, she found out (after signing) that she was going to be playing the Buffyverse equivalent of Satan. It was something that she was very uncomfortable with. It was another example of the bait and switch that Joss and his team used, which I find distasteful (it's Hollywood, so I'm not shocked by it. I just think it's in poor taste to sign someone under false pretenses when you know they will be uncomfortable).

To be clear, I don't care if Joss isn't a feminist. I'm not a feminist. I don't like the militant feminists that Joss has always pretended to be, so that's not what bothers me about him. It's the con he pulls with it. He used feminism to sell his work and to turn himself into some sort of feminist icon, and I have always found it frustrating because I've always seen right through it. I've always seen the "hot girl on girl" vibe  in his work while other people were going on about "empowering lesbian relationships". I've always seen the flaw in his presenting his work as feminist, while depicting abuse toward women in a strangely positive light. Buffy went from one very abusive relationship to the next, and it was played as romance. Echo was a mindless sex slave who didn't even develop a personality until somewhere in season 2 (by which point they were just falling back on old apocalypse stories on Dollhouse, because they had no original stories to play). Cordelia was impregnated by demons something like three times on Angel! And in one early idea for Firefly, Joss wanted to show us a syringe that Inara kept on hand in case of an attack. Essentially, she would inject herself and whoever sexually assaulted her would die. In the early episode pitch, Joss suggested that Inara would be captured by reavers and taken to their ship. When Mal found her, every reaver on the ship would be dead, suggesting that they had all raped Inara... and only at this point would Mal begin to treat Inara as a woman, rather than a whore.

Again, I'm not saying that it's not valid to put women through crap in stories. I'm just saying that it always seemed strange to me that Joss was going on about being a feminist activist while telling these stories. The feminist angle was BS from the start. Anyone who reads his tweets will see him comparing women to dogs, or criticizing the appearance of teenage girls who survived cancer (!!!!!). So when he gets jobs like Batgirl because of his feminist street creds, I get annoyed. Not even because the feminist stuff is an act, but because Joss hasn't produced anything worthwhile since Firefly was on TV. His Avengers movies are crap. Dollhouse was crap. Most of Angel was crap. Even Serenity fell far, far below the level of writing found on the Firefly series. Joss has taken to fluffing his ego rather than telling stories, as I've been saying for years.

I don't really care about Justice League. I think people are probably blowing his role as stand-in director way out of proportion. What he's filming was probably approved of and planned by Snyder before he left (which is probably why he was working with Joss in the first place), and it's actually not that unusual for someone else to direct bits and pieces of movies that are officially directed by someone else. I think the media is running with it because it feeds into the narrative of the DCEU being a flop, but in reality, it's just someone filling in after something truly horrible happened. And if the rumors are true that Joss is taking this opportunity to change the tone and purpose of the movie without Snyder's blessing, it just confirms that he is a douchebag on a truly massive level. And we will be able to tell, because Joss' writing style is pretty distinctive (meaning that he doesn't really write different characters and styles. They all just talk like Joss). We'll have to comment on Justice League after we see it and know how it turns out.
Batgirl is a different story. He got that job for one reason, and he doesn't deserve it. He was never the best choice for that job, and Kai Cole's essay just highlights that point.

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I don't have any more information or opinions about Joss except that I believe Kai Cole's allegations to be true because Joss has failed to refute them.

... honestly, it makes me think about ME, because I am a ridiculously self-involved person. There's a lot of bad behaviour in my past, and while I was equally terrible to all people, some of them were women and every time I see someone taken down publicly, I wonder how long it is before my own misdeeds come back to bring me crashing down.

And every time the Joss Whedons and Devin Faracis and Brian Woods of the world come crashing down, I wonder if and when the consequences of my poor choices from the person I used to be will blow apart the person I've become. That said, I never assaulted anybody and my misdeeds are more spoken than acted.

Which may be why I always liked how Dan Harmon presents himself as a defective, malfunctioning wreck. “I am not a good person; that's why I want to make a good show for good people,” he declared once. “A fan of COMMUNITY doesn't have to be a fan of Dan Harmon. I am a creepy jerk.” Well, so was I. I think I’m better now, but changing myself never seems to change what I did.

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Nobody is perfect. Everyone has done something horribly naive or selfish or stupid, and hopefully we learn and grow because of it. The problem with Joss is that he got some attention from Buffy, and rather than downplay this god-like reputation that he developed, he fed into it. He altered stories in order to feed into the praises that he was getting for himself. And this wasn't just a phase that he went through, it's been the last 15 years. As I've always said, it's not that Joss is untalented. He has a lot of talent and I learned a lot from what he created. The problem is that he put aside the talent and the art at some point, and he began to build himself more than his stories. In doing so, he began to treat others as less than him.

When Buffy became more about pandering to whichever group was giving Joss the highest praises at that moment, the show's quality fell hard and fast. When Serenity was less about honoring Firefly, it's characters and the things that people loved about the show and supported for so long, the movie turned into something that was almost insulting.

I can separate my feelings between a writer/director/actor and the work they put out. I don't have to like them in order to like their work. With Joss, it became pointless to try separating the two. That's a problem.

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If any of this is true, what do we think?

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Reeves claims that he was misquoted and it will absolutely be in the DCEU.

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I was going to look into the comment more, since it made such little sense. Glad to see that he clarified it himself, so I don't have to do any work. smile

It's weird how the reporting on these geeky movies has gotten so political. The media outlets and the fans behave the same way toward them as the media reports on political issues, and people follow their party lines. It's fascinating. Do geeks take these things too seriously, or do people not take politics seriously enough?

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I'm kinda glad that this was cut, but it's a cool tie-in to Justice League.

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Yeah, I don't think they need that stuff. It seems like the thing to do because Marvel does it, but even the Marvel stuff is a waste of time more often than not.

I'm still holding out hope for a Special Edition of Wonder Woman that deletes the Ares crap at the end though.

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Wonder Woman: Special Edition - Now featuring NO THIRD ACT!

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The General dude was set up as a villain that Diana could fight. They should have let him be that, while having Doctor Poison work on a weapon that she called Ares. It would have tied the plot together better this way. Actually showing Ares cut the legs out from under the movie.

I demand my Special Edition! smile

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Can someone help walk me through what DC is doing here?  They're making:

- Suicide Squad 2 (with Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as Joker)
- A Joker/Harley movie (with Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as Joker)
- A Gotham City Sirens movie (with just Harley Quinn, maybe a Joker?)


- A Joker origin movie by Martin Scorsese not related to the DCEU and not played by Jared Leto

Elseworlds are cool and I think studios need to be more creative with these properties, but it's a bit odd to do 4 Joker movies with one out of continuity.

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I think Warner Bros. has a policy of letting people develop ideas and see where they go, and then they pull the plug when they don't go anywhere. I really don't invest too much thought in the early parts of their process, but I like that they at least keep their minds open to different ideas (and I'm equally thankful that they are willing to delay or cancel projects).

The Joker thing is weird, but with all of the anti-DCEU media coverage, I am just going to ignore the reports of doom until they're more substantial.

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I mean it's not even about's just bizarre.  I think it'd work in-continuity too....just have it be the story of the *real* Joker that Batman faced.  Get Leonardo DiCaprio if that's who you how he became the Joker and how the Batman took him down and he died.

Jared Leto is still the Joker...just a Tim Drake or Jason Todd version that went crazy and became the new Joker.

To spend all this time making a shared universe and then immediately start doing out-of-continuity movies with characters that are in other movies at the same time is going to be super weird.  Why not do a "Heart of Ice" movie about Mr. Freeze?  He's certainly not going to be in the DCEU.  Or a Harvey Dent movie.  Or a Penguin movie.

Batman has tons of cool villains that could be protagonists in their own movie.  The Joker is literally the worst because he's better the less you know about him.

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It will probably never happen though, so I have no idea how it would work. Marvel has used some characters that 20th Century Fox was using, so it's been done. Yeah, it's weird, but if they can make money with it, I guess they will.

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Let's do a Suicide Squad 2 with more Joker/Harley and see if that works before we do a Cinematic Jokerverse.  That's all I'm saying big_smile

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Oh, I agree. I don't like the idea. I'm just at a point where I can't really react to DCEU news anymore.