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No, I just literally see nothing remotely homophobic in his joke. I have seen a lot of different shipper fandoms over the years, both hetero and gay, and I have seen many actors laugh at the thought of many of those couplings, insisting that they're just friends, or they're... Y'know... Brothers. He didn't say anything homophobic (and isn't likely to, considering his history), and didn't even reference the gay element in his joke. If anything, he was treating them the same way he would treat any highly unlikely coupling. And it's probably also likely that the cast had been laughing at the shippers on set for a while prior to that, because that's what actors tend to do when the shippers pop up. Do you think Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are taking their shippers seriously?

If the shippers want to he offended by the fact that he didn't take them seriously... Okay. I guess. But if they're claiming that he is doing so because he's homophobic... Honestly, I find that ridiculous.

Let me ask you a question. How do you think the audience would react to the pairing of Curtis and Dinah?

I think it's one thing for Ackles and Collins to blow off Destiel given that for three seasons, Dean Winchester had been established as a ladies man who gets nervous in the face of homoeroticism. I'm not sure Castiel even has much of a sexuality. I am pleased for the Destiel ship, however, because I've noticed that whenever my niece is upset or distraught, casual references to Castiel as "Dean's boyfriend" and Dean as "the love of Castiel's life" immediately calm her down.

In the case of SUPERGIRL, Kara's sexuality was a relatively blank slate with her schoolgirl crush on Jimmy that was immediately dropped with Season 2 and her reluctance and distance with Mon-El throughout most of Season 2. There was a lot of chemistry between Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath that could have potentially gone romantic or not, certainly moreso than with the female-male pairings the show selected instead. There was nothing to indicate Kara couldn't or wouldn't be attracted to women as well as men.

My niece was in favour of it but understood that the show might not and probably wouldn't go there; at the end of the day, SUPERGIRL is a copyright owned by a fundamentally conservative corporation that took nearly eight decades to let Wonder Woman be bisexual.

There was nothing to indicate that Kara and Lena *couldn't* be bisexual -- until Jeremy Jordan led the cast in *laughing* at the notion, effectively mocking the idea that two powerful, equally matched women in lead roles on a television series could be attracted to each other, laughing at the idea Supergirl could ever have a sexual orientation outside of what was heteronormative. It was very hurtful for the LGBTQ segment of the audience to see that and my niece hasn't gone near SUPERGIRL since.

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Sorry, but no. Your niece is going to have to realize that whatever couple she ships, of whichever orientation they may or may not be, neither the crew nor the actors are obligated to take that pairing as seriously as the obsessive fans. It is common for the actors to joke around about these things, and to label it as homophobic simply because it involves a same sex couple in this particular situation is absurd.

How long have gay people fought to be treated the same as straight people? Well, here you go. This is what that means. And if that is too offensive, then the answer is to simply seek shelter away from the rest of the world. Gay people aren't sickly, delicate little flowers, and I refuse to concede that they should be treated as such.

I get that fans really get into their shipper-ness. We all know that I can get obsessive about elements of different stories too. But failure to join that obsession cannot be equated with some sort of hateful inolerance. And expecting the cast to take any of this as seriously as the shippers themselves is absurd. They have an entirely different perspective on it, and they're allowed to make jokes about how fans react, especially when those fans photoshop images that put those actors' faces and bodies into romantic or sexual situations that they never took part in.

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Thank you for your thoughts.

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I just watched the Star Trek TNG 30th Anniversary panel, with most of the cast members, and Patrick Stewart said something pretty relevant to our conversation. He was talking about how fans react to the show, and connect with things that become really meaningful and personal for them, and he said that when those fans ask him questions about those things, he worries that they will walk away disappointed in the actors because they don't share that specific connection. They have an entirely different relationship and connection to that show, and he worries that the fans will be let down by that, or by the fact that he sometimes can't remember what they're talking about.

I think he articulated what I was trying to say (perhaps better than I did). The show means a lot to them and it was a huge part of their lives, and they love that fans connect to different things, but they simply cannot relate to the show on the same level. It represents something entirely different to them, and there is a chance that fans will be let down, or even insulted by that, but it's unavoidable.

Also, Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis totally almost got into a fight. smile

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Are the Arrow writers making people want Rene, Curtis and Dinah to die horrible bloody deaths on purpose, or do they think that this is an interesting story where both sides are right and wrong at the same time? Because most of the reaction I've seen is just calling for those three characters to get gone.

I really don't get how Laurel stole that money. Wasn't she injured and in the cabin since before it was stolen?

The show is remarkably still not as bad as those two seasons that never happened, but it is still kind of a mess.

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I think they're trying to do a Civil War situation, but like that, this could all be fixed pretty quickly if everyone gets their head out of their asses.

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It has the same problems as Civil War. The conflict is just there because the writers want conflict, whether or not it makes sense. Then they get into fights, shooting real weapons at each other, and then act super surprised when someone gets hurt.  It'd be great if it were done well, but it just hasn't, and it's annoying.

I'm not sure how Dinah and Curtis can act appalled by what Oliver did to Rene. Rene was literally shooting at the others, and those weren't exactly rainbows coming out of his guns. You don't shoot bullets at someone unless you're trying to kill them (despite the number of TV characters who stupidly aim for he leg).

There could be some legit conflict between the new team and the old team, if the new team grew more confident in their abilities and started to question Oliver's methods. However, they cut the legs out from under that story by having all of the new people go crazy and try hurting/killing people, while whining about how Oliver hurts and kills people.

On a separate note...

I'm also not entirely sure how Curtis managed to hack into Diggle's implant (since they always need to have a big machine hooked up to it in order to work on it), but it could have been interesting if he'd figured out a way of sending out some sort of pulse that would ping off of it, disabling it, but disclosing Diggle's location... not realizing that in doing this, he would also disable Felicity's implant. What he did to Diggle was bad, but the visual of seeing Felicity on the ground, unable to move while all of the action took place would have had some impact.

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The Flash finally delivered a solid episode this season! While I still have some questions (like why they couldn't use a portal opener like the one they gave Kara, since their portals were working fine. Did they give her the only one?), and the overall resolution was iffy, the drama of the episode was pretty interesting. I remember reading a Flash story at some point, and Wally West was thrown off of a bridge. It was interesting because he was helpless, and there was no way to speed up the fall. He was experiencing every second as though it were in slow motion. I always thought that was interesting. From our POV, the Flash is just a streak, but he takes each step just like the rest of us. I've always wondered what it was really like for him to run from Central City to Star City. Does it feel like it takes forever for him, or does the speed force carry him like a current?

So yeah, this type if episode is one that I find interesting. I like seeing a different way of telling stories, using his unique abilities.