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Anyone here seen this show on Netflix? It’s only one 10 episode season and apparently didn’t get renewed for another. I enjoyed it.

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I haven't watched that one. I meant to check it out, but keep forgetting about it.

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it was relatively realistic if you ever put together a low budget movie, from a moody young director that cant get anyone to do stuff  that had to be done, to working around sudden cast changes.

the high school relationship stuff was good, other than a rewrite of a major charactor half way through because of 10 episode wouldnt allow a natural shift in personality

like almost every historic show we sometimes want to rewrite history...

It was a little to depressing for my wife, but the 90s was a weird time where the future was coming true everything on star trek and the jetsons was reality, most homes had a personal computer with the internet, before oj simpson, before clinton scandal. before 911. Yet, we listened to Nirvana, was told 2000 would be doomsday, and liked grunge clothing.

It seemed to get some descent press upon release i figured it would at least get a yr2, but if it depressed people it might of got high ratings for 1st couple episodes and be a show people didnt complete.

the good and bad of creative freedom, if knowbody is around to say we need to lighten it up, or make one character to root for then people wont watch

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I will have to try to remember to check it out. Can't be more depressing than Thirteen Reasons Why.

And I still like grunge clothes!

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I never saw a Thirteen Reasons Why. But Everything Sucks isn’t really that depressing. I’m not really sure what it is, since it’s not a comedy, but certainly has a lot of comedic moments. I know several people who refuse to watch TRW, but absolutely love ES.

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Thirteen Reasons Why definitely isn't for everyone, and it is definitely more of a conversation than it is a lesson. But yeah, Netflix probably shouldn't load up on those types of shows. Glad to hear that this one is more fun.

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I enjoyed EVERYTHING SUCKS. It wasn't a great show, but it was a thoughtful, gentle, nice series that amended a lot of problems with 90s era teen dramedies. The absence of black and gay people in significant leading roles was addressed. The series had a caring, sweet tone that was very comforting. The cliffhanger ending was unfortunate, but it was a *soft* cliffhanger and it wasn't one that left you wondering what happened to Rembrandt and Earth Prime and the Kromaggs, if you will.