Topic: Robert Weiss files suit against Fox … 202423518/

Obviously there’s more than one Robert Weiss in the world; and this is most probably some other Robert Weiss (I notice the Weiss law firm is noted at the end of the filing).  But could this be our Robert K Weiss (co-creator of Sliders)?  There would be an interesting dynamic at play if it was.

Comcast Universal is competing with Disney to buy the Fox assets; and word around the industry has been that Comcast Universal wants to up their bid, but they could need some more time.  This lawsuit is tailor-made to delay the Disney / Fox vote that would approve the merger.  It would buy Comcast Universal time.

Why would Weiss get involved?  Maybe a bit of quid pro quo. Comcast Universal has an interest in Sliders; maybe they would agree to help Weiss if he helped them.

It’s surely just a big coincidence that the guy’s name is Robert Weiss, but I found it an amusing thought.

Re: Robert Weiss files suit against Fox

Funny, but def seems like a diff. one.  Especially given the new york address.