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Topic: Was reading a 1998 Starlog interview...

...with O'Connell. (http://sliders.net/articles/starlog252.html)

Interesting tidbit at the end:

"Likewise, two Sliders alumni may slide again. According to O'Connell, Rhys-Davies has tentatively agreed to return for a few episodes. And Lloyd hasn't ruled out the possibility of re-appearing this season either. "That's the neat thing about Sliders. Nothing is definite or for sure. Just because something happened in one universe does not mean it's that way elsewhere. Anything is possible in this show, and for me that's really neat," O'Connell explains."

Can anyone shed light into what happened here? Was the interviewer just embellishing? Did it all come down to lack of money and/or certain people involved? Probably.

But seeing as this interview took place half-way into season 4, I'd assume Sabrina and John understood what the situation was.

Maybe it was just O'Connell saying things to get fans hopes up at the time for bigger numbers.


Re: Was reading a 1998 Starlog interview...

I think this was the height of Jerry's alcoholism.

Re: Was reading a 1998 Starlog interview...

Jerry was very invoglved in the executive producer role during the 1st 13, it looked like scifi was the answer to all the issues fox had put on the show, the budget was smaller, but their was no reason for him to believe that his friends wouldnt come in and do a guest spot as a favor (Sabrina wasn't yet cast on Sports Night yet), Sliders was never out of production between fox and scifi years, scifi sat on the show for nearly a yeat before airing it.

I don't know if Jerry really understood how angry JRD was with the show or thought since most of the execs in charge durring the Fox years JRD, his mentor would probably do it for Jerry....I would assume the stipulations would of been insane to get his guest spot, same for Sabrina.

I would also think script approval would be a big deal.  Cant imagine anything on the back 9 being good enough for JRD.

Re: Was reading a 1998 Starlog interview...

I'd guess Sabrina and JRD were humoring him