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Topic: Sliders reruns will return to the air (literally) on April 6!


https://twitter.com/WatchComet/status/1 … 1692214272

Sliders will be part of the newly added shows to Comet TV's rotation, including Quantum Leap of course!  Says 4PM East, not sure if it's one episode per day (I guess) or not.  Comet is one of those networks that come over the air on a variety of local stations in their sub channels.  On Verizon FIOS, it is channel 459 and it's actually in HD, while they have a sister station Charge! on channel 458 that has shows like La Femme Nikita. 

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COMET is also available on:
Stream Online at CometTV.com/watch-live/
Amazon Fire TV (via the STIRR app)
Android Devices (via the STIRR app)
YouTube TV (for subscribers)
PlayStation Vue (for subscribers)
Dish channel 289
Sling TV

Or just watch it live here....