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Based on a recommendation on one of the Sliders fan Facebook pages, I just watched Parallels. It is a new movie streaming on Netflix which apparently was originally to be a pilot for a new show on Fox. I strongly recommend to everyone on this board. It reminds me so much of Sliders, and would be a great series. I won't give away any spoilers here, but would be interested in discussing once some of you have seen it.
Anyone seen it yet?

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I noticed it on Netflix the other day. I will have to watch it sometime.

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I watched it and I decided it had to be a pilot or something because there was NO RESOLUTION.  I liked the idea and it so reminds us of Sliders with the idea of different worlds, doubles, etc. The main problem I have with it is the characters are just not as endearing as our beloved Sliders. 
They really got on my nerves. They were for the most part downright stupid, and just all around assholes. 
The lady they meet seemed to be somewhat likable but for the most part, I just hated this group of "explorers". 
Will it be picked up? Probably not.

Just can't get vested in the characters. I would recommend not watching this and check out something lik e
Bitten or Helix.

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Saw this, really enjoyed it. The first half definitely felt like a sliders reboot with a modern day take (eg the continuum type style). I'd be happy if this actually did become a series, as it intented to, because i think it helps fill the void that not having sliders on creates... taking advantage of the 'what ifs' of the possible worlds that could exist.

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I finally was able to watch Parallels last night and wow! I gotta say we can dub this Sliders: The Next Generation. It is so modern and gritty and EXACTLY how I'd want a Sliders reboot to happen. Yes we don't have the genius and sliding being his invention but I kinda like how it's more of a mystery instead of them just jumping through and seeing what happens.

This follows the exact formula of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica. That was a miniseries "pilot" that they hoped would get picked up (which it did). I really liked this and I think there's great things abound for Parallels if it's done right (not airing on FOX would be a great start).

One thing that would rock is if JOC, JRD, or even Tracy Torme had some involvement with this show. The possibilities are endless. If this indeed becomes a series this alone would get me to subscribe to Netflix.

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