I am keeping an eye on these tips.

Update: new USPS delivery guy delivers at 6:30 a.m. So I got my Sliders seasons 1 & 2 DVDs delivered 1 day early! Yay!

I'm ripping these DVDs while I do other work. No more horrid Amazon compression for the first 10-15 minutes on Sliders episodes.Yay!

Still debating whether I want to get season 5. I may just get season 5 for Cleavant alone. I'm not missing anything else otherwise.

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:
ireactions wrote:

How Did This Happen? It looks like when Universal made the DVDs in 2004, the process for identifying odd and even fields from analog videotape for digital file conversion was limited. Rather than convert each videotape twice and choose the file that turned out correctly, Universal chose randomly, got it right three times out of eight (four out of nine if you count the pilot), and didn't bother to re-encode for the five that they got wrong.

I wonder if they had two different staff members doing this work?  And each person may have choose a different setting.

That sounds exactly like that happened here. If so...pretty shoddy work by Universal not to be doing some kind of oversight on this.

ireactions - Wonderful analysis. I will keep all that in mind as I work on my own AI enlargements.

By the way, I don't mean to post anything promotional, but is this the Turbine German version?

https://www.amazon.com/Sliders-Die-komp … amp;sr=8-4


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TemporalFlux wrote:
ireactions wrote:

I wonder if Temporal Flux wrote this DEEP SPACE NINE fan webisode about the stupidity of NFTs.

https://twitter.com/joshuamartian/statu … 31622?s=20



Hahahahaha. That is great! big_smile

Delivery update: My Sliders season 3 DVD package is now correct. Yay! All discs received. Glad to see that was a random fluke on the previous delivery. Now to await Seasons 1 and 2 later this week.

This should hold me over for at least 20 years and when streaming rights expire.

I am going to rip them, re-order in filmed order, and watch from one of my external hard drives which will be hooked up to my 4K TV that sits right above my dual monitor computer setup.

Yes! I always use the deinterlace function on films (and TV shows) I rip for this reason.

BTW, side comment: I said it years ago and I'll say it now: watching Kari Wuhrer act is like watching (listening to...?) nails on a chalkboard.

Update: Yay! Season 4 was delivered today. At least I got all the right discs on season 4. I will be getting season 3 package #2 tomorrow (crossing fingers I get all the right discs on that one). Seasons 1-2 (my personal favorites) will be coming later this week.

What I wouldn't have given to have Tracy Torme` just be THE guy in charge for all five seasons.

Oh, well. With a potential 6 in the works...I'll be happy having him return.

Anyway...ripping with Handbrake produces blank/grayed out video on the DVDs in Season 3. The only ripping program I have that works is DVD Fab. Not sure what's up with that.

Hahahahahaha! Indeed.

It's 9 bucks. It's not even worth bothering with the return process.

I think I got screwed. The season 3 DVD set I ordered off of Amazon (the Universal release) has two Disc 2's Side A's in it, instead of a Disc 1, Side A. I checked and yes, they both have the same contents. So I got screwed.

It's only 9 bucks so I ordered another one. Hopefully this is the only one that's a misprint.

That looks like a great experiment, ireactions.

Has anyone tried DVD Fab's Enlarger AI? I have it and I was going to try upscaling some of these DVDs from the Universal release to 1080p for my own archive of the show - and so I can watch it straight from start to finish in its own original filmed order.

I had to re-purchase a copy of each season from Amazon because who knows where my former copies are (usually I keep track of these things like a hawk).

Question: why is the fifth season so expensive for a new DVD package on Amazon? It seems to me that it's the worst season and it shouldn't be that expensive on DVD compared to the earlier seasons.


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ireactions wrote:

Well, I think Slider_Quinn21 is just waiting until six months after his second dose. If an improved vaccine is announced and scheduled for six months and 2.23 weeks after his second dose (my personal tipping point), that might (might!) make sense. SQ21 got his second dose and he is not an anti-vaxxer; if he's holding out, it's because he's looking to get maximum shielding from his shot. I am not a doctor; I cannot evaluate that strategy except to say it's not from a place of mistrust for vaccines.

I don't qualify for a third dose for another two weeks; my mother doesn't qualify for another nine days. I'm not going to wait and I've informed my mother that she's not waiting either.

Thank you, ireactions! I did not know that with my limited membership here. I was just playing it safe on my end.

My apologies, Slider_Quinn21!


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I don't want this post to contribute to vaccine hesitancy, so I won't quote the above.

Just to inform: The CDC does recommend that everyone 18+ get boosted *now* and not to wait.

*steps off soapbox*


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Thank you!! I've had my fair share of hybrids. Whenever I've had a hybrid, there has always been at least one feature of Windows 10 that either 1. Doesn't work, or 2. is severely truncated beyond usability.

By hybrid, I mean a blend between a laptop device and another device (usually a tablet).

Before the pandemic, it was a fantastic work horse for work conferences. I am looking forward to being able to do conferences again   soon (hopefully we will see some end of this pandemic in 2022) and will be taking my LG laptop for sure.

Update: I am now fully boosted with my third Moderna shot. Yay! Also got my flu shot, so I am set for the winter season this year.


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For me, the plus about the LG Grams that I like is they do come with SSDs. And the quality of the screen is quite great for that kind of laptop. I guess there are always trade-offs in what you need/want/expect based on your specific situation. I wouldn't use it to play video games, but for daily work it suits me just fine.

Hehehehe re: anti-vaxxers. Let them all have nervous breakdowns.


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Update: my vaccines are now scheduled. Yay! Both Covid booster and flu shot scheduled for this coming Wednesday.


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I've been pretty impressed with the LG Gram laptop I got 1.5 years ago. It's been quite long-lasting and has done really well for what it is. It's not top of the line but it's not el-cheapo either.

Nice, thin, lightweight, but also durable and very capable.

[EDIT to include specs]

It is the 17Z990-R.AAS8U1. Specs include:

17" 2560 x 1600 display
Intel 8th Gen Core i7 1.3 GHz
512 GB SSD
Up to 19.5 hour battery life


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ireactions wrote:

Didja get 'em?

Almost there. I found out at the last minute that the nearest pharmacy locations in my area don't have any appointments for the vaccines. (ugh). That kind of put a wrench in my plans.

And the new location I have to get to is quite a bit of a ways away.

Gonna have to plan logistically so I can do it this week during work. That and I have to plan to bring someone else along too. I really don't want to wait any longer.


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I should be getting my covid booster and flu shot sometime tomorrow myself. Yay!