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Aahhh yes. RIP Dean Stockwell. sad

But with A.I., couldn't they replace Dean Stockwell's face on another actor and re-create his voice to be almost identical? We have the technology. One particular freelance Elvis impersonator on YouTube (look up Luigi Leppo) is already doing that with Elvis by creating brand-new songs that Elvis was never recorded on video performing. Done with his exact face, and his exact voice. As I said, we have the tech. We just need a TV show to implement it successfully.

There is also a mobile app that does this (the consumer-grade non-professional version) called Re-face.


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ireactions wrote:
Caution: this post suggests a Crossover for a SLIDERS revival series premiere (dun dun dunhhhhh!).

What if... the QUANTUM LEAP revival had an episode that served as a backdoor pilot for SLIDERS? What would it be like?

What if... Dr. Ben Seong needs an outside perspective on Project Quantum Leap? What if he decides to go to his local Doppler Computer Chain and talk to the Repair Squad clerk behind the counter, an awkward grad school dropout named Quinn Mallory (played either by Jerry O'Connell or... I dunno, Corey Fogelmanis (genius eccentric on GIRL MEETS WORLD) if it's a young version).

What if Dr. Seong think fondly of his old classmate Quinn as a brilliant, clever scientist who was more interested in practical engineering than quantum mechanics?

What if we learn that Quinn was a well-regarded grad student until his foolhardy effort to build a quantization field generator in the faculty basement accidentally burned the building down, but Dr. Seong still likes to meet up with Quinn now and then and bounce ideas off him and offer him freelance work (as Quinn's lack of credentials has reduced him to fixing computers at the Doppler Electronics chain for minimum wage).

Perhaps Quinn alludes to his own projects that he's been working on.

Perhaps Quinn brings Dr. Seong back home to The Basement show him his attempts at anti-gravity to solve an immediate problem Seong is having in trying to retrieve the long-missing Sam Beckett.

Perhaps Quinn's demonstration knocks out the power to half of the Western coastal area of America.

Perhaps the last we see of Quinn on the QUANTUM LEAP revival, Dr. Seong is grimly waving goodbye to Quinn as the police march Quinn out of The Basement.

Perhaps later, Dr. Seong realizes Quinn's idea sparked something in him that lets him resolve the issue of the week, and in gratitude, Seong has Project Quantum Leap pay off Quinn's legal bills and get him out of jail.

Perhaps Project Quantum Leap Administration declares that Seong is to never involve Quinn in Project Quantum Leap again and pre-emptively declares that Quinn will be shot on sight should he ever be within half a city block of the building. (Shot with paint, but still.)

Perhaps this leads into a SLIDERS pilot where Quinn is further disgraced in the scientific community and now hated by his neighbours (he knocked out the power during an important game of sportsball, I'm sorry, I don't know sports, but people seem to care about them). Quinn helps his neighbour, Stephanie, retrieve her runaway dog. Stephanie proceeds to set her dog on Quinn because Quinn made her miss the super... plate... something. (I am sorry. I don't know sports, but people really care about them.)

Perhaps after a mild mauling, Quinn is now ready to give up on science, take everything in the basement to a landfill and call it a day on Science.

Perhaps, as Quinn is packing up, he accidentally reboots his hardware and then something appears in Quinn's basement. A burst of light. A light that does not fade but remains suspended in the air. The light begins to widen. What could it be?

Perhaps it is split in the very skin of reality itself. A split that becomes a gateway.

And perhaps the adventure begins again...

That is quite the creative multiversal branch there. I can dig it. Dr. Seong and Quinn Mallory being acquaintances in that universe...

This fall TV season cannot come soon enough for this Quantum Leap fan.

ireactions wrote:

I was just making a joke saying Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru "probably" can't die. (Unless Obi-Wan were to replace them with clones while Luke sleeps. Or maybe Luke knows they are clones and that's why he wasn't that upset in STAR WARS when he returned to his family farm to find the estate burned to the ground and two charred skeletons that used to be his aunt and uncle.

LOL. smile

ireactions wrote:

I really liked Moses Ingram's performance as Reva. Disturbing and terrifying only for Vader to turn the tables on her. I also liked how OBI-WAN KENOBI emphasizes how Reva is the one character whose fate is actually open. Ben of Tatooine can't actually die in a prequel to the 1977 movie. Leia can't die. Luke can't die. Darth Vader can be maimed and mauled and marred and mutilated, but not in any way that prevents him from appearing in A NEW HOPE. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru will probably survive this story to die in a future story. Reva is the only one with an open future.

Indeed. Don't Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru die in the 1977 movie when storm troopers raid the farm looking for the droids? They can't die in the prequels either.

Very very interesting how they wrote that scene overall with Obi-Wan saying that. And Reva's back story just grew more and more interesting as the story evolved.

Obi-Wan still cares deeply about Anakin, even though they are enemies now. The other interesting part of the story overall was watching Obi-Wan come to terms with it. I don't think he ever really does, to be honest. We don't actually see Obi-Wan come to terms with that until the 1977 movie...unless he does this earlier in canon material that I'm not aware of.

Anyone else think Moses Ingram was perfectly cast as Reva in Obi Wan?

Outstandingly well done. And I love hearing James Earl Jones as Darth Vader again.

Just catching up on the last couple of episodes and episode 5 was excellent. Can't wait to watch the finale later tonight.


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Quite honestly, compared to the next covid wave, Monkeypox may be the least of our worries...

https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1 … sBJx_ILL5A


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ireactions wrote:

Why is the title of your story Sliders Reborn?


"The Seer" provides a very simple explanation for the Seer's vision: the Seer's premonition of death immediately after the sliders stepped through the vortex was not their deaths, but the Seer's own demise. This has always been, at least to me, a very obvious back door to avoid really killing Rembrandt off.

And because "The Seer" does not specify what world Rembrandt will slide to, does not have the Season 5 sliders join Rembrandt, does not show what's on the other side of Rembrandt's gateway, and also has Rembrandt take the broken Egyptian timer with him, there is absolutely no limit to what could be waiting for Rembrandt when he emerges after the end of "The Seer." Perhaps he makes it home; that's Temporal Flux's view as established in his SLIDERS DECLASSIFIED series. Perhaps the gateway is actually the end of a timeloop that rolls back in terms of plotting if not in-universe to Season 2 as suggested by "Slide Effects." Perhaps Rembrandt encounters the Quinn Mallory of the Azure Gate Bridge world as proposed by Slider_Quinn21.

Or perhaps Rembrandt came out of the other side of the vortex to find Quinn, Wade and Arturo waiting for him, miraculously and impossibly alive, somehow restored through the infinite possibilities of sliding, somehow able to locate their friend, somehow ready to lay Seasons 3 - 5 to rest and restore the status quo and sorry, why is your story called Sliders Reborn?

Like I said. Been out of the fan fic game for awhile. Even my title writing skills are rusty. smile

Indeed. There is truly a multiverse of possibilities here.


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I'm just thinking out loud here, but that's because I've been out of the fanfic game for awhile. Perhaps The Seer could end on this note, because I am pretty sure in The Seer there was at least one or two instances where he admitted he could not see everything:

Working Title: Sliders Reborn

As Rembrandt is sliding in the vortex, the timer malfunctions. Rembrandt is somehow pulled back into the same universe but in a different location (somewhere around 5 miles away). Turns out he ends up landing in the home of someone who has already solved everything - the Kromagg virus issue, all that. Rembrandt is cured. The scientist responsible for solving all of it? Professor Maximillian P. Arturo.

Shortly thereafter, they find the home of a rather technically advanced whiz kid who is...Quinn Mallory as always. He is an advanced physics student and electronics engineer, and kept hiding on this world after the Sliders adventures were discovered. So he has kept to himself, and him and Arturo have kept a very low profile. Such a low profile, in fact, that he developed a very large living enclosure bunker that would hide them from The Seer, for however long it took.

Throughout sliding, the new Quinn somehow ran into Dr. Geiger. They became friends, until Quinn figured out what his real intentions was. He figured out a way to hide from Dr. Geiger, and ended up making a home on Seer world.

Spending time with Dr. Geiger, Quinn figured out Dr. Geiger's machinery. It turns out that Quinn has solved all of the issues with Dr. Geiger's "recombinator." He is able to reconstitute Quinn Prime, and separate both Mallory and Quinn back to their usual selves. He is also able to unstuck Colin. Colin magically slides back as himself.

The next scientist on our list: one Wade Welles. She has become a biologist and very experienced one at that. She is able to make sure that Rembrandt has no trace of the virus, and make it so that Rembrandt is cured, unable to take the virus to the next world. This is the second step in Rembrandt's being cured that needs to happen. Turns out that all 3 Sliders were able to come up with a viable solution to their problems together.

With that, with a brief cameo of around 1 minute, Mallory, Diana, and Maggie all decide to stay on Seer world, letting the original Sliders depart and leave that world, continuing their quest to find home. Colin joins the original Sliders on their quest for home for a couple of episodes.

It's goodbye to not only Seer world, but the old Sliders as well. Now to say hello to the latest, brand-new Sliders who are all in Torme's universe now, and the original cast.

Haha. I had to...


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ireactions wrote:

Maybe it's for the best that Peacock doesn't revive SLIDERS only to cancel it 1 - 2 seasons in like PUNKY BREWSTER or SAVED BY THE BELL due to internal financial issues that have nothing to do with the show.

Those are some good points. As much as I would love to see a mainstream station pick up Sliders for a reboot, I would much rather see Netflix or Hulu pick up Sliders if it means we get an additional 3 - 5 seasons and Tracy and the majority of the original cast gets to be involved for all seasons.

The thought occurred to me. If Quantum Leap takes off, perhaps Sliders will follow with a full pilot/series order? They were, after all, always erroneously compared to Quantum Leap by TV Guide reviews/online media in the late '90s.

Perhaps if the Quantum Leap reboot takes off successfully, Sliders won't be far behind.


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TemporalFlux wrote:

A few stills from the first footage of the new Quantum Leap:

https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/nbc-show … evival?amp

This is getting exciting. And it sounds like Raymond Lee is going to do a wonderful job as Dr. Seong.

I'm surprised they haven't leaked the trailer yet.

I can't wait.


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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Peacock lost 1.7b last year...

https://deadline.com/2022/01/comcast-pe … 234920844/

Dang. That's not good...


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ireactions wrote:
pilight wrote:

Why not Kari?

I would like to wager that Tracy Torme doesn't even know who Kari is.

And that's just fine with me.


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As someone who is hearing impaired, the audio drama would be out for me as an inaccessible medium. So I would have to disagree.

I'd want my favorite TV show back. One season, if that is all we can get. At least the vast majority of the original cast returning. No Kari Wuhrer. Tracy Torme` in charge.

Full stop.


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Very glad you got a laptop that you can work with, Slider_Quinn21.

As for me - I am now fully vaxxed and double boosted for covid-19. Just got my second booster today as soon as I was eligible.

Yay!! Hope everyone continues to do well.


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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:
TemporalFlux wrote:

Just noticed this.  The Quantum Leap marathon is still going even now (until noon central)

https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/syfy-ann … ridays?amp

I’m sure Sliders will get its turn eventually


How great would that be if sliders returned?

Last aired 2003 to 2005 I believe.

It would be amazing. Peacock is airing Sliders now, which is quite a significant jump from Scifi Channel (sorry but I just cannot do Syfy...I need the correct spelling).

(I'm sorry)


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ireactions wrote:

Thank God.


As for reboots -- I think it's simply a matter of doing them poorly or doing them well. Quality in writing, acting, cinematography, production, editing, season-long arc, characterization, social commentary and relevance are more important than whether or not the series is a revival of a pre-existing property or an original creation. Reboots can benefit from the mythic stature of their previous existence.

There is a certain weight, importance and cultural iconography to having MacGyver disarm a land mine with a paper clip that can't be replicated with an original character.

I would say that the CBS reboot of MACGYVER shows reboots at the worst (in the first season) and their best (in the second to fourth season) and their most mediocre (also in the fourth season)

MACGYVER's first season opened with a shallow recreation of MACGYVER's schtick from the 1985 now presented in 2016 and it looked clumsy and dated. MacGyver creates smoke bombs from cleaning chemicals, fingerprint equipment from office supplies -- which now makes him look unprepared in not simply bringing pocket-sized spy gear like smoke bombs and fingerprinting equipment in advance.

In addition, the 2015 reboot saddled MacGyver with an aggressive partner to handle the physical fight scenes and gunplay (which made MacGyver's supposed pacifist philosophy meaningless as he was just having an associate use violence) and a hacker teammate (which made MacGyver's encyclopedic knowledge unnecessary). Why was this show even on the air when MacGyver's brand of espionage was dated, ineffective and irrelevant? Because MACGYVER was a recognizable trademark and brand name.

But by the end of the first season, MACGYVER finally figured out how to make MacGyver's character work. MACGYVER finally realized that MacGyver couldn't just be sent into spy missions to retrieve MacGuffins or arrest villains; MacGyver was instead best as a problem solver.

MacGyver had to impersonate an assassin and perform assassinations and supply proof of death without actually murdering anybody; had to navigate in and out of a collapsed building with no exits and all his equipment lost; had to find a way to fly a plane without fuel to a distant landing zone; had to save a capsizing ship at sea without ever setting foot aboard. The show finally understood that MacGyver didn't benefit from simple spy missions but impossible problems that the character had to solve. As a result, MacGyver's brand of improvised solutions now felt modern and relevant and MacGyver was suited to facing down present day problems.

And MACGYVER then bit off more than it could chew: Season 4 sent MacGyver up against an unsolvable problem, the crisis of climate change where MacGyver was fighting ecoterrorists and forced to concede that MacGyver and his team were fighting on the wrong side (even though the ecoterrorists were certainly not the right side). It was riveting, gripping and ripped from the headlines. MacGyver, reviewing developments on climate change, had a crisis of faith in his mission and a nervous breakdown, fearing that the terrorists could be right to try to kill 90 per cent of the human population.

How could MacGyver triumph against fossil fuels and a depleted ozone layer and the inertia of human impact on a damaged planet?

Season 4 ended with MacGyver defeating the ecoterrorists from triggering a population-reducing catastrophe and then making a presentation to Washington lawmakers on the climate crisis which... I guess... solved climate change? Because MacGyver never mentioned it again and this 'solution' (a stirring speech and a secret dossier about impending global catastrophe) were apparently all that was needed?

This conclusion to Season 4 did not work. This did not work at all. Season 5 felt truly awkward with MacGyver not dealing with that ecological nervous breakdown of Season 4. There was no on camera explanation for why MacGyver wasn't worried about climate change any more.

(The only rationalization I can offer: the COVID-19 pandemic is said to have happened between Season 4 and Season 5. It's possible that MacGyver was heartened by how during the 2020 lockdowns, ecological damage began reversing itself and this buoyed him up for Season 5 and we never saw him deal with the climate crisis again because the show didn't make it to Season 6.)

However, none of these victories or successes had too much to do with MACGYVER being a reboot. Yes, Season 1 was a reboot of a 1980s property that was painfully outdated in 2015, but that was less about MacGyver's gimmick being 30 years old and more a failure to craft stories that were specifically challenging to the MacGyver character. Then MACGYVER succeeded by presenting MacGyver as a problem solver rather than merely a spy and the series began giving him increasingly impossible problems to solve.

Then MACGYVER failed because it threw MacGyver into problem of the climate emergency which was something MacGyver, being a fictional character, could not actually solve (and his 'solution' in the show was nonsensical).

Quality is far more important than whether or not the property is a revival or an original.

We are both on the same page. It's a matter of doing reboots, homages, and the like well with quality writing and production. That's one of the best parts of La Brea - it's a fresh take on an older "Lost" formula. While some suspension of disbelief is required it's not something that requires too much suspension of disbelief, like you mentioned about the MACGYVER reboot. You care about the characters, the writing and production are quite good, and it's certainly not a terrible implementation of time travel sci-fi.

The problem with older homages of certain Hollywood films on Sliders, for example, is because the production took a significant dive in the latter half of season 3. As a result, they ended up being in one of those situations where the lack of quality caused a lack of legitimacy as well. And Sliders just didn't work as a homage-heavy show. The point of parallel universes is they are supposed to be different than our own, not rehashing the same things from ours. That is where the writers ended up committing a few errors in judgment on their part, I think. The writers kind of just stopped thinking and phoned it in.

Quality certainly improved with season 4, and it would have been amazing to see Jerry and Charlie make it through to season 5. But it seems that wasn't going to be in the cards there. All in all they did what they could to make it work, and I respect what the writers were able to do with the things they were given during each season. Ultimately, the main thing that harmed Sliders was the lack of quality overall.

The showrunners did things quite well with La Brea, however, and I have no reason to suspect they won't do something similar with Quantum Leap - and take it to new heights.

Clearly they are today's up-and-coming star producers as well with a lot of clout in today's Hollywood climate.

Could they be the ones to pick up Sliders in a reboot too and give Tracy the power he needs to do his own thing?

With Sliders being featured on NBC's Peacock streaming service...anything's possible.


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ireactions - I do apologize for that misstep: there were absolutely no racist intentions meant with my post. And I am sorry you took it that way.

And I agree with you: there is absolutely no reason why Quantum Leap can't have a similar character.

I am truly sorry you took my comment that way. And again: that was certainly not my intention.

I will be more careful in the future.


My comment was about Hollywood's latest trends of constant reboots, along with their own rehashing and stealing of other successful attributes from other more influential shows, and doing homages, to see what formula is going to stick and be the most profitable. Something that Sliders itself was very guilty of doing in the third season when David Peckinpah was brought on board.

The most egregious recent example being La Brea - in which Scott, one of the main characters, comments himself about the show, their "situation" being like an episode of Lost. Which was the first thing I thought of when watching La Brea. But I turned out to love the show and can't wait until it comes back.

I also agree that not everything should be attributed to nor should be thought of as having originated with Star Trek. But, Star Trek has been very influential in Hollywood when it comes to Sci-Fi, and has influenced a generation of writers.

Of course, I am a big fan of Star Trek also. And I have been watching Star Trek Picard until the last episode of the second season quite recently.

Addendum #2: It is also worth noting that the same showrunners for La Brea are also involved with Quantum Leap, and La Brea's  criticism from a number of people have been how similar it is to Lost, while being different as well. It's also not a stretch to say that there may be some similar but different types of homages being done with Quantum Leap too.

Again, I do apologize for how you took my comment but I also thought you would want to hear my point of view on the topic, and that I never intended for it to be read as "there can never be any type of this character on Quantum Leap," which is far from what I intended it to be.

Again: I'll be more careful in the future.


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Dr. Soong on Star Trek...Dr. Seong on Quantum Leap...they just don't even try to be creative anymore do they? I can imagine the writer's meeting:

"Just replace one o with an 'e'. Nobody will know the difference."


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ireactions wrote:

I was recently having a discussion with a gentleman who runs the front desk of a hotel. His name is Charlie. I asked Charlie: how would the sliders go about getting hotel rooms when they have no ID and no credit cards that would function on a parallel Earth? Charlie replied that his hotel and most would likely not allow the sliders to rent a room without ID and credit or debit. Hotels require a form of payment that can be charge for "incidentals" in the event that the guest smashes up the room or steals all the furniture and has to be charged for repairs and replacements, and that no prepaid card or card without matching ID would be accepted nor would cash be suitable (because a few hundred dollars in cash might not cover the cost of potential repairs for reckless or destructive guests).

I protested: what if Charlie were hired by the writers of SLIDERS to find a loophole to get the sliders a room? Charlie replied that there is no loophole.

I asked: could Charlie be bribed with cash? Charlie replied that no amount of cash the sliders might carry on their person would induce him to risk his own job or to shoulder the cost of the potential incidentals.

I told Charlie that he was a lousy friend because if the positions were reversed, the sliders would find some way to get Charlie a room in order to progress the plot and then I wondered if there might be a DECLASSIFIED-brand solution.

I absolutely love this. LOL


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Okay...in light of our Sliders/X-Files crossover discussion, I went ahead and created a new Sliders (Season 6) + X-Files crossover intro (meant to be used only for a crossover episode...). I thought it turned out quite good. What do you think?




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TemporalFlux wrote:
QuinnSlidr wrote:

For example: I would love to see an X-Files/Sliders crossover. That would be fun to watch. Mulder and Scully investigating the mysterious disappearance of four people into a vortex. I can picture Mulder with his trademark smirk: "Sounds like aliens, doesn't it?"

There are many great ways to tackle an X-Files crossover.  My thought was always that Mulder and Scully would be pulled into a murder investigation of someone who isn’t dead.

Arturo’s body is discovered in San Francisco in what appears to be a pretty cut and dried murder; but the X-Files come into play when Arturo is sighted in another part of San Francisco even though his body is in the morgue.  Mulder and Scully catch that one and begin interrogating when they get report that a third Arturo has been sighted.  Then another.  And another.

I see it as an Agatha Christie type mystery where everyone involved is Arturo.  And, of course, our Sliders land in the middle of it and get pulled in.

I like how you think. smile


(360 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Yes, while I did say that crossovers generally happen when networks are out of ideas, I didn't say doing them is always the wrong thing to do.

For example: I would love to see an X-Files/Sliders crossover. That would be fun to watch. Mulder and Scully investigating the mysterious disappearance of four people into a vortex. I can picture Mulder with his trademark smirk: "Sounds like aliens, doesn't it?" A Sliders and Quantum Leap crossover could easily be done, with something going wrong during a slide that pushes them into a quantum transdimensional error that has Quinn leaping around while Sam finally returns to his physical form. That would be wild.

But here's the other general problem with crossovers - if they are not done correctly legally-speaking: and without consideration for legal issues with other shows from other networks, this could sink Sliders from a legal perspective, irregardless of where the writing ends up.

That's the only reason I see Sliders being limited in terms of crossovers and how they accomplish them. In which case, addressing legal issues where they exist and tackling them before they become problems with certain properties (such as in streaming formats or other syndication formats) this could be successful.


(360 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

God no. Please. No crossovers. The Marvel Universe makes sense.

But not crossovers on Sliders. In general, crossovers happen when networks are entirely out of original ideas.

Sliders is a series with so much original idea potential it would be criminal not to exploit that.

Like John Rhys-Davies said...Sliders could have been the next Star Trek if executed properly.


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Those are the best handlink replicas I have ever seen.

I'd love to have an extra $650 I could use to splurge on one with. But alas...


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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

To me, it's an insult if they don't bring Bakula back...

For Sliders, if you are trying to do a new or younger cast but don't honor / have the original characters, that is an insult as well.  However, the folks at these networks dont really care about our beloved characters and can force any showrunner's hand.

I totally get where you're coming from.

I really hope they don't take that path with Sliders. I hope they take a similar path like Star Trek Picard is doing. I'd definitely watch that. Especially with Jerry back.


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I'll give the new QL a chance. Especially with reports that Scott Bakula is very interested in coming back.

I just have very mixed feelings about any of the Sliders original cast being replaced again. It was tough going through the episode rewatches but I did.

I hope at least Jerry, JRD, and Cleavant are signed on at the minimum. Hoping for Sabrina too in a very far from reality last-minute miracle.

Pleeeeeeeeease don't bring back Kari Wuhrer.


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ireactions wrote:

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada. Her address is -- well. You don't need to know that!

That's good news! Glad she is back in some capacity.


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ireactions wrote:

Dear Microsoft Security Team:

Please do not hire Temporal Flux. He has QUANTUM LEAP pitches to work on.



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TemporalFlux wrote:

A glimpse of where the new Quantum Leap is going:

https://thathashtagshow.com/2022/02/03/ … ap-reboot/

Looks like a little more focus on the support staff in the future.  Also looks like Addison will be the Al type character

And the first leap, at least, is to the late 80’s; so it looks like they are limiting themselves more than they should, in my opinion.

This site is being flagged by Malwarebytes as having a trojan.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

I think the consensus thought is that the Democrats are going to lose both chambers of Congress.  Biden is not polling well, progressives feel lied to, Republican enthusiasm is higher than Democratic enthusiasm, and the president's party tends to lose at midterms.

I think there's plenty of time, and I think Democrats can maybe muster up enough "Democracy is on the Ballot" concern to get Democrats to the polls.  But I think the Breyer retirement is a signal that the Democrats don't feel good about 2022, just like the Barrett speed-confirmation was a signal that the Republicans didn't feel good about Trump in 2020.

That would be the consensus from right wingers. Not what's actually happening.

The real story is that at least several seats have flipped towards democrats and they have been winning elections left and right. Sadly, the MSM isn't covering this for some unknown reason as much as they should be.

The one thing the right wingers are amplifying are all their wins, even if miniscule, and that may be why it looks like a consensus.

And they are TERRIFIED of losing more seats to dems.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:
QuinnSlidr wrote:

[Also, the energy footprint is massive and can cause a significant strain on the environment.

I know nothing about crypto.  Nothing.

But this is because it takes a lot of processing power, and that leads to environmental issues?  So something like email would technically have an energy footprint?

Not being sarcastic, I'm genuinely clueless about this stuff.

This is an example of what people do when they have massive crypto mining farms:



(2,017 replies, posted in Sliders Bboard)

Don't get paid in bitcoin.

Never get paid in crypto unless you don't need that money. There are zero guarantees that it will be worth what it was when you made the deal.

WR Odell Beckham Jr. of the Rams provides a cautionary tale.

https://twitter.com/darrenrovell/status … 15456?s=20


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ireactions wrote:

The lead actor of GOTHAM, Ben McKenzie (Gordon) has a regular column on Slate.com regarding cryptocurrency and celebrity endorsements of cryptocurrency and celebrity sales of non-fungible tokens.

McKenzie thinks it's a massive scam and that celebrities are leveraging their followings for a quick buck that could leave their fans defrauded and financially devastated.


I understand that thinking. Crypto isn't regulated, so the rich can use it to avoid the normal regulations that would come with putting their money into stocks.

There is also no way to get your money back if you lose it.

Very much like the stock market. Also, the energy footprint is massive and can cause a significant strain on the environment.

It has also been banned in 42 countries worldwide.

https://fortune.com/2022/01/04/crypto-b … September.


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TemporalFlux wrote:

The interesting thing is that the “in your own lifetime” rule for time travel may bite them a bit.  They can’t really have a younger lead if they want some reach

Sam Beckett was depicted as 36 years old when he started leaping.  If they followed that template, the furthest back in time they could go right now is 1986.  If they used Sam’s daughter, they would have a 55 year old that could hit 1967 right now.

Of course, Mark Harmon was 51 when he started NCIS in 2003, so Bellisario isn’t shy about casting older leads.

Ahhhhhh yes, but there are circumstances in which time travel to the 1800s is possible through a genetic loophole: such as was revealed in one Quantum Leap episode.


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What's also interesting is that the Quantum Leap reboot will be managed by another time travel series' co-showrunners: La Brea.

I love that show (La Brea). Fun times. I really really hope that Scott Bakula returns and we get some sort of cameo in the form of a deep fake version of the late Dean Stockwell as Al.


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TemporalFlux wrote:

Always nice to see us make a list:

https://gamerant.com/90s-sci-fi-tv-seri … -stargate/

I really wish critics would stop drawing comparisons between Sliders and Quantum Leap, because there are no comparisons to be made.

I love both series, but both have fundamentally different concepts.

I have watched every series on that list above several times over. Except for Farscape.


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Omicron is now the dominant strain in the United States, jumping from 3% of cases to 73% of cases nationwide.


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Slider_Quinn21 wrote:

And I'm getting my booster December 26!

Yaaayyyyyyy!! Well done, Slider_Quinn21.

I've had very little in the way of side effects from the vaccine + flu shot. Aside from a sore arm, I didn't have anything else. And the sore arm was even less on the covid side. I didn't even have a sore arm on the flu shot side.

Thanks for the feedback, RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan!

This one was a passion project of sorts. Hopefully it will help get more people inspired to take action on the Bring Back Sliders petition with more of a "proof of concept" of sorts.

This Sliders Intro Sequence fan edit I created provides (somewhat) of an answer...


I really hope Jerry begins to promote that petition a bit more after I tweeted him about it. So we can get it to 5k!!!

I am keeping an eye on these tips.

Update: new USPS delivery guy delivers at 6:30 a.m. So I got my Sliders seasons 1 & 2 DVDs delivered 1 day early! Yay!

I'm ripping these DVDs while I do other work. No more horrid Amazon compression for the first 10-15 minutes on Sliders episodes.Yay!

Still debating whether I want to get season 5. I may just get season 5 for Cleavant alone. I'm not missing anything else otherwise.

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:
ireactions wrote:

How Did This Happen? It looks like when Universal made the DVDs in 2004, the process for identifying odd and even fields from analog videotape for digital file conversion was limited. Rather than convert each videotape twice and choose the file that turned out correctly, Universal chose randomly, got it right three times out of eight (four out of nine if you count the pilot), and didn't bother to re-encode for the five that they got wrong.

I wonder if they had two different staff members doing this work?  And each person may have choose a different setting.

That sounds exactly like that happened here. If so...pretty shoddy work by Universal not to be doing some kind of oversight on this.

ireactions - Wonderful analysis. I will keep all that in mind as I work on my own AI enlargements.

By the way, I don't mean to post anything promotional, but is this the Turbine German version?

https://www.amazon.com/Sliders-Die-komp … amp;sr=8-4


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TemporalFlux wrote:
ireactions wrote:

I wonder if Temporal Flux wrote this DEEP SPACE NINE fan webisode about the stupidity of NFTs.

https://twitter.com/joshuamartian/statu … 31622?s=20



Hahahahaha. That is great! big_smile

Delivery update: My Sliders season 3 DVD package is now correct. Yay! All discs received. Glad to see that was a random fluke on the previous delivery. Now to await Seasons 1 and 2 later this week.

This should hold me over for at least 20 years and when streaming rights expire.

I am going to rip them, re-order in filmed order, and watch from one of my external hard drives which will be hooked up to my 4K TV that sits right above my dual monitor computer setup.

Yes! I always use the deinterlace function on films (and TV shows) I rip for this reason.

BTW, side comment: I said it years ago and I'll say it now: watching Kari Wuhrer act is like watching (listening to...?) nails on a chalkboard.

Update: Yay! Season 4 was delivered today. At least I got all the right discs on season 4. I will be getting season 3 package #2 tomorrow (crossing fingers I get all the right discs on that one). Seasons 1-2 (my personal favorites) will be coming later this week.

What I wouldn't have given to have Tracy Torme` just be THE guy in charge for all five seasons.

Oh, well. With a potential 6 in the works...I'll be happy having him return.

Anyway...ripping with Handbrake produces blank/grayed out video on the DVDs in Season 3. The only ripping program I have that works is DVD Fab. Not sure what's up with that.

Hahahahahaha! Indeed.

It's 9 bucks. It's not even worth bothering with the return process.

I think I got screwed. The season 3 DVD set I ordered off of Amazon (the Universal release) has two Disc 2's Side A's in it, instead of a Disc 1, Side A. I checked and yes, they both have the same contents. So I got screwed.

It's only 9 bucks so I ordered another one. Hopefully this is the only one that's a misprint.

That looks like a great experiment, ireactions.

Has anyone tried DVD Fab's Enlarger AI? I have it and I was going to try upscaling some of these DVDs from the Universal release to 1080p for my own archive of the show - and so I can watch it straight from start to finish in its own original filmed order.

I had to re-purchase a copy of each season from Amazon because who knows where my former copies are (usually I keep track of these things like a hawk).

Question: why is the fifth season so expensive for a new DVD package on Amazon? It seems to me that it's the worst season and it shouldn't be that expensive on DVD compared to the earlier seasons.


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ireactions wrote:

Well, I think Slider_Quinn21 is just waiting until six months after his second dose. If an improved vaccine is announced and scheduled for six months and 2.23 weeks after his second dose (my personal tipping point), that might (might!) make sense. SQ21 got his second dose and he is not an anti-vaxxer; if he's holding out, it's because he's looking to get maximum shielding from his shot. I am not a doctor; I cannot evaluate that strategy except to say it's not from a place of mistrust for vaccines.

I don't qualify for a third dose for another two weeks; my mother doesn't qualify for another nine days. I'm not going to wait and I've informed my mother that she's not waiting either.

Thank you, ireactions! I did not know that with my limited membership here. I was just playing it safe on my end.

My apologies, Slider_Quinn21!


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I don't want this post to contribute to vaccine hesitancy, so I won't quote the above.

Just to inform: The CDC does recommend that everyone 18+ get boosted *now* and not to wait.

*steps off soapbox*


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Thank you!! I've had my fair share of hybrids. Whenever I've had a hybrid, there has always been at least one feature of Windows 10 that either 1. Doesn't work, or 2. is severely truncated beyond usability.

By hybrid, I mean a blend between a laptop device and another device (usually a tablet).

Before the pandemic, it was a fantastic work horse for work conferences. I am looking forward to being able to do conferences again   soon (hopefully we will see some end of this pandemic in 2022) and will be taking my LG laptop for sure.

Update: I am now fully boosted with my third Moderna shot. Yay! Also got my flu shot, so I am set for the winter season this year.


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For me, the plus about the LG Grams that I like is they do come with SSDs. And the quality of the screen is quite great for that kind of laptop. I guess there are always trade-offs in what you need/want/expect based on your specific situation. I wouldn't use it to play video games, but for daily work it suits me just fine.

Hehehehe re: anti-vaxxers. Let them all have nervous breakdowns.


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Update: my vaccines are now scheduled. Yay! Both Covid booster and flu shot scheduled for this coming Wednesday.


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I've been pretty impressed with the LG Gram laptop I got 1.5 years ago. It's been quite long-lasting and has done really well for what it is. It's not top of the line but it's not el-cheapo either.

Nice, thin, lightweight, but also durable and very capable.

[EDIT to include specs]

It is the 17Z990-R.AAS8U1. Specs include:

17" 2560 x 1600 display
Intel 8th Gen Core i7 1.3 GHz
512 GB SSD
Up to 19.5 hour battery life


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ireactions wrote:

Didja get 'em?

Almost there. I found out at the last minute that the nearest pharmacy locations in my area don't have any appointments for the vaccines. (ugh). That kind of put a wrench in my plans.

And the new location I have to get to is quite a bit of a ways away.

Gonna have to plan logistically so I can do it this week during work. That and I have to plan to bring someone else along too. I really don't want to wait any longer.


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I should be getting my covid booster and flu shot sometime tomorrow myself. Yay!