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Well the actors are still striking.


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TemporalFlux wrote:

The studios won’t be able to re-start the engine quickly.  Once they run out of things already filmed, they’ll need to film more and do post production on it.

Even if the strike ended tomorrow, we could right now see months with little to no new releases in theaters or even on scripted tv.  That extends further the longer this goes.

Highlighted "post" because that usually includes ADR and potentially reshoots, and such, which they cannot do with the actors.


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ireactions wrote:

He means remastering projects that are only in standard definition right now, and re-releasing them as HD or 4K.

That's not happening, they require money, manpower and time, and I doubt the studios wish to be bothered on that.  There's no ROI. 

Meanwhile SAG-AFTRA may strike on the video game publishers next.

To quote Bill Shatner, Get a Life, it's....it's just a TV show!"

I've been battling with people on the trekbbs boards on this, you cannot really expect this writing staff to be connecting everything they do with the minutia of TOS canon.

Your entire missive on Chapel/Spock was SPOILER rendered moot as a result of the season finale.  LOL

I guess for a musical episode, it was fine, but just not necessary.

Well what is a budget?  Seriously, is there some standard to them?  How do we know it's not enormous simply due to accounting practices?  Anyway, I think the issue partly is COVID, and the higher costs of filming, but also, the crews on these series are massive.  These are not the indie-style crews that Netflix used for their Marvel properties, shot entirely in New York City.  They are gargantuan, and there is a huge reliance on expensive stunts and CGI work, just like the movies.

Jim_Hall wrote:

It's crazy he doesn't have Tracy's number. I actually have it, but I was sworn to secrecy not to give it out. If Jerry DMs me I'd give it to him. Unless they have a beef against one another lol. According to the Awake Nation interview Cleavant and Tracy talk a lot so they should be able to reconnect that way.

I have no idea if he'll actually watch these videos.  I'm kind of hesitant to send him the Cardinal Sin stuff, mainly because Gil is pompous, and Tracy has nothing but technical gremlins.

Jerry is fairly honest, and I also think very busy, like many dads, he probably hasn't put a lot of effort into finding Torme.  It took him quite some time to reconnect with Cleavant.

The canon is all over the place, but the feeling is that the Farragut incident already has happened, at this point.  The cloud entity did not damage ships.  Given that young Kirk survived, and the Farragut needing a large scale crew replacement, it would make sense that his time on that ship allowed him to be promoted very quickly, given the loss of many senior personnel.  It might still be a Lt. but as Sam whined, he is the X.O. of that ship.

Ran into Jerry once again today, he was at the Terrificon show in Connecticut with his wife, Rebecca who was a guest there.  He was just greeting people in line all day, ha ha.  Talked to him awhile, I mentioned the zoom stuff that Tracy has been doing with Cleavant and Bob Weiss and he had me DM him those videos.  He seemed excited to have reconnected with Cleavant, but can't get ahold of Tracy, lol.

I cannot believe a) the sheer amount of money they have dumped into MCU Disney+, and b) how outright boring they are.  Secret Invasion was horrible.  Emilia Clarke should be ashamed for taking that role.  Moon Knight, awful.  Hawkeye, Falcon, She-Hulk all so dull.  Loki was pretty cool and funny, and Ms. Marvel was fun.  But I find it hilarious that LucasFilm are panned for the money they spend on bad Star Wars or a fifth Indiana Jones, but these MCU entries are terrible. 

Ant-Man 3 was really pointless, what a shame.  Blackpanther II as well.  They just serve no purpose.  I mean, who cares about the B, C, D teams at this point?


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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl … ments.html

One cannot be surprised to hear about how the former President got his dimwitted valet and the POOL GUY to try to get security to erase video of the boxes being moved.  Followed by the pool guy, who has been indicted now, draining the pool in an attempt to flood the security server room!!!  You cannot make this two bit crap up.  And it's just so very Trump, a cheapskate and fraud, to try something so hacky.

Clone Wars/Rebels were sagas though.  I'm sure Prodigy is fine, I just don't have interest. 

SNW followed the crossover with a hard hitting episode about Klingon War veterans and such.

WOW, have not hear from him in eons!  Those two hosts are brutal.  I never knew the story of the first call Tracy had with Bob, very funny.  His dumb agent told him it was director Robert Wise, ha ha.  Bob is hilarious.

Well that was two years ago, and obviously I gave it a chance.  Prodigy I'm not bothering with.


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1. AI is a problem, but it's not a problem NOW.  There's anecdotal stuff about scanning actors and potentially using that and sneaky contracts to generate background actors with AI/CGI.  I truly doubt that technology even makes sense anytime within the next 10 years.   

2. These strikes are entirely about residuals and pay scales, both of which are comically bad on streaming.  Heck they aren't even that good on cable.  Studios go to ridiculous lengths to get around SAG pay rules, like many companies in other industries.  They only let you work just enough, so you don't have to get paid in full.  What they do to writers is even worse.  They have schemes to prevent writers from being on staff.  It's all totally putrid, while these companies make BILLIONS.

Hollywood is now owned and controlled by tech bros, who have little to know history in the arts.  They are slimy frauds not all that unlike pukes like Zuckerberg or Musk.  They're a step below the robber barons.  The goal is indeed to freeze out writers and if need be, the actors too, so that they are totally broke and desperate, and have to grovel for a deal.  It's shameful.

SNW is terrific, and the Lower Decks (my favorite current Trek show) was absolutely perfect!


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RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

unfortunately, DoC is not even available on archive anymore

keep getting  error code 500.

update: archiveorg search isnt working either so probbaly a general website issue

Yeah it's okay now.

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

Not sure if this report is accurate:

https://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/ent/n … ooker.html

As far as.sliders, had Indiana Jones done better at the box office it would have helped a more so justify a revival because jrd being in it.

Not saying justified one but lending slightly greater credence to.

JRD is a bit old, even if he returned for Sliders, it wouldn't be much of a physical role, i.e. the man cannot possibly be Sliding. 

ireactions wrote:

My theory that Kathleen Kennedy imagined a deaged Harrison Ford for two thirds of INDY5 is a theory, not a statement of fact.

Why did they DeepFake Mark Hamill in THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT instead of having Mark Hamill deaged? They had Mark Hamill perform all the scenes as 'reference' and then had another actor perform the scenes and have his face replaced with RETURN OF THE JEDI facial grafts and the voice swapped with Hamill audiobook readings of the era. The result was plausible but flat: Luke comes off as a still photo that's been animated with a voice that's convincingly Mark Hamill in tenor and tone but devoid of Hamill's acting. Why do it that way?

Probably because it was cheaper to use DeepFake and Respeecher than to deage Hamill's face, body and voice like Data in STAR TREK: PICARD. I imagine that there was some thought of doing the same with Indiana Jones, I imagine there was then the realization that Ford is not Hamill and would not consent to being digitally replaced. Hamill doesn't mind, but it would bother Ford. So Ford is deaged, not played by a body double and deepfaked. Ford's voice is used as the young Indy, not a Respeecher approximation.

The technology is evolving literally with every project.  The first Hamill attempt was a colossal failure IMO, though it was overlooked largely due to the incredible buildup of the season.  ILM then hired a guy doing deepfakes, and that work was evident by the Boba Fett appearance, which frankly, still sucked!  The visuals were better, but the audio was horrendous, and whether it was the A.I. involved or what, sounded robotic.  Jon Favreau could and should have used it the first time around but he pussied out, had nothing to do with money.  He's been absolutely horrible the last several years.  Whatever he touches in Star Wars is just so bad now.

This is a good interview about the effects.  They used every tool at their disposal in Dial of Destiny, and while most shots are Ford himself, several were doubles due to availability or stunts.  Credit to Harrison for maintaining a sleek physique.

https://www.wired.com/story/indiana-jon … ging-tech/

ireactions wrote:

The unfortunate thing about INDY5 is that at $300 million, it needs to make $900 million to break even. I don't see it earning $900 million.

I guess the thing about waiting too long to make more Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford: Indy is an intensely physical character. The successor to Indiana Jones in the present day is Ethan Hunt in the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movies where Tom Cruise plays a crash test dummy of a human being.

I think some evolution was needed in Indy once Ford reached a certain age. Rather than being the guy who leaps in and out of moving cars, he was probably better as a wily mentor and teacher. Rather than make him Season 3 Quinn at 80 years old, he was probably better as Season 1 Professor Arturo: a man of wit and wisdom who used guile, cleverness, thinking, and a lighting fast mind to accomplish what his arms and legs might no longer be able to do. Professor Jones rather than Indiana Jones. Professor Jones training up a successor to the Indy name.


$300 million for an Indiana Jones movie. *sigh* I'm a big fan of the character. My first encounter with the character was a bunch of YOUNG INDIANA JONES novels. I read those before I ever saw RAIDERS. However, given Indy's long absence in the 90s and early 2000s, and his absence since 2008, I don't feel INDIANA JONES as a franchise commands the same draw as STAR WARS.

Say what you will about those silly 90s SPECIAL EDITIONS and those hideous prequels, but at least the brand was present. Indy was a spent cultural presence after CRYSTAL SKULL. A fifth movie would have been better off at the $75 million range, an intense character study of 70 year old Professor Jones coping with how his days of spying and high adventure are behind him. Indiana Jones is no more. Professor Jones is coping with how his goddaughter Helena now does all the exciting stuff he used to do, but then realizes that Professor Jones still has a lot to offer.

It's probably cheaper to do action sequences with Phoebe Waller-Bridge than with Harrison Ford. And wise professors are an important product in this market. Would any of us claim that Professor Arturo has nothing to offer our world today?

The budget was ludicrous, but the other thing you have to account for is COVID.  The article I cited, and others, mentioned that several of their desired filming locations were not possible due to lockdowns.  A good part of the work had to be CGI'd for scenery simple for that reason.  The covid costs escalated the budget big time.  But what factor I have no idea.  As it sits now, I think the B.O. passed $250 million worldwide, with half being Domestic.  Don't know where it will end up, but I predict it will "clear the production budget" though maybe not the full promotional one.  Beyond that, it's really not the filmmakers' fault, as these gargantuan budgets are simply how Disney does movies.  To have them restructure their costs, it doesn't happen overnight, that will take years.

I would totally agree with you as to why the film has not taken off.  The franchise has been mostly dormant for thirty years, and treated poorly by LucasFilm for decades.   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 which was not well reviewed either, put up numbers similar to Crystal Skull.  However, that film did $86 million in China, this one will do a fraction of that.  China has no clue who Indiana Jones is!  But that's a film that had 57% international gross, whereas DoD is only around 51%.  Spiderverse animated had a massive domestic, so-so international, whereas Fast X was 80% international.  In many ways, the property could not be expected to out do those other franchises like Wick, Fast, GotG, Ant-Man, etc.  It did outdo the DC disasters.

The movie isn't perfect, but I saw it twice, and was completely ecstatic throughout and so pleased to have seen it.  The de-aging is not that bad, and mostly works fine.  The film is covered in callbacks to the old movies, not to mention little hints everywhere.  There is zero evidence that they intended to have 2/3 of the movie be a de-aged Ford.  Namely, Ford himself would never have agreed to something that ridiculous.  Harrison wanted to make the age of the character and the actor a central point of the story.  The stunts were great, yes yes Ford couldn't do a lot of them, but rarely did I think, oh wait that's not him.  On the horse in Manhattan a few times, but the fights were fine, and the tut-tut chase looked very real.  Anyway, the pace of the movie was good, and it was all fully believable and looked really crisp.  KOTCS looked like a cheap, drab, boring, imitation.  This was a good one, as a die hard I'm happy it got released.  Don't care about the box office or the whiny Cannes reviewers.  Every person I know myself who went to see it, loved it. 

Sliders I think its likely dead regardless, but it's not too late.  We continue to get badly done multiverse shows/movies every year.  My only fear is whether the production can go forward on a modest budget, or do they go nuts?

I have zero interest in Prodigy, but this tax write-off garbage is out of control.

He appears on some other show called Dark Matters, but again, mostly UFO related.

https://www.jiosaavn.com/shows/dark-mat … lwQlKL6xE_

Wow, such an obscure "show" to find them both on.  Well I guess not so much with Tracy, he's always done these oddball stuff.  Sorry to hear about the ill health of Clinton Derricks.  Outside of that, Cleavant was hilarious and so endearing, the man is so full of love.  Unfortunately another interview where they failed to get any answers out of Torme, ha ha.  Apparently Torme appears on there weekly, although I don't think I can listen to the nonsense to glean whether there's any "news."

Warner Bros is an utter mess.  Just a mess.  Another new Superman and Lois.  Good God I could care less.  Gunn succeeds when he does strange, fringe stuff.

I enjoyed The Flash, Keaton was great.  I thought Ezra was fine, not annoying as many whine about.  The story was pretty dumb, very predictable. 

I guess my great annoyance is how the studio repeatedly reshot the ending, and it seems have canceled the large slate of Keaton Batman cameos that were going to lead to a Batman Beyond film helmed by Tim Burton.

ireactions wrote:

I understand the desire to blame a vague, amorphous "Hollywood" for all the failings of the world and for any and all issues with Tracy Torme. However, given that shared universes and multiverses are now billion dollar businesses, I don't think Hollywood "still cannot grasp SLIDERS".

Torme described NBCU executives as "hypersensitive to politics" and "horrified" by his ideas. This tells me: it's more likely (and specific) that a certain TV producer doesn't get how to present his ideas as something resembling a producable and marketable product. A certain TV creator still doesn't get that he needs to present himself as someone resembling a congenial colleague and amiable business partner if he wants a studio to cut him a multimillion dollar cheque and fly him and Jerry O'Connell to Vancouver.

I don't think NBCU felt it was the wrong time for a SLIDERS revival as much as they felt it was the wrong time for anything from Mr. "SLIDERS will never be woke".

Fairly or unfairly, in 2023, a TV show needs to speak to the woke and unwoke much in the same way Bud Lite needs to sell itself across all political spectrums. As Grizzlor said, we must educate, not eradicate. TV is broadcasting. The problem is not necessarily what Torme says, it's how he says it. Torme needs media training.

I take no pleasure in saying that. And Tracy Torme is SLIDERS, and he had the right to pitch however he liked with whatever he liked.

Torme heard the word "woke" mentioned by Cardinal Sin when complaining about Picard, and said Sliders wouldn't be woke.  Which by the way, is EXACTLY the right response.  Sorry, you cannot do a "woke" Sliders.  May well leave it dead.  Sliders is precisely the style of show where you get to have characters/worlds that are frightening politically incorrect, because you can show why they are wrong for being so ignorant. 

ireactions wrote:

But my sense is that while Tracy Torme is SLIDERS' creator and its best creative voice, Marc Scott Zicree is SLIDERS' nicest creator and its best public voice and the best former SLIDERS staffer to pitch a revival. A partnership would work well, and of course, Grizzlor is right that any SLIDERS revival would likely see Torme and Zicree back in their old co-executive producer/story editor consultancy roles while more recent showrunners (Seth MacFarlane?) would take the lead much in the same way Donald Bellisario and Deborah Pratt consult on QUANTUM LEAP but it's Martin Gero who runs it.

They're both too old.  Bellisario and Pratt consult?  LOL, more like they take a paycheck, and pat themselves on the back.  I do not recall Torme whining about Peacock execs and their sensitivities.  He seemed to feel like they were interested, but there wasn't likely a financial opening to do the show.  Now with Peacock itself stalling out, and NBCU's old cable infrastructure ground up, where would a Sliders even go?  In any event, I doubt Tracy and co. got into details with regard to their Sliders pitch.  He felt it went well, and began to lament about Peacock, because I got the sense that again, there's not a large budget they have available to them.  Hence the "why is this the right time?" is a classic, we like it, but there's no money right now.  Or whoever is in control has his or her portfolio and Sliders isn't on it.  Which again, has been my gripe for years, the execs cannot see the possibilities.

First off, I will say that despite excessive fan service and plot holes, this season 3 send off for the TNG crew was one of my most fulfilling TV journeys ever.  There's almost nothing I would change about it.  It reminded me of the feeling many had from the first Abrams movie, where it was "cool" to be a Trek fan again, even though personally I thought those movies shared little with actual Star Trek.  Bravo Terry! 

The return of the Galaxy Class "big" E was so unexpected and yet tremendous.  We never really got to see it in modern CGI technology at play.  Loved hearing Walter Koenig deliver some great lines.  I'm sure there's a million critiques one could have, and I've seen many friends do so.  If you weren't thrilled by this Picard season, sorry, you're clearly not a Star Trek fan.

I happened to greatly enjoy the prior Picard seasons, although I felt the Soongh android stuff was really bad, including turning Picard into one, and having a monster threaten the galaxy.  I think having Matalas come in was very fortuitous, and reminded me of when Manny Coto "rescued" the burning hulk Enterprise with a good bit of TOS nostalgia.

TemporalFlux wrote:

It does make you wonder what was said in that pitch meeting.

Sliders should sell itself in today’s media landscape.  Parallel realities are mainstream and attached to the biggest money making engine in Hollywood (Marvel).  I think it took some effort to make Sliders *not* sell.

LOL!  Well, I think you had two thinks at work there.  First, you're an NBC exec, and in comes a group of basically, old geezers, pitching a TV show they did, on other network, 2 and 1/2 decades ago.  None of them really command that kind of confidence.  I don't think an network would ever, sadly, sign off on them.  They'd need to have an Alex Kurtzman type, younger, successful with today's landscape, as the QB.

The other part is, and I reference Tracy being asked, "but why Sliders NOW?"  Indeed why now?  It's because Hollywood still cannot grasp Sliders.  They don't get it.  That plus similar parallel universe shows never do particularly well.  Sliders at it's heart is very cerebral as Tracy used to joke, it's never going to be an easy pitch.

ireactions wrote:
Grizzlor wrote:

Tracy is anything but traditional.  He's wasted most of his life with this UFO nonsense, and honestly, it's probably doomed his career.

LOL. And I thought I was being critical of Torme. This is one of the harshest things I've ever seen anyone say about him.

(Also probably true. Of course, I could say the same of myself and SLIDERS.)

Seriously, the only person who's made a mainstream career of that drivel is this guy!


It's basically been Tracy's semi-professional focus for years, so much that I was most shocked that he would actually want to even work on Sliders again.

Well a couple things. 

a. Tracy is anything but traditional.  He's wasted most of his life with this UFO nonsense, and honestly, it's probably doomed his career.  He's also a dinosaur.  He barely has internet where he lives.  In many, many ways he's off the grid.  He rescues doggies and Thank God for he and his wife on that.  I highly doubt he'd ever listened to Cardinal Sin before going on there, and likely the same for many of his appearances.  Recall he used to do several UFO-heavy radio shows which were hosted and frequented by many outright lunatics.

b. Tracy is also a very kind man, but he's also fiercely libertarian and if you were to tell him NOT to talk on a person's show, he would do it for sure.  It's not like Gil is a criminal, he's also a nice man (from my interactions) just a tad too backwards.  And guess what?  They're all entitled to be.  This attitude that anyone who doesn't fall in line with the newest cultural "norms" or whatever should get out of the way and walk the plank is so blatantly un-American and anti-Democratic.  We must educate, not eradicate. 

c. Tracy has ZERO I mean ZERO technological capabilities.  It was often a miracle he joined the youtube channel at all, and frankly I think he finally gave up on it altogether.

d. Tracy is a devotee of The Prisoner and Patrick McGoohan, and it has always showed.  That was why he agreed to join that channel, and again, the other folks who were in the chat or on the line like that British guy, were all really well read and very good at banter. 

Now as for this "woke" thing, well again you said it, what does woke actually mean??  That's the problem.  The original intent of wokeness I can guarantee you Tracy is 1000% behind.  That's back when it was focused on inequalities.  However, that movement has been co-opted and basically overtaken by those demanding not even asking, commanding equity. 

Equity is not the same as Equality, not in the least.  Equity is something that is completely at odds with human nature.  It's what Gene Roddenberry foolishly believed humanity could achieve.  Not happening, can't happen, it's simply not in our DNA, our biology.  There must be winners and losers, that is the circle of life.  That is evolution, that is biology.  If you go back to Tracy's days as Sliders EP, you'll see this plain as day.  In fact, there is a big demarcation between Tracy's time and that of Black or Dial or Damron when the show went to Sci-Fi. 

When Tracy ran things, the Sliders often landed in a world that was mostly like our own.  What was different?  Usually each world was on the surface BETTER than ours, but when you looked deeper, you went, wait a minute, in order to achieve this utopia, they gave something up.  They gave up their freedom, individualism, their soul.  Sometimes the Sliders supplied a pep talk or tried to gum up the works.  Usually they ran for their lives!  If you skip the S3 movie of the week garbage, when the show landed on Sci-Fi those EP's reverted to run of the mill science fiction.  The worlds were usually over the top characterizations.  The Sliders were immediately in deep doo-doo, or the world was so screwed up they had little to do.  Again, Torme's thinking was deep, it was "cerebral" as FOX put it, it was like McGoohan's in The Prisoner. 

What am I getting at?  This is why Sliders was so brilliant, because Tracy on the surface had you see one thing, but deep down there was really something off there, something sinister perhaps.  For him, Sliding was as much of a mind fuck as anything.  That's again what made Rembrandt going to a shrink and calling the episode Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome absolutely brilliant.  Remmy's mind was shot, he lost semblance of reality.  The Prisoner strikes again.  Again, that's why Tracy went on that YouTube channel.  Yes I would have loved to hear him with Rewatch, but he's forgotten so much of the details it would have been painful.  Instead, to hear how his ideas were morphed by what he saw on The Prisoner was really something, I'm so glad to have been a part of that.  When Tracy means it won't be "woke" I still believe he means you a) would never shut off a potential story in order to be unnecessarily PC, and b) he's not hiring people simply to fill quotas and have equity.


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I think that's a bit unfair to Harrison.  First of all, his fans (there are a LOT of them) are quite fine with same old Harry!  I know I am.  He's like Nicholson, I'll watch anything they do and have enjoyment.

I think Mangold will succeed with this movie, the action looks great, and it just has that Last Crusade feel to it again.

Mandalorian has become a total trainwreck.  Hope the pay off is a good one, because between that show and Boba-Fett, it's just a mess.  Obi-Wan was awful.

Andor was magnificent, one of the best series I've ever witnessed.  The other stuff is boring beyond belief and I am not one of these loons who fantasizes over light saber battles. 

The Ahsoka series has my attention because I was a HUGE Rebels fan and will get to see more of that story in live action now.

The movies are mehhh, will they even get made?  I like Daisy Ridley and Rey is easily the ONLY sequel introduced character worthy of continuance.

Torme's point about "his Sliders" never being woke was basically that the writing would not be constrained to specific viewpoints.  For instance, what if they slide into a world or many that are not politically correct?  This happened weekly on the original show.  Well, can you imagine a current series doing this?  I'd bet it would be very problematic, you'd have young writers bitch about this.  Tracy's point was you can't be closed off to anything, whether that would succeed with a modern studio/network, not sure.  He was defending the ability to examine all range of thought. 

Cardinal Sin was busy whining about Star Trek Picard or Discovery, and that they were too woke.  Having listened to him, I'd say his complaint was more about even allowing story to focus on LGBTQ characters or their relationships.  That plus having women as centrally heroic characters at all.  I imagine he was not a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  All I can say was that if by some miracle Torme actually DID get Peacock to green light a Sliders return, the LAST place he ought to go to talk on it was that YouTube show.  The trouble he'd get in...


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TemporalFlux wrote:

Michael Reaves (writer of season five’s “Requiem”) has passed away at 72.

https://comicbook.com/irl/news/michael- … ead-at-72/

I found out about this from a Batman TAS fan, and truly saddened.  Reaves wrote for practically every animated series I cared about in the 80s and early 90s.  He wasn't too fond of how his Sliders script came to be of course, and let us know about it.  FWIW he suffered Parkinson's for quite a long time, although he still was able to write books.



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I caught up with Cleavant and Jerry over the last month or so in New York.  Derricks leaving Wicked the Musical of course, while Jerry appeared on Andy Cohen's show.  Both were very nice as always.  Jerry remembered me and was appreciative of the Twitter Sliders Rewatches but he apologized he didn't have time to do it.  Neither sounded too optimistic about Sliders reboot.  but they did sign my cards and Jerry hit a few comics too!

Cleavant video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Kyb2EhPSqM

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52764811102_b96e56c7f7.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52765592499_42dd361d3b.jpg




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I truly don't remember exactly.  I knew Rhys-Davies of course from Indiana Jones movies, Jerry from Stand By Me.  Sliders was a tough show for me to watch because I usually wasn't home on Friday nights, or I'd get home when X-Files was on.  I think I saw S1 in Sunday/Summer reruns in '95, and missed a lot of S2 and S3, or I'd catch reruns.  I recall when they killed off Arturo, I was furious, and when Fox canceled the show I actually was happy, because I felt it deserved it as a result.  I really became a diehard fan when Sci-Fi Channel got the show and re-ran all the episodes over and over during spring '98 in the lead up to the fourth season.  I really enjoyed the old MCA and Sci-Fi Dominion boards, or watching clips on the PC's in my computer lab because my home dialup was hideous.

Cleavant will take a final bow in Wicked on Broadway March 5.

https://playbill.com/article/john-dosse … ets-return

https://gizmodo.com/indiana-jones-5-foo … 1849521230

In an exclusive sizzle reel show only at the convention, we got a brief glimpse.

It was very fast paced, but among the images we saw carts racing in the street, divers going under the water, and a skeleton popping out. Indy is still teaching, and he walks around in a very busy closet. There are scenes of people fighting on top of a train and eventually we realize that his old friend Sallah is back, and he needs Indy to help him one last time.

“I miss the desert,” Sallah says over a bunch of the footage. “I miss the city. I miss waking up every morning wondering what wonderful adventure that day will bring to us.”

Brief teaser was shown at Disney's D23 expo, but not released publicly, or even seen publicly.  However, multiple sources confirmed that John Rhys-Davies has shot scenes for Indiana Jones 5.  I guess we can track the "progress" of that news until the film premieres 9 1/2 months from now.


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DC/Warners is a total disaster now.  Reading that Star Girl, the only show I watch on CW, probably will end with this 3rd season.  Titans is horrible, get rid of it.  Doom Patrol I love but it too seems to be on the way to nowhere.

I'll give QL a shot, loved the original, and it's really what led me into Sliders.


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ireactions wrote:

Can Trump run for the presidency from jail? Could he win from jail?

Technically yes, but not if convicted of certain crimes that include prohibitions on holding office.


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https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl … House.html

You know who doing his best to recreate the "California Reich"

RussianCabbie_Lotteryfan wrote:

That would be great.  The Hollywood Reporter article did say "original star Bakula, who was previously expected to be involved in some capacity, is not currently attached to the update" and also mentioned he was working on another pilot for that season.

It would make an awful lot of sense for him to appear at some point though, even if it's in a future season.  If they show him to early that might kill the mystery of "where is he" too soon so they may want to keep that going as long as possible.  Assuming he is not dead.

Perfect take on that, definitely can't "solve" his mystery right away.  However, the series may not last very long if Peacock's nascent track record is any indication, and they could "run out of time."


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Mehhh, I mean, Sliders has been rerun on Comet and it's probably been seen on Peacock more than anywhere else in the last 10 years.

https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/origina … 36584.html

Well, I think it's highly likely that the screenwriter(s) had Sliders in mind with the traffic light scene.  In addition, they revealed an alternate ending would have had the "prime" Stephen Strange trapped in the alternate universe, following a fight with a double, a la PTSS and Professor Arturo.

How does changing one's first name seemingly fool the galaxy?  Ben Kenobi.  KENOBI!!!!  A famous Jedi, the idiot never thought to change his last name?  LOL

I find this Vader to be quite lacking.  He's full of little more than rage, like the boss of a 1990's beat em up game.  The Vader of the OT is cunning, calculating, and rarely repeat RARELY has to use the Dark Side of the Force.  You mean to tell me 7 years and one spanking from Palpatine suddenly calms him down?  Come on.  The David Prowse Vader is in full command of his emotions.  Now I suppose one would argue that the mere mention of Obi-Wan turns him into Yosemite Sam, which is ridiculous.  The inquisitors in Rebels were far more cunning as well.  It's like everyone on these Disney+ Star Wars shows are total buffoons.  Granted there aren't many universities in this universe, but seriously?  Han Solo is practically Einstein compared to all of them.


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Back then novelizations like that were just fluff pieces so that licensing could be cashed in on.  Linaweaver may have had to run his book past Torme/Weiss and neither gave it much thought.

I saw that Hamill was there in costume, so strange.

Obi-Wan is a huge disappointment.  I've seen fan films written better, with better production design.

Prime doesn't count since their streaming budget is a drop in the bucket for a behemoth company.  Netflix has a big international business like Prime, they get rights from other streamers/networks and air that stuff overseas.  Disney+ likewise is a juggernaut thanks to well, Disney itself, but also MCU and Star Wars.  Beyond that, WarnerMedia has become an utter disaster, but HBO seems okay, but overall not sure where HBO Max is?  The DC content is nice, but who's really getting it for that?  Paramount Plus, CBS's offering, is also questionable like Peacock.  Honestly, beyond package deals for HBO, Disney/Hulu/ESPN, not sure how any other streamers survive?  Peacock's major draws are WWE and sports, as their original content flounders.


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I wear a mask on the bus/train in and out of Manhattan for work.  That's about it.

Cleavant returns to Broadway this May, taking over as the Wizard! 

https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/T … fwI1-3csg8


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That's a great point about Hurley too.

Or who tracy' s Stephanie was. 

So now we know cleavant singing at candlestick park and Stephanie are two musts for a collector's edition.

Tracy's ire with Maurice Hurley is quite humorous. I doubt you'll find those scenes, not after all this time.

I FINALLY got onto the live chat for The Prisoner with Cardinal Sin and friends including Mr. T.  At the end I asked about the Sliders Convention.  Tracy reiterated that it would be in June in Long Island, and that Cleavant Derricks had signed on.  Figured JRD would definitely come, and still thinks Sabrina Lloyd lives in Africa!  I corrected him on that.  Said he wasn't sure if Jerry had been asked or agreed yet.  The whole thing remains pretty odd to me, that it remains so unconfirmed, but he said he'd try to have more info for the next time.

The show is boring, with various interludes of fan service are nice and all, but overall it's boring.  This past episode was beyond strange, featuring more CGI deep faking, and turning the Mando character into a total weirdo.


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Well don't forget Sliders has never had an HD release, and bandwidth is not really an issue for something like Peacock.  You're literally streaming directly off a server, vs. other sources.  Something like Comet is I'm sure compressed badly, as it often was on cable TV.  The DVD's were compressed, with the Mill Creek being hideous.

Quantum Leap is one of the marquee titles in the Universal TV library whose reboot has been a priority for years and has been attempted multiple times to date.

This particular iteration had been kept largely under wraps but Bakula last fall told the late Bob Saget on his podcast that there were “very significant conversations” about a Quantum Leap reboot.

“The rights were a mess for years. I don’t know if they’re even sorted out now. That’s always been the biggest complication,” he said back then. Bakula added that he had spoken occasionally to series creator Bellisario over the years about a potential comeback, “and he would always say, ‘I can’t write it without thinking of you and Dean.’”

Pulled that passage from the Deadline article, and frankly you could easily swap Bakula/Quantum Leap for O'Connell or Torme/Sliders.  The rights have been a mess, for sure, with Bellisario I'm sure feeling entitled to the property as Tracy has, and Universal TV being a disaster.  For the execs who asked him, "why Sliders now?," well here you go.  IF QL can prove to be a success, one would think Sliders HAS to be next on the board.  While Tracy is not quite a "picture of health," he's at least willing to be involved whereas Mr. Bellisario is 86 and I highly doubt he will have a contribution.  Heck even Bakula has no idea if he's being written in.  I will say NOT including Scott as Sam, or recasting Sam Beckett a la MacGuyver, will be a huge disservice to the fan base.

Didn't Mara and Juke eventually marry and have children?  idk what series that happened in, but I vaguely remember that.  LOL as I said, it's been a long, long, long time.  Heck I read the Shadows of the Empire stuff too when the video game came out!

PS: I find Boba Fett show incredibly dull.

Not a comics guy, but I read most of the Zahn novels as well as the super old 1980's expanded universe stuff, enjoying all of them.  It's been over TWO DECADES since I've read most of them so they are but a fleeting memory and back then I mainly just wanted content since Lucas himself had ditched the OT time period when he started the prequels.

However, never really cared beyond that.  Yes I loved seeing Thrawn in the video games, and then on Rebels.  Would like to see him in live action.  Then again, I would have preferred Luke's romance with Mara Jade to have been developed on screen, too.

Yes it is, and moreover 25 years ago, most of the QL audience (like myself) wound up easy Sliders fans too.


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The problem remains that Republicans in Congress no longer care about federal legislation to improve society.  They only care about winning.  Democrats are forced to throttle this stuff through, because you have 0 GOP votes for anything.  The infrastructure bill passed, McConnell touted it, yet wouldn't vote for it.