Just a week left on Kickstarter. It was cancelled around the same time as Sliders. Maybe if this ends well a Sliders reboot Kickstarter will appear?

My revival idea:

Cold open. Wade sitting in a Kromag prison cell. She's been here for 20 years. A vortex opens and Rembrant falls in. He's finally found her after all this time.

A second vortex opens, and Arturo appears. He explains that he's been trying to get everyone back together since the episode "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome." It turns out it was actually his evil doppelgänger that left with the group, and was later killed. He rebuilt the sliding machine, made it better, and has been chasing Rembrant for 20 years, trying to find him. He explains that he knows what happened to Quinn, and he's found a way to bring him back. They slide out of the prison cell and in to Arturo's lab.

After a montage of science stuff he pulls Quinn out of the ether. The series continues in the vein of seasons 1-2.